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John Harbaugh

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Be careful with this bye-week Ravens…the next few weeks are going to be rough

Posted on 27 October 2010 by Ryan Chell

John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh, since taking over the coaching job here in Baltimore two and a half seasons ago, has certainly not ever taken his foot off the gas when it comes to his team’s preparation going into an NFL game.

Gone are the days of “Camp Cream-Puff” in training camp-which has been replaced by two-a-days and hours of just hitting the snot out of each other, and the same goes for their weekly practices.

The Ravens players over the last two-plus seasons may not have like Harbaugh’s approach at times when it comes to practice, but the preparation has set the team up for success, as the team has finished 25-14 under Harbaugh in his first two+ years in the regular season and has won playoff games in each of those seasons.

And the Ravens have set themselves up in good position going into the bye, as they are in second-place in the AFC North with a 5-2 record after beating the winless Buffalo Bills on Sunday 37-34 in overtime.

“As far as the game, we’re very pleased with the victory,” Harbaugh said in his Monday press conference. “That’s the mark of a good football team. Sometimes you don’t play your best but you find a way to win the football game.”

The Ravens will host the Miami Dolphins November 7th at home, who currently stand at 3-3, third-best in the AFC East.

What is ironic about the Dolphins is that they are 0-3 at home, while they are 3-0 on the road.

Chad Henne

The players were present at the facility Monday and Tuesday of this week, but Harbaugh still understood the need to keep his players’ bodies fresh.

“We’re not practicing this week,” Harbaugh told the media. “So, it’s not like we would have practiced less than we’re practicing. We set up the week with what really was in mind the fact of what we’ve done the first seven weeks of the season and how hard our guys have worked.”

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Forget the play calling, we'll debate that until the end of time, but what of end game clock management?

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36 Second Question

Posted on 25 October 2010 by Thyrl Nelson

I’ll start by saying that I don’t think the sky is falling. Life in the NFL (for my money) is a week to week proposition, and although there’s plenty to be concerned about, I haven’t seen anything from this team that leads me to believe that they can’t or won’t be a force when the time comes.

The biggest concern that I have from yesterday’s game and one that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere specifically is the following, and I’m not sure on whom the onus for this falls, Flacco, Cameron, Harbaugh or every man on the sideline are all arguable.

Anyway, after Fitzpatrick completes to Evans to pull Buffalo to within 3 at 34-31, the Ravens get the kickoff and begin their drive with 5:40 (340 seconds) on the clock.
– First play, incomplete pass to Heap clock stops at 5:36 (I can live with that I like the aggressiveness)
– Second play, play fake and 35 yard completion to Mason clock rolling, first down
– Third play (and most inexplicable) clock rolling Ravens snap with 17 seconds left on the play clock at 4:54 – 17 seconds!!!!! – Rice runs, short gain, clock rolling
– Fourth Play, another Rice run another short gain but snapped at 4:15 with 8 seconds left on the play clock – clock still rolling
– Fifth play, snapped at 3:39 with 11 seconds left on the play clock – incomplete pass, clock stops

Ravens punt with the clock stopped at 3:33 on a drive that could have, and some might say should have, ended the game. Forget the play calls themselves, the 36 seconds that they left on the clock represent more than 10% of the total time remaining in the game when the drive began in the first place.

For their part, the Bills helped the Ravens effort while using nearly all of their play clock with the game clock rolling in what turned out to be the tying drive. But considering that the game was ultimately tied with less than 10 seconds remaining it certainly could have been the difference between OT or not.

While I appreciate the efficiency of the offense in getting their plays in quickly, I have to wonder what they were thinking there…if anything.

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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson (L) catches a pass for a touchdown in front of Baltimore Ravens cornerback Lardarius Webb in the second quarter of their NFL football game in Baltimore, Maryland October 24, 2010.   REUTERS/Joe Giza (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

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So much for the “losing to a good team on the road” excuse, huh?

Posted on 25 October 2010 by Rex Snider

For me, the challenge in writing a good blog is partly bound in highlighting a specific theme or idea that hasn’t been addressed by other writers. While such originality is usually my mission, it’s not always possible.

But, I still try ….. So, as I walked out of M&T Bank Stadium, upon witnessing the Ravens thoroughly destroy the Buffalo Bills, I envisioned the things we would hear on the radio and see in blogs, come Monday morning.

Heck, I was hearing it as we walked across the Hamburg Street bridge. My wife is not a football visionary. However, she is a passionate Ravens fan. Thus, her ensuing comments were as predictable as the sunset every evening. “You and your buddies said there was no way the Buffalo Bills would hang with the Ravens” ….. “You gonna blame today’s crappy 4th quarter on the opponent being a good team?” ….. “This might’ve been a win, but it’s an embarrassing win” ….. If I would’ve had a rope, I could’ve hanged myself – right there, above the train tracks. It was a better alternative than begging her to “PLEASE SHUT THE HE@# UP,” which is not a good idea with my wife. Trust me, I’ve done it and I’ve paid for it. Besides, she was

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Photo courtesy of Reuters

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Ed Reed in return versus Bills: “That was just a dream come true”

Posted on 24 October 2010 by Ryan Chell

Photo courtesy of Reuters
The Ravens may have given up 506 yards in their 37-34 overtime victory over the Buffalo Bills Sunday, but the Ravens coaching staff and fans were thrilled to see All-Pro safety Ed Reed not only back on the field but making an impact in the defensive secondary with several momentum-changing interceptions.

“It was big to have Ed back,”  Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. “Obviously with the turnovers, Ed Reed back there changes the whole complexion and he made his presence  felt.”

But no one may have been more happy to be back on the field than Ed Reed himself.

“Just getting back out there with the guys, that was it,” Reed said.  “And knowing how the fans were going to be how they were, that was just a dream come true. It was just like being a rookie all over again my first year here.”

It was Reed’s first action since being removed from the PUP-list after having had arthroscopic hip surgery in the off-season.

Ed Reed registered four tackles, intercepted two of Ryan Fitzpatrick’s passes, and forced a fumble early in the game for the Ravens. His turnovers were huge momentum changes in the game for the Ravens, who had to erase two 14-point deficits in Sunday’s victory over the winless Bills.

Reed however did give credit to a Buffalo team

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Stolen from the Bills hotel: Today’s game itinerary

Posted on 24 October 2010 by Drew Forrester

Don’t ask me where I got this.  If I told you, I’d have to shoot you.

Here’s a stolen copy of the travel itinerary for the Bills and their trip to Baltimore.


Buffalo Bills Game Itinerary – at Baltimore, 10/24/10

Sat., 10/23 — Travel team meets at Buffalo airport at 2:30pm.  All players are asked to bring a copy of their Bible.  In addition, players are encouraged to bring their own crutches to the game.  The club only has 4 sets of crutches.  This one could get ugly.

3pm — Team departs for BWI Airport via USAir #0-5

3:02 pm — Most players look out the window as the plane departs and think to themselves “sure wish they never would of drafted me”.

3:03 pm — Dwan Edwards says to himself, “What the hell was I thinking, signing here?”

3:09 pm — Chan Gailey settles in next to Ryan Fitzpatrick on the plane and tells him “I really believe we can win this game’.

3:11 pm — Gailey leaves the seat next to Fitzpatrick

3:12 pm — Fitzpatrick thinks to himself, “That dude is completely nuts.  We’re gonna get our asses kicked down there in Baltimore.”

4:49 pm — Arrive at BWI Airport

5:45 pm — Travel team arrives at Waterfront Marriott.  Two people are waiting in the lobby for autographs.

7:00 pm — Team meeting in Room 101.  Gailey starts meeting by saying, “Anyone in this room who thinks we can’t win tomorrow should just walk right out that door and jump into the harbor.”

7:02 pm —  19 players get up and ask the coach if he will hold their cell phones so they won’t get ruined in the water.

9:30 pm —  Team bible study.  Gailey leads the opening prayer.

10:30 pm — Curfew.  Lights out.

12:05 am — Four team members are in the Havana Club downtown.  They’re approached by a few football fans who say, “Aren’t you guys with the Bills?  Don’t you have curfew the night before the game?”  One of the players says, “Dude, we’re 0 and 5.  Playing without a hangover hasn’t helped us all season.”

Sun., 10/24 —  Kick off at 1pm.  Team bus leaves at 10:15 am.

9:00 am — Breakfast in Room 111.

9:02 am — Ryan Fitzpatrick says “my stomach doesn’t feel so good”.

9:03 am — Lee Evans leans over to Fred Jackson and says “if he ain’t playin’, neither am I”.

9:09 am — Guy serving coffee in the breakfast room says, “Is Scott Norwood still on your team?” to Chan Gailey

10:15 am — Bus departs for the stadium.

10:25 am — As bus pulls into the parking lot, hundreds of Ravens fans are standing there doubled over in laughter.  Roscoe Parrish says “they must think this is the Orioles team bus pulling in”.

10:45 am — Fitzpatrick goes in the locker room, quietly fills up a cup of water, and throws it up in the toilet to feign vomiting.

10:46 am — Trainer yells in, “Ryan, you OK?”

10:47 am — Trainer goes to Gailey and says, “Coach, Fitzy is throwing up in the bathroom.”

10:48 am — Gailey responds, “F**k him…he’s pulling the old drink-a-cup-of-water-and-act-like-you’re-throwing-up trick.  And even if he is sick, he’s playing.”

11:45 am —  Bills official warm-up begins

11:46 am —  Lee Evans feels a “twinge” in his hamstring.

12:45 pm — Gailey gives the ballboy a note and says, “take this out to the team bus and give it to the driver”.

12:46 pm — Ballboy opens the note to read it:  It says, “Keep the bus warm, Charlie, this one might be over at halftime.”

1:00 pm — Ravens return the opening kick-off 102 yards and lead 7-0.  Gailey mutters to himself, “Can’t win games if you give the other team a 7-0 lead like that.”

1:04 pm — Fitzpatrick’s first pass of the game is picked off by Ed Reed.  He laterals it to Chris Carr who runs it in for a TD and it’s 14-0 Ravens just 1:34 into the game.  Gailey mutters to himself, “Can’t win games if you give the other team a 14-0 lead.”

2:05 pm —  Willis McGahee runs it in from 4 yards out to give Ravens a 24-0 halftime lead.  Gailey opens his halftime speech by saying, “I was impressed with the way we picked up those 2 first downs in the second quarter.”

4:15 pm —  Final whistle blows — Ravens 34 – Bills 6

5:45 pm — Gailey stands up at the front of the plane just before it departs and says, “Well, guys, everyone gets paid today and no one got killed.  I call that a win.”

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It's time for another Friday Football Frenzy .....

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It’s time for another Friday Football Frenzy …..

Posted on 22 October 2010 by Rex Snider

Well, its been a very controversial and torn week for Baltimore’s collective football community.

In some very distinct ways, those who discuss, analyze and monitor the Ravens, tend to keep a weekly schedule relatively similar to the team …..

The game occurs on Sunday afternoon. On Monday and Tuesday, we discuss and debate what happened, while also pausing for a collective breath. By Wednesday, we tend to put the game behind us and look toward the next opponent. And, by the time Friday arrives, you’re ready for more football !!!!

The above account is the customary routine for listeners and radio hosts. It’s pretty predictable and many parts of the overall format are planned ahead of time.

However, the last five days have served as one of those unique sets of circumstances. With last Sunday’s frustrating result in New England, anything and everything regarding the “typical process” has been disregarded. Indeed, some situations are hard to stomach …..

On the heels of seeing Todd Heap’s injury, to watching a double-digit 4th quarter lead simply evaporate and become a loss, anyone who pays attention to the Ravens had plenty to say.

That’s the magic of sports talk radio …..

So, as Thursday rolled around, some of us were still playing the BLAME GAME and others were trying to finally put the loss in the rear view mirror, while focusing on this Sunday’s home matchup.  He we are in late October, and its just the THIRD home game of the season.

This week’s opponent hasn’t helped the collective crowd in overcoming the hangover, has it? This week’s game is not viewed as one of those contests that can bury the previous loss on the schedule; regardless of whether the Ravens dominate or not.

If the Ravens were playing the Steelers in a couple days, the air and atmosphere would be different. Minds and hearts would’ve been focused on Pittsburgh, by Tuesday.

The same can be said for the upcoming game against New Orleans.

But, not this week.

The Buffalo Bills and their 0-5 record are coming to town …..

I pretty much piled up on the Bills, yesterday. Heck, I bullied them. After all, that’s what we expect when a winless and nearly powerless team comes crawling into Baltimore.

That said, this week’s opponent is from Buffalo and that’s where we’ll direct our attention today. As an added bonus, Sunday’s game will also feature a ceremony recognizing the 2000 Super Bowl Champions. It’s hard to believe a DECADE has passed since that team shared a locker room.

Over the past few days, WNST has devoted a significant amount of time to catching up with former players and reliving some of the most meaningful times in Baltmore’s football history.

We’ve chatted with Hall of Famers, All Pros and contributing members to that very special season.

Today, we’ll continue the conversations with some of this town’s most adored Ravens. This afternoon’s list of guests includes …..

Matt Stover


Michael McCrary


Lional Dalton


In addition to chatting with these former players and reminiscing about our collective memories, we will take a hard look at the Buffalo Bills and the tough season they’ve endured. We’ll also chat with our good friend – the “unsung hero” of WNST, Chris Pika, for a look around the NFL.

Yes, I will also hit Nestor with some questions about the American League Championship Series. He hates the Yankees. I hate the Yankees. You hate the Yankees. And, they’re on the brink of heading home for the winter.

Join us this afternoon, at 2pm. It’s four solid hours of football (and a little bit of baseball) talk. It’s the prime way to kick off an awesome weekend.


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Edwin Mulitalo

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Edwin Mulitalo has second chance to re-live Ravens Super Bowl in celebration

Posted on 22 October 2010 by Ryan Chell

Edwin Mulitalo
Former Ravens guard Edwin Mulitalo didn’t have many regrets during his time in Baltimore.

He loved the team, he loved his teammates, and he loved Baltimore. Mulitalo is one of many players from the Super Bowl XXXV team that still continue to entrench themselves in the Baltimore area and community.

But one of his few regrets was in January 2001, when the Ravens reached Tampa and defeated the New York Giants, 34-7 to bring the Ravens their first ever Super Bowl and the first championship to Baltimore in 30 years.

Obviously he wasn’t disappointed with being there. He just kicks himself every day for not living it up in Tampa figuring the event would happen to him again.

During the week leading up to the Super Bowl, Mulitalo-then a second year offensive lineman out of Arizona-said he didn’t take as much time to enjoy the festivities leading up to the game itself, something he told Rex Snider Wednesday that frustrates him to this day.

“I wish I could have soaked it in and enjoyed it more like some of the older guys did like Tony Siragusa and Mike McCrary,” Mulitalo said.

“I looked at them and said, ‘Man, they’re really enjoying this’. I was so uptight as a second-year guy that I was trying to focus.”

Mulitalo is currently residing in Utah and is the offensive line coach at Herriman High School in Utah, and while still following the Ravens, desperately hopes to coach one day at the college level-preferably in Utah for BYU, Weber State, Utah, or Utah State.

“Hopefully I can help one of those teams and move on from there,” the Ravens guard said.

Multialo was of course a key part in the running game that allowed rookie Jamal Lewis to rush for 1,364 and six scores. He along with franchise tackle Jonathan Odgen formed a solid duo on the left side of the Ravens offensive line for years until Mulitalo left to play for Detroit this last two years of his career in 2007-2008.

Mulitalo will be one of close to 35 Ravens

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Seriously ..... Buffalo?

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Seriously ….. Buffalo?

Posted on 21 October 2010 by Rex Snider

When it comes to the landscape of cities serving as homes to America’s elite level of professional sports franchises, I’ve been perplexed by some of the towns that hold such distinctions.

A few such cities or metroplexes are really just a misrepresentation of the TRUE demographic …..

How did the Texas Rangers end up in Arlington? That’s easy, they really serve the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

The same can be said for the New England Patriots, who play in Foxboro, but represent Boston’s fan base. And, lets not forget the Golden State Warriors, who count the basketball lovers of Oakland/San Francisco as their regional hometown supporters.

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Duane Starks

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Duane Starks ten years after INT return in Super Bowl XXXV: “the longest 49 yards of running ever”

Posted on 20 October 2010 by Ryan Chell

On January 28, 2001, former Ravens corner back Duane Starks remembers clearly a particular play that would not only impact his life, but one of an entire city looking for a team to call “World Champions”.

That date of course was the day that the Baltimore Ravens, fresh off a 12-4 regular season and three playoff wins over the Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, and the Oakland Raiders, earned the franchise’s first ever Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XXXV, winning of course by a score of 34-7 over the NFC Champion New York Giants.

It brought the city of Baltimore their first championship since 1983 with the Baltimore Orioles, and its first ever football title since 1970 when the Colts brought home the NFL title in Super Bowl V.

And of course, the play was Starks’ 49-yard interception return in that Super Bowl, one of four touchdowns and interceptions for the Ravens on the night.

This Sunday at halftime versus the Buffalo Bills, the Ravens will honor  30+members of the championship team, including the likes of quarterback Trent Dilfer, safety Rod Woodson, running back Jamal Lewis, and many others.

And while Duane Starks will not be in attendance Sunday, he said he will be their in spirit with his former teammates. He keeps in contact with most of his fellow champions.

“There’s a group of us that stay in touch,” Starks told Thyrl Nelson on “The Mobtown Sports Beat Wednesday.”I’m always in contact with Lional Dalton, Ray Lewis, Jamie Sharper, and all these guys, even Jermaine Lewis.”

Starks was drafted by the Ravens with the tenth overall pick in the 1998 draft out of Miami, and combined with Raven draft picks in former Hurricanes teammate Ray Lewis, Chris Mcalister, Peter Boulware, Jamie Sharper, Starks became a pivotal and key component to the best defense in NFL history when it came to points allowed in 2000.

And he not only was big in helping the team reach the Super Bowl, his interception of Giants quarterback Kerry Collins may have put the nail in the coffin for the Giants.

In his four years in Baltimore from 1998-2001, Starks grabbed 21 picks and was also a big run-stuffer from the secondary despite only measuring 5-10, 175 pounds.

In that Super Bowl, Collins would throw several interceptions to the likes of Chris Mcalister, Kim Herring, and Jamie Sharper was desperately trying to get his team back in the hunt after falling behind 10-0 with minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Collins took a three-step drop and immediately threw the ball to Giants wide receiver Amani Toomer. Starks, who had also grabbed a pick in the AFC Championship game against Oakland, stepped in front of the slant pass and took it back 49 yards for a the score, making it 17-0 in favor of Baltimore.

Duane Starks

Starks remembers the moment as clear as day.

“I intercept the ball and the first thing I was like, ‘just catch the ball’,” Starks told Thyrl.  “I caught the ball and after that as I’m running, I’m like ‘Please nobody clip. Nobody clip. No penalties. No penalties.’ It would have been sad to have a penalty there because the play happened so fast.”

“That was the longest 49 yards of running ever.”

Starks looked back as he crossed the Giants goal line to see if there were any flags on the play, but none came down.

Starks’ play not only put the Giants deeper in the hole, it also set off a series of plays that will rarely be seen again in Super Bowl history.

Following Starks’ interception return, the Ravens kicked off to the Giants, and Giants KR Ron Dixon returned it 97 yards for a touchdown.

It was a game now. For at least a few more seconds.

The Giants on the opposing kickoff kicked the ball to former Maryland Terp Jermaine Lewis, who matched Dixon’s return with an 84 yard return of his own.

It was the first time in NFL history that each team returned kickoffs in the Super Bowl, and the first time they had been done back-to-back. It also finished a period of three consecutive plays where a touchdown was scored in a span of just 30 seconds.

The Ravens nearly earned the only shutout in Super Bowl history, but they were able to bring Baltimore a world championship and came home to celebrate on the streets of Baltimore.

Starks, who will be unable to attend Sunday’s festivities due to a previous engagement, said he still calls Baltimore home and will remain in contact with the Ravens for the rest of his life.

‘I’m not going to be able to make it to Baltimore, but I’m always visiting Baltimore and going to the office. I hate that I’m going to miss this glorious occasion.”

Miss the interview with Duane? Check the BuyaToyota.com Audio Vault for our interview with the former Ravens corner back and all our other interviews with the Super Bowl team! WNST-We Never Stop Talking Ravens Football!

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Bill Belichick: "We played a lot more COVER TWO in the 2nd half" ....

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Bill Belichick: “We played a lot more COVER TWO in the 2nd half” ….

Posted on 20 October 2010 by Rex Snider

Are you still smarting after Sunday’s loss to the New England Patriots? Umm …. let me change that …. are you still pissed-off about the Ravens blowing a double-digit lead in the 4th quarter?

Let me assert that I’m not the kinda guy who dwells on things or refuses to build a bridge, while facing the inevitability of getting over unchangeable circumstances.

At some point, you gotta let it go.

Put it in the rear view …..

Toss it in the trash …..

Flush it down the toilet …..

Choose your rightful path of persuasion. Sum it up in a sensible way and face the sobering reality of losing a game. But, for God’s sake, don’t lie to yourself. Don’t dismiss an obvious wound or vulnerability – just to see it reemerge a few weeks later.

Alas, putting hardship behind us is always productive ….. if we learn from the misgivings and find a way to improve on the things that inhibit success.

That’s all I really ask.

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve grown to expect a lot from the Ravens. They’re an organization that expects an awful lot from themselves. In a roundabout way, I guess they’ve rubbed off on me.

And, I think that’s a good thing.

It’s also the exact factor that prohibits me from simply saying “they lost to a very good team on the road …. no big deal.” To hell with that. It’s an excuse, and excuses are for LOSERS.

Something went wrong on Sunday. Steve Bisciotti knows it – did you see his face after the game? And, I have no doubt he’s refusing to buy the old worn out “we lost to a good team” reason.

After all, if that’s really the cuplrit, we can justify upcoming losses in Atlanta and Houston, right? The Falcons are a damn good team; arguably better than the Patriots. Wait, I know ….. that loss will get pinned on the short week and travel to Atlanta, right?

As for the Texans, if the Ravens surrender a two score lead to Tom Brady, Deion Branch and that little running back from THE WIZARD OF OZ, I’m assuming they won’t fare much better against Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster.

As I said yesterday, I’m a huge fan of Brady’s success. But, we’re talking about the reincarnation of Deion Branch. Wasn’t he scoreless in Seattle? And, Danny Woodhead needs platform cleats to get on most roller coasters.

Did they really beat the Ravens on Sunday? Maybe not …..

According to the COACH, Bill Belichick, the Patriots switched things up against Joe Flacco in the 2nd half of the game. During his Monday conversation with the folks at WEEI radio, Belichick uttered those words we’ve heard when teams talk about their gameplans against Joe Flacco.

That’s right, when asked what the Patriots did adjustment-wise, Belichick stated “we played alot more COVER TWO in the 2nd half.” “We knew he (Flacco) was looking inside for the tight end and slot receiver.”

Don’t take my word for it, go HERE and listen to the conversation for yourself. Those very telling words begin at 10:30 of the conversation.

What do we know about Bill Belichick? Aside from being that charismatic, personably-engaging guy, he’s also known for his knack to find the opponent’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. On Sunday, he decided to employ his 2nd half defensive attack in the same way the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts feast upon a Flacco-led offense.

Heck, he admitted it during a Monday phone conversation !!!!

My translation is he saw what the Bengals did to the Ravens, just a short month ago. And, he used the most crucial part of the game to switch up and see if the Ravens young quarterback has improved on past transgressions. That’s TEXTBOOK BELICHICK …..

He attacks and exploits a weakness AFTER halftime, when there are no opportunities to re-collect composure.

This is a PROBLEM.

It’s not tied to playing a very good team on the road. That’s bunk. Every game is its own animal. Every game stands on its own merit. Every game is defined by 60 minutes, in two separate halves, between the sidelines.

Accountability is key, and to simply suggest that it’s no big deal to lose a road game against a very good team, is nothing more than a mechanism for accepting a loss. The Patriots found a way to shutdown the Ravens offense, late in Sunday’s game. They simply did.

And, yes, it’s the very same Patriots team that won a close 38-30 game against the Buffalo Bills in the most recent home contest before the Ravens came calling. You got that? The BUFFALO BILLS SCORED 30 POINTS ON THE SAME FIELD, just a few weeks earlier.

Perhaps, the underlying message to this blog is DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE BILLS, THIS SUNDAY. They’re scrappy, and they’re looking for their first win.

Do I think Buffalo comes to Baltimore and wins, on Sunday? No, but they’re not going to simply walk in and walk out, either.

The greater emphasis of this message is that the smoke continues to get thicker and thicker when it comes to the signals regarding Joe Flacco’s production as a starting quarterback. As much as many of us believe the team needs to let the guy lead the offense, we must also face the prospect that the coaching staff still sees the very vulnerabilities Bill Belichick admittedly exploited in Sunday’s late stages.

I’m always willing to admit the depth (or shallow void) of my football knowledge. That’s why I do what I do …. and Cam Cameron does what he does. I’m an ignorant man, when it comes to such intricate measures.

But, I’m not naive. I don’t simply follow the group or herd, and blowoff a loss to good team, because “it happened on the road.”

Screw that.

Something went wrong, Sunday.

And, if you don’t fix it, it will happen again, and again, and again, and again. It will continue to happen, until it is fixed.

Perhaps, the real difference is the VERY GOOD TEAMS find a way to exploit Joe Flacco’s vulnerabilities. At the same time, the lesser teams don’t find a way.

Look back at the Pittsburgh game …..

Joe Flacco hit T.J. Houshmandzadeh in the back of the end zone to wrap up the win. But, ask yourself where Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark found themselves on that play. They were blitzing – which left the cornerbacks alone and responsible for the downfield, inside threats. Boom …. touchdown.

That didn’t happen Sunday.

And, Bill Belichick has told us so …..

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