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A Coach Could Learn A Lot From That Guy In New England .....

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A Coach Could Learn A Lot From That Guy In New England …..

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Rex Snider

I will never write a blog centered on telling John Harbaugh how to coach a football team.

Quite frankly, I’m not qualified.

But, I do know a thing or two about changing cultures and motivating people. From creating a facelift of an organization or simply “tightening up the ship,” I’ve participated in the process.

And, I think we saw the latter, yesterday, in New England …..

Sports fans are fickle. You’re a very temperamental bunch – and when someone conveys a positive thought about a competitor, that same person is immediately dismissed as a “traitor.” Right?

But, if you set your personal feelings and contempt aside, I think you’ll find some value in the way other organizations conduct their business. Managing people is not a science – it’s an art. And, some leaders are very, very good at it.

The New England Patriots haven’t secured THREE SUPER BOWLS, in less than a decade, because they’re lucky. And, their success isn’t tied to surreptitious video footage of other teams, either.

If you’re rationalizing the Patriots success to anything other than GREAT LEADERSHIP, PROVEN TALENT and a COMMITMENT TO DOING THINGS THE RIGHT WAY, you’re just making excuses and lying to yourselves.

It’s that simple.

Yesterday, Bill Belichick sent Randy Moss and Adalius Thomas home – because they were late for practice. Yeah, it was snowing. Yeah, the roadways were messy. And, yeah, people are expected to assume a responsibility and plan for the expected and unexpected.

The New England Patriots are on the brink of surrendering the AFC-East lead and its time to “tighten up the ship.”

Do managers (and coaches) treat employees differently? Sure, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. You’ve gotta know the personal strengths of each performer and each player requires a differing level of discipline.

Former Cowboys Head Coach, Jimmy Johnson, likes to tell a certain story when he makes the lecture circuit and motivates audiences around the country …..

During their run of dominance, in the mid-90’s, Jimmy Johnson encountered a lack of discipline during a classroom session, where players were watching footage of the previous game. When the video ended and the lights raised, Johnson found Emmitt Smith and another player; a fringe offensive lineman, sleeping.

As Jimmy Johnson tells it, he woke Emmitt and told him to pay attention. He also woke the other player and told him to “GET OUT.” There is, indeed, a difference in how respective players are treated for the very same transgressions.

But, yesterday, Bill Belichick took a different approach …..

He is uniting the TEAM, above anything everything else. And, I’m betting it works.

The Patriots are 7-5, with just a one game lead in their division. Their remaining schedules finds contests against the Panthers, Bills, Jaguars and Texans. They’re not losing the division against this lineup.

And, Bill Belichick is ensuring it.

I’m certain there are people openly predicting the demise of the New England Patriots. You’re wrong. In fact, they’re likely to go on a serious run toward another AFC Crown – and, perhaps, 4th Super Bowl Championship.

Yes, the New Orleans Saints handed the “Brady Bunch” their collective asses, a couple weeks ago. But, they might’ve also provided Belichick and Brady with an up-close and personal blueprint for getting the job done.

But, this really isn’t about the New England Patriots and their playoff chances.

It’s about the Baltimore Ravens and their hopes for football, in January.

I love Baltimore …..

And, I’m a RAVENS FAN.

But, I respect the New England Patriots.

To that end, I’ve seized occasional opportunities to draw the similarities between John Harbaugh and Bill Belichick – especially in cases of evasive and surly treatment of the media.

I’m just hoping Harbaugh has a “Little More Belichick” up his sleeve – even if it means sending a couple players home for the day.

The flagrant on-field breakdowns must stop. The meltdowns and lack of personal composure must stop. These transgressions hurt the TEAM.

Once again, I’m not qualified to tell a Coach how to COACH.

But, I’d like to think I know discipline, when I see it.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/10/09)

Posted on 10 December 2009 by Jack McManus


Brenda Frese is the next guest. She is the coach of the Maryland women’s basketball team. The Terps will face off against the Towson Tigers tonight. She talks about how the game between the two teams will help promote womens basketball in the area. She also discusses how facing a tough team early in the season will help prepare for ACC play. Frese next moves on to the topic of her young roster. Utilizing her young players well has led to some saying this has been her best coaching job.



Former NFL player Keion Carpenter is now is studio with us. You can check out his website here. Make sure you find out more information about his upcoming charity events. Carpenter is a Baltimore-native and attended Woodlawn high school. He talks about how despite going their separate ways Carpenter and other players from Baltimore still work together, especially in the community. Carpenter also talks about his time in Buffalo. He calls it a bad place to live especially when the team is not winning. T.O. may be experiencing this right now.



Dan Miller the play-by-play voice of the Lions joins Drew to talk about the upcoming Ravens-Lions game. He starts off by talking about how Daunte Culpepper will replace Matthew Stafford this weekend. Culpepper still wants to be a starter in the league.


Another caller has a series of questions that he wants answers to. They all involve the coaching decisions that he does not agree with that have been made recently.


A caller talks about how the Ravens overachieved last season, and that set up unrealistic expectations for this year. He also puts blame on the front office for not restocking the roster properly.


Brian Billick now makes his weekly appearance. Drew brings up the idea that Brian had lost control over the team over the last few years of his career. Now fans are questioning whether the current coaching staff is fully in control. Brian responds by saying that he does not look at it in the way of getting redemption. He next moves on the the huge amount of penalties the team has faced recently. He explains that coaches mostly focus on pre-snap penalties because they are the easiest to eliminate. Brian reveals that he will be calling the Ravens-Bears game next weekend.


Joe Matthews, the coach of Towson University’s women’s basketball team joins Drew. His team has a big upcoming game against the Lady Terps. Matthews talks about how his entire team is very excited for this big time local matchup. He also mentions some of the best other teams in the CAA. He pinpoints Old Dominion and Delaware as particularly tough teams.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/20/09)

Posted on 20 November 2009 by Jack McManus


Andy Behrens from Yahoo! Sports is on to offer his weekly fantasy advice. To get all the details on who to start make sure you check out the audio vault.  


A caller informs us that the release of Steve Hauschka made his week and that no one could be worse. He also asks Drew why the Ravens did not bring back Chris McAlister. Glenn points out that Billy Cundiff could be much worse than Hauschka.


The Colts’ sideline reporter, Kevin Lee is now on to talk about the Ravens-Colts matchup this weekend. He first reminds everyone that any team can win on every given Sunday. He next describes the differences between Tony Dungy and Jim Caldwell. Lee explains that the two are very similar although, Caldwell will occasionally get more heated during practices. He moves on the injuries depleting the Colts secondary. He points out the strong safety play that has kept the Colts defense strong. On the topic of Matt Stover, he believes that Stover could return to Baltimore if and when he is released after Adam Vinatieri returns from injury.



Randy Monroe, head coach of the UMBC basketball, is the next guest. He first talks about the coaching he did at the end of the game against the Loyola Greyhounds. He is not second guessing his decision to wait to call a timeout in the final seconds. Monroe states that he is always telling his players that they must maintain throughout games. He talks about the adjustments his team has been forced to make after losing Jay Greene and Darryl Proctor. He knows that the team will improve with time. Monroe next discusses the idea of a Baltimore-area showdown.



Mike Florio is now talking some football with Drew. He talks about the Bengals’ signing of Larry Johnson. He states that as long as Johnson behaves himself, the gamble should be worth it for the Bengals. Florio believes that if the Buffalo Bills brings in a quality coach, the team could turn around very quickly. He explains that the team needs to have a plan that every part of the organization agrees with. He also states that each of the undefeated teams this weekend need to be careful with their opponents.



Merton now joins us from Indianapolis. He promises to call in at 8:30 on Monday regardless of the result of the game on Sunday. He makes a wager with Drew. If the Colts win Drew and Glenn must sing the Colts’ fight song. If the Ravens win, Merton will personally apologize Bob in Parkville.  


Bill Herrion, head coach of the New Hampshire Wildcats men’s basketball team is on with Drew. His team will face off against the Terps tonight at the Comcast Center. Herrion begins by talking about his difficult road schedule early in the season. Besides playing Maryland the Wildcats will also go up against Pitt and Hofstra. He next brings up his teams experience level. He explains that even though their is only one senior on his roster, many of the other players have significant on-court experience.


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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/12/09)

Posted on 12 November 2009 by Jack McManus


Finally this morning we have Drew and Glenn’s picks for the game tonight.

Drew: 49ers 24 – Chicago 20

Glenn: 49ers17 – Chicago 12


Sean Salisbury is now on to talk some football. Sean begins by talking about the Cincinnati Bengals. He calls the Bengals’ defense “impressive.” He is still hesitant about the team because of its past history. There is still a chance the “Old Bengals” could resurface. Drew states that he is starting to give up on the Denver Broncos. Sean agrees that the Broncos are not a great team. He thinks they could easily lose to a team like the Raiders late in the season. Moving on, Sean believes that Miami Dolphins are an under-the-radar team. When looking at the roster, it is clear that the team has talent. They are a team that Sean would not want to go up against. Sean next talks about the rumors about Michael Vick possibly going to Buffalo. Sean explains that Buffalo would be a good place for Vick to continue to rebuild his career.


Ron “Fang” Mitchell, the coach of the Coppin State basketball team is the next guest. He first talks about the changes to his roster for the upcoming season. The team must fill the void left by Tywain McKee who was the MEAC Player of the Year last season. He next discusses how his team will be playing more home games this season than in previous ones. This is partially due to the team’s new arena. He finishes by explaining the importance of this year for himself. After a long tenure at Coppin, Mitchell wants to prove those who do not think the team will have a good season wrong.



Another caller laments the fact that the Ravens have become a passing team when they have more weapons win the running game.


Two callers present different views about the Ravens beating the Steelers. The first thinks that the Ravens will be able to win in Baltimore. The second does not see how the Ravens defense can contain the weapons of the Steelers, particularly rookie Mike Wallace.



A caller asks about the idea of carrying two kickers. Drew agrees that this may be the right choice in this situtation. However, he states that the roster spot and salary may not be worth it.


Head coach of the Charleston Southern basketball team, Barclay Radebaugh joins Drew to talk about college basketball. He starts off by discussing his guard Jamarco Warren. Warren is a prolific scorer, and Radebaugh states that he only must improve his defense to be a complete star. He goes on to say that his team’s upcoming game against Maryland will be a good learning experience. The Bucs were picked to finish 9th in the Big South, but Radebaugh believes that other coaches and the media may be underestimating his team. Drew brings up the schools’ very poor record against the ACC (1-40). Radebaughexplainsthat Charleston Southern can play withthe perimeter players of the ACC, but struggles to compete with the stronger and larger players inside.



A caller supports Drew’s assertion that members of the local media need to do more in regards to college teams. He points out that many fans are not able to afford to go to University of Maryland games very often, and these local colleges can provide quality games for much less money and time.


Drew now takes a shot at Jerry Coleman. Coleman allegedly states that listeners are listening to John Harbaugh’s press conference “exclusively” on Fox 1370. Drew wants to tell Coleman to “stop fibbing.” He follows up Glenn’s remarks he also makes a low blow at other members of the media, who do nothing to cover local college basketball teams. This not only offers support for the teams, but also aids the athletic departments. In fact Drew explains this is a fact, not just a low blow.


Glenn starts off “Cheap Shots From the Bleachers” by calling out the entire sport of college basketball. This sport is the only major sport that does nothing to promote the start of the season. Instead of having marquee national matchups that are widely televised, top tier teams face cupcakes in games that are difficult to access. He calls the entire first week of college basketball terrible. He explains that schools and conferences need to focus on promoting the start of the season.

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Blog & Tackle: Penalties by the numbers

Posted on 02 November 2009 by Chris Pika

Many Ravens fans are of the opinion that the officials are targeting the Ravens, either for reputation, or for earlier comments after the New England game that went unpunished by the NFL league office.

Now, based on my time in the league, I believe that NFL offiicials are the best in the four major sports. How you watch a game in the stands at an angle overlooking the field is much different that seeing it at field level. The speed of how the game occurs would be jarring for even the most well-informed fan to make the correct call at game speed. It’s a tough job that requires split-second decision making and rock-solid rules knowledge. That doesn’t mean they get it right all of the time, but the percentage is higher than what you think, based on evaluations.

With that opinion, here are the NFL leaders in penalties called, accepted and yards penalized (via STATS, Inc.) without further comment, just grist for the mill on a Monday. All of the below info is through Sunday’s games.

Total Penalties Called On (accepted and declined)
1. Buffalo 69; 2. St. Louis 64; 3t. Baltimore 62; 3t. Green Bay 62; 5. New York Jets 60; 6. Philadelphia 59; 7. Oakland 57; 8t Detroit 56; 8t. New York Giants 56; 10. Houston 55. (Least: Jacksonville & Seattle, 36 each)

Total Penalties Accepted
1. Buffalo 59; 2. Green Bay 57; 3. St. Louis 55; 4. Baltimore 53; 5. New York Jets 52; 6t. Arizona 50; 6t. Dallas 50; 6t. Philadelphia 50; 9. Detroit 49; 10t. Kansas City 47; 10t. Oakland 47. (Least: Seattle 33, Jacksonville 34).

Total Penalty Yards
1. Baltimore 510; 2. St. Louis 477; 3. Green Bay 474; 4. Buffalo 458; 5. Dallas 424; 6. Detroit 407; 7. Philadelphia 401; 8t. Arizona 386; 8t. New York Giants 386; 10. San Francisco 385. (Least: Jacksonville 259, Seattle 279)

For comparison sake, here is the penalty totals for opponents when playing the Ravens this season:

Penalties Called Against Opponent (Opponent Total/NFL Rank; Leader/Total; Least/Total)
Called Against Ravens Opponent: (56/12th; Buffalo/72; Least: Miami/35); Accepted Penalties: (41/T-18th; Buffalo/64; Least: Miami/32); Penalty Yards by Opponent: (276/29th; Buffalo/546; Least: Miami/215).

Ever wanted to know what kind of penalties are called on the Ravens? Here is your list for both the offense and defense:

Ravens Specific Defensive Penalties (Ravens Total/NFL Rank; Leader/Total)
Pass Interference: (6/2nd; St. Louis/8); Illegal Contact: (3/T-2nd; Green Bay/5); Roughing the Passer: (4/T-1st with Tennessee); Offside: (3/T-22nd; Tennessee/10); Personal Foul: (3/T-14th; Green Bay/7).

Ravens Specific Offensive Penalties (Ravens Total/NFL Rank; Leader/Total):
Holding: (7/T-7th; Arizona/11); Offsides/False Start: (9/T-15th; Buffalo/18); Grounding: (1/T-2nd with 7 teams; San Francisco/2); Delay of Game: (2/T-12th; Cincinnati/6).

On special teams, the Ravens have been called for the following penalties:
Kickoff/Kick Return: Holding 2, Roughing 1. Punt/Punt Return: Holding 1, Illegal Block 2. Placekicking: Holding 1.

To follow Chris Pika (BlogAndTackle) on Twitter, click here or go to: http://www.twitter.com/BlogAndTackle.

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Regardless Of All The Baggage – I’d Still Take Terrell Owens

Posted on 09 October 2009 by Rex Snider

Okay, once again, as I did back in March, I’ll be the guy to ask if Ravens fans are the least bit interested in the most repulsive player known to the NFL …..

It’s as simple as it was seven months ago – albeit, with a little twist, I’ll be mentioning, shortly. But, as I asked in early spring …..

“Should The Ravens Take A Look At Terrell Owens ?”

Admittedly, I didn’t dream up the “T.O. Question” all by myself, this time. My co-host on the Sunday Morning Blitz, Jason Jubb, actually reminded me of the prospect, as we discussed Braylon Edwards’ arrival in the Big Apple, earlier Thursday.

Of course, the situation is a bit different now, as opposed to when the Ravens had to consider the fragile task of navigating through an off-season, pre-season and FULL SEASON with the highly combustible wide receiver.

When I asked the question, prior to the Orioles losing their 1st of 98 games, the situation was much different ….. or was it?

The Ravens could use a deep threat – especially if the cost is minimal.

And, no, this has nothing to do with Mark Clayton dropping Joe Flacco’s pass, to quash the Ravens hopes, in New England, last Sunday. I’d like to think I’m not so inspired by knee-jerk reactions to adversity. I’m a fan of Mark Clayton and I think he’s still a viable ingredient for this organization.

But, as much as the Ravens could use an experienced, game-changing receiver, that same receiver can certainly use the Ravens …..

Owens could use a few months of catching footballs thrown by a legitimate #1 quarterback, who possesses the smarts, COOL and arm to get the job done.

It seems like a good fit – the Ravens and T.O. could conceivably USE EACH OTHER through the beginning of 2010 ….. and as long as the ride lasts.

Does Owens still possess the conflicted, and sometimes complicated characteristics that have left bridges burning as he departs one city after another, from San Francisco to Philadelphia to Dallas and now, Buffalo?

It’s a fair question.

I’m not sure anyone knows the answer, as a reality. But, we’re looking for the “cracks” right? Hell, lets be very honest, we’re looking for the freakin’ TRAINWRECK – each and every time T.O. walks up to the podium, following another Bills loss.

I’m not defending the guy – he’s earned every bit of criticism lobbed his way. But, it’s quite obvious the reporters are baiting him in each postgame press conference. They’re poking him with sticks, twigs and telephone poles.

And, I sense it’s coming.

You know what I mean. Each media exchange, which really appears to be a game of “verbal chess,” with blatantly inciting questions meeting coy, vague answers is getting more and more contentious.

The reporters are fanning T.O.’s smoldering coals, and he’s not extinguishing them. He basically bolts to meet reporters, at his earliest possible convenience, while holding court like the White House Press Secretary – and dressed like a dancer from a WHAM video – circa 1986.


Terrell Owens is a guy who needs to feed an insatiable ego. And, the diet consists of one thing – FOOTBALLS. There is no substitute. Right now, he’s starving to death and he’s about to let the world know it.

It might happen this week.

Trust me, if I suspect it, the Buffalo Bills certainly KNOW it. They’re in the eye of the storm. I’m just some slapdick with a blog, and a warped sense of worship for the great Bob Haynie.

I’d bet the Bills would like nothing more than to ship Terrell Owens somewhere – ANYWHERE – in exchange for a reason or two to study the 5th or 6th round of next year’s NFL Draft and some financial relief.

Wanna bet?

Now, lets talk about what’s left of the prolific “big man,” who’s known for his separation speed and reaching abilities. Is Terrell Owens still a deep threat? At 35, is he every bit as fit as ever?

The answer is HELL YES ….. I got the picture !!!!

We’re all hearing the catcalls and whispers that Owens has lost a step or three. He’s also rumored to be losing the ability to leap tall buildings. I’m not buying it. A receiver is only as good as his quarterback.

Conversely, a quarterback is only as good as his receiver.

The blunt truth is Owens still has “IT”.

Just look at the evidence …..

Terrell Owens can’t buy an easy reception with Trent Edwards throwing the ball – and a porous offensive line blocking. Meanwhile, Tony Romo is stinking up the new digs in Big-D. Hmmm ….. it’s amazing how good a quarterback can look with a couple gamebreaking options, as opposed to one.

And, for the record, Roy Williams can’t carry Owens’ lunch – or workload.

Don’t kid yourself, Terrell Owens can help the Baltimore Ravens. He would bring a deep threat potential to this offense. Joe Flacco can light him up like a Christmas Tree. I’ll guarantee it.

If the Buffalo Bills do follow the Cleveland Browns’ lead – and dump a restless, but talented wide receiver, it might be in Ozzie Newsome’s best interest to make a serious run at him.

I’ve outlined it – the Ravens could absolutely benefit from his T.O.’s talents …..

And, so can the competition. Believe that.

Have you considered Owens in a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform? Nah, bad fit.

Have you considered Owens in a New England Patriots uniform? Nah, bad fit, again.

Now, stop for a second and really imagine Terrell Owens lining up as a wideout in an Indianapolis Colts uniform.

Scary thought, huh? For all the nay-sayers – do you still Terrell Owens is no longer a deep threat? Or, are you reconsidering, given the superb arm and smarts of Peyton Manning?

Joe Flacco might not be Manning’s contemporary, yet. But, he’s scary good and the difference between him and Trent Edwards – and the difference between the Ravens O-Line and the Buffalo Bills’ is enough to matter when it comes to the potential of Terrell Owens.

It just is.

Look, I’m not saying the Ravens should pursue a player – ANY PLAYER – simply from a desire NOT to see him ending up with a competitor. That’s a stupid proposition. But, this really is a two-fold scenario …..

Terrell Owens makes the Ravens a more dangerous team. He makes them a better team.

This Guy Would Have Alot Of Fun At BOURBON STREET
Yep, He’d Love SCORES-BALTIMORE !!!!

Regardless of everything else, he would help the Ravens’ ability to move the ball in the passing game and further enhance the running game. They haven’t needed it. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t – or shouldn’t look to improve.

It ain’t personal. It never is. It’s just football and he’s an asset.

But, the risk of Owens joining another team, like the Colts, and virtually propelling them right past the Ravens is a legitimate concern. Do you doubt me?

The Colts have plugged a hole – created by Anthony Gonzalez’s injury – with Pierre’ Garcon, Austin Collie and Hank Baskett. They’re making it work, but don’t think for a split-second that T.O. doesn’t make the Colts the most dangerous team in the game – PERIOD.

In fact, I’ll make you a devout guarantee …..

If the Colts acquire Owens and remain healthy, they’ll blow the Ravens off the field. Start the HATE MAIL now. It’s the truth. And, everyone who thinks with their head, and not their heart, knows it.

If you think Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and Antonio Gates exploited the Ravens secondary, just wait …..

If you think Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Ben Watson exploited the Ravens secondary, just wait …..

Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Terrell Owens and Dallas Clark would leave marks that last for years.

Don’t let it happen, Ozzie.

If the Bills are selling – and I’d bet they’re willing to listen – pry T.O. off their roster. You wanna talk to him, first? That’s cool. In fact, it’s probably a very sensible idea.

But, short of hearing him say “Dude, I’m looking to burn down your castle,” I’m ready and willing to make a sensible offer. It’s a four month rental. The Ravens use Owens and Owens uses the Ravens.

It could be great combination.

However, if Terrell Owens falls into the lap of the Colts, instead, it could be a very long winter. Getting beat by the Colts is bad enough. But getting TORCHED by the Colts, with a guy who could’ve been here, would be very painful.

Don’t let it happen.

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Ravens, Rants and Rankings – week 3

Posted on 02 October 2009 by kevinpb

Ravens 34 – Browns 3. Three games, three wins. This just in, the Ravens are a very good football team. All things being equal with injuries, the Baltimore Ravens will be a factor in the AFC with regard to which team goes to the Super Bowl. These aren’t your Daddy’s Ravens. They are still solid on defense, and are diverse and exciting on offense.
The Browns had no chance on Sunday at the Purple Palace. The Browns are a bad football team.

In week 3, the Ravens offense was as imaginative as effective. Again the Ravens relied on the “no-huddle” offense early in the game to create tempo and keep Cleveland off balance. They also unveiled a new package, based on the principals of the “read option” that was used so effectively by Vince Young at Texas. Five to ten times Flacco set up in the shotgun and read the defense before handing off to the back. McGahee scored both his touchdowns off this set, and early in the second corner they ran the option to Mark Clayton out of this set. Joe Flacco was 25-35 for 342 yards and 1 touchdown. Three games into the season and Flacco has 2 – 300 yard games. The offensive line was dominant, opening gaping holes and keeping Flacco upright.

Defensively, the line dominated the run, and provided steady yet unspectacular pressure all day. The secondary had a much better day, admittedly, against a far inferior quarterback. The defensive backfield was much more aggressive and attacked the ball when it was put in the air. One thing that I have noticed is that Brendan Ayanbadejo is playing a lot of inside linebacker, especially in obvious passing situations. I guess the coaches are not sold on Tavares Gooden’s coverage skills.

Special teams wise, they were better. Koch was solid with the limited punting he did and Hauschka was perfect in PAT’s and field goals. Our return game is still not good, it seems we are out of sync and always just a second late getting the hole. We covered better, but Harbaugh and Rossberg still like to tempt fate by kicking the ball directly to the dangerous return men. I will give them credit though, just before halftime after we scored, instead of kicking to Cribbs, like they did to Sproles last week, they kicked it high and short and made someone else field the ball. At least they learned their lesson.

I have to give credit to Cam Cameron, he was so far ahead of the defensive coaches for the Cleveland Browns with play calling. When the Browns loaded the box, he threw the ball down the field, when they backed off he pounded the ball with the run. It was a complete mismatch on the field and in the coaching booth.

Next week we go to Foxboro. I am really looking forward to this game. I don’t think it will be easy, but there is no team in football the Ravens can’t beat. They are going to have to stop the run, force Brady to throw a lot and then pressure and make him uncomfortable. Next week would be a good week to go back to the all out pressure defense that was our staple for many years. If Wes Welker does not play, the Ravens will play over the top of Randy Moss so he doesn’t beat us deep, they will stop the run and Flacco and company will put up enough points to get out of Boston with a win.

How bad are the Cleveland Browns – Pretty bad, but I have to question what they were trying to accomplish last Sunday in Baltimore. Loosing 27-0 late in the 3rd quarter or early in the 4th, with 4th and short on or about the Ravens 15 yard line, they decide to kick a field goal. I don’t understand the decision. For a team that has had trouble putting it in the endzone, and with the game already decided, why not pull out all stops to get a touchdown? Strange decision. Also, earlier in the 3rd quarter, James Harrison of the Browns rips off a 17 yard run for a first down. The Browns line up and run a quarterback sneak on first down. Who the hell called that masterpiece?

Man-Genius? I think not. Eric Mangini played coy all summer without naming a quarterback. Then he named Brady Quinn opening day starter. After only 2 ½ games, Mangini pulled Quinn, who was not performing, for Derek Anderson. Anderson comes in cold without proper practice with the Browns first team, against the aggressive Ravens defense. He throws three interceptions. Now Mangini has benched his chosen starter for the 2nd stringer who tanked against the Ravens. Beautiful coaching decision. The game was over at half time and no way Derek Anderson was going to change the outcome. If Mangini became convinced a change was needed, then he should have let Quinn finish the Ravens game, and prepared Anderson to start the next week. Now he has no quarterback. In a matter of three years, the Cleveland Browns have gone from having a Pro Bowl quarterback and a promising No. 1 draft choice at that position to no quarterback at all.

Shaun Hill, Vernon Davis, Jared Gaither, Domique Foxworth, D’Quell Jackson, Eric Barton, LaMont Jordan, EJ Henderson, Darius Heyward-Bey, Stephen Heyer, Shawn Merriman, Jeremy Navarre, Kris Jenkins, Joey Haynos, Dan Gronkowski, Erin Henderson, Eric Hicks, Moise Foiku, Kevin Barnes, Andrew Crummey, Madieu Williams, Josh Wilson, Randy Starks, Dave Philistin, Adam Podlesh, Isaiah Gardner, William Kershaw, Dre Moore, Edwin Williams and Jaimie Thomas. What do they all have in common? They are former University of Maryland football players that are currently with an NFL team. That is a lot of talent being sent to the NFL from a Division 1A program that routinely continues to underachieve. I wonder what the problem could be? Oh yes, your Maryland Terrapins were embarrassed again this week by that national power Rutgers.

Political Correctness makes me sick – The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim clinched a spot in the baseball playoffs by winning the American League West Division. Their clinching celebration included honoring a fallen teammate, Nick Adenhart. The celebration included an homage to his likeness on the centerfield wall and dousing his jersey with beer and champagne. The symbolization was clear, they were celebrating like he was still with them. There have been rumblings that this type of celebration was not appropriate because Nick Adenhart was killed by a drunk driver. Please. Way to go Angels, I think your celebration was pretty cool.

This Weiters kid can play – For all of you Baltimore Oriole fans out there who were uneasy about the play of Matt Weiters; or more appropriately, were concerned that he wasn’t going to be as good as advertised, fear not the kid can play. Long past the time most Orioles are on the shelf for the year due to injury, and the others have packed it in, Weiters continues impress. His defense has continuously improved and he is really stinging the ball even when he makes an out. The homerun he hit in Toronto was a monstrous shot. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.

“I can coach!” – Charles G Driesell. In the case of Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, I don’t think that is the case any longer. I watched Joe Paterno on the sidelines the other night when Iowa beat Penn State. He looked completely mystified on the sideline. Bobby Bowden’s post game press conference after Florida State’s loss to South Florida is priceless. You really ought to try and find it and watch it. I am paraphrasing his statements, but they were something like, daggommit, they were good. They were a lot better then we thought they were. Don’t get me wrong, both Bowden and Paterno are Hall of Fame coaches, and while their respective programs are in decent shape nationally, they are no where near the viable force they once were on the national scene. It is clear that both coaches are pretty much figureheads for the corporations that are Penn State and Florida State football. Both programs are run behind the scenes by assistant coaches and are pretty much on cruise control. For either program to return to national prominence, a change needs to be made.

Do yourself a favor and check out the Showtime series, “Full Color Football: History of the AFL”. This series airs on every Wednesday at 8pm prior to Inside the NFL. It is a great documentary regarding the start up AFL and the years prior to the creation of the Super Bowl and all the way up through the AFL-NFL merger. If you are a football fan, you will love a look back at this league. It is really well done. Next week the episode will center on something that is near and dear to all Baltimoreans hearts, Super Bowl III. You can probably catch all the previous episodes on Comcast “On Demand” if you are so inclined.

Baby Steps – It’s good to see Steelers wide receiver, Limas Sweed progressing as a receiver in the NFL. Last week when he dropped a sure touchdown pass, he didn’t fall down and fake and injury. Baby steps, “Lame Ass”, baby steps.


1. New York Giants – Defense wins championships, and this defense is pretty good. They are running the ball well and Eli is meshing with his new receivers.
2. New Orleans Saints – beat a decent Buffalo team at Buffalo and did it by playing great defense and running the ball.
3. Baltimore Ravens – rolled against a really bad team. They did what they were supposed to do. Let’s see what happens next week.
4. New York Jets – Titans had them beat except for the muffed punt at the end.
5. Indianapolis Colts – demolished the Cardinals. Very efficient game, hitting on all cylinders right now.
6. Minnesota Vikings – great throw by Favre, even better catch by Greg Lewis. A miracle away from being 2-1.
7. Philadelphia Eagles – Wow, what a difference in Kevin Kolb from the Ravens game last year and the way he is playing now. Team hasn’t missed a beat.
8. Chicago Bears – went into Seattle, a very tough place to play, and got the job done. When “Good Jay” shows up they are a tough out.
9. Denver Broncos – I still don’t think they are as good as this ranking but they deserve to be here.
10. New England Patriots – I still think they are a little off kilter, but getting back to basics last week with the running game was a good first step. Let’s hope they don’t find their stride for at least one more week
11. Atlanta Falcons –no shame in losing at Foxboro, but their second half against the Patriots was nothing to write home about.
12. Green Bay Packers – gearing up for the Monday night showdown with ole what’s his name.
13. San Diego Chargers – still 2-1, but getting healthier. Would love to see them go into Pittsburgh and get the W.
14. San Franscisco 49ers – a good solid football team who got beat last Sunday on a hail mary. Frank Gore being hurt does not help them going forward.
15. Cincinnati Bengals – got to give this team some love, after that deflection loss the first weekend I thought they were dead.
16. Dallas Cowboys – I have no read on this team. They are 2-1, but I still think they are the odd team out in the NFC East.
17. Pittsburgh Steelers – 1-2 what a great break for the Ravens, but they will stabilize and make a charge before the year is done.
18. Tennessee Titans – notoriously slow starting team the last few years, puts an awful lot of pressure on the team to play perfect and stay perfect at the end.
19. Seattle Seahawks – this team is very talented, they just caught a bad break when Hasselback broke his rib.
20. Arizona Cardinals – should be lower, but I know they can play better. All of a sudden Warner looks old.
21. Houston Texans – there is potential here. The defense must get better.
22. Jacksonville Jaguars – does the nick name Jaguars work in Southern California?
23. Buffalo Bills – didn’t show up at home against the Saints. The TO explosion meter is ticking.
24. Miami Dolphins – brutal early schedule has not done them any favors. Pennington is hurt, time to audition for next year.
25. Detroit Lions – making strides as a team. I think they are getting better as a team
26. Oakland Raiders – the worst quarterback in the NFL.
27. Carolina Panthers – John Fox has had a nice run. I am afraid it is coming to an end.
28. Washington Redskins – should be embarrassed at how they are playing. To much talent to stink this bad. No accountability at all. Danny boy is getting nevous.
29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – quarterback change already. Young coach is not ready for the adversity they are facing. This is going to get bad real fast.
30. Saint Louis Rams – Kyle Boller with 2 touchdown passes. Let’s go Kyle.
31. Kansas City Chiefs- all that money they gave to Cassell isn’t looking like such a good idea right now.
32. Cleveland Browns – I think they ought to hire Tony Grossi to coach the team.

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Ravens, Rants and Rankings – week 2

Posted on 22 September 2009 by kevinpb

 Ravens, Rants and Rankings – week 2



Ravens 31 – Chargers 28.  We have witnessed a lot of defining moments in the career of Ray Lewis; his Super Bowl performance, his open field stick of Eddie George that knocked him out of the game, his interception and return for a touchdown in the playoffs against Tennessee, and now this destruction of the San Diego Chargers last play from scrimmage as they are driving for the go ahead score.  If you have the chance to see a replay of the game, check out Ray moving before the snap closing into the gap, really a thing of beauty. 


At this time, I would like to thank Norv (why does everybody think I am a good coach) Turner for choosing to run the ball on 4th and 2 at the 11 yard line.  The Chargers were gashing the Ravens like Freddy Kruger with the pass, and on the most important play of the game they go away from what they had success with all day.  I don’t have a problem getting the ball to Sproles, but get the ball to him in space and let him make a play for you.


Again special teams hurt the Ravens chance of putting the game away earlier.  After scoring to take a 21-13 lead with 2 minutes to go in the first half, they allow Darren Sproles to return the ball back over the 50 yard line.  Luckily, the defense was able to deny the touchdown, but giving up 3 points there changes it from a 2 score game to a 1 score game.  If you hold them without points there, you open the second half with the ball, then you have a chance to put them in a 15 point hole.  You don’t even kick the ball to Sproles in that situation.  The special teams have to get better.  Koch and Hauschka were very solid.


Defensively, the team showed a lot of heart, and you still can’t run on this offense, but the inability to get to the quarterback and our lack of ability to play physical and tackle at the corner position needs to be corrected.  With regards to Foxworth and Washington, I really did not see a lot wrong with their ability to stay with the receivers.  In most cases they were running stride for stride with them; but I didn’t get a sense that they wanted to compete.  By that I didn’t get the sense they wanted to make a play, when the ball was up in the air it seems that they were content to let the receivers make a play and then tackle them.  Fabian Washington can’t tackle at all.  I never want to see anyone get hurt, but we benefited by Frank Walker having to replace Washington at the end of the game.  I cannot believe I am praising Frank Walker…Geesh! 


The offense did not put up 500 yards like last week but was very effective.  They took advantage of the Chargers lack of depth on the front line and effectively pounded the ball with the run.  Willis McGahee was the more effective back on this day.  He ran decisively and with power.  Ray Rice did not have as good a game as the week before, he was bottled up as a runner bobbled the throw back pass late in the game which could have went for a big play.  Joe Flacco played a terrific game and the threat of him throwing the ball down the field keeps that 8th man out of the box and makes the running game that much more effective.  We didn’t throw the ball as much as the previous week but that was by design considering the bad shape the Chargers interior line was in.  You have to love the way Cam Cameron takes advantage of the defense’s weaknesses.


In any case we are 2-0 and it is Cleveland week.  This is a game at home that we should win.  Just don’t kick the ball to Josh Cribbs.




When an onside kick is not an onside kick – I have watched football for a lot of years but I was watching the Notre Dame – Michigan State game over the weekend and I saw something I have never seen and I am still not sure about the call that was made.  After scoring a touchdown, Michigan State kicked an onside kick from the 30 yard line.  The ball bound untouched just passed the 40 (the required 10 yards) and the next bounce it bounded backwards to the 38 yard line.  Michigan State fell on the ball and was awarded possession.  I guess that once the ball goes 10 yards it can go anywhere and it is still a live ball.  Interesting.


I am becoming a Boise State fan – Every year Boise State is a factor on the National Stage.  Chris Peterson, the head coach, is 37-4 in 4 years.  They consistently handle the teams in their conference and make a habit of beating “higher quality” programs.  They play an exciting brand of offensive football that puts a lot of points on the board.  I also find it interesting that ESPN routinely shows 3 or 4 of their football games on Friday nights throughout the college season.  This in effect makes them the only show in town as a kick off for each football weekend.  How long will it be before some big time school comes calling to hire Coach Peterson?


Tim Tebow is a terrific college football player.  He very well may end up being the most decorated college football player in history.  I love his passion and I love to watch him play, but he will never make it as a starting quarterback in the NFL.  The Jacksonville Jaguars have stated that they want to draft Tebow and feature him as their centerpiece on the team and in their marketing ventures.  That is a bold declaration and a terrific gamble for a player that most experts are still on the fence about being an impact player at the quarterback position in the NFL.


You went to St. Joe’s don’t embarrass me – Delonte West, who had the best game I ever saw a major college basketball player have, going 10 for 10 from the field and 6 for 6 from the foul line as St Joe’s beat Xavier in 2004, was arrested in PG County over the weekend.  He was arrested for speeding on a motorcycle when he cut off a police cruiser.  He was stopped and had a guitar case strapped to his back packed with 2 loaded hand guns and a shot gun.  Where was the guitar?  If you are speeding on a motorcycle carrying weapons in a guitar case, why would you even attempt to pass a police cruiser much less cut him off?  It was reported he was cooperative with the police…I guess so.

When the police asked him what he was doing, Delonte reportedly said that he was speeding because he was late to meet Lonnie Baxter down by the White House.


How long before the Terps basketball season starts? – That powerhouse Middle Tennessee State got Maryland again this year, beating the Terps 32-31 .  How long can this farce of a football team continue to represent a Major Division 1A University?  I was reading the reports of the game and press conference, and I cannot believe the things the head coach believes and is saying.  He stated after this loss, “we are going to do things the right way.” Gee Ralph, wasn’t that the idea from the get go?  You are an eyelash away from being 0-3 and you are now just going about doing things the right way.  Give me a break.  The good news is fans, that while Friedgen’s time may be limited (they have anointed James Franklin as his successor) the succeeding coach is already waist deep in the abyss known as Maryland football.  I don’t see that as a recipe for success.  Can Gary Williams coach football??






A real nice gesture – Vince Young, who has taken his share of criticism over the last 2 years, took time out of his week to show up at Steve McNair’s house to escort his sons to a father/son event at their school.  That is a pretty impressive and compassionate act.  Way to go Vince Young.


Who’s Number 2 – I don’t think there is any question that the Florida Gators are the best team in college football, but who is the next best team?  Is it Texas, a healthy Oklahoma, or Alabama?  It appears to me that the only team fast enough to play with the Gators is the University of Miami.  I am still not convinced that they have enough talent, but if they get through the next 2 weeks (against Va. Tech and Oklahoma), they can easily run the table in a weak ACC.  Are the college football fans ready for the 4th reincarnation of the Hurricanes?


No. 19 Forever – On Mike and Mike National Morning show on Tues. Sept 22, 2009.  There was a very open debate comparing Peyton Manning and John Unitas.  I think Peyton Manning is a wonderful quarterback, but he is able to do what he does, because of Johnny Unitas. While I think that comparisons like this are pretty ridiculous because of the different eras, there were certain aspects that came to light because of this debate.  First of all, I give credit to Peyton Manning for the class he showed in paying the proper reverence to John Unitas.  Secondly, the prevailing opinion of all the talking heads was that the records of the Baltimore Colts need to be separated from those of the Indianapolis Colts.  I know that such a distinction would have the overwhelming support of the people of Baltimore.  Maybe this debate will help further this cause.




  1. New York Giants – There is a lot to like about this team.  Not the least of which is to go into Dallas and beat America’s team on their opening night.
  2. New York Jets – If you are going to talk the talk, you got to walk the walk.  This is not a bad football team.
  3. Baltimore Ravens – You got to give them their due, they were not perfect, but they got the job done.  Big time win for the 1st place Ravens.
  4. New Orleans Saints – easily the most impressive team of the early season, my only concern is that their 2 wins are against Detroit and a “McNabb-less” Eagles.
  5. Atlanta Falcons – The Falcons went into Carolina and beat a talented team that was utterly embarrassed the weak before.
  6. Indianapolis Colts – still a very dangerous team, get dominated by the Dolphins and they still find a way to win.  They had the ball less then 15 minutes for the entire game.
  7. San Francisco 49ers – This team is really starting to remind me of the old Ravens.  Run, run and run again, then play defense.  Tough minded football team.
  8. Minnesota Vikings – they may be better then this ranking, but they have only beat the Lions and Browns.
  9. Pittsburgh Steelers – how many times have I waited for Jeff Reed to miss kicks against the Ravens.  Let’s see how they like to do the chasing.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles – tough loss to a real hot team without their quarterback.  I can’t penalize them to much for that.
  11. Chicago Bears – Monsters of the midway? No, but pretty effective football team which now has a good quarterback.
  12. San Diego Chargers – Threw at will on the Ravens, God bless Norv Turner.
  13. Tennessee Titans – I think they are a good football team, but they are in a big hole.  They cannot win a shoot out with Kerry Collins.
  14. New England Patriots– there are problems here.  The defense is too inexperienced, but there is also tremendous offensive talent.  They will get better as the year goes on.
  15. Arizona Cardinals– I am going to give them a mulligan for the first week, because I think the 49ers might be pretty decent.  Warner looked great against Jacksonville.
  16. Dallas Cowboys – Played Giants tough and won the first week, but there is something not quite right here.
  17. Green Bay Packers – loosing to Cincinnati at Lambeau is troubling.  Keep an eye on this team.
  18. Denver Broncos – Defense playing well, but Kyle Orton is still the quarterback.
  19. Seattle Seahawks – Still like this team, but only when Matt Hasselback is calling signals.
  20. Houston Texans – I can’t get their first week stinko out of my head.  Beat a real sound football team in the Titans.
  21. Jacksonville Jaguars – I am afraid this team is on a slippery slope.  This is not a good way to build the fan base. 
  22. Buffalo Bills – Played New England tough and soundly beat the Buccaneers.  They will get better if the offensive line doesn’t get Trent Edwards killed first.
  23. Miami Dolphins – this is not a bad team, but they have a brutal schedule, starting off 0-2 will come back to haunt them.
  24. Washington Redskins – we are one more loss away from sheer chaos among Redskins fans.  The Rams game was an ultimate embarrassment.
  25. Cincinnati Bengals – dug themselves out of a huge hole with the win at Green Bay.  They have potential, but they are still the Bengals.
  26. Oakland Raiders – this team is one player away from being a respectable team, unfortunately that player is quarterback.
  27. Detroit Lions – they are going to win 3-5 games this year.  There is definitely good talent here, just not enough of it.
  28. Carolina Panthers – played respectably against the Falcons.  Still have a long way to go.
  29. Kansas City Chiefs – played better on the road against the Ravens with Brody Croyle at the helm, then at home against the Raiders with Matt Cassell at the helm…hmmm.
  30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – think they miss John Gruden yet?
  31. Cleveland Browns – Defense is not very good and offense is worse.  Will play next week like it is a playoff game, but will it be enough.
  32. St Louis Rams – the Kyle Boller watch has begun, and I am rooting for him.


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Five Reasons To Be Optimistic About the 2008 Ravens

Posted on 16 December 2008 by Alex Thomas

My blog yesterday was rather cynical and I apologize for that. Like most of you, I was dealing with one of the worst football hangovers in my life. It was almost as bad as the Colts playoff loss back in 2006. I didn’t even watch the Super Bowl that year for obvious reasons.

My dad and I have made it a habit to sit down and watch Monday Night Football every night ever since I became a true NFL fan. Even when I wasn’t in town and I was studying at Washington College, we would text each other. We would make fun of stupid decisions and give praise where praise was due.

Last night we couldn’t stomach it. It was that bad.

For a little over 24 hours, you couldn’t pay me to watch the NFL or even SportsCenter. I would have rather watched a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie (they aren’t a sponsor, right?).

But today, I took some football B vitamins with a side of gridiron aspirin…rehydrated with some mental Gatorade…or, as college kids across the world will swear by: I fixed the ultimate football hangover by having a proverbial cold shower and a Natty Boh.

Enough with the analogies. The point is that my head is finally back on my shoulders and I’m no longer mad or bitter about the devastating loss this past weekend.

Here are five reasons to be optimistic about the Ravens playoff chances in 2008:

5. Joe Flacco – He made the list yesterday as one of the 5 reasons why things went wrong, but the fact that this guy was back at the complex early on Monday morning to view game tape shows all of us a lot about his character and his desire to win. It makes me feel a little better about making the playoffs. Joe was on the Comcast Morning Show with Drew this morning and was also seen or heard on several other media outlets. He’ll be the first to tell you that he didn’t play well…that he missed Mason in the endzone and overthrew a few balls. He’s a stand-up guy with a hard-nosed work ethic, and that makes me feel better about the future of this team, both immediate and ongoing.

4. Ray Rice – As we all saw against Pittsburgh, without Ray Rice this offense takes a completely different shape. Although his bone bruise is bad, I expect him to play this week. I mean when was the last time you heard of someone missing two weeks because of a bruise? Not to say that it hasn’t happened, but it certainly doesn’t happen often. He brings a Maurice Jones-Drew aspect to this offense. The toughness, ball-catching ability, blocking capability, and has a nose for the first down marker. If he’s back, the Ravens will field a much more dynamic offense.

3. The Dallas Cowboys – Tony Romo is battling a back injury and Marion Barber is continuing to have trouble with his toe injury. Although the Cowboys expect Romo to play, Romo has been sacked 15 times in 11 games. Against the Giants he was sacked 4 times. Against Pittsburgh, he was sacked 3 times and threw 3 picks. So for those who are counting, he has been sacked 7 times and thrown 3 interceptions in the last two games. The Steelers, Giants, and Ravens all have similar swarming defenses—except for one important difference. When the Ravens create turnovers, they’re more successful at scoring on defense. The Cowboys also have significant injuries in their secondary. Aside from Roy Williams being listed on IR, Ken Hamlin and Keith Davis are not playing at 100%, and back up safety Tra Battle strained his hamstring last week. Injuries coupled with all of the controversy in the Big D, maybe the Ravens will catch the Cowboys at the right time.

2. The Tie-Breaker Scenarios – The Ravens currently hold tie-breakers over both Miami and New England, who continue to hound Baltimore for that coveted sixth playoff spot. The only way either of these teams could surpass the Ravens is if they wind up 11-5 and the Ravens turn out to be 10-6. I hate to say it, but that scenario is becoming increasingly more viable as the weeks pass and they continue to nip at the heels at the Ravens in the AFC playoff race. The Dolphins worry me the most, who have games in Kansas City and in New York to round out their season. The Chiefs are historically tough at home in December. The Patriots, on the other hand, have to play the AFC West champion Cardinals and then have to travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills where Buffalo will looking to play the spoiler role. Without Tom Brady, I still don’t trust the Pats offense. Out of the four remaining games for these teams, three are on the road and the other is against a playoff team who is fighting for a seed, and more importantly, respect in the NFC.

1. Pride – As is usually the case, the Baltimore defense takes losses personally. Their hubris will keep them in the Dallas game on Saturday night on the NFL Network, and it may come down to a big play—a deep pass to Mason, a pick by Ed Reed, a Terrell Suggs sack, a Ray Lewis strip, or (God forbid) an 80 yard bomb from Romo to Owens. You know what I’d love to see? Mason or Clayton catches a touchdown to put the Ravens up late in the game, and the receiver who catches the ball mocks that stupid T-O celebration that Owens does with his unnaturally long arms. Just as a little pay back for when Owens mocked the Ray Lewis dance back in 2004…

Is anyone else optimistic about the Ravens playoff chances this season?

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The Juice Wasn’t Worth The Squeeze

Posted on 05 December 2008 by Alex Thomas

The Honorable Judge Jackie Glass said it best: “you’ve been locked up in the Clark County Detention Center…because of arrogance or ignorance – or both.”

Buffalo Bills standout running back and Heisman Trophy winner OJ Simpson was sentenced today on charges of kidnapping, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. Simpson will serve a minimum of 15 years with the possibility of parole after 5 years.

Judge Glass also tacked on an additional 3-6 years, which will be served consecutively to the 15 years. This means that even after he is up for parole after 5 years he still must serve the additional time unless the parole board rules otherwise.

All in all, OJ is looking at a minimum of 8-10 years in the Nevada Department of Corrections. I guess the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze.

During his personal statement, OJ’s voice was quivering and he appeared to have tears in his eyes. Despite how he looked and how many times he said “I’m sorry,” he continued to make excuses for his selfish and violent actions. He continued to perpetuate this ridiculous excuse about how he was trying to get back his own property for the sake of his family.

But instead of going to the police or a lawyer, for some reason, he felt it was necessary to burst into a hotel room waving a gun around to start handing down some vigilante justice. You would think that after all the legal trouble this guy has been in over the past fifteen years he would learn a lesson or two about what’s legal and what’s not.

Fred Goldman and Kim Goldman, the father and sister of Ron Goldman who was murdered along with Nicole Brown-Simpson back in 1994, were in the Nevada courtroom today. Finally, there is some retribution for this family, which was evident by the look of satisfaction on Fred Goldman’s face as Judge Glass handed down the sentence.

This sentencing occurred 13 years too late for the Goldman family.

Better late than never.

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