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How did Barry Bonds get back in the game?

Posted on 11 March 2014 by Drew Forrester

I had to rub my eyes when I saw the headline — “Bonds Returns To Giants” — yesterday.



As in, “welcomed back”?

OK then.

I guess his role in one of the great sports scandals of our lifetime, steroids in baseball, has been brushed under the rug out in San Francisco.

As we’ve seen with WNST’s own media credential saga, Major League Baseball doesn’t run the league when it comes to matters not involving on-field issues.  The teams run the league.  They tell the stuffed suits in MLB what they’re going to do and not do, so it makes sense that Bonds is back in San Francisco as a one-week “roving instructor” and Bud Selig hasn’t and can’t do anything about it.

So, the Giants have carved out a role for Bonds, albeit a brief one, and will allow him to mentor their players in spring training over the next week.

It would appear this move is paving the way for some sort of expanded/full-time role for Bonds, as long as some Giants minor leaguer we’ve never heard of doesn’t hit 55 home runs this year in his rookie campaign with the big league club after a May 23 call-up.

I don’t get it, honestly.

What has Barry Bonds done to deserve any sort of re-establishment with baseball and/or the Giants?

If you want to just make the simple argument that times heals all wounds, I’ll buy that I guess, but “time healing all wounds” and acting as if Bonds didn’t lie to the world and cheat the game of baseball are two different theories.

Perhaps he’s doing this to try and curry favor with Hall of Fame voters who see him in this new role and applaud him for giving back to the game.

Maybe he misses the sport and the friendships and the smell of the grass in the spring.

I guess there’s even a thought this is Bonds’s way of issuing an unofficial mea culpa of sorts for his transgressions of a decade ago.

And maybe, just maybe, the Giants have a soft spot for the guy who brought fame to their uniform but sullied it beyond repair while unseating the game’s all-time home run leader.

I don’t get it.

Then again, baseball has done a lot of things over the years I’ve never understood.

Add this one to the list.


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