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Drew’s Morning Dish – Fri., April 12

Posted on 12 April 2013 by Drew Forrester

If I’m Sergio Garcia, I bring a camera to the course today and take a picture of the leaderboard at The Masters.

His name won’t be there long.

I’d actually really like to see Garcia win this week if it couldn’t be Woods or Kuchar donning the green jacket on Sunday afternoon.  Garcia would be a great story for Masters historians, following in the footsteps of a pair of two-time champions and fellow countrymen — Seve Ballesteros and Jose Maria Olazabal.

But he can’t win.

At some point over the next 54 holes, Sergio’s putter will betray him.  It always has.  And, seemingly, it always will.  He can still move his golf ball around Augusta National with the best of them, but the game is won on the greens and Garcia just doesn’t have the putting nerve to put together 72 holes of quality strokes.  Yes, yes, I know the greens have been softened by mid-week rains and they’re not as slick as in previous years, but come Saturday and Sunday, they’ll be just fine and Garcia won’t be.

I’d love to see him shed the “still hasn’t won a major” label, because it’s never good for a guy to have that albratross around his neck, but I can’t imagine it will be Garcia slipping on the green jacket come 6:30 pm Sunday evening.


How much longer can the Orioles trot Tommy Hunter out there and watch him give up gopher balls?

I guess if they’re just solo shots, it’s not all that damaging.

But, realistically, pitchers who give up a lot of home runs aren’t good enough to pick and choose when they’re going to groove a fastball and give up a dinger.

This propensity for coughing up homers is probably why the Rangers gave Hunter away two seasons ago.  At times last year, it looked like the Orioles might have pulled a fast one on Texas in acquiring the big right hander.  Now, not so much…

I wouldn’t pull the plug on Hunter just yet, but I’d tell him it would probably be a good idea to rent his place in Baltimore instead of buying it.


We haven’t reached the weekend yet, but if my Monday Twitter effort on @WNST about Daniel Nava doesn’t win tweet-of-the-week, I’m giving up.

Just after Nava belted a home run in the Sox home opener, I tweeted:  “Red Sox fans will celebrate that home run with some Nava beans and a nice Chianti…”

That will only make sense if you watched “Silence of the Lambs” a hundred times like I have.

Tweet-of-the-week, I’m tellin’ ya.


I noticed last night during the Orioles-Red Sox game how many players wear their baseball uniform wrong.

For some reason, I never really thought about it until last night.  Then, in the top of the 9th, the new Boston pitcher, Alex Wilson, showed up on the pitcher’s mound and looked like someone who was dressed for the occasion.  His pants showed off his bright red socks, which is the way you and I wore our Little League uniform back in the old days.  A couple of batters later, Adam Jones strolled to the plate looking great, with his pants just making it past his knees and his black socks pulled all the way up.

Memo to Nick Markakis, Dustin Pedroia – and a lot of other players:  You guys look like goof balls with your pant legs dragging the ground  and no part of your socks showing.

Just saying.

The baseball uniform is a special thing.  Wear it the right way, boys.


Carlos Quentin is an idiot.

With a one-run lead, it’s likely that Zack Greinke wasn’t throwing at Quentin last night in San Diego.

Quentin thought the plunk was intentional, so he charged the mound.  Greinke suffered a broken collarbone in the melee.

After the game, Quentin said, “He’s hit me enough times in my career that I know it’s not an accident anymore.”

OK, I guess I might buy that.

Since Quentin has been in the big leagues since 2006 – and played over 700 career games – I’m assuming he’s been hit by Greinke…what?…maybe seven, eight times?


That’s it.

Last night was the third time EVER that Greinke hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch.

These baseball players crack me up.

Just stick to lighting each other’s shoes on fire in the bullpen or putting shaving cream on a guy’s face in the post-game interview.

Leave the hard-hitting, physical stuff to football players, OK boys?


Nice win for the Caps last night.

They’re looking the part right now, that’s for sure.

I still don’t think they have enough firepower to win in the post-season, but they’re playing good hockey these days.

It’s funny how much better Ovechkin has been since he got engaged.

It also worked wonders for Tiger Woods.


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