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Niners CB Rogers says Flacco playing “unbelievable”

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on being in the Super Bowl) “Feels good. It feels like a lot of it paid off. San Francisco has been up and up. We’re here now.”


(on playing for Jim Harbaugh) “It’s been fun. We’ve got a great ownership, a great general manager and a great head coach and staff that they have together. It’s been fun. It’s fun to win. It’s fun to go to the playoffs, especially to top everything off an play in this game is unbelievable.”


(on what Jim Harbaugh is like) “He’s fun. He laughs. He jokes. He has gotten harder. That’s number one, he knows when to be serious. He knows when to give guys some lenient way on some things, but he knows how to tell jokes, have fun, tell stories, kind of relate to us. In his situation, it’s because he’s been in our shoes a long time ago. He’s a great coach to play for.”


(on playing in the Super Dome after playing there in college bowl games) “That was brought to my attention. I didn’t even think about it. My senior year I played in the SEC Championship in the Georgia Dome and won that. Then we came here and played in the Sugar Bowl and won that. Hopefully I can get on that same track again.”


(on matching up with Torrey Smith) “He’s a good receiver. He’s fast. He’s tall. He’s quick. He’s a guy that can take the top off the defense. And Anquan (Boldin), I’ll be dealing with him in that slot. He’s a big, strong guy. He’s quick. He’s got good hands. It’s going to be a lot of work for the guys in the secondary dealing with us.”


(on what he’s observed from how quarterbacks try to attack the 49ers secondary) “Our guys up front do a good job of stopping the run, so the quarterbacks we face just drop back and throw the ball. Guys just abandon the run like we’re just going to throw the ball. Of course they’re going to call for more yards on the defense, more plays that the secondary is going to have to deal with. We’re up to the challenge. It’s something we’re used to. It’s because of our front seven. When we have a safety down in the block, they shut the run off and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to throw the ball at least 50 times.”


(on playing in the Super Bowl at this point in his career) “It means a lot. I’m not like Randy (Moss) or Cowboy (Justin Smith) where it’s towards the end of my career, I hope not, but it being my eighth year and all that I’ve been through and just to top it all off right now to go to the Super Bowl is unbelievable. This is the top of the game right here being able to go to this game. Hopefully we can get back here again.”


(on if he expected to make it this far) “Yes I did. I knew it was an opportunity. We had to win games. To say we were going to go to the Super Bowl? No, but I knew we had the opportunity to get into the playoffs and make a big run. We were one game from the Super Bowl last year, and fortunately two weeks ago we won that game to get to this point. I envisioned a lot of good things with this team. We had our whole defense back. I knew it was going to be an unbelievable season.”


(on Joe Flacco) “Flacco is unbelievable. He continually puts up numbers, continually getting bigger. Those guys that he has out there to throw the ball (to) anywhere on the field, and he can make a great throw. So we have to defend him and his throws and keep an eye on those receivers.”


(on the difference between the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens) “I think it’s two different teams. I think the Ravens are a team just like us. Green Bay, once you stop the run, they want to throw the ball 50 times. Atlanta had some sets on us throwing the ball and they kind of stopped the run a little bit, but the Ravens are going to continue pounding the ball. They’re more of a team like us where they want to run the ball. A really physical team, and they’re going to try to bring their physical presence.”

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