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Twitter Power Rankings

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Twitter Power Rankings

Posted on 28 June 2012 by ryanhiken

If you aren’t on twitter, you aren’t shit.  Just kidding, well, actually I’m not.  If you are a big sports fan and you like to be in the loop there are certain people you just have to follow on twitter.  This is the twitter power rankings, Volume 1.

1. Darren Rovell or @darrenrovell

Mr. Rovell is currently employed by CNBC and has a show called Sports Biz.  Rovell tweets about the business aspect of sports.  He tweets about every sport, all types of athletes and their potential to earn by marketing themselves.  He is the master of fun and random facts.  For example, earlier today Rovell tweeted that Anthony Davis, the first overall pick of the New Orleans Hornets tonight will be making 62,735$ per game in his rookie season.  Then he followed that tweet up by saying that Davis is going to purchase a white on white Bentley, which will cost him roughly 15% of his rookie salary.  Rovell is the first to report which athlete has just signed a new endorsement deal.  ESPN recently reached agreement with Rovell to lure him away from CNBC and join the world wide leader in sports.  If you don’t know who he is now, you will soon.  If you are on twitter, Rovell is a must follow.

2. Todd Fuhrman @ToddFuhrman

Fuhrman is pictured on the left

Fuhrman is bookmaker at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.  Fuhrman is insightful and has an interesting perspective as a bookmaker.  Fuhrman works at one of the largest and most respected sports books in the country.  Fuhrman tweets about what it takes to successfully win as a gamble and what it is like to be the house at a sports book.  Fuhrman’s insight allows you to look at sports from a different angle.  His knowledge of all types of sports and his interesting factoids are endless.  Fuhrman is also very interactive with fans and gamblers.  He answers questions and is very friendly.  Todd Fuhrman is very underrated, he currently has a little over 14,000 followers, but you should definitely add to that.

3. Chad Johnson @ochocinco

Chad Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, or whatever it is you want to call him is hilarious on twitter.  He interacts with fans, hes uncensored, honest and very funny.  Its just Chad being Chad.

4. Adam Schefter @Adam Schefter

If you like football, you already know who he is and you are probably already following him.  He is ESPN’s top football reporter, he works on NFL Live and NFL Sunday Countdown.  He is the first on twitter to report all football news.

5. Bill Simmons @sportsguy33

Bill Simmons used to write for ESPN.com and now he writes for his own website Grantland.com.  He is very funny and has interesting and insightful tweets about the NBA, MLB and the NFL.  He is very pro Boston and also makes lots of pop culture references.  If you like sports and you like to laugh this is your guy.



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Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7: Most Entertaining Sports Figures I’ve Ever Watched

Posted on 02 August 2011 by Luke Jones

In honor of the great Deion Sanders being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton this weekend, today’s Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7 was “The 7 Most Entertaining Sports Figures I’ve Ever Seen.”

With Glenn Clark filling in on The Afternoon Drive this week, Drew Forrester kindly included me in the weekly spot.

Remember you can hear our explanations for our Top 7 lists in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault right here.

Luke Jones’ list…

7. Bo Jackson

6. Ray Lewis

5. Randy Moss

4. Tiger Woods

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 11 July 2011 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: BoxingDiego Magdaleno vs. Alejandro Perez (Friday 11:05pm from Las Vegas live on Showtime), Friday Night Fights-Pawel Wolak vs. Delvin Rodriguez (Friday 9pm from New York live on ESPN2); WNBA: Washington Mystics @ Seattle Storm (Tuesday 3pm from Seattle live on NBA TV), Washington Mystics @ Los Angeles Sparks (Sunday 8:30pm from LA live on NBA TV); Arena Football-AFL Pittsburgh Power @ Cleveland Gladiators (Friday 8pm from Cleveland live on NFL Network); Canadian Football League: Saskatchewan Roughriders @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats (Saturday 4pm from Hamilton, ONT live on NFL Network), British Columbia Lions @ Edmonton Eskimos (Saturday 7pm from Edmonton live on NFL Network), Calgary Stampeders @ Winnipeg Blue Bombers (Thursday 8pm from Winnipeg live on ESPN3.com), Toronto Argonauts @ Montreal Alouettes (Saturday 7:30pm from Montreal live on ESPN3.com); Tennis: WTT New York Sportimes @ Washington Kastles (Tuesday 7pm from Kastles Stadium live on Comcast SportsNet), Springfield Lasers @ Washington Kastles (Thursday 7pm from Kastles Stadium live on Comcast SportsNet/Tennis Channel), St. Louis Aces @ Washington Kastles (Friday 7pm Kastles Stadium), Sacramento Capitals @ Washington Kastles (Monday 7pm Kastles Stadium)

10. Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo/Dennis DeYoung (Friday 6pm Pier Six Pavilion), Peter Frampton (Sunday 5:30pm Pier Six Pavilion); Miranda Lambert (Friday 6:30pm Merriweather Post Pavilion); Lil’ Wayne (Saturday 7pm Jiffy Lube Live); Huey Lewis & The News (Wednesday 8pm Wolf Trap); Mr. Greengenes (Friday 7pm Power Plant Live); Soundgarden (Tuesday 7:30pm Patriot Center); Jonny Lang (Thursday 7pm Rams Head Live), Taking Back Sunday (Saturday 6pm Rams Head Live); Jimi Haha (Saturday 8pm Recher Theatre); Tim Meadows (Friday 6:30pm & 9:30pm Rams Head On Stage), Cracker (Sunday 8pm Rams Head On Stage); Interpol (Wednesday 7pm 9:30 Club), Stephen Marley (Thursday 7pm 9:30 Club), Marc Broussard (Friday 8pm 9:30 Club); Edwin McCain (Thursday 7:30pm Birchmere); k.d. lang (Thursday 8pm Meyerhoff Symphony Hall); A Perfect Circle (Sunday 8pm D.A.R. Constitution Hall); Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2 out in theaters (Friday)

I certainly wouldn’t pay to do it, but there’s at least a chance I’ll sit across the Pier Friday night for Dennis DeYoung. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve watched Styx: Behind The Music?

I was sitting around cracking crabs Sunday when a Lil’ Wayne tune came on Pandora. I was reminded of how much Mr. Weezy can make things…

I’m HONESTLY debating getting in the car Tuesday night, driving the two hours or so to Fairfax (might be more like 3 given traffic) and taking in the iconic pipes of Chris Cornell. Dude is an icon…

If you’ve never heard Jimi Haha outside of Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, I’d imagine you’d be quite pleasantly surprised…

9. Poker-World Series of Poker (Thursday & Friday 3pm 7pm 11pm live on ESPN3.com 11pm live on ESPN2, Saturday 3:30pm live on ESPN2/ESPN3.com, Sunday 12am 3pm 10pm live on ESPN3.com 12am 10pm live on ESPN2, Monday 7pm live on ESPN2/ESPN3.com. All poker from Las Vegas)

Remember when ESPN attempted to convince us that everyone in the world would be watching/playing/caring about/paying attention to poker a few years ago?

Umm….how’d that work out?

Despite the fact that no one seems to care anymore, they’re going to provide their lengthiest/most in-depth coverage of the event ever this year. That’s good news, as I was struggling to answer the question “what am I going to not watch on TV this week?” with something besides NASCAR or golf.

Want me to watch? Try “World Series of Strip Poker” with Lais Ribeiro (thanks Guyism). I won’t guarantee I’ll watch, but I’m much more likely…


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50 words or less .... are you buying on Nolan Reimold?

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50 words or less …. are you buying on Nolan Reimold?

Posted on 27 May 2011 by Rex Snider

Well, they did it. Just as plenty of Baltimore’s so-called faithful sports followers began writing off the birds, they have dug themselves out of another hole …..

In an ironic way, this has been the story of the 2011 Orioles, in a glimpse.

They’ve overcome losing streaks, injuries, bad luck and embarrassment in the span of just two short months …..

A week ago, tonight, this Orioles team suffered a humiliating 17-5 beating, courtesy of the Nationals. That loss came in succession to a sweep by the Yankees and a blown 6-run lead and loss, in Boston.

A substantial collection of Orioles fans believed the rebirth of “Buck-imore” baseball was headed in the same direction as every edition of the last 14 years. Ye of little faith !!!! The birds have rattled off 5 consecutive wins and stand at 24-24, as they make their first trip to the west coast.

Is there a message to my rant? Yep …. it’s a long season. Relax …..

Here’s today’s version of “50 words or less …..”
A Bad Thing ???

When Nolan Reimold hit his first homerun, yesterday, I wasn’t shocked. We have witnessed hundreds of situations where a recently recalled or promoted player coaxes a ball into the bleachers on adrenalin, alone.

But, when he hit #2 on the day, I instantly said to myself, “here we go”. The calls and pleas for slotting Reimold into the starting lineup, based on a few days production and one game’s dominance, are bound to surface.

Don’t kid yourselves …..

Players don’t fail and languish at Triple-A, only to finally find their way at the Major League level. It doesn’t happen. You can believe in the Nolan Reimold of the last 6 days. I will choose not to forget the same player of the past year …. for better or worse.

I hope my assessment is wrong. I want Nolan Reimold to succeed in an Orioles uniform. But, I have serious doubts …..
Living Here In Allen-Town


Well, I can proudly claim THE HANGOVER – PART 2 among the movies I’ve enjoyed in my life. I dragged my wife to last night’s premiere and we enjoyed every second of it.

Funny? Hell yeah. Better than the original? Nah …. but who cares?

While the storyline follows the same general premise, there are several innovatively hilarious moments. And, to quote Allen, “my Uncle Roger once saw an albino polar bear” …..

A word of caution or warning …. don’t take your kids. I saw several kids who haven’t reached their teens. Why would a parent do this? Leave ’em home …..
Where’s A Bull When You Need One ???

When I awaken each morning, I commonly find my way to Twitter as a means of catching up on things that happened overnight. This morning, my scan of tweets uncovered the following from Chad Ochocinco, at about 6am:

“I parked in the red by inches and they tow Big Bertha, either they give me my car or Navy Seal Team 6 coming to get it for me.”

Nope, it’s not groundbreaking news. But, the mental picture of Chad swaggering out of a nightclub to find his sled towed just cracks me up. Like the title says, maybe he can ride one of those bulls he’s been wrangling …..
A Stupid Rule

As with rest of our culture, it seems like controversial incidents in sporting events serve as the impetus for rule changes. Thus, I’m not surprised to see such fallout following the injury to Buster Posey, on Wednesday night.

Many of us recall the ultimate injury when it comes to a catcher being barreled over in a homeplate collision. Ray Fosse vs. Pete Rose, right?

Should Major League Baseball work with the Players Association to develop new rules to protect a STATIONARY catcher, as a locomotive runner approaches in fullback mode? Yeah, I think its time …..
One Simple Request

The unofficial start to summer is just hours away. And, over the next few days, many of us will seize moments to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with friends and family.

When you have a free moment, please give pause to remember the family of Maryland State Trooper, Shaft Hunter, who will be laid to rest today at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.

Trooper Hunter was killed in the line of duty, last Saturday. He is survived by his family, including six children.


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On Twitter's 5th birthday; the 5 sports personalities who would've made it even better

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On Twitter’s 5th birthday; the 5 sports personalities who would’ve made it even better

Posted on 22 March 2011 by Rex Snider

Yesterday afternoon, Ryan Chell reminded me that it was the 5th anniversary of Twitter’s existence. In the grand scheme of time flying by, it’s hard to believe an entire five years have passed since “tweets” became a staple of social media.

Granted, the infancy of Twitter was not nearly as resounding as we find it today. What started off as an informal forum for providing our random, incidental thoughts in concise form (140 typed characters or less) has now become a major thoroughfare for disseminating BREAKING NEWS and information.

Okay, it’s still dominated by boastful or self-depricating comments aimed at selling one’s perceived personal importance, in hopes of landing more daily followers. But, it’s information exchange, nonetheless.

So, to mark Twitter’s birthday, I have compiled a short list of sports personalities, both deceased and inactive, who could’ve made Twitter even more enjoyable for the common subscriber.

Forget the likes of Chad Ochcinco, Charlie Sheen, Mark Cuban and Terrell Owens. While their contributions are certainly noteworthy, I can think of five individuals who could’ve made Twitter even hotter for the typical sports fan.

Here’s my list …..

5) Jim Valvano – Perhaps, some will say Jimmy V would’ve equated to being a twin for another charismatic, former coach, Dick Vitale. Although, Vitale (ironically known as Dickie V) never realized Valvano’s level of success at the collegiate level; he doesn’t have the pelt on the wall, so to speak.

I think Jim Valvano would’ve merited a different reception, especially given his relentless charm and underdog shtick, which he embraced after leading the North Carolina Wolfpack to an improbably NCAA Championship, in 1983. I have a feeling Valvano would’ve equally embraced Twitter with his motivational technique and brimming popularity each and every March.

Indeed, this would’ve been the biggest time of year for his followers. And, he would’ve loved every moment of it, right?

4) Dale Earnhardt – Okay, let the calls of Rex’s “homer pick” begin with this one. But, if you’re not familiar with the marketing genius of Dale Earnhardt, you’ll likely never really know how much he emphasized on selling and branding the INTIMIDATOR image, both positively and negatively.

Earnhardt was famously known for taunting and rattling hotshot newcomer, Jeff Gordon, in the mid-1990’s. Yet, after realizing the booing and fan hatred was beginning to break Gordon’s spirit, Earnhardt took him under wing and they became great friends. Earnhardt is famously known for telling Gordon “it doesn’t matter if they cheer or boo your ass, as long as they react. The day they don’t make any noise when your name is announced, you’re in trouble.”

I’m not convinced Dale Earnhardt would’ve personally tweeted. But, I can guarantee he would’ve hired somebody to do it. He was a 9th grade dropout, but he expertly understood the financial value of exposure and he’s credited with being the first NASCAR driver to sell t-shirts at racetrack vendor trailers. Today, it’s a BILLION DOLLAR industry.

In just another difference between he and his son, Dale Earnhardt maximized every opportunity to appeal to those who loved him, as well as those who loved to HATE him. He marketed souvenirs for both extremes. He was also the first NASCAR competitor to secure his name with a .com at the end. His presence on Twitter would’ve been assured, and that’s a guarantee.

3) Yogi Berra – Yes, I’m keenly aware that he is still alive. But, he’s also 85 years old and enjoying the quieter, simpler side to life. Heck, lets face it, Yogi probably has some interesting personal takes on Twitter and social media, but he’s not bound to start describing such thoughts with a keyboard.

While he is famously known for some of the funnier quotes, ever, I think it’s also important to remember such musings might not have the same effect in written form. That said, I believe he would’ve loved internet thoroughfares for expressing himself in his youth. He’s a entertaining communicator, period.

I think Yogi Berra could’ve been a guy to harmlessly poke at others, via Twitter. I wouldn’t imagine him as disrespectful or even insulting. But, daily rants about anything and everything are something I could envision, especially with his quick, natural wit. And, in his own unique way, Yogi’s body of language would’ve been distinctive.

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If you can't beat 'em .... steal their idea !!!!

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If you can’t beat ’em …. steal their idea !!!!

Posted on 16 March 2011 by Rex Snider


Hey, it’s made more than one career, right?  Don’t invent your own wheel, just take your neighbor’s, when he’s not looking …. smear a little paint or touch-up on it and of course, make it even better.


When I walked into the WNST studios, yesterday, I looked at Ryan Chell and suggested that we add our own selections to the Morning Reaction’s “Tuesday Top-7” theme of the day.  I found it thought provoking, as usual, and I had my own list to share.


However, the Afternoon Drive’s format dictated a little more diligence and we weren’t able to squeeze in our picks for “ESPN Documentaries We Would Like To Make” …..


But, it was after I arrived home for the evening and enjoyed a couple tall glasses of Cherry Vodka and Diet Coke, that a quite original idea crossed my mind.  Funny how that happens, huh? 


Why add to Drew and Glenn’s List? 


Let’s just take it – make it better and give it a different name.  After all, Drew is ALWAYS gonna be hung up on Tiger Woods and Atlanta Braves pitchers.  Glenn, on the other hand, loves Andy Roddick and I’m pretty sure he knows Juan Dixon’s birthday and favorite ice cream flavor.


No surprises, right?  Well, I would imagine that restraining order precluded any Gary Williams mentions for hopeful documentaries …..


I figured my selections would be a little more zany or unpredictable.  But, I need a name for the general concept and subsequent blogs.  How about the “Wednesday Wish List?”  I won’t even need to come up with a weekly idea – I’ll just wait for the sun to set on Tuesday and steal the morning show’s idea.


Without further delay, here’s my WISH LIST for “ESPN Documentaries I would Like To Make” …..





The former Cy Young Award winner has re-invented the pitching motion, in an effort to eliminate the very injury leading to Tommy John surgery.  Today, he is Dr. Mike Marshall, an esteemed graduate of Michigan State University, with a doctorate degree in kinesiology.


He has built a distinguishable track record in developing young pitchers who thrive on his prescribed motion, while minimizing arm injuries.  Marshall suffered serious arm injuries and upon developing his technique rebounded and thrived in the game.  He appeared in a record setting 106 games (with 208 innings amassed) in 1974, all in relief.


Yet, he is shunned by Major League Baseball executives.  He can’t crack any organization, nor the league’s administration, itself.  Why is that?  He would like to know, and I would too …..





If you’re thinking I want to make a documentary based on who the next WWE Champion will be, you’re mistaken.  But, I would like to take a look inside this world of choreographed sports entertainment.  From storyline development to the actual casting of characters, I think it’s a fascinating product.


Yeah, Vince McMahon has hands of gold when emptying the pockets of a certain demographic when it comes to the WWE’s consumers.  But, he employs some of the shrewdest and innovative minds when it comes to development of his shows.  It’s high-tech theatrics blended with physical abilities.


The world of rasslin’ is a soap opera of sorts, but they’ve found a way to get millions of viewers to watch every second of it.  I want to see the product from behind those curtains …..





He’s the ultimate split personality, right?  I’m not so interested in how Chad develops his ideas and ploys for public relevance.  But, I would be interested in taking a look back at his life to see where the narcissism originated.


We know the deal …. he’s an immense talent, purveyor of self-importance and social media star.  But, he’s not a champion, nor has he ever really achieved his potential as a winner.  There must be a reason behind his overachievement in image, while underachieving in on-field success.


What leads a guy to change his name?  What compels a man to latch onto the moments of others?  What causes the outbursts of negativity toward teammates, followed by multiple acts of generosity for complete strangers.  Damn, I’d like to know …..





Yeah, you’re right, I’m not ready to let this go.  Ever since Brandon Davies was dismissed from the BYU basketball team, I’ve cast a discerning eye toward that program.  Something is not adding up and this is probably a storyline to be covered on an upcoming edition of 60 Minutes or Dateline NBC.


The common rationale by American sports consumers is “he agreed to certain rules when he accepted the scholarship.”  For me, that’s a weak way of looking at it.  The BYU “Honor Code” reaches beyond sexual activity, to include caffeine abstinence and use of profanity.

It applies to everyone – not just scholar athletes.  Fair enough – but give me a Friday night in the BYU social circles and I’d be willing to bet I could uncover some cans of Pepsi along with a few slurred bad words.  Hey, it’s against the “Honor Code”.


In fact, I have no doubt that I could walk around the BYU dorms for an isolated hour and profile likely residents who would flunk the ‘ole code if their rooms were searched.  I would love to see a documentary that sheds some transparency on the BYU institution …..





He is without a doubt one of the most polarizing individuals in the pro sports world.  Distinct opinions abound when it comes to Bill Belichick; cheater, champion, aloof, fortunate, gambler.  You name it ….


I think one of the most compelling characteristics about Bill Belichick is he doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks about him.  He’s probably the complete opposite personality from a Chad Ochocinco.  But, he’s powerful – and he knows it.


Detractors will say Belichick’s success is directly hitched to Tom Brady, because “he stunk” without the Hall of Fame quarterback.  While his early head coaching resume’ is not as polished as this past decade, he did convert a kid who had never taken an NFL snap into an 11 game winner, in 2008.


I think a documentary about Bill Belichick would answer many of the queries posed of him.  Personally, I think he is a GENIUS and I will always be upfront about it …..

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Friday 3-Pointer: NFL Lockout Jobs, Lively in the Ivy & Easy Baseball Math

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Friday 3-Pointer: NFL Lockout Jobs, Lively in the Ivy & Easy Baseball Math

Posted on 11 March 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

Friday 3-Pointer


#1 – Lockout Jobs


Whether or not the NFL and the NFLPA can come to an agreement or more likely another extension before the expiration of the league’s current CBA, the Ravens’ Tom Zbikowski will be stepping into the ring on the pay-per-view under card of the Miguel Cotto vs. Ricardo Mayorga fight on Saturday. While Zbikowski’s decision may have been at least partially inspired by the impending NFL lockout, his status as a restricted free agent insures his ability to compete on Saturday whether or not some form of labor accord is agreed to before then.


In addition to his match-up with Richard Bryant (1-2) on Saturday, there appears to be substantial interest in pitting Zbikowski against Chad Ochocinco in the squared circle (something tells me that even Bengals fans and Marvin Lewis might be dying to see this too). While the notion is even of putting Ochocinco into the ring with an actual skilled professional is even more absurd than the annual debates over whether the best college football or basketball teams could beat the NFL or NBA’s worst, it’s still fun to think about.


Apparently Zibby and Ocho aren’t the only ones thinking about alternative avenues for their athletic talents if a prolonged work stoppage happens, as Yahoo Sports is reporting that Titans’ running back Chris Johnson would look for a spot on the US Track and Field team if he found himself with an inordinate amount of free time in the near future. That might give us not only the chance to settle the Johnson vs. Usain Bolt argument once and for all, but may also eventually turn Johnson back loose on the NFL with professional speed training that might take his already prolific speed over the top.


While a prolonged NFL lockout seems somewhat unlikely at this early stage of negotiations, the NBA is poised for a contentious round of collective bargaining of their own at season’s end. There are many up close observers of the mind that the NBA’s lockout may indeed linger on long enough to possibly compromise the entire season. While there are quite a few NFL players with crossover sports potential, the NBA clearly houses the biggest and best athletes on the planet. Imagine if they took advantage of a prolonged work stoppage to settle the debate about basketball players’ NFL crossover potential. For one season at least, it could be a lot of fun.




#2 – Getting Lively in the Ivy


For all of the highly anticipated college basketball action scheduled for this weekend, there’s one somewhat “off the radar” game that I surely intend to make time for. On Saturday at 4 o’clock, Princeton and Harvard will square off for the Ivy League title and a berth into the field of 68.


Harvard beat the Tigers a week ago assuring themselves at least a share of the Ivy League title and compelling the Harvard students to storm the court. As Harvard students are generally pretty good at math, I’ll chalk their court-storming episode up to the inherent excitement over beating a hated rival rather than the presumption that they had already earned a trip to the tourney. They had to know after all that Princeton would have the chance to tie their record and force a neutral site playoff (the game is at Yale).


Princeton coach Sydney Johnson was sure aware of the Tigers potential. So sure in fact that he (now famously) forced his Tigers to sit on the bench after their loss and watch the ensuing celebration. Princeton kids are pretty smart too; they’re not likely to forget that feeling anytime soon. Johnson a former Princeton baller himself certainly showed his brainy side with the motivational technique. His team responded to it by beating Penn 70-58 to force the playoff.


The Princeton offense, when run correctly, is a thing of beauty. Known for aggressive dribble drive tactics and lots of back door cutting, when shooters can knock down shots from the perimeter it’ll make for a long day for opponents. A long day with few possessions that is, as the Princeton offense is methodical relying on limiting opponents’ possessions and making leads tough to surmount. Predictably, it’s a thinking man’s offense, relying on the teams’ ability to think in concert with one another more than their athletic prowess. Harvard is an interesting story too, a win would get them into the NCAA’s for the first time since the 1940’s despite the fact that the team lost a player in Jeremy Lin from last year’s team who went on to the NBA (a rarity to say the least at Harvard).


The game should be contentious and refreshing at the same time. The Yale component may prove interesting too. I may have to go to ESPN3 to see it on Saturday, but there’s no way I’m missing Harvard vs. Princeton.




#3 – Easy Baseball Math


While baseball has seemingly become the realm of the numerically gifted and advanced metrics have changed the way that we view the games and assess value to the statistics garnered therein, baseball might still most easily be summed up by 2 simple equations; 2 simple formulas that really indicate the value of luck and timing when it comes to being successful in baseball.


The first is what I call “Crash Davis logic” as it was taken from Kevin Costner’s character in the movie Bull Durham. The statement was that a baseball season is essentially 25 weeks long (excluding the abbreviated All-Star week) and that in a 500 at bat season stretched over 25 weeks, the difference between batting .250 and .300 is simply one hit per week (“one dying quail…one grounder with eyes” I believe was the exact quote). Coincidentally 1 hit per week is worth 50 points regardless of whether we’re talking about the difference between .300-.350, .100-.150 or .325-.375.


In 20 plate appearances per week, a .300 hitter will pick up 6 hits. If he turns those 20 plate appearances into 18 with a couple of walks or HBP, those 6 hits now make him a .333 hitter. In a 6 game week, if everyone on the team sees 20 at bats and hits .300 you’re getting 54 hits (9×6) in 54 innings (9×6). Suddenly the value of a couple of walks, reaching on an error, and most importantly timely hitting (the ultimate combination of timing and luck) week in and week out becomes magnified, as does the effect of giving those things up defensively. If a fleet footed leadoff man legs out 1 infield hit per week, it suddenly makes the accomplishments of a guy like Ichiro more understandable (while not less impressive).


Additionally, it makes the formation of the 1-4 in your lineup a little more concerted too. As the numbers laid out above are overly simplified and “in a vacuum” in a manner of speaking, because the length of games is unpredictable, teams will never see plate appearances distributed evenly. The turnover of the lineup late in the game can allow for players at the top of the lineup to see between 5 and 7 more plate appearances per week than those at the bottom. While we like to define the 1-4 spots in the order in terms of their first inning rolls, what you really want in those spots are the players who you’d like to get to the plate most often and those most likely to have productive at bats in those instances leading to more opportunities for others.


The second formula I’ll credit to my dad, although I’m certain it wasn’t his own creation. He however is the one who taught it to me and the one that I think of anytime I hear someone else offer it. That is that in any baseball season you can expect every team (barring very few historical examples) to win 50 games and to lose 50 games, meaning that the other 62 will essentially decide the season.


While it’s easy to keep tabs on the races to 50 in each column, if we go back to the terms of the 25 week season, that means that every team can expect to win 2 games per week and to lose 2 games per week. What they do in the other 2 or 3 games will decide the season. Pick up 2 wins in a week and you’re making ground with every win thereafter. Lose 2 games in a week and you’re losing ground with each subsequent loss. In the All-Star week the 2 wins and losses are already “built-in” and all of the games played there will move the hypothetical needle. Go though a week without 2 wins or 2 losses and you’ll make or lose major ground either way. Expect those though to be balanced out by future weeks going the other direction. Call that one the “Market Correction Theorem”, or simple historical perspective. Eventually the statistical anomalies are bound to even out.

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Tuesday Top 7: Top 7 Sports Figures You’d Like to See Get Knocked Out By Tom Zbikowski

Posted on 08 March 2011 by Glenn Clark

In honor of the potential* (*probably not happening) fight between Baltimore Ravens S Tom Zbikowski and Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco (or is it Chad Johnson?), today’s Tuesday Top 7 topic was “The Top 7 Sports Figures You’d Like to See Get Knocked Out by Tom Zbikowski”…

(Note: This list is meant to be fun. We’re not actually encouraging violence against any of these folks. Please don’t be “that guy”…)

Glenn Clark’s list…

7. Jim Irsay


6. Hines Ward


5. Mark Teixeira


4. Robert Horry


3. Triple H


2. Jonathan Papelbon


1. Jim Calhoun


Drew Forrester’s list…

7. Roy Williams (North Carolina)


6. Pete Weber

5. Tony Stewart


4. Aubrey Huff


3. Cecil Newton


2. Charlie Sheen

1. Pat Summitt


If you missed the explanation of why these players made the list on “The Morning Reaction” Tuesday on AM1570 WNST, hit the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Valentines Special – a few things I don’t LOVE about sports ….

Posted on 14 February 2011 by Rex Snider

I’m guessing the typical Valentines-themed blogs are devoted to expressing LOVE for lists of favorite people, places or things. If you have seen just one “Why I LOVE Baseball” blog, you’ve seen them all, right?

So, leave it to me with breaking traditions and venturing outside the box …..

Today, I’m going to point out a few things I don’t LOVE about sports. I suppose it’s my way of suggesting the world of sports could be more enjoyable for some, and less stressful for others. Without further delay, here ya go …..


I see that Tiger Woods is taking a beating over his “raucous behavior” during this past weekend’s tournament, in Dubai. Are you ready for the awful sin? That’s right, he SPIT while on the golf course.

And, according to published reports, he could be heard “working it up” before allowing the saliva projectile to fly.

For years, Tiger has been scrutinized for his conduct during tournament play. He supposedly uses profanity when upset with himself. Wow …. the nerve of this dude !!!!

It’s a true blessing I’m so polished at this radio gig. God knows if I had to make a living playing golf, I would lose plenty of money to paying fines for cursing, spitting and anything else regarding poor personal decorum.

I wouldn’t wear pants during most tournaments, especially if it’s hot on the course. The same can be said for the boring collared-shirt look. And, I would incite my fans to start making NOISE when my opponent is getting ready to swing.

If you think about it, Tiger Woods is still the only guy people tune in to watch …. if they watch golf. If I was in his shoes, I would just rebel against the establishment …..

I would show up for the opening round in a pair of checkered shorts, Van Halen t-shirt and floppy hat. I would chew tobacco and spit more often than John Kruk. I would have fun with fans and rag my paired partner. I would use profanity if the situation called for it.

Would such conduct lead to Tiger’s dismissal from the PGA Tour? Maybe …..

And, if so, there would be plenty of tycoons ready to fund the new “Checkered Shorts Tour …. featuring Tiger Woods.”

Golfing etiquette is antiquated. The game could be much more fun …..


There was a time when I thought getting updates on the thoughts and ideas of Chad Ocho Cinco would be an insightful event.

I was wrong.

If you’re a follower of Chad, on Twitter, you’re pretty much subjected to his bragging about the luxuries of wealth. I don’t envy him, but I also don’t care about his new sports car, vacation splurges or toys of the week.

I think he’s a hilarious and engaging character, when he speaks. I think he’s a bit of a narcissist when he tweets.

That said, I would suggest following the likes of Ray Rice (RayRice27) and Ozzie Guillen (OzzieGuillen). They’re fun loving, humble and opinionated. What more could you want?


Perhaps, this one is kinda tied to GOLFING ETIQUETTE. After all, it regards a bunch of wealthy guys overdressing for a sporting event, right?

I will never understand why the owner of a National Football League team or Major League Baseball franchise wears a jacket and tie to see his team play a game.

We are led to believe that owners who buy franchises were FANS first. We also think they have the same interest and devotions of the people filling the seats; they want the team to win.

Why wear the formal stuff? Better yet, why not wear the very articles of clothing that define the spirit of the team?

If you were the owner of a pro sports franchise, what would you wear to see your team play?

I would wear whatever I felt like wearing. But, it definitely would not be a jacket and tie. Trust me, I’m not opposed to getting dressed up. I will be wearing a suit to a funeral tomorrow.

But, a baseball or football game? Nah ……

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Ravens-Bengals “Purple Haze” Live Chat 1pm Today!

Posted on 02 January 2011 by Glenn Clark

BALTIMORE — The Baltimore Ravens (11-4) wrap up their regular season today with a showdown against the Cincinnati Bengals (4-11) at M&T Bank Stadium. The Ravens will be keeping one eye on the scoreboard, as they can clinch the AFC North title with a win and a Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The Ravens game can be seen on CBS (WJZ 13 in Charm City) with Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots on the call. We will be chatting about the game in our “Purple Haze” live chat beginning at 1pm. You can join the chat here.

Here are today’s inactives:

WR Chad Ochocinco (ankle)
TE Jermain Gresham (knee)
QB Dan LeFevour (3rd QB)
DE Victor Adeyanju
WR Shay Hodge
TE Garrett Mills
C Reggie Stephens
OT Kirk Chambers

WR Jerome Simpson will start for Ochocinco, TE Chase Coffman will start for Gresham, OT Anthony Collins will start for RT Dennis Roland.

LB Tavares Gooden (shoulder)
S Tom Zbikowski (back)
TE Davon Drew
WR David Reed (head/wrist)
DT Arthur Jones
DT Lamar Divens
TE Dennis Pitta
FB Jason McKie

The Bengals will be in white tops and black pants. The Ravens will be in purple tops and white pants.
Pete Morelli’s crew will officiate today’s game.

Come chat with us!


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