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Ravens, Rays, Shuckers and Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted on 20 October 2008 by caseywillett

Huge win for the Ravens today.  They were able to come up with big plays when they needed to on both offense and defense. Here are some other observations from the weekend:

– I want to thank everyone that came out to Shuckers in Fells Point for the Ravens – Dolphins viewing party. It was a great time!  Thanks to Andy and his staff at Shuckers for their hospitality and Rachel from Corona for providing giveaways during the game. Shuckers is a great place any time to visit, but especially on Sunday’s if you are an NFL fan.

– Willis McGahee ran the ball as hard as we have seen him run since probably the Ravens – Patriots game last season. For most of the day, he ran with a burst through the line of scrimmage and down hill. With the exception of that fumble on the break away run when he was caught from behind, it was a very solid day for Willis.

– I will say this now.  I do not buy that Chris McAlister was held out because of knee.  McAlister did not once appear on this week’s injury report.  Suddenly he is not playing.  I think there is more to it.

– It was not a great day for Joe Flacco but it was a solid performance. Flacco made the throws when he needed to and got more guys involved in the offense.  He still made some rookie mistakes, but this was a solid bounceback game after a couple of rocky games over the last couple of weeks.

-The Ravens defense may have made the Dolphins rethink about their “wildcat” offense. The Ravens defense did not fall for it once today.  They had it scouted out every time the Dolphins tried it. Very solid game by the Ravens defense.

– Have to give Chris Chester his credit where it is due. He had a much better game than what I thought he would have today filling in for Yanda. Let’s see if Chester can continue his solid performance week after week.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays on making it to the World Series. I am especially glad to see a guy like Chad Bradford, one of the best guys to come through the Orioles locker room, make it to the World Series. Also, congratulations to Andy Freed, a Towson graduate who does play by play for the Rays. What an amazing performance by David Price for the Rays in the biggest situation he has encountered in his young career.

As I was flipping through the channels Sunday night, a familiar face showed up on my television. That person was former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Edgerton Hartwell. Hartwell’s wife Lisa Wu Hartwell, is a part of the Bravo channel reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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Towson University Football Enters Bye Week

Posted on 17 October 2008 by Alex Thomas

TOWSON, Md. – The Towson Tigers roared into their upcoming bye week with a 37-32 homecoming victory last Saturday against Colonial Athletic Association opponent Rhode Island, snapping a six game losing skid in the CAA.

The crowd was certainly entertained, with 41 points scored in the 4th quarter alone as the Tigers out-gunned the visiting Rams at Johnny Unitas Stadium.

Senior quarterback Sean Schaefer willed the Tigers to victory with 373 passing yards and 4 touchdowns, both of which were season highs. In the win, Schaefer reached a career milestone, becoming the 20th FCS quarterback to pass for 10,000 yards in his career.

Towson took a 37-19 lead with about six minutes remaining in the 4th quarter after Schaefer threw a strike to tight end John Godlasky. After that play, the young Towson defense, which starts two red-shirt sophomore cornerbacks, began to melt down.

“We did a really good job for 3 quarters,” said Head Coach Gordy Combs. “When we went up 37-19 I told the defensive coordinator to make them earn points, and they did. We have a young secondary and they beat us on zone coverage.”

With about two minutes left on the clock, the Tigers found themselves defending from their own 29 yard line with a slim 37-32 lead.

The Towson defense dug their heels in, breaking up two consecutive pass plays on first and second down and pressuring Rams’ quarterback Derek Cassidy into rushing throws on third and fourth down. The Tigers took back possession with 1:05 remaining and were able to run out the clock.

Looking ahead, the Tigers have an extra week to prepare for the New Hampshire Wildcats, a formidable CAA opponent with a fearsome offense and stout rush defense. New Hampshire currently averages over 37 points per game, led by a strong rushing attack.

The three-headed monster of Chad Kackert, Robert Simpson, and Sean Jellison have combined to give the Wildcats the second-best rushing attack in the CAA behind only James Madison. This could pose a big problem for Towson, who currently ranks dead last in rush defense in the conference, giving up 225 yards per game on the ground.

When asked about their rush defense, Coach Combs responded by saying they are getting better every week. “We’ve done some things to improve the run defense,” he explained, “like moving Jordan Manning to the inside. We have a young defense, and we’re seeing some growing pains.”

The Wildcats are coming off of a heartbreaking 38-34 loss to William & Mary, where the winning touchdown was scored with just 22 seconds left to play on homecoming weekend.

While the Tigers are enjoying the bye, New Hampshire will bring the CAA’s first-ranked offense into Northeastern this weekend, led by a very accurate quarterback in sophomore R.J. Toman. On the season, Toman has completed 71% of his passes with 12 touchdowns against 6 interceptions.

Towson should look to continue to assault opponents through the air, as they have done all season. Considering New Hampshire has suffered mightily in pass defense this year, this game could turn into a shoot out.

Coach Combs stated that the success of the passing attack “depends on how well we protect Sean and defend against the pass rush.”

The Tigers will take on the Wildcats at New Hampshire next Saturday at 12 p.m. Don’t forget that WNST is the flagship for Towson Football. Tune into AM 1570 or WNST.net to listen to the game.

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Tales from the Bengals side

Posted on 08 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some notes and quotes from the Bengals perspective:

On the Bengals offense: “We just suck on offense right now,” wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh said (Cincinnati Enquirer)

The offense was depressing: “It’s a tad bit, you know, depressing,” right guard Bobbie Williams (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Houshmandzadeh says he was part of the problem: “It just goes back to us offensively not playing well,” Houshmandzadeh said. “I’m on offense, so I’m part of the equation.” (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Ocho Cinco says it was all about the Ravens defense: “Based on what Baltimore did, they weren’t going to allow me to catch anything,” Ocho Cinco said. “If we were going to win or compete in this game it was going to be through the running game.”(Cincinnati Enquirer)

Carson Palmer not feeling well after game: “It’s a sick feeling; it will be a sicker feeling when we have to watch the film,” Palmer said. “The only positive is it’s Game 1.” (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Palmer gives credit to Jarrett Johnson on shovel pass stop: “Like he knew it was coming,” Palmer said of Johnson’s play. (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Palmer calls it like it is: “We got beat. We got outplayed. It was just an ugly game offensively,” Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer (Dayton Daily News)

Houshmandzadeh blames the offense for the loss: “We just suck on offense right now. That’s terrible. We can’t move the ball. We can’t get a first down. We can’t run. We can’t throw. The defense played great, and we just didn’t play good on offense, bottom line.”

Houshmandzadeh liked the Bengals chances going into the game: “If you were allowed to bet,” Houshmandzadeh said, “I would have bet a lot we would have won.” (Bengals.com)

Palmer says Jarret Johnson made an unbelievable play: “That’s our bread and butter; that’s what we want to do,” he said. “We have big, physical offensive linemen, and [the Ravens] did a good job pinching the gaps and hitting us in the backfield. It feels like nine out of 10 times, it’s a play that goes our way … Jarret Johnson made an unbelievable play when I believe it was fourth-and-two, the quick shovel pass that we ran. He looked like he knew it was coming. He played it like he knew it was coming. He just went straight for the tailback. Normally, that guy is a lot farther outside, so he did a good job reading the play and making the play and getting us off the field.” (Bengals.com)

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What an Opening Day!

Posted on 08 September 2008 by Vince Fiduccia

Wow! That is about all I can say after today’s Ravens home opener. What an electric atomphsere in the stands on a beautiful if not slightly hot day.
First, Joe Flacco was unbelievable.  I know the stats aren’t Hall of Fame worthy, but Flacco’s performance was so much more than numbers. The poise, the presence in the pocket, and the way he checked down to receivers. How about the confidence that Cam Cameron showed in the rookie, going with a no huddle, I don’t know what was more impressive–Cameron letting the rookie use it or the way Flacco operated the no huddle attack. I couldn’t believe Flacco’s fleet feet on that 38 yard touchdown scamper down the sideline. How about no interceptions or fumbles?
Did Flacco ever look like a lost rookie today? The answer is no; instead he showed more composure than most veterans in the league. It’s only one game and we can’t get too ahead of ourselves.  But, we may have at long last found our quarterback.
How about the crowd reaction to the kid?  Is this town starved for a star quarterback or what? The chants of “Let’s go Flacco” where deafening. What an awesome moment to see the crowd pulling for this kid.
Flacco was far from the only bright spot on this day. The win would not have been possible without the great play of the offensive line; they absolutely whipped the Bengals in the trenches.   In the fourth quarter when everyone in the stadium knew what the Ravens were going to do (run the ball), the Bengals couldn’t stop Le’Ron McClain. McClain following fullback Lorenzo Neal dominated the fourth quarter, and the Ravens enjoyed over 36 minutes of time of possession in an old fashion display of smash mouth football. On the pass protection front, the line gave great protection to Flacco and allowed the rookie the ability to go through his progressions. In all the line allowed the Ravens to rush for 235 yards and allowed no sacks.   Memo to Willis McGahee: your knee, head and heart better get better quickly or you might not get in at all. This team is already deep with rookie Ray Rice and McClain carrying the load.
The defense was equally terrific today holding the Bengals potent offense in check all day. This just in, the Bengals are going to have big problems on the line this year.  They have struggled all preseason with the run offense and can’t protect Carson Palmer, but I digress. It was finally great to see the Ravens secondary (Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, Ed Reed and Dawan Landry) healthy and on the field at the same time. Was Chad Ocho Cinco, Johnson or whatever this clown’s name is, actually on the trip this weekend?   Ocho Cinco was nonexistent and Chris Perry got no running room thanks to Haloti Ngata and company.   The front seven controlled the Bengals’ offense and showed that age has not caught up to them.  These old dogs can still hunt.
It all added up to a very thrilling opening game and special congratulations to John Harbaugh on his first career coaching win. His team was very well prepared and conditioned, especially in the fourth quarter.
It’s a great start and as Drew Forrester likes to say, you can’t win them all unless you win the first.  Off to Houston with a 1-0 record next week and maybe the return of Kelly Gregg and the definite return of Fabian Washington to reinforce the defense.

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Updated, starters,Inactives and Carmelo Anthony

Posted on 07 September 2008 by caseywillett

12:47 – We have recieved a memo from the league that for today, Chad Johnson will be referred to as Chad Johnson today. According to the league that certain issues remain to be resolved

-Ray Rice will start at running back for the Ravens today. Willis McGahee is dressed, but will share the carries with Rice.
-Tom Zbikowski has changed his number to 28
-Evan Oglesby changed his number to 25
-Justin Bannan will start in place of Kelly Gregg


Troy Smith
Evan Oglesby
Tavares Gooden
Oniel Cousins
David Hale
Marcus Smith
Kelly Gregg
Willie Anderson
Pre game notes:
The Ravens are wearing white tops with black pants for today’s game. This is the first time since 1998 that this combination of the uniform has been worn
Carmelo Anthony is here to be the honorary captain of the game. Carmelo will wear his gold medal on the field and is sporting a huge tattoo on the inside of his right forearm that features the 410 area code, a Raven, and an Oriole. Carmelo said that this will be the first Ravens game he will be attending since he was 8 years old.

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As we approach game time….

Posted on 07 September 2008 by Keith Melchior

I wonder….

how early will the first tailgaters be on site drinking their first of many, many frosty cold adult beverage?

how much will the public be gouged for parking in the local lots? Last I saw was $40 on Ostend St. Legalized rip-off artists..

why they allow train traffic on game days when they know the roads will be full of vehicles and fans?

how long will Mycheal Miller have to drag out the national anthem waiting for the fly-over?

will Ray do the squirrel dance when introduced last?

when will the first boos be heard? (hopefully never)

if section 513 will EVER be a Sun or Papa Johns special section?

when will Chad Johnson make a horse’s ass out of himself? (he already did when he changed his name to Ocho Cinco.. which doesn’t mean the number 85)

if will we ever see Ed Reed and Chris McAlister on the field together at all this season?

how Joe Flacco will react to opening game and the pressure of the real NFL?

if Marvin will bring the dogs against Flacco and try to confuse him with different looks?

how will we all react after the game if the Ravens happen to lose?

how eficient the BCPD will move traffic away from the stadium after the game?

how many Monday morning QBs will be calling the talk shows?

That’s enough wondering for the time being. Enjoy the game. GO RAVENS!!!

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Reports from Cincy say Bengal legend OL Willie Anderson will trade orange Zubaz for purple

Posted on 04 September 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

We sent out the text a little while ago (another great reason to join the text service, by the way) with this dirt:

The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting (and quoting on the record) that offensive lineman and Bengals legend Willie Anderson will sign a $3-year, $11 million contract.

More here…

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Simms pt. 2, Big Willie, and Ocho Cinco

Posted on 03 September 2008 by caseywillett

Well today we got one answer to the Ravens quarterback questions, and that is that Kyle Boller is done for the year and likely as a Raven. What has been known for a little while was made official today when it was announced that Kyle would not play this season due to an injury to his shoulder.
Here are some other notes from today:
Hope a lot of fans are not going to M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday to see Kelly Gregg, Willis McGahee, Chris McAlister, or Ed Reed. The outlook for those guys is not very promising for Sunday’s game.
The Ravens announced that Todd Bouman was officially apart of the team today. I still wonder how this will play out next week as I think there is still a chance that they could add yet another quarterback to the roster.
Chad Johnson was entertaining as always. You have to go to the audio vault and listen to Ocho Cinco talk about Bart Scott and Dawan Landry. He had a harsh remark as it relates to Dawan. I talked to Dawan about what Chad said, and he just sort of laughed. Trust me it is must listen to stuff. Also goes into detail about how Ray Lewis talked him into going back to the Bengals and being quiet.
Casey Bramlet is very likely to be added to the Ravens roster for Sunday’s game. There is no way that they can go into the game with Flacco, and Bouman. Bramlet has a better working knowledge of the offense and would be the next guy in if Flacco got hurt.
Todd Heap told us today that he is healthy and looking forward to getting back onto the field on Sunday and playing.

The drama and revolving door that is the Ravens quarterback situation is getting a little bit more interesting today. There is a rumor that Chris Simms might be coming back to Baltimore. Now the Ravens have not confirmed that Todd Bouman has signed with the team. In the last 24 hours there have been reports that Joey Harrington, Chris Simms, and Todd Bouman have all signed with the team.

Here are some scenarios that I could see playing out to Simms possibly coming back:
Maybe the Ravens have learned more about Troy Smith and his health and feel that they need a quicker solution at the quarterback position.
Simms could have asked the Ravens to give him a day to think about the offer and has come back to them
Maybe the Ravens have learned more about Troy Smith and his illness and there is a reason for concern for him.
Maybe Chris Simms is not coming at all. At this point who knows?
There was a report yesterday that Willie Anderson could be coming to Baltimore to visit. Now yesterday the Ravens had a team photo and had a team luncheon, so maybe noone was hear to see Anderson and that he might be coming for a visit soon.
Time to go listen to Ocho Cinco(Chad Johnson) on a conference call. He is always the highlight of the year.

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AFC after 3 pre-season games Fantasy notes

Posted on 27 August 2008 by KZ

After three weeks of the pre-season….AFC Fantasy Football notes:

Buffalo Bills: Edwards beats out Losman! Is this the year the Bills take a step forward? Team still needs to find a TE. Lanston Walker injury could create issues.

Man of the Year: If it’s anyone besides Marshawn Lynch, this team is in a heap of trouble.

Bust of the Year: Josh Reed, the bills drafted James Hardy to finally take some pressure off Lee Evans.

Sleeper: Trent Edwards…teams will try and stop the run, which will give Edwards lots of opportunities to open things up.

Miami Dolphins: New coach…check….new QB…new General Manger…lots of things are new in Miami.

Man of the Year: Chad Pennington has a chance to make a huge difference.

Bust of the Year: Ricky Williams…can’t handle a full load…be careful in drafting him.

Sleeper: Ted Gin Jr…has the speed and moves to be a dynamic WR…but can he handle the pounding on his smallish frame.

New England Patriots: 18 and 1…does that 1 linger or is it a rallying point? Have teams figured out how to slow down Brady and Moss, like was done in the playoffs?

Man of the Year: Laurence Maroney will have to play a larger role in the offense this year.

Bust of the Year: Brady and Moss…both will be top 10 in their respective positions but just do not expect record setting years…I’d guess 35 to 40 TD’s for Brady and 15 TD’s for Moss.

Sleeper: I keep waiting for Ben Watson to have a breakout year…I think this is it.

New York Jets: It was actually a ho-hum camp for the Jets. Nothing really happened…well until a hall of fame to be QB came along and pushed expectations through the roof.

Man of the Year: How many wins is Brett Farve worth? I’d say to the Jets 4…so 8 – 8 would be a true miracle.

Bust of the Year: Brett Farve…yes he is the man also, but this is not Green Bay…28 TD’s would amaze me. He is still the gun slinger, so 24 TD’s and 20 INT’s is a possibility.

Sleeper: Jesse Chatman…with T. Jones now 30 and injury to him would open the door for a pretty decent Chatman.



Denver Broncos: Shanny’s back, back again, Shanny’s back, tell a friend. Everyone’s favorite Fantasy coach is back again to torment us all.

Man of the Year: Jay Cutler will be a top 8 QB this year.

Bust of the year: Selvin Young…3 or 4 RB’s will start for Denver this year…and usually the first guy up is the last guy in total yards.

Sleeper: Andre Hall and Anthony Alridge…they will start at some point this year…worth a flyer.

Kansas City Chiefs: Something tells me this team may be Fantasy friendly this year…Croyle starts at QB, LJ is back and healthy, Gonzo is well Gonzo…what’s not to like? Revamped OLINE! Dwayne Bowe is a legit WR…oh now I see it…Davard Darling is the other WR and Herm Edwards is still the coach.

Man of the year: It does not seem to matter who the QB is Tony Gonzales gets his catches, but will TD’s be a problem this year?

Bust of the Year: With Croyle at QB, LARRY JOHNSON, healthy or not, is going to see a lot of 8 and 9 man fronts.

Sleeper: Jackie Battle…he is a big 6’3, 238 bruising back who can get into the hole quickly…If LJ goes down…keep an eye on him.

Oakland Raiders: This is a young team with a ton of untapped talent on the offensive side of the ball and a defense that is better than people think.

Man of the Year: JaMarcus Russell is essentially a rookie but the Raiders will go as far as he can take them.

Bust of the Year: Darren Mcfadden is not Adrian Peterson, he simply is not.

Sleeper: Ronald Curry could have 70 catches and 8 TD’s this year.

San Diego Chargers: Injured players return to lead the Bolts! Rivers, Gates and LT all back after disappointing end to 2007.

Man of the Year: LT is still the best player in the NFL

Bust of the Year: Vincent Jackson has untapped potential at WR…it remains untapped.

Sleeper: Legedu Naanee I can see him replacing Jackson in the lineup by mid-season.




Baltimore Ravens: A pre-season that leaves the team with more questions than answers. Who is the QB, RB, CB, TE…and so on and so forth.

Man of the Year: JOE FLACCO will be the starter by week 5 at the latest.

Bust of the Year: Willis McGahee…I said early on something worried me about him.

Sleeper: Yamon Figures will have a huge impact in the return game and will be given a shot at WR.

Cincinnati Bengals: Rudi is not ready, Chad is hurting and did I read that Chris Henry was resigned? WOW!

Man of the Year: Carson Palmer is a top 5 QB. He will have to throw a lot with the RB situation unsettled.

Bust of the Year: Chad Johnson is hurting…and it’s not going to get better.

Sleeper: Jerome Simpson WR…with Johnson and TJ banged up Simpson should get a chance this season and I think he is special.

Cleveland Browns: Huge expectations for the Browns this year. Can Anderson duplicate the first 10 games from 2007 for an entire year? Can Jamal continue his revival?

Man of the Year: Braylon Edwards is a top 5 WR and getting better!

Bust of the Year: Derek Anderson is being drafted like a top 6 QB, he will be lucky to be a top 12 guy.

Sleeper: Brady Quinn will start at some point this year.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Why is this team being overlooked again this year? Best balance of any team in the division.

Man of the Year: Ben Roethlisberger…did you know Big Ben threw 32 TD’s last year? Well, he throws 35 this year.

Bust of the Year: Rashard Mendenhall is going to be a solid if not great NFL RB, but just not this year…Willie Parker is still the man in Pittsburgh.

Sleeper: Limas Sweed..Ben wanted a big receiver and he got a really good one.

Houston Texans: Can they find a RB? Can Andre Johnson stay healthy, can the defense continue to improve.

Man of the Year: Andre Johnson will lead the league in receptions and yards if he plays 16 games this year.

Bust of the Year: Kevin Walter is currently number two on the depth chart, he finishes 4th.

Sleeper: Jacoby Jones for the second year in a row…

Indianapolis Colts: The only question is…Manning’s knee and how healthy will it be. Jeff Saturday the leader of the OLINE may be out a long period of time as well.

Man of the Year: Joseph Addai has to be the man and take pressure of Manning early in the season.

Bust of the Year: Anthony Gonzales has lots of potential but a healthy Marvin Harrison will curtail his production this year.

Sleeper: Roy Hall…if Harrison get hurt this year..Hall will get some time.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Can they finally win the division? They appear to have all the pieces in place.

Man of the Year: David Garrard has to continue to be efficient and effective in 2008.

Bust of the Year: Troy Williamson is simply not that good.

Sleeper: Matt Jones had a great camp…and has earned his chance to play.

Tennessee Titans: Can Vince Young reduce the turnovers? That is the question for this team. They have a solid defense a good running game, but need VY to take care of the ball better…9 -17 TD to INT ratio will not get it done.

Man of the Year: Vince Young…it is his team and he has to be a better on field leader.

Bust of the Year: LenDale White? I think he will have a good year, but all this Chris Johnson talk has me worried a bit.

Sleeper: Justin McCariens has the size and speed to be exactly what VY needs.

Have a question? go to www.fansfantasyfootball.com

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10 things to watch for tonight

Posted on 23 August 2008 by caseywillett

Here are 10 things that I will be looking for tonight:
  1. Terrell Suggs – How does he play? Does he look slow? Is he having a hard time with the offensive lineman in front of him? What kind of “football” shape is he in? I think Suggs will have a solid showing tonight.
  1. QB – Is tonight the night that Troy can seal the deal and make a final case for being the starting quarterback on September 7? I still say that Kyle Boller would have to do way more than what Smith has to do tonight to keep hope alive. If the offense moves the ball with or without scoring a bunch of points, that closes the deal for Troy.
  1. Safeties – With it looking more and more like Ed Reed will not be ready to start the season on time (as I have been saying for a while), who steps up in his place? Jim Leonhard is expected to be the guy who takes the field with Dawan Landry and the most likely guy to win the competition with Harauki Nakamura, and Tom Zbikowski. But, how will the the communication be with those two and do they cover each others weaknesses?
  1. Tackle – With Adam Terry expected to play a little bit tonight (and looking like he will be ready for the opener) and Jared Gaither looking like he may not be ready for the opener, who steps up? Which of Chad Slaughter, Oneil Cousins, David Hale, Mike Kracalik, and Joe Reitz make a push for that left tackle spot? Do they put Adam Terry in at left tackle and maybe see who can help on the right side? The tackle position has been a reason for concern for the last two years and I am not sure that there will not be more questions after tonight.
  1. Interior defensive line – Haloti Ngata is expected to play some tonight which is good news for the Ravens, but not so good news is the amount of time that Kelly Gregg has missed and possibly still will miss with a knee injury. Justin Bannan is one of the more underrated players on the Ravens roster and while he is not Kelly Gregg, he is still a very solid backup and will not miss a beat. J’Vonne Parker is also a guy to watch tonight to see how he plays when he is in the game at that position.
  1. Communication in secondary – It was an issue last week with the secondary but it might be a little bit better this week with Samari Rolle being back there and possibly Chris McAlister. No. 21 & 22 can make up for some miscommunication but this is another reason why the team will miss Ed Reed. Dawan Landry has to step up and take over that role and make sure that everyone is on the same page.
  1. Running Game – With Willis McGahee’s health being a concern, how does Ray Rice respond tonight? Ray had a nice game early on last week versus the Vikings. How will he respond tonight? Who steps up behind him? Will it be Cory Ross? Alex Haynes? Allen Patrick? All three of those guys could earn a roster spot tonight with a solid performance.
  1. 3rd WR – With it looking like Demetrius Williams may not be ready to start the season, will someone step up for that 3rd wide receiver position? Marcus Smith has had a solid camp and nice preseason, but I do not think he has locked up that spot yet. Matt Willis has been around for a while with the team and has a great opportunity to show what he can do. Here is a guy to watch tonight, who I think might have a real shot at the 3rd spot: Yamon Figurs. Cam Cameron used Figurs several times as the 3rd wideout during camp. He can absolutely fly down the football field; he just has to be able to hang on to the football.
  1. Tight End- Dan Wilcox might get a chance tonight to play in a game for the first time in a while. This is huge for Wilcox, because his spot on the roster could very well depend on it. If this were a regular season game, I really think you would see Todd Heap out there on the field. Tonight is a chance for Adam Bergen, Aaron Walker and Edgar Jones to fight it out for one of the tight end positions.
  1. Who Steps Up – Every one of these guys dreamed of one day playing in the NFL. For a lot of them, that dream will come to an end after tonight. With the first cuts coming Tuesday, a couple of these guys will have played their last NFL game ever. Tonight is a chance for those guys on the bubble to show that they deserve to stick around and have a chance to compete for a spot on the final 53 man roster. Tonight’s game will go a long way as to the future of some of the players. All of the players know that too and they have to step up tonight and make that decision tough on Coach Harbaugh. One play good or bad can determine their future with the Ravens.
Here is one more guy to watch tonight when he is on the field: Brendon Ayanbadejo. Brendon is always around the football and making plays whether it is on defense or special teams.

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