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Edsall thinks combination of Diggs, Long can give Terps “tremendous advantage”

Posted on 27 August 2013 by WNST Staff



Head Coach Randy Edsall


Opening Statement:

“Good to see everybody, another start of the football season, which is very exciting for me, the coaches and all of our players associated with our program. We appreciate everybody coming out here. Before I get into talking about the game, I just wanted to cover a couple of things out here that are very important. What we’re really trying to do this year is engage the new students and all the students at Maryland to come out and celebrate with us and be part of our team and our program. Our players feel like they are a part of them, the general population here and the student body. Through the graciousness of a lot of people here and the groups on campus and also from Under Armour, all the students are going to get an Under Armour t-shirt. There will also be weekly specials as we look forward to really engaging them and having them out here early and supporting their fellow students.


“You can see some of the things that have taken place – the opposite end zone panels there – in terms of some of the things that have advanced the stadium and just under the upper deck there is going to be some things going under there. Again, kudos to the people that were involved to getting that done.


“The other day, I was also able to award four young men scholarships, Michael Dunn, G.T. Harraka, Tony Perry, and Regis Whittington. So that is something that is always very, very special to do and again knowing that those young men have worked extremely hard. Michael has earned himself a starting job, and the others have been in the program a number of years, working out there each and everyday, and to have the opportunity to do that is really special.


“I think as we head into Florida International, one thing that I’ve been pleased with is the leadership council and what they’ve done getting ready for the season and for Florida International. I think the leadership has been outstanding, the guys are ready to play, they’re tired of hitting one another, and I’m anxious and as a coaching staff were anxious to see them play because they put in a lot of hard work since last year, after three more days this week I think they will be more than ready and prepared to play. We know always with an opener it’s tough because you don’t know what to expect. With Florida International, we see a team that is going to be a pro-style offense with two backs, two tight ends, and really attack you with a west-coast style offense and a 4-3 defense. With all the different variations they do with that,  very talented up front on the defensive line, experience in the secondary, and a bunch of talented athletes who can run, outstanding quarterback who has played and done really well as a starter. They have a bunch of tight ends to contend with, with good speed on the outside with their receivers and good quickness with the running back. We respect them tremendously and we are going to have to play well in order to win. You take a look at us; we have a very young team, with two senior starters on offense and two senior starters on defense. But with that youthfulness that we have, we have a lot of guys who have played, and who are experienced at playing at such a young age. It’s not like were going in totally inexperienced. At most positions we feel pretty good about the depth. We’re still developing depth as we go, so there are going to be guys cutting their teeth more being on special teams and backups. And the biggest thing we have been trying to get across to these guys is to do their job and do it to the best of their ability and don’t do anybody else’s job. So I think they have done a pretty good job of doing that and were getting more established at the specialists position. I think we’re pleased with what Nate Renfro and what he’s done this season, getting more consistency out of Brad [Craddock] with the field goals. It’s a team that’s going to get better every time that we practice and every time that we play.”


On the continuity in the coaching staff:

“Continuity is always big in your coaching staff. Everybody has been through a season now together, in terms of how I do things, how we ran practice, how the coordinators conduct their meetings, how you do things in terms of the player meetings, it’s huge. You know how each other thinks, you know what everybody’s doing, you know that everybody is on the same page, there’s not as many questions being asked about certain things. So I think that anytime you can have that continuity, it’s a big bonus. It’s a big bonus to us as a staff. It’s a bonus to the players because there not getting used to somebody else, there not getting used to different techniques, there not getting used to a different scheme and you can really see as you start to go out there to practice and do things. It just makes the ship sail a lot smoother.”


On if he considers this season a fresh start with quarterback C.J. Brown returning:

“It’s more comforting knowing that C.J.’s there and as you watch him perform. I think he has had just an outstanding preseason. He’s thrown the ball better than he ever has since I’ve been here. He’s very poised and he’s a grad student – he’s an MBA student now – and you can just see, in terms of how he carries himself, there is a sense of calmness out there with the whole group as he’s out there playing. And again knowing that he can do everything that we need him to do to fit our personnel, it’s comforting. You feel very good for him because he was going to have this opportunity a year ago and then when he got the injury he kind of had it taken away from him. But now you can see the effort and how much he put into it and everything else. You see how the guys rally around him and listen to him. It’s good to have the veteran presence. He doesn’t have a whole lot of snaps or games under his belt, but just being as mature and having the experience having what he has it really does make a difference.”


On wide receiver Deon Long and his ability to complement Stefon Diggs:

“Well, Deon has been back out at practice and anything more about any injury situations we’ll make known at the end of the week, like we always do on Thursdays.

“Deon is a special talent in my opinion. I think he’s got speed, he’s got quickness, he’s got outstanding hands, he loves the game, he loves to play the game of football and he wants to compete. I just think when you can have a guy like Stefon on one side, then a guy like Deon on the other side, you can create some problems and you can do some things offensively that can be a tremendous advantage that can help you move the football. But I like Deon a lot. I like his personality, he’s bubbly, he’s enthusiastic, he’s a competitor who likes to play and I’m just glad he’s here.”


On wide receiver Stefon Diggs:

“First of all, everybody knows he’s a tremendous player. He proved that last year as a true freshman. He proved that by what he did as a receiver, what he did as a punt returner, and by what he did as a kickoff returner speaks for itself. I think the biggest thing with Stefon is he wants to be the best in whatever he does and he works at it. I talked about Deon and some of his traits, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever been around a guy who is so competitive and wants to win so badly. He’s kept a level head and I think he can be, as long as the good lord will allow him to stay healthy and allow him, to just continue to work and stay hungry. The sky’s the limit for Stefon. The thing I like about it is he’s gotten bigger and stronger. He’s put on 10 pounds; he’s gotten bigger and thicker. The other thing is you don’t get a chance to be around him every day like I do. I mean the growth and maturation from last year to this year has just been enormous. You talk about a young man who I put in a leadership position and somebody who’s really grabbed it and taken a hold of it and is out there being even more of a leader than what he’s been before and doing the things that great players are supposed to do. He’s not a prima donna. He’s a team guy, not an ‘I’ guy. To me you talk about a guy who’s got a chance to be unbelievable in whatever he does. He’s got the whole package. You know he’s not selfish. I just love the kid, I love being around him, he’s got a smile on his face all the time. He had a great year academically and he’s really embracing the role of being a leader and you don’t find that with guys with the talent that he has on the field and he wants to hold himself to a higher level to what I would hold him to or anybody else would hold him to. I just hope he can stay healthy because he’s as good as I’ve ever been around. The thing that makes it more impressive is just to see how much he’s grown and developed as a person and how much he’s relished and cherished this leadership position he’s been in and it’s good for him.”


On the defensive front seven:

“We lost some guys up front and those guys are playing well for their respective teams that their playing in the NFL But the good thing is we got a lot of guys who played up front to replace them. And again, it’s going be a thing up front where we have a bunch of guys that are going to play up front. I think when you take a look at the linebackers; they all have experience of playing because we had some injuries a year ago. I really like the move of Matt Robinson to the linebacker position, so I feel good about where we are right now, defensively. And the thing is all of those guys are going to get better, and what you really hope for is we have the program, what we want it to be, that when you lose players from year to year all you do is just reload and put another guy in who’s just as good or even better than the guy who left. That’s what you hope for. But again they have been practicing hard and they have been practicing well. It’s a group that communicates very well and I’m anxious to go out there and see them play starting Saturday.”
On how Brandon Ross earned the starting running back spot:

“Brandon is the starter and Albert [Reid] is the backup. But Albert is going to play and I’m not afraid to have Albert in the game. I like that, I think that Brandon just has a little more experience and he has done some things that we as the coaching staff puts him as the starter, but you always know that we’ve got to have two tailbacks playing in the ballgame anyhow. So we’ve got complete confidence in both of them, but Brandon’s just shown a little bit more.”


– Maryland –

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Receivers Long, Jacobs remain out for Terps

Posted on 19 August 2013 by WNST Staff

University of Maryland Football Injury Report

Training Camp





DB Milan Collins Ankle Out for the season
OL JaJuan Dulaney Knee Out for the season
DL Ty Tucker Knee Out for the season
LS Christian Carpenter Back Out for this week
RB Tyler Cierski Calf Out for this week
DB Zach Dancel Hamstring Out for this week
WR Amba Etta Shoulder Out for this week
DB Alvin Hill Ankle Out for this week
WR Taivon Jacobs Back Out for this week
WR Deon Long Back Out for this week
TE Brian McMahon Shoulder Out for this week
RB Joe Riddle Concussion Out for this week
DL Zeke Riser Ankle Out for this week
RB Jacquille Veii Ankle Out for this week

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WR Long, FB Cierski among Maryland Training Camp injuries

Posted on 12 August 2013 by WNST Staff

University of Maryland Football Injury Report

Training Camp





DB Milan Collins Ankle Out for the season
LS Christian Carpenter Knee Out for this week
RB Tyler Cierski Calf Out for this week
OL JaJuan Dulaney Knee Out for this week
WR Taivon Jacobs Knee Out for this week
WR Deon Long Back Out for this week
DL Andre Monroe Toe Out for this week
DL Kingsley Opara Shoulder Out for this week
RB Joe Riddle Head Out for this week
ILB Marc Rodriguez Hamstring Out for this week
DL Ty Tucker Knee Out for this week
WR Tyrek Cheeseboro Funeral Out Tuesday and Wednesday

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Edsall says WR Long “week to week” with back injury

Posted on 09 August 2013 by WNST Staff

Head Coach Randy Edsall



On current injuries:

“Deon [Long] hurt his back. We’re still evaluating him. He’ll be week-to-week. Joe Riddle got hit in the head. He’s day-to-day. [Tyler] Cierski has a calf strain so he’s day-to-day. I believe that’s it. Other guys are working back into things. Those are the three we have right now.”


On today’s practice:

“I thought we got some good things done. Today the offense kind of got the better of the defense a little bit. It’s still early in camp with all the installation going in on both sides of the ball. But the guys are really working hard, that’s the thing I’m pleased about it. The execution has gotten better each day. The first five days we throw everything at them. After today we will start to go back and go over things. They’ve had a lot thrown at them. I thought they’ve handled it pretty well.”


On Mike Madaras working his way back:

“We got the NCAA rules. He was out in here in no pads today. Tuesday he’ll be back in full pads. He’s stayed in good condition. Once we get him into helmet and shoulders pads, then we’ll put him into all the team drills and everything else. I think he’ll work back in really quickly.”


On C.J. Brown’s progression:

“The thing I’ve been pleased with is I haven’t seen any ill effects from him from the standpoint of running, cutting, or him not feeling comfortable with his knee. And again what has to happen just like with any quarterbacks or receivers, they need some time to develop some togetherness, some timing, and that’s starting to come along with each practice. He’s moving really well. He could always be better and he will be better, but again it’s just that process we have to go through with him getting that timing back with the receivers.”


On Shane Cockerille and his first week of camp:

“His head is spinning, typical freshman, just like most of them out there. Shane is talented, he’s got a good arm, smart, takes control of the huddle. With all the stuff we throw in, in five days, he’s doing the doggy paddle, trying to stay afloat.”


On the competition at quarterback:

“We’ve kind of switched the reps back and forth as we went this week between C.J., Ricardo, and Perry. We’ll have a better idea after we get through scrimmage tomorrow afternoon and as we get into next week. All three of them are competing, want to be the guy, and we’ll see how it all plays out based on their performance.”


On Quinton Jefferson’s development:

“He had a chance to play towards the end of the year last year, he’s developed more confidence and he’s gotten stronger. His body is different right now. But I think he gets its, he understands what you have to do in order to be successful at this level. It’s how hard you work on the field, and how hard you work in the weight room, it’s doing all the little things right. His maturity and confidence level has risen for him which is good to see. He’s in better condition this year than he was a year ago. I’ve been pleased with his progress, but he’s still got a lot of work to do to get to the level that his god given ability will allow.”


On freshmen Jacquille Veii and Jarrett Ross:

“Jacquille is having a really good camp. He’s doing extremely well. I’ve been very impressed with him, and his ability to run the ball. He’s done a pretty good job from understanding and executing all the things he’s got to execute. It will be interesting to see as we get a little bit more into some of the pass game stuff in terms of protections and all those things, but he’s a very talented runner. And Jarrett you see a guy out there who’s doing the things he’s supposed to do – very conscientious, good ball skills – somebody that works at it. We’ll see if he can break into the depth factor or if he could be a guy that could possibly help us on special teams or redshirt.”


On pulling the team aside during practice:

“All of our guys are very, very competitive. But when you’re in situations where were thudding and not taking guys to the ground and we had one there where Cheese (Tyrek Cheesboro) went deep and Isaac [Goins] got beat, was probably frustrated he got beat, then he went in and wasn’t in a position to really thud the guy up and took him down. I know injuries are part of this game and we’ve done a much better job this year than the two previous years. But we’ve got to take care of each other. When we’re thudding we don’t leave our feet, we don’t cut block on the offensive line, and we don’t take guys down. But when we go live, we’re cutting and doing everything. I just brought them together and tried to remind them let’s take care of each other and lets not do something foolish where someone could get hurt because someone got frustrated because they didn’t make a play or whatever.”


On the improvement of the kicking game from the first practice: 

We were inconsistent today. Down there in the red, and tight red when we had the opportunities for field goals, the extra points were good, but then when we went out there, it’s just a matter of getting them to come out here and all of a sudden there’s wind, a little sunny out, might be a young lady in a bikini over there or something. They get distracted too easily. They got to come out here and think there’s nothing here and they think that because the wind is blowing they have to compensate too much here. Brad’s [Craddock] just got to kick the ball. He’s got a good enough leg. We got to keep working between the ears. Nate’s [Renfro] has been consistent. Today, when we were just warming up, he had a couple bad ones, but again the same thing, ‘Oh the wind, come on guys your old enough now, let’s stop worrying about those things, still go put the ball through the upright.’”


On Andre Monroe:

“Andre’s competing in there with Roman [Braglio] and Zeke [Riser] to see who’s getting playing time there. He’s in better shape than he was. He’s getting a little bit better. He’s got to keep improving, but hasn’t showed any signs of slowing down because of the injury. He looks the best he’s looked in the three years that I’ve seen him.”

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Maryland WR Leak withdraws from school, plans to return

Posted on 30 May 2013 by WNST Staff

Maryland Terrapins WR Marcus Leak released a statement Thursday saying he would be leaving the school for personal reasons but intends to return after the 2013 football season.

“I would like to thank Coach (Randy) Edsall, my teammates and the rest of the Maryland football program for their continued support as I work through these personal matters. It is my intention to return to College Park in January. I look forward to rejoining my teammates and continuing my education at the University of Maryland.”

The reasons for Leak’s withdrawal are not currently known. Leak played in just seven games in 2012 before missing the rest of the season with a toe injury. In his seven games, Leak hauled in 23 catches for 393 yards and two TD’s.

Dark horse Heisman Trophy candidate Stefon Diggs (sophomore) is expected to be the Terps’ top receiver in 2013. Iowa Western transfer Deon Long (junior), a former New Mexico player, will be expected to shoulder more of a load as well in Leak’s absence. Sophomores Nigel King and Tyrek Cheeseboro (Milford Mill) will also be expected to more up on the receiver depth chart.

If Leak does return to College Park after the season, he would have two years of eligibility remaining.

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Few surprises in updated Maryland football depth chart

Posted on 23 April 2013 by WNST Staff

Coach Randy Edsall and University of Maryland football released their post-Spring depth chart Tuesday. Here’s a look at how positional battles stand going into the summer.

WR 6 Deon Long 6-1 180 Jr.-TR
84 Amba Etta 6-2 190 Fr.-RS
80 Daniel Adams 6-3 205 So.-RS
85 James Bowman 6-0 190 Sr.-SQ
12 Marcus Leak 6-0 205 Jr.-2V

T 77 Mike Madaras 6-5 290 So.-1V
55 Ryan Doyle 6-4 300 So.-SQ

G 70 De’Onte Arnett 6-4 290 Sr.-2V
68 Silvano Altamirano 6-2 290 Jr.-TR

C 65 Sal Conaboy 6-4 290 Jr.-2V
50 Evan Mulrooney 6-5 290 So.-1V
60 Stephen Grommer 6-5 290 So.-SQ

G 66 Andrew Zeller 6-6 295 So.-1V
69 Gary Harraka 6-5 310 Jr.-SQ
79 Maurice Shelton 6-3 290 Fr.-RS

T 74 Nick Klemm 6-5 300 Sr.-3V
76 Michael Dunn 6-5 290 Fr.-RS
or 61 Jake Wheeler 6-7 300 Jr.-1V

TE 86 Dave Stinebaugh 6-4 250 Sr.-2V
88 P.J. Gallo 6-3 245 Fr.-RS
87 Brian McMahon 6-4 240 Fr.-RS

QB 16 C.J. Brown 6-3 210 Sr.-1V
11 Perry Hills 6-3 205 So.-1V
or 7 Caleb Rowe 6-2 195 So.-1V
or 9 Ricardo Young 6-1 180 Jr.-TR
6 Dustin Dailey 6-1 193 So.-RS

TB 45 Brandon Ross 5-10 205 So.-1V
or 4 Wes Brown 6-1 210 So.-1V
or 5 Albert Reid 5-10 200 So.-1V
29 Joe Riddle 6-0 191 Fr.-RS

FB 49 Tyler Cierski 6-0 262 Jr.-2V
30 Kenneth Goins, Jr. 5-10 228 Fr.-RS

WR 1 Stefon Diggs 6-1 185 So.-1V
8 Levern Jacobs 5-11 180 So.-1V
24 Regis Whittington 5-11 205 Sr.-SQ

WR 3 Nigel King 6-3 210 So.-1V
83 Malcolm Culmer 6-0 180 So.-SQ
10 Tyrek Cheeseboro 6-0 190 Fr.-RS
24 T.J. Ehrie 6-3 210 Sr.-TR

DE 99 Quinton Jefferson 6-4 270 So.-1V
90 Roman Braglio 6-3 250 Fr.-RS
78 Ty Tucker 6-2 260 Fr.-RS

NT 97 Darius Kilgo 6-3 300 Jr..-1V
71 Nate Clarke 6-3 310 So.-SQ
or 73 Alex Walker 6-0 295 Jr.-SQ
96 Azubuike Ukandu 6-2 290 Fr.-RS

DE 91 Keith Bowers 6-1 270 Jr.-2V
93 Andre Monroe 6-0 280 Jr.-1V
63 Joe Rosenblatt 6-2 280 Fr.-TR

OLB 40 Matt Robinson 6-4 230 Jr.-3V
35 Alex Twine 6-0 230 Jr.-2V
37 Avery Thompson 6-3 215 So.-1V

ILB 47 Cole Farrand 6-3 245 Jr.-2V
58 Bradley Johnson 6-1 240 Sr.-2V
31 Shawn Petty 6-2 235 So.-1V

ILB 53 L.A Goree 6-2 240 Jr.-2V
46 Abner Logan 6-1 235 Fr.-RS
42 Brock Dean 6-0 210 Fr.-RS

OLB 41 Marcus Whitfi eld 6-3 240 Sr.-2V
51 Yannick Cudjoe-Virgil 6-3 240 Jr.-RS
98 Clarence Murphy 6-2 245 Jr.-SQ

CB 25 Dexter McDougle 5-11 195 Sr.-3V
27 Alvin Hill 5-11 190 So.-1V
10 Tony Perry 5-9 170 Sr.-SQ

S 21 Sean Davis 6-1 185 So.-1V
or 19 A.J. Hendy 6-1 200 Jr.-2V

S 20 Anthony Nixon 6-1 205 So.-1V
22 Zach Dancel 6-0 195 So.-RS
26 Undray Clark 5-10 190 So.-SQ
39 Rashid Conteh 5-11 190 Jr.-SQ

CB 14 Jeremiah Johnson 6-0 190 Jr.-2V
17 Isaac Goins 6-0 185 Sr.-1V
4 William Likely 5-9 165 Fr.-HS

PK 15 Brad Craddock 6-1 180 So.-1V
12 Brendan Magistro 5-9 170 So.-1V

P 18 Nathan Renfro 6-1 205 So.-1V
29 Michael Tart 6-3 185 Jr.-SQ

LS 59 Greg Parcher 6-4 185 Sr.-1V
59 Christian Carpenter 5-11 215 Fr.-RS

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Maryland OC Locksley thinks WR Long could be starter

Posted on 10 April 2013 by WNST Staff

Quotes from Maryland Football Assistant Coaches

Wide Receivers Coach Lee Hull:

On the offensive unit:

“I think we are starting to play a little faster because we are in our second year in this type of offense. Last year our offense was thinking a lot, trying to get lined up, so I think having this be our second year we have a lot more consistency. The players are starting to figure out what we are trying to do, so that is going to help them play faster and make plays.

“I have always told our players that they have to know our offense like the back of their hand so it becomes second nature. Now I do a three-click test, they get three seconds to get an answer right about our attack because that is how fast paced it moves on the field. When you are in a game situation you don’t have much time to think, you have to line up, read the coverage, adjust your split and know the route you are running all in a matter of seconds. Getting used to this no-huddle offense and playing at a faster pace is starting to come more naturally. “


On the wide receivers:

“If I had to give them a letter grade I would give them a C+ right now. I think there is always some room for improvement. The grade might seem a little low because I think in the beginning of the spring we didn’t do as well as we expected to. But now that we are in the second half, we are performing better and learning from our mistakes.”


On standout players:

“I think everyone has made strides of improvement, but I would say Malcolm Culmer has made the most. He has been the most consistent all around, both in blocking and running routes.”


Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach Mike Locksley:

On Deon Long’s impact:

“I think his familiarity with the system has allowed him and afforded him the opportunity to come in and put himself in the position of possibly being a starter for us. His accomplishments have helped build his confidence, but now we have to fine-tune the intricacies and techniques to help him excel as a wide receiver against the top completion. The knowledge of the system will give him a chance to come in and play right away, but how quickly he picks up the technique will determine the type of success he has at Maryland. “


On the receiving unit:

“They have the potential to be a really strong unit on our team this year.  To have the skill that we have on the outside, I would say as a coaching staff we feel really good about our talent. I would also say although they have talent, they must also perform at the type of level that is necessary to be successful.”


On the players’ familiarity with his offense entering year two:

“There’s definitely a natural ease in that the terminology, the plays, the techniques, we’re going through all of it. This is the third time it’s been installed for some of these guys — we put it in last spring, we did it again in the fall and now we’re doing it again in the spring. There’s definitely a familiarity with it.”

Running Backs Coach/Special Teams Coordinator Andre Powell:

On moving Joe Riddle to another position

“I think initially Joe was recruited at another position, and then as we watched him we determined that his skills were best suited for running back. He has improved this spring, and has exceeded my expectations. To play running back you have to be smart and be involved in every facet of the offense. You also have to be really tough, and I think he is starting to pull all of those aspects together.”


On finding a back who can play every down:

“We would like to have an every-down back, a guy that can run the ball on a normal down and one that can operate within the passing game as well. We haven’t gotten that far in our planning, but I think we are looking for guys to play every down.”


Offensive Line Coach Tom Brattan:

On Ryan Doyle:

“Ryan has moments where he is really good. His thing to me is playing on a more consistent level and growing into his body.”


On new players:

“We see improvement in all of our guys, we just have to gage if we are on track for the start of the season. I think spring football has been huge for us in determining what we need to work on over the summer. Summer ball is going to be huge for us.”


On Silvano Altamirano:

“He has been a welcome addition. He has come in and brought a lot of athleticism. He is receptive to what we are telling him. Is he a finished product? No, but certainly he will help us out. I would say he has the athletic ability to play either guard position.”


Tight Ends Coach/Recruiting Coordinator John Dunn:

On importance of practice time in March and April:

“We are allowed 15 practices, and these guys aren’t 10-year veterans. We need everything we can get, and we need to maximize this time. Going into the summer the guys must know what things they have to work on individually, and I think it is critical to have this time so going into the fall they have a base understanding of what we are coaches need them to do in terms of fundaments, techniques and schemes. This time of development is huge.”


On Dave Stinebaugh’s role this season:

“I think Dave has always had the ability to accomplish the things he has shown us this spring. As coaches we have always seen that he has great capability. He has had the injury bug which has set him behind a little, but I think he is going to be able to do everything that Matt Furstenburg was able to do. Dave can be effective in both the running and passing game, he is dynamic.”


Outside Linebackers Coach Lyndon Johnson:

On starters:

“Right now Marcus Whitfield would be the ‘Will’ and Matt Robinson would be at the ‘Sam.’ We have to see how his shoulders hold up. Coming back from those two surgeries is obviously a concern, but he seems to be progressing very well.”


On spring surprises:

“I wouldn’t say Yannik Cudjoe-Virgil was a surprise. Since the moment he got here his work ethic has been off the charts. He has a non-stop motor, and he is one of the stronger guys. I expected him to do the things he is doing now because of his transfer status. I think the group as a whole is very impressive. They pick things up a lot faster than I thought they would, and we are playing fast right now.”


Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs Coach Brain Stewart:

On athleticism of defensive line:

“I think the defensive line did a great job this spring in terms of pass rushing and playing blocks. It is hard because we are going to play against big guys. Joe [Vellano] and A.J. [Francis] played big, so I am excited to see if we can play big again this fall. Right now we are playing athletic, but I am still unsure if we can play big.”


On the players’ familiarity with his system entering year two:

“Last year they were in a learning process so we had to tone everything down and make sure they knew what to do. Now with it being the second year in the defense, now they’re playing fast and we’re trying to do what we’re supposed to do at a high level.”


On biggest accomplishment made by the defense this spring:

“I think we are a good pressure team, and we can play a little more man than we could last year. “


Defensive Line/Assistant Head Coach Greg Gattuso:

On improving defensive vision:

“The actions are what we are trying to get done. We are blending a lot of youth into this defense, but the knowledge is something that will make it work. Everyone is on the same page and understanding what we are trying to get done.”


On defensive room:

“The thing that has been interesting with the defensive line room is Joe [Vellano] and A.J. [Francis] were very domineering personalities, they answered every question and were incredibly knowledgeable. What happens now is the younger guys can answer questions and express themselves. Everyone is increasing their confidence in the defense because they are not overwhelmed by the bigger personalities.”


Inside Linebackers Coach Keith Dudzinski:

On overall unit:

“The one thing we want to do with the 3-4 is stop the run, and try to make teams a little more one dimensional. I think we have been doing a pretty good job because we are challenged every day in practice with our offense. We have done a pretty good job holding up the run so far. I think being in the second year of this defense has helped guys understand concepts better, and guys now know what their jobs are and what we expect from them. We are playing a lot faster and seeing things better.”


On Bradley Johnson:

“Bradley has been quiet here for the last two years, and other players injuries have given him an opportunity to come in and do a great job. I think he is going to give us more competition at the inside linebacker position.”

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Jacobs, Ngakoue, Cockerille highlight Maryland’s 22 man recruiting class

Posted on 06 February 2013 by WNST Staff

Maryland adds 22 players for the 2013 season

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Spurred by a bevy of the area’s top players, along with key additions from around the nation, the University of Maryland football team has signed a top-35 recruiting class for the second consecutive year.

Head coach Randy Edsall announced the signing of 22 student-athletes for the 2013 season, 19 of whom signed national letters-of-intent, Wednesday afternoon. Three signees enrolled in classes at the university for the spring semester.

The class includes 13 defensive players and nine on the offensive side, while 14 of the players hail from the Maryland/Washington, D.C. area. The Terps landed a five-star recruit for the second consecutive year and have six incoming players labeled as four-star recruits.

“Overall I’m very thrilled and excited because we were able to go out and meet the needs that we needed to in this year’s class,” said head coach Randy Edsall. “I’m also very proud that we closed strong, getting three young men on signing day, and they’re local kids.”

For the second straight year, Maryland landed the Gatorade Player of the Year in Washington, D.C. in Yannick Ngakoue (Prounounced: Ya-neek In-gah-kway). A linebacker from Friendship Collegiate Academy, Ngakoue played in the Under Armour All-America game and is a Parade All-American.

Deon Long, a five-star wide receiver who spent last season at Iowa Western Community College, strengthens an already impressive receiving corps. The Terps also added a pair of local wideouts in four-star receiver Taivon Jacobs of Suitland High School and DeAndre Lane of Catonsville Senior High School.

Jacquille Veii, a highly-touted defensive back from The Avalon School in Gaithersburg, Md., was one of the three players to pledge their commitment to Maryland on signing day, joining Jacobs and Ngakoue.

According to 247Sports.com, four of the top seven players in D.C. are headed to Maryland, including Under Armour All-America offensive lineman Derwin Gray (No. 1), and linebackers Cavon Walker (No. 6) and Jermaine Carter, Jr. (No. 7). The aforementioned Ngakoue is the third-ranked player in D.C.

Both 247Sports.com and Rivals.com rank Maryland’s class as the 30th-best in the nation. Rivals also has Maryland’s class as the fifth-best in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

“I’m just very proud of the coaching staff for the work and effort they’ve put in to getting this done,” said Edsall. “Then I’m also just very happy for all these young men that we’ve signed because they see what we’re doing, what we’re building, and they wanted to be a part of something special.”

In addition to Gray, Jacobs and Ngakoue, the Terps added three more four-star recruits in quarterback Shane Cockerille, tight end Andrew Isaacs and defensive back William Likely. Cockerille, a dual-threat quarterback from The Gilman School, was a finalist of ESPN’s Elite 11, a camp which ranks the top prep quarterbacks in the nation. Cockerille also represented the U-19 USA Team in the International Bowl on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Likely, an all-state player Belle Glade, Fla., is one of three early enrollees, joining Long and offensive lineman Silvano Altamirano, who spent the past two seasons at San Diego Mesa College.

A talented group of incoming linebackers also includes Jalen Brooks, one of two recruits from the state of Georgia, and Derrick Hayward of Wicomico High School in Salisbury, Md.

Milan Collins of Bishop McNamara High School in La Plata, Md., Elvis Dennah of Annapolis Area Christian School in Annapolis, and Jarrett Ross, the lone Delaware signee, round out a group of five defensive backs.

The Terps also added three strong defensive linemen, going into Florida to get Bozeman High School product Chandler Burkett and Mandarin High School’s Kingsley Opara, as well as Malik Jones, who won two state titles at Paul L. Dunbar High School in Baltimore.

Maryland also has two quality additions along the offensive line in JaJuan Dulaney of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Ga., and Moise Larose of Wilde Lake High School in Odenton, Md.


Pronunciation Guide

Taivon Jacobs: Tay-von

Moise Larose: Mo-ees La-ROW

Yannick Ngakoue: IN-Gah-Kway

Kingsley Opara: O-par-ah

Jacquille Veii: Ja-Keel Vay

Cavon Walker: Say-von

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Maryland football adds pair of JUCO transfers

Posted on 19 December 2012 by WNST Staff

Offensive lineman and wide receiver to join Maryland in the spring

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Maryland head coach Randy Edsall announced on Wednesday that offensive lineman Silvano Altamirano and wide receiver Deon Long have signed national letters of intent and will enroll at Maryland in the spring.


Altamirano played the last two seasons at San Diego Mesa College. The 6-foot-3, 290-pound offensive lineman earned first team All-SCFA honors in 2012.


“I am very happy to have Silvano come in and be part of our offensive line at the University of Maryland,” said Edsall. “He has the explosiveness, speed, pulling ability and toughness that we want from our offensive linemen.”


Altamirano graduated from Mt. Carmel High School in San Diego, Calif.


The 6-foot-1, 195-pound Long spent last year at Iowa Western Community College, where he became the first player in NJCAA history to catch 100 passes in a season. He finished his sophomore campaign with 100 receptions for 1,625 yards and 25 touchdowns, leading the NJCAA in all three categories. Long earned first team All-America honors, while leading Iowa Western to a national championship.


“I am very excited about Deon joining the Terrapin family,” said Edsall. “He is an outstanding young man who has demonstrated the ability to be a big play wide receiver with the numbers he put up this past year at Iowa Western. He is a wide receiver that possesses all of the qualities that we look for in a wide receiver.”


Prior to his time at Iowa Western, Long spent two seasons at the University of New Mexico. As a redshirt freshman in 2011, Long tied for the team lead with 47 receptions and led the Lobos with 809 receiving yards and four touchdown catches. Long was named to the Phil Steele Postseason All-Freshman second team and earned first team All-Mountain West Conference honors.


Long is from Washington, D.C., where he attended Dunbar High School.


– Terps –


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