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Tea Party 7-14-12

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Orioles Back to Normal

Posted on 18 July 2012 by Tom Federline

Actually, the Orioles are playing worse than normal. How does 18 -27 sound since May 25th? 1 out of 5 pitchers are left from the Opening Day starting rotation. Reimold on DL, Andino on DL, Hammel on DL, Roberts on DL again – he’s done. They have no offense, they are running the bases as if they were playing sandlot ball and they have committed the most errors in the majors. Now there’s a playoff team for ya! “Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs. You kidding me? Playoffs?” Thank you Jim Mora for one of the best post game speeches of all-time.

They lost their pitching and Markakis during the month of June and have not recovered. June and July are feeling quite different than April and May did. And it stinks. Actually, it’s worse than stinks but I won’t go there because those who know me …….know I would be ranting vehemently for 500 words and I would be banished from blogging in the northern hemisphere ever again. Buck-Buck has lost the team. There is no fire. There is a different atmosphere in the dugout. Earlier in the year, whether they were winning or losing, there was talk, unity and smiles in the dugout. Look in there now – you have seen it before – we have seen it for 15 years – dejection, 2-3 man groups huddled by themselves, numerous trips down the tunnel to the buffet table in the clubhouse.

I was at the Yard this past Saturday evening for the 5-hour 13 inning win. Which should have ended after 3 hours with an 8-1 win. No clutch hitting, lackadaisical base running, errors committed but not charged, ug-ly. There were some positives - throw out at home, clutch home runs, Miquel Socolovich, evidence of persistence. But man, talk about a roller coaster ride. Ended up being fun, because they won. The way they have looked this past month, I sure am glad I got to catch potentially the last glimpse of Orioles Magic this year.


I hope I’m wrong. There needs to be a radical change in the Clubhouse and Jim Thome is not the answer. What happened with the “grow the pitching concept”? Evidently the draught hit the Orioles farm team before it hit the countries farmlands. Arietta and Matusz – nice busts. They need more orange kool-aid or more orange-”juice”. Brady Anderson –  they need you now. Isn’t he the “how to take juice and not get caught coach?” Hey Brady – you might as well hit up Reynolds while you’re at it. Good ole Mark Reynolds, 7.5 million dollars worth of ineptitude. To make us all feel a little better – Reynolds makes $20,500 per day to play a game and “stink” at it. That’s $20,500 per day for 365 days. Athletes salaries and the amount of money spent on sports entertainment in this country is horrid. More evidence of just how screwed up our society really is (another blog  – on deck).

The only consistently good thing I have experienced these past two months with the Orioles is…………not as much Gary Thorne “In our Side”! Have you noticed? It has been quite a joy to turn on the tube and hear Jim Hunter’s voice instead of “I should only be doing bowling tournaments – Thorne”. Fred Manfra and Joe Angel are still top dogs and my preferred method of listening/watching a ballgame. It’s tough enough to watch the O’s annual extended losing streaks, but it is impossible to watch with bush league commentary. 

Enough doom and gloom. How about the weather? Yeah, another 100 degree cooker. ”Couldn’t Stand the Weather?” – Stevie Ray Vaughan. How about July 27th? Here’s something to look forward to – BSO plays Led Zep at Pier Six and the Olympics begin. The weather is going to stay hot, the Olympics are going to heat up our spirit and the O’s …………..well they need a heated Buck-Buck butt whoopin’ or they will be finishing below .500 and last…………….again. O’s need help, some back to the basics and alot of luck. Bring on the Summer Olympics.



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Relying On Roberts a Tricky Proposition

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Relying On Roberts a Tricky Proposition

Posted on 05 July 2012 by Thyrl Nelson

Before saying anything that could be construed as criticism of Brian Roberts, I feel obligated to say the following:

I am in awe of Roberts and his comeback…simple as that. Baseball aside, by most accounts, the last year or so of Roberts’ life has been horrific. That he’s well enough to play is secondary to the fact that he’s well enough to enjoy his life. Given all that we’ve learned about concussions and their impacts in recent years, and all that Roberts experienced first hand as a result of his own concussions, it would have been easy for the longest tenured Oriole to ride out the remainder of his guaranteed contract, add on to his substantial bank account and ease into enjoying the next phase of his life. Enjoying the next phase of his life being the most important part of the entire statement, it can’t be ignored that with each game Roberts may be risking his ability to do just that. And for that I stand in simple admiration of his spirit and character.


He is however a baseball player, and inevitably all conversations will eventually lead back to his ability to play the game. And in that department, there are still a million questions yet to be answered about Roberts.


Surely the Orioles resurgence (brief as it may be) since Roberts departure, along with their slide (coincidental or not) during his return will lead fans to question whether he’s what’s been wrong with the team lately. And statistically it’s a fair question.


The sample size is small, and the real truth is that as Roberts’ injuries have been described, he wasn’t able to do much of anything while dealing with the concussions and their aftermath. Being away from the game, and his regular conditioning programs for as long as Roberts was, appears to have taken its toll. So far the approach seems similar to the Roberts of old, but the results have been anything but, and lack of extra base hits is becoming alarming for the one-time best doubles hitter in baseball.


Maybe the itch to get back to action caused the player and the team to rush. Maybe the 20-game maximum rehab assignment just isn’t enough for a player that far removed from the game to get his rhythm, timing and strength back.


I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Roberts to concede the injury and return to the DL after all that he’s been through to get back. I’d like to believe that the “groin strain” is a way to get Roberts back into the weight room for a week or two and then back to the minors for another 20-games or so to really find his game again.


It’s easy to say that the O’s can’t win with Roberts and he’s certainly a tough guy to count on as you look ahead. Still, Roberts is nowhere close to himself yet, and the proposition of getting him there eventually should be encouraging to the team and their fans. It also seems a lot more realistic than waiting for them to make a big trade to add some talent.


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