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Orioles shut down top pitching prospect Bundy once again

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Orioles shut down top pitching prospect Bundy once again

Posted on 25 June 2013 by Luke Jones

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As if a fourth consecutive loss on Monday wasn’t bad enough, the Orioles have once again shut down top pitching prospect Dylan Bundy.

The 20-year-old was in the midst of a throwing progression in Sarasota after a six-week layoff that followed a platelet-rich plasma injection administered by renowned orthopedic Dr. James Andrews in late April. The right-hander had progressed to throwing from 120 feet and appeared to be on the verge of getting back on the mound before once again experiencing discomfort in his right forearm and elbow.

At least that was the perception created by manager Buck Showalter earlier in the day before MASN first reported the news after the loss.

“Dylan’s still not on the mound yet, but he’s doing all his work and feels fine,” Showalter said prior to Monday’s 5-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians. “I haven’t heard something different than what he’s doing. I know 120 [feet] was about as far as [he's gone]. I think the next step is to go on the mound, but I intentionally don’t ask that question. I leave that in [the training staff's] hands.”

Bundy will be examined by team orthopedic Dr. John Wilckens in Baltimore on Tuesday and is expected to be seen by Dr. Andrews again. He was diagnosed with flexor mass tightness in the forearm, but an MRI on his elbow showed no structural damage before he received the PRP injection and was ordered to rest for six weeks.

The 2011 first-round pick hasn’t pitched since spring training.

Showalter said following Monday’s game that outfielder Steve Pearce received a cortisone injection in his left wrist and will go to Sarasota later this week.



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Top prospect Bundy receives PRP injection, will rest six weeks

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Top prospect Bundy receives PRP injection, will rest six weeks

Posted on 29 April 2013 by Luke Jones

Orioles pitching prospect Dylan Bundy won’t be returning to the mound in the near future but will avoid surgery for now following a visit with renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews on Monday.

As was the case with pitcher Zach Britton’s left shoulder last March, Bundy received a platelet-rich plasma injection to strengthen his right forearm that’s given him problems since the end of spring training. Bundy was shut down earlier this month and found the tightness in his forearm was still there after he attempted to begin a throwing program last week.

Per his request, the Orioles sent Bundy to Dr. Andrews on Monday, who prescribed the injection followed by six weeks of rest. Manager Buck Showalter said last week that Bundy is dealing with flexor mass tightness, but a previous MRI showed no structural damage to his pitching elbow.

Bundy saw team orthopedist Dr. James Wilckens last week before traveling to see Dr. Andrews on Monday. For now, Bundy will remain in Sarasota as he continues to rehab the elbow and forearm.

In many cases, PRP therapy involves more than one injection, but it is unknown whether that will be the case with Bundy. The procedure carries no tangible risk but has had varying degrees of success for many patients.

The good news for now is that Bundy will avoid going under the knife, but that doesn’t mean surgery wouldn’t be an option down the line if the injection and extended rest doesn’t provide the remedy.

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Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., April 24

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Drew’s Morning Dish — Wed., April 24

Posted on 24 April 2013 by Drew Forrester

Well, that’s the end of Dylan Bundy’s career.


I’m kidding.

While I’ll admit it’s never good to see your name linked with Dr. James Andrews, unless he’s getting you on at Augusta National, I wouldn’t be overly concerned with Bundy’s visit to see the good doctor.

He fixes people, in case you haven’t heard.

And even if they find something structurally unsound in his forearm, that’s what Andrews is there for…to get it right.

Lots of folks will panic over Tuesday’s news, but let’s allow it to all play out and then go from there.  It’s not like Bundy was going to come up in July and go 11-2 in his 13 starts with a 2.49 ERA.  That just wasn’t going to happen.  So, this Orioles team won’t be affected at all by any decision made by Dr. Andrews.

Get the kid’s arm fixed and let’s move on.


Nice work by the Capitals on Tuesday night to fend off a pesky Winnipeg team and win the Southeast Division with that 5-3 win in D.C.

That was a hockey player’s game on Tuesday.  In fact, really, it closely resembled “playoff hockey”, which hopefully prepares the Caps for what lies ahead in May.

The work Ovechkin put in on the game-clinching empty net goal was an indication that his effort level has drastically changed under Adam Oates.  He started the whole play twenty seconds earlier by applying pressure near the middle of the ice as a loose puck rolled back in the Winnipeg end.  Ovi kept fighting along the boards long enough for Backstrom to come in behind him and get involved in the play.  As a loose puck appeared and Backstrom swooped in to collect it, Ovechkin realized he was going to be in an offsides position and hustled some fifteen feet or so back into the neutral zone.  Now onside, The Great Eight collected a nice pass from Backstrom and slapped it in from 35 feet for the backbreaker.

This time two years ago, I’m not sure Ovechkin would have put in that kind of effort.

For sure, last season, Dale Hunter would have been mad at Backstrom and Ovechkin for both being in the offensive end of the ice at the same time.


I’m guessing the Ravens haven’t cut Rolando McClain yet because they’d rather not give away their position prior to Thursday’s NFL draft.

In other words, if they cut him, they’re letting 31 other teams know they’re linebacker-shopping again.

I assume sometime next week he’ll be gone.


I mean, I realize he went to Alabama and all, but Ozzie’s not really going to keep Rolando McClain, is he?


That Stephen Curry kid can really shoot the basketball.

And, because he didn’t go to Duke, he’s actually likeable.

Everything about him looks Duke-ish, and it’s hard to believe Coach K didn’t get him, but he somehow flew under the radar screen and wound up at Davidson of all places.

But he can absolutely shoot the ball as well as anyone I’ve seen in a long time.

And those jerseys they’re wearing in Golden State…wow x 5!  How they ever lose a game wearing those duds, I have no idea.


Hey, did you read that story about the two Flyers fans who both wound up getting Rhodes Scholarship offers in the same year?

Yeah, me neither.


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