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Eli’s in for the Ravens

Posted on 25 August 2010 by Domenic Vadala

Two weeks ago NY Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning required 13 stitches to close a gash to his head in the Giants’ first preseason game against the NY Jets. Manning sat out last week’s 24-17 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but is planning on starting this Saturday night when the Giants come to town to play the Ravens. If this were a regular season game I would have been chomping at the bit to have a quarterback like Manning not playing in the game, however I was happy when I heard that Manning was going to play. While the Ravens have a ferocious defense, let’s keep in mind that Eli Manning’s a Super Bowl champion and a darned good quarterback. I’d rather see the Ravens play against one of the best to see how they stack up during preseason rather than draw Jim Sorgi or Rhett Bomar (the Giants’ third stringer, who played the entire game last week against Pittsburgh).

There’s definitely a rhyme and reason to the preseason, even given the fact that many fans like to complain about the watered-down, vanilla games. Week three has traditionally always been the game where the starting team gets to play most of the game (generally into the third quarter, if not three full quarters). Come the fourth quarter, we’ll probably see second and third stringers rotated in and out of the game in rapid motion so as to give everyone a fair amount of playing time. Come next week against the Atlanta Falcons, we’ll see the starters for perhaps one drive of the game on each side of the ball, and the rest of the game will be given to second through fourth and fifth stringers who are trying to earn a spot on the team. However, week three of the preseason has always been the “money game” so to speak because it’s as close to a regular season game as you’re going to get. Training camps broke last week, so now all teams are actually going through the normal motions of a week in terms of getting ready for a game. Again, there’s a rhyme and reason to each game in the preseason in my opinion; while some people like to say that all it means is that the starters play more, there’s also more than meets-the-eye. To this point, Joe Flacco’s seen action in the first and second quarter of games. It’s always interesting to see how your starting QB comes out and essentially warms up again to play after halftime. Furthermore, we’ll also see John Harbaugh having to make in-game adjustments at halftime, as the Giants’ starting team will also presumably be coming back out as well, led by Eli Manning.

Many of the above-mentioned ideas flow into my reasoning for being excited to see Manning play this week. I can’t say that I would have blamed the Giants for resting Manning for the remainder of the preseason, however everyone needs to get their work in at this time of year. However had the Ravens starting defense played against a second or third string quarterback for three quarters on Saturday night, first off I think we probably would see a blood bath. However it would also give the Ravens and the fans a false sense of security or superiority. The fact is that the Ravens probably have a top three defense in the NFL; anyone who doubts that fact doesn’t know football or perhaps even sports in general. However you could probably take the worst NFL defense in the league and put them against a high powered high school team and the NFL guys would run over them. If you see your team play against competition that’s so much more inferior to you, you don’t get a fair look at what you have.

One weaker link in the defense has been the secondary, and Manning’s a quarterback that’ll put that to the test. Obviously there’s a chance that the Ravens might give up a big play or two, as they did at Washington last week. (Although in that case the defense seemed to tighten within the red zone.) And if that happens, the defensive coaches will then have a better idea of how to scheme and protect against that kind of thing moving forward. If you’re not into preseason football, then I would say at the very least you might still want to check out this week’s games since they’re the crème de la crème of the preseason so to speak. The intensity of the Ravens/Giants game (along with other games around the league this week) will still not compare with what we’ll see on September 12-13th, however my attitude is that bad or weak football is still football.

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Best Of The Best: My Top 20 QB’s cont.

Posted on 19 August 2010 by Joe Giglio

10. Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

Beltway Joe is my guy. We often talk about young QB’s gaining experience by repetitions in pressure packed games. I don’t believe any 25 or under QB in the league right now has had the kind of on the job training as Flacco. He has already won 3 road playoff games in two seasons under center, and has been at least among the final four in the AFC both times. His completion percentage, yards, and touchdowns all rose from his rookie to sophomore campaigns, while his INT’s remained the same despite significantly more attempts. He might have the biggest arm in the league- I dare you do find me someone who throws the out pattern better than him. With Boldin, Stallworth, and a pair of young pass catching TE’s in Pitta and Dickson, Flacco has the weapons to lead Baltimore even deeper in the postseason.

9. Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings

Why only 9th after the season he had last year and the weapons on the Minnesota offense? Health and desperation. Brett Favre is tough as nails, but at some point all of these surgeries and injuries are going to cost him valuable regular season starts, which could cost Minnesota a trip to January. Also, I think Favre’s urgency to win another title erodes his decision making abilities in big spots. Letting the game come to him was never a strong suit of his, but I’m less and less convinced he can win a title every day.

8. Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

Say what you want about his style, backwards hat, and too cool for school smile…Tony Romo can play. The back to back wins over Philadelphia in Week 17 and Wild Card weekend took away the biggest bullet that anti-Romo guys had in their arsenal. “He chokes in the big spot” was erased by his play down the stretch in wins over New Orleans and Washington, along with his picking apart of the Philly defense. He has show over the years an uncanny ability to slide within the pocket, doesn’t need a “true” #1 WR to put up big numbers, and has matured in his decision making when the game is on the line. If Dallas is to play a home Super Bowl, it is because, not in spite, of Tony Romo.

7. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

It took a full season for Aaron and I to see eye to eye. I didn’t like the hype machine centered around him and the Packers big pre-season numbers, was embarrassed for him when he let Jared Allen abuse him on Monday Night Football, and was loving it when his INT to lose the game in Tampa put the Packers at 4-4. Things started to change after that. The yards, touchdowns, and wins started piling up week after week. His performance on Wild Card weekend in Arizona sealed it for me that this guy could play. Can Green Bay win a Super Bowl with that style playing in the cold, snow, and wind of Lambeau? I’ve always thought it was more conducive to dome and warm weather teams (St. Louis, New Orleans, Arizona), but Green Bay has a chance because Rodgers can go point for point with anyone if he gets time in the pocket.

6. Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

I realize that the “numbers” are better on Phil’s resume than #5 or #4 on my list, but I’m beginning to wonder if all that regular season dominance will ever translate into a Super Bowl trip. There seems to be a new excuse every year in San Diego. Whether it be the incompetence of Norv Turner, injuries to Tomlinson and Gates, simply running into a better team like Pittsburgh or New England, or the hottest defense in NY…this team and QB can’t finish the job. I was convinced that Rivers would win the MVP last year and get San Diego to a Super Bowl, but the guy came up small in January. I know he is tough and plays through injures, but if he wants to be a Top 5 guy in the league and crack the Top 2 of the Class of ’04, he needs to play in the Big Game.

5. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers

Can’t stand the guy, but respect the player. If it wasn’t for one great drive vs. Arizona a few years ago he would be so many spots down this list. But that drive did happen and Ben does have two rings on his fingers. If the Steelers can get through his four game suspension at 2-2, plenty of fans will peg them as a sleeper in the AFC. More interesting to me than the team is how the city responds to him when he returns. Not many two time Super Bowl winning stars get booed in their home stadium, but Pittsburgh and Ben might be the exception to the rule. The relationship in Pittsburgh might be irreparable, but if I need to win a title, there aren’t many guys I’d rather have.

4. Eli Manning, New York Giants

Look at the talent levels, production, off the field issues, and past performances in the biggest games and tell me why you would put anyone else in this spot. Eli is no longer Peyton’s younger brother or the QB that got hot for a Super Bowl run. Lost in the Giants wretched finish to 2009 was Manning’s ascension to the top of the rung of NFL stars. Over 4,000 yards behind an aging offensive line, non-existent running game, and a slew of neophyte receivers was quite impressive. He had to come out of his play action comfort zone and operate out of the shotgun more than ever because of the opponent lighting the scoreboard up on his porous defense. Eli is now not just the leader of the Giants, he’s the best player on the field for them.

3. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

His Super Bowl victory launched him into the #1 or #2 spots for some fans in our poll, but it simply inducted him into the club on my list. He’s no longer a distant third after the untouchable 1-2 of Manning-Brady (or Brady-Manning for some). I now look at the Big Three on this list as 1-2-3. They are all elite, can all lead a team to a championship, and all give defensive coordinators nightmares. Brees ability to release the ball quickly and keep seemingly every single WR on his roster involved in the offense is superb. He revived a fan base, helped revive a city, and is carving out a plaque in Canton as each game passes.

2. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Don’t sleep on Brady. 28 TDs and nearly 4,400 yards the first year back from major knee reconstruction surgery is incredible. The Patriots have become flawed in almost every area outside of Brady. The shine has come off the pretty car the Pats had become prior to their Super Bowl loss to the Giants. Last year’s playoff beat down in their building at the hands of Baltimore was a shock to the football community, but Brady and New England shouldn’t be counted out. If knee injuries truly take two years to come back to full strength, watch out for Brady in 2010. If I need to win a Super Bowl I still want a guy that has more than anyone else on this list.

1. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

The best I have ever seen. Over 4,000 yards in 10 of the last 11 seasons. Mark him down for 11-13 wins a season. I have never seen an athlete take over a game mentally they way Peyton does. He dissects defenses as if he is watching film of their previous games in his head as the play happens. I know his loss to Brees in the Super Bowl makes these Top 3 very close, but when I add in durability, making those around him better, smarts, will to win, work ethic, and consistency, there isn’t anyone better for my money. If I absolutely need to win, Peyton is my guy.

Agree with Flacco at 10? Who would you have put at #1? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Mailbag: Thursday the 8th of LeBron

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Mailbag: Thursday the 8th of LeBron

Posted on 08 July 2010 by Thyrl Nelson

There’s been some mail, and a few on air discussions cut short that I’ve been meaning to catch up on. And since some of it at least is timely, there’s no time like the present, so here goes, the first edition of Thyrl’s Mail Bag. And if you have a question, comment or idea, send it to me at thyrl@wnst.net.  


With all of the NBA’s free agent buzz, a caller off air asked who the highest paid NBA players were in 2009-10.


It’s an interesting list, and leads you to wonder where some of the teams spending big might find themselves on the tail ends of these monster contracts, especially with a new collective bargaining agreement on the near horizon too.


Here’s the top 10, from hoopshype.com for 2009-10:

1. Kobe Bryant $24.8 mil

2. Rashard Lewis $20.5 mil

3. Kevin Garnett $18.8 mil

4. Tim Duncan $18.7 mil

5. Michael Redd $18.3 mil

6. Pau Gasol $17.8 mil

7. Andrei Kiralenko $17.8 mil

8. Yao Ming $17.6 mil

9. Gilbert Arenas $17.7 mil

10. Vince Carter $17.3 mil


For all of the grief baseball gets, there top 10 looks much better. Here are the MLB rankings from CBSSports.com for 2010:

1. Alex Rodriguez $33 mil

2. CC Sabathia $24.2 mil

3. Derek Jeter $22.6 mil

4. Mark Teixeira $20.6 mil

5. Johan Santana $20.1 mil

6. Miguel Cabrera $20 mil

7. Carlos Beltran $19.4 mil

8. Ryan Howard, Carlos Lee & Alfonso Soriano $19 mil


And USA Today’s top 10 NFL salaries for 2009:

1. Philip Rivers $25.5 mil

2. Jay Cutler $22 mil

3. Eli Manning $20.5 mil

4. Kurt Warner $19 mil

5. Kelvin Hayden $17.4 mil

6. Matt Schaub $17 mil

7. Julius Peppers $16.6 mil

8. Chris Long $16.5 mil

9. Greg Jennings $16.2 mil

10. Antonio Smith $15.5 mil


Jeff, who didn’t identify where he was from wanted to know who has the biggest potential among this year’s crop of free agents to be a bust?


For the money Jeff, Chris Bosh seems a bit too willing to concede the driver’s seat to another superstar. Although he’s a willing second fiddle, he doesn’t seem to be a willing #5 in the NBA, and therefore probably lacks the toughness a superstar would need in the paint. If winning the Eastern Conference means solving Dwight Howard, I like A’mare Stoudamire’s chances much better than the pick and pop game of Bosh. But the even easier answer is Darko, again.


Kevin in Fallston heard me say – in a moment of weakness perhaps – that the O’s might be close, and wants to know exactly how close.


Kevin, I’d say not quite as close as the ’06 Rays or even the ’03 Tigers, but still much closer than the ’46 Cubs. Or so I hope.


And Adrian in Essex wants to know what I expect LeBron will announce tomorrow at “The Decision”.


The Knicks fan in me wants him to go to New York, the closet Nets fan growing inside of me wants New Jersey, my humanitarian side wants him to stay in Cleveland, but more than anything, I want to see it drug out a little further. I’m hoping to see LeBron at a table, flanked by World Wide Wes on one side, Simon Cowell on the other, and a parade of teams auditioning to win the judges and America over. After that we’ll have a nationwide vote, and Shaq can emcee the results show. I’m almost afraid to see it all end, so are a lot of teams, I’ll bet.





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Accomplishment of 2nd Straight Playoff Trip Can’t Go Unnoticed

Posted on 03 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

I understand why the excitement isn’t what it was a season ago.

A season ago, the Baltimore Ravens began the season with a rookie QB, a first year head coach and no expectations; which made a return to the playoffs particularly sweet for fans throughout Charm City.

But entering this season, last year’s run to the AFC Championship Game lead many fans to adopt a “Super Bowl or bust” type motto. Amazingly, the Ravens will be one of just 12 teams who will be alive in the race for the Vince Lombardi Trophy come Monday morning-despite the “I’m not sure they even belong” attitude a number of fans have adopted.

There’s reason for the less than enthusiastic emotions that fans in town have adopted. This Ravens team has been less than overwhelming this season-beating just one playoff team (San Diego in Week 2) en route to clinching a Wild Card berth against the Raiders Sunday in Oakland. The Ravens finished the season with 6 straight losses against teams who qualified for postseason play, and mixed in a loss to the Steelers-who will miss the playoffs despite posting a record equal to the 9-7 mark the Ravens posted this season. Joe Flacco appeared to regress in his 2nd season, and John Harbaugh made the type of mental mistakes that coaches probably SHOULDN’T make in their second season. The Ravens’ Wide Receivers have been troubling, and their secondary has been terrible at times.

The remarkable thing about all of this is that all of the problems the Ravens have been forced to overcome have happened during a season in which they reached the playoffs for a 2nd straight year for only the 2nd time in franchise history.

There’s a slew of players and coaches around the NFL who aren’t going to be participating in a 2nd straight postseason. The list includes Matt Ryan, Mike Smith, Tony Sparano, Brett Favre, Mike Tomlin, Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer, Marvin Lewis, Tony Romo, Wade Phillips, Tom Coughlin, Eli Manning, Jeff Fisher, Chris Johnson, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Drew Brees, Sean Payton and John Fox. (Others-like Matt Hasselbeck, Mike Singletary and more will fail to reach even a single postseason over the 24 month span.)

Get the point?

Reaching the postseason in back to back seasons is a MAJOR accomplishment. The Ravens will be able to make money, gain exposure and build on their franchise history over at least the next week if not the next month. It will be remarkably difficult for them to go to Foxborough and beat the Patriots, but they might. Whether or not they do, they will have had an outstanding season.

It doesn’t change the problems this team faces. They will still need to overhaul their receivers in the offseason-but they will be doing it in an offseason where they are coming off a 2nd straight trip to the playoffs. The Steelers can’t say the same thing about their secondary overhaul this offseason.

It’s a big deal.

It’ll be a bigger deal if they’re still alive in 7 days.


(If you’d like to join us at Gillette Stadium next Saturday, click the “Trips” tab at WNST.net)

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Tuesday Morning’s Purple Crabs and Beer

Posted on 08 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

Ravens Report Card:

Quarterback: D-

Joe showed some signs of life in the 3rd quarter-which means I can’t give him a failing grade (as others will be inclined to do). Other than that, it was a miserable performance from Joe-his lowest point during his tenure as quarterback.

Running Back: C-

Ray Rice’s early fumble really hurt, but he also showed TREMENDOUS effort the rest of the way. I’m just not a fan of using Willis McGahee at the goal line; even if he scored a touchdown the first time. I think he’s a candidate to lose 2 yards every time he touches the ball.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B-

I thought Mark Clayton and Kelley Washington each gave a TREMENDOUS effort. And while I seriously doubt Demetrius Williams would have caught either of those passes, he was a real plus for this team in drawing two big penalties. Todd Heap made a nice catch early, but Derrick Mason was a non-factor. Credit Dom Capers for sliding Charles Woodson into the nickel to help take away the 8-12 yard range Mason loves.

Offensive Line: C+

Michael Oher struggled MIGHTILY, and Ben Grubbs had a few tough plays in there too. Jared Gaither played pretty well, but the unit lacked cohesiveness at times.

Defensive Line: C+

It’s hard to fault the effort that Haloti Ngata and Dwan Edwards gave-and Kelly Gregg too for that matter. But without Terrell Suggs, the Ravens again failed to get much pressure on Aaron Rodgers. The front four just haven’t done it.

Linebackers: C-

It was a mixed bag from this unit. Tavares Gooden was pretty bad at times, but Dannell Ellerbe really made some plays. I thought Ray’s ankle was again a factor in slowing him down; and this unit struggled to drop back to make plays in pass coverage.

Secondary: D

Lardarius Webb played okay. The pass interference call on Domonique Foxworth was COMPLETELY bogus. Tom Zbikowski had an interception…..if only his game could have ended there. It was just a tough night all around from a unit that has had a very tough season.

Special Teams: C+

Sam Koch was solid again, and the coverage wasn’t that bad after Jordy Nelson’s initial long return. Lardarius had another big return (although there was really no reason he shouldn’t have taken that one home-which would have cut the game to 24-21), and looked pretty good on others. Even Chris Carr moved the ball a little bit. The short kickoffs were absolutely BIZARRE.

Coaching: D-

John Harbaugh’s time management philosophy is absolutely laughable. There are kids playing Madden 2010 today that understand timeout strategy better than a NFL head coach. YOU CAN STOP THE CLOCK ON OFFENSE WITHOUT TIMEOUTS! YOU CAN’T DO THAT DEFENSIVELY! While the offensive gameplan appeared solid early on, adjustments weren’t made well when the Packers answered the Ravens’ tries to run. Jerry Rosburg will have to try to give us an idea of what they were thinking about on the short kickoffs, and Greg Mattison again failed to dial up much pressure.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark thinks Harbaugh/Cam Cameron/Hue Jackson may have put too much trust in Flacco too early in his career

Drew Forrester says Packers beat Ravens ‘in trenches’

And the best from the rest of the world…..

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says without Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed, Ravens couldn’t take down Packers

The Official Site’s Ryan Mink says Domonique Foxworth, Frank Walker, Lardarius Webb, Dawan Landry, Derrick Mason all hit with pass interference penalties in loss

The Official Site’s Sarah Ellison says defense really hurting without Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Fabian Washington, Haruki Nakamura, Brendon Ayanbadejo

The Official Site says John Harbaugh told media afterwards Ravens ‘fighting for (their) lives right now, but still breathing’

Packers Official Site says Mike McCarthy thought ‘penalties were unbelievable for both sides’

Packers Official Site’s Mike Spofford says teams combined for 310 yards-most combined yards in Packers history

Packers Official Site’s Mike Spofford says Nick Barnett thought win ‘beautiful’ despite how ugly it looked

Packers Official Site’s Tom Fanning says 4th quarter interceptions from Tramon Williams, AJ Hawk wrapped things up

Packers Official Site’s Tom Fanning says Jermichael Finley abused Zbikowski for 2 TD’s

The AP’s Chris Jenkins says Packers improved to 8-4 with win, maintained good position in NFC Wild Card race

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Flacco thought INT in endzone ‘stupid decision and even worse throw’

The Sun’s Mike Preston gives harshest criticism to Flacco

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Donald Driver also caught TD for Packers in win

The Sun’s Edward Lee says despite early INT, Ravens won’t ‘pass mantle’ from Reed to Zbikowski after tough performance

The Sun’s Mike Preston ‘doubtful’ Flacco will ever reach level of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but thinks he COULD be as good as Eli Manning or Phillip Rivers

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says 17-0 deficit matched biggest deficit of season in losses to Vikings, Bengals

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Harbs thought Flacco was being a ‘competitor’ when he threw pick in endzone

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Billy Cundiff (concussion), Mark Clayton (hamstring), Jared Gaither (foot), Kelly Gregg (shoulder strain) all injured in loss

The Sun’s Ron Fritz says even ESPN analysts Gruden, Jaworski couldn’t figure out what Ravens were doing offensively in first half of Monday Night Football loss

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Derrick Mason showed ‘lack of control’ as Ravens tried to make 2nd half comeback

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Charles Woodson ‘owned’ Derrick Mason

The Sun’s David Zurawik thinks ESPN analysts correct in criticism of Ravens in MNF broadcast

The Sun’s Justin Fenton says Candace Williams claims Terrell Suggs knocked her down, spilled bleach on her after argument

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Flacco was trying to throw across body to Demetrius Williams when he was picked off in endzone

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says NFL ‘monitoring’ T-Sizzle situation under personal conduct policy

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Paul Kruger made first NFL start in place of Suggs

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson gives harshest criticism to Flacco in loss

Green Bay Press Gazette’s Pete Dougherty says Ryan Pickett, Cullen Jenkins, Johnny Jolly, B.J. Raji controlled line of scrimmage in Packers’ win

Green Bay Press Gazette’s Mike Vandermause says Aaron Rodgers ‘continued stellar play’ in win over Ravens

Green Bay Press Gazette’s Rob Demovsky says Finley, Packers exploited Ravens’ loss of Ed Reed

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Tom Silverstein says Jermichael Finley ‘hero’ for Packers in victory

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Lori Nickel says Tramon Williams did ‘just enough’ in place of Al Harris

Wisconsin State Journal’s Tom Ziemer says over 70,000 at Lambeau Field saw Packers get past Ravens

Wisconsin State Journal’s Jon Masson says OG Daryn Colledge thought Finley ‘extremely important weapon’ for Packers in win

Wisconsin State Journal says teams combined to tie for 2nd most penalty yards in NFL history

USA Today’s Sean Leahy says Ravens feel further behind in race for AFC Wild Card spots with loss

USA Today’s Sean Leahy says Kevin Byrne reported Suggs plans to ‘tell his side of story’ in incident with alleged girlfriend

Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer thinks Aaron Rodgers has proved himself as ‘elite’ quarterback

Sporting News’ Clifton Brown has Ravens 14th in power rankings

CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman thinks Walt Anderson’s crew had ‘one of the worst officiating performances in league history’

ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert says Nick Collins thought Packers’ defense ‘phenomenal’ in win

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens lacked urgency, gave Rodgers too much time to throw, saw Flacco struggle, were undisciplined, didn’t give Flacco enough time, and hurt playoff chances (is that all?)

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens now 1 game behind Jaguars, tied with Steelers in playoff race


-The Terrell Suggs story is strange, and would be particularly troubling if we find out it is true. Even if it isn’t true, Terrell’s reputation will be hurt just by having the story reported. Terrell MAY have never put his hands on the woman, but there will be female football fans in Baltimore that will say “I just can’t root for Terrell anymore.” It will be interesting to see how the story plays out in the coming days.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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At long last, welcome back to the Unassisted Triple Play. You may have noticed my absence over the past several weeks. Probably you didn't, but I'll pretend that you did. Anyway, my inactivity has been largely the result of...

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And We’re Back

Posted on 30 November 2009 by Sam Angell

At long last, welcome back to the Unassisted Triple Play. You may have noticed my absence over the past several weeks. Probably you didn’t, but I’ll pretend that you did. Anyway, my inactivity has been largely the result of moving from Baltimore to Hartford, CT, where I now work in the sports information department at the University of Hartford, covering the men’s basketball team among other sports.

While I await my triumphant return to Baltimore to take on UMBC in an America East tilt on January 14, I’ve been keeping up with all the action from afar.


There was a moment last night when I thought to myself “a team that loses to a third-string quarterback has no business being in the playoffs. At least I won’t have to work myself up into an ulcer the rest of the season.”

Well, my health insurance at the new job just kicked in, so bring on the gastric acid!

I think any Ravens fan holding out hope for this season probably has a frame of mind similar to mine – the team hasn’t lost any games it shouldn’t have, and with the possible exception of the second Cincinnati game, they have been right in every game all year. Give me a second chance at the Patriots, the Colts, the Vikings…give me a third shot at the Bengals…I’ll take my chances.

That said, despite the fact that many fans and experts anticipated a Ravens blowout with Dennis Dixon in there, the Ravens needed a game like last night. They needed a do-or-die situation against the team they simply seemed incapable of getting over the hump against. They needed to prove that they aren’t seemingly the most snakebitten team in the history and get over the hump in one of those games. And they did it.

Now we know that Joe Flacco can win a game in the last five minutes if he has to. For all the greatness of his first 29 NFL games, he had yet to do that. A blowout would have been nice for our collective psyche, but going into last night, it didn’t matter if they won in overtime on a field goal or were resting the starters by halftime – it would just be one win, and they might very well need another one in Pittsburgh in late December to shore up a playoff berth.

That game will likely feature Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Chris Kemoetu, which has to be the hardest-to-spell trio on any inactive list in NFL history. The chances of the Ravens going into Pittsburgh and blowing the doors off the place are slim, but it is a strong bet that they will be in the game. If the Ravens find themselves down late in the game, they can look back at last night and know that they have a quarterback (and a running back) capable of moving the ball and getting them what they need to extend drives and seasons. If that hadn’t happened yesterday – even if the Ravens had won handily – that knowledge would not be in the back of their heads going up against the Super Bowl champs in a hostile environment. Now it is, and that will prove invaluable down the stretch for a team desperate to win and move on.

At least that’s what I’m going to tell myself for the sake of my health. In the meantime, Dennis is no Juan. And thank God we got the better half of the dynamic surveying duo.


With the Patriots and Saints underway tonight in one of the most hyped games of the season, and the Ravens and Steelers extending the best rivalry in the NFL right now with another classic last night, this week’s prime time games may end up bailing out the NFL for an embarrassment of a Thanksgiving opening course. Now, I won’t blame them for the clunker that Giants-Broncos ended up being. No one could have known that Eli was still more serious about his squash career than the Giants’ playoff hopes. But to pair the Cowboys with the Raiders, especially when the laughingstock that is the Detroit Lions had to be featured somewhere, was inexcusable.

The league has two teams locked into Thanksgiving every year. No one in their right mind could have counted on the Lions for a decent showing, even in a storied rivalry game. There’s only so much you can do with them, but that should have left the schedule makers pouring over the Cowboys’ home schedule trying to set up one of the best possible games for Thanksgiving.

So they look at who might be good coming into the season. in addition to their star-studded NFC East rivals, the Cowboys play Golden Boy Matt Ryan (who is no Chris Redman, mind you) and Philip, LT, and the Chargers in the Taj Mahal of football this season. So naturally, in the search for a marquee matchup, the NFL picked……..the Oakland Raiders?!

If the game on the field featured Jerry vs. Al in a tete-a-tete, then I could see it as fantastic holiday viewing. But that football game was more of a snorer than the tryptophan. Congratulations NFL, you’ve ruined Thanksgiving.

Of course, just like every other problem the NFL has experienced over the past 15 years, I’m sure they will find a way to Blame Baltimore. If the Ravens hadn’t ruined Jerry’s finale for Texas Stadium, maybe he wouldn’t have had to push for such a patsy on Thanksgiving. We knew that Le’Ron McClain was a power back. We didn’t know his footsteps would still be causing ripples eleven months later.


Normally I use this space for something irreverent and funny. Not today. Today I have something very serious to talk about with all of you. That, of course, was the mysterious disappearance of my Orioles and Ravens car magnets from my back bumper over the weekend. To whoever took them – assuming a Connecticut hoodlum reads random Baltimore sports blogs – I want them back. Put them back where you found them (the dirt outline of the “O” and the Ravens oval sticker are still there, so you should be able to do that no problem), and all will be forgiven. Otherwise, I will have you traced, and will send members of the UConn basketball team to steal your computer.

In the meantime, if any of my loyal readers have extra “O’s,” Ravens stickers, or any of the other things I’ve been missing from back home (Natty Boh, Berger cookies, Utz crab chips, Barry Glazer commercials, etc.), I would be forever in your debt.


No bigtime musicians born today, so today’s Happy Birthday goes to Simonetta Stefanelli, a.k.a. Apollonia from the Godfather. No one mastered the days of the week quite like her, and she still ranks in the top 50% of women drivers. And much like this blog, when she hit you with the thunderbolt, you were not going to forget it anytime soon.

Glad to be back everyone, talk to you all again soon.

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Posted on 05 October 2009 by Glenn Clark

You get props……

1-Melvin Mora

I can only imagine how the conversation went when Andy MacPhail told Melvin Mora they wouldn’t be exercising his option for 2010…..

AM: “Mel, I gotta be honest with you; given how we’re financially preparing for the future around here-I’m not sure you’re going to really fit into our plans.”
MM: “That’s too bad, Andy.”
AM: “But Mel, we want you to know how much you’ve meant to us; we’re sure this is really difficult for you.”
MM: “I get to go somewhere else, right Andy?”
AM: “Yes, but I know how much Baltimore has meant to you….”
MM: “I think I’ll be okay.”

In fairness, if you looked up “good soldier” at Dictionary.com, I believe there’s a picture of Melvin. Well, maybe not, but there CERTAINLY isn’t a picture of this guy……


When the hell did Bachman join the Army, anyway?

2-Alexander Semin

NHL season is underway for real, which means Flyers fans…..well……are right back to stabbing each other????

What the hell, Philadelphia?!?!?!

Why don’t you guys go back to what you do well?


Yeah, this is pretty much the only thing I can think of…..


3-Peyton Manning and Eli Manning

Why is it that for every AWESOME commercial Peyton Manning makes (I posted the Sony commercials last week)……

There’s another that just sucks……

4-Tony Stewart

It’s not that I’m not a fan of the man who won this weekend’s NASCAR race in……ummm…….Burlington? Canada? Jupiter?

It’s just that I find it more interesting to talk about Kimberly Stewart……


Is it weird that when I look at this picture, all I can think is “gee, that’s a weird belly button!”

5-Tyrod Taylor, Montel Harris, Riley Skinner, Demaryius Thomas and Mikell Simpson

Wanna know how to make ACC Football look better? Have ACC teams play OTHER ACC TEAMS!

Of course, that didn’t make North Carolina look better……but this does……


6-Matt Forte, Rashard Mendenhall and Ronnie Brown

And in honor of Ronnie Brown; let’s talk about Fins cheerleader Lilly Robbins….of course, by “talk about” I mean “check out sexy pictures of”……


(Editor’s note: For those of you who want to point out that The Big Lead did the same thing yesterday……you’re right. You see, I enjoy The Big Lead; but didn’t even notice it until after I had already posted this. Believe it or not, I’m not the only blogger in the world who hears “Miami Dolpins” and thinks “tits”.

7-Homer Bailey, Nelson Figueroa, JD Drew, Alex Rodriguez, Prince Fielder, Randy Wells, Victor Martinez, Wade LeBlanc, Jake Peavy, Eric Byrnes, and BJ Upton

And after 3 straight pictures of hot chicks, I feel like I should do something for the ladies since A-Rod hit a couple of homers the other night……


You know what, maybe that one was for us too…….

8-Mike Easton and Kris McCray

Not much from the world of fights this weekend. If you went down and checked out UWC at Patriot Center; you kick ass. If you didn’t, maybe you’ll enjoy this just as much……

9-Rodney Harrison

Did the officials cost the Ravens against the Patriots? No.
Is Tom Brady a bitch? Probably.

Thanks to Rich From Westminster for passing this one along, apparently he was able to find the NFL’s OFFICIAL definition of “roughing the passer”……..



Dude, if Common DIDN’T know Brady Quinn was in the crowd-this story isn’t quite as cool. But I’m gonna assume that Common DID know Brady Quinn was in the crowd; because in general-Common kicks ass……

AND……Brady Quinn deserves it, trust me……


11-The FBI

Yeah, way to go Federal Bureau of Investigation! We CANNOT have our nation’s sideline princesses be at risk of crazy stalkers filming them through hotel peepholes!!!!!


(Edit from GMC: Oh wait, they’re not reading this? WHAT THE HELL FBI?!?!?!? You arrested an American hero!)

12-Triple H & Shawn Michaels

They won a match at WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” Pay-Per-View. I believe they defeated Bruno Sammartino and Bill Goldberg. But I’m not certain. Anyway, I remember when these guys did this, which was really funny. (Editor’s note: Language NSFW. Unless you work at Wal-Mart. You can pretty much do anything you want there.)

13-Fenway Park dining


Look. Boston stinks. Their team is named after an article of clothing. Their mascot is a Wall. Everything about their existence is just awful. But after scarfing down a Lobster Roll Saturday night, I almost washed my face with the clam chowder. It was HISTORICALLY good.

14-Foo Fighters

To think-I just proclaimed Maxwell as the greatest song of 2009-3009, but we have another early challenger!!!!!!!


Did anyone go see this flick? It actually looks pretty good. Or at least better than “Whip It.” But “Julie and Julia” looked better than “Whip It.”

You think there will ever be another movie that comes out that you say “OH MY GOD I HAVE TO SEE THIS” when you see the trailer?

I mean, BESIDES this one……

You got lucky……

1-Ralph Friedgen and Ken Niumatalolo

Coach, I love you. But 4th and 1 from YOUR OWN 29?!?!?!? I thought Don Brown was this team’s new coordinator, not Norv Turner…….

In Annapolis, Navy needed overtime to get past Air Force. I tend to root for Navy because…..well……


2-Miguel Cabrera

Your team’s in a battle for the final playoff spot……and you’re out getting drunk and having your wife scratch your face up????

Nick Harper is unimpressed.

But if you think you’re the most disappointing athlete in Detroit Miggy; you owe these guys a BIG thank you for returning to form Sunday…..


3-Jim Zorn

Although the rest of us maybe weren’t as lucky……


I mean, do you think we would have missed any Washington fans??????

4-Jay Haas and Matt Kuchar

In an event that LITERALLY only Drew Forrester cared about, Jay Haas won the Champions Tour event at Baltimore Country Club.

Rumor has it Tom Watson thought he could have used a better caddy on Sunday…….

5-Rio de Janeiro

In the end, I think this was an easy decision.

Rio offered Adriana Lima………


Chicago offered Dennis Franz……


I mean, no offense NYPD Blue fans……

6-Rod Barajas


I swear to God that gal looks exactly like I remember this one 5th grade teacher from Chapel Hill Elementary School. And Rod Barajas looks like he’s pulling off a move that only EVERYONE I went to 5th grade with attempted to pull off at some point accidentally.

“Oh, Ms. Miller, I dropped something on the other side of the playground wal…….WOAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!……….”

I guess this joke isn’t quite as funny these days as it was back before teachers started sleeping with students. Of course, it’s still cool when female teachers sleep with their male students, right?

7-Everyone who hasn’t felt sick yet this Fall

Because-good lord-you’re going to need it. Walked outside in the morning recently? I’m pretty sure I’ve already beaten off 3 colds since October started, and definitely beaten off the flu at least twice. And if you’re heading to the WNST Neighborhood Tour with us anytime soon; please don’t be freaked out when I order a Jack and Airborne.

But no need to freak out about the change in weather or anything. Unless you’re the Baltimore Ravens……


You’re a zero…….

Glenn Clark: Fantasy Football Owner


I got Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, and Steve Breaston. They got me ONE win in the first three weeks. Then they had a bye. And Mark Sanchez did his best impression of Kyle Boller.

We’re 1-3 in the Glenn Clark compound. If Maryland hadn’t won this might’ve been it for me.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (9/23/09)

Posted on 23 September 2009 by Jack McManus


Victor Rojas from MLB Network is now on to talk some baseball. The first topic is the American League playoff picture. Rojas calls the Texas Rangers a team of overachievers. He explains that his provides hope for the future of the team. He moves on to the Boston Red Sox pitching situation. The group’s inconsistency could be a problem in the postseason. On the National League side, Rojas states that the Phillies are the front-runners. Rojas next talks about the AL Cy Young competition. He agrees with Drew that Zach Greinke will win the award, particularly after his performance last night. In the NL, Rojas thinks the award will be given to either Adam Wainwright or Chris Carpenter, teammates on the St. Louis Cardinals.   


Now, Fergus calls in. Fergus will be playing at the Baltimore Country Club in the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship. Fergus talks about the use of the long putter in golf. He argues that for many this is the most effective way to putt. He goes on to talk about the quality of the course at the Baltimore Country Club. He also mentions how thankful he is for the opportunity to play on the senior tour and prolong he career.    


Keith Fergus, a professional golfer appears next is not reachable, and will therefore not be on the show.


Newsday columnist, Bob Glauber is the next guest. He starts off by stating that a Giants-Jets Super Bowl in extremely unlikely. He goes on to talk about the impressive performance thus far of Eli Manning. He believes that the Giants are legitimate Super Bowl contenders. He also thinks that the NFC has more quality teams than the AFC this year. The topic next moves to Rex Ryan. Glauber explains the positive impact that Ryan has made on the media, players, and fans. The players have totally bought into Ryan’s system. He moves on to Mark Sanchez. He states that Sanchez has had not had a difficult time adjusting to being in the largest media market in the country. He next talks about how just because a team is currently 0-2, judgements should not immediately passed. Drew and Glauber agree that Drew Brees could very well be the best quarterback in the league. However, Glauber states that he would not trade Joe Flacco straight-up for any other QB in the league, while yesterday Drew named a number of players better equipped to win now.


Glenn is up with a Ravens report. He talks about the roster moves the team made yesterday. The team traded LB Prescott Burgess to the Patriots for a 7th round draft choice. In a corresponding move, the team signed TE Tony Curtis. He will provide insurance for the thin TE group and also contribute on special teams. Also, the Browns confirmed that Brady Quinn will the starting quarterback against the Ravens this week.


An Orioles fan calls in to talk about the bullpen’s recent problems and the organization’s handling of Michael Aubery. Another caller brings up how Gary Thorne discussed the attendance problems in Toronto for the Orioles game last night. He points out how Thorne would never bring up the Orioles similarly small attendance.


Donald Hill-Eley, head coach of the Morgan State football team is next up. He starts off by explaining how the new-found success of the sports teams at Morgan have greatly improved the morale around campus. He next talks about his quarterback Carlton Jackson. He explains that Jackson’s decision-making skills have greatly improved this year. However, Hill-Eley states that the running game must improve in order to have more offensive success. Finally, he describes the importance of the game this weekend against Towson and its importance to the local sports scene.


Towson’sfootball head coach, Rob Ambrose calls in to talk on the show. He discusses how he became very animated towards the officiating crew on Saturday. He says he later had a conversation with the head referee. He goes on to talk about how the Tigers have multiple players that can play different positions. Next he talks about the “buzz” in the stadium during the game. He felt that all the fans were very excited and truly believed the team could win the game. This is important to the success of the team, because Rob admits that the road to having a strong team may be rocky.


Mike Gathagan, a spokesman from the Maryland Jockey Club makes and appearance on the show. He talks about the upcoming Jim McKay Maryland Million day at Laurel Park. He also describes the Two Rings for OJ event held on OJ Brigance’s 40th Birthday. For more information on giving to this charitable cause, click here.

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Blog & Tackle: NFL Week 1 review

Posted on 14 September 2009 by Chris Pika

An interesting Week 1 in the NFL had its share of big moments, surprises and injury news. Let’s take a spin around the league’s opening Sunday.

Atlanta 19, Miami 7: Not the start Miami was hoping for, by far. Several experts picked the Fins in an upset, but the Falcons took advantage of four Miami turnovers for nine points. Atlanta TE Tony Gonzalez can still catch the ball and find the end zone, and Miami should have kept running the ball at the Falcons, but decided to use the Wildcat too many times. Atlanta might have a kicking problem on its hands as Jason Elam struggled, despite a 50-yard field goal. This one should have been a blowout.

Ravens 38, Kansas City 24: A tougher game than many expected was put away by a late touchdown by Baltimore’s Willis McGahee at home. The Ravens posted a club-record 501 total yards, and they needed almost all of it with two touchdowns in the final three minutes of play. Joe Flacco’s 43 pass attempts weren’t expected as Kansas City prepared for a running attack. Ravens TE Todd Heap came back to form in a big way with 74 receiving yards and a touchdown.

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Philadelphia 38, Carolina 10: Story of two quarterbacks dominates Eagles’ victory. Philly QB Donovan McNabb breaks a rib and his status is undetermined for Week 2 against New Orleans. By the way, Michael Vick is not eligible until Week 3. Jake Delhomme struggled mightily as he was responsible for five of Carolina’s seven turnovers (Eagles scored 24 points off those seven miscues), but coach John Fox is sticking with him – for now. Carolina will have to do better than 2.4 yards per play to win games.

Denver 12, Cincinnati 7: CBS announcer Gus Johnson was in NCAA Tournament form as the easily excited play-by-play man cranked into full gear on Brandon Stokley’s 87-yard touchdown off a tipped pass late in the game. Stokley then stalled at the goal line to kill the clock and the Bengals. Chad Ochocinco had just one catch for eight yards – not much to Tweet about for the Cincy WR. Denver QB Kyle Orton was a winner in his debut and the folks in the Broncos front office have to be glad he’s the QB, instead of Jay Cutler today.

Minnesota 34, Cleveland 20: Vikings QB Brett Favre’s debut with Minnesota was the focus of the national media, but RB Adrian Peterson was the real show for the Vikes with 180 yards and three touchdowns on 25 carries. Favre was 14-21 for just 110 yards passing. Again, his greatest contribution will be to safely hand the ball off to Peterson. A lot good Browns coach Eric Mangini did with his starting QB antics – Brady Quinn threw for 205 yards, including a late TD, and was sacked five times by the Minny D.

New York Jets 24, Houston 7: Rex Ryan had a very successful debut as the Jets’ head coach, thanks to – no surprise – the defense. The Jets pounded the Texans running game, and Texans QB Matt Schaub was harassed all day. The Jets got 272 pass yards from Mark Sanchez and 107 rush yards and two scores from Thomas Jones. Not sure what this victory means to New York, but Rex has the Jets buying into his way of football.

Indianapolis 14, Jacksonville 12: The Jags missed a chance to get a division upset in Week 1 as the Colts’ defense clamped down late in the fourth quarter. Jax QB David Garrard completed half his 28 passes for 122 yards, and RB Maurice Jones-Drew had only 97 rush yards and one TD. Colts QB Peyton Manning showed that even with the offseason coaching changes, he still runs the Indy defense with 301 pass yards, 162 to WR Reggie Wayne on 10 catches.

New Orleans 45, Detroit 27: The good news for Mt. St. Joe’s Jim Schwartz in his NFL head coaching debut? The Lions scored more points than they did in ANY 2008 game. The bad news? The Saints got a club record-tying six TD passes from QB Drew Brees in a blowout that extended Detroit’s futility streak to 18 straight games. Brees distributed the ball around as TE Jeremy Shockey scored twice – his first scores since being traded to New Orleans last season. Lions rookie QB Matthew Stafford will want to forget his first NFL game – three interceptions. He and Lions will have better days – but not soon.

Dallas 34, Tampa Bay 21: Cowboys QB Tony Romo successfully shook off the supposed hex by former girlfriend Jessica Simpson to throw three touchdown passes as part of a 353-yard passing day. Bucs QB Byron Leftwich probably thinks the blonde bombshell put the hex on the wrong guy, as he was battered by the Dallas defense once Tampa Bay had stop running the ball. Tampa Bay could be in for a long year as division rivals Atlanta and New Orleans have as much, if not more firepower, than the Cowboys.

San Francisco 20, Arizona 16: One of the few mild surprises of Week 1, as the defending NFC champs were beaten at home by a rapidly improving 49ers squad. 49ers QB Shaun Hill threw for 209 yards and a score, while fantasy darling Kurt Warner was picked off twice and subject to a heavy pass rush from San Francisco. Arizona was led in receiving by a running back, Tim Hightower, who caught 12 balls for 121 yards – that’s not the formula that helped the Cards go so far in 2008.

New York Giants 23, Washington 17: The Giants defensive line, sparked by the return of DE Osi Umenyiora, made life very difficult for the Skins as Washington was held to only 51 rush yards. Even without former WR Plaxico Burress, the G-Men are going to be a serious contender in the NFC because of their defense. QB Eli Manning completed 20 of 29 passes for 256 yards. Skins QB Jason Campbell was stripped of the ball by Umenyiora for a score, and DE Albert Haynesworth collected a check, but not many Giants runners in his debut after the monster contract handed out to him by Dan Snyder in the offseason.

Seattle 28, St. Louis 0: Good to see old friend Jim Mora get a victory in his opening game as Seahawk coach, thanks in part to instant replay that showed 12 men on the field for the Rams when St. Louis returned a blocked field goal to apparently tie the game 7-7 late in the first half. The penalty on the Rams gave the Seahawks new life, and Seattle converted for a late TD for a 14-0 halftime advantage. St. Louis folded their tents in the second half as Seattle got three TD passes from QB Matt Hasselbeck.

Green Bay 21, Chicago 15: This wasn’t the script Bears fans had in mind for the season opener against hated rival Green Bay. Jay Cutler threw four interceptions, and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers threw one TD pass, but it was a game-winning 50-yard toss with just over a minute to play. Chicago killed a lot of clock in the fourth quarter to kick a field goal that seemed to put them in charge, but Cutler’s fourth pick in the dying seconds sealed the Green Bay victory. The Bears’ loss could be costly in other ways as LB Brian Urlacher might be finished for the season with a wrist injury.

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Posted on 14 September 2009 by Glenn Clark

A reminder to those of you who weren’t around for football season last year. We don’t include Ravens accomplishments in the 15-7-0 during the regular season. Drew Forrester and I put together a “Tuesday Top 7” every Tuesday morning at 7am to count down the players we believed to be the 7 best from each week. Therefore, this is everything else. Here goes…..

You deserve props……

1-Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Victor Abiamiri, Thomas Jones, Eli Manning, Shaun Hill and Julius Jones

Was it weird that every time I saw Shaun Hill throwing the ball Vernon Davis’ way I kept thinking to myself, LET’S GO MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

By the way, didn’t someone I know pick San Francisco to win at Arizona?

Relax Arizona, you still have PLENTY going for you besides the Cards…..


2-Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods apparently won a golf tournament this weekend, and absolutely NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAD ANY IDEA THERE WAS A GOLF TOURNAMENT GOING ON THIS WEEKEND.

However, because I am friends with her on Facebook, I found out that Blair O’Neal has a new online TV show at the Golf Channel’s web site. I don’t know that I’d ever watch the thing, but here’s a picture of Blair O’Neal because I care about you……

3-Chris Tillman, Brian Matusz, and Derek Jeter

Again, apparently Derek Jeter did something this weekend. I’d tell you more about it, but I was absolutely NOT watching the Yankees and Orioles Friday night. You’ll find out more about this soon. I’m not 100 percent sure what all the Jeter hullaballoo was about Friday night, but I can only assume that his teammates swarmed him on the field to congratulate him for this……

4-Juan Martin Del Potro and Roger Federer

I hate to be the guy who gives away the ending to the movie, but I saw a sneak preview of the U.S. Open men’s final; and it goes like this…..

Ugh. Can’t this great athlete of our generation just go away?

5-Denny Hamlin

Apparently the NASCAR race was in Richmond this weekend. Which means it might have been SLIGHTLY more entertaining than the other thing that was going on in Richmond this weekend……umm….

6-Michael Jordan, David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan and C. Vivian Stringer

I had kinda worried if Michael Jordan would get in this year, personally. You know, with all the steroid allegations and everything.

Funny how when everyone was talking about all of Michael’s incredible accomplishments during his Hall of Fame career they somehow managed to forget about this one……

7-Tim Tebow, Case Keenum, Evan Royster, Tate Forcier, Marcus Curry and Jarrett Brown

God I love College Football. I mean, unless an ACC team is playing. Then I might…..for a second at least…..think about watching baseball. But we all know I won’t do that.

Anyway, I have no idea how this has happened, but my opinion of Tim Tebow has gone full circle from “God I hate this guy” to “God this guy is amazing.” I promised I’d give you this, here’s his speech from halftime of the BCS National Championship Game last year…..

This guy could even inspire the Orioles. Okay, maybe not.

8-Jon Lester, Brian Duensing, Kyle Davies, David Wright, and Justin Maxwell

Trust me, I was just as surprised as you to find out that they were still playing baseball in America. I don’t have an answer as to why; but apparently they’re still playing.

Ichiro made it 9 straight seasons with 200+ hits Sunday, and that’s a record. Frankly, it’s a hell of a record.

You know what else was a hell of a record? What a Fool Believes…..

9-Andre Ward

There was a boxing match this weekend. Didn’t know? It’s okay, neither did anyone else. Is anyone watching Mayweather/Marquez 24/7 on HBO? No? It’s okay, neither is anyone else.

Where the hell do I go from here?

Did you guys hear that Gina Carano is going to star in some new Steven Soderbergh movie? True story. I believe the title is going to be “Do You Even Give a Crap About What This Movie Is Called, Look at Gina Carano”…….


10-Deonta Winston and Davonta Farrell

Thank God Perry Hall beat Overlea. If we had lost to the alma mater of one Tom Clark, I might have had to jump.

As a reminder to those of you who missed last week (and if you did, please consider yourself suspended), if you intend to go to an upcoming high school football game…..


11-Cris Collinsworth

Look, say what you want about him; but he’s absolutely right. However, maybe he should have read number 10……

12-John Cena

Dude, say what you want; but John Cena kicks ass. I mean, he did this…..

13-Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest


Look, I enjoy Sam Adams’ selection as much (if not more) than any Harvest brew; but Leinenkugel’s NEVER fails to come through for me. Please go pick up 1-28 of these as soon as you possible can.


I wasn’t there, so I can’t claim that my Friday night was better than yours like I did last week. But I swear to God, if you didn’t see “Answer The Call” from Madison Square Garden live on FUSE Friday night, I don’t know what else to say to you. And if you don’t have “The Blueprint 3″……Christ. Jay just KILLS it. When we talk about the greatest performers of our generation, you’re going to be hard pressed to tell me there’s something better than this……

15-Nantucket Nectars Premium Orange Juice and Sticky Buns

With a special shout-out to the food services staff at M&T Bank Stadium. After a night of drinking, you make a DAMN fine hangover breakfast……


You got lucky……

1-The ACC

Maryland NEARLY lost to James Madison. Florida State BARELY got past Jacksonville State. North Carolina BARELY came back to beat UConn. Wake Forest BARELY came back to beat Stanford. Duke BARELY came back to beat Army.

And then there was Virginia……..

……..please don’t Fire Al Groh.

(Thanks to Rich in Westminster for the tip.)

2-Brandon Stokley

So, where does THIS go on your “HOLY FREAKING CRAP WHO BETTER THAN GUS JOHNSON” scale????

3-Kim Clijsters

Not that she wouldn’t have won anyway, but…..this probably helped……

But in honor of having a mom win a major tennis championship; I think it’s about time we honor some of the other great moms in history…….

June Cleaver


Marge Simpson


And of course Stacy’s Mom……


4-Urijah Faber

Why was former WEC Champ Urijah Faber invited to the Playboy Mansion? I don’t know, and I doubt I will EVER care. What I do know is that (according to The Big Lead, because Christ I would never care enough to follow these things myself) while he was there, he apparently found this…….


5-Matt Barkley

You know what a freshman quarterback who just won at Ohio State calls the USC Song Girls?


“Friday night.”

6-Shawne Merriman

Now he can get back to the important things…………like getting his ass kicked by the Ravens in 6 days.

7-Taylor Swift

Well, SOMEBODY just became the biggest sympathetic figure on the face of the planet. Think maybe she might sell a few more records this week?

You’re a zero……

Bob Arum

Anything funnier than watching someone completely out of touch with the real world defend something that no one on the face of the planet gives a crap about at this point?

Well, someone besides Melewski anyway.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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