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Ellerbe says ankle feels “a lot better” in New Orleans

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on eating home cooking from players’ moms) “I haven’t been doing a lot of eating, but I did eat when Jacoby’s (Jones) mom came. It was really good. I wasn’t trying to eat possum. I’ll eat squirrel but I’m not eating possum.”


(on not overdoing it before the game) “It’s early right now. We’ve got time to work it out. We have a whole week ahead of us. I’m definitely not going to overdo it.”


(on personal requests relating to the Super Bowl) “I think the craziest request I got was everybody wanting a Ray Lewis jersey. Everybody wanted a Ray Lewis jersey or for Ray Lewis to sign something. Everybody was thinking they could come to the Super Bowl and wanted me to pay for everything. That was the craziest. They were asking for food, new clothes, and everything. It was all from family. I’ve got 15 people coming. When I told them how much a ticket was they understood. I think they were just thinking the tickets were free. We only get two free.”


(on his ankle injury) “Yes, I’m playing if I played last week. That was the most pain I’ve played in in my entire career. I’m definitely playing in this game. I feel a lot better and it’s the Super Bowl, so I’m not sitting out. I got a cortisone shot. I’m going to stop telling people I got an epidural because that’s what pregnant people get. Never again. I don’t want to go through that again. I hate needles.”


(on playing this week) “Oh yeah, I’m definitely playing. If I could handle it last week, I can handle it this week.”


(on preparing for this game) “We keep it the same (as the regular season). Last week we got our work in and we’ve been trying to get as much work in and get ready at the same time.”


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