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Bong Water-Gate

Posted on 02 February 2009 by Alex Thomas

I completely agree with many of the listeners and most of the bloggers here at WNST.net.

Michael Phelps is 23 years old and he smokes weed. That does not make him a bad person.

His main sponsors, Speedo and Omega, don’t seem to care. Why? Because his target demographic (i.e. people my age), don’t care either. In fact, I’ve heard some of my friends say that it’s pretty cool that Phelps is a toker. It makes him more approachable, more human, and less supernatural.

I’d be willing to wager that the vast majority of our listening/reading audience have smoked weed at least once in their life. I’d also be willing to bet that all of these people who are verbally crucifying Michael Phelps are not saints themselves. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.

And a dirty little secret of the aquatic world, both in swimming and water polo at the high school, college, and national levels, is that these athletes party…hard.

As a captain of my team at Washington College, I had a conversation with one of my assistant coaches following a team incident that involved marijuana and alcohol. This assistant coach was also less than half a second away from making it to the 2004 Olympics, so he has certainly experienced all levels of the social aspect of the swimming world.

He told me that swimmers tend to “party harder” than other athletes because of the substantial need to blow off steam. I don’t want to take anything away from other sports, but swimmers and water polo players train anywhere from four to seven hours a day.

And let’s be honest…biologically, humans are not supposed to be in the water. Heavy bones and aerodynamic difficulties make moving through the water extremely difficult. It takes a lot more time to teach someone to swim than it does to teach them to walk. And most people learn how to swim when their brains are much more developed. Most kids take swim lessons when they are about 4 years old, long after they have been taught to walk.

Unless swimmers are tapering, they are training with an incredibly high heart rate for the entire 4-7 hour time span–two practices a day, six days a week. I’ve experienced it first hand. It takes a lot out of you.

It’s incredibly exhausting. If you want to see this for yourself, you don’t even need to attend a practice. Just watch a swimmer eat…we’ve all heard about the famous Michael Phelps diet (insert your “munchies” joke here).

I’ve read a lot of absurd comments on the message boards at ESPN.com and other media outlets, and I’m really shocked at what I’m reading. Many people are angry with Michael Phelps because he’s a “role model” for their children.

Well I’ve got news for you. If you’re allowing your children to make athletes their role models, you might want to take a long look in the mirror and re-evaluate your parenting skills.

I don’t want to send anyone the wrong message. I coach high school swimming. I certainly don’t approve of or condone this behavior. But I’m not stupid. I’m well aware of what goes on…I was in their shoes not too long ago.

I’m also “Facebook friends” with many of my swimmers, which has obviously opened my eyes to their social life. In fact, I’ve had to deal with several team social incidents because of Facebook.

Was it a bad decision on Michael’s part? Of course. When you’re a celebrity, you can’t afford to be caught in those situations. Like Casey Willett said this morning, that’s why TMZ and Dirty.com exist.

Is it sad? Yes. So is reality television. But, for whatever reason, people in our society eat this stuff up like its filet mignon. The society in which we live loves to see celebrities fail. And Bong Water-Gate is just another example.

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I’m dreaming of Tex Christmas…ESPN says signing is imminent

Posted on 23 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

But where? Where will Mark Teixeira sign today (if indeed, today is the day). Again, this has been the most following story since Palcyznski...

ESPN’s Buster Olney says today is the day. Apparently the Orioles are still dangling seven years and $140 million. The Nationals are probably dangling more but it ain’t Ballmer, hon. And the Red Sox are definitely the “snake in the grass.” And Olney says the Yankees might also be quietly in the mix. Who knows where Scott Boras will take the Mt. St. Joe slugger?

Will Tex be home for Christmas?

Sign up for the WNST text service now, and you’ll be the first to know…GUARANTEED!

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Pittsburgh refs

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Olney reports that O’s have “fallen behind” with Teixeira

Posted on 17 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

Not a big surprise here — I’ve been a skeptic all along because I believe Mark Teixeira and his agent Scott Boras aren’t foolish enough to sign with Peter Angelos and the Orioles — but ESPN’s Buster Olney is reporting that “unless free agent Mark Teixeira is willing to give the Orioles a major hometown discount, it does not appear he will be playing in Baltimore.

Of course, this could be Boras whispering to Olney in the hopes of getting Angelos and lapdog Andy McPhail out of their cave to make their “best” offer. Don’t kid yourself: it’s all posturing at this point and certainly some weak attempts to fan the media flame to get a higher bid. Right now, it’s the LEAD STORY on ESPN.com.

Word is (and has been all along) that the Washington Nationals have wowed Teixeira with the sheer amount of dough they’ve put on the table. Guestimated at $160 million for eight years by mlb.com. Like I wrote yesterday, it’s “almost” home. And it might be a better play for him and a better chance to win for Teixeira.

And, of course, Angelos gets to still cash in from his MASN money with a Teixeira-to-the-Nationals signing without having to reach into his own ample pockets for more money or risk. (Of course, nothing about any of this makes the Orioles any better in the short term.)

Once again, Angelos appears to be a bridesmaid. (I’m honestly not sure that he really cares that much anymore. What’s one more embarrassment at this point?)

Two more tidbits for fun:

1. The Examiner wrote a scathing piece about Peter Angelos’ law practices regarding junking up the Baltimore City court system with frivolous asbestos cases. Check it out here…

2. This was sent to me via email yesterday. It’s Walt Coleman, who will be forever remembered as the Jim Tunney of the new era. (How will this dude EVER get a Baltimore home game again, I wonder?) I laughed. I figured you would too…

Pittsburgh refs

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Ray Lewis not smartest defender in NFL,O’s pictures, birthday cake, and music

Posted on 01 July 2008 by caseywillett

So a recent survey out from ESPN.com list Ray Lewis as the second smartest defensive player in the NFL as voted on by NFL head coaches. Here is the article, which is very interesting to read. Just for the record, no one from the offense
          I can not imagine Derrick Martin will be around long as a member of the Ravens. What he tried to pull is insane to think about. If you did wrong, just admit, do the punishment, and move on. Not saying it is right or is wrong, but I think there is a chance he will be made an example of.
          In the Orioles clubhouse, there are huge poster size pictures of Jim Palmer, Rick Dempsey, Elrod Hendricks, Eddie Murray, Brooks Robinson, and other Orioles greats on the wall outside of the clubhouse. Recently some of the new Orioles pictures have begun to show up. There are now the same size pictures of Brian Roberts, Adam Jones, Nick Markakis and a couple of other guy’s pictures lining the halls.
          Yesterday was Luke Scott’s birthday and he had a huge cake made like the back of his jersey in the clubhouse. Luke said a friend of his made the cake for him and that it weighed about 25 lbs. Every player that walked by and ate some of the cake talked about how good it was and wondering where it came from.
          People have asked about the song that Brian Roberts comes to at bat with. It is from a band called Submersed, which is a band that Kevin Millar is friends with. The song is all called We All Make Mistakes.

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Ravens tidbits

Posted on 16 May 2008 by caseywillett

Here are a couple of Ravens interviews from on the team website and other websites:
Terrell Suggs talked to NFLPA about his passions outside of football. Terrell is a big movie buff and has plans to start his own movie production company. During the season he will review movies for the team’s website.
Todd Heap recently sat down with Rich Eisen from NFL Network and discussed everything from his injuries last year to Brian Billick and John Harbaugh.
Mike Duffy who writes for BaltimoreRavens.com does his best job of shooting a Cloverfield/Blair Witch Project video recently at the Fiest 5k. (WARNING: Not for those with a weak stomach)
James Walker from ESPN.com was at Ravens mandatory camp and has an article on Ray Lewis.
Also if you want to check out the Ravens cheerleaders while they are doing a swimsuit calendar shoot, BaltimoreRavens.com has a ton of videos, articles, and blogs.
 Wonder when we are going to do a WNST swimsuit calendar?
Here is an interesting article about Keon Lattimore and Ray Lewis from the Star-Telegram.

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