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Ravens Camp 8/4/08

Posted on 04 August 2008 by caseywillett

Sorry for no update earlier, as I was having some computer issues this morning.
Here are some notes from the afternoon practice:
          It was an abbreviated practice that lasted just over an hour this afternoon. Sort of a fast paced walk thru this afternoon.
          A couple of players that were present this morning were not apart of the afternoon practice: Bart Scott, Chris McAlister, Gary Stills, Fabian Washington, and David Pittman
          Here is the list of other players who did not practice today: Patrick Carter, Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, Samari Rolle, Willis McGahee, P.J. Daniels, Dan Cody, Terrell Suggs, Jared Gaither, Adam Terry, Aaron Walker, Daniel Wilcox, Todd Heap, Edgar Jones, Haloti Ngata, and Kelly Gregg.
          Chris McAlister was out for the majority of the afternoon practice while wearing a huge ice packs and wrap on his right knee. No word officially on his injury status.
The Ravens return to the practice field in the morning for an 8:45 a.m. practice then for a 2 p.m. special teams practice. The Ravens will have a walk thru on Wednesday morning that is closed to the public and media, then board planes headed to New England. The Ravens will also be off on Friday after their Thursday night game against the Patriots.

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Ravens Training Camp 8/1/08

Posted on 01 August 2008 by caseywillett

Mark Clayton has a shoulder sprain that he suffered in the morning practice when he fell on the ground on his elbow and jammed his shoulder back. He is hoping to be back on the field before to long.
Here are some news and notes from the afternoon practice:
          Gary Stills was at the afternoon practice after missing the morning session and both practices yesterday
          Brendon Ayanbadejo was enjoying returning punts this afternoon as the punt team was getting some reps in
          Coach John Harbaugh was not to thrilled during one drill with the effort of the special teams unit and proceeded to sprint down the field with the team on the next drill
          It appears as though the annual King Ugly contest that the Ravens held every year will not be returning. Mike Flynn was always the leader of getting the collections together for the King Ugly. Under Coach Harbaugh that contest seems to have gone away.
          One of the other little things at camp that John Harbaugh has done away with is allowing a company that makes suits to come to camp and take orders from the players. The company has been told they can maybe come to the facility once the team is back at Owings Mills, but not during training camp.



Just saw Mark Clayton who has his right arm in a sling. There is no word on his injury or status so far. Also saw Kelly Gregg who has a pretty noticeable limp as he was walking through the team hotel.
More as I find out.



Here are some news and notes from the morning session:
          Willis McGahee dressed, but did not participate in any of the team or individual drills
          Mark Clayton left the field with a trainer early into the morning session and did not return
          Tom Zbikowski started at safety with the first team defense again today
          Yamon Figurs took more reps with the first team offense today
          Troy Smith clearly won the quarterback battle today with several impressive drives down the field
          Haruki Nakamura made some impressive defensive plays in the red zone on Todd Heap. After one of the stops, Cory Ivy ran out onto the field and did a crane kick in front of Haruki. After a second defensive stop, almost all of the defensive secondary players ran onto the field and gave him a high-five.
          The list of players missing practice continues to grow: Patrick Carter, Ed Reed, Samari Rolle, Justin Green, Cory Ross, Dan Cody, Gary Stills, Oniel Cousins, Jared Gaither, Joe Reitz, Adam Terry, Aaron Walker, Daniel Wilcox, Demetrius Williams, Justin Bannan, and Kelly Gregg.
          The Ravens added running back Alex Haynes to the roster today and parted ways with cornerback Anwar Phillips.

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Ravens Camp 7/30/08

Posted on 30 July 2008 by caseywillett


John Welbourne has left the Ravens team hotel and his headed home. John was not very happy when he walked out of the team hotel and seemed upset with the Ravens for the whole situation.
So you can scratch him off your list as potential offensive tackles.


So as the Ravens continue to search for depth on the offensive line, it looks as though they could be close to adding John Welbourne to the mix. John was a drafted in the 199 draft in the 4th round by the Philadelphia Eaglers.
Here is an interesting story from Jay Glazer’s blog back in August of 2007. Scroll down to the Worst place on my trip so far. It is a pretty interesting story and something I am sure will be brought up.
John has been in the lobby for about 3 hours and is reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Keids of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Chad Slaughter is still here at the facility and may be joining the Ravens also.



Chad Slaughter formerly of the Oakland Raiders was here this afternoon for a workout. More news as it comes out, but here is info on Chad.


Today was a good day to be over the age of 30 if you play for the Ravens. Today was a day off for the over 30 club, except for a couple of members like Gary Stills, and Matt Stover.
Here are some other notes from the morning session:
          Coach Harbaugh, Coach Cameron, and other members of the coaching staff all ran down on the kickoff team coverage towards the end of practice this morning
          Willis McGahee had his left knee wrapped heavily in ice towards the later parts of practice this morning
          Ray Rice continues to impress with every time he touches the football
          The quarterback situation still has no clear cut winner in my opinion
          Dan Cody, Adam Terry, Jared Gaither, Haloti Ngata, and Edgar Jones all missed practice this morning while nursing injuries
          Coach Harbaugh acknowledged that the team is currently in the process of adding a player or two to the roster. This is likely to be at the tacle position.
          Coach Harbaugh said that Ed Reed has missed practice due to dealing with a strength issue in his shoulder. Ed has been on the field running and catching passes almost on a daily basis while at camp. He has not taken part in any drills with the team.

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Ravens Training Camp 7/28/08

Posted on 28 July 2008 by caseywillett

So the morning practice went off with out any players having to be carted off the field. This morning also featured an appearance by the new Ravens live mascot. Here are some other news notes from the morning practice:
          Still no official word on Haloti Ngata. Haloti was seen walking out of the team locker room after practice, but was never on the field during the practice.
          Jared Gaither was not at practice but I saw him here at the team hotel with a walking boot on
          Kyle Boller took the first snaps under center today and his first pass was intercepted by Dawan Landry
          During a redzone drill, tackle Mike Kracalik caught a pass on a play. That was of course after he ran the wrong direction the play before.
          One of the highlight throws of the day was a Troy Smith to Ernie Wheelwright completion which appeared as if Chris McAlister was trying to jump the route
          Derrick Mason was doing a lot of trash talking to the defense today. He was yelling to the offense to attack the defense
          Ray Rice and Bart Scott had a head on collision to which neither player gave up much ground. Ray went to the ground after a second player hit him. While lying on the ground Bart Scott walked by and slapped Ray’s helmet off of him.
          Joe Flacco was very good in the team redzone drill, throwing for a touchdown and making a nice handoff to Ray Rice for a diving over the pile touchdown.
          Troy Smith had a middle of the road day. He made a couple of nice throws and a couple of bad throws. All three of the quarterbacks have been about even in the competition so far.
          John Harbaugh helped out on the special teams practice taking on Prescott Burgess and Gary Stills in a blocking drill.
          Ray Rice continues to be very impressive with his runs and explosiveness. He is not afraid of contact or taking on defenders.


Today will be a day that maybe we will get an idea of what exactly happened to Haloti Ngata and how serious the injury is. I am heading over to the field a little bit earlier this morning as I noticed a bunch of cars with Ravens theme logos on the vehicle.
As I was doing a report with Drew on the Comcast Morning Show, Jared Gaither walked by with a boot/brace on his right leg.
Updates after the morning practice and will hopefully have some news on a shirt that is being worn by players with a picture from the Ali vs Liston fight.
Quick thank you to Bobby from body fx studios for the work he did for me last week. If you are looking for a new tattoo be sure to check them out.

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Ravens Camp Day 5

Posted on 25 July 2008 by caseywillett

The first day of full team practice concluded this afternoon with the team in soft shell shoulder pads. Here are some notes from practice:
          There were several scuffles this afternoon that featured guest appearances from Jason Brown, J’Vonne Parker, Edgar Jones, Mike Kracalik, Joe Reitz, and Gary Stills
          Dan Cody who was banged up this morning but returned for special teams practice this morning was out on the field for practice this afternoon
          P.J. Daniels who left the practice this morning with a injury was at practice this afternoon in shorts and shirt watching practice
          Kyle Boller took the snaps with the first team offense this afternoon
          On one on one drills, Antwan Barnes schooled Mike Kracalik several times with a rip and swim move which lead to Kracalik being very upset
          Other highlight from one on one drills was a strong performance by Jared Gaither against Dan Cody
          Haruki Nakamura had a nice afternoon when he picked off both Joe Flacco and Kyle Boller. While returning one of them one of the coaches yelled out “that is the Bearcat in him.” Referring to Haruki’s days at Cincinnati.
          With no Chris McAlister or Samari Rolle to play in the secondary, Frank Walker and Corey Ivy filled in at that position.
          Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton took turns returning punts in the afternoon practice.
          Adam Terry was favoring his left ankle during practice today, but stayed out for the majority of the plays
          Derrick Martin left practice around 4:25p.m. with the trainers but did not return
          Yamon Figurs also left practice at 4:35 p.m. with the trainers and did not return
          Practice ran for a little over 2 hours this afternoon
          Kyle Boller does some extra running after practice from sideline to sideline after the afternoon practices
          Former Ravens running back coach Matt Simon was at practice and the team hotel this afternoon
          Several of the Ravens players will board a plane tomorrow morning here in Westminster and head to south Florida to attend the funeral of Samari Rolle’s father. Ozzie Newsome will lead a contingent of players that will include Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, and a couple other players to attend the funeral. The players will leave tomorrow morning and not return till tomorrow evening. No word yet on when Samari will report to camp.


It was a hard hitting fast paced first practice for the Ravens here are couple of notes from this morning:
          Kyle Boller had a good morning with several of his passes , but then had a couple of fumbles on the exchange from the center
          Troy Smith took the reps this morning as the first quarterback out with the offense
          Chris McAlister, David Pittman, Dan Wilcox, Demetrius Williams, and Ed Reed all did not participate in practice today
          P.J. Daniels left the field with the trainers after taking a hit during the contact drills and did not return to the field. No official word on his injury status.
          Jim Leonhard and Dawan Landry were the safeties on first team defense with Ed Reed not practicing
          Jonathan Ogden was here at practice along with Mike Flynn, Spencer Folau, and Wally Williams. Ogden even stepped in and showed some technique and gave some pointers to O’Neil Cousins and Jared Gaither
          Ray Rice had a tremendous day running the ball. You see his explosiveness and he can make defenders miss him. Ray Lewis pulled Ray Rice to the side and gave him some pointers about running the ball north and south. One of the defensive coaches went on a very profane tirade at defensive players after a couple of the runs by Ray
          Joe Reitz got his welcome to training camp today when he started a scuffle with the defense which was quickly equaled him being out numbered.
          Sam Koch ran a fake field goal when he was the holder and completed a pass to Todd Heap who was covered by Corey Ivy. Todd tipped the ball in the air and came down with it.
          Yamon Figurs took some reps with the second team offense at wide receiver
          O’Neil Cousins,and Jared Gaither, had rough days at practice. Dan Cody man handled Cousins on 1 on 1 drill.
          The Ravens retrun to the field at 2:45 this afternoon
          The Ravens want everyone to know that there was an issue today with single ticket sales, and the plan is that they will go on sale tomorrow at 11 a.m. through ticketmaster. The Ravens said there are single tickets remaining to all of the home games.


Today is the day where the full team will practice for the first time for the media and public as the 2008 Ravens. It looks like they will be in full pads when they hit the field this morning. It will be interesting to see how the rookies will act now with the veterans out at practice.
I will be back after practice with a report.
Former Raven Mike Flynn and Jonathan Ogden are here picking up credentials to go watch practice.

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Ravens Camp Day 3

Posted on 23 July 2008 by caseywillett


The last day of training camp for the rookies ended with Joe Flacco as the holder for field goals and trying to run trick plays out of it. After practice Patrick Carter practiced with special teams coach Jerry Rosburg on his holding of the ball for field goals.
After practice, several of the Ravens veterans including Todd Heap, Willis McGahee, Jarrett Johnson, and others were talking with one another before they headed off to a team meeting for the first time as a full team this evening. As was expected, Terrell Suggs has not shown up at the Best Western to report for camp.
Part of the talk going into this camp is that the veterans will have to stay at the team hotel during the whole camp. For Tavares Gooden, he has been compared to Ray Lewis in several ways: they both went to Miami, they both wore #52, and now they both will be sharing a hotel room in Westminster.
Do you think he tells Ray to turn the t.v. down at night so he can go to sleep?
Remember that there is nothing here for fans or media tomorrow, so the first chance you will have to see the whole team will be at 8:45 a.m. on Friday.
Players are starting to come in quickly here as the Ravens veterans have to be in for 3 p.m. practice.
Ed Reed, Ben Grubbs, Justin Bannan, Justin Green, Antwan Barnes, Yamon Figurs, Gary Stills, and Adam Terry are just some of the veterans who have reported here to camp in the last hour.
As for the rookies, qb’s, and injured veterans, are getting ready for an afternoon practice that will start at 3:30 p.m. on the lower fields this afternoon.
More after the afternoon practice.
So the Ravens need your help. They are having a poll to help determine music that will be played during the pre game music. This week it is the rock version battle. Here are the choices for you to vote for:
Head over to the Ravens website if you want to vote. I would personally vote for Linkin Park. Can you think of any rock songs that would be good intro songs?
Here is a couple I would suggest:
Thousand Foot Krutch – Move (thanks to John Rallo for recommending this song to me)
As I wrote about on Monday, I did not think that Coach Harbaugh’s name would make it long on the billboard outside, and sure enough it has not. His name has been taken off of the sign out on the street.
Ben Grubbs and Jason Brown have arrived and checked into the team hotel. The vets have physicals starting this afternoon.


So far only Todd Heap has been the only veteran today seen at the team hotel. Dan Wilcox came in earlier today, but he was here when the rookies, quarterbacks and injured vets reported.
In case of inclement weather this afternoon during or before the 3:30 p.m. workout, the Ravens would likely just use the gym here at McDaniel College to get their work done.
Over 1300 fans attended practice yesterday for the first day. That is still an impressive number figuring that is was mostly rookies here. The rookies have all been very good about signing autographs after practice, although that amount of fans and number of autographs will grow greatly once the veterans are on the field with the team on Friday.
Really appreciate all the kind words and compliments from all of the readers of the blog.


So the morning session of the practice is over and here are a few of the highlights from this morning:
          Todd Heap was on the field as practices begin, but then walked off with Ozzie Newsome. Veterans do not have to report till today but Todd was here very early. Just so no one worries, Todd walked off with Ozzie just talking to him.
          Kyle Boller took the snaps with the 1st team when they did team drills as he did yesterday. Troy Smith was next followed by Joe Flacco. All of the quarterbacks had a decent day; no one had an exceptionally good or bad day.
          While doing a drill where the running back throws their shoulder into the goal post padding on a blocking drill, Allen Patrick throw his shoulder into the goal post then fell and took out some equipment. He got up and was ok.
          Ravens offensive line coach John Matsko is an intense coach to watch and was constantly in the ear of O Neil Cousins and David Hale this morning. Matsko was getting onto cousins for constant mistakes and being out of breath. For David Hale, it was much more about him getting his back side beat constantly during drills.
          Coach Harbaugh said he was looking forward to getting back to the team hotel after practice so he could be there when the “varsity” players report to camp.
          Dan Cody was kind enough to join Bob Haynie for a few minutes this morning. Dan is going to see some playing time at defensive end, and looks impressive so far. Dan is very motivated to prove that he is still a good football player and can contribute to this team. Dan’s change of roles is partly due to the fact that it was going to be an up hill battle for him to try and make the team as a backup linebacker and special team’s guy. One of the factors working against Dan is his height when it comes to special teams. Dan will get a lot of extra reps this camp with Terrell Suggs not attending camp. Dan is expected to be a guy that will be a 3rd down pass rusher.
          Coach Harbaugh had a scare as he was burned while playing corner back by Patrick Carter. A little bit later Marcus Smith turned Mark Carrier so bad when he was playing corner that Mark Carrier came out of his shoe.

7:53 a.m.

Today is the last day of the rookies, quarterbacks, and injured veterans camp here at Westminster. Throughout the day, the veterans of the Ravens will begin to report here to the Best Western in Westminster to begin the full team portion of camp. As I mentioned late last week and has been confirmed through several other sources, Terrell Suggs is not expected here today as well as Samari Rolle who has been given approval from the team to miss due to the death of his father.
Last night NFL Network ran a story on O.J. Brigance of the Ravens. If you did not get a chance to watch it on television last night, here is the video from the NFL website. O.J. is an inspirational person and makes you really think about how precious life is. Having seen and got to know O.J. over the last 3 or 4 years, he is always positive and upbeat, even now here at training camp as he comes passing by the lobby in his motorized wheelchair, he always has a smile on his face and says hello to everyone.
As of right now, the plans are still for practice to get going as planned at 8:45 a.m.

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Maryland Basketball Has Reached Rock Bottom

Posted on 03 June 2008 by mattberger

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland athletic department announced today
that Augustus Gilchrist (Temple Hills, Md./Progressive Christian) has been granted a transfer release from the men’s basketball program.

Gilchrist enrolled at Maryland in January 2008. The ACC sit-out rule for Gus Gilchrist will expire the last day of Fall 2008 exams. Subsequent to that time, Gus would have been able to compete for Maryland in all remaining regular-season games, the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament.

“Gus has asked for a release to explore other options which may allow him to play more games at another university outside the ACC, pending an NCAA waiver,” said Head Coach Gary Williams.

“I would like to thank Coach Williams and the basketball staff at Maryland for all of their support and attempts in appealing this process,” said Gilchrist. “I wish them the best in the future.”

The release allows Gilchrist the opportunity to transfer to another NCAA school

With Gilchrist gone, and Mosley still very much on the border of qualification, don’t be suprised to see a 2008-09 Maryland team at the very cellar of the ACC and to see Gary Williams gone sometime before the season begins or once it ends.

Gary Williams did so much in bringing the program up and reaching 2 Final Fours after Bob Wade and Len Bias, but the Terps are essentially at the level that they were before Gary took over. Maryland is simply not an attractive place to play anymore which is sad considering the recruiting advantages that the Terps possess.

You’ve done great things Gary. You’re one of my heros in basketball, and you have a National Championship trophy, something that never can be taken away. You helped lead the effort in building the Comcast Center and reestablished Maryland as one of the East Coast’s most powerful programs.

However, things look ugly, very ugly for the next few years. He can go out now with his reputation mainly in tact or be forced into an awkward situation in a couple years in which we may not be able to remember him so fondly.

I think it’s time to say goodbye.

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Nick needs some support

Posted on 27 May 2008 by caseywillett

Nick Markakis is having a decent year so far. He is batting .258 with 9hr and 24 rbi’s. The problem as has been talked about all season long so far is the lack of support that he gets from the hitters in front and behind him.
Here is a look at the numbers on the season for Melvin Mora and Aubrey Huff as they compare to the batters who hit in the #2 and #4 slots for their team in the American League the last two days.
Melvin has a .239 avg which is third lowest with only David Dellucci (CLE).228 and Gary Matthews Jr. (LAA) with .218 average in front of him. Also looking at the other key stat for a guy like Melvin in my opinion is his on base percentage. Just on the Orioles team, only Ramon has a lower OBP .248 than Melvin’s.295. Again comparing Melvin’s season stats to the season stats of the rest of the #2 hitters over the last two days in the A.L., Melvin has the lowest. To be fair to Melvin, he has done an exceptional job of hitting with runners in scoring position. Melvin is batting .409 with less than two outs and .444 with two outs.
Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar have both taken turns batting in the #4 spot for the Orioles. For Huff of the 15 hitters who batted #4 in the American League the last two days, he has the second lowest batting average .246. Only Carlos Pena has a lower average at .238. Huff’s power numbers for the season with other guys who batted #4 the last two days are about middle of the pack. Only Magglio Ordonez (9) and Carlos Pena (10) have more homeruns than Huff (8), and then there are a bunch of guys with seven or eight. Huff has 28 rbi’s which puts him seventh among the hitters who batted #4 for their team.
Here are the numbers of Millar and Huff when they bat fourth and fifth.
Millar #4 -.216avg 4hr 12 rbi(126 plate appearances)
           #5 – .263avg 2hr   9 rbi(64 PA)
Huff  #4 -.293avg 3hr 13rbi (87 PA)
          #5 -.200avg 4hr 12 rbi (92 PA)

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Ravens linebackers

Posted on 06 May 2008 by caseywillett

Over the next couple of weeks, I will write about different positions on the Ravens and the battles that could be interesting leading into training camp.
So here are the linebackers:
Inside Linebackers:
Ray Lewis –Ray is going into final year of a contract. Seems to be reenergized
Bart Scott – final year of contract for Bart. This will be a big year for him. Really did not have as bad as a year last year as it appears. Bart also played a majority of the season with a hand injury.
Mike Smith – has to prove that he is healthy and can contribute to the team on special teams.
Tavares Gooden – 3rd round draft pick. People have put the “next Ray Lewis” tag on him a bit early. Will have to earn stripes on special teams and prove that he can pick up Rex Ryan’s defense quickly.
Outside Linebackers:
Gary Stills – he will have a tough battle in front of him this year. He is a special team’s monster, but there are several of the same type players on team. Also has to prove that knee problems that caused him to miss practice last year will not be an issue.
Edgar Jones – very impressive in camp last year and got a chance to play last season. Lot of the coaches were impressed with him last year, really has work cut out in front of him this year to make the team. Much like Stills, there are just to many of the same type players on this team: Stills, Jones, Ayanbadejo,Greisen,Burgess,etc.
Antwan Barnes played better than what most expected last year. A guy that loves getting after the quarterback and making the big hit. A guy who I expect the Ravens to expand his role in the defense a little bit this year.
Prescott Burgess – missed six games last year due to injury. Nice backup on defense, he is a guy that the Ravens really like on special teams and always seems to be around the football on the tackle.
Terrell Suggs – one of the best in the game at his position, which is a topic of debate right now whether he is a defensive end or linebacker.  He had better numbers last year in almost every category except sacks.
Dan Cody – has to prove maybe once and for all that he is healthy. Not that it is fair to him, but hard to count on guy when he can’t get on the field to practice let alone play in the game. So far he has made it through the OTA’s injury free.
Jarrett Johnson – listed as a DE/LB on team’s website. Everyone expected Jarrett to be Adalius Thomas last year. That is not the type of player he is and people expected him to be “A.D.’s replacement”. I think this will be a big year for Jarrett as Rex Ryan and his staff will be able to do more with him. Jarrett battled through some injuries also last year.
Brendon Ayanbadejo – Ravens biggest off season signing this past offseason and a guy that I think set the tone for the type of team John Harbaugh wants. Brendon is a great special team’s player. Watch almost any of the Devin Hester touchdown returns, and Brendon is there making a huge block to spring Devin.
Nick Greisen – Nick resigned with the Ravens this offseason for a reason. Everyone was impressed with Nick when he came to the Ravens last year as to how quickly he picked up the defense and the special teams stuff. Nick is another guy that I think John Harbaugh likes, a guy that shows up to work and gives you everything he has and will do anything you ask him to. He is another guy that was very solid on special teams last year.
Robert McCune – really faces an uphill battle to make this team this year with all the depth a linebackers, and all the special teams’ guys that are on the team. He is a guy that has the mentality to face that challenge being a guy that has been in the Army for four years.
So if you are Rex Ryan and his staff and you can only keep eight linebackers, who do you, keep? Also keep in mind the special team’s factor.

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Hall of Fame Debate

Posted on 14 April 2008 by roblong

Today, I’m starting a three part series of current players who are Hall of Fame worthy.

Today, I’ll start with MLB. Don’t look for Barry Bonds and Mike Piazza, because they aren’t on anyone’s rosters.

Here it is, 15 players who are worthym and a list of five who are conspicuous by their absence.

– Alex Rodriguez – Nine Silver Slugger Award with over 500 homeruns and a career batting average over .300.

– Derek Jeter – Eight All-Star appearances and four World Series titles. The most recognizable figure on the most recognizable team.

– Manny Ramirez – Manny being many mean a career .313 average with over 2220 career hits.

– Ivan Rodriguez – The best all around hitter of his generation. Well over 2000 hits.

– Vladimir Guerrero – .320 career average with over 2000 hits. Never played on a very popular team.

– Ichiro Suzuki – The best and most popular Japanese born player. .333 career average and already over 1600 hits.

– Greg Maddox – May be the best pitcher of his generation. 350 wins, over 3000 k’s and less than 1000 walks.

– Chipper Jones – The best third baseman of his generation. The best offensive player of the Braves National League dynasty.

– Tom Glavine – Over 300 wins and the second best lefty of his era.

– Pedro Martinez – Not a 300 wins guy, but he dominated the NL and AL for seven years.

– Billy Wagner – 2.40 era and over 350 saves. Had eight years of over 30 saves.

– Albert Pujols – Only Manny and A-Rod are better right handed hitters. Over 280 homeruns already.

– Ken Griffey, Jr. – .290 batting average, 590 homeruns, and 13 All-Star appearances.

– Randy Johnson – The most dominant lefty of his generation. 14 times over 200 innings. Six times over 300 k’s. 4600 career k’s.

– Jeff Kent – 360+ homeruns and career .290 average are better than Joe Morgan.

Conspicuous by their absence

– Mike Mussina – He has great numbers but so does Don Sutton and he shouldn’t be in the Hall. He was never considered GREAT.

– Jim Thome – Tremendous homerun numbers, but represents the current 500 homerun club. Very one dimensional.

– Roy Halladay – If he stays healthy, he has Hall of Fame stuff.

– Gary Sheffield – .295, 480 homeruns and 2500 hits may not be good enough.

– Jason Isringhausen – Has a lot of saves, but 3.50 era means he wasn’t dominant.

Give me a call, 410-481-1570 or e-mail me at rob@wnst.net. Let’s talk about it. It should make for a great discussion.

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