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My wife’s leukemia has returned, our #JennStrong2 cancer battle has begun

Posted on 02 October 2015 by Nestor Aparicio

Apparently, one miracle wasn’t enough for the most beautiful girl in the world. Now, my amazing wife Jennifer will try to repeat with back-to-back miracle seasons and beating cancer again with a second bone marrow transplant.

“I don’t know how to tell you this but your leukemia has returned,” is what her doctor told her while she was standing at a lunch buffet in a supermarket in Hunt Valley at 1:30 on Tuesday afternoon.

I was in the middle of a WNST radio conversation with baseball writer Bob Nightengale when she sent me a frantic text.

Clearly, we were both floored – completely shocked and devastated by the news.


That is not what we were expecting to hear on Tuesday when Jenn went to Johns Hopkins for what we thought was some routine blood work in the morning.

Yes, she had been battling some low energy over the past few weeks. She didn’t feel quite herself in Denver two weeks ago when we traveled to Mile High to see the Ravens and Broncos. She came home with a cold, some sniffles and a sore throat. She got an antibiotic and was feeling better every day – almost normal and 100% earlier this week.

Life had been so normal for us for so long ­– her initial bone marrow transplant was June 26, 2014 – that we never feared or envisioned this relapse and second battle, which we expect to be just as demanding and gruesome as the first battle.

Now that we have discovered that her leukemia has returned, we realize there have been some clues.

She had a massive cramp in her foot last Friday night at the Maritime Magic event at Living Classrooms Foundation. She started noticing a few small bruises on her body over the weekend. She’s been a Type 1 diabetic since 1991 and noticed some weird ranges in her blood sugar over the past week.

And on the final day of Blood Cancer Awareness Month, we became again aware of the silent ticking time bomb of leukemia. The cancerous cells exploded in her body again on Tuesday and, once again, will put our lives on hold for the next year.

Jenn had given blood 13 days earlier, when she first started feeling sick, and her blood was cancer free. Now, she has blasts in her blood and her platelets and key numbers are beginning to dive as the cancer begins to ravage her immune system.

She will move back into the hospital on Sunday night and her chemotherapy regiment will begin on Monday morning. We expect a lengthy hospital stay and a long battle. She spent 56 days in the hospital on the first journey – including 42 days on the first stay in March and April of last year. We were in the hospital literally every day for 180 days.

Honestly, this time, we’re just hoping to have her home by the end of the World Series or sometime around Halloween. And we’ve put our full faith in the doctors at Johns Hopkins who miraculously saved her life the first time.

My son has been on his honeymoon this week at Disney World, the Ravens played in Pittsburgh on Thursday night and we were headed for a five-day beach getaway and now, nothing else seems to matter anymore.

I wrote a massive blog about my search for happiness last month.

But, as Don Henley, sang: “In a New York minute, everything can change.”

Indeed, the wolf is always at the door.

Life is very fragile and our time on earth is very limited.

We’ve had 72 hours to digest this diagnosis and the second battle begins now.

It’s #JennStrong2.

And once again, my wife told me on Tuesday night: “I’m not going to f**king die. I will fight!”

So, off to the 5th floor we go for an extended stay and a full focus on her getting to remission and whatever it takes after that.

Her doctors are working on various protocols and developing an evolving strategy to save her life.

We know this journey well. We’ve become close friends with survivors. We’ve also lost some friends along the way. We’ve already run into folks at the hospital who were battling with her in 2014 and are still fighting for their lives every day.

And we’ve also seen many miracles.

Last Saturday night, we went to have our annual pre-game beverage with Marvin Lewis here in Baltimore before the Ravens game. We ran into this young lady with some Cincinnati roots, who is a five-year bone marrow transplant survivor.


Inspiration is all around.

Survivors abound. That’s what There Goes My Hero is all about!

But this #JennStrong2 fight will not be any

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#JennStrong receives the greatest “life and love” letter ever written from Germany

Posted on 07 August 2014 by Nestor Aparicio

Today, while on her usual visit at the hospital, my wife got a massive surprise. Jennifer Ford Aparicio (aka #JennStrong) received a letter from her donor. It came from her bone marrow transplant coordinator on three sheets of paper in 12-point type. The blanks indicate information that was literally whited out on the original documents to ensure anonymity. We do not know his name. We aren’t allowed to officially meet or exchange names for another 11 months.

This is the most poignant, amazing document I have ever seen. If you think it’s hard reading it, you should’ve seen me trying to re-type this to publish on my blog. Obviously, I might have to ask Mark Cuban or Dirk Nowitzki for a favor…


Dear Ms. “;”

Honestly, I don’t really know how to start such a letter. Maybe it is the best way to start by introducing myself as good as I can.

I’m a 21 year old man from Germany. I’ve got several sport activities which I very like. I really like soccer. I’ve played it for almost ten years in clubs. The first time I played soccer, I was a little boy and my father went with me to the football pitch. It was such an awesome feeling to play with other kids and have fun. I didn’t play very successfully, but if I’m honest, it wasn’t my intention to be the next soccer star. I just wanted to have fun. After some years and a few injuries, I decided to give up what I really love. Of course, it was a tough decision, but I had to take care of my health, so it was the only decision I could make.

I’m interested in basketball. The origin of basketball is your country! Of course as a German, I’m a huge  ______ fan, so it’s no wonder, that I’m also a “fan” of the _________. Are you also interested in basketball, or are you prefer another sport activity?

Now, I’ve got a few questions which I’d like to ask you. The first and for me, most important question is:

How are you feeling?

Did you overcome blood cancer, the pain and everything else which is included by this awful disease?

How did you get to know of the diagnosis “blood cancer”?

What were your first thoughts once you got the message of leukemia?

Have you ever doubted that you’ll survive?

What did you feel, when receiving the message, that there is a donor for you?

Of course, I’ll understand if you don’t want to answer some of these questions, because maybe they’re too personal.

Probably it is time to explain to you, why I did donate stem cells.

A couple of friends asked me “why do you donate for a person you don’t even know?”

The answer actually isn’t as easy as it looks like. Once I was in the hotel, previous and after this donation, I often asked myself the question. But if I’m honest, it’s complicated to describe. Sometimes it’s hard to explain with the words I know. Maybe it’s best to tell you how I anyway get into position to donate for somebody.

About two years ago, when I was in vocational school, there was a charity event organized by ____. I was asked if I wanted to sign up or registrate to the database of ______. I didn’t really think about what I was doing and potential consequences for me or other people so after a few minutes I was a potential donor.

My first thought was “Oh, you won’t get the chance to donate” but this thought should become a huge fallacy.

One Year after my registration, it was a Saturday, I came home from work and while I was having breakfast, the doorbell rang. I thought it could be the mailman, because it was the typical time in Germany for post. He gave me the usual catalogues of advertisement and one huge envelope. I was quiet fascinating and didn’t expect that this letter was for me. My mind noticed very quickly “Oh, it’s for you!” I saw the logo of _____ and something in my mind told me, that this letter could change a few things immediately.

While I was reading the first lines, I was shocked in a “special” way. Obviously, at this moment I realized that my name and information about me were remaining in the database of the ____. I really had to sit down for some minutes in my room and had to think about what just happened.

It was unreal to read that I could make a contribution to rescue the life of somebody!

The next weeks were quite a journey for me: I had to fill in a lot of papers about health issues, went to doctors, had a couple of calls from employees of the ____ and got also several letters.

One day I had to go to my family doctor, because I had to give a blood sample. This blood was sent to a scientific institute to check if I’m the right donor for you! My responsible official had already told, that could take a few weeks until I’ll get an answer.

Weeks passed, but at the end of May, I finally got a positive answer. I was snoozing until I looked up on my mobile phone and saw an incoming call. I’ve already recognized the number, because I got several calls from this number in the last weeks. It was the _____! Immediately, I was wide awake and listened carefully the woman on the phone. As she had asked me, if I would like to donate, I did not hesitate for a second. I’ll do it!

So a couple of days later I had to go to ______, because of pre-examinations to check if I’m completely healthy. The donation should start a few days after the check-up, but one day in the evening I got a call from the clinic where the donation should take place. She said the target date had to be postponed.

This was a strange feeling, because I worried a lot and asked myself what could be the reason for this delay. But after some calls on the other day, the worries didn’t exist anymore.

On the 24th of June I went to ____ again, but this time I stayed there two nights in an incredible hotel.

Next day was donation day! The breakfast in the hotel was impressive, but honestly I couldn’t eat as much as I’d like to, because I was too excited about the things which should come later that day.

At eight O’clock, it all began. Of course, I speculated a lot about how this day will look like and I also had a few doubts if I’ll get any pain or side-effects. But was so relaxed, I couldn’t believe it myself.

I lay there about three and a half hours. It sounds like nothing than boredom, however it wasn’t. I listened to music a lot and talked to one of the nurses for some time.

The feeling after donation was unbelievable! I couldn’t realize that I possibly saved a life. I had to wait about half an hour, because the doctors wanted to know if I felt good after this process. I didn’t expect that I’ll feel so good if I’m honest because when I was at the check-up they told me, you will feel like you ran a marathon. But everything was good.

In the evening I finally realized what I had done. If everything went well, I would save a life! A life of a human! The thoughts and the feelings which I have while thinking about it, are so unbelievable! After the donation, friends texted me “we are so proud of you – you’re a hero!” Of course, the support of my friends was amazing and just in the moments as I had worries about the things that will come. I felt a lot more secure.

But am I really a hero?

In my opinion I’m not a hero! Actually, I did something very special and maybe uncommon. Of course, everybody has his own definition of becoming a hero. For me a hero is a person who risks his own life to save a life of somebody whom he or she actually doesn’t even know. A soldier in Afghanistan is a hero! He or she puts his/her life on the line, just to create a little bit of freedom in a country where freedom never could exist. A fireman risks his own life to save a life or even more from people he actually doesn’t know everyday. But why do they do something like that? In my mind, those people do this out of deepest conviction. They don’t do it because they have to. No, they do it because they believe it is right to do it!

What does it mean to my situation?

I did this donation also out of deepest conviction. I didn’t do it because it’s highly regarded in society. No, I did this for you because I believe it is our assignment to help people when they need help the most.

But there is another reason why I did such a thing.

I told you previously, that I was admitted into the database of the ___ because there was an initiative at my vocational school. There was a guy of the same age and his little brother suffered leukemia, so he was looking for a donor for his young brother.

While I was listening to the story of his young brother, I asked myself what I would do for my little brother if I was in his position. I don’t know if you have children or if you are even married, but the thought that you may lose things which you truly love was beyond all bearing. By knowing that I could make at least one person much more happier pushed me a lot. A lot of people want to have so much money that they don’t know even what to do with it, they want to have a fast car, a huge mansion or even a yacht. But what you only wish is, that you can see your kids, play with them in the garden, see them growing up, just do what you want to do and not spending every second thinking about your disease. You just want to live your life! Happiness is one of the things you can’t buy!

I’d like to come to the end of this letter. I actually don’t know how to end such a letter, like I previously didn’t know how to start. But what I’d like to say: I also have to thank you! It may sound strange but I’m deeply grateful that I had such a chance to do something like that. Every time I’m upset, I think back on what I did and that you could be the happiest person on earth. And so I become very happy too. I wish you, your family and your friends all the best and that you will become the person you were before the disease, that you can do whatever you like to do, that your dreams and wishes you have become reality at some point.

Someday, I hope that I’ll get the redeeming message from you: “I’m fine!”


Your genetical twin!



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Baltimore again among top rated viewing markets for Brazil/Germany match

Posted on 09 July 2014 by WNST Staff

Highest-Rated Non-U.S. World Cup Match Ever on ESPN/ESPN2

ESPN’s telecast of Tuesday’s Brazil vs. Germany FIFA World Cup semifinal match – a 7-1 German victory and Brazil’s first loss in a competitive home match in 63 games (since 1975) – ranks as the highest-rated and most-viewed World Cup semifinal match ever on any U.S. network, according to Nielsen. Brazil-Germany averaged a 4.2 US household rating and 6,643,000 viewers, based on fast nationals. ESPN’s television coverage peaked in the final half hour of the match (5:30–6 p.m. ET) with a 4.6 rating and 7.5 million viewers.

The previous best World Cup semifinal was a 3.4 rating (5,850,000 viewers) for Germany-Italy on ESPN during World Cup 2006 in Germany. Yesterday’s match also represents increases of 56 percent (2.7 rating) and 58 percent (4,204,000 viewers) over the comparable Uruguay-Netherlands semifinal four years ago in South Africa.

Excluding U.S. team matches, Brazil-Germany is the highest-rated World Cup match ever on ESPN/ESPN2, surpassing the 4.0 rating for Mexico-Netherlands (6,571,000 viewers) from the Round of 16 (June 29).

Top 10 markets for Brazil-Germany: New York (7.5), Hartford/New Haven (6.4), Washington, DC (5.8), San Francisco (5.8), Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (5.6), Boston (5.5), West Palm Beach (5.5), Los Angeles (5.0), Baltimore (4.9) and Richmond/Petersburg (4.8)

To date, the highest-rated markets on the ESPN networks are: Washington, DC (4.6), New York (4.3), San Francisco (4.1), Los Angeles (3.7), San Diego (3.7), Hartford/New Haven (3.6), Orlando (3.5), Miami/Ft. Lauderdale (3.5), Richmond/Petersburg (3.4) and West Palm Beach (3.3)

Significant TV Viewership Increases Over 2010 and 2006

Through 61 matches of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC are averaging 4,233,000 viewers and a 2.6 US household rating per match. The 2014 audience marks increases of 43 percent (vs. 2,967,000 in 2010) and 107 percent (2,042,000 in 2006) in viewers, and 37 percent (vs. 1.9 in 2010) and 86 percent (1.4 in 2006) in ratings. (Note: Ratings and viewership numbers are based on the specific match windows, not including pre-match studio coverage.)

ESPN Digital establishes new highs for World Cup semifinal match

2.1 million unique viewers watched the Brazil vs. Germany semifinal on WatchESPN for a total of nearly 90 million minutes, the highest numbers ever for a non-U.S. team soccer match, providing a 10 percent lift to ESPN’s English-language television viewership.

ESPNFC.com had 9.8 million video starts, up more than 2,000 percent over the comparable day for World Cup 2010 and the best ever mark for that platform. Also, ESPN’s SportsCenter app had 3.6 million unique users, a 484 percent gain from the comparable day in 2010.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 07 July 2014 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: WNBA-Washington Mystics @ Chicago Sky (Wednesday 12:30pm from Chicago live on WNBA All-Access), Washington Mystics @ Tulsa Shock (Saturday 8pm from Tulsa live on WNBA All-Access); Auto Racing: NASCAR Camping World RV Sales 301 (Sunday 1pm from Loudon, NH live on TNT); Charm City Roller Girls (Saturday 6:30pm Ice Gardens Laurel)

10. John Witherspoon (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv); Sandra Bernhard (Saturday 8pm Howard Theatre); Jim Jeffries (Friday 7pm & 10pm Lincoln Theatre); Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” out in theaters (Friday); Bad Words” and “Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 & Vol. 2” available on Blu-Ray/DVD (Tuesday)

Jim Jeffries uses the F word a lot. So if you enjoy the F word and laughing, you’d probably enjoy him. (I’m looking at you, grandma.) (Not even remotely safe for work.)

Also, national Pecan Pie Day is coming up this Saturday. So here’s this. (Oddly enough, if you’re like me this isn’t safe for work either. I’ll be staying at this desk for a bit.)

9. Justin Timberlake (Monday 7:30pm Baltimore Arena); Bruno Mars (Friday 8pm Jiffy Lube Live); Jennifer Nettles (Sunday 8pm Wolf Trap), Sara Bareilles (Monday 7:30pm Wolf Trap); Neon Trees/Smallpools (Friday 8pm Rams Head Live Sunday 7pm 9:30 Club), Ashley Monroe (Sunday 7:30pm Rams Head Live); All Time Low/Cinder Road (Saturday 7pm Baltimore Soundstage); Brand New (Sunday 7:30pm Fillmore Silver Spring); The Original Wailers (Sunday 8pm Howard Theatre); The Neighbourhood (Wednesday 7pm Echostage); Peter Frampton (Tuesday 6:30pm Lincoln Theatre), Natalie Merchant (Saturday & Sunday 6:30pm Lincoln Theatre); Dirty Heads “Sound of Change”, John Mellencamp “Performs Trouble No More Live at Town Hall” and Blackberry Smoke “Leave a Scar: Live in North Carolina” available (Tuesday)

I’ll see you Monday night. Don’t even try to act like he’s not amazing.

Remember back when we could pretend like we didn’t know how good Bruno Mars was?

Smallpools is responsible for one of the more notable songs of the last couple years.

Support our boys from All Time Low. They’re good boys.

(Continued on Page 2…)

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Baltimore again among top viewing markets for USA/Germany

Posted on 27 June 2014 by WNST Staff

  • Combined TV, Digital and Audio Coverage Posts Average Minute Audience Over 12 Million
  • ESPN Telecast Averages 6.7 US HH Rating and 10,771,000 Viewers
  • Match Generates WatchESPN Viewership Records, Provides 10 percent Lift to TV
  • Significant Viewership Growth Leads ESPN to its Most-Viewed and Highest-Rated Group Play Ever
  • Washington, D.C.; New York and San Francisco Highest-Rated Thru 48 Group Play Matches

ESPN’s coverage of the United States’ 1-0 loss to Germany in the final day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup group play – Thursday, June 26, at noon ET – generated an average minute audience of more than 12 million people across ESPN’s television, digital and audio platforms.

  • ESPN’s telecast averaged a 6.7 US HH rating and 10,771,000 viewers, making it the second highest-rated, and third most-viewed, men’s World Cup match on ESPN or ESPN2 ever. ESPN’s highest-rated World Cup match – a 9.6 US HH rating for the 2014 USA vs. Portugal contest on Sunday, June 22 – is also the most-viewed soccer match across all US television networks, averaging 18,220,000 viewers. ESPN’s second most-viewed men’s World Cup match – USA vs. Ghana on Monday, June 16, 2014 – averaged 11,093,000 viewers and a 6.3 US HH rating.
  • The match also garnered multiple audience records for WatchESPN, adding an additional 1,050,000 viewers in the average minute audience to ESPN’s telecast. Overall, the WatchESPN coverage had 3,200,000 unique viewers and 143,000,000 live minutes viewed. This accounted for a 10 percent lift to ESPN’s English-language TV audience
  • The telecast also ranks as ESPN’s most-viewed weekday, non-holiday, afternoon program on record.
  • At its highest point, ESPN’s telecast averaged 12,055,000 viewers and a 7.7 US HH rating from 1:30 to 2 p.m. WatchESPN’s peak of 1,700,000 concurrent users set a record for the platform.
  • In addition to television and digital, the USA vs. Germany match generated an estimated audio streaming average minute audience of 239,300.
  • In addition, ESPN.com and ESPNFC.com, led by Thursday’s World Cup matches, set platform records for unique visitors in one day, hitting 19,500,000 and 7,800,000, respectively.

ESPN Posts its Largest Audiences for Group Play Ever
Overall, ESPN has generated its largest viewership for the 48 opening round World Cup matches ever, averaging 3,540,000 viewers and 2.2 US HH rating for ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC telecasts combined. The 2014 averages also marks significant increases over ESPN’s opening round telecasts in 2010 and 2006: 46 percent and 109 percent (vs. 2,429,000 viewers in 2010 and 1,691,000 in 2006), and 38 percent and 83 percent (vs. 1.6 rating in 2010 and 1.2 in 2006), respectively.

In addition, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC have posted significant audience increases in every key people and male demographic, highlighted by double-digit growth in the 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 categories.

WatchESPN, ESPN.com and ESPNFC.Com Growth Over 2010
WatchESPN is averaging 737,000 unique viewers and 31,100,000 minutes watched through 48 World Cup matches for increases of 149 percent and 143 percent, respectively. Additional digital highlights:

  • ESPNFC.com is also generating significant usage increases, averaging 4,700,000 daily unique visitors for a 35 percent increase over 2010 and 5,700,000 video starts per day for a 854 percent increase.
  • ESPN.com is seeing 13,700,000 average daily unique visitors (a 38 percent increase from 2010) and 12,800,000 video starts per day (up 170 percent).
  • The SportsCenter app is averaging 3,800,000 daily unique visitors for a 403 percent over 2010

Metered Markets
New York led all markets for ESPN’s USA vs. Germany telecast with a 9.7 rating, followed by San Diego (8.6), Sacramento (8.3), Seattle/Tacoma (8.1), Orlando (8.1), Baltimore (8.1), Columbus (8.1), West Palm Beach (7.9), Providence (7.6), San Francisco (7.2) and Austin (7.2).

Overall, Washington, D.C., continues to lead all markets for matches on ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC through the 48 Group Play matches with a 4.0 average rating, followed by New York (3.7), San Francisco (3.5), Orlando (3.1), Los Angeles (3.1), Hartford/New Haven (3.1), San Diego (3.0), West Palm Beach (2.9), Miami/Fort Lauderdale (2.9), Richmond (2.9), Atlanta (2.9), Boston (2.9) and Columbus (2.9).

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Bovada gives former Terp Zusi 8/1 odds to score against Germany

Posted on 24 June 2014 by WNST Staff

Courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Outright Winner

USA                                        66/1


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Top Goalscorer

Clint Dempsey (USA)                 66/1


FIFA World Cup 2014 – USA – Stage of Elimination      

Group Stage                 3/1

2nd Round                    2/3

Quarter Finals                9/2

Semi Finals                   16/1

Runners Up                   50/1

Winners                        66/1

***USA’s chances of advancing past the Group Stage is 1/5 or 80%


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G          

USA                             +650     (13/2)

Germany                       -140     (5/7)

Draw                             +200     (2/1)     

Over/Under Goals                      2 ½


FIFA World Cup 2014 – Group G – 1st Half Line

USA (1H)                      +475     (19/4)

Germany (1H)                +140     (7/5)

Draw                             +110     (11/10)

Over/Under Goals                      1


USA vs Germany – Correct Score         

USA 1-0                        12/1

USA 2-0                        33/1

USA 2-1                        20/1

USA 3-0                        80/1

USA 3-1                        50/1

USA 3-2                        66/1

USA 4-0                        200/1

USA 4-1                        150/1

USA 4-2                        150/1

USA 4-3                        200/1

USA 5-0                        250/1

Draw 0-0                       6/1

Draw 1-1                       4/1

Draw 2-2                       10/1

Draw 3-3                       50/1

Draw 4-4                       200/1

Germany 1-0                 13/2

Germany 2-0                 7/1

Germany 2-1                 8/1

Germany 3-0                 12/1

Germany 3-1                 12/1

Germany 3-2                 25/1

Germany 4-0                 25/1

Germany 4-1                 25/1

Germany 4-2                 50/1

Germany 4-3                 100/1

Germany 5-0                 50/1


USA vs Germany – Half Time / Full Time          

USA / USA                    10/1

USA / Draw                   10/1

USA / Germany             20/1

Draw / USA                   12/1

Draw / Draw                  7/2

Draw / Germany            7/2

Germany / USA             50/1

Germany / Draw            10/1

Germany / Germany       3/2


USA vs Germany – Both Teams to Score                     

Yes                  -130

No                    EVEN


USA vs Germany – Winning Margin                 

USA to win by 1 goal                             7/1       

USA to win by 2 goals                           22/1     

USA to win by 3 goals                           66/1     

USA to win by 4 or more goals              200/1

Germany to win by 1 goal                      3/1

Germany to win by 2 goals                    7/2

Germany to win by 3 goals                    13/2

Germany to win by 4 or more goals        9/1

Score Draw                                           3/1       

0-0 Draw                                               6/1       


USA vs Germany – Match Result & Both Teams To Score                    

USA & Yes                   12/1

Germany & Yes             11/4

Draw & Yes                   11/4

USA & No                     11/1

Germany & No              7/4

Draw & No                    8/1


USA vs Germany – To Win To Nil                     

USA                             9/5       

Germany                       11/1

USA vs Germany – To Win Both Halves           

USA                             25/1

Germany                       13/4

USA vs Germany – To Come From Behind and Win                 

USA                             25/1     

Germany                       7/1


USA vs Germany – Half Time Correct Score                 

USA  1-0                       13/2

USA  2-0                       40/1

USA  2-1                       40/1

Draw 0-0                       7/4

Draw 1-1                       7/1

Draw 2-2                       66/1

Germany 1-0                 25/1

Germany 2-0                 7/1

Germany 2-1                 20/1


USA vs Germany – Total 1st Half Goals Over/Under 0.5 Goals              

Over 0.5                                    O ½  (-240, 5/12)

Under 0.5                                  U ½  (+175, 7/4)


USA vs Germany – Highest Scoring Half                      

1st Half                         9/4

2nd Half                        1/1

Draw                             5/2       


USA vs Germany – Team to Score 1st   

USA                             9/4       

Germany                       1/3


USA vs Germany – Team to Score Last            

USA                             9/4       

Germany                       1/3


USA vs Germany – Time of 1st Goal

1-10 Mins                      13/4

11-20 Mins                    4/1

21-30 Mins                    5/1

31-40 Mins                    13/2

41-50 Mins                    15/2

51-60 Mins                    10/1

61-70 Mins                    14/1

71-80 Mins                    20/1

81 Mins – Full Time        20/1

No Goal                        6/1


USA vs Germany – 1st 10 Minutes – Total Goals            

Over                             ½ (9/2)

Under                           ½ (2/15)


USA vs Germany – 1st 10 Minutes – Match Result                     

USA                             11/1     

Germany                       6/1

Draw                             1/8


USA vs Germany – Total Goals            

0 or 1                            13/5

2 or 3                            5/6

4+                                5/2

USA vs Germany – USA Total Goals                

No Goals                      6/5

1 Goal                          7/5

2 Goals                         9/2

3 Goals                         22/1

4 or More Goals            100/1


USA vs Germany – Germany Total Goals                     

No Goals                      9/2

1 Goal                          2/1

2 Goals                         12/5

3 Goals                         9/2

4 or More Goals            15/2


USA vs Germany – Will a Penalty Kick be Scored?      

Yes                  13/4

No                    1/5


USA vs Germany – Will a Penalty Kick be Awarded?    

Yes                  11/4

No                    1/4


USA vs Germany – Will a Penalty Kick be Missed?      

Yes                  12/1

No                    1/33


USA vs Germany – Will an Own Goal be scored?         

Yes                  10/1

No                    1/25


USA vs Germany – Method of 1st Goal 

Open play shot inside the box               2/3

Header                                                  4/1

Open play shot outside the box             6/1

Penalty                                                 11/1

Direct from Free Kick                            16/1

Own Goal                                              20/1


USA vs Germany Individual Goal Props

USA vs Germany – First Goalscorer     

Thomas Muller                           7/2

Miroslav Klose                          4/1

Mario Gotze                              5/1

Lukas Podolski                         5/1

Andre Schurrle                          11/2

Mesut Ozil                                 7/1

Clint Dempsey                          8/1

Bastian Schweinsteiger              9/1

Toni Kroos                                9/1

Jozy Altidore                             10/1

Julian Draxler                            10/1

Chris Wondolowski                    12/1

Aron Johannsson                      12/1

Julian Green                              14/1

Christoph Kramer                      16/1

Kevin Grosskreutz                     16/1

Brad Davis                                20/1

Michael Bradley                         20/1

Graham Zusi                             20/1

Erik Durm                                 20/1

Mathias Ginter                           20/1

Sami Khedira                            20/1

Mats Hummels                          20/1

Alejandro Bedoya                      25/1

DaMarcus Beasley                    25/1

Mikkel Diskerud                        25/1

Per Mertesacker                        25/1

Philipp Lahm                             25/1

Kyle Beckerman                        33/1

Fabian Johnson                        33/1

Jermaine Jones                         33/1

Benedikt Howedes                    33/1

Jerome Boateng                        33/1

Geoff Cameron                         40/1

John Anthony Brooks                40/1

Omar Gonzalez                          50/1

Timothy Chandler                      50/1

DeAndre Yedlin                         66/1

Matt Besler                               66/1

No Goalscorer                           6/1


USA vs Germany – Anytime Goalscorer           

Miroslav Klose                          11/10

Thomas Muller                           11/10

Mario Gotze                              11/8

Lukas Podolski                         7/4

Andre Schurrle                          15/8

Mesut Ozil                                 2/1

Julian Draxler                            3/1

Jozy Altidore                             7/2

Clint Dempsey                          7/2

Toni Kroos                                7/2

Chris Wondolowski                    4/1

Bastian Schweinsteiger              4/1

Aron Johannsson                      5/1

Christoph Kramer                      5/1

Kevin Grosskreutz                     5/1

Julian Green                              6/1

Michael Bradley                         6/1

Sami Khedira                            6/1

Brad Davis                                7/1

Erik Durm                                 7/1

Mathias Ginter                           7/1

Alejandro Bedoya                      8/1

Graham Zusi                             8/1

Philipp Lahm                             8/1

Mats Hummels                          8/1

DaMarcus Beasley                    9/1

Per Mertesacker                        9/1

Mikkel Diskerud                        10/1

Benedikt Howedes                    10/1

Kyle Beckerman                        12/1

Fabian Johnson                        12/1

Jermaine Jones                         12/1

Jerome Boateng                        12/1

John Anthony Brooks                14/1

Timothy Chandler                      14/1

Geoff Cameron                         16/1

Omar Gonzalez                          18/1

DeAndre Yedlin                         20/1

Matt Besler                               20/1


USA vs Germany – First USA Goalscorer         

Clint Dempsey                          4/1

Aron Johannsson                      4/1

Chris Wondolowski                    19/4

Jozy Altidore                             5/1

Julian Green                              6/1

Alejandro Bedoya                      15/2

Michael Bradley                         8/1

Brad Davis                                9/1

Graham Zusi                             10/1

DaMarcus Beasley                    12/1

Mikkel Diskerud                         12/1

Jermaine Jones                         12/1

Kyle Beckerman                        14/1

Fabian Johnson                        18/1

John Anthony Brooks                18/1

Timothy Chandler                      18/1

Geoff Cameron                         20/1

Omar Gonzalez                          22/1

DeAndre Yedlin                         25/1

Matt Besler                               33/1


USA vs Germany – First Germany Goalscorer  

Miroslav Klose                          21/10

Thomas Muller                           21/10

Lukas Podolski                         7/2

Mesut Ozil                                 15/4

Mario Gotze                              4/1

Andre Schurrle                          4/1

Julian Draxler                            13/2

Bastian Schweinsteiger              8/1

Toni Kroos                                8/1

Christoph Kramer                      12/1

Kevin Grosskreutz                     12/1

Sami Khedira                            12/1

Mathias Ginter                           16/1

Erik Durm                                 22/1

Benedikt Howedes                    22/1

Per Mertesacker                        22/1

Philipp Lahm                             22/1

Mats Hummels                          22/1

Jerome Boateng                        25/1


USA vs Germany – Scorecast (Player to score first and exact score)

Clint Dempsey & USA 1-0                      66/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 2-0                      150/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 2-1                      80/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 3-0                      350/1

Clint Dempsey & USA 3-1                      250/1

Clint Dempsey & Draw 1-1                     22/1

Clint Dempsey & Draw 2-2                     50/1

Clint Dempsey & Germany 2-1               40/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 1-0                  110/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 2-0                  250/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 2-1                  125/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 3-0                  500/1

Aron Johannsson & USA 3-1                  450/1

Aron Johannsson & Draw 1-1                 40/1

Aron Johannsson & Draw 2-2                 90/1

Aron Johannsson & Germany 2-1           66/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 1-0               75/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 2-0               175/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 2-1               90/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 3-0               400/1

Chris Wondolowski & USA 3-1               300/1

Chris Wondolowski & Draw 1-1              28/1

Chris Wondolowski & Draw 2-2              55/1

Chris Wondolowski & Germany 2-1         45/1

Michael Bradley & USA 1-0                    175/1

Michael Bradley & USA 2-0                    375/1

Michael Bradley & USA 2-1                    200/1

Michael Bradley & USA 3-0                    750/1

Michael Bradley & USA 3-1                    500/1

Michael Bradley & Draw 1-1                   55/1

Michael Bradley & Draw 2-2                   125/1

Michael Bradley & Germany 2-1              100/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 1-0                25/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 2-0                28/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 2-1                33/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 3-0                55/1

Thomas Muller & Germany 3-1                55/1

Thomas Muller & Draw 1-1                     18/1

Thomas Muller & Draw 2-2                     40/1

Thomas Muller & USA 2-1                      55/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 1-0               28/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 2-0               35/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 2-1               40/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 3-0               66/1

Miroslav Klose & Germany 3-1               66/1

Miroslav Klose & Draw 1-1                     22/1

Miroslav Klose & Draw 2-2                     45/1

Miroslav Klose & USA 2-1                      75/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 1-0                   33/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 2-0                   40/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 2-1                   40/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 3-0                   66/1

Mario Gotze & Germany 3-1                   66/1

Mario Gotze & Draw 1-1                         25/1

Mario Gotze & Draw 2-2                         50/1

Mario Gotze & USA 2-1                          80/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 1-0               33/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 2-0               40/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 2-1               45/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 3-0               75/1

Andre Schurrle & Germany 3-1               75/1

Andre Schurrle & Draw 1-1                     25/1

Andre Schurrle & Draw 2-2                     55/1

Andre Schurrle & USA 2-1                      90/1


Miscellaneous Player Props

USA vs Germany – Player To Be Shown a Card

Kyle Beckerman                        5/4

Timothy Chandler                      5/4

Michael Bradley                         9/5

Geoff Cameron                         9/5

Jerome Boateng                        9/5

DaMarcus Beasley                    2/1

Fabian Johnson                        2/1

John Anthony Brooks                2/1

Omar Gonzalez                          2/1

DeAndre Yedlin                         2/1

Matt Besler                               2/1

Bastian Schweinsteiger              2/1

Per Mertesacker                        2/1

Kevin Grosskreutz                     2/1

Sami Khedira                            2/1

Philipp Lahm                             2/1

Mats Hummels                          2/1

Clint Dempsey                          5/2

Jermaine Jones                         5/2

Erik Durm                                 5/2

Benedikt Howedes                    5/2

Julian Green                              11/4

Alejandro Bedoya                      11/4

Brad Davis                                11/4

Mikkel Diskerud                        11/4

Graham Zusi                             11/4

Chris Wondolowski                    7/2

Christoph Kramer                      4/1

Thomas Muller                           5/1

Andre Schurrle                          5/1

Toni Kroos                                5/1

Julian Draxler                            5/1

Mathias Ginter                           5/1

Mario Gotze                              11/2

Lukas Podolski                         11/2

Aron Johannsson                      13/2

Miroslav Klose                          13/2

Mesut Ozil                                 7/1




Odds To Win The Open Championship 2014 – Hoylake, Royal Liverpool (British Open)

Tiger Woods                 7/1


Odds To Win USPGA Championship 2014 – Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky

Tiger Woods                 7/1


Quicken Loans National – Outright Winner      

Tiger Woods                 16/1


Quicken Loans National – 1st Round Leader    

Tiger Woods                 18/1


Quicken Loans National – Top 5 Finish

Tiger Woods                 5/2


Quicken Loans National – Will Tiger Woods Finish in The Top 10?     

Yes                              5/4


Quicken Loans National – Will Tiger Woods Finish in The Top 20?     

Yes                              5/9


Quicken Loans National – Tournament H2H Matches   

Tiger Woods                 EVEN   (1/1)

Jordan Spieth               -130      (10/13)


Quicken Loans National – Will Tiger Woods Shoot a Hole In One?      

Yes                              100/1


Quicken Loans National – Will Tiger Woods Make The Cut?    

Yes                              2/9

No                                3/1


Quicken Loans National – Outright Winner      

Jason Day                    12/1

Justin Rose                   12/1

Jordan Spieth               14/1

Tiger Woods                 16/1

Brandt Snedeker           22/1

Keegan Bradley             25/1

Brendon Todd               28/1

Webb Simpson             28/1

Bill Haas                       30/1

Jason Dufner                33/1

K.J. Choi                      33/1

Hunter Mahan                35/1

Billy Horschel                40/1

Gary Woodland             40/1

Marc Leishman              40/1

Brendon De Jonge        50/1

Carl Pettersson             50/1

Charley Hoffman           50/1

J.B.  Holmes                 50/1

Nick Watney                  50/1

Ryan Palmer                 50/1

Aaron Baddeley            55/1

Ben Martin                    66/1

Bo Van Pelt                  66/1

Brendan Steele              66/1

Charles Howell III           66/1

Fredrik Jacobson          66/1

Brian Harman                70/1

Ernie Els                       80/1

Kevin Chappell              80/1

Matt Every                    80/1

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 24 June 2014 by Glenn Clark

Honorable Mention: Legends Football League-Atlanta Steam @ Baltimore Charm (Saturday 8pm Baltimore Arena); WNBA: Connecticut Sun @ Washington Mystics (Friday 7pm Verizon Center), San Antonio Silver Stars @ Washington Mystics (Sunday 4pm Verizon Center); MLL: Chesapeake Bayhawks @ Florida Launch (Saturday 7pm from Boca Raton, FL live on YouTube); Boxing: Tori Nelson vs. Nicole Williams (Saturday 6pm Du Burns Arena); Auto Racing: NASCAR Quaker State 400 (Saturday 7:30pm from Sparta, KY live on TNT); Mixed Martial Arts: UFC Fight Night Nate Marquardt vs. James Te Huna (Saturday 5am from Auckland, New Zealand live on UFC Fight Pass), UFC Fight Night Cub Swanson vs. Jeremy Stephens (Saturday 10pm from San Antonio live on Fox Sports 1)

10. Great American Backyard Campout (Saturday 6pm Oregon Ridge); Transformers: Age of Extinction“, “Snowpiercer” and “They Came Together” out in theaters (Friday); 300: Rise of an Empire” available on Blu-Ray/DVD (Tuesday)

None of this means much of anything for me-so instead I’ll post this new photo of Sofia Vergara that came out Monday. You can thank me later.

9. Thank You Festival feat. Tiesto (Thursday 4pm Merriweather Post Pavilion); Katy Perry (Tuesday & Wednesday 7pm Verizon Center); OneRepublic/The Script (Friday 7pm Jiffy Luve Live), Toby Keith (Saturday 7pm Jiffy Lube Live), Avicii (Sunday 7pm Jiffy Lube Live); Ben Folds (Wednesday 8:15pm Wolf Trap); Ballyhoo! (Friday 8pm Power Plant Live); Say Anything (Wednesday 7:30pm Rams Head Live), Drive-By Truckers (Thursday 8pm Rams Head Live); Diana Ross (Saturday 8pm Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric); Dr. John (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage); Air Supply (Friday 8pm Rams Head Center Stage); Primus (Sunday 8pm Fillmore Silver Spring); Lake Street Dive (Tuesday 7pm 9:30 Club); Jamestown Revival (Sunday 8:30pm Gypsy Sally’s); Rebirth Brass Band (Sunday 2pm DC Jazz Festival); Ed Sheeran “X”, Phish “Fuego” and Clutch “Earth Rocker Deluxe” available (Tuesday)

I’m including Katy Perry this week. Let’s just go ahead and move on so we don’t have to talk about it any further.

Say hello to Kevin Van Valkenburg at the Truckers’ show.

Lake Street Dive is rather enjoyable.

Someday I’ll be coming home…to see Jamestown Revival.

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 27 May 2013 by Glenn Clark

We’re doing things backwards a bit this week because of the holiday. The “Monday Reality Check” will now be a “Tuesday Reality Check.” T10BD reflects the week beginning tomorrow, May 28 through Monday, June 3rd. And before we get started, this feels appropriate.

Honorable Mention: MLL-Hamilton Nationals @ Chesapeake Bayhawks (Saturday 7:30pm from Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium live on CBS Sports Network); WNBA: Atlanta Dream @ Washington Mystics (Sunday 4pm Verizon Center)

10. Tim McGraw (Saturday 7pm Jiffy Lube Live); Kelly Rowland & The Dream (Tuesday 7pm Rams Head Live), Pop Evil (Thursday 7pm Rams Head Live); Aaron Neville (Tuesday 8pm Rams Head on Stage), Bacon Brothers (Friday & Saturday 6:30pm & 9:30pm Rams Head on Stage), Candlebox (Monday 8pm Rams Head on Stage); Fall Out Boy (Friday 8pm 9:30 Club); Flobots (Sunday 7pm U Street Music Hall); John Fogerty “Wrote A Song For Everyone” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

Not much to like here. I mean, I’m not a Tim McGraw guy but I’ve had a few BBQ stains in my day…

Dear Aaron Neville-thanks for letting us borrow your city to win a Super Bowl. Cheers!

I hate how much people my age know every word to every Fall Out Boy song. But damn if I’m not one of them.

John Fogerty + Foo Fighters + “Fortunate Son” = I might watch this video all night.

9. Artie Lange (Saturday 7:30pm & 10pm Howard Theatre); Kevin James (Wednesday 7:30pm Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric); Hal Sparks (Thursday-Saturday Baltimore Comedy Factory); After Earth” and “Now You See Me” out in theaters (Friday); Artfest (Saturday 12pm Boordy Vineyards); Great Grapes! Wine and Food Festival (Saturday & Sunday 12pm Oregon Ridge); “A Taste Of Two Cities”-Baltimore vs. DC Food Trucks (Saturday 12pm Rash Field)

I feel like Baltimore should EASILY win a competition against DC in terms of food. All you do is show up with some sweet corn and lather it in Old Bay. Competition over. The Clark Family did a bit too much of that over Memorial Day weekend…

Competition still going? We shove Peppermint Sticks in lemons around these parts, son. What now?

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