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Lardarius Webb Not Interested In Future Move to Safety

Posted on 13 April 2012 by WNST Audio

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Steve Blake Remembers Big Shots En Route to 2002 Championship

Posted on 29 March 2012 by WNST Staff

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Gregg Rosenthal (NFL.com) Thinks Rice Contract Will Linger Into Summer

Posted on 28 March 2012 by WNST Staff

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Loyola Coach Toomey Says Undefeated Hounds Know Teams Coming For Them

Posted on 28 March 2012 by WNST Staff

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Flacco’s agent foresees amicable contract talks with Ravens

Posted on 23 February 2012 by Luke Jones

As coaches, front office executives, scouts, and agents congregate for the NFL Combine in Indianapolis to take a closer look at hundreds of prospective rookies, the event also marks the unofficial start of free agency.

Though the actual signing period doesn’t begin until March 13, front office personnel and agents will secretly meet to discuss soon-to-be free agents and contract parameters before players hit the open market.

As anticipated for several weeks, the Ravens will begin new contract talks for quarterback Joe Flacco, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent following the 2012 season.

While both parties have made it clear they want the relationship to continue for many years to come, Flacco’s agent Joe Linta told Glenn Clark on AM 1570 WNST that the weekend will only mark the first step in the negotiating process. Working out any new contract takes time but becomes more complicated when talking about the most important position on the field.

“We are just going to chat on this,” said Linta, who anticipates speaking with team president Dick Cass and vice president of football administration Pat Moriarty on Saturday. “I don’t expect there is going to be a press conference at two o’clock in Indianapolis. You’ve got to start somewhere.”

Deciding where to begin can often be difficult in getting both sides to the negotiating table. Linta sparked plenty of debate in Baltimore last week by suggesting his client should be paid as a top-5 quarterback if taking into account Flacco’s 44 regular-season wins in his first four seasons, most in NFL history.

Flacco has never missed a game while becoming the first quarterback in league history to lead his team to the postseason and to earn a playoff win in each of his first four seasons. The 27-year-old has averaged 3,454 passing yards, 20 touchdown passes, 11.5 interceptions, and an 86.0 quarterback rating over his first four seasons.

“It’s really funny, I made one statement to a guy down there and I said, ‘If your [criteria] is wins and success and durability, he should be paid like a top-5 guy,’” Linta said. “Everyone on Sportscenter, NFL Network, and everywhere else forgot that very powerful two-letter word if.”

Trying to draw up parameters for a new contract will be challenging if relying on recent history for quarterback compensation. Linta and Flacco will unequivocally be looking for more money than the deals handed to Arizona’s Kevin Kolb and Buffalo’s Ryan Fitzpatrick. Kolb received a six-year, $65 million deal ($12 million guaranteed) while Fitzpatrick’s hot start to the 2011 season led to a seven-year $62 million contract that included $24 million guaranteed.

On the other hand, the Ravens could balk if Linta asks for money comparable to deals signed by Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and the Giants’ Eli Manning. Rivers signed a seven-year, $98 million deal with just under $20 million guaranteed while Manning, now a two-time Super Bowl champion, inked a deal worth just under $107 million with $35 million guaranteed.

Linta pointed out how quickly the market changes from year to year and how the ranking of pay for quarterbacks is cyclical as high-caliber signal callers wait their turn. Signing a five-year contract after being drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft, Flacco will finally get his turn for big money at some point over the next calendar year.

“Let’s say, hypothetically, he is paid as the [fifth-best quarterback] now — he’s only going to be the fifth guy for probably 12 months,” Linta said. “He’ll be leapfrogged by several guys as we go forward, and everybody knows the salary cap is going to go up as years go by. Is it five, is it four? It doesn’t matter. He’s an upper-echelon guy.”

The Ravens find themselves in the unique position of negotiating a long-term deal for a franchise quarterback after never having one prior to Flacco’s arrival in Baltimore. While both sides anticipate remaining amicable in talks, Linta will fight for what he feels his client deserves.

Flacco is set to make $6.76 million in the final year of his contract after reaching escalators for playing time and a postseason win in 2011. The two sides want the same end result, but with Flacco’s scheduled free agency still a year away, neither party will feel the urgency to cave to the other side’s demands.

With that in mind, negotiations could drag into the summer months when the free-agent market has played itself out and the draft is a distant memory.

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Johnny Rhodes Honored By Comcast Center Recognition

Posted on 21 February 2012 by WNST Audio

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Morgan F Jackson Quits Team After Loss

Posted on 07 February 2012 by WNST Staff

Immediately following Morgan State University’s 54-46 loss to Howard University Monday night at Hill Field House, head coach Todd Bozeman announced leading scorer DeWayne Jackson had quit the team.

Jackson played ten minutes in the Bears’ loss to the Bison, scoring ten points. Jackson entered Monday Night’s game averaging 30.7 minutes per game this season for the Bears and scoring an average of 13.4 points per game. As a freshman in 2009-2010, Jackson was a double digit scorer for the Bears team that won the MEAC Championship and reached the NCAA Tournament.

Jackson’s decision to quit the team followed a bizarre second half against the Bison. Unhappy with the effort he received from his starters, Bozeman pulled all five just two minutes after intermission. He inserted five reserves, including seldom used forward Thair Heath.

Bozeman slowly re-inserted his starters into the game but left Jackson on the bench. The junior forward out of Bowie High School made his frustration apparent, glaring back at MSU’s head coach and eventually shouting at him about his continued benching. Bozeman never made any noticeable responses to Jackson’s glares or yelling.

As the second half wore on, Jackson became unwilling to participate in team huddles. During timeouts he would stand outside the team’s conversations despite the pleading of the team’s assistant coaches.

Jackson made a quick exit from the team’s locker room following the game without talking to reporters. Bozeman announced Jackson’s decision in a short meeting with reporters, noting the junior’s unwillingness to be coached in the second half. He also explained the team would “move on” with Jackson.

Morgan State fell to 5-16 (3-7 Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) with the loss. They return to action Saturday when they welcome Maryland-Eastern Shore to Hill Field House.

A Morgan State who spoke to WNST.net reporter Glenn Clark after the game left open the possibility that Jackson could change his mind and return to the team.

(WNST.net’s Glenn Clark filed this report.)

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Len Suffers Twisted Ankle In Maryland Loss

Posted on 21 January 2012 by WNST Staff

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — The University of Maryland Terrapins played without C Alex Len in the second half of their 73-60 loss to the Temple University Owls Saturday at The Palestra.

Head coach Mark Turgeon downplayed the significance of the injury after the loss, describing it as “just a twisted ankle.” Turgeon would offer no timetable for Len’s return to action, only saying that he “hoped” the freshman center would be available when the Terps host Duke Wednesday night at Comcast Center in College Park.

Len was seen leaving Maryland’s locker room Saturday afternoon in Philly without any apparent limp. He watched the second half of Saturday’s game from the bench after receiving treatment on the ankle. Len was not made available to reporters following the game.

Maryland actually out-rebounded Temple in the second half 17-14 with Len on the bench. C/F’s James Padgett and Ashton Pankey combined for 24 minutes on the floor after intermission and Turgeon extensively used a four guard lineup.

Turgeon also said senior G/F Sean Mosley played through an ankle injury he re-aggravated in Tuesday night’s loss at Florida State. Turgeon said Mosley was unable to practice Thursday, giving the Terps only one day to fully practice with their smaller lineup, which received much use in the second half.

Mosley was also not made available to reporters following the game but is not a concern to miss time.

-Glenn Clark

Here is Turgeon’s complete postgame press conference…

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What did Flacco REALLY Tell WNST at Monday Night Live?

Posted on 17 December 2011 by WNST Staff

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco’s appearance on “Monday Night Live” with teammate Brendon Ayanbadejo, Glenn Clark, Nestor Aparicio and Luke Jones has been of great interest around the country. The interview has appeared at ESPN, NFL Network, NFL.com, SI, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Comcast SportsNet and countless other places around the internet and other forms of multi-media.

Heck, even a certain FM sports talk station in Charm City referenced the interview on-air and online, although they wouldn’t mention where it came from.

The opinions of Flacco’s comments have varied from analyst to analyst, fan to fan and even from WNST contributor to WNST contributor.

So here is the transcription of some of Flacco’s more interesting answers from Monday’s show at Hightopps Backstage Grille in Timonium. You can hear the segment in question here.

(Thanks to our friends at SportsRadioInterviews.com…)

On fans reacting and sometimes overacting to wins and losses:

“Yeah it’s pretty hilarious. I mean everyone reacts week to week and I mean most people really have no idea what really went on in the game and how everybody played and what was supposed to be happening. I can look at an NFL game and say ‘hey this is what I thought should have happened’ but I can be way off base because I don’t know what they game planned for the week and things like that. It’s funny to see all these things. I mean look at Tim Tebow. I like Tim, but you have a tendency to want to, I don’t want to see Tim do bad, but look what happens after he wins a football game. If you watched Sportscenter today it was Tim Tebow then something else, Tim Tebow then something else, and Tim Tebow then something else. When we beat the Steelers were we on TV? No. I couldn’t even find a Baltimore Ravens highlight. I think that’s kinda the way it is around Baltimore. We don’t always get our respect but you gotta deal with it and go out there every week and just win football games.”

On the idea that there are hurdles that he needs to get past to gain peoples respect:

“It’s pretty funny. It really means nothing at the end of the day. We beat the Steelers. Just because Ben wasn’t playing doesn’t mean anything. All those games are just as important. To be honest with you, in the regular season since I’ve been here we’re .500 against those guys and if you were to ask people they would probably say we have just one win against them. It’s funny to hear that kind of thing. It just kinda goes with the territory. You just have to continue to take it, deal with it, and not really worry about it. As far as winning the big one we’ve won a lot of big games around here. The other thing is quarterbacks are not the only guy on the team to win football games. When we do win football games I don’t seem to think that a lot of people say ‘hey Joe Flacco won that football game.’ When we lose the football game that might be the case but obviously that’s not all reality. As a quarterback it’s your job to go in there and realize that and be the guy that goes out there and plays the same way every week and puts your team in position to win football games. That’s what I’ve been doing I think and that’s why we’re 10-3.”

Whether or not he pays attention to other QB’s around the league and what they are doing:

“I don’t necessarily pay attention and every week look at that and see that. I guess every now and then you do and just see kinda what they’re doing but I don’t watch the TV shows a lot. Like I said every now and then you see it and you hear it. You just do. You can’t help yourself a little bit.”

Whether or not he heard the criticism before the season started about him being the reason the Ravens didn’t have a better season:

“Last year we were a 12-4 football team. I mean we didn’t win the division because Pittsburgh had a tiebreaker and we won a playoff game. Yeah it’s not what everybody wants to hear and we didn’t win the Super Bowl but it was a pretty good year by our football team and I had a pretty good football season myself. You go home and all you want to do is not be criticized and it does seem like that. And hey my standpoint is I just think we’re disrespected as an organization when it comes to the media. We’re not a very big market, the bottom line is we don’t need a lot of help because we have a great fan-base every week and we win football games. We’re not a losing football team that needs to be out there in the media and be talked up like we are all-world. We are. We go out there and play and win football games. People usually look for a reason to put us down and where does that go to? It goes to the quarterback because we have a good defense. Teams want to see us run the ball and they want to see our defense win games. When we don’t do that and don’t win a football game where does the blame fall? Onto the quarterback. What are you gonna do? You’re the quarterback. You’re one of 32 guys that has the position that you have and it’s really not even that much because not everybody plays every week. Hey that’s why most of these guys, including myself get paid the way we do because we’re the guys that have to deal with it at the end of the day. When we don’t win they’re going to put it on us and that’s the bottom line.”

Whether or not he feels like his role in the offense has continued to evolve:

“The biggest thing for me is just the fact that when you come in as a rookie you don’t know a lot of guys, you’re a little bit uncomfortable, and you’re put in the starting spot and you’re just trying to play well. As you’re around a team, as you’re around guys you become more and more comfortable in your own skin and you become more and more comfortable to voice your opinion. Now we have a lot of young guys on the team so you have to do that. Before we were a pretty veteran offense and a pretty veteran team and a lot of those guys have developed those skills ten plus years in the NFL. It’s not my job to come in here and tell them to change something or something like that but it is my job to kinda get these young guys up to speed and mold them into the kind of player that I want them to be and they want to be. I think I’m able to be more comfortable in my own skin and voice my opinion a little bit more.”

Here’s the video…

What do you think?

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 13 December 2011 by WNST Staff

Honorable Mention: High School Basketball-Bel Air @ Perry Hall (Wednesday 6:30pm), St. Frances @ John Carroll (Wednesday 7pm); Mixed Martial Arts: Strikeforce-Gilbert Melendez vs. Jorge Masvidal (Saturday 10pm from San Diego live on Showtime)

10. Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group (Thursday 7pm Rams Head Live); Bret Michaels (Wednesday 7pm & 10pm Rams Head on Stage); Pietasters (Friday 8pm 9:30 Club), Virginia Coalition (Saturday 8pm 9:30 Club); Devo (Thursday 8pm State Theatre), Phil Vassar (Sunday 8pm State Theatre); Chris Isaak (Monday 7:30pm Birchmere); Anthony Hamilton “Back to Love” available in stores/on iTunes (Tuesday)

I am not a Lyle Lovett fan, but I am a human being. Because I am a human being, I am ABSOLUTELY a fan of this tune. One of the happiest days in my life may have been the day I walked off a hangover into the DC Farmers’ Market and saw a folk band playing the song. If it hadn’t been in DC it would have been the HAPPIEST…

Is there any chance I could go see Bret Michaels and skip everything besides this?

I saw the Pietasters most recently at Artscape this summer. They were fantastic. They always are.

Virginia Coalition is ABSOLUTELY the best band you’re not listening to. Unless you’re not listening to U2. There aren’t people that don’t listen to U2, are there?

9. Glenn Clark’s Christmas Party (Saturday 8pm undisclosed location in Monkton); “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” & “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol out in theaters (Friday); Christian Finnegan (Thursday-Sunday DC Improv)

This is how last year’s Christmas party ended…

That’s my girlfriend cleaning up vomit. The vomit happened to be on the ceiling. It is what it is.

Oh…and last year’s party also involved the following….

Ours were of course much manlier than this, but you get the point. This is not to be missed…like…say…ever.

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