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How about a HUGE pat on the back for WNST

Posted on 07 February 2013 by BaltimoreSportsNut

This has been my first full year in the great world that is sports media/journalism and I have learned a lot along the way, both good and bad. If and when Ravens101 and Orioles101 gets large enough to cover expenses to attend and cover the biggest weeks of their respective sports on location, I now have the perfect example to go off of thanks to WNST!

WNST, Nestor, Drew, Luke, Glenn and everyone involved with WNST did a remarkable job covering the Super Bowl from New Orleans the past couple weeks. Forget the remarkable packages that Nestor and WNST set up for fans, which in itself was a remarkable feat to pull off the way they did, but their media coverage was unbelievable.

I know that WNST goes down every Super Bowl, whether or not the Ravens are in it or not, but what they did is nothing short of remarkable and we as fans and listeners of WNST should be extremely thankful. The countless guests they had on their shows from Frank Caliendo to Emmitt Smith and everyone in between provided us listeners with great audio, interesting insight and the abundance of laughs that help get us threw the work day.

I will admit, that I occasionally listen to other stations, but without question, none, and I mean NONE of the other stations covered the Super Bowl, or even the Ravens, with the class, quality, and also quantity that WNST did. I am thankful to be a fan of two of the greatest professional sports franchises in sports, as well as all of our local college and soccer teams, but I am more thankful to be able to listen, read, and chat with the crew at WNST.

Please join me in giving WNST a HUGE pat on the back, and more importantly, an even BIGGER THANK YOU for everything they brought us during Super Bowl week and beyond!

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