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Chapter 16: I love you – and I mean it!

Posted on 27 January 2018 by Nestor Aparicio





“If you ask me to give you three words to describe this team, I’ll use three that Ray Lewis used a few weeks ago: faith, hope and love. Those are biblical words, but those are probably the three most important words in the English language. Faith in each other and in whatever greater thing you believe. Always hopeful. You can be discouraged, but there is no such thing as being disheartened. Love is what holds the universe together. It’s a selflessness that you put others before yourself. That’s the ultimate team quality. We’ll need a lot of all three to get us where we want to go.”

– John Harbaugh (December 2012)





AFTER A THIRD CONSECUTIVE LOSS in the NFL, if there’s not some palpable tension in the air then you’ve probably got a football team that’s far too comfortable.

Head coach John Harbaugh’s tireless optimism and foundational principles would be tested with the New York Giants coming to town in Week 16 and the home crowd coming back to the stadium after booing and exiting early in the shellacking by the Denver Broncos.

Harbaugh’s core, old-fashioned philosophies about faith, hope and love were drilled into the team in this time of adversity. For the most part, the media didn’t believe. The fans were restless, and the team was that had been 9-2 with dreams of a bye and an AFC Championship home game was a mere shadow of its former self. Now they were just trying to make the playoffs at 9-5 while staring down the defending champs on Christmas weekend, knowing that Cincinnati would be playing to get into the playoffs the following weekend. The losing streak would’ve been four games had it not been for a 4th & 29 miracle in San Diego.

Make no mistake about it, the Ravens were not playing well, and they weren’t healthy.

Sure, Harbaugh used the “us vs. them” mentality and also said that people outside the building didn’t believe. But that only goes so far if the core philosophy isn’t grounded in self-belief and integrity in the work ethic that backs it up.

Harbaugh’s enthusiasm is tireless, and his optimism never ceases. In the first year, many players found it almost hokey, corny in many ways. But it’s what John Harbaugh believes and what his family has preached for his half century on the planet.

Let’s be honest: “Who’s got it better than us?” is implicit in its optimism, right?

His father’s famous refrain, which his brother Jim had adopted with the San Francisco 49ers, and made famous – “Who’s got it better than us?” – with the retort, “Nobody!” had almost become part of the NFL vernacular.

It assumes happiness and steadfastly conveys success and gratitude. And if you woke up and said it every morning – and more importantly, really believed it – you would also be eternally optimistic.

That’s the faith and hope part of the equation.

The love was probably the easiest sell on his players. It’s hard to find a John Harbaugh speech or press conference where he doesn’t convey the value of “team” and “sticking together” as core values. The friendships that had sprung from battling together

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An Open Letter To: The United States Government

Posted on 02 August 2012 by Drew Forrester

Dear Government Nitwits,

What on earth is wrong with you friggin’ clowns?

Did I read and hear correctly?  You people are taxing U.S. Olympic athletes who win medals at the games in London?

Taxing our athletes who represent the country, now that’s a new way to fill your coffers.

The 4×200 men’s relay team earned a swimming gold medal on Tuesday.  They each receive a $25,000 honorarium for that accomplishment, per the Olympic guidelines.

And they now owe $9,000 in taxes on that $25,000.  Really?  You can’t take a break from your golf game or your vacation at the Hamptons to try and create some sort of special exemption for our Olympians who proudly represent the United States?

I’m embarrassed for you idiots.

These men and women – completely by their choice – have given the better part of four years of their lives to this endeavor in England.  They’ve “lost their youth”, as the saying goes, by dedicating hours and hours to training, practicing and competing, all in the name of trying to achieve greatness not only for themselves, but for their country as well.  They’re not soldiers, of course, but they are similar in nature to someone who enters the military.  They’re proud to wear the red, white and blue and they’re willing to give their ultimate physical effort in order to have a medal draped around their neck.

And you bozos are going to tax them if they win?

I mean, seriously, how on earth does this country run every single day with completely asinine decisions being made by people who are supposedly smart?

You men and women in charge of our country are highly educated – I guess – and this is the best you can do to convince the people that voted for you that you’re doing what’s best for them?

I love this one that you nuts approved:  A bronze medal winner gets $10,000, but gets taxed $3,502.  $3,500 of it is “a tax” and $2.00 is for the value of the bronze medal itself.

Yep.  You added on $2.00 for the medal.

I hope every single one of you in the government lock your keys in your car today.

You’re all bad people.

Make that…HORRIBLE people.

Have a nice day.




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