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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 04 August 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because I haven’t had a chance to post a “Greatest Song of All Time This Week” this week, and it gives me pass along the same message I passed along yesterday via Facebook (Feel free to add me as a friend-just search for “Glenn Clark” and find the guy in the Dan Wilcox jersey hanging out at Artscape).

I have no idea how Train-who I think is an overly solid band-managed to make such a garbage song as that “Hey Soul Sister” nonsense, but thank God their next single “If It’s Love” is much better…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s Howard Fendrich says Jeremy Guthrie pitched Orioles past Angels in Buck Showalter’s debut

Yes-I lead with Jeremy Guthrie instead of Buck Showalter. Last night was much more about Jeremy Guthrie than it was about Showalter.

The one thing that Jeremy Guthrie has given this team for the better part of the year is a feeling that they have a chance to win a game.

The Birds couldn’t do much of anything against Trevor Bell last night, but thanks to Jeremy Guthrie keeping them in it-they were finally able to break through when Los Angeles (of Anaheim) went to the pen. Thanks Mike Scioscia!

That being said, you could tell there was a heightened sense of excitement in Baltimore last night, which is what SHOULD come in the first game under a legitimate MLB manager. The question now is whether or not that excitement can continue for SOME sort of prolonged period of time.

My guess is no-mostly because the players on the field are terrible. Not much can be done about that over the next two months. I’ll hope I’m wrong-but the evidence doesn’t suggest I would be.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of win


Felix Pie stole a base.

I thought it was a little strange when they stopped the game and removed the base; then brough Pie a mic for him to make a Rickey Henderson-type speech on the field. BUT-I understand that it was such a rare occurance they probably didn’t know how to handle it.

It was nice to see Pie have a solid night after fans were given Pie t-shirts. I’m not sure who picked up mine for me, but I’m at least one of you saevd one for me, right? It was also a big night for Matt Wieters, Josh Bell and of course Luke Scott. I hope we’ll see more of all of that.

Of course, I’m so used to saying “you don’t really want to look at the numbers” that I’m always confused when I don’t have to say that. With that in mind, why don’t you look at this picture of WWE’s Kelly Kelly (Thanks Don Chavez!) AND look at the numbers linked above. It’s a win-win!


3. Carroll County Times’ Rich Dubroff says Showalter spent Tuesday afternoon chatting with Nick Markakis, Brian Roberts, O’s veterans

The fact is that if the Orioles are going to be competitive at ANY point in the next 4 years, they’re going to have to build around Nick Markakis and hopefully Matt Wieters. Brian Roberts still has 2 years under contract, but is no longer a franchise-type player even when healthy. Adam Jones has talent, but his mistakes and mentality make him more of a “commodity” than a cornerstone.

Markakis is the guy. He’s under contract for 4 more years. He may not be a REAL franchise player in Major League Baseball, but he’s the closest we have in Charm City. Matt Wieters is under control for a few more years as well, so that’s what you build around.

The team is hoping they can build a rotation around some young pitchers as well; but assuming that Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta or Chris Tillman are there already is a mistake. They cannot be penciled in yet.

That’s what Showalter has. Now he has to work with Andy MacPhail to improve it. I think it goes without saying that I’m not overly hopeful.

4. The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says Birds to open 2011 season at Tampa Bay Rays April 1, host Opening Day at OPACY April 4 against Detroit Tigers

It doesn’t reflect tradition, but I will admit that I really enjoyed having the home opener on a Friday this year. I was excited to hear that baseball was moving the opener to Friday; so I’m disappointed to hear that the Orioles’ opener will be on the road.

Of course, I’m mostly saying that because it impacts my beer drinking schedule. Day drinking on a Friday > day drinking on a Monday. If it drags into the evening hours, it’s way better to not have to wake up the next morning.

Of course-if you’re drinking Flying Dog Tire Bite; any day is a good day for day drinking…


5. Baysox.com says despite continued torrid play from Joe Mahoney, Bowie couldn’t top Portland Sea Dogs on farm

And before we move on from the Orioles, a couple of things…

-The Birds and Halos are back in action tonight at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. First pitch between Dan Haren and Jake Arrieta is at 7:05pm, and the game can be seen on MASN. Dan Haren has yet to pick up a win since coming to the American League. My guess it that will change tonight, but I’ll be rooting that it doesn’t.

-If you get the chance to check out Drew’s Rick Dempsey blog today at WNST.net, it’s worth the read. I feel SOMEWHAT bad for Rick, as I know he badly wants the job-but I think at this point the two parties are going to have to part ways.

-Did you miss Baysox pitcher Wynn Pelzer (the player acquired from the San Diego Padres in the Miguel Tejada deal) with Drew Forrester this morning on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST? If you did, make sure you head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net to check it out. Other guests this morning included:

  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk.com/NBC Sports)-who discussed the Brett Favre drama and all things NFL
  • Ryan Sharrow (Baltimore Business Journal)-who broke down the messy divorce between MASN and the Ravens
  • Brad Johansen (Cincinnati Bengals Radio PBP Voice)-who previewed Cincy as we go around the AFC North this week

They’re all in the Audio Vault now if you want to check them out. Some other things in the Audio Vault worth checking out include…

  • Fabian Washington (Ravens CB)-who joined Thyrl Nelson following practice Tuesday
  • Matt Williams (Arizona Diamondbacks 1B Coach)-the former D-Backs and San Francisco Giants slugger who played for Buck Showalter in Phoenix; who joined Rex Snider and Allen McCallum Tuesday afternoon
  • Sean Salisbury (former NFL QB)-who discussed Brett Favre and the Ravens with Rex Tuesday
  • All sorts of audio from Westminster Tuesday-including John Harbaugh, Jared Gaither, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Ralph Friedgen and Ken Niumatalolo

So there you go. Your afternoon is planned out for you. Enjoy!

6. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Ravens WR Derrick Mason hurt ankle at Training Camp Tuesday, but injury ‘doesn’t appear serious’

Of course the hit would come from Dawan Landry. I think that’s a rule at McDaniel College.

WNST.net’s Luke Jones reported that Mason did not practice Wednesday morning (follow us on Twitter @WNST)-but after talking to him yesterday, I don’t get the feeling that the injury will keep him out for an extended period of time. In fact, I bet we’ll see him on the field Saturday at M&T Bank Stadium if not before. Just a hunch on my part.

By the way, both Drew and I named Derrick Mason the Number 1 “Most Dramatic” player in Ravens history in our “Training Camp Top 5” this morning. Drew’s list:

5-Matt Stover
4-Shannon Sharpe
3-Chris McAlister
2-John Harbaugh
1-Derrick Mason

My list:

5-Jermaine Lewis
4-Chris McAlister
3-Ed Reed
2-Ray Lewis
1-Derrick Mason

7. CSNBaltimore.com’s John Eisenberg says Jared Gaither plans to ‘put weight back on’

I’m really not all that concerned with Jared Gaither’s weight. He’s always been a more athletic tackle; and I think he will work things out in terms of body size.

What I’m more concerned about is what’s going to happen if and when Harbaugh stops flipping Gaither and Michael Oher between positions and finally decides to have Oher play LT and Gaither play RT. Gaither said yesterday he’d play anywhere the team wants him to and he’d “abide by” Coach Harbs; but we need to see that on the field to accept it.

You know who doesn’t need to put any weight on at all? Christina Moustaka. She’s just fine. (Thanks NextRound.net!)…


8. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says WBAL, Comcast SportsNet options for Ravens after MASN partnership ended

We’ll make this easy. I don’t know how many people actually tuned in to watch the John Harbaugh Show or Purple Passion or whatever the hell those shows are called on MASN; but NOBODY will be tuning in to channel 11.1 to see them on WBAL’s digital subchannel. Fans might be willing to stream the shows on BaltimoreRavens.com, but they really need a better on-air alternative.

Using Comcast SportsNet PLUS, their COULD be room for them with CSN-but CSN is ABSOLUTELY intertwined with the Washington Redskins. These wouldn’t be strange bedfellows, these would be absolutely uncomfortable bedfellows. Of course, there aren’t many other options. Perhaps a WNUV 54 or maybe WUTB 24 could be options, but they wouldn’t be ideal.

It’s a shame these parties couldn’t get this worked out; hopefully something could still be figured out in the future.

Before I move on from the Ravens, a couple of things:

-Luke Jones is out at McDaniel College again today, where we are expected to hear from John Harbaugh, Matt Birk, Michael Oher and the commish-Roger Goodell. All of it will be up in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault later today.

-Jameel McClain continues to get the majority of the snaps inside next to Ray Lewis with the first team. It looks more and more like he’s moved ahead of Dannell Ellerbe and Tavares Gooden on the depth chart.

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen, Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo tell media in Westminster they’d like to face each other more often

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Terrapins and Midshipmen should get together every other year, and M&T Bank Stadium is the ideal location to host the “Crab Bowl Classic.”

The successor to Debbie Yow in College Park will have a large say in whether or not this gets done, but sources there have told me before that the school would LIKE to play a game in Baltimore every other year (and play a game at FedEx Field every other year as well).

You know what else I’d like to see more often? Denmark’s Celina Hilslev; who was apparently on the cover of something called M! (Thanks Guyism!)…


10. NavySports.com says former Duke standout Greg Paulus joins Midshipmen staff as assistant coach

As a Terps alum, I won’t root for the Mids on Labor Day (or any other time they play Maryland in any other sport); but for the most part-I consider myself a Navy supporter.

So with that being said, how could they POSSIBLY hire a Dukie?!?!? Only John Feinstein could be happy about this!

I’ll wish Paulus the best on Billy Lange’s staff; but I certainly won’t shy away from channeling Peter Rosenberg once more…

And finally, I leave you with this…

I got the chance to wander up to Bel Air yesterday afternoon and play some kickball. No seriously. The good news was that was actually NOT the worst player on the field, nor was I the most out of shape. In honor of that, I rewarded myself with Qdoba and Natty Boh.

We weren’t great, but we certainly weren’t as bad as this…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 July 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because my roommate’s girlfriend (“The Luckiest Dang Roommate’s Girlfriend on the Face of the Planet”?) dropped off a gift at our apartment (“Summer Camp”) last night. Let’s just say it was thoughtful…


And while I’m at it, my roommate and I are currently searching for a new home base-looking for a bit more space than our current 2 bedroom apartment. I asked this on Facebook yesterday, but I might as well ask again here. Does anyone rent townhouses in Baltimore County?

I’m looking for something with a little space and fairly priced. There’s only two of us, so I can’t pay $1600. I’ll take a nice place in a solid neighborhood, or I’ll take a dump with THIS in the basement…


Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Ravens DT Terrence Cody failed conditioning test, missed practice Tuesday


Look, this ISN’T the earth-shattering news some folks in town wanted to think it was. Players fail the conditioning test in Westminster every year. Is it a BIT more concerning because the biggest issue Terrence Cody has faced in his life IS conditioning? Sure. But this isn’t a “stop the presses” type of issue.

My guess is that Terrence Cody will take the test again in the next day or two and will pass. After that, he’ll hit the practice field at McDaniel College after that.

My other guess? This won’t be the last time Terrence Cody’s conditioning is questioned while he’s in Charm City.

Just guesses.

(Edit from GMC: UPDATE-I was right. Cody passed his test and returned to the practice field Tuesday morning. Our long civic nightmare is over. And the news was first reported…by Fabian Washington on Twitter. Of course it was. They call Fabian “the most trusted name in news”, don’t they?)

2. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Cody, Ed Reed, Fabian Washington, Lardarius Webb amongst 10 Ravens on Training Camp PUP list

No one on this list is particularly surprising-I don’t think we knew much about Oniel Cousins’ throat surgery; and I’m not really sure what’s going on with Prince Miller or Rodelin Anthony (and both are likely longshots to make the roster anyway).

And as our own Luke Jones wrote later last night, it is IMPORTANT to remember that this ISN’T the “miss 6 weeks of the season” PUP list-just the active list to start Camp. As these guys are ready-they’ll practice.

(Edit from GMC: UPDATE-Prince Miller returned to practice today as well. Thank God!)

I’m just grateful the team didn’t end up putting Asimina Koutsounouri on PUP. That would have been devastating (Thanks Don Chavez/Totally Crap!)…


3. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Steve Bisciotti should be considering contract extension for John Harbaugh

And I’ll go ahead on the other side and say…and the end of the season.

There’s no question that the organization CANNOT allow Coach Harbs to go into next season with it being the final year of his contract (see: Trembley, Dave). That being said, there’s no reason to necessarily do this right now, as the focus should be on the team and trying to reach the Super Bowl.

Of course, the opposing argument would be “but then what do you do if everything goes wrong this season and the team somehow ends up 5-11? You either reward him for a bad season or you allow him to enter the final year of his contract.”

That would be the issue, yes. Let’s worry about that when it happens.

4. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says Cam Cameron thinks Troy Smith-John Beck decision will be ‘pretty obvious’

Before we move on from the Ravens, a couple of things…

-Two more practices for the Ravens today, with this afternoon’s session scheduled for 3:30pm. After the morning session; John Harbaugh, Terrence Cody and Ed Dickson are scheduled to meet with the media. Sergio Kindle was originally scheduled as well-but it’s safe to say that won’t happen. Luke Jones is on the scene, he’ll be checking in with reports throughout the day with Thyrl Nelson and Nestor Aparicio on AM1570 WNST.

-Brian Baldinger (NFL Network) said Haloti Ngata was the 5th best player in the entire NFL. Sorta makes me look silly for saying he’s the #3 guy on the Ravens’ roster… (Joe Flacco, Michael Oher).

5. The AP says Jose Bautista homered twice as Blue Jays crushed Orioles in Toronto

Thank God Jose Bautista only plays the Birds 18 times a year, or the Hall of Fame folks would already be working on his plaque in Cooperstown.

I will be forced to admit that I turned the game off after Bautista’s 1st inning homer. Why the Orioles let Kevin Millwood even pitch in the first inning is beyond me. It just isn’t going to go well.

Remember when we thought Kevin Millwood was going to have trade value? I still think he does, I just think they need to lower their expectations for what they can get for him. In fact, their best bets may be Isuro Tanaka and/or Rube Baker from the Cleveland Indians.

6. The AP/WNST.net offer numerical evidence of loss

Nick Markakis went 2-4 with a double and RBI…BUT…Felix Pie, Jake Fox and Cesar Izturis combined for an 0-fer with 2K’s each.

You know you don’t want to look at this.

My recommendation would be to look at Nikoletta Ralli instead. (Thanks Busted Coverage/Brosome!)


7. MLB.com’s James Hall says Zach Britton rumored for Saturday start vs. Royals, Juan Samuel doesn’t want to send Bergesen back to Norfolk

I’m going to try my hardest to say something here besides “I don’t really care”, but it’s hard for me to think of much of anything else.

If Bergesen stays in the rotation, he’ll probably get hit around. Kansas City stinks, but they can still hit. There’s nothing about his performance recently that suggests he’ll suddenly come alive. I don’t know that he REALLY gains anything from going back to Norfolk, but maybe he does.

Zach Britton probably ISN’T ready to reach the big league level yet-but it would be a pressure-less situation on the road against a terrible KC team at a time when no one in either town is particularly concerned about what’s going on baseball-wise.

My gut says Bergesen makes the start-and my gut says that’s probably for the best right now.

My gut ALSO says that the 3rd Berger Cookie was a bad choice last night. I rarely listen to my gut.

8. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Britton solid in Tides’ loss, Billy Rowell solid in Frederick Keys’ loss on farm

Before we move on from the on-field O’s, a couple of things…

-The Orioles are back in action tonight, wrapping up their 3 game set in Canada. Jeremy Guthrie (who MIGHT have some trade value) goes against the Jays’ Brad Mills (who will be making his first start). First pitch at Rogers Centre is at 7:07pm, and the game can be seen on MASN2.

-If you missed Bowie Baysox 1B Joe Mahoney today on “The Morning Reaction” with Drew Forrester on AM1570 WNST; make sure you check out the chat with the Eastern League Player of the Week in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net. Other guests this morning were:

  • Clark Judge (CBSSports.com), who went around the NFL with Drew-discussing Terrell Owens, the Ravens and who he liked in the AFC.
  • Ovie Mughelli (Atlanta Falcons FB, former Raven), who discussed his recent trip to the Gulf Coast and football in general with Drew.
  • Luke Jones, who checked in live from the practice field at McDaniel College with news about Terrence Cody, Matt Birk, etc.

They’re all in the Audio Vault as well if you want to check them out!

9. ESPN.com’s Matt Lindner says Birds should consider racing Muppets at Oriole Park at Camden Yards

Why did I include this in Crabs and Beer? Honestly, I have no idea. Probably because it’s a funny read (and we can use something like that when we talk about the Orioles); and it gives me an excuse to include this classic version of “Bohemian Rhapsody”…

10. FoxSports.com’s Jeff Goodman says Gary Williams got ‘new lease on life’ when Debbie Yow left for NC State

Which would surprise…like…no one.

Jeff will be on with Thyrl at 10:40am today to talk about this story and other college basketball-related items. Check it out live or later today in the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault.

Also make sure you check out this week’s edition of the “D1scast”, as myself and Patrick Stevens (D1scourse) discuss everything going on in the world of college sports-including a wrap of this weekend’s ACC Kickoff event in Greensboro. You can listen to the D1scast in the Audio Vault as well.

I got a new “lease on life” myself when I saw pictures of Carolina Baldini over at Guyism this morning…


And finally, I leave you with this.

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because I was reminded that the Harford County Farm Fair gets underway tomorrow. Which reminds me-I need to run out and pick up some chewing tobacco today. Not for me to actually use, just to help me feel more comfortable.

Much like the Maryland State Fair in Timonium, there’s one simple thing that I enjoy most about the Hazzard County Fair. Plain and simple…PIG RACES…

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Live From Indianapolis: Harbaugh Says Ravens “Interested” in Terrell Owens

Posted on 27 February 2010 by Glenn Clark

Indianapolis, IN Greetings from LucasOil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana; where we have gathered for the annual NFL Scouting Combine. I’ll be providing updates below, as well as answering your questions throughout the day.


5:16pm-Stanford RB Toby Gerhart is on the Ravens’ radar, as no team will have scouted him better. Aside from playing for John Harbaugh’s brother Jim Harbaugh with the Cardinal; Toby actually had Jack Harbaugh (John’s father) as a RB coach leading up to the Sun Bowl matchup against Oklahoma.

Gerhart is a potential Ravens target should there be movement made at RB, and there has been speculation he might be a FB at the NFL level. However, Gerhart says he thinks he’s more like “Eddie George or Corey Dillon”, and believes he will be a true RB as a pro.

He said Jim, Jack and John Harbaugh are all “identical”, and “crazy in a good way.” He described the coaching trio as “firey.”

You can hear from Toby Gerhart in the Audio Vault here at WNST.net.

4:20pm-In the last hour, I’ve caught up with quite a few potential Ravens targets. Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon is expected to go in the first 3 rounds, and he might be the most outgoing player at the entire Combine. He’s meeting with the Ravens tonight.

Auburn LB Antonio Coleman will be a Saturday pick-he said he had a solid relationship his freshman year with current Ravens OG Ben Grubbs. Much like Ozzie Newsome is known to target Crimson Tide players, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Director of College Scouting Joe Hortiz campaign to add other Tigers.

James Madison LB Arthur Moats said that in his two meetings with Delaware, he tallied 3 1/2 sacks on Ravens QB Joe Flacco. He’s expected to be a mid-round pick, and he has already met with the Ravens; they talked to him about different “schemes.” He said he feels a kinship with Flacco and current UMass OL Vladimir Ducasse (another potential Ravens target), as there aren’t tons of players who make the jump from the CAA to the NFL.

Clemson LB Ricky Sapp has talked with the Ravens-he says the team (and other NFL teams who have looked at him) are satisfied with what they saw in his knee-he was dealing with an ACL issue.

I also spoke with TCU LB Daryl Washington and Cal WR Verran Tucker-neither player has met with the Ravens yet, but both believe they will tonight. As Washington showed me, the players have a scheduled listed on the back of their nametag-but it doesn’t say which teams they’re meeting with, only times. This is apparently done to prevent players from researching the teams they are to meet with and preparing answers specific to their audience.

3:08pm-Here’s the video of John Harbaugh addressing Terrell Owens today in Indianapolis…

2:53pm-Check out the Audio Vault here on the front page of WNST.net NOW to hear John Harbaugh’s meeting with the media here in the Media Center at the NFL Combine.

It is up there in two parts-the first was his formal “podium” session, the second was his “informal” session away from the podium.

Clearly, the most significant thing to come from either session involved Harbaugh admitting the Ravens “were interested” in free agent WR Terrell Owens, which is in line with what we have reported at WNST.net throughout the day.

Harbaugh also touched on Donte’ Stallworth, Troy Smith, Willis McGahee, Derrick Mason, Dwan Edwards, Billy Cundiff, Jim Zorn, Terrell Suggs, Ted Monachino, Joe Flacco, Matt Birk, Ozzie Newsome and more. Check it out!

1:32pm-Things have really picked up here this afternoon. I’ve spoken to a number of potential Ravens targets in the last hour, but haven’t had a chance to update all of them. Follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for the latest. Will update shortly. In the meantime, the media center nearly came to a stop when Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford entered…


12:14pm-Just briefly bumped into Arizona State DE/OLB prospect Dexter Davis, who told me he had a good meeting with the Ravens as well. Davis is 6’2″, 255 pounds and moves well. He’s transitioning to OLB after posting 28 1/2 sacks during his career with the Sun Devils. He struggled with the switch during his week at the East West Shrine Game in Orlando; but certainly has the pedigree to rush the passer.

The Ravens aren’t disappointed with the last pass rusher they took out of Tempe….you might know him….Terrell Suggs? But unlike T-Sizzle, Davis won’t be coming off the board in the first round, he’ll be a day 3 selection.

11:53am-I guess it’s Ole Miss day here in the Media Center. WR Shay Hodge just stepped in, told me he’s already met with the Ravens’ entire staff, and answered a lot of questions from WR Coach Jim Hostler. He said he thought the meeting went “really well.” Hodge checks in at 6’1″, 207 pounds; and is coming off a 1,135 yard season in Oxford.

He told me he thinks his “route running” and ability to “catch jump balls” will separate him from other receivers in the Draft. He told me he looks at Ravens OT Michael Oher (a former Mississippi teammate) as a “big brother”, and that he has received a number of texts from Oher this week, with the big man telling him he wants to see Hodge in Charm City.

There’s no doubt that the Ravens love players that come from SEC schools. Ozzie Newsome is from Alabama, Joe Hortiz from Auburn. 2 of their last 3 first round picks (Oher and Ben Grubbs) have come from the SEC.

11:26am-Just spoke to Ole Miss RB/WR Dexter McCluster after his press availability (which you can hear in the Audio Vault just to your left on the home page at WNST.net). McCluster said he definitely sees the comparisons between himself and Ravens RB Ray Rice, as both are backs who “work hard”, and they’re obviously similar in size and style. McCluster believes he’ll be used out wide more than Rice.

When I spoke to Ravens director of college scouting Joe Hortiz about McCluster, he said that the Ravens (or any other NFL team) would have to have a plan to use him in multiple ways. A team interested in a Running Back wouldn’t just take McCluster, but a team interested in an offensive weapon would. Cam Cameron would have to have a real idea of how they could make him a threat.

McCluster spoke very highly of his former Rebels teammate Michael Oher, and also of FB Jason Cook-who was with the Ravens in Training Camp last summer.

10:33am-The reasoning for my cryptic messages regarding Terrell Owens was to allow Drew Forrester to put together what we knew about it. There IS interest from the Ravens in Terrell Owens. There’s just no doubt about that. We DON’T know what John Harbaugh’s relationship was with Owens in Philadelphia, but we have confirmation (as you can read if you check out Drew’s blog to my right) that there is interest in Owens within the organization. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves…

10:28am-I just spoke to a source within the Arizona Cardinals organization. He told me the Cards WERE more interested in trading Anquan Boldin this year than they were last year. BUT-they’re not just going to give up on “Q” for the sake of moving him. They want more and better picks this year, knowing they’ll probably need to draft a QB to be prepared behind Matt Leinart in the event Leinart still hasn’t developed now taking over for the retired Kurt Warner. You have to assume that Rod Graves would want AT LEAST a 2nd round pick for Boldin, probably a combo. Will be interesting to follow…

10:00am-Clifton Brown from the Sporting News speculated the other day that the Ravens would be interested in former Bills/Cowboys/Eagles/49ers WR Terrell Owens, who is currently a free agent. Owens IS 6’3″ and would probably come cheap, but has questionable history with the Ravens (especially GM Ozzie Newsome). He was with John Harbaugh in Philly, and in order for the Ravens to sign off on T.O., Coach Harbs would probably need a good history with the oft-criticized receiver.

Here’s the real question. What would your reaction be if the Ravens were to pursue Terrell Owens?

9:50am-Bruce Campbell posted a 4.78 40. If you’re watching the NFL Network or NFL.com coverage from here in Indy, I don’t think you’ve seen another Lineman go under 5. Campbell also measured in with an OL-high 36 1/4 inch arms, and 10 1/2 inch hands. He did 34 reps of 225 pounds on the bench. There’s a reason he left College Park despite never REALLY fulfilling his potential as a Terp. He’s going to get RICH.

9:16am-Defensive Linemen and Linebackers are scheduled to appear today-we’ll be looking to talk to the likes of troubled Florida rusher Carlos Dunlap, Michigan giant Brandon Graham, Georgia Tech freak Derrick Morgan, a seemingly healthy Greg Hardy from Ole Miss, and Terrapins killer Mike McLaughlin from Boston College.

Offensive Linemen are out on the field today, Maryland OT Bruce Campbell is your first star of the day; as he posted times of 4.78 & 4.81 in the 40 despite a 6’6″, 314 pound frame. Wow.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 20 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a happy Wednesday for me because AskMen.com just put out their list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women, and I had honest to god never heard of the gal who they put at #1. Emmanuelle Chriqui has apparently appeared on “Entourage”, and will be in the movie “13” with Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham. I know all of these things because I just read them. The point it, it’s a happy Wednesday for me because I now KNOW who Emmanuelle Chriqui is……


….and I KNOW now that I’m better for it.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says John Harbaugh wants Ed Reed, Derrick Mason back

And I believe at least half of that.

EVERYONE inside 1 Winning Drive wants to see Ed Reed return. I have explained this for the last few days-the Ravens are MUCH better with Ed Reed than they would be with someone else playing safety, especially Tom Zbikowski (with no offense to Zibby, who is a nice player-but not 70% of Ed Reed). This franchise would be shaken if Ed decides he really can’t do it physically anymore.

Derrick Mason is a different story. If Derrick DOES decide to return, the Ravens must decide if a 36 year old receiver who is used to being the #1 option is the best direction for them to go. They would likely have to go through an awkward conversation with Mase-where they explained to him that he would no longer be the #1 guy, which meant he would no longer be PAID like a #1 guy.

Derrick’s retirement might avoid that awkwardness.

Sorta like how I avoided the awkwardness of breaking up with a gal after 2 years of dating by sleeping with her friends and letting her find out.

Wait…..those things aren’t similar at all.

And I meant, “my friend” avoided the awkwardness of breaking up with a gal “he” had dated for 2 years by sleeping with her friends and letting her find out.

And “he” was a real jerk for doing it.

2. Ravens Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh wouldn’t rule out Matt Stover as competition for Billy Cundiff in Training Camp


John also wouldn’t rule out Tony Meola as competition for the kicking job in Training Camp….


(Edit from GMC: Does ANYONE get that reference? Meola once tried out for the Jets? I guess for it to be funny it has to be somehow relevant. Oh well.)

The point is, John won’t rule ANYONE out as a kicker because the Ravens don’t know yet how the kicking position will unfold. As I said yesterday-I expect it to be Billy Cundiff and a young kicker-possibly Graham Gano or a rookie. The Ravens still want a “kicker of the future”, which Cundiff might still be. I don’t think Matt Stover would fit that bill-but if he was willing to accept the type of deal he wasn’t willing to accept last year-I guess you never know.

3. The Sun’s Edward Lee and Kevin Van Valkenburg say Harbs finally admitted Flacco played hurt

And in other news….


You guys can thank me for finally being the one to get Coach Harbaugh to crack on this whenever you want.

The point is, if Joe was just trying to improve as a leader by downplaying his injuries over the last few weeks, I’m fine with that. I really am. In fact, it probably makes me think more of him as a leader.

But the way the coach and QB of this team have dismissed this over the last month has been almost laughable.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Harbaugh sees Pryce, Gaither, McGahee back in Baltimore

Is he going to pay them personally?

The biggest problem with this list is McGahee-who I actually think is a good fit in the role he’s currently in-but doesn’t want the role he’s currently in. It might cost the Ravens too much money to go in another direction, but you can’t help but wonder how McGahee’s attitude will hold up through another year of being a “backup.”

Gaither is tough. The Ravens may be in a position where even if they want to bring Gaither back-they’re forced to go in another direction because they can’t sign anyone unless their valuable players sign elsewhere. They could stick a pretty high tag on Gaither and probably still get teams to match it, as there aren’t a whole lot of NFL-caliber LT’s in the league.

Pryce may not be as effective as he was during earlier years in his career-but it never appeared as though he stopped trying. Part of his struggles were likely due to the newness of Greg Mattison’s defense, but I don’t think Pryce will suddenly become a double digit sack type of player anytime soon.

5. ESPN.com’s Adam Schefter says Hue Jackson will interview for “unspecified” job with Raiders

Why is it that teams feel the need to try to hire a new coach without firing their old one? I know the Redskins ended up getting Mike Shanahan, but nothing good really comes from the process.

I don’t know why Hue Jackson would want to have ANYTHING to do with Al Davis’ organization, other than the fact that EVERYONE in the NFL just wants a chance to be a head coach.

Hue Jackson may have been a logical choice to be the next offensive coordinator had Cam Cameron been hired by the Bills-so I can understand his desire to move up elsewhere with the Ravens staff apparently staying in place.

If he ends up in Oakland, he’ll have been warned.

6. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Mosley’s perfect night, 21 points lead Terps in rout of Longwood

It was quite a performance from Sean Mosley, but he might as well have been doing it against Long & Foster’s company hoops team. Longwood didn’t have much to offer at any point last night, and Gary Williams’ crew appeared to stay at least MOSTLY focused throughout a blowout win that will help them in NO WAYS-at least RPI-wise.

The Terrapins now have until Saturday to get back up for an ACC contest with NC State. Hopefully their offensive confidence from last night will carry over.

7. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Jordan Williams chipped in 13 points, 10 boards in win over Lancers

When Patrick told Drew Forrester yesterday that Jordan Williams looked like he might be the best big man in College Park since Lonny Baxter-I thought it was high praise at first. I thought about it more after that-and there isn’t much in the way of competition. Jordan Williams is carving a nice niche for himself at the most important time of the season-hopefully it will carry over as conference play continues.

8. Towson Official Site previews Tigers’ contest with Northeastern last night

Fortunately, Pat Kennedy’s crew is no longer playing for their first win in CAA play. Unfortunately, they’re still a long way away from being relevant in the conference at 1-6. The Huskies will be tough competition, but if Towson is going to improve at all-they are going to have to beat some good teams on the Towson Center floor. Tonight would be a good night for that to start.

9. The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Maryland, Morgan State agree in principal to play in football this September

I reported that the schools were in talks back in September-but there was still a major national program they were waiting word from. I can tell you now that the team was Pitt-but I do not know if they ever got an answer from the Panthers. As of right now, there are just 3 non-conference games scheduled (vs. Navy at M&T Bank Stadium, @West Virginia, and the pending vs. Morgan State); but you would imagine Ralph Friedgen and Debbie Yow would want to schedule a lower level FBS team for the final non-conference slot.

10. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Birds ‘wrong’ to increase ticket prices

And we all know it’s true.

It’s not about whether or not other teams have similar day of game fees or fees for prime games.

It’s not about whether or not they’re still in the upper half of MLB when it comes to affordable tickets.

It’s not about whether or not they’re still competitive in price when compared to other sports options in the mid-atlantic area.

It’s about whether or not the team is justified in telling their fans they should pay more for tickets this season than they have in the past.

And they’re just not.

Improve the team-and ticket costs will not be a big deal. Continue to lose-and expect a backlash when you make a decision like this.

11. The AP says Orioles reach 1 year deal with Luke Scott, avoiding arbitration

Luke Scott is back! Yay!

I would be hard pressed to come up with an answer if you were to ask me which I would have missed more: Luke Scott or Luke Jones’ playoff beard…..


I guess if Scott can hit the way he hit for 2 months last season, I’d miss him more. Otherwise, that was a hell of a beard.

12. Baltimore Business Journal’s Ryan Sharrow says city approved $100,000 study to build new stadium for DC United in Baltimore

I like everything about this, I really do. I think it helps bring credibility to the city’s World Cup bid, and it gives sports fans in the area an alternative to the O’s during the summer months. Do I think MLS will suddenly become a rage nationally? Maybe not. But do I think there could be a real niche for the MLS here in town? Yeah, I do.

Also, especially without an arena-a mid-sized stadium could do wonders for getting more events during the summer months. How about a Jimmy Buffett concert downtown instead of at Nissan Pavilion?


I think I like this.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Martha Stewart learned how to work a stripper pole on her TV show yesterday. Need I go on?

What a great country.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 13 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

Admittedly, it is a BIT difficult to have a Happy Wednesday after a soul-crushing loss like the one the Terps suffered last night. But like any good soldier, I move forward.

“The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet” was able to watch the live-and-die moments of the late 2nd half and overtime with me last night, although I’m not sure whether she was watching more of the game or more of my reactions to it. I’m a total wreck during games like that, I imagine I probably look a bit like this person…..


Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Steve Bisciotti should give John Harbaugh contract extension


Also, I should get Brittany Gastineau’s (who is apparently the daughter of Mark Gastineau according to our early morning conversation on “The Comcast Morning Show”) phone number…..


Hopefully all of these things will work out.

Look, I don’t mean to be so dismissive of this, it just seems like a no-brainer to me. The guy you hired to come here and win came here and won. He’s won playoff games in back to back seasons for just the 2nd time in franchise history, and he has a chance to become the first coach in franchise history to reach back to back AFC Championship Games.

What else can you ask for? (I mean, besides winning the Super Bowl.)

Give him an extension.

2. Ravens’ Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Matt Stover knows he could break all hearts in Baltimore with winning kick for Colts

If this happens, I would simply ask that SOMEONE ELSE come in to sit in with Drew Forrester on AM1570 Monday morning. I don’t think I could handle it.

I really don’t want to have any part in conversation about the decision to go in a different direction at kicker. The Ravens made the decision, and it was PROBABLY the right one at the time, it just didn’t land the right kicker to start the season.

I PRAY that Billy Cundiff kicks the winner-or Stover misses one. I love Matt Stover, but I will absolutely feel better if Matt Stover misses a game winner than if Billy Cundiff HIT a game winner. In Baltimore, we need closure.

3. The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Heap practiced, Flacco was limping

For some reason, we never got an injury report yesterday. I would assume Todd was listed as limited, but I guess we’ll never know.

As far as Joe Flacco is concerned, count on him limping for the better part of the week. He’s hurt. But he’s tough, there’s no doubt about that.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Harbs has ties to Indiana due to brother Jim, brother-in-law Tom Crean

Jim Harbaugh is in the Colts’ Hall of Fame??? Really?

I know he had a good run, but for some reason this surprises me.

I think Jim was probably smart to schedule a Stanford recruiting trip this weekend, as hanging out on the Ravens sideline would probably not go ever well with the fans in Indianapolis.

However, Tom Crean’s Hoosiers have a home game on Sunday afternoon-so he could be in a tough spot Saturday night. I would imagine we’d see him at LucasOil Stadium, which might not be the right thing to do politically in Indy.

5. Indianapolis Star’s Mike Chappell says Colts would like to limit Ray Rice, Willis McGahee

And I’d like Steve Pavlovsky to offer me an endless supply of Chicken Minis from Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square….

….but like the Rolling Stones say, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

Look, we all know that if the Ravens want to beat Peyton Manning and company, they HAVE to control the ball on the ground-preferably with long drives of 10+ plays and solid defense. If they do that, I think they’ll win. If they don’t, I’m not sure they can pull it off.

6. Yahoo! Sports’ Dan Wetzel says Ray Lewis remains Ravens’ leader in league of quarterbacks

I thought about this after the win over the Patriots. It HAD to burn Ray that he had never beaten Tom Brady. As far as “players who transcend football” go, Ray Lewis is in that category with the likes of Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger, etc. But he had beaten all of the other guys on the list besides Brady.

Now he’s beaten all of the guys on that list.

BUT…..he’s never won in Indy.

There’s no doubt he’d like to change that, too.

7. Orioles Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Spring Training tickets in Sarasota go on sale Saturday at 10am


I’m really not trying to poo-poo this, but the level of excitement the O’s provided by acquiring Kevin Milwood and the small additional excitement that came from the additions of Garrett Atkins and Mike Gonzalez is gone.

The Birds would be well served to host some “come watch the Ravens with the Orioles” parties this weekend-sending Adam Jones and Matt Wieters and Brian Matusz out to local establishments to root on the Ravens with members of the sporting community.

That would build excitement.

Signing a 1st baseman might too.

Let’s move on, I don’t want to do this.

8. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Al-Farouq Aminu wore down Terps in OT win for Wake Forest

Jordan Williams really manned up last night, despite the missed free throws in OT.

But the Terrapins offer ONE big man right now who is capable of playing tough in key situations. The Demon Deacons offered 100.

The frustrating part about last night’s loss was the fact that Wake played EXACTLY how I expected them to play. They were tough inside and made some runs, but they were never able to deliver a knockout blow because they aren’t a very good shooting team.

Maryland SHOULD have taken advantage. As ACC play continues Saturday at Boston College (4pm), they really NEED to.

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says biggest shots in loss to Deacs were again from Vasquez’s hands

“Beautifully erratic.”

Thank God for Greivis, because when this team most desperately needs someone to put games on their shoulders, he’s about the only one capable of doing it.

Unfortunately, that often leads to a number of poor shots, like some of the ones Greivis hoisted last night.

It doesn’t make me angry anymore. This is what you get from Greivis. It will always be remembered that he was a gutty, tough player who wore his heart on his shoulders and helped Maryland to a number of wins. It will also always be remembered that he was a flamboyant, emotional player who sometimes forgot what the team was trying to accomplish on a play and instead forced something that wasn’t there.

It’s part of his legacy. But I’d still rather have him than not.

10. The AP says Jake Wasco tallied double-double, but UMBC fell to 1-14 with loss at Boston U

Drew’s quote to me last night after I asked him how the Retrievers were doing: “Jake Wasco had 12 points! That’s like you having 12 points!”

While I have no doubt that Jake Wasco is more talented than Glenn Clark, clearly what Drew was trying to say was that it ISN’T a good sign.

No rest for the weary Retrievers-who are playing 4 games in 7 days, including a battle with Hartford tomorrow night at RAC Arena.

11. Towson Official Site previews tonight’s CAA tilt with Drexel at Towson Center

There’s no such thing as “must win” for a team that can’t get an at-large berth to the NCAA Tournament, but falling to 0-6 in conference play with a home game tonight would be really freaking tough. This Tigers team has played tough (despite their record), but tough play MUST translate to wins at some point.

Or…..Pat Kennedy is going to be in trouble. I think there’s no doubt about that.

12. Washington Post’s Steven Goff says Baltimore, Washington each amongst final 18 cities selected for World Cup bids in 2018, 2022

The idea of the World Cup in Baltimore is as exciting to me as a home playoff game for the Ravens. Not kidding.

This would be so big I couldn’t put it into words.

For the record, it would be the United States that would win the bid, and the country would have to then select the 12 cities to host matches.

Chicago was eliminated before Baltimore-despite being a frequent home to Team USA matches and hosting the opening of the 1994 World Cup at Soldier Field.

Suck it, Chicago!

Also, M&T Bank Stadium is a MUCH better option for soccer than FedEx Field and their awkward 90,000 seats would be. But I’d be happy to see both cities selected.

And finally, I leave you with this….

I guess the GEICO Commercials featuring the Gecko and The Cavemen were very popular, but these new commercials kick ass, especially this brand new one with The Waltons…..

Talk to you shortly from 1 Winning Drive.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Friday!

Let me start by saying “Thank You” to everyone who came out to our Brian Billick “Milkshake Social” at Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square last night. It was a TREMENDOUS turnout, and a very cool event. A SPECIAL “Thank You” to Steve Pavlovsky-the Godfather of Chick-Fil-A Nottingham Square, who I believe I managed to convince to adopt me last night. Steve also took the time after our event to show me a Chick-Fil-A Chicken sandwich secret, called “Carolina Style.” For those wanting the inside info, these are your ingredients……


….You’ll thank me. Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

1. WNST.net’s Nestor Aparicio thinks Ravens fans aren’t fired up for playoffs

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I guess I have to agree-but I’m certainly understanding of fans who don’t decide to invest the money in a 9-7 team that has gotten questionable play in a number of crucial areas. That being said, I can’t WAIT to get on the bus tomorrow morning in White Marsh and head to New England to watch the Ravens. Like I said, if you want to challenge me in Pop-A-Shot basketball tomorrow night at Dave & Buster’s in Providence, feel free. But I will kick your ass.

2. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark says Ravens sporting new patches after Harbaugh’s postgame speech

Unfortunately, I can’t take still pictures in the locker room-although I might try to sneak one today if possible. The shovel and sword essentially represent a “Keep digging but stay fighting” mentality that Coach Harbs has tried to pass off to his team. Find out more by checking out this clip of the post-game speech after Sunday’s win over the Oakland Raiders……

3. The Sun’s Edward Lee says McGahee not ‘comfortable’ with being backup, but not concerned about it right now

Anybody not think this was the case? Of COURSE Willis McGahee doesn’t want to be a backup. But Ray Rice is THE guy in Baltimore now-there’s not even a way to argue that…..at all. You can hear Willis’ comments in the Audio Vault at WNST.net. He didn’t say the wrong thing, he was just honest. As long as he continues to work hard while he IS a Baltimore Raven, I don’t have a problem with him admitting that he’d probably rather be somewhere else.

4. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Cameron hasn’t been contacted by Bills


If I had to guess, Leslie Frazier ends up getting the job in Buffalo. That being said, I think Cam probably does deserve another chance as a head coach. And in fairness, Buffalo might be the perfect spot for him-as they can’t REALLY have great expectations up there. If the Ravens don’t advance past the AFC Wild Card round this weekend, I would expect Cam WILL be contacted, and will get a chance to interview.

5. 4 of 4 Boston Globe analysts pick Pats to win Sunday

If you add the analysts on “The Comcast Morning Show”, you can make it 6 of 6. During our “Picks and Comment” segment this morning, Drew picked the Pats to win 24-14, and I picked the Pats to win 26-17.

Look, NO ONE wants the Ravens to win more than I do, but Tom Brady has never lost a playoff game in Foxborough. I can’t just ASSUME that Joe Flacco will be the 1st quarterback to go beat him.

But I’ll be hoping.

6. ESPN.com’s Greg Gaber says Harbaugh worst in NFL in saving timeouts for crucial situations

I know Ed from Park Heights doesn’t put any value in this statistic, and the statistic alone is not the issue. The issue is that John Harbaugh really struggles with game management AND the team tends to struggle with get play-calling in quickly AND Joe Flacco often struggles to adjust at the line.

They’re all issues. The statistic is just a representation of those things.

7. SI’s Tim Layden says 6 sure fire future Hall of Famers will be on field at Gillette Stadium Sunday

You know the list-Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Junior Seau, Bill Belichick, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. I don’t think Ed Reed is a slam dunk (and Randy Moss might not be either) YET, but I probably agree with the rest of the list.

Of course, this is what happens when you get good teams together….they have talent, arguably historic talent. It will be a joy to watch these teams, there’s no doubt about that.

8. The Sun’s Dan Connolly and Jeff Zrebiec say reunion with Miguel Tejada ‘unlikely’ for Orioles

I guess this can’t be surprising since Garrett Atkins is going to be the guy at 3rd base. I know some people will say Tejada can just play 1st base, but there’s no reason to just ASSUME Miguel is a 1st baseman.

That being said, the Birds need to sign SOMEONE to play 1st base. Michael Aubrey should not be the guy…..but he probably will be.

9. WNST.net’s Drew Forrester says Blow Horn Equity, Angelos group attempting to be “stalking horse” in Pimlico, Laurel auction


Our long civic nightmare continues?!?!?

My “leader in the clubhouse” remains David Cordish. The tracks remain more valuable to him for multiple reasons than they do anyone else. He has slots rights (so he can make money off his own facility) AND he’s a local guy who cares about the state and the horse racing industry.

10. Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Seminoles will be tough defensively for Terps

They’ll be tough all around for Maryland. The good news for the Terps is that they don’t shoot lights out, and the shouldn’t run up a 12 point lead early in the 2nd half to make things tough. I’ll say Terps 81-73. But of course, I WOULD say that. The game is on Comcast SportsNet (Fox Sports Net nationally) at 5:30 Sunday from Comcast Center. Someone will need to keep me updated while I’m on my way back from NE.

11. Maryland Official Site says Terps women blown out in ACC opener at NC State

This is exactly what I was saying about this Maryland team. We have NO IDEA if they’re any good or not. There’s no one who has the responsibility fall on them if things aren’t going well. They are clearly MUCH better in College Park than they are on the road-I think that’s fair to say. But it will be a dogfight for Brenda Frese’s troops in the ACC.

12. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland’s Nick Ferrara named freshman All-American

He’s deserving. He was asked to do a lot this season with Travis Baltz hurt, and he should certainly solidify the position for the next 3 seasons. There’s a few other positions that need to be solidified still…..

And finally, I leave you with this.

College football season wrapped up last night with a bit of a thud (although credit Texas for making a game out of it even after Colt McCoy left on the first possession of the game), but certainly there were a number of more memorable moments throughout the ’09-’10 campaign.

One of my favorite moments had nothing to do with football. Instead, it happened just 7 days ago before the Sugar Bowl when country band Lady Antebellum sang the national anthem. Really REALLY freaking good.

Talk to you later from 1 Winning Drive.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Live from Owings Mills: Ravens Eyeing Major Showdown with “Arch Rivals”

Posted on 23 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

5:51- INJURY REPORT – Ravens:

OT Jared Gaither (foot)
LB Tavares Gooden (groin)
LS Matt Katula (forearm)
S Ed Reed (groin)

C Matt Birk (neck)
WR Mark Clayton (knee)
S KJ Gerard (thigh)
TE Todd Heap (chest)
LB Jarret Johnson (knee)
DT Haloti Ngata (ankle)
DT Kelly Talavou (knee)
WR Kelley Washington (ankle)

TE LJ Smith (ankle)


DE Brett Keisel (neck)
CB Anthony Madison (illness)
RB Willie Parker (knee)
S Troy Polamalu (knee)
WR Hines Ward (hamstring)

CB Keenan Lewis (back)
RB Rashard Mendenhall (hip)
WR Mike Wallace (knee)

Troy Polamalu reportedly told the media in Pittsburgh that he did not expect to play Sunday.

1:59-The one major thing I took away from media availability today was the way the players downplayed the significance of the fact that the Ravens were playing their biggest rivals-instead pointing out the significance of the game alone.

Ray Lewis even described the Steelers as the “next team on the schedule.”

Clearly the players were very willing to discuss their AFC North rivals at length, and didn’t hide from how well they knew each other-but they appeared to be much more focused on the fact that they feel like they need to win out to have a chance to make the playoffs.

1:35-The Ravens have confirmed that LS Nick Sundberg was signed to their practice squad. Clearly this is an insurance policy for a struggling Matt Katula.

Mark Clayton (hamstring/knee), Kelley Washington (ankle) and KJ Gerard (thigh) were all practicing today. Jared Gaither (foot) and Ed Reed (foot/groin/hip/etc.) were NOT-Harbs confirmed earlier today the story that Reed had gone back to Florida for further evaluation. I did not notice Tavares Gooden (groin) at practice either.

For the quickest updates, remember to follow us on Twitter (@WNST). I have quotes from Harbaugh, etc. coming up-and already posted quotes from Ben Roethlisberger and Mike Tomlin; who held conference calls with the local media.

1:13-Some quick stuff, as practice is coming up:

Hear from the following NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net:
Coach John Harbaugh
QB Joe Flacco
RB Ray Rice
WR Derrick Mason
OT Michael Oher
LB Ray Lewis
LB Terrell Suggs
CB Corey Ivy
CB Chris Carr

Also, John Harbaugh announced Domonique Foxworth was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

There is a Long Snapper in the locker room by the name of Nick Sundberg. He’s a rookie out of Cal who was with the Carolina Panthers earlier in the season. No word on whether he’s been signed to the practice squad or is just a tryout guy. As soon as I get an update, I will let you know. Matt Katula had another tough week against the Bears Sunday, but John Harbaugh defended him; and said he doesn’t believe his elbow is still hurt.

11:14-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where the Baltimore Ravens are back at work today in preparation for Sunday’s showdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. We all know about the AFC Wild Card implications of the game, as the Ravens will actually have the chance to clinch a playoff spot Sunday should other games around the AFC go their way.

We are scheduled to hear from John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Joe Flacco, Derrick Mason and more today. The Ravens made two roster moves yesterday-signing CB Corey Ivy to replace Lardarius Webb (IR-ACL injury), and signing S Kevin Fitzhugh off the New York Jets’ practice squad to replace release CB Marcus Paschal.

Be back shortly.


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Live from Owings Mills: Harbaugh Confirms Webb Will Miss Season, Won’t Rule Out McAlister

Posted on 21 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

4:08-Hear from John Harbaugh NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net.

Also, Domonique Foxworth joined Drew Forrester on “The Comcast Morning Show” this morning on AM1570 WNST, you can hear that in the Audio Vault as well.

3:44-Here are some highlights from John Harbaugh:

-“Compliments to the crowd, the stadium people and the fans for getting there” for Bears game.
-“You obviously want to be playing well when it’s most important”, but in NFL “it’s most important every week.”
-He confirmed Lardarius Webb will miss season with ACL injury, but said team hasn’t made any decisions on what they’ll do moving forward.
-He said team would be looking for CB who could help as early as Pittsburgh game.
-on McAlister: “We’re open to bringing anyone back.”
-on injuries: “We’re gonna get some guys back…..hopefully.”
-believes Ed Reed has been “trying hard to get back.”
-says improved play from #Flacco has a lot to do with guys around him
-believes Demetrius Williams “has remade himself” as a football player; but he’s still learning offense and lined up incorrectly even at times during Bears game
-No consideration made to place Mark Clayton on IR
-Roethlisberger “handles pressure probably better than any other QB” in NFL
-Controlling own destiny “is a challenge.”
-“We’ll probably have another defensive back on this team by Wednesday.”
-thinks Mendenhall and Willie Parker both “great backs.”
-Troy Polamalu “changes everything” for Steelers defense

3:09-Greetings from 1 Winning Drive, where John Harbaugh will address the media at 3:45. There will be plenty to talk about after yesterday’s win over the Chicago Bears, and with a game against the “arch rival” (Harbs’ own words) Pittsburgh Steelers looming Sunday. The Ravens could clinch an AFC Wild Card berth with a victory (and a ton of help), or they could put themselves in a position to sweat out a trip to Oakland in Week 17.

The biggest question looming is what the Ravens will do now after what is all but confirmed to be a torn ACL for Lardarius Webb. The name Chris McAlister has floated around more today than the words “Code Red” did this weekend on the local news. McAlister remains unlikely, but WNST’s own Drew Forrester confirmed that the team is “evaluating” their former Pro Bowl CB. The relationship between John Harbaugh and C-Mac is NOT the only thing that would prevent McAlister from returning to Baltimore. Despite the fact that he was playing with the Saints just a couple of weeks ago, it is unknown what type of shape he’s in. (Believe me, Chris may or may not have assumed his season was over.)

The Ravens also do not necessarily HAVE to make a move at CB. With Domonique Foxworth and Chris Carr the likely starters Sunday; they have 3 active CB’s behind them in Frank Walker, Cary Williams and Marcus Paschal. This may not be what Ravens want to hear, but those players are on the active roster for a reason. Also, should Ed Reed and KJ Gerard return this week-Gerard could be used at CB if necessary. A lot could happen.

I’ll update shortly with more from Harbaugh.


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Blowout of Lions Much Needed For Struggling Ravens Team

Posted on 13 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

To put it simply, the Ravens NEEDED a performance like the one they got on Sunday.

They NEEDED to prove to themselves-and to those around the NFL who were questioning them-that they were still a good football team.

Sunday’s 48-3 thrashing of the Detroit Lions didn’t REALLY say much about the Ravens or their chances of advancing to the AFC playoffs, but it did say some things.

For those of you who were predicting a doomsday 6-10 or 7-9 finish for the Ravens-unlikely.

For those of you calling for the entire team to be broken up in the offseason-probably a bit premature.

For those of you who buzzed into “The Comcast Morning Show” this week to ask “Is it time to start thinking about John Harbaugh’s future in Baltimore?”-the answer is “no.”

Let me repeat-Sunday’s win did NOT prove the Ravens as Super Bowl contenders-and may ultimately prove to be just another win for a team that didn’t get quite enough this season. But the Ravens not only won, they treated the Detroit Lions like the Glen Burnie JV team-which is exactly what good football teams SHOULD do to the Detroit Lions. (Who are a historic type of terrible for the record.)

The Ravens pulverized the Detroit Lions in every way imaginable. They out-gained their opponent 548 to 229, picked up 24 first downs to Detroit’s 13, and won the turnover battle by a margin of 2-1. They pulled their starting quarterback after 3 quarters-but they might as well have done it after 2. In the second half, there were players making contributions who I had honest to god forgotten were on the team. (Sorry Edgar Jones!) John Harbaugh said very simply that all 3 units of his team “executed”, and he’s absolutely right.

The point is, that is EXACTLY what good teams SHOULD do to the Detroit Lions. The Saints, Vikings, Packers, Bengals and Bears had already defeated the Lions by double digit margins this year. Only the Steelers and Rams had single digit victories over the Lions, and the Steelers appear to be much more of “pretenders” than “contenders” for a playoff spot. Beyond that, the Redskins and Browns had of course unimaginably found ways to LOSE to this Detroit ballclub. The Ravens certainly belong in the former group much more than the latter.

The Ravens are a GOOD team. We know that much. Yes, they’ve lost 6 games-but they’ve lost 6 games to teams who would all make the playoffs if the season ended today (Packers, Vikings, Patriots, Colts and Bengals twice). And while they HAVE their problems (secondary and wide receiver jump RIGHT off the page-but other areas haven’t been perfect); they still have a veteran team of solid play-makers; and managed to win Sunday even without Ed Reed, Jared Gaither and Mark Clayton.

They’ll have to keep winning for it to mean anything. As Derrick Mason put so well following the win-the game means “nothing if (the Ravens) can’t win the next game.” The good news is that they should be able to keep winning. The remainder of the schedule (vs. Chicago, @Pittsburgh, @Oakland) sets up well for a team that has not lost a game all season to a team who currently has a record of 7-6 or worse.

But they proved they weren’t a bad team Sunday-which is exactly what they NEEDED to do.



5:25-Kelley Washington (ankle) and Ray Rice (chest) were the only injured Ravens who did not return today. Rice is clearly not believed to be serious, while there was no further information available on Washington.

5:18-Hear from the following NOW in the Audio Vault at WNST.net:

Coach John Harbaugh
QB Joe Flacco
RB Ray Rice
WR Derrick Mason
G Ben Grubbs
LB Ray Lewis
LB Jarret Johnson
S Tom Zbikowski


4:14-Only the Lions. This one’s over. 48-3 Ravens. Back shortly with more.

4:12-Two minute warning. Anybody have any thoughts?

4:03-Troy Smith with a rushing TD. It’s 48-3 now. Mercifully, only 5:02 still to play in this one.

3 plays, 23 yards, 1:23 on the drive.

48 ties for most in a single game-since the Kyle Boller-lead Monday Night Football thrashing of the Packers back in 2005.

4:02-Jalen Parmele into the game….. (Yeah, I’m still here….)

3:53-Sam Koch with another tremendous punt. Just outstanding……

3:51-Ravens with a team single-game record 510 yards from scrimmage on the day!

3:50-Edgar Jones with a first down catch! Good for him!

3:48-In news that is about as pressing as Mark Clayton being OUT-Kevin Smith won’t return for the Lions with a knee injury.

3:47-Flacco finishes 13/20 230 yards and a TD on the day. Which gives DF a chance to put him back in the Tuesday Top 7….

3:40-Boy you hate seeing an injury like that to Kevin Smith. Just uncomfortable to look at……..

3:35-We’re through 3 quarters, and it looks like Troy Smith will finally be coming in to play….

3:30-I immediately take the previous statement back. Obviously-both McClain and McGahee went over 100 yards in last year’s win at Dallas.

Another McGahee TD-the Ravens now have a team record 4 rushing TD’s on the game. 41-3. They HAVE to take Flacco out now, right?

3:28-Willis McGahee is going to go over 100 yards as well. Don’t believe the Ravens have ever had 2 100 yard rushers in one game.

3:22-Why wouldn’t the Lions put Drew Stanton in this game? That would sorta force Harbaugh to go to Troy Smith….

3:18-A Willis McGahee TD. 34-3. There’s no one left in this place…..

6 plays, 61 yards, 3:08 on the drive.

Is there anything else on? I’d like to change the TV’s in the press box.

3:15-You have to imagine we WILL see Troy Smith in this game at some point…..

Hate seeing Todd Heap hurt himself in a 24 point game.

Louis Delmas questionable to return (ankle) for Detroit.

3:09-I know there’s still a game going on, it’s just tough for me to remain interested.

Hey! Justin Harper checks in! Weird…..

3:00-Tremendous grab by Demetrius Williams (no, really) before a Le’Ron McClain TD. Ravens piling it on at this point…..

11 plays, 74 yards, 6:10 on the drive. 27-3. Feel a bit bad for Mt. St. Joseph’s Jim Schwartz…..

2:58-Ray Rice getting attention on the Ravens sideline…..and we finally see Willis McGahee.

2:39-20-3 at the half. We’ll be back shortly. Because we have to.

2:38-Ngata limped off field. Harbaugh smart to call timeout there. Force the Lions to punt, give your team a chance to block it.

2:36-70,673 announced here at “The Bank” today. I say “announced” because many of them are not here.

2:32-Ravens can’t punch it in as their stellar goal line offense continues….Billy Cundiff enters and connects from 25, extending Baltimore’s lead to 20-3 with 1: to play in the half.

6 plays, 43 yards, 1:08 on the drive.

Don Carey is struggling to turn off his mic today….and keeping track of what’s going on in the football game.

2:31-Ray Rice is now over 200 yards of total offense for the game.

What’s going on with McGahee? Not in on the 3rd possession, now not in on the goal line…..

2:26-He was catching a pop-up, but nice work there by Chris Carr to get up and get some yards back on that play. Ravens will have a chance to put this one away before halftime….

2:23-Good challenge from John Harbaugh, that was easy to tell.

2:20-Antwan Barnes was FURIOUS that wasn’t ruled a sack. He should probably calm down a bit….

2:17-And with that, Ray Rice has gone over 1,000 yards rushing and 1,500 yards from scrimmage this season. He also has 133 yards rushing on the day, a team high for the season.

2:16-I told you Ray Rice was gonna have some long runs this season. 62 yards on that one.

4 plays, 69 yards, 1:00 on the drive…..17-3 Ravens.

2:15-Rough day for Don Carey’s crew………

2:14-The fact that Ray Rice just got 10 yards on that play makes me remember just how bad the Lions are……

2:10-Lions fortunate that kick made it through-but they cut Baltimore’s lead to 10-3 with about 4 and a half to play in the first half.

15 plays, 69 yards, 7:24 on the scoring drive (Credit to my buddy Rich Dubroff of Carroll County Times fame for keeping track for me.)

2:09-I was a bit surprised that the Ravens would have accepted that penalty. Declining and forcing Hanson to kick makes MUCH more sense.

2:07-2nd straight 3rd down play where Dennis Northcutt was WIDE OPEN in the middle of the field. Terrible.

2:06-The remarkable thing about that run from Kevin Smith there was that he only lost 5 yards. What the hell was he thinking?

2:05-I’m a bit surprised to not see a flag on that ball in the endzone……

2:04-Congratulations to City’s Bryant Johnson for making a catch here in his hometown. Hopefully there won’t be many more.

Dannell Ellerbe tackles Daunte Culpepper, but he gets the first down before the tackle. Lions approaching the red zone. What the hell?

2:02-Dennis Northcutt makes it a bit more difficult for me to say this one is over already.

Lions LS Don Muhlbach is QUESTIONABLE to return with an arm injury.

2:00-Ray Lewis encouraging the crowd to get pumped. The crowd encouraging Ray Lewis to tackle better.

1:58-Took over 19 minutes-but we finally have a timeout from John Harbaugh. Knew it had to be coming…..

Also, the Dolphins are leading the Jaguars 14-0 in Jacksonville, and the Colts are leading the Broncos 14-0 in Indianapolis in games with major playoff implications for the Ravens.

1:55-Worth noting: We’ve played more than 18 minutes of football-and Harbs hasn’t called a single timeout. Weird.

Also, Derrick Mason had the wind knocked out of him on that TD catch-he’s expected to return.

1:51-The Lions are just AWFUL. That will go down as a 62 yard TD pass, but credit the Lions for just bring terrible as Marvin White and Phillip Buchanon paved the way for that TD. Wow.

3 plays, 70 yards, 1:17 on the scoring drive. 10-0 Ravens

1:49-What a play over there by Todd Heap to push his way for 7 yards. Impressive strength.

No Willis McGahee yet today. Weird.

1:42-Kevin Smith and Ray Rice are BOTH going to go over 100 yards today. Brutal run defense at the end of the quarter has the Lions driving although trailing 3-0.

1:40 – Drew Forrester knows more about football than I do.  I thought that was worth pointing out.

1:38-All targets today have been Ray Rice and Derrick Mason, correct? Yikes.

Billy Cundiff says his head his fine, he knocks it through from 38 to put the Ravens ahead 3-0 late in the first.

7 plays, 45 yards, 3:12 on the drive

1:36-Probably because the 2nd drive was so short, John Harbaugh kept Ray Rice in. Good call. He and Le’Ron McClain work the ball into the red zone.

1:32-I thought Culpepper had the spot there. Big measurement to get the Ravens off the field. They need to mix up their runs on this drive-Willis McGahee will enter the game as it is the 3rd possession.

1:30-Strong move there by Culpepper to avoid the sack. That leaves the Lions with a 3rd and 1 instead of 3rd and long.

1:29-Boy what a run there by Kevin Smith on 1st down. Credit the Ravens for TERRIBLE tackling, but very nice run.

1:28-If you’re interested, DeAngelo Smith’s forced fumble has been switched to Larry Foote. I’m guessing you probably weren’t interested.

1:26-Pretty dreadful series there for Joe, but Sam Koch with a hell of a punt to put the Lions inside their own 20.

Ravens continue to struggle out of the gate offensively. Ray Rice’s fumble hurt-but they looked TERRIBLE on their 2nd drive.

1:24-If Joe Flacco throws that ball where he’s supposed to, Derrick Mason gets a big gain.

What in the world is going on with Don Carey’s crew? Was it a penalty or not?

1:22-That Jason Hanson miss there tells me that kicking will be a tough task today. Miss was from 45-keeping this one scoreless.

1:18-Calvin Johnson is just plain taller than Domonique Foxworth or Tom Zbikowski. He has the ability to get a ball like that. The Ravens are fortunate he didn’t come down with it.

Aaron Brown with the big run? What’s going on here?

Jarret Johnson hobbles off…..

1:16-Trevor Pryce with a COSTLY roughing the passer on a play where Dawan Landry made an EASY interception. Frustrating start for this team right now.

1:14-Lardarius Webb was absolutely STUNNED by the move Calvin Johnson just put on him. Ouch.

1:12-That makes it 2 fumbles in 2 weeks for Ray Rice in the red zone. Look, there’s NO DOUBT that he’s the team MVP this season-but that’s just completely unacceptable.

Credit DeAngelo Smith from Detroit for the forced fumble.

1:11-Demetrius Williams checks in as a 3rd WR. Would be a nice spot for a fade on 3rd down.

1:09-If I had to guess, that won’t be the last HUGE run from Ray Rice today. He would have been a “must play” in Fantasy Football.

1:05-Great penetration there by Haloti Ngata and company to bring down Kevin Smith on that 3rd and short. Ravens didn’t want to let Daunte Culpepper and company feel too good about themselves early on.

A number of Ravens fans are here today dressed as purple seats. Can’t REALLY say I blame anyone for skipping this one.

1:03-Lions win the toss and come out throwing. No surprise there. Big 3rd and 2 early from midfield.

1:01-I’ll confirm that Oher will start at LT, Yanda at RT, and Chris Chester at RG.

Also, Chris Myers is calling today’s game for FOX alongside Tim Ryan instead of Sam Rosen. No word on why Rosen isn’t here.

12:25 Weather.com says 40s and rain THROUGHOUT today’s Ravens-Lions game. I get the feeling that there will be thousands of empty seats, as fans have taken to Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and eBay to try to dump their tickets this week.

12:06-We have an update on the Lions inactives. FB Terrelle Smith is ACTIVE and will START, FB Jerome Felton is INACTIVE.

Also for the Lions-RG Dylan Gandy will start for Daniel Loper (active, back) and RE Cliff Avril will start for Dewayne White.

The team waived WR Eric Fowler this week, and moved TE Jake Nordin to the active roster.

11:48-I don’t have an official note on how the O-Line will shuffle with Jared Gaither out, but I assume Michael Oher will play LT, Marshal Yanda will play RT, and Chris Chester will play RG. Just an assumption however; and with Tony Moll and Oniel Cousins both active-either could be in the mix.

11:44-Tom Zbikowski will start for Ed Reed today, Kelley Washington will start for Mark Clayton.

11:22-Here are your inactives:

QB John Beck (3rd QB)
S Ed Reed (groin/foot)
OL David Hale (concussion)
OT Jared Gaither (foot)
TE LJ Smith (ankle)
WR Mark Clayton (hamstring)
NT Brandon McKinney (back)
NT Kelly Talavou

QB Matthew Stafford (3rd QB)
DB Jahi Word-Daniels
FB Terrelle Smith
C Melvin Fowler
OT Corey Hilliard
TE Casey FitzSimmons (concussion)
DT Andre Fluellen (groin)
DE Dewayne White (toe)

10:55-Greetings from the press box at M&T Bank Stadium in a rainy downtown Baltimore, where the 6-6 Baltimore Ravens continue their quest to reach the playoffs against the 2-10 Detroit Lions.

Make sure you follow us throughout the day here at WNST.net, as well as on Twitter (@WNST) and on our WNST Text Service (text “WNST” to 68255 to get updates) for everything you need to know today.

WR Mark Clayton is OUT-per ESPN’s Adam Schefter. In a related story, Tiger Woods cheated on his wife.

I don’t mean to downplay that-it’s just that we all KNEW Mark Clayton (hamstring) was out today, which is why the Ravens waived FB Charles Ali yesterday and moved WR Justin Harper to the active roster.

I CERTAINLY don’t expect to see S Ed Reed (you name it) today, and would say LB Terrell Suggs (knee) is unlikely.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 09 December 2009 by Glenn Clark

David Hernandez is a fine trade chip for the Baltimore Orioles, but not for a short rental of Kevin Millwood. If the Orioles are going to trade David Hernandez, they should be trading him for a legitimate major league player who could be around for a couple years-you know, when the Orioles are planning on getting “good.”

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says Harbaugh should have had control of Ed Reed, Derrick Mason, etc Monday night

Derek Arnold says John Harbaugh looks like “Andy Reid Jr.” with time management

Rex Snider wonders where ‘offensive guru’ Cam Cameron disappeared to

Mark Suchy says loss to Packers ‘ugliest’ of season

Tom Clayton says Harbs needs to ‘take control’ of Ravens

Corey Johns says Retrievers lost to Nittany Lions last night without Robbie Jackson-who didn’t make trip due to concussion


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Flacco, Ray Rice accepted blame for turnovers in Monday Night Football loss

The Official Site’s John Eisenberg says despite being just a game out in AFC Wild Card race, Ravens not ‘playoff-caliber’ team

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ed Reed’s absence ‘disappointing’ to John Harbaugh

The Official Site says Ravens practicing later today after playing Monday night in Green Bay

The Official Site says Derrick Mason, Samari Rolle hosting holiday event Thursday at Target in Pikesville

The Official Site says former WR Michael Jackson now mayor of Tangipahoa, Louisiana

The Official Site says Talavou found it hard to stay warm at Lambeau Field without playing

Lions Official Site’s Chrissie Wywrot says Jim Schwartz wouldn’t say whether Stafford will play Sunday

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says 12 penalties in loss most by Ravens in Harbaugh era

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Mark Clayton’s injury could mean more time for Kelley Washington, Demetrius Williams

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Harbaugh confirmed Cundiff played with concussion

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ravens tied with Steelers, Dolphins, Jets a game back of Jags in playoff race

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says David Hale also suffered concussion in loss

Detroit Free-Press’ Carlos Monarrez says Lions dropped Ephraim Salaam, claimed Maurice Williams from Jacksonville

Detroit News’ Tim Twentyman says Calvin Johnson still can’t do everything by himself

The Sun says former Raven Gano signed by Redskins to replace Suisham

The AP says former Raven Chris McAlister cut by Saints

USA Today has Ravens 13th in power rankings

SI’s Peter King names Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed to “All-Decade Team”

NFL.com has Ravens 17th in power rankings

NFL.com’s Vic Carucci says Walt Anderson should have let Packers, Ravens ‘play’

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco has Ravens 16th in power rankings

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio says Ray Rice took to Twitter to apologize for comments about Green Bay

Fox Sports’ Adrian Hasenmayer has Ravens 13th in power rankings

Fanhouse’s Josh Alper has Ravens 15th in power rankings

ESPN.com has Ravens 16th in power rankings

ESPN.com’s James Walker still thinks Cam Cameron amongst best OC’s in NFL


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Andy MacPhail has had ‘multiple conversations’ with Rangers about Kevin Millwood

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says fans still interested in Birds despite losing (Pete-I love you, but this piece REALLY comes off as an audition for a job at MASNSports.com if The Sun makes more cuts.)

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says O’s considering trade for Padres’ Kouzmanoff 

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Derek Lowe, Joe Blanton could also be trade options for Orioles

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Andy MacPhail confirmed meeting with Aroldis Chapman’s representatives

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Giants, Twins also believed to be interested in Kouzmanoff

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says teams around MLB interested in Felix Pie

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Kouzmanoff would be more than ‘stop-gap’, as Orioles can’t be certain both Josh Bell, Brandon Snyder will be ready in ‘11

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Miguel Cabrera won’t be trade option


The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Jordan Williams leading ACC freshmen in rebounding

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Sean Mosley clearly improved

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Eric Hayes must ‘stay aggressive’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Greivis Vasquez had ‘another frustrating night’ against Wildcats Sunday

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says whether or not Dino Gregory returns to starting lineup Saturday, he will certainly play a great deal

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps were best against Villanova with James Padgett on floor, best this season with Mosley on floor


Towson Official Site says Tigers hope to “Pack the House” at Towson Center tomorrow night against Maryland


The Sun’s Matt Bracken recaps season for Maryland commit Andre Monroe

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Terps must sign Florida DB prospect Tony Grimes to get DE prospect Clarence Murphy (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Terps battling with West Virginia, North Carolina, Stanford, and Virginia Tech for Virginia QB prospect Lafonte Thourogood (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Ross Leonhart updates DeMatha prospect Kendall Patterson’s recruitment (must subscribe)


The AP’s Jon Krawczynski says Reggie Holmes scored 26 points, but Bears blown out at Minnesota


The Official Site says Chris De La Rosa, Brian Neller each scored 10 points, but Retrievers fell at Penn State

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The AP says Jeff Brooks lead PSU with 14 in win over Retrievers


The Official Site previews tonight’s visit to Coppin State Physical Education Complex to face Eagles

The Official Site offers complete Hounds-Eagles release (pdf)


The Official Site says Greyhounds picked to win ECAC

The Sun says Hounds picked ahead of Ohio State, Denver in ECAC


The Official Site’s Bob Socci says Army coach Rich Ellerson once recruited Midshipmen coach Niumatalolo at Hawaii

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Army will be playing for bowl eligibility similar to how Hawaii played to keep bowl hopes alive

Annapolis Capital’s Bob Hough says Greg Zingler finishing career in Annapolis as backup QB

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Niumatalolo believes having Army/Navy game as only TV game Saturday (on CBS) will help school in recruiting

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says FB Glen Woods hopes to become Navy SEAL

Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Knights can clinch trip to EagleBank Bowl with win, first bowl appearance since ‘96

Sports Business Journal says Midshipmen players will receive $300 Best Buy gift card, Fossil watch, Under Armour shirt/hat/backpack, Belt buckle for participating in Texas Bowl

ArmySports.com breaks down matchups between Mids-Black Knights


The Official Site says Cajou lead Mountaineers with 13 in 64-38 loss to Old Dominion

The Official Site offers numerical  evidence of loss

Carroll County Times says Kelly Beidler scored 6 points, tallied 5 rebounds in loss to ODU

Frederick News Post says Milan Brown knows Eers not ‘good offensive basketball team’ after woeful output against Monarchs


The Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Navy in Princess Anne


The Official Site says game time Sunday in Monterrey moved to 6:05


The Official Site says AIFA team added Richan Gaskins, Delannie Spriggs, Damon Harrison to camp roster


The Sun’s Sandra McKee says Pam Shriver excited for World TeamTennis format for tonight’s BCF Tennis Challenge at 1st Mariner Arena


Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson
says Mark “TNT” Tucker defending USBO belt for first time Friday night at Carroll County Agricultural Center


The Sun’s Mike Klingaman ‘catches up with’ former Colts FB Randy McMillan


-Tuesday Top 7 will be posted shortly.

Talk to you from Owings Mills.


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