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Getting a grip on the Festivus activities

Posted on 23 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

So, it looks like we’re getting into the playoffs. Well at least we can talk that way for a few more days and as a 10-point favorite against Jacksonville this weekend (and please note the gametime change to 4:15 p.m., which means the coldest possibilities for us) the Ravens should win. Heck, if they don’t win they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, really.

So, assuming that the Ravens are going to win this week and advance to the playoffs I started putting together playoff possibilities onto a cocktail napkin on Sunday and this is what I came up with…and I can’t imagine the NFL scheduling gods could have cooked this weekend up with a whole lot more drama than what they have – several cool matchups and playoff spots on the line in both conferences.

Indianapolis can now pack their bags for Denver or San Diego. But that Sunday night game is gonna be a good one. You gotta think that the Chargers have all of the momentum and the home field. What a story that would be, digging out from 4-8 to make the playoffs. Kinda unheard of…

Clearly, Nasvhille and Pittsburgh are just sitting tight, taking a “bye” week before their official byes. And as we saw two years ago, that extra slacker time isn’t always the best route. Two of the last three Super Bowl champs (Pittsburgh 2005 and N.Y. Giants 2007) have come from the No. 6 hole and not only won three in a row on the road but also overcame the extra game and the lack of a bye. You’d figure that being a higher seed would be a good thing but the recent history doesn’t support it.

And the Ravens (or the eventual No. 6 seed) will be headed to the AFC East winner. If Miami beats the Jets, we’re headed to South Florida. If the Jets beat the Dolphins, we go to New England provided they win in  Buffalo (hardly a given).

And such begins any legitimate Ravens fan’s aspirations of catching fire and making January 2009 one helluva memorable month. Here are my thoughts:

1.    Miami is the Ravens’ best first-round path. While the flights are jam-packed (good luck trying to get to South Florida next weekend if the Ravens make it there!), the weather and a matchup where the homefield won’t be so unkind is favorable for the Ravens. It certainly beats going to frosty New England, which is the worst scenario for the Ravens. If the Jets win and the Patriots flop this weekend and we wind up at the Meadowlands against Brett Favre, I still like our chances. Just FYI: if the Ravens go to New England or New York, we’ve already got “Miller Lite Roadtrips” ready to go! If the Ravens play in Miami, we will not be offering a trip.
2.    A Ravens win at the AFC East champion would take them to a path that’s well-traveled and familiar to Ray Lewis, Matt Stover and any real Ravens fan: Nashville. Clearly, the Titans would rather not see No. 52 coming back into the former Adelphia Coliseum in January. And assuming another Tennessee road miracle win…
3.    The AFC Championship Game could be in Pittsburgh (assuming they don’t choke the weekend of Jan. 10-11) or San Diego, Denver or even Indianapolis, if they could win two in a row on the road and take down the Steelers at Heinz Field.

Of course every fan of every team is plotting their own pathway through their respective conference playoff possibilities. This is the joy of having a Festivus celebration – the possibilities and hope that even being a “potential” No. 6 seed affords. And, we still have to win a game at home this weekend against a feisty Jacksonville team to do that.

As we’ve seen over and over again in the NFL: NO ONE LAYS DOWN late in the season. Well, no one but the Arizona Cardinals, any way…

The lowly Seahawks, Redskins and the Bills all pulled off upsets over playoff-inspired favorites last Sunday. The Jaguars played the Colts extremely tough last Thursday night and they’ll have two extra days of rest before coming here this Sunday. Maurice Jones Drew got dinged up very late in the game against Indy, so it’ll be interesting to see how effective he’ll be this week but he’s an explosive threat, like a human pinball or a poor man’s Barry Sanders. He’ll present speed issues for the Ravens defense in the middle of the field.

There’s no “counting chickens” as a Ravens fan. This Jaguars game is hardly a walkover in my mind. But a win this week opens all sorts of doors of possibilities for 2009 and dreams of an improbably Super Bowl run with a rookie coach, a rookie quarterback and a veteran Hall of Famer inspiring the troops in the September of his career.

The storylines for the Ravens are obvious:

Ray Lewis in a walk year trying to win another Super Bowl…

Trevor Pryce going for No. 3…

Derrick Mason and Samari Rolle, who both came up one-yard short almost a decade ago, getting another chance…

A first chance for Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Todd Heap and other Pro Bowlers to win a championship…

Will it start in Miami?

Or New England?

Or a trip to the Meadowlands for Favre and the Jets?

Can the Ravens avoid an upset at the hands of the Jaguars – who were truly Kyptonite to this franchise in the early years when they won the first eight matchups of the rivalry – to earn the No. 6 seed. For better or worse, the playoffs come to Baltimore at 4:15 this Sunday in what amounts to a “play in” game for the franchise and the city.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed…

Happy Festivus to all…

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Ravens beat Dallas 33-24, throw a purple party in Dallas

Posted on 21 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

It’s become a joke amongst the local media, calling the Ravens “mighty men.” It’s John Harbaugh’s favorite “term of endearment” and corny catch phrase for his team. Tonight in Dallas, they were indeed mighty men, dropping the vaunted Cowboys like a bad habit at home on their special night and the hyper-emotional closing of Texas Stadium. The Ravens were impressive in dispatching the local stars, 33-24 to urinate on the biggest party in the biggest state in the swan song of the state’s greatest icon on a brutally cold evening.

Tonight, the real “stars” were wearing the purple helmets with the B’s. Strangely enough, it was punter Sam Koch who not only did his thing booting the ball effectively all night (including a 61-yarder) but it was the trick draw play on a field goal fake that stole the show and changed the momentum of the game. Really, who in the world was expecting that? A brass balls move if there ever was one by Harbaugh and the crew.

If this team makes noise in January, they’ll look back on this bounce back from that Pittsburgh fiasco and see the huge emotional breakthroughs. They finally beat a quality opponent on the road. The sheer willpower to persevere amidst an avalanche of injuries speak volumes about their “mighty men” status. The training room looked like an infirmary after the game, with Derrick Mason not being able to lift his arms, with Samari Rolle banged up, with Willie Andeson and Todd Heap hobbling. And while Fabian Washington gritted out a start, the team played the whole game without Ray Rice, who was an injury scratch. So, in came Willis McGahee, whose 77-yard scamper for an apparent “icing” touchdown was only topped minutes later — after Tony Romo led the Cowboys back down the field for an answer on a Ravens’ defense that has been leaky lately – by Le’Ron McClain’s 82-yard bolt to truly put the game out of reach. The final numbers were downright gaudy: McClain was 22 for 139 yards and McGahee finished with just eight carries but 108 yards and team rushing total was a whopping 266 yards and the Cowboys defense will look at the two fourth-quarter runs as busted plays that cost them their season.

For the local fans, it was morgue like, an evening of horrors from the home team on a night when it was all set up for the Ravens to be a “homecoming” pansy for the legends of Cowboys’ past and a night of civic remembrance and celebration. No doubt the Ravens players were inspired when informed that Jerry Jones PERSONALLY, HAND-PICKED the Ravens as his final opponent in Texas Stadium. (That’s a FACT by the way. Jones insisted on having the Ravens because when he looked at the schedule the Ravens were the weakest team on the slate. Perhaps he should’ve chosen Cincinnati?)

After the game Bart Scott and Terrell Suggs screamed all sorts of stuff about it into the NFL Films cameras and the postgame was filled with notions that the Ravens are the new Rodney Dangerfields of the NFL. But at 10-5 with a chance to ice a playoff berth against Jacksonville at home next weekend, it has been the most unlikely of seasons for the purple. Next Sunday will be OUR civic celebration for the 2008 Ravens, our final home game and a chance to send the Ravens on the road in style for an unexpected Festivus.

What a ride…Enoy the videos. I enjoyed making them.

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Ravens – Redskins maybe closer than you think

Posted on 07 December 2008 by caseywillett

Here are a couple of things the Ravens need to do tonight :

1. Run, Run, Run : The Redskins come in as a top 10 defense against the run, but the Ravens have three good running backs they can attack them with tonight. Whether you just need one of them to have a big game, or all three, stay in attack mode with the running game. The running game will wear down the Redskins defense, it may not be pretty, but will probably lead to success.

2. Make Jason Campbell one dimensional– I do not think Campbell is as good as a quarterback as people make him out to be sometimes. Tonight if he is going to help his team win, it will be with his arm. I do not think that Clinton Portis will be a factor in tonight’s game, this making Jason have to beat you throwing the football. He has a decent receiving corp, but I do not think he will have time to scan the field and pick apart the Ravens. He has only thrown 4 interceptions this year, but I think the Ravens get him for a couple tonight.

3. Stay away from the secondary– The Redskins have a very talented secondary and have done a nice job with the addition of DeAngelo Hall. The Redskins secondary has a bunch of guys that they can throw at you with Hall, Landry, Smoot, Rogers, Horton, Springs, and a couple other guys. The Ravens offense may just have to settle for intermediate passes, which might mean a lot of Heap and the backs catching the ball out of the backfield.

I do think this game will be closer than most people have this week. I am predicting a 17-13 Ravens win tonight. I just think Redskins will keep it close, I think the weather will be a factor, but the Ravens are just a better team right now.

I will admit that I thought the Eagles were going to beat the Ravens a couple of weeks ago, and I was obviously wrong about that.

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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 02 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

Tuesday Top 7……

7-Todd Heap

That part of the field is not an easy place to score from; because the back line becomes another defender. It was an important TD; and it is good to have Todd back as an offensive target.

6-Jared Gaither

Just another good game from a tackle who maybe is deserving of Pro Bowl consideration.

5-Jarret Johnson

Adalius who? Jarret not only makes big plays to force turnovers; but he continues to do the smaller game-changing things as well.

4-Le’Ron McClain

I don’t know about you, but I feel like every time he touches the ball he’s about to rip off 5 yards. Maybe he should be Le’Ron “Five Yards” McClain.

3-Joe Flacco

What else can we say? He’s pretty special. It’s a shame it was such a blowout Sunday, I would have liked to have seen him hit 300 yards.

2-Derrick Mason

6 catches, 91 yards would have been a pretty impressive feat most other weeks, but almost went unnoticed do to the performance of one Mark Clayton.

1-Mark Clayton

Was there another option?

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says ‘perfect storm’ for Ravens, fans

Thyrl Nelson has Ravens 9th in power rankings

Alex Thomas thinks Ravens finish 11-5

Nestor Aparicio to compete in Caps’ hot dog contest vs. “Black Widow”

Ed Frankovic says Ovechkin honored by NHL

Rob Long wants you to support area youth football


The Official Site’s Scott Garceau excited to watch Steelers, Ravens duel for rest of season

The Official Site says Harbaugh thinks ‘technique’ can improve

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh expects McGahee to be ‘big part of’ offense in December

Redskins Official Site’s Gary Fitzgerald says Skins aren’t switching QB’s

Redskins Official Site’s Gary Fitzgerald says Portis has sore neck

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens have struggled in primetime

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbaugh thinks Ravens can still dig further into offensive bag of tricks

The Sun’s Mike Preston says not all Ravens buying into Harbaugh’s philosophy

The Sun’s Edward Lee says McGahee ‘supports’ Ravens, Harbaugh

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Pryce coming on late

The Sun’s Mike Preston believes McGahee will still have impact this season

The Sun’s Mike Preston says despite solid play from Clayton, Ravens still need WR target

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck thinks Harbaugh trying to correct special teams

The Examiner’s Phil Macek says Flacco ‘real deal’

The Examiner’s Steve DeClue gives highest praise to receivers, D-Line

Aaron Wilson says upcoming games ‘critical’ for Ravens

Aaron Wilson says J. Johnson, Gaither avoid significant injury Sunday

The AP says Ravens have ‘no apologies’ for 6-0 record vs. losing teams

Washington Post’s Mark Maske says Newsome won’t admit to being ‘surprised’ by Ravens

Washington Times’ Ryan O’Halloran says Skins have no ‘margin for error’ starting with Ravens

DC Examiner’s John Keim says Skins need to produce more touchdowns

ESPN.com’s James Walker doesn’t care if Ravens’ offense ‘smoke and mirrors’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens ‘could be dangerous’ with effective Clayton

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Clayton ‘hot’ right now

SI.com’s Peter King says Ravens border on ‘franchise-changing’

SI.com’s Ross Tucker gives Clayton “A+” for Sunday effort

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge gives AFC North advantage to Steelers|

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco gives Ravens “A” for win over Bengals


The Official Site says 3 Terps named First team All-ACC, 9 Terps honored altogether

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says D-Line commit J. Anderson didn’t lose much in high school

The Sun’s Jeff Barker remembers bigger plays from Maryland’s season

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says OL Campbell has ‘sore shoulder’

The Sun’s Jeff Barker expects Maryland officials talking to Meineke Car Care Bowl officials

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says injury to DHB allowed young receivers chance to play

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says today’s WAC decision could affect Terps’ destination

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell thinks potential Boise State-Ball State game could alter Terps’ travel plans

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell thinks Terps better off trying to change schedule and play in DC

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Maryland officials want Bowl situation solved soon

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says E. Williams, Scott, Baltz all first team All-ACC

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Terps could end up in Detroit, Shreveport, Birmingham, Houston

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Wujciak 2nd team All-ACC

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich thinks Terps headed to Humanitarian Bowl

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich has Terps 10th in ACC Power Rankings

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem profiles prospect Ankrah (must subscribe)


Michigan Official Site previews Wolverines-Terps tomorrow night

Michigan Official Site offers complete Michigan-Maryland release (pdf)

The Diamondback’s Mark Selig says even losses could help Terps down stretch

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says CBS’ Kellogg thought Vasquez ‘excellent’ in open court

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary non-committal regarding Mosley’s future in starting lineup

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thinks hitting shots early could have changed tone of Sunday’s loss

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thinks Terps need to take better shots, hit open shots, and play better defense

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Kim had positive minutes Sunday

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Hoyas proved distance between them, Terps

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says DeMatha has plenty of prospects again (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Terps still interested in R. Smith (must subscribe)


Army Official Site previews Navy game

Army Official Site offers complete Army/Navy release (pdf)

The Sun’s Don Markus says Barnes likely only receiver to make impact in Saturday’s game

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says KNKE, Dobbs splitting reps in practice

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Miami likely candidate to face Navy in EagleBank Bowl

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Army FB Mooney will be tough for Navy to corral

Washington Times’ Mike Fratto says Niumatalolo thinks ‘season rides’ on Army game

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Navy has no idea who they might face in EagleBank Bowl

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says rematch clause prohibits Wake, Navy from meeting in DC

ArmySports.com says Niumatalolo hasn’t decided whether Kaheaku-Enhada or Dobbs will start (must subscribe)

ArmySports.com’s “Sheldon Y.” breaks down what Knights need to do to beat Mids (must subscribe)


The Official Site previews tonight’s game with UT-San Antonio

The Official Site says Kina honored by Patriot League


The Official Site says St. Francis upsets Bears at Hill Field House

The AP says Holmes scores 19 in loss for Morgan


Carroll County Times says Goode scores 29 for Eers in win

Washington Post’s Steven Goff says Gilmore had 15 points, 16 boards for American in loss


The Official Site previews Loyola-Siena contest Wednesday

Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman continues “Patsos Watch”


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds decline arbitration for Millar, Payton, Castro, Cintron

MLB.com’s Scott Merkin says Baines has Hall credentials

MLB.com’s Anthony DiComo says former Oriole Orosco could be first middle reliever in Hall

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Birds more likely to pursue players not offered arbitration


SI’s Alan Shipnuck announces Phelps Sportsman of the Year

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg thinks Phelps easy choice for SI’s Sportsman of Year


-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Albadee Edwards of Kenwood; who threw for a TD and ran for another as the Baltimore County All-Star team beat the City All-Star team 29-12 last night at CCBC Essex, or Essex Community College if you will. I know I will.

-Michael Phelps was seemingly the only option for SI’s Sportsman of the Year. Maybe Usain Bolt? Maybe Kevin Garnett? Maybe Rafael Nadal? All decent options; but none accomplished anywhere near what Michael Phelps did. I doubt there was any drama in that decision process.

Terps in the NFL Week 13 update….

-LB Eric Barton had 9 tackles (8 solo) and defended 1 pass in the Jets’ 34-17 loss to the Broncos
-TE Jeff Dugan had 1 catch for 3 yards in the Vikings’ 34-14 win over the Bears
-CB Domonique Foxworth had 3 tackles (2 solo) and defended 1 pass in the Falcons’ 22-16 win over the Chargers
-QB Shaun Hill was 14-23 for 161 yards and a TD; he also rushed 4 times for no gain in the 49ers’ 10-3 win over the Bills
-LB D’Qwell Jackson had 7 tackles (6 solo) in the Browns’ 10-6 loss to the Colts
-DT Kris Jenkins had 3 tackles in the Jets’ 34-17 loss to the Broncos
-CB Lewis Sanders had 5 tackles (4 solo) in the Patriots’ 33-10 loss to the Steelers
-DT Randy Starks had 2 tackles (2 solo) in the Dolphins’ 16-12 win over the Rams
-S Madieu Williams had 5 tackles (5 solo,  1 TFL) in the Vikings’ 34-14 win over the Bears
-CB Josh Wilson had 1 tackle (1 solo) in the Seahawks’ 34-9 loss to the Cowboys

Morgan Bears in the NFL Week 13…..

-TE Visanthe Shiancoe had 1 catch for 20 yards in the Vikings’ 34-14 win over the Bears

Navy Midshipmen in the NFL Week 13……

-FB Kyle Eckel rushed 6 times for 27 yards in the Eagles’ 48-20 win over the Cardinals

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 November 2008 by Glenn Clark

Ravens 38, Bengals 13

And it might not even be that close. I think this will be close in the 2nd quarter; but at some point the fans in Cincinnati will turn on the Bengals; and this will get ugly.

Boston College 24, Maryland 23

There will be a last-second FG involved. Either a make for BC or a miss for the Terps. They haven’t lost a close game all season; but this will be the heartbreak.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Thursday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark says Mosley gave Terps ‘good minutes’ in ‘stunner’ over Michigan State

Ed Frankovic says Caps’ Poti hurt


The Official Site’s Lindsay Melvin says Reed, 52, L. McClain, McGahee amongst those doing good work on Thanksgiving

The Official Site’s Jen Gaffney says Marching Ravens honor those who’ve served

Bengals Official Site’s Geoff Hobson says J. Johnson’s weight issues got him out of Cincinnati

Bengals Official Site says Houshmandzadeh, L. Jones amongst those who didn’t practice Thursday

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg grateful for ‘humble’ Grubbs

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Gaither did not practice yesterday

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says all 3 backs running ‘together’

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Bengals’ air assault will be ‘threat’ to Ravens

7 of 7 Sun writers pick Ravens

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens need to get quick start, O-Line production, and harass Fitzpatrick

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Steelers hold ‘common opponents’ advantage over Ravens

The Sun ‘remembers’ miserable ’07 opener vs. Bengals

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Copper, Clayton amongst those ‘limited’ in practice

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ngata still trailing; but 52, Reed, L. McClain all lead in Pro Bowl voting

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Heap returns to practice

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Houshmandzadeh likely ‘near top of list’ if Ravens interested in WR

Aaron Wilson says Reed displaying ‘playmaking instincts’

Aaron Wilson says Fitzpatrick more likely to scramble than Palmer would have been

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Mark Curnutte says Harbaugh returning to Queen City, where he was on Bearcats’ staff

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Mark Curnutte says Livings will start for Whitworth at LG

8 of 8 ESPN Analysts pick Ravens

4 of 5 ESPN Sunday Night Countdown analysts (Tom Jackson withstanding) pick Ravens

ESPN.com’s John Clayton says Bengals have become ‘disaster’ since last game with Ravens

ESPN.com Scouts Inc says Bengals have ‘played well lately’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Marvin ‘not worried’ about future in Cincinnati

ESPN.com Scouts Inc.’s Keith Kidd says Houshmandzadeh one of ‘most dangerous slot receivers in NFL’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Marvin, Ocho Cinco ‘polar opposites’

7 of 7 Sporting News analysts pick Ravens


The AP says 23-5 run pushed Terps to upset win over Spartans

The Official Site offers numerical evidence of win

The Official Site says Gary thought Terps ‘as good as any team (he’s) coached in playing with a lead against a good team’

The Sun’s Don Markus says upset ranks with Gary’s best

The Examiner’s Dylan Waugh says Terps ‘sharp in all aspects’ of win

The Diamondback’s Mark Selig says Gary refused to bill Terps as ‘underdogs’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thinks win will leave naysayers ‘quiet’……..’at least for a day’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Terps get Gonzaga next tonight

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Terps held MSU’s Morgan to 4 points; kept him in foul trouble

Washington Times’ Barker Davis says Terps get first win over ranked team since Carolina last January

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps get 6th ever 15+ point win over Top 5 team

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps beat Top 10 team for 13th straight season

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says win over Spartans ‘won’t lose luster’

Orlando Sentinel’s Tania Ganguli says Vasquez, Neal each score 17 in win for Terps

Detroit News’ Eric Lacy says Spartans fell without services of Suton

Detroit Free Press’ Shannon Shelton says Terps ‘outhustle’, ‘outmuscle’ Spartans

ESPN.com’s Andy Katz says Vasquez felt ‘unbelievable amount of confidence’ thanks to Gary

CBS Sports’ Gary Parrish says Neal hit double digits for just 2nd time in career


The Official Site says Terps hit 9 3’s in Cancun win over Montana


Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says DHB ‘questionable’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says L. Williams again OUT tomorrow

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Covington also ‘questionable’

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Drummond, Clement, Moten could all be possibilities if Covington can’t go

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says loss of DHB could be ‘damaging’

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says BC, Clemson could hurt Maryland in trying to find Bowl destination

Boston Globe’s Adam Kilgore says BC QB D. Davis ‘focused’ in preparation for first start

Boston Herald’s Steve Conroy says Eagles trying to fare better than ’04 team that lost with Big East title on line

ESPN.com’s Bruce Feldman picks BC 21-7

SI’s Stewart Mandel picks Terps 21-16

Terrapin Times’ Claire Knudsen says LB Fokou looking to end Maryland career on solid note (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Navarre’s legacy at Maryland ‘solid’ (must subscribe)


The Official Site previews tomorrow’s Third Round clash with Cal


The Official Site previews tonight’s Palestra showdown with Villanova


Go Mids’ Matt Zemek says “Buddy-ball” working defensively (must subscribe)


The Official Site says Mids try to improve to 5-1 tomorrow night vs. Radford


The Official Site previews tomorrow night’s home opener vs. Boston U.

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says color analyst Sigler won’t be conflicted when Eers play Boston U. team he previously coached


The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Birds working in Japan; but little Japanese talent available


The Sun’s Rich Scherr says over 12k see Dons paste Cardinals 35-0

Digital Sports’ Pat O’Malley says Dons finish undefeated for first time since ’60 thanks to win over Hall


-Gonzaga 87, Maryland 68. The only bad thing that happened last night was that the Terps are convinced they are better than they are. Gary will need to do a better coaching job tonight; because Gonzaga won’t bail them out with missed shots.

-UMBC 73, Toledo 68. This could be a pretty good game. The MAC is down this season; and the Retrievers can take advantage.

-Villanova 91, Towson 70. But there will be a point in the second half when the Tigers are within single digits and really believe they have a chance.

-Kansas 100, Coppin State 67. Not like it matters.

-Morgan State 79, Ole Miss 77 in overtime. Bears pull the stunner. You heard it here.

-Vermont 80, Loyola 71. Mike Lonergan takes out his Maryland frustrations on his old pal Jimmy Patsos.

-Maryland Soccer 2, Cal 0. The Terps won’t be challenged….yet.

-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Terence Garvin. 183 yards and a TD in the Dons’ 35-0 pasting of Calvert Hall.

Talk to you tonight for a Maryland-Gonzaga live blog.


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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 13 TEs

Posted on 27 November 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

Here are the week 13 fantasy tight end power rankings and weekly start rankings too. There are 3 games on the slate for today, so don’t forget to get your lineup changes in before you get locked out of the early games.


Keep in mind that the power rankings, listed here, are based on year to date performance and not a reflection of your best options for week 13. Just below the power rankings are match up previews advising who should be better or worse than usual this week, based on their opponents. At the bottom, are the week 13 start rankings, that’s where you should look for help with your week 13 lineup decisions.


Week 13 Fantasy Tight End Power Rankings


TE Power Rankings Archive34567 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11 – 12


(last week’s rankings in parentheses)


1. Tony Gonzalez (1) – KC – 696 yds 6 TD


2. Antonio Gates (2) – SD – 507 yds 6 TD


3. Kevin Boss (8) – NYG – 265 yds 5 TD


4. Tony Scheffler (3) – DEN – 363 yds 2 TD


5. Dallas Clark (6) – IND – 489 yds 3 TD


6. Jason Witten (5) – DAL – 594 yds 2 TD


7. Owen Daniels (7) – HOU – 583 yds 2 TD


8. Anthony Fasano (9) – MIA – 305 yds 3 TD


9. Kellen Winslow Jr. (4) – CLE – 413 yds 3 TD


10. Chris Cooley (10) – WAS – 630 yds 1 TD


11. Billy Miller (13) – NO – 424 yds 1 TD


12. Dustin Keller (12) – NYJ – 383 yds 3 TD


13. Bo Scaife (11) – TEN – 490 yds 2 TD


14. Jerramy Stevens (16) – TB – 267 yds 2 TD


15. Visanthe Schiancoe (15) – MIN – 353 yds 4 TD


16. Heath Miller (NR) – PIT – 284 yds 2 TD


17. John Carlson (17) – SEA – 351 yds 3 TD


18. Zach Miller (14) – OAK – 471 yds 1 TD


19. Martellus Bennett (20) – DAL – 207 yds 3 TD


20. Greg Olsen (18) – CHI – 391 yds 2 TD


Dropped From Rankings: Daniel Graham – DEN


TEs Who Should Be Better Than Usual In Week 13: Tony Scheffler @ NYJ; Dustin Keller vs. DEN; Bo Scaife @ DET; Antonio Gates vs. ATL; Greg Olsen @ MIN; Mercedes Lewis @ HOU; Visanthe Schiancoe vs. CHI


TEs Who Could Be Sleepers Based On Week 13 Match Ups: Justin Peele @ SD; Daniel Graham @ NYJ; Leonard Pope @ PHI; Dante Rosario @ GB


TEs With Tough Week 13 Match Ups: Chris Cooley vs. NYG; Billy Miller & Jeremy Shockey @ TB; John Carlson @ DAL; Kevin Boss @ WAS; Vernon Davis @ BUF; Kellen Winslow Jr. vs. IND


TEs You Might Want To Avoid In Week 13: Daniel Fells vs. MIA; Martellus Bennett vs. SEA; Reggie Kelly vs. BAL


And here are the week 13 Fantasy TE start rankings; it’s the top 35 tight ends in the order that you should consider them this week. They were gotten using the Fantasy Flavor secret formula, and have their formulary numbers in parentheses, the lower the better.


1. Antonio Gates (10)

2. Tony Scheffler (10)

3. Tony Gonzalez (21)

4. Owen Daniels (26)

5. Dallas Clark (28)

6. Bo Scaife (29)

7. Dustin Keller (30)

8. Anthony Fasano (30)

9. Kevin Boss (33)

10. Jason Witten (36)

11. Visanthe Schaincoe (40)

12. Kellen Winslow Jr. (43)

13. Heath Miller (43)

14. Daniel Graham (46)

15. Jerramy Stevens (48)

16. Greg Olsen (48)

17. Chris Cooley (51)

18. Billy Miller (51)

19. Mercedes Lewis (51)

20. Jerrame Tuman (55)

21. Zach Miller (57)

22. John Carlson (62)

23. Martellus Bennett (62)

24. LJ Smith (63)

25. Alex Smith (66)

26. David Martin (70)

27. Brent Celek (73)

28. Justin Peele (73)

29. Dante Rosario (76)

30. Vernon Davis (76)

31. Todd Heap (79)

32. Donald Lee (82)

33. Alge Crumpler (85)

34. Desmond Clark (86)

35. Benjamin Watson (90)


You can use the links at the bottom of the page to check out the rest of this week’s positional rankings. Have a great holiday, and good luck this week.






Week 13 QB Rankings & Previews


Week 13 RB Rankings & Previews


Week 13 WR Rankings & Previews


Week 13 K Rankings & Previews


Week 13 D/ST Rankings & Previews



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A beautiful day: Ravens 36, Eagles 7

Posted on 23 November 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

The Ravens used an opportunistic offense and myriad of breakdowns by the hapless visitors to pummel the Philadelphia Eagles at M&T Bank Stadium, 36-7 this afternoon.

Andy Reid’s benching of Donovan McNabb at halftime will surely be debated across three states and the calling for his head surely will begin for calling a pass play at the goal line early in the fourth quarter when the Eagles were about six inches from making it a one-score game.

Hard to say who was more quiet today at frigid M&T Bank Stadium today — the Eagles fans or the Ravens fans. It was a strange day of football all the way around.

The game was long and out-of-synch in its pacing and reminded me of what would be the beginning of the end of Brian Billick’s tenure here — the ugly game in Detroit two years ago.

Nothing the Eagles did went right. They got hosed on a couple of calls. Both of their quarterbacks threw hideous passes. The Ravens — and mainly Joe Flacco — stunk for most of the first half and the Eagles still couldn’t manage to score any points beyond the kickoff return, which clearly embarrassed John Harbaugh and his special teams sensibilities.

But feel free to roundly celebrate: the Ravens are 7-4 and looked quite impressive in the end in “playing four quarters” and out smash-mouthing their neighbors from Filthy.

It’s Thanksgiving and we have a lot to be thankful for football-wise in Baltimore because we can legitimately start talking playoffs with a chance to be 8-4 next Sunday with a strong effort in Cincinnati.

Where to begin?

Ed Reed ran a 108-yard interception back through traffic that seemed like the Stanford band. Ed Reed also got burned trying to lateral a ball to Samari Rolle in heavy traffic near the goal line. (Somewhere, Billick was still yelling at him!)

Dan Wilcox caught a TD pass after thinking he might not even play.

Jared Gaither played through the pain. Adam Terry left the game early with a concussion and the offensive line still kept coming back for more. At one point, Ben Grubbs left the game. And David Hale was spotted in there mixing it up quite a bit as well.

The Ravens continued to stop the Eagles rushing attack all day long, and seemed to welcome the benching of McNabb for Kevin Kolb, who was largely as ineffective as No. 5. His one drive of note to lead the team back into the game was nullfyed and reversed when Reed went the distance on one of the most amazing plays in Ravens history.

Le’Ron McClain continues to shine his own star as a fullback who has made a seamless transition into a big-time power back, rushing for 88 yards and one breakaway touchdown late in the game when most of the Eagles fans had put down their cheesesteaks and pretzels and headed back toward the Maryland House on I-95.

Mark Clayton was a factor in the game today and we’d love to see more of that. He also made fun of his own endzone celebration.

Jarret Johnson had a huge game and made a pick on McNabb that Harbaugh described as “one of the greatest plays I’ve ever seen.”

Matt Stover hit a long field goal when the team needed it.

And Jameel McClain registered his second safety of the season and he’s only been on the team for a few weeks.

Overall, the defense was awesome all day. They pitched a shutout that was only tainted by the kickoff return by Quinton Demps. (Kinda reminded me of another game against an NFC East team where the only score was a return for a touchdown on an otherwise perfect day. Of course, it was a little warmer on Jan. 28, 2001.)

I’ll be writing some more later and posting post-game video. It was largely an “homage” to Ed Reed and the kind of game he had today. (And at one point, he fell to his knees and was all but tackled to leave the field when he couldn’t lift his arm.)

Feel free to throw your comments in and we’ll launch them soon enough.

A great day to be a Ravens fan. The team is 7-4 and headed to Cincinnati. This was a huge win.

And the Eagles fans were strangely silent from whistle to whistle, slithering out of the stadium while the Ed Reed celebration commenced right around 4 p.m.

More to come…

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Week 12 Fantasy Start Rankings – Every Position

Posted on 20 November 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

Just for the sake of making everything easier, I’ve decided to post the week 12 Fantasy Start Rankings for all 6 positions in one place. It’s the same start rankings that you can find on the bottoms of each of the Positional Power Rankings for week 12. You can locate those power rankings by using the links at the bottom of this page too.


Listed below are the formulary start rankings for each of the 6 positions, with their formulary number listed in parentheses next to them. The formulary rankings are gotten using the “secret fantasy flavor formula”, it’s basically 2 parts player performance, 1 part defensive expectations against them this week, with a few variables thrown in for injuries and anomalies.


As news becomes available over the course of the weekend, I’ll make notes here too, so keep checking back. And at the end of the day, trust your gut, and have fun. That’s why we play the games after all anyway. And good luck to you this week as the playoffs approach.




1. Peyton Manning (15) @SD

2. Aaron Rodgers (21) @ NO

3. Jay Cutler (22) vs. OAK

4. Tony Romo (22) vs. SF

5. Kurt Warner (29) vs. NYG

6. Shaun Hill (31) @ DAL

7. Brady Quinn (31) vs. HOU

8. Drew Brees (35) vs. GB

9. Eli Manning (36) @ AZ

10. Phillip Rivers (40) vs. IND

11. Matt Cassel (40) @ MIA

12. Kyle Orton (42) @ ST.L

13. Tyler Thigpen (43) vs. BUF

14. Gus Frerotte (43) @ JAX

15. Jeff Garcia (44) @ DET

16. Donavan McNabb (45) @ BAL

17. Jason Campbell (48) @ SEA

18. David Garrard (52) vs. MIN

19. Brett Favre (53) @ TEN

20. Chad Pennington (57) vs. NE

21. Sage Rosenfels (61) @ CLE

22. Kerry Collins (61) vs. NYJ

23. Matt Ryan (62) vs. CAR

24. Joe Flacco (64) vs. PHI

25. Jake Delhomme (68) @ ATL

26. Ben Roethlisberger (69) vs. CIN

27. JaMarcus Russell (70) @ DEN*about the same if it’s Walter or Tuisasopo

28. Trent Edwards (78) @ KC

29. Marc Bulger (78) vs. CHI

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick (81) @ PIT

31. Daunte Culpepper (86) vs. TB

32. Matt Hasselbeck (87) vs. WAS





1. Clinton Portis (19) @ SEA

2. Adrian Peterson (22) @ JAX

3. Matt Forte (22) @ ST.L

4. Frank Gore (23) @ DAL

5. Marion Barber (27) vs. SF

6. Thomas Jones (28) @ TEN

7. Reggie Bush (32) vs. GB

8. Brian Westbrook (33) @ BAL

9. Willie Parker (34) vs. CIN

10. Brandon Jacobs (35) @ AZ *watch his injury status

11. Marshawn Lynch (37) @ KC

12. LaDanian Tomlinson (38) vs. IND

13. Michael Turner (43) vs. CAR

14. DeAngelo Williams (43) @ ATL

15. Steve Slaton (45) @ CLE

16. Maurice Jones-Drew (46) vs. MIN

17. Ronnie Brown (48) vs. NE

18. Jamal Lewis (51) vs. HOU

19. Chris Johnson (56) vs. NYJ

20. Larry Johnson (56) vs. BUF

21. Steven Jackson (60) vs. CHI *keep an eye on his status

22. Joseph Addai (65)@ SD

23. LenDale White (66) vs. NYJ

24. Ryan Grant (69) @ NO

25. Darren McFadden (71) @ DEN

26. Jonathan Stewart (73) @ ATL

27. Warrick Dunn (74) @ DET

28. Sammy Morris (76) @ MIA

29. Mewelde Moore (77) vs. CIN

30. Tim Hightower (78) vs. NYG

31. Kevin Smith (79) vs. TB

32. Willis McGahee (83) vs. PHI *keep an eye on his status

33. Deuce McAllister (84) vs. GB

34. Derrick Ward (85) @ AZ

35. Ahman Green (85) @ CLE

36. LeRon McClain (87) vs. PHI *bump 2 or 3 spots if McGahee can’t go

37. Jerome Harrison (87) vs. HOU

38. Peyton Hillis (89) vs. OAK

39. Justin Fargas (95)vs. DEN *bump 15 spots if McFadden can’t go

40. Ray Rice (97) vs. PHI *keep him here regardless of McGahee’s status

41. Dominic Rhodes (97) @ SD

42. Jerious Norwood (99) vs. CAR

43. Julius Jones (99) vs. WAS

44. Leon Washington (100) @ TEN

45. Antonio Pittman (102) vs. CHI *bump 8 to 10 spots if Steven Jackson can’t go

46. BenJarvis Green-Ellis (104) @ MIA

47. Ricky Williams (106) vs. NE

48. Chester Taylor (112) @ JAX

49. Kevin Faulk (114) @ MIA

50. Kenneth Darby (114) vs. CHI *bump 3 or 4 spots if Jackson can’t go






1. Santana Moss (11) @ SEA

2. Anquan Boldin (15) vs. NYG

3. Larry Fitzgerald (17) vs. NYG

4. Greg Jennings (20) @ NO

5. Andre Johnson (25) @ CLE

6. Bernard Berrian (27) @ JAX

7. Steve Smith (29) *CAR @ ATL

8. Calvin Johnson (32) vs. TB

9. Roddy White (34) vs. CAR

10. Reggie Wayne (34) @ SD

11. Hines Ward (38) vs. CIN

12. Kevin Walter (41) @ CLE

13. Brandon Marshall (45) vs. OAK

14. Justin Gage (45) vs. NYJ

15. Terrell Owens (48) vs. SF

16. Eddie Royal (49) vs. OAK

17. DeWayne Bowe (49) vs. BUF

18. Randy Moss (50) @ MIA

19. Lee Evans (56) @ KC

20. Antonio Bryant (59) @ DET

21. TJ Houshmandzadeh (60) @ PIT

22. Donnie Avery (63) vs. CHI

23. Lance Moore (67) vs. GB

24. Vincent Jackson (68) vs. IND

25. Wes Welker (68) @ MIA

26. DeSean Jackson (69) @ BAL

27. Plaxico Burress (74) @ AZ

28. Donald Driver (76) @ NO

29. Braylon Edwards (77) vs. HOU

30. Chris Chambers (80) vs. IND

31. Laverneus Coles (81) @ TEN

32. Jehrrico Cotchery (83) @ TEN

33. Matt Jones (84) vs. MIN

34. Mushin Muhammad (91) @ ATL

35. Derrick Mason (92) vs. PHI *watch his injury status

36. DeVery Henderson (95) vs. GB

37. Steve Breaston (95) vs. NYG

38. Issac Bruce (98) @ DAL

39. Brandon Lloyd (98) @ ATL

40. Mark Bradley (101) vs. BUF

41. Nate Washington (104) vs. CIN

42. Kevin Curtis (105) @ BAL

43. Ted Ginn Jr. (109) vs. NE

44. Sinorice Moss (110) @ AZ

45. Michael Jenkins (116) vs. CAR

46. Santonio Holmes (117) vs. CIN

47. Marvin Harrison (118) @ SD

48. Greg Camarillo (121) vs. NE

49. Malcolm Floyd (124) vs. IND

50. Ricky Williams (124) vs. NE

51. Antoine Randle-El (127) @ SEA

52. Anthony Gonzalez (128) @ SD

53. Rasheid Davis (132) @ ST.L

54. Tory Holt (133) vs. CHI

55. Bryant Johnson (134) @ DAL

56. Jabar Gafney (134) @ MIA

57. Hank Baskett (135) vs. BAL

58. Amani Toomer (136) @ AZ

59. Marques Colston (137) vs. GB

60. Chad Johnson (140) @ PIT *out insert Chris Henry here

61. Patrick Crayton (140) vs. SF

62. Devin Hester (144) @ ST.L

63. Koren Robinson (149) vs. WAS

64. Bobby Wade (151) @ JAX

65. Myles Austin (152) vs. SF  out

66. Sidney Rice (153) @ JAX

67. Marty Booker (156) @ ST.L

68. Deion Branch (157) vs. WAS

69. Ike Hilliard (161) @ DET

70. Reggie Brown (163) @ BAL

71. Chansi Stuckey (165) @ TEN

72. John Standeford (170) vs. TB

73. Brandon Stokley (171) vs. OAK

74. Mike Walker (174) @ DET

75. Steve Smith (174)*NYG @ AZ





1. Dallas Clark (13) @ SD

2. Kellen Winslow Jr. (15) vs. HOU

3. Tony Scheffler (20) vs. OAK

4. Bo Scaife (24) vs. NYJ

5. Antonio Gates (28) vs. IND

6. Owen Daniels (29) @ CLE

7. Tony Gonzalez (33) vs. BUF

8. Kevin Boss (34) @ AZ

9. Anthony Fasano (34) vs. NE

10. Dustin Keller (34) @ TEN

11. Zach Miller (34) @ DEN

12. Billy Miller (38) vs. GB

13. Jerramy Stevens (39) @ DET

14. Jason Witten (42) vs. SF

15. Visanthe Schiancoe (43) @ JAX

16. Chris Cooley (45) @ SEA

17. Greg Olsen (53) @ ST.L

18. Alex Smith (53) @ DET

19. Mercedes Lewis (55) vs. MIN

20. Todd Heap (55) vs. PHI

21. Tom Santi (61) @ SD

22. John Carlson (63) vs. WAS

23. Daniel Graham (64) @ CLE

24. LJ Smith (66) @ BAL

25. Derek Fine (69) @ KC

26. Steve Heiden (73) vs. HOU

27. Vernon Davis (76) @ DAL

28. Dante Rosario (78) @ ATL

29. Donald Lee (79) @ NO

30. Heath Miller (80) vs. CIN

31. Martellus Bennett (80) vs. SF

32. Brent Celek (80) @ BAL

33. David Martin (80) vs. NE

34. Alge Crumpler (80) vs. NYJ

35. Jeremy Shockey (82) vs. GB





1. Mason Crosby (16) @ NO

2. Garrett Hartley (16) vs. GB

3. Stephen Gostkowski (24) @ MIA

4. Matt Bryant (26) @ DET

5. Phil Dawson (29) vs. HOU

6. David Akers (30) @ BAL

7. Lawrence Tynes (32) @ AZ *no difference if it’s Carney

8. Rian Lindell (33) @ KC

9. Jason Elam (36) vs. CAR

10. Shaun Suisham (36) @ SEA

11. Nate Kaeding (39) vs. IND

12. Joe Nedney (41) @ DAL

13. Matt Prater (44) vs. CAR

14. Jay Feeley (46) @ TEN

15. Ryan Longwell (46) @ JAX

16. Robbie Gould (46) @ ST.L

17. Rob Bironas (47) vs. NYJ

18. Sebastian Janikowski (48) @ DEN

19. Josh Brown (50) vs. CHI

20. Neil Rackers (54) vs. NYG

21. Josh Scobee (58) vs. MIN

22. John Kasay (61) @ ATL

23. Jeff Reed (61) vs. CIN

24. Nick Folk (65) vs. SF

25. Jason Hanson (69) vs. TB

26. Connor Barth (69) vs. BUF

27. Matt Stover (71) vs. PHI

28. Olindo Mare (75) vs. WAS

29. Kris Brown (77) @ CLE

30. Adam Vinatieri (77) @ SD

31. Shayne Graham (79) @ PIT

32. Dan Carpenter (83) vs. NE





1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7) @ DET

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (16) vs. CIN

3. Chicago Bears (21) @ ST.L

4. Green Bay Packers (27) @ NO

5. Philadelphia Eagles (27) @ BAL

6. Tennessee Titans (30) vs. NYJ

7. New York Jets (36) @ TEN

8. New York Giants (37) @ AZ

9. Baltimore Ravens (42) vs. PHI

10. Miami Dolphins (42) vs. NE

11. Seattle Seahawks (42) vs. WAS

12. San Francisco 49ers (43) @ DAL

13. Dallas Cowboys (43) vs. SF

14. Jacksonville Jaguars (44) vs. MIN

15. Cleveland Browns (46) vs. HOU

16. Minnesota Vikings (48) @ JAX

17. Oakland Raiders (49) @ DEN

18. Atlanta Falcons (50) vs. CAR

19. Buffalo Bills (50) @ KC

20. Arizona Cardinals (51) vs. NYG

21. Carolina Panthers (52) @ ATL

22. Washington Redskins (58) @ SEA

23. Kansas City Chiefs (63) vs. BUF

24. New England Patriots (65) @ MIA

25. Cincinnati Bengals (67) @ PIT

26. Denver Broncos (67) vs. OAK

27. San Diego Chargers (68) vs. IND

28. New Orleans Saints (72) vs. GB

29. Indianapolis Colts (73) @ SD

30. Houston Texans (80) @ CLE

31. St. Louis Rams (81) vs. CHI

32. Detroit Lions (87) vs. TB



Week 12 Fantasy QB Rankings and Previews


Week 12 Fantasy RB Rankings and Previews


Week 12 Fantasy WR Rankings and Previews


Week 12 Fantasy TE Rankings and Previews


Week 12 Fantasy K Rankings and Previews


Week 12 Fantasy D/ST Rankings and Previews







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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 12 TEs

Posted on 20 November 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

When it comes to shuffling your lineup from week to week, tight end performance might be the toughest to predict. Unless you have a tight end who functions as a staple of his passing game, like Gates, Gonzalez or Witten, it may be safer just to stick with one guy that you believe in week in and week out. Even at this late stage in the season, Gates has just 6 TD to lead all tight ends, and no tight ends are over 600 yards yet this season. Nonetheless, here are this week’s tight end rankings, and match up previews.


Keep in mind that the power rankings, listed here, are based on year to date performance and not a reflection of your best options for week 12. Just below the power rankings are match up previews advising who should be better or worse than usual this week, based on their opponents. At the bottom, are the week 12 start rankings; that’s where you should look for help with your week 12 lineup decisions.


Week 12 Fantasy Tight End Power Rankings


TE Power Rankings Archive34567 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11


(last week’s rankings in parentheses)


1. Tony Gonzalez (1) – KC – 583 yds 5 TD


2. Antonio Gates (2) – SD – 479 yds 6 TD


3. Tony Scheffler (6) – DEN – 351 yds 2 TD


4. Kellen Winslow Jr. (5) – CLE – 402 yds 3 TD


5. Jason Witten (4) – DAL – 583 yds 2 TD


6. Dallas Clark (3) – IND – 459 yds 3 TD


7. Owen Daniels (7) – HOU – 555 yds 2 TD


8. Kevin Boss (8) – NYG – 217 yds 4 TD


9. Anthony Fasano (10) – MIA – 305 yds 3 TD


10. Chris Cooley (9) – WAS – 576 yds 1 TD


11. Bo Scaife (11) – TEN – 450 yds 2 TD


12. Dustin Keller (12) – NYJ – 341 yds 3 TD


13. Billy Miller (13) – NO – 388 yds 0 TD


14. Zach Miller (16) – OAK – 430 yds 1 TD


15. Visanthe Schiancoe (14) – MIN – 293 yds 4 TD


16. Jerramy Stevens (NR) – TB – 238 yds 1 TD


17. John Carlson (16) – SEA – 337 yds 2 TD


18. Greg Olsen (17) – CHI – 391 yds 2 TD


19. Daniel Graham (NR) – DEN – 202 yds 4 TD


20. Martellus Bennett (NR) – DAL – 206 yds 2 TD


Dropped from Rankings: Mercedes Lewis – JAX; Alex Smith – TB; Todd Heap – BAL


TEs Who Should Be Better Than Usual In Week 12: Dallas Clark @ SD; Bo Scaife vs. NYJ; Zach Miller @ DEN; Kellen Winslow Jr. vs. HOU; Dante Rosario @ ATL; Dustin Keller @ TEN; Mercedes Lewis vs. MIN


TEs Who Could Be Sleepers Based On Week 12 Match Ups: Todd Heap vs. PHI; Alex Smith & Jerramy Stevens @ DET; Joe Klopfstein vs. CHI


TEs With Tough Week 12 Match Ups: Jason Witten & Martellus Bennett vs. SF; Tony Gonzalez vs. BUF; John Carlson vs. WAS; Vernon Davis @ DAL; Chris Cooley @ SEA; Antonio Gates vs. IND; Heath Miller vs. CIN


TEs You Might Want To Avoid In Week 12: Leonard Pope vs. NYG; Benjamin Watson @ MIA; Casey Fitzsimmons vs. TB


And here are the week 12 Fantasy TE start rankings; it’s the projected top 35 TEs in the order that you should consider them this week. They were gotten using the Fantasy Flavor secret formula, and have their formulary numbers in parentheses, the lower the better. We’ll get all of the positional rankings out to you in time for the Thursday night game, so keep checking back for the rest.


1. Dallas Clark (13)

2. Kellen Winslow Jr. (15)

3. Tony Scheffler (20)

4. Bo Scaife (24)

5. Antonio Gates (28)

6. Owen Daniels (29)

7. Tony Gonzalez (33)

8. Kevin Boss (34)

9. Anthony Fasano (34)

10. Dustin Keller (34)

11. Zach Miller (34)

12. Billy Miller (38)

13. Jerramy Stevens (39)

14. Jason Witten (42)

15. Visanthe Schiancoe (43)

16. Chris Cooley (45)

17. Greg Olsen (53)

18. Alex Smith (53)

19. Mercedes Lewis (55)

20. Todd Heap (55)

21. Tom Santi (61)

22. John Carlson (63)

23. Daniel Graham (64)

24. LJ Smith (66)

25. Derek Fine (69)

26. Steve Heiden (73)

27. Vernon Davis (76)

28. Dante Rosario (78)

29. Donald Lee (79)

30. Heath Miller (80)

31. Martellus Bennett (80)

32. Brent Celek (80)

33. David Martin (80)

34. Alge Crumpler (80)

35. Jeremy Shockey (82)


Use the links below to check out all of the other positional rankings, and I’ll try to consolidate all of this week’s start rankings into one blog, that I’ll update as injury information becomes available too. Remember to trust your gut and have fun, and as always, good luck this week.






Week 12 QB Rankings and Previews


Week 12 RB Rankings and Previews


Week 12 WR Rankings and Previews


Week 12 K Rankings and Previews


Week 12 D/ST Rankings and Previews



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The Wednesday Wheelhouse – Ruminations on All Things Sports and Otherwise

Posted on 19 November 2008 by Alex Thomas

What’s on your mind today on this chilly Wednesday in Baltimore?

-On Monday night I attended the annual Baltimore Ravens All-Community Team Auction to benefit several of the Ravens charities. I always hype these events because the Ravens do such a great job catering to their sponsors and fan base. It was another well-run event, with great food, even better company, and a chance to socialize with players like Ray Lewis, Troy Smith, Matt Stover, Derrick Mason, Todd Heap, Jason Brown, and several others. Senior VP Kevin Byrne and Troy Smith were the MCs and guided the players on stage to talk to the community. Each player told us what they were doing to benefit the City of Baltimore, and it was refreshing to see so many high profile players doing all that they can to help others. Jason Brown was the life of the party. He certainly knows how to work a crowd and should make a great broadcaster someday.

-It will be interesting to see how the Ravens respond against the Eagles this week. I think the Ravens took this loss to the Giants personally. Not because they lost, but because of HOW they lost. I’d be surprised to see Brian Westbrook get more than 50 rushing yards this week.

-I was working at Conrad’s Crabs this past Sunday, filleting fish and talking sports with the customers, which is definitely one of the highlights of the job. Around 7 o’clock the place was packed (as usual), and most people were sitting around waiting for a bag of delicious steamed Maryland crabs. During that time, the TV was tuned to the Steelers/Chargers game. Toward the end of the game, one of the customers uttered a famous line from the movie Anchorman. I’ll give you a hint (because I can’t actually type the line into my blog): it was the famous line that Ron Burgundy said on-air that inevitably got him fired from the TV station. Remember: “Ron Burgundy will read anything you type into the teleprompter.” The PG version: Thanks a lot, San Diego. I’m still laughing about that…

-I hate the Eagles as much as I hate the Redskins. It’s because of one thing and one thing only, and this applies to both teams. Their fans hold this arrogant sense of accomplishment as if they’ve won something recently. Not to mention I’ve heard stories of Eagles fans cursing at children that wear the opposing teams’ jersey. Classy. In a past blog, I’ve mentioned that many of my life-long friends are Eagles fans…we just don’t hang out on Sundays.

-Entering the rumor mill, it looks like the Orioles are going to make a strong play for both Mark Teixeira and AJ Burnett. It’s fish or cut bait time for Andy MacPhail. Time to use some of that MASN “revenue.” Some may call it revenue. I call it loot because they basically stole money from Comcast subscribers, and the only way to rectify such a crime is to make an Andre The Giant-sized cannonball splash in the free agent market. If we see more of the same, i.e. Brad Hennessey and Donnie Murphy, maybe it’s time for a “Free The Birds 3”. And this time, let’s do it in the off-season by picketing in front of the Warehouse. I dunno, just a thought…

-Unfortunately Drew Forrester beat me to the punch on blogging about the Towson/Navy opener, otherwise I would have posted a blog about it myself. I was there too, donning my WNST polo, and I met a lot of WNST fans. I spent the majority of the time with Jimmy the Usher and Mike, who took his son to the game. We stood on the baseline near the Towson bench and watched Pat’s Cats punch the Midshipmen in the mouth. The Tigers won 86-68, but the score would have been much more lopsided if the Tigers weren’t taking stupid shots early, which Pat Kennedy addressed during a timeout with about 8 minutes to go in the first half. Troy Franklin looked great in his limited playing time against Navy (he was limited because of early foul trouble). He has great court vision, shooting ability, and inside toughness for a smaller guard. Brian Morris also played well, and Josh Thornton led the scoring attack with 24 points.

-The first snow flakes of the year fell on Baltimore yesterday afternoon, as Mother Nature yielded some sporadic flurries. With all of this talk about global warming, I’m pretty sure Baltimore weather will never change, because weird stuff like this happens all of the time. Snow before Thanksgiving? Last year, I came home for Christmas break and wore flip flops and shorts on December 27th…it was 64 degrees that day.

-HBO should pay me because I keep hyping season five of Entourage, and rightfully so. Did anyone else see that episode on Sunday night? It was more shockingly dramatic than comical, which was a different spin for the Entourage fan base in a good way. It drew me into the actual storyline instead of the debauchery, drinking, and naked girls (which are highly entertaining in their own right). This season has truly been the best yet, and I hope HBO renews the Entourage contract. Do yourself a favor and check out the new season with Comcast On Demand if you haven’t done so already.

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