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In 2013, the WNST community was once again my Christmas miracle

Posted on 25 December 2013 by Glenn Clark

To those who celebrate, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. To those who don’t, I hope you enjoy/enjoyed your holidays/Winter celebrations.

I don’t have a lot for you today, but what I have is important.

You guys never cease to amaze me. Never. I wandered downstairs Monday morning at The Zone Superstore Studios in Towson and looked around and just felt dumbfounded.

The picture I snapped wasn’t even CLOSE to a reflection of how many coats/jackets/hats/etc. you all had collected. It was incredible. It was overwhelming. I was truly moved. I never know how our charity events/drives are going to go and I’m probably a bit more obsessive than necessary when it comes to these things.

It’s personal for me. Personal in that I’ve known people-in fact I’ve known people well-who have gone to facilities just like The Helping Up Mission. Truth be told, I’ve had close friends who have needed to right their life at The Mission.

This is Baltimore. This is “Smalltimore”. It’s Christmas, forgive my emotions. This really is something that matters that much to me. I’m grateful to find myself roughly a decade into my career as a sports talk host at a station I grew up listening to, but I am not capable of funding or lifting up these places on my own.

To have the opportunity to lend my voice and my heart to places like The Helping Up Mission…I can’t really describe it. But as Drew and I always say, these events aren’t about “us”, per se. We’re not the WNST community. We’re merely the members of the WNST community with the microphones in front of us.

The WNST community is made up of local sports fans-people who care deeply about the Orioles, Ravens, Capitals, Maryland, Towson, Navy, UMBC, etc. More importantly, the WNST community is made up of people who care DESPERATELY about our community. People who aren’t in Charm City because they have to be-people that are here because this is HOME.

The scene at The Helping Up Mission Monday was overwhelming. Hundreds of men came through the Conference Room to sift through those thousands or items to find clothes for themselves and for their families. For many of the men, this was their only opportunity to provide a Christmas for their loved ones.

Each man stopped to say “thank you” and “Merry Christmas”. Like every year, it was incredibly moving. After the residents came through, the staff of the Helping Up Mission brought dozens more Baltimoreans in RIGHT OFF THE STREET to find those coats that could help keep them warm. The items that were leftover after that point were then sent to other shelters throughout Baltimore.

You saved Christmas, WNST community. You guys are heroes. Every single one of you.

Even after these thousands of items were taken to the HUM, roughly a thousand more were headed to Goodwill as well.

An unscientific poll from WNST/Enoch Office Equipment and the Mission determined the 2013 Coat Drive (our fifth) to be significantly our most successful. That’s what the WNST community is. That’s what the WNST community does.

That’s why I’m so damn grateful to be a part of the WNST community this and every holiday season. You collected THOUSANDS of canned goods and non-perishable food items for SARC in Harford County and just a month later collected thousands of coats and winter weather items. Who does that?

You guys rock. I don’t know what else to say. You’re my Christmas miracle once again.

Please let me use this space to thank all of those who have helped us. Drew Forrester envisioned this five years ago. His idea at the time was to simply drive downtown and start handing out coats. Tony from Rosedale wisely directed us instead to HUM, where Barry Burnett has coordinated with us every year.

Rick Donovan and Sherrie Jones from Enoch Office Equipment have been a vital part of this since Day 1. There’s a reason Joe Enoch has been able to put together such a successful business. His crew is amazing. They help us transport the coats, they collect coats, they advertise the campaign, they set up the “shopping” time and Rick and Sherrie walk around with each man in the Mission to help them find exactly what they need.

Peter DiLutis, Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones, Thyrl Nelson, Ryan Chell, Paul Kopelke, Ashley Bishoff, Brett Dickinson, Barry Kamen, Shawn Credle, Max Buchdahl, Ethan Felderstein, Nick Dorsey, etc. etc. etc. make up the WNST crew that attacks this drive at a level comparable to breaking a story about the Ravens or fielding a paying client. They’re awesome at EVERYTHING they do-especially when it comes time to do the right thing for the community.

Buffalo Wild Wings in White Marsh, Bel Air and Owings Mills all went out of their way to host drives this month-sometimes even risking fire code! Ravens LB Jameel McClain, LS Morgan Cox, OT Eugene Monroe, WR Marlon Brown, WR/KR Jacoby Jones and DL Chris Canty all kindly signed footballs to give away in exchange for gear. The WWE and Baltimore Arena provided tickets to give away, as did Rams Head Live and The Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric. Jason Butt and Triumph Books donated incentives, as did The Zone Superstore, Freedmont Mortgage, Gary S. Williams & Ronnie Lott, Press Box and more.

If I’ve forgotten anyone I apologize profusely. An undertaking of this size doesn’t happen without the support of many.

But it’s you the listeners-the WNST community-that have come through the most. This drive ONLY happens because of you. The WNST community is amazing. The WNST community is the best representation of our city I could ever possibly imagine.

God bless you all. Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Thank you…from the bottom of my heart…thank you.

I truly love you all.


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Not even a blow-out loss can change how special today is in Baltimore

Posted on 23 December 2013 by Drew Forrester

Well, isn’t this just the best day ever?


This, today, is becoming one of my favorite days of the year, right up there with the opening Thursday morning of The Masters.

It almost seems sort of weird to be in such a good mood after what happened late yesterday afternoon at M&T Bank Stadium, where the Ravens were soundly whipped by the Patriots.  For my post-game thoughts on that mess, you CAN GO HERE and read my blog from Sunday evening at WNST.net.

OK, so you’re confused, right?

It’s rainy and yucky out.  You haven’t started your shopping yet.  The Ravens may have cost themselves a playoff spot yesterday.

Why is today a great day?

Today is the day we make our annual trip to Helping Up Mission in downtown Baltimore to distribute all of the coats and winter apparel you — our listeners and readers — have supplied us with over the last month or so.

This is our 5-year anniversary with Helping Up Mission.

We’ve found them to be an incredible partner, with the 700 or so men we see each year showing extraordinary respect and appreciation for something as small — to us, perhaps — as a winter coat, a Ravens sweatshirt or a nice pair of perfectly-fitting gloves.

We couldn’t do this without you, our extended WNST family.  In fact, we do it BECAUSE of you and FOR you.  This, today, is actually the result of your generosity and kindness.  We just happen to be the guys lucky enough to drop off the stuff and see the smiling faces.

This year, we flexed our muscles a bit and decided to donate some of the apparel to Goodwill of Maryland.  Splitting up the donation would have normally been a concern, except for the fact that you all stepped up again and provided us with nearly 3,000 coats, sweatshirts, hats, gloves and socks.  There’s plenty to go around, both to Helping Up Mission and Goodwill of Maryland.

We’ll be taking roughly 2,000 pieces of clothing to Helping Up Mission right after my show this morning.  A huge thank you goes out to our great friends at Enoch Office Equipment, who have not only collected apparel for us in the last few years, but they’ve loaned us their vehicle, too, to help get the gear to downtown Baltimore.  If you see Joe Enoch, Rick Donovan or Sherri Jones of Enoch Office Equipment, give them a “thank you” and holiday hug for all that they do to help make this a success.

Helping Up Mission is an extraordinary facility in Baltimore.  The men in there have stumbled in life, but they’re working their way back up.  I only wish all of you could be there today so you could see their faces when they realize they, too, will be getting a holiday gift or, in some cases, they’ll be able to take that jacket or sweatshirt or pair of gloves and give it to a loved one as gift they couldn’t otherwise afford.

If you want to know more about Helping Up Mission, just GO HERE.

Today is a great day at WNST.

I understand it’s not such a swell morning around Baltimore after yesterday’s football game, but the men at Helping Up Mission are involved in something much more important.

You’ve made their Christmas special with your donations.

You’ve also made mine special, again, which I greatly appreciate.

We’ll go downtown today and drop off YOUR generosity and kindness.

Just saying “thank you” doesn’t stress how overwhelmed we are at your support of this annual partnership we’ve developed with Helping Up Mission.

But, thank you.  Again.



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It’s approaching “last call” for coats, so let’s have a holiday open house!

Posted on 20 December 2013 by Glenn Clark

I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out last night to Buffalo Wild Wings White Marsh with coats to donate for our annual WNST.net holiday coat drive. We have THOUSANDS of coats here at The Zone Superstore Studios, but when it comes to charity-we will have to admit we’re greedy.

We need more and we only have until 10am Monday to collect them.

So here’s my final hurrah. We’ve gathered all of the stuff we have left over from our various giveaways and events in recent weeks (and actually added some new stuff in as well!) and we’re giving you one final chance to trade us winter gear for it to help the great people at Helping Up Mission and Goodwill of Maryland.

There’s a lot of stuff on our swag table. Let me give you a rundown.

Five coats (or jackets/sweaters/hats/pairs of gloves/snow boots/ski pants/etc.) will get you one of the following:
-A “Crush 19” t-shirt
-A “Free The Birds” t-shirt
-A copy of “100 Things Ravens Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die” by Jason Butt
-An autographed football from Ravens LB Jameel McClain (a couple are also signed by LS Morgan Cox)
-A pair of tickets to see “Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime” at Rams Head Live January 4
-A pair of tickets to see “Masters of Illusion” at The Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric February 11

Ten coats will get you a copy of Gary S. Williams’ book “The Art of Retirement” autographed by Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott.

The first person to bring 25 or more will get a copy of “Jonathan Ogden: Baltimore’s First Raven” autographed by the Hall of Fame former Raven himself!

All giveaways are while supplies last.

And everyone who brings by even ONE coat will be registered to win a pair of tickets to WWE Monday Night Raw January 6th at Baltimore Arena.

And this is the part that will probably be most interesting to more than a few of you. For a second straight year, my buddy Zack Merrick from the band All Time Low is graciously offering to come by and co-host this afternoon from 3-6pm. He’s willing to meet and greet/take pictures with/sign autographs for anyone who brings by at least FIVE winter weather gear items.

Here’s Zack from last season quizzing Ravens TE Dennis Pitta during one of our weekly player shows.

This is what Zack helped us raise a year ago…

So today’s the day. It all goes down this afternoon at The Zone Superstore Studios…1550 Hart Rd. in Towson. If you have any questions, email me glenn@wnst.net or call our office 410-821-9678. You can start coming by IMMEDIATELY and Zack will be here at 3pm.

As with every good Open House, we’ll have some great guests calling in on “The Reality Check”, including Dennis Pitta, Ravens DL Chris Canty, Maryland football coach Randy Edsall, former Raven Mike Flynn and “Nasty” Nestor Aparicio will make his weekly football picks with us.

Happy Holidays

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We’ve got one incredibly big event left in our annual coat drive

Posted on 15 December 2013 by Glenn Clark

Perhaps this week should be renamed “Buffalo Wild Wings Week” at WNST.

We’ll be at BWW locations throughout the area this week for various major events all leading up to the culmination of our annual coat drive here at WNST, which this year is benefitting The Helping Up Mission downtown and Goodwill of Maryland.

And this Thursday night is our big event.

Come out to Buffalo Wild Wings White Marsh Thursday night for our annual holiday coat drive event. The whole WNST.net crew (Drew Forrester, Luke Jones, Glenn Clark, Ryan Chell, Nestor Aparicio and more) will be there hanging out enjoying a cold beer and chatting about all things Baltimore sports.

We need coats, but we also need jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, gloves, mittens, hats, snow pants, scarves, boots, earmuffs and anything else you can think of to help keep folks warm this Holiday season. We need them for men, for women, for kids, even for babies. New or previously owned, we need as many as you can bring.

Everyone who brings at least five winter weather gear items (pairs of gloves count as one item) Thursday night we win one of our many giveaways. Our giveaways include…

Roughly 10 of the above pictured “Crush” t-shirts. Sure the Baltimore Orioles don’t have any new players, but he’s still pretty good.

There are roughly 15-20 footballs in this box (footballs provided by Freedmont Mortgage) signed by some of your favorite Baltimore Ravens, including Jameel McClain, Chris Canty, Marlon Brown, Eugene Monroe, Morgan Cox and Jacoby Jones.

We also have four pairs of tickets to see Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime at Rams Head Live in January.

Again, five or more winter weather gear items gets you one of the above items while supplies last. Everyone who brings out even ONE coat will get a $5 gift certificate from Buffalo Wild Wings to take care of their first eight boneless wings that night. And everyone who brings two or more coats will be registered to win a pair of tickets to WWE “Monday Night RAW” at Baltimore Arena January 6th.

PLUS, we have two copies of the recent “Baltimore’s First Raven” Hall of Fame retrospective magazine signed by Jonathan Ogden. The first two people to bring us 20 or more winter weather items will receive those.

You guys have always come through for us in the past. We need you to come through once more before we make the coat donation Christmas week. There are a lot of people that need help in our community this holiday season. Please help us help them while we enjoy yet another run towards the postseason from the Ravens. Get your holiday shopping done while you’re out.

It’s going to be a great week throughout the WNST community. We can’t wait to see you.


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I’ve got a hell of an offer for you to help our annual coat drive

Posted on 06 December 2013 by Glenn Clark

After another tremendous canned good drive, our annual WNST.net Coat Drive is underway. Once again this year we’re benefitting the amazing Helping Up Mission downtown-this year we’ll also be taking care of Goodwill of Maryland.

We’ll be announcing an upcoming coat drive event in the coming days-try to keep the night of Thursday, December 19th clear on your calendar if you can. In the meantime, we need you to start bringing coats/jackets/gloves/hats/scarves/mittens/sweaters/sweatshirts and all other warm weather gear (new or used) to us. We’re at The Zone Superstore Studios (1550 Hart Rd. Towson, MD 21286) 6am-6pm Monday-Friday and we have plenty of upcoming events (including “The Best Seat In The House” with Nestor Aparicio Monday night at Buffalo Wild Wings Owings Mills and “Strictly The Truth” with Baltimore Ravens LB Jameel McClain and special guest Bernard Pierce Tuesday night at Greenmount Station in Hampstead) where you can also bring the gear.

If you come by the station, I have plenty of giveaways to exchange with you-including tickets to see Mannheim Steamroller next week at The Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric and more.

But I have another offer to make to you now that I hope you’ll take me up on.

The WWE and the Baltimore Arena have kindly donated some GREAT tickets to the first Monday Night Raw of 2014 (January 6) to us as a part of our annual drive.

I can tell you that the seats are in Section 113. I would tell you more-but apparently tickets aren’t as hard to replicate as I would otherwise like to think.

Want the pair of tickets? Bid me some coats.

How many coats/jackets/hats/pairs of gloves/winter weather items would you be willing to donate to go see the likes of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Kane, CM Punk, Big Show, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio, etc. pummel each other on the Road to Wrestlemania?

Bidding is in the neighborhood of 30 to start. I KNOW we can do much better than that.

Place your bid in the comments or e-mail me glenn@wnst.net.

As always, we’re going to do our best to take care of those that need it most in the Charm City area this year. We need your help. You’ve always come through for us in the past and we have no idea you will again.

The tickets are up for grabs. I know I want them. How much do you want them as well?

Let me know with a bid.


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Giving thanks to…Glenn Clark

Posted on 27 November 2013 by Drew Forrester

The older I get, the more I bask in the glow of seeing others who I know or have worked with take off on their own and have success.

I suppose that’s part of becoming a Dad, a coach and – well – just plain older…your triumphs are minimal compared to those you are raising or trying to lead.

I saw that first-hand last spring when the thirteen players I inherited at the Calvert Hall golf program played the best golf of their lives while winning the MIAA A-Conference championship for the first time since 1997.  I knew from the first time I met them they were special young men.  I had no idea if they could play high-level golf, but when I heard how many of them were involved in school activities, the Peer Ministry group, etc., I knew they were “special men”.

Turns out I was right about all of them.

I was right about someone else too.

Five years ago, when Glenn Clark was handling the producer’s role for the Morning Reaction, I started a holiday-themed campaign that essentially turned into “Coats and Cans”.  My plan was to get cans and non-perishable foods donated from listeners before Thanksgiving — and then to get coats and clothing donated prior to Christmas that we could distribute to those in need.

Glenn bought into it right away.  I remember driving with him to the Canton Baptist Church when we had 2,000 cans in the back of a friend’s truck and offering him the reasoning behind the campaign.  I told him, “This kind of stuff is what we should be doing as a local radio station.  We can talk sports all day…and we do…but making a difference in the community is what we really should be doing.”

I didn’t come up with that theme on my own.  My mentor in the 1980’s, Kenny Cooper, instilled that in me when he showed up in Baltimore to coach a soccer team and treated the city like it was own birthplace.

So, the “Coats and Cans” campaign began and the listeners came through with flying colors.  Year two was bigger.  Year three was bigger than that.  Glenn and I collaborated on every campaign and had turned it into a great triumph for the community, all because the listeners responded to our begging.

Then, Glenn left me.

He didn’t “leave” per-se, he just moved up in the world, to host his own show from 2-6pm here at WNST and take on additional programming duties as well.

Yesterday, we finished our 2013 “Cans” portion of the campaign by dropping off 2,500 cans to SARC in Harford County.  I won’t tell you all about it — you can read Glenn’s piece right here and it all gets explained to you.

Make no mistake about it, though.

This year, and I say it with great pride, the Cans campaign was Glenn Clark’s baby.

He made it a success.

Others helped out, don’t get me wrong.  Ryan Chell was a huge assistant.  Brett Dickinson lended a whopper of a helping hand.  Everyone associated with WNST gets involved and rallies around our charitable efforts.  Lots of listeners to the D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction contributed cans (and coats, too, so far), so I’m thankful that Luke and I made a contibution as well.

The people at WNST understand our role in the community.  From Paul Kopelke to Ashley Bishoff to Nestor Aparicio, everyone in the building at 1550 Hart Road “gets it”.  We’re only as good as the listeners make us.  Every year when I run my charity golf outing, the station donates up to $5,000 in radio advertising to help make it a success, even though the station itself gets zero financial benefit from the event itself.

But, without Glenn Clark this year, the Cans campaign doesn’t kick the major ass that it did.

Five years ago, I drove down to Canton with Glenn Clark and 2,000 cans and told him “this is the kind of stuff that’s really important when you do radio.”

He clearly listened.

For an old man like me, there’s really nothing better than seeing someone “leave the nest” and improve something you started.

Thank you, Glenn.


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We’re going to make some sort of good out of this “Postergate” debacle

Posted on 29 August 2013 by Glenn Clark

So it’s been a wild 36 hours since I learned that a Denver broadcaster was wandering around vandalizing Joe Flacco posters in the Mile High City. We’ve been through a bunch. If you need to get caught up on the first part, here’s this. This lead to another contentious (and, frankly, stupid) on-air chat with my new “friends” in the Rocky Mountains. Unfortunately, there was also a Deadspin article posted with a startling lack of context, which lead me to have to explain further.

Deadspin was right about one thing. Almost everything about “postergate” in the last day and a half has been absolutely moronic.

So we’re going to change that.

As I’ve stated numerous times over the last day, the biggest issue I’ve had with any of this has been the notion that murder-of any form or any kind-is something funny. On Tuesday, I thought the appropriate way to make that point was to remind someone who was making a joke about murder that murder happens in every city (not just Baltimore) and is not something to joke about. With the benefit of hindsight, I could have cut the conversation off completely when my guest that day made a murder joke. I probably should have. In fact, on Wednesday’s edition of “The Reality Check”, I apologized for not doing that very thing. It was an option I had and didn’t choose to exercise. Thinking upon it further, I should have.

And it’s with that in mind that I’m hellbent on doing something good with this.

We’re hosting our next “Grab a Bud” Happy Hour at Hooters in Towson tonight. For those that haven’t made it out to any of our past events, they’re very low-key gatherings to hang out, rap about sports, enjoy the company of the Hooters girls and drink some beers.

For tonight’s “Grab a Bud” happy hour, I’d like to try to do something better than that.

I want to try to help people that are aggressively working to make sure that come next August, we won’t already have 150 murders on the year in our city.

I have five autographed Joe Flacco caricatures (none of which have been vandalized in any way) to give away tonight. They all look something like this.

They’re the real deal. We watched the Super Bowl MVP sign each and every one. We’ve been holding on to them waiting for the right time to give them away. This is it.

The first five people to come by Hooters Thursday night and make a $25 donation to the Helping Up Mission will walk away with them.

That’s right. We’re not looking for anything crazy…but we will certainly be willing to accept any further donations on the Mission’s behalf. We have partnered with HUM before and we will be doing so again this holiday season with our annual coat drive (a drive that has always been much more about this community than it has been about WNST). If you want to know more about what the Helping Up Mission does, I’d encourage you to check out their site. What they do for our city is truly remarkable.

We’re going to have other giveaways tonight at Hooters, including registering everyone to win a pair of tickets to see both Nick Offerman (next Wednesday) and Kenny Loggins (Sunday, September 15) at the Modell Performing Arts Center at The Lyric. We’ll also have copies of “America’s Game: The 2012 Baltimore Ravens” (debuting Monday 9pm on NFL Network) and more to give away.

But the first five who make $25 donations to the Helping Up Mission will walk away with autographed Joe Flacco caricatures. I hope we’ll raise even more than the $125 for the Mission on the night.

There’s nothing the WNST community-the Baltimore sports community-does better. Even at the height of something stupid and moronic, good will come.

I look forward to seeing you tonight.


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We’re winding down our coat drive, but I’ve got one more offer for donations

Posted on 14 December 2012 by Glenn Clark

We had an excellent time Tuesday night at Buffalo Wild Wings in White Marsh for our annual WNST.net coat drive. Thanks to all of you who came out with coats, jackets, hats, gloves, blankets, scarves and more. The end of the night tally was excellent…

Thanks also to those of you have brought coats out to one of our “Thursday Night Live” shows with Dennis Pitta the last couple of weeks, and thanks to those of you who have stopped by The Zone Superstore studios in Towson this week with your coats as well.

We’re coming down to the nitty gritty as far as collecting coats goes this year. We’ll be making our annual donation on behalf of the WNST.net community to Helping Up Mission Tuesday.

But we’ve got one more big to-do left to get you to step up and bring us some coats!

I want to introduce you to my new friend Zack Merrick. He’s the good looking guy sitting between Dennis Pitta and I at McFaul’s IronHorse Tavern last Thursday…

Zack is a Towson High School graduate, big fan of the Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles and has a neat job touring the world as part of a little band called “All Time Low”. Here the boys are playing “For Baltimore” recently at the MLB Fan Cave in New York…

They look like they’re having fun. They’re also a REALLY big deal. If you’re saying to yourself “I’m not sure I’m familiar with All Time Low”, you might want to ask your kids. They have about a half a million Twitter followers and you couldn’t have sold an internal organ to get a ticket to one of their two recent Charm City shows.

Like I said, big deal.

So with everybody kinda bummed about the Ravens’ recent slide, Zack and I decided it would be a good idea to throw a Purple Friday Pep Rally Friday on “The Reality Check”. He’s going to join me in studio from 3-6pm, he’ll be taking over as GM of my team during “Your Picks Are Nasty”, we’ll be chatting with Ravens TE Ed Dickson and we MIGHT even bring back “The Airing of the Grievances” this week to celebrate Festivus.

But the much more important part is the part where Zack has offered to help to raise coats.

Zack has offered to sign autographs/pose for pictures with anyone who brings in ten or more coats (and other warm gear) to the Zone Superstore Studios Friday afternoon between 3 and 6pm. THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT HOLIDAY GIFT FOR SOMEONE YOU KNOW-YOU JUST DON’T REALIZE THAT AT THE MOMENT.

It’s as simple as that. You get ten coats. Raid your closet. Raid your kids’ closets. Raid your neighbors’ closets. Raid the thrift store down the street. Wherever they are, get the coats together.

Once you do, e-mail me (glenn@wnst.net) to let me know when you’re coming. THEN, head to 1550 Hart Rd. here in Towson Friday afternoon to meet Zack.

And if for some reason meeting Zack Merrick isn’t really your thing, I have tickets for the Coppin State-Towson game next Wednesday at Towson Center AND I still have a few copies of “The Bourne Legacy” on Blu-Ray as well.

Anything I’m forgetting? Let me know.

See you Friday afternoon. Go Ravens!


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There’s a lot going on right now, but we need you to come through tonight

Posted on 11 December 2012 by Glenn Clark

Cam Cameron is out. Jim Caldwell is in. Steve Bisciotti is involved. John Harbaugh is testy.

Mark Reynolds is gone. Peter Angelos is cheap.

There’s a lot going on, but not everything is changing.

It’s been an active few days here in Charm City, as you could tell on-air Monday on AM1570 WNST.net. We’re going to be even more active in the community over the next few days, and we need you to be a part of it.

On December 18, we’ll be making our annual donation to the Helping Up Mission downtown. If you’re not familiar with the work of the Mission, I encourage you to head to their website. I’m always overwhelmed by the work that group is doing every year when we get down there. The Helping Up Mission welcomes men who are absolutely broken-due to poverty, homelessness, addiction, etc. and works to get them back on their feet and return them to the community. They also work as an overnight shelter to keep people off the street at night.

This is the third straight year we’re collecting coats here at WNST. Our friends at Enoch Office Equipment partner with us annually, as they allow people to drop off coats at their office and then help us transport them downtown. Here’s a picture they posted on their Facebook page last year of just a few of the coats and one of the men from the Mission…

We’re up against it a bit this year, as we need to make the donation ONE WEEK FROM TODAY (Tuesday, December 18) and we’ve been off to a bit of a slow start because there’s just been so much going on. We NEED to step it up.

We need you to bring us your coats. We also need your jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves and any other warm clothes you can gather up. We need your old clothes and your new clothes. We need your clothes that don’t fit. We need your clothes with the one button missing. We need men’s clothes, but we also need clothes for women, kids and even babies. You have to keep in mind that many of these mean have children and families and will not be able to give gifts without donations.

We need to lift up those less fortunate this holiday season. We need to help keep our community warm as the temperatures eventually stay below 40 for a few months. Keep in mind-winter doesn’t even officially start for more than a week.

So we’re gathering together Tuesday night to celebrate and raise coats. Our annual coat drive hits Buffalo Wild Wings in White Marsh (at the White Marsh Mall). Drew Forrester will be over there at 6pm, Ryan Chell and I will head that way as soon as “The Reality Check” goes off the air. We’ll be collecting coats, talking sports, eating asian zing wings (or maybe even other types of wings), drinking beer and just hanging out. No radio show, no silly events, just the opportunity to hang out with fellow members of the WNST.net community and do some good this holiday season.

To further entice you to hang out with us Tuesday night, it’s $.50 traditional wing night at B-Dubs and anyone who brings at least one coat will receive a $5 gift card. Since Mr. Radcliffe did a hell of a job teaching me math at Perry Hall High School, I can tell you with assurance that means a single coat will get you ten free wings. I’m absolutely certain I’ll be taking advantage of this.

It’s going to be a great night and I can’t wait to see everybody out there. I REALLY hope you’ll be bringing out coats. John Harbaugh said Monday “my charge…is to maximize the opportunities for our team to win.” Our charge as members of the WNST.net community is to lift up those in need. This is a simple opportunity to do just that and have a great time hanging out with other Baltimore sports fans.

You all did an amazing job coming through for the community during our annual canned food drive…

…we need you to come through similarly in the next week with warm clothes.

If for some reason you can’t make it Tuesday night, there are some more options for donating coats this week. Nestor Aparicio will be back at the White Marsh Mall Wednesday night for Santa Spirit Night and would gladly take your donation then. We’ll be at Greenmount Station in Hampstead with Dennis Pitta Thursday night for “Thursday Night Live” presented by Freedmont Mortgage at 7pm. The Weekend Warriors will be at Top Hat Cue Club on Satyr Hill Rd. Saturday from 12-3pm and would also be happy to accept donations. You can also stop by any day Monday-Friday 6am-6pm (until next Tuesday at 10am) at the Zone Superstore Studios at 1550 Hart Rd. in Towson with your donation.

But we REALLY hope to see you Tuesday night at BWW White Marsh.

Let’s celebrate community service at least HALF as much as we celebrated a coach getting fired Monday.



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