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10 Ravens-Steelers Halftime Observations

Posted on 11 September 2011 by Glenn Clark

Here are ten observations about the first half of today’s Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game at M&T Bank Stadium. A reminder that Ryan Chell and I will be back on the air for the “Nasty Purple Postgame Show” following the conclusion of today’s game on AM1570 and WNST.net.

-Looks like David Reed was being honest when he told me players had been given the green light to bring kicks out of the end zone just as long as they were moving forward. There were a couple of touchbacks, but Lardarius Webb and Antonio Brown were certainly willing to bring the ball out even from fairly deep to significantly deep.

-So much for not being able to run on the Steelers defense, huh? Still no luck running up the middle, but running to the outside worked well.

-The first drive from Joe Flacco and Ray Rice was something to behold. I don’t know how much of that had to do with this being the first game of the season, but it was fun. It goes without saying that we’d like to see a few more quick hitters this year.

-Any more questions about why the Ravens were willing to let go of Todd Heap this offseason? The team continues to have high hopes for Ed Dickson and Dennis Pitta, who each made plays.

-For the most part, the Offensive Line has held up despite everything. The holding call on Bryant McKinnie was questionable (although I thought he was beat on the play) and Cam Cameron/Todd Washington/presumably Andy Moeller did a nice job in scheming and organizing help.

-It would be nice to see more from the receivers in general. Flacco was a bit early on the first play where he targeted Lee Evans (the second was a bit of a prayer along the sideline) and Torrey Smith has yet to be targeted. In general, this team will need to hit the receivers more for the offense to be dynamic. Some of this remains on Flacco, who continues to be quick to look for Rice and his tight ends.

-The run defense has certainly been an issue. The Steelers’ TD drive was built on nice runs by Rashard Mendenhall (and Isaac Redman). There were far too many second and short scenarios for Ben Roethlisberger and company during the drive.

-Cary Williams got lost in the back of the end zone on the Emmanuel Sanders touchdown, but otherwise had a very good first half. The reason everyone thinks he’s playing well is because for the most part he’s played well. He deserves credit. It wasn’t good to see Jimmy Smith pull up, but fortunately it doesn’t appear significant.

-Ed Reed made a very nice play on Hines Ward before the half, but you know he’ll be thinking about the dropped interception for awhile. When he’s giving his Hall of Fame speech in Canton years from now he’ll have probably forgotten about it however.

-Hard not to think about last year’s AFC Divisional Playoff game at Heinz Field with the Ravens ahead 21-7. Hopefully no one went into the locker room running their mouth the way a certain TJ Houshmandzadeh did in January.

We’ll be taking your calls (410-481-1570) after the game. Look forward to talking to you then. Hopefully things are still good then.


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NFL Week 1 game notes: Ravens vs. Steelers

Posted on 09 September 2011 by Chris Pika

Week 1 of the 2011 NFL schedule features a pair of teams that have waged one of the fiercest rivalries in the NFL over the past decade, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Sunday’s 1 pm (CBS) game in M&T Bank Stadium may prove to be everything the NFL Kickoff opener was not Thursday night — a healthy dose of strong defense.

In our second edition of “From the notes …” for Week 1, we look inside the weekly PR game notes produced by the Steelers and Ravens PR departments and the NFL Communications office via the Elias Sports Bureau.

Pittsburgh won the AFC North last season with a 12-4 record. The Steelers were the AFC Champions, and the club advanced to Super Bowl XLV, where they lost to the Green Bay Packers:

SUDDEN START: Due to the labor impasse the 2011 offseason was all but lost, leaving just over a week for teams to sign undrafted rookies, free agents and their own draft picks that they selected back in late April.

For the Steelers the main focus was on resigning their own players to keep a nucleus in tact that had reaped tremendous success over the past few years.

Pittsburgh’s appearance last year in Super Bowl XLV marked the franchise’s third trip to the title game since 2005. The Steelers bring back 20 players that started in that Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh will also return 18 players that started at least 11 games last season, including 15 players that started 14 or more games.

Key players that the Steelers resigned in the offseason included CB Ike Taylor, LB LaMarr Woodley, OT Willie Colon, OT Jonathan Scott, K Shaun Suisham and NT Chris Hoke. Pittsburgh also signed LB Lawrence Timmons to a five-year contract extension.

Continue Reading

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Joe Flacco and LaMarr Woodley

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Ravens FB Le’Ron McClain in defense of QB Joe Flacco: “he’s going to prove them wrong”

Posted on 22 June 2011 by Ryan Chell

Steelers LB LaMarr Woodley.

Bengals LB Dhani Jones.

Steelers S Ryan Clark.

And of course, Steelers WR Hines Ward.

All of them have been asked recently in the downtime of the NFL lockout what their opinions are regarding Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and his chances of winning a Super Bowl for the Baltimore Ravens.

Some of the comments have been praiseworthy.

Others have been passive.

Ward-after saying the Ravens could win with Flacco, said he “wasn’t going to put any bulletin board material out there.”

And then there are the personal remarks about Flacco coming from Ryan Clark talking about Flacco’s trademark “bushybrow“.

But the words that have taken the cake so far have been Steelers OLB LaMarr Woodley’s comments about how Flacco will “never win a Super Bowl” if he has anything to say about it.

His words:

“So, that’s not going to happen in this lifetime.”

Joe Flacco and LaMarr Woodley

Anybody else want to step up to the plate? Did I miss anyone?

It took awhile for the calm and introverted Flacco to come to his own defense, but even if he didn’t, several of his Raven teammates have already stepped up to say they have their QB’s back.

Including a guy who could even find himself on another NFL team when the lockout ends-that being FB Le’Ron McClain, who joined Glenn Clark filling in for Thyrl Nelson on Tuesday’s “Mobtown Sports Beat”.

Le'Ron McClain

First off, he started the interview off straightening out the issue on that same question posed to LaMarr Woodley with regards to if Flacco could win a Super Bowl.

He couldn’t be any more sure of Flacco’s ability to get it done.

“I believe we’re one of the top contenders for it,” McClain told Clark. “So with all that nonsense about Joe Flacco not being able to win a Super Bowl and all that…he’s going to prove them wrong in due time.”

He felt like it was his responsibility as a Raven to step forward and defend his teammate from undeserved criticism-especially coming from AFC North rival in  Woodley.

“I feel like I had to put myself in that position,” McClain said. “Like, you need to get through me to get to Joe.”

It even felt better for McClain to see Flacco step up and take the lead in his own defense as well earlier this week. The Ravens fullback said that it’s a side not too many people see of Flacco on the public stage, but if the Ravens first round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft gets highly motivated over something-watch out.

“I’m glad Joe came back and said something because I feel like it was a statement to Joe’s game and to the Baltimore Ravens,” McClain said. “I know with him saying that it took his whole mindset to another level for Joe.”

McClain said if he wasn’t committed to backing up Flacco on the field before, he certainly will be  now.

“We have to play as one,” McClain said. “We have to bring up Joe…we just gotta do that thing for our quarterback.”

It is strange to see McClain-who could be scheduled to be a free agent given the NFL’s resigning of a CBA and off the Ravens roster-still defending Flacco, but for now he’s hoping he gets a chance to physically confront LaMarr Woodley personally when the Ravens and the Steelers meet Week 1 on September 11th.

“And whatever he talks about, I know he’s gotta see me before he sees Joe on any play,” McClain said. “He let the trash talk start this summer, so we’ll see when we talk things over in September and see how things really go.”

He continued.

“LaMarr Woodley…he started it. I hope he can finish it. Because like I said, a fight comes with that and that’s Le’Ron McClain talking.”

McClain even hopes that this trash talk-which can sometimes come back to haunt NFL teams and players-gets his own squad even more motivated this year to win the big game.

McClain said it. If LaMarr Woodley says Flacco can’t win a Super Bowl, he also means the Ravens as a team can’t win one either.

“It’s like he’s talking to all of us, “he said. “It’s just totally disrespectful to Joe Flacco saying he can’t win and to the whole organization.”

“I know the blood, sweat, and tears that we went through these past three years just trying to get on the journey to the Super Bowl. Like Ray Lewis told us, we’re still on that journey. Indianapolis is next, so let’s try for that.”

WNST thanks Le’Ron McClain for joining Glenn Clark on “The Mobtown Sports Beat” today and hopes that he can fulfill his promise to LaMarr Woodley this season! WNST-We Never Stop Talking Baltimore Sports!

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Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7 Favorite “Dirty Players”

Posted on 31 May 2011 by Glenn Clark

In honor of the Memorial Day departure of Ohio State Buckeyes coach Jim Tressel, today’s “Tuesday Top 7” topic was “The Top 7 Favorite) Dirty Players.”

Self-explanatory, right? It always is.

Glenn Clark’s list…

7. Vlade Divac


6. Sean Avery


5. Evander Holyfield

4. Eddie Harris (Major League)


3. Cortland Finnegan

2. Dennis Rodman


1. Ric Flair

Drew Forrester’s list…

7. Shaun Rogers


6. Bobby Knight

5. Pat Summitt


4. Gaylord Perry


3. Nolan Ryan


2. Dennis Rodman


1. Hines Ward


If you missed the explanation of why these made the list on “The Morning Reaction” Tuesday on AM1570 WNST, hit the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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50 words or less .... will Orioles fans flock to see Pujols and the Cardinals?

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50 words or less …. will Orioles fans flock to see Pujols and the Cardinals?

Posted on 12 May 2011 by Rex Snider

As the title of today’s blog entails, I’m wondering if crowds at Camden Yards will improve when warmer weather and some ROCKSTAR talent arrives for notable visits. Of course, we know WINNING at a consistent pace will eventually deem increased attendance.

And, as last night proved, this Orioles team can compete against the game’s elite pitchers. It stunned me, but that’s the magic of baseball …..

Here is today’s edition of “50 Words Or Less ….”

Are You Kidding Me ???

Last night serves as evidence that conventional wisdom and baseball knowledge sometimes have no value, at all. The Mariners clearly had a figurative advantage over the O’s, as they approached the second game of the series …..

One of baseball’s best pitchers against a kid with a 7.00+ ERA …..

The birds’ best bat against King Felix was idled with the flu …..

No problem. Adam Jones ensured no further questions regarding impressive play by his teammates would surface during clubhouse interviews. He carried the load, like it or not.
It’s A Bet

During yesterday’s AFTERNOON DRIVE, Nestor popped in-studio for a few moments and our cordial conversation quickly evolved into a heated debate and ultimately, a wager of sorts …..

As we talked about attendance at Camden Yards, I mentioned that crowds would increase for some of the upcoming inter-league visits. We haggled over the St. Louis Cardinals series, slated for June 28-30th.

I believe an impressive crowd will surface to see Albert Pujols. Nestor isn’t buying such logic. So, if 75,000+ people show up over the 3 game series, I win the bet. If the total attendance is less, he wins.

Our wager? The loser gets the above pictured Bob Barker tattoo. The price can be right …. or wrong. I’m just hoping that I’m accurate on the overall attendance for the series.

By the way, Nestor balked at the proposition of a Hines Ward tat …..
What Will Your Tombstone Say ???

If you’re a WNST listener, I’ll venture an assumption that you’re aware of our staff’s musical tastes and varied allegiances. Springsteen, Rush, Van Halen and some group called Mumford & Sons are well represented.

But, would any of us take our musical preferences to the grave? I doubt it. That said, have you ever considered a message (if any) to be represented on your headstone? I guess the choices can vary.

Give Scott Silva’s family credit …. they pretty much ensured he gets noticed – 27 years after his death. I hope Mick and the boys are flattered …..
If I Was The Skipper

Yeah, yeah, I get it …. the most important part of baseball is WINNING. But, aside from the competitive angle, have you ever considered your rules and policies, if you wore Buck Showalter’s uniform?

Facial hair? No problem. Uniform pants dragging the ground? No problem. Long hair? Again, no problem. But, I would absolutely forbid the “FLAT BREEZY” look on players’ hats.

Who was the first Orioles player to wear his hat without bending the brim? Was it George Sherrill? Brad Bergesen? I recall the first baseball player I ever saw with the unbent brim was CC Sabathia.

I don’t care who started it …. this ridiculous look would end if I commanded the team.
Some Men You Just Can’t Reach

Have you looked inside the world of Jay Mariotti lately? The dude just can’t keep his hands off a former girlfriend – in fact, he can’t stop stalking her, either.

Mariotti was convicted of assaulting his former flame, last year. He paid dearly …. losing his gig at ESPN, and virtually disappearing. Well, he almost disappeared …. before surfacing, again, to allegedly stalk and assault the same woman.

Yesterday, Jay Mariotti appeared in Los Angeles County Superior Court, where he pled not guilty to three felony counts regarding his obsession with the ex-flame. He is being held on $250,000 bail.
Finally …..

Well, I have been waiting three years for this day. And, the past few months have provided a heightened anticipation of the inevitable …..

The greatest American rock band, EVER, is hitting the road. Van Halen will kick off their 2011/12 World Tour, on September 24th, in Brisbane, Australia.

Rumors persist that Buckcherry could serve as the opening act on many of the U.S. dates. But, if that falls thru, maybe they could let Rush open the shows …..

I’ll chat with you at 2pm …..

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Biting the leg .....

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Biting the leg …..

Posted on 18 March 2011 by Rex Snider

As the father of a teenager, I find myself in the position of imparting sage advice quite often. I urge my daughter to prioritize, while remembering that unconditional love only comes from family. I stress commitment, and not necessarily to friends.

I struggle when it comes to her relationship with the opposite sex. In short, I freakin’ HATE BOYS. There is nothing more dangerous than a male teenager, and I’m convinced of it.

How do I know? I was one …..

In giving that parental guidance, I have seized several opportunities to remind my daughter that life will present her with impulsive opportunities to display emotional frustrations for the world to see. And, with the advent of social media, she has more such opportunities than ever.

My advice has been simple and twofold:

A) Just remember you can’t take it back. Writing or saying something, publicly, is a horse that never finds its way back into the barn.

B) Be careful not to bite a leg that’s connected to an ass you might need to kiss someday.

My daughter is 15 years old and she is going to make some big mistakes in the immediate future of her life. Some of her misgivings will be directly tied to ignoring her father’s words and some will be totally independent.

But, nearly all of her mistakes will be avoidable with some common sense and rational thinking. We can expect such breakdowns with teenagers, but it’s harder to rationalize such errors when grown men do it.

And, this is where today’s blog is headed …..

Over the last few days, we’re beginning to see NFL players taking verbal swipes at Roger Goodell. A legitimate, articulable dissent is understandable. But, salacious and demeaning assertions are simply a stupid means to venting frustrations.

Such ramblings will grab fairly anonymous individuals some immediate relevance and a blurb or two on Sportscenter. But, they’ll eventually regret saying such things, regardless of whether they ever admit it.

A couple days ago, San Diego Chargers linebacker, Kevin Burnett, seized his appearance during a radio interview to label Goodell as a “blatant liar” while also questioning the commissioner’s commitment to the NFL’s future. Of course, the rant propelled Burnett into that immediate relevance I just referenced.

Yesterday, Seattle Seahawks Guard, Chester Pitts, told reporters that he urged fellow players to take a letter received from Goodell and “set it on fire.” I suppose he’s running out of money to burn?

A year from now, this labor strife will be an afterthought, at most. We’ll be talking about the upcoming NFL Draft, NCAA Tournament and a new Major League Baseball season.

Outside of San Diego and Seattle, NOBODY will really utter the names of Kevin Burnett and Chester Pitts. But, you can rest assured Roger Goodell will remember them and their juvenile comments.

Don’t misunderstand my message …..

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Tuesday Top 7: Top 7 Sports Figures You’d Like to See Get Knocked Out By Tom Zbikowski

Posted on 08 March 2011 by Glenn Clark

In honor of the potential* (*probably not happening) fight between Baltimore Ravens S Tom Zbikowski and Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco (or is it Chad Johnson?), today’s Tuesday Top 7 topic was “The Top 7 Sports Figures You’d Like to See Get Knocked Out by Tom Zbikowski”…

(Note: This list is meant to be fun. We’re not actually encouraging violence against any of these folks. Please don’t be “that guy”…)

Glenn Clark’s list…

7. Jim Irsay


6. Hines Ward


5. Mark Teixeira


4. Robert Horry


3. Triple H


2. Jonathan Papelbon


1. Jim Calhoun


Drew Forrester’s list…

7. Roy Williams (North Carolina)


6. Pete Weber

5. Tony Stewart


4. Aubrey Huff


3. Cecil Newton


2. Charlie Sheen

1. Pat Summitt


If you missed the explanation of why these players made the list on “The Morning Reaction” Tuesday on AM1570 WNST, hit the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Rex goes to Walmart .....

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Rex goes to Walmart …..

Posted on 03 February 2011 by Rex Snider

If you listen to my show or follow me on Facebook, there is a pretty good chance you’ve heard me crack a joke about Steelers fans and their affection for the friendly confines of Walmart.  My reasoning is simple; on the rare occasions I visit a Walmart, I always spot a Roethlisberger or Polamalu-jersied fan.

It is what it is, I suppose …..

Well, earlier this evening I was tasked with traveling to the Walmart, located in Arbutus, to pickup a new cellphone for my daughter.  She just NEEDED the new Blackberry and Wally World was selling it for 97 cents, on a limited basis.  The same phone is $99 at the local AT&T store.

For those who really know me, I will pretty much go anywhere to save a few bucks, let alone $98.03 …..

So, as I waited at Walmart’s cellphone counter, for nearly two hours, my exhaustion was met with one of the most intriguing sights I’ve seen in recent visits to “America’s Super Store”.  It was an image I’ve never, EVER, seen in my 43 years.

Get ready Steelers fans …. This is undoubtedly the moment you have been waiting for …..


Your eyes are not deceiving your brain …..

Indeed, I encountered a lady with purple hair !!!!  Of course, she sported the matching Ravens jacket to boost the overall appeal.  Let me say she was wearing it proudly, too !!!!

I noticed customers were gawking and some were even breaking out their cellphones for a paparazzi-like photo opportunity.  Can you believe people have such nerve?

Here we stand, nearly three entire weeks beyond the Ravens painful demise, at the hands of Ben Roethlisberger and his Pittsburgh cronies.  Yet, this FAN still shows her colors and defies the upcoming Super Bowl matchup.

Where else can you find such tradition and loyalty? 

So, what do you think my next step was?  You’ll have to “click” to the next page to find out …..

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Ex-Packer Tony Moll, former Raven CB Derrick Martin have another reason to root against Steelers in Super Bowl

Posted on 27 January 2011 by Ryan Chell

Ravens offensive lineman Tony Moll saw his season end only a few short weeks ago to the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Divisional Round, but he still has a rooting interest in next Sunday’s Super Bowl between Pittsburgh and the Green Bay Packers.

Moll joined Rex Snider Thursday on “The Afternoon Drive” to talk about who he is pulling for in Super Bowl XLV, and what do you expect he would say?

Green Bay obviously!  But not just because he hates the Steelers for being a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Moll-a former Packer from 2006-2008-still has many friends on the NFC Wild Card Packers and is wishing them all the best down in Dallas next week.

Moll was drafted by the Packers in the fifth round of the 2006 NFL Draft out of Nevada, and during his three years in Green Bay he saw playing time at guard and tackle. He started 10 of 16 games his rookie year and despite battling injuries and inconsistency over the next two seasons, he still managed to start five games for the Packers.

His versatility caught the Ravens eye towards the end of training camp in September of 2009, and with numerous injuries to their offensive line, the Ravens shipped troubled cornerback Derrick Martin to Green Bay in exchange for Moll.

And yet again, Moll found playing time this season with injuries to key pieces of the offensive line, most notably Chris Chester’s skin infection this season.

Moll is scheduled to be a free agent, but even if he is not brought back in Baltimore next season, he still sees good things for the Ravens this season.

“We have the talent and the right people there to be a championship contender year in and year out,” Moll replied.

He sees these two championship contenders in Pittsburgh and Green Bay as being very evenly matched.

“It’s going to be a good one,” Moll said. “I think this is going to be one that a lot of people are going to be watching. They’re two really good teams, and it’s not really lopsided in any way.”

One of his former teammates on the team and a game-changing player in his opinion, cornerback Charles Woodson, already seems poised to make a play against Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh offense.

“I think Charles Woodson is definitely going to show up. This is his moment to shine as well. He’s going to be making a lot of big plays on defense,” Moll told Snider.

Former Ravens corner back Derrick Martin-who was traded to the Packers for Moll-joined Thyrl Nelson as well on “The Mobtown Sports Beat”and also had some thoughts about Woodson, his current teammate and mentor.

Martin is currently on IR for Green Bay.

“He is a lot like Ed Reed,” Martin said, who played for the Ravens from 2006-2008 as well after getting drafted by the Ravens in the fifth round out of Wyoming. “He is a big studier, he knows what’s going to happen so he is able to get a good jump on the offense, and it’s always good to pick guys’ brains like that.”

Martin’s biggest contributions as a Raven came in 2007 when he registered 32 tackles and grabbed two interceptions.

He was also asked to size up Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward in preparation for the game given his past playing days against the Steelers wideout.

“He is a crafty receiver,” Martin said, “always playing a little past the whistle and that’s what you expect. I expect him to go hard this game, and that’s all I can tell my teammates.”

Martin would still get a Super Bowl ring given he was active for part of the season this year should the Packers come out on top. His 2010 campaign came to an end on October 10th against the Washington Redskins with a knee injury.

And even though he won’t be on the field for the Packers against his old AFC North foes, he is pumped to still have the championship atmosphere around his team.

“The guys are fired up,” Martin told Nelson. “They are ready to play. They get a little break and then gear back up, and I think they are going to be ready. It’s going to be a game. They are hyped, they are ready, and everybody is excited to be in this position. So, it’s a great honor for them.”

Tune into WNST as we stream live from Dallas for Super Bowl XLV! WNST-We Never Stop Talking!

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Hard Knocks vs. Smash Mouth, Jets vs. Steelers

Posted on 25 January 2011 by Michael Schwartz

Two of the best defenses in the NFL faced off on Sunday for the chance to advance to the Super Bowl. The Steelers are the number one defense in the NFL led by Troy Polamalu, and the Jets defense is the third best defense in the NFL led by Darrelle Revis. These two teams met in Week 15, and the Jets won 22-17. Troy Polamalu didn’t play in this game due to a knee injury, and he is one of the best defensive players in the league. The Steelers probably would have won if he was in the game. In this game the Steelers allowed the most rushing yards in a single game this season. James Harrison said that the Jets will not run for over 100 yards again, and Harrison showed that when he stopped Greene in the backfield for a loss of two. This Steelers defense is very difficult to play against, and also very difficult to prepare for since they have so much talent.

The Jets defense is equally as challenging to prepare for because Rex Ryan loves to blitz. Rex Ryan was the defensive coordinator for the Ravens so he saw the Steelers two times a year, and when they played he blitzed Roethlisberger early and often. Against most teams the Jets will blitz, but versus the Patriots the Jets on blitzed 12% of the time. This is the opposite of what Ryan usually does, but they won so he’s not complaining. Big Ben is very difficult to bring down, so if they blitz then their corners need to be on their men tight or else Ben will make a big play. When they get to Ben, they need to wrap him up and make sure they get two or three guys on him. He is a very talented quarterback and has been in this position before, and has won two Super Bowls.

This game started off all Steelers and continued like that for the entire first half. Their first drive was over nine minutes and they scored a touchdown. This was the start they needed against the Jets defense, which is all about defense. On this drive the Steelers lost their Pro Bowl center, Maurkice Pouncey. The backup center rarely takes snaps in prep before the game, but he had to go in and he played an average game. This was a huge game and that put a lot of pressure on him, but he played well enough and gave Ben the ball enough to win.

The Jets offense was awful in the first half; they couldn’t run the ball or pass the ball. Mark Sanchez was getting pressured on every play by someone on the Steelers. The Jets made a huge mistake and that was when Mark Sanchez got sacked and fumbled. The Steelers recovered it and took it back for a touchdown. This was a great way to end the half and they went into halftime leading 24-3.

The second half was all Jets and they did a great job on defense and on offense. They forced Roethlisberger to throw two interceptions. Ben Roethlisberger had two fumbles and didn’t lose either, but he did recover one in the end zone. He bobbled the snap and dove on it and he was in the end zone. The Jets did a great job at getting to the quarterback in the second half. The defense didn’t allow the Steelers to score, and that gave them a good chance to win.

The Jets offense played much better in the second half. Sanchez threw for 233 yards and two touchdowns. Santonio Holmes scored the first one on a play action in which he changed his route, and Sanchez hit him in the end zone for a 45 yard touchdown. The Jets still couldn’t run the ball, and that was a problem because the play action wasn’t as effective as it could be. The Jets scored their last touchdown in the fourth quarter with a pass from Mark Sanchez to Braylon Edwards. This put the Steelers within five with over four minutes to go. The Jets couldn’t stop the Steelers and they ran the clock out in their final drive. It was a great effort that came up short, but they still had a good season.

The Jets made many improvements this season and they will be a good team in the years to come. Mark Sanchez is a very good young quarterback and as he gets more experience in the NFL then he will become a more composed quarterback. L.T is getting old but he showed that he still had something in the tank. Shonn Greene is a good, young, and physical running back. He is going to be very good in the coming years and he has shown that in the last two years, especially in the playoffs. Their defense is one of the best in the NFL and that isn’t going to change. They have an old defensive line, but they still have a young secondary and a middle aged line backing corp. This team will likely make the playoffs in the 2011-2012 season, if there is not a lockout.

The Steelers are going for their seventh Super Bowl win. They already lead the NFL with six Super Bowl Championships. This is their third Super Bowl in six years, and Ben Roethlisberger has led them to all three. They have had a great defense during all of their Super Bowl runs, and their offense has been above average. They have always been able to run the ball effectively, and Rashard Mendenhall is a very physical back. Hines Ward is the all time reception leader for the Steelers, and Mike Wallace is one of the best young wide receivers in the NFL. He is one of the best deep ball threats because he has tremendous speed. The Steelers need to prepare for a great Packers offense and a very good defense. This Super Bowl will be very exciting because there are two very good defenses and good offenses.

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