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AFC Title Game/Hockey’s Back: LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!!

Posted on 19 January 2013 by Marty Mossa

Well what a sports weekend we have here. I sitting in my kitchen trying to settle down some 21 hours before our Baltimore Ravens face the New England Patriots once again for the right to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. As I sit here writing this blog I am watching the Capitals trailing the Tampa Bay Lightning 6-3. HOCKEY IS BACK!!

What will tomorrow bring us? Well I certainly won’t try to predict tomorrow’s game. Although I thought the Ravens would keep last week’s game close, I certainly didn’t think they’d leave Denver with a victory.

I haven’t acted that crazy during a Raven’s game since the Super Bowl in 2001. Last week’s game in my humble estimation was the greatest game in Raven’s history barring perhaps Super Bowl XXXV. It was by far the most dramatic in team history.

What about tomorrow? Any combination of things would not surprise me. A close game either way win or lose wouldn’t be a surprise. A blow out either way wouldn’t surprise me either. Are we a team of destiny? Do we have enough left in the tank after an emotional win to beat New England? Will last week’s game catapult us past the Patriots to the Super Bowl?

Joe has had a remarkable year, barring that three game debacle; he beat both Mannings and Brady. Can he beat Brady again? This time tomorrow we’ll know. I just hope my ticker can handle it.

Getting back to hockey; I have a safety net. Regardless of who wins both games tomorrow, I’ll still look forward to watching the Super Bowl. After that I have hockey. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

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