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My NFL Predictions ....

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My NFL Predictions ….

Posted on 08 September 2010 by Rex Snider

Well, we’ve finally reached that point, right? The National Football League kicks off its season tomorrow night. So, the training camp perspectives can now be translated into your outlook for the AFC, NFC and ultimately, the Super Bowl winner.

It’s easy to sit back and forecast the Ravens to hoist the Lombardi Trophy into the Dallas night, on February 6th. That’s what our hearts say – regardless, of whatever cautionary measures our minds consider. You wanna pick the Ravens, because it feels good to do so …..

Of course, choosing Joe Flacco and company is a logical consideration, as well. This team identified vulnerabilities during the offseason, and they did their best to address current injury-related weaknesses over the past month. Overall, it appears to be a very stellar squad.

This Ravens team is much more lethal on the offensive side of the ball, specifically in the passing game. And, the defense appears to be primed for another strong campaign, even when considering the woes in the secondary. As for special teams play, management chose the leg that boots the ball deeper on kickoffs, and that makes me happy.

Am I picking the Ravens? You’re damned right I’m picking them. I’m rewarding my heart and my mind. And, like I said, it’s a logical proposition. As for my overall views, I’ll spend the next few days dishing on them. Today, I’m providing my picks for the AFC:


1) Miami Dolphins (11-5) – I’ve just got a feeling this team finally reaches its potential. Much of the hope will rest upon Ronnie Brown’s health and I’m suspecting he’ll finally stay on his feet for an entire season. Combined with Ricky Williams in the backfield and the addition of Brandon Marshall in the passing game, I think the Dolphins realize that next step.

If you recall, they were that one team NOBODY wanted to play for a substantial stretch of the 2009 season. That said, they started the season poorly and seemed to be climbing uphill through December. This year, it’s a different story. They’ll finish 11-5 and win the AFC East.

2) New England Patriots (10-6)

3) New York Jets (10-6)

4) Buffalo Bills (3-13)


1) Baltimore Ravens (12-4) – Yeah, I’m drinking the purple kool-aid and it’s for good reason; they’re a solid freakin’ team. When I attended the Ravens ’09 season ending press conference, during the first week of February, I distinctly recall Steve Bisciotti’s words. He said the organization was committed to building around Joe Flacco, and he obviously wasn’t kidding.

Here we stand a mere seven months later and Ozzie Newsome has added receivers Anquan Boldin, Donte’ Stallworth and TJ Houshmandzadeh, as well as rookie tight ends Ed Dickson and Vince Pitta as legitimate options for Flacco’s arm. The defense, while still primarily intact will continue to play at a level Ray Lewis demands of himself. They’ll be fine and this will be a very enjoyable season.

2) Cincinnati Bengals (10-6)

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8)

4) Cleveland Browns (5-11)


1) Indianapolis Colts (11-5) – I would like nothing more than to predict doom and gloom for the Colts. But, they’ve still got a superior passing game with Peyton Manning continuing to make good receivers look great. This will be the season of a new favorite target for Manning, as Pierre Garcon will supplant Reggie Wayne as his favorite deep target.

I realize everyone is smitten with the Houston Texans passing game, as well. But, Matt Schaub and his stable of receiving targets will not be enough to overtake the Colts.

2) Houston Texans (10-6)

3) Tennessee Titans (10-6)

4) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)


1) San Diego Chargers (11-5) – Not a hard decision, huh? The Chargers, minus Vince Jackson and LaDanian Tomlinson are fairly intact as the unit that dominated the AFC WEST, last season. I think rookie Ryan Matthews is an upgrade over LT and the recently acquired Patrick Crayton should provide some support to the receiving corps.

Philip Rivers is really coming into his own as an elite NFL quarterback and in a similar fashion to Peyton Manning, his arm and intellect will make his targets look better than they would in a lesser system.

2) Kansas City Chiefs (8-8)

3) Oakland Raiders (7-9)

4) Denver Broncos (6-10)

Well, this is how I see the AFC shaping up. Tomorrow, I’ll give my predictions for the NFC and on Friday, I’ll post my postseason scenarios for both conferences, as well as pick my Super Bowl winner.

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The Hard Knock On Rex?  He's Gonna Be Outsmarted ....

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The Hard Knock On Rex? He’s Gonna Be Outsmarted ….

Posted on 12 August 2010 by Rex Snider

I wanna take this opportunity to express my humble gratitude to Brad Bergesen. Thanks to his efficient disposal of the Cleveland Indians, last night, I was able to switch the channel at 10pm.

That’s right, you can toss me in the same boat with MILLIONS of football fans, who settled on the edges of our seats as 9:59pm came and went. Of course, we were locked into HBO for the debut of this summer’s hottest reality show …..

What more could a sofa-jock ask for on a Wednesday night?

A two hitter for the Orioles and their new Grand Poobah of the diamond, Buck Showalter …..

A countdown of less than 24 hours before seeing Anquan Boldin on the receiving end of a Joe Flacco laser …..

And, Rex Ryan being HIMSELF – in more possible ways than most of us imagined – in front of a nationwide crowd …..

I honestly don’t know where to start; I have so many things to say. But, lets just do the normal thing and start at the beginning of what’s bound to be the likely undoing of the 2010 version of the J-E-T-S …. JETS.

While I give my thoughts from the beginning, I’ll need to borrow some dialogue from the entire first episode of Hard Knocks to really provide an accurate perspective.

And, in doing so, I’ll suggest that I was a little surprised that Rexy kept the conversation so G-rated when he addressed the collective crowd awaiting the Jets’ arrival, at their Training Camp home, in Cortland, New York.

In fact, I can vividly envision him saying “What the FU#@ is going on everybody? …. Did anyone bring me a FU#@ing cheesesteak, umm I mean salad?

Should we expect anything different?

Aside from the bird-flipping image of Rex Ryan at a mixed martial arts event, last year, I thought we would see a guy who has become a little more polished, in 2010. Evidently, not.

Yes, we witnessed the slimmer version of Rex Ryan. But, he was still the hammy, and at times, self indulgent guy we’ve come to adore. I don’t dislike him, regardless of where he is coaching. He had a significant hand in making the Baltimore Ravens a WINNER over the last decade.

But, I was a little surprised at the needless vulgarity during the show. Don’t misunderstand my message, I know the content is supposed to be reality-based and in that spirit, coaches use the f-bomb on the field.

I’m a guy. I was a cop. I hang around Nestor. I’m fully aware of the conspicuous presence of the word describing “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” in our everyday conversations.

But, was it necessary to include that language in casual conversations from last night’s first episode? I don’t think so. When you hear it a couple times, while the team is practicing, it seems like a natural fit. Beyond those circumstances, such language just cheapens the appeal.

And, it forces a parent (or uncle) to send a 12 year old packing.

Hey, I didn’t know what Rex or one of his cronies might say next. Thus, the kid has to call it a night.

If you think I’m being a prude, fine. But, I’ll bet Roger Goodell will set aside a few moments to call Woody Johnson, this morning. Heck, that phone might’ve been ringing, last night.

Alas, the sophmoric language wasn’t the only perplexing observation from last night’s season debut. A few other perculiar incidents caused me to raise an eyebrow, while thinking “is this the best they can do?”

I honestly didn’t laugh at the incidental f-bombs. But, I absolutely got a good chuckle when the Jets rolled out Joe Namath, in a pair of striped bermuda’s pulled up to the bottom of his man boobs …..

And, why did he bring Snooki from Jersey Shore?

Seriously, Joe Namath? I didn’t understand the objective in bringing in a guy who played the game in a different era. Is he really familiar with Brian Scottenheimer’s offense? I suppose I can see the symbolic tie to having Broadway Joe show up and pose for a few photos, while guaranteeing the Jets will win the Super Bowl …..

It worked 40 years ago, right?

But, today’s players don’t know about the NFL’s history. And, they certainly don’t care. Just look at the Ravens and Colts rivalry.

Throughout last night’s episode, one thing became very, very clear to me. Rex Ryan does not believe he can win WITHOUT Darelle Revis, who continues to be a no-show at camp. I don’t care what Rex says publicly, he’s obviously worried.

If we counted the half dozen words most often uttered, last night, the list would include …. the, a, I, and, if, Revis. And, probably in that order. Okay, if the list grew a little longer, we might be able to include FU#@, too.

After watching last night’s show, I’ll imagine Darrelle Revis and his agent have decided to dig their heels a little deeper into the figurative mud, this morning. He’s got ’em …. and he knows it.

But, this is probably Rex’s BIGGEST FLAW (as you’ll see in a few moments) …..

He simply cannot hide from blunt honesty. He’s a horrible liar and that’s what makes him so appealing. He tells the truth in the most brutal way possible. Even when he tries to be a little sheepish, he still concedes to the temptation of telling it like it is.

Rex Ryan’s hopes are tied to his disgruntled cornerback – period.

As a Ravens fan, I would love to see Darrelle Revis anywhere but the Meadowlands, on September 13th. But, that will never happen. Rex Ryan let that cat outta the bag, last night.

In consideration of everything I’ve mentioned already, my final and most poignant observation really didn’t dawn upon my noggin’ until after the premiere ended ….

Throughout Hard Knocks’ 50+ minutes of staged reality, we saw the most familiar trait of Rex Ryan several times. He loves the spotlight, and he equally loves to walk around like he’s got the biggest “WOODY” in the locker room.

That’s him.

He flashes his “WOODY”. He brags about his “WOODY”. And, he certainly makes sure everybody knows what he thinks about his own “WOODY.”

That said, his decision to bring in the Hard Knocks crew and embrace them with his unadulterated vulgarity and brutal honesty are evidence that he also thinks with his “WOODY” at some of the most crucial times.

This Hard Knocks & New York Jets marriage was a horribly stupid idea. Watch and see …..

About 15 minutes after last night’s debut ended, it dawned on me …..

Rex Ryan has most likley likely committed the CARDINAL SIN for leaders who are preparing their troops for battle …..

He is allowing the ENEMIES to get a good look at the infrastructure of his 2010 product. And, aside from all the bravado and swagger, his primary enemies are smarter than him – ON and OFF the football field …..


Why would Rex ever give these guys an edge? Why would he ever take a chance? His ego and pride won’t allow him to do it any other way.

The New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins will finish ahead of the New York Jets, this season. They’re already hard at work in finding a way. And, as we all know, Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick always find a way.

Meanwhile, Rex Ryan is chasing Darrelle Revis around and trying to entertain the camera.

Some guys are just smarter than others. Some guys just think with their heads …..

Others think with their “WOODY” …..

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (2/4/10)

Posted on 04 February 2010 by Jack McManus


Warren Sapp is next up. He talks with the guys about his possible entrance into the Hall of Fame. Drew explains that he thinks Sapp is a slam dunk for the hall. Sapp next talks about the first time he met Ray Lewis. Lewis stepped into Miami’s lineup at age 17 due to injury to a starting linebacker. Sapp watched Lewis mature into the player he is. Sapp next talks about how the Colts’ management ruined the chance for a perfect season for both the fans and the players.



Tim Brando is next up with Drew. He mentions his travel plans that could be affected by the impending snowstorm. He starts off by discussing Tony Bennett’s impact at Virginia. Bennett has been a breath of fresh air at UVA. He goes on to call Maryland and under-exposed team. He states that Maryland does not have many household names and could surprise many people later in the season. Before leaving, Brando predicts the Saints will win the Super Bowl.



Drew now welcomes in Merton. Merton reminds everyone that Indy has taken the Colts and turned them into a winner. Drew asks if they could take the Orioles away as well. Nestor tells Merton that he will be wearing a Saints championship shirt at the scouting combine.


Nestor and the rest of the crew down in Florida discuss the average commenter on blogs. Most of them seem to be negative everyone agrees.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/27/10)

Posted on 27 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Bob Woods, asistant coach of the Washington Capitals now joins Drew. He talks about the team’s win last night. The team got a balanced effort, scoring 7 goals while not getting a point from Alex Ovechkin.


David Downs, the Executive Director of the USA Bid Committee is the next guest. He begins by talking about how MLS attendence is only a  small factor in deciding which cities will have World Cup games if the USA becomes the host country. He points out that although Baltimore does not have and MLS team, the game played at M&T Bank sold out and drew lots of national attention. Downs states that about 12 cities will host games. Those cities will not be determined until about 5 years before the World Cup would take place in America. Downs also explains that all 18 cities still in the running have an equal opportunity right now.


Sideline Reporter for the Colts, Kevin Lee is now up. He starts off by talking about the idea of resting players in the regular season. The Colts and the Saints were both proven correct by reaching the Super Bowl. Indy fans still contend that the Colts should have played for the perfect season. Lee states that he is happy with how things have worked out. He next explains how the Colts reacted to being down 11 points before halftime. The bench was still calm during the entire game despite the deficit. Lee also explains that most, if not all, of the injured Colts will be able to play in the Super Bowl.


Shaka Smart joins Drew early this morning. Smart is the head coach of the VCU basketball team. His Rams will face off against Towson tonight. Smart agrees with Drew that the top of the CAA is terrific this season. He also points out that his team has improved during the season and he hopes to finish conference play strong. He calls Towson a “dangerous” team to play.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/20/10)

Posted on 20 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Chad Reuter is live in Orlando. He is covering the East-West Shrine Game. He states that many of the players in this game have great potential. Reuter discusses some of the wide receivers available. He explains that the underclassmen who declared early have boosted the class of pass-catchers. He calls Golden Tate a possible target for the Ravens in the draft. on the topic of quarterbacks, Reuter explains that after the second round, not much talent will be available. He also believes that Tim Tebow will drafted much higher than many people expect.



Dave Steckel of the Capitals is now on with Drew. Steckel scored the game winning goal last night against the Detroit Red Wings. He talks about the leadership Alexander Ovechkin provides as a captain. Next, Steckel talks about maintaining focus during a time where the team is running away with its division. Steckel also discusses the upcoming Olympic break. The players spend much of their time relxing before spending the latter part of the break to get back into shape.


Bob in Parkville calls in to talk about the earlier segment on Marvin Harrison. Bob believes that Harrison definitely shot the man in question. He goes on to say that this type of issue is far too common in the NFL. He states that nothing in any other sport compares to this.


Lomas Brown, of ESPN is next welcomed in. He begins by talking about the Colts-Jets game coming up this weekend. He is torn on which team he believes will win. As for the NFC Championship Game, Brown thinks the Vikings defense puts the team in a position to win. He states that Brett Favre came back to win a Super Bowl not just reach the NFC Championship. Finally, Brown talks about the CBA bargaining. The owners are asking for the players to assume a large loss in the percent of profits.


Merton is the next caller. Drew quickly jumps on Merton’s offer to take the Orioles from Baltimore too. He thinks Indy could turn the team in to a winner just like it did with the Colts. He makes sure to treat us with the Colts fight song before he leaves.


Art in Bel Air calls in. He wants to let Drew know he agrees that fans who no longer care for Matt Stover just because he played for Indy are wrong. He doesn’t care what team Stover chose to play for if it was the best situation for him.


Head coach of the Towson basketball team, Pat Kennedy is the next guest. Drew lets Kennedy know that whenever he accompanies a local team to Philly they lose. Therefore, Drew will stay away from the city for now. Kennedy admits that the losing hurts his team, but morale is still high. He states that the team is doing well in the paint right now. He is not upset about the team’s level of play despite the fact the team has not met expectations.


Jason Fagone of GQ joins Drew to talk about his story on Marvin Harrison. After publishing this story ESPN has revealed that the FBI is restarting investigations on Harrison. Fagone discusses with Drew how Harrison has returned to where he grew up despite his monetary success as a pro football player.


Miles from Owings Mills wants to make it clear that most Baltimore fans would welcome Stover back with open arms if he were to return next season.


Dan in Fallston is the next caller. He blames Stover for demanding a guaranteed contract from the Ravens when he knew the team did not give them out. Drew emphasizes that Ozzie Newsome made the decision on Stover and the idea of John Harbaugh not wanting Stover is false.


Lots of discussion on Matt Stover this morning. Bill in Essex talks about Matt has almost destroyed his legacy in Baltimore by going to play for the Colts. Drew points out that the Stovers are very sensitive to these types of issues becuase of their desire to be a part of the community.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/15/10)

Posted on 15 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Damon Hack of SI is now up with Drew. Hack has predicted the Colts will win 20-13. However, he explains that he would not be surprised by any result in any game this weekend. He also talks about how he believes how the media will greatly focus on the Ravens’ great season if the team manages to defeat the Colts. Drew thinks that the main focus will be on Indy’s decision to rest their players at the end of the regular season.


Kevin Lee, Colts reporter, is next up. He starts off by talking about the one-sided rivalry between the Ravens and the Colts. While the people of Indy understand Baltimore’s loss, they feel no animosity towards the Ravens. Lee also states that the Colts are facing a lot of pressure this season because of the way the regular season ended. He believes that many of the players would have wanted to play out the regular season and try and go 16-0. The players want to be a part of something that will be remembered forever, but they understand the management’s decision.


Chuck from Bel Air chimes in wishing Drew a safe trip to Indy. He also discusses the Capitals with Drew. He thinks the team needs to add a defender in order for the team to have a chance to win the Stanley Cup.


Greg Gumbel is the next guest. Gumbel will be calling the Ravens playoff game tomorrow. He also was an announcer for the two teams’ previous matchup. On the topic of last week’s game, Gumbel explains that teams just don’t go into Foxboro and start off as strong as the Ravens do. This proved to him that the Ravens are ready to play this postseason. Gumbel mentions that the Cowboys are another team that has impressed early on in the playoffs. He next moves on to the preparation the Colts have gone through. He explains that since they did not know the opponent for a week, the team worked on fundamentals. The Colts are normally well-prepared and should not be rusty when facing the Ravens.



Drew welcomes in Randy Monroe, the coach of the UMBC basketball team. Despite the fact the team is fighting hard in each and every game, they have come up short for most of the season. Last night the Retrievers were in a back and forth game against Hartford. UMBC ended up losing by 6 points. Monroe next discusses the improvement of Chris De La Rosa. In particular, De La Rosa has done a better job of involving his teammates. Monroe states that every team in the country goes through rough stretches. It is very important for teams to be able to maintain confidence and turn it around.


Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com is next up with Drew. He mentions an article he will soon put up about Marvin Harrison’s legal issues. Florio states that it is amazing that Harrison has not been prosecuted. He next talks about the season of Michael Vick and his future in the league.


Lou in Phoenix calls in. He brings up how the Orioles have yet to make an impact this offseason. He has not seen the team add the “big bat” they promised. In particular he points out the team’s lack of effort towards getting Matt Holliday.


Antwan Barnes is now on with Drew. He starts off by talking about how “cool, calm, and collected” the locker room is. He next states that he has been waiting for his opportunity to help the team win. The past few weeks, Barnes has made a significant impact on the defensive side of the ball. He also acknowledges the importance of this game to the city of Baltimore.



Pete from downtown is next up. He states that he has had trouble sleeping at night going into the game with John Harbaugh as coach.


Mike in Rosedale talks about the upcoming playoff game. He says the best defense against Peyton Manning is to score touchdowns on offense. He thinks the Ravens have a great chance to pull off the upset.


Robert from Hampstead calls in to ask about John Daly’s weight loss. He then shares his own weight loss story. Drew talks about Daly’s appeal to the everyday man.


Jonathan in Essex calls in. He talks about the intensity level of both the players and the fans this week. He states that both sides seem very excited for the upcoming game. He also says that Ray Lewis “owes” the Ravens fans a win over Peyton Manning.


As part of the picks and comment segment, Glenn picks the Colts to defeat the Ravens, while Drew and Josh choose the Ravens. Be sure to check out all the picks in the audio vault.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/14/10)

Posted on 14 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Sean Salisbury joins us as he does every Thursday. He starts off by discussing the Cowboys. He is very impressed with Jason Garrett in particular. He talks about how the team has been able to score touchdowns and not settle for field goals. Sean does not see how Wade Phillips can be fired at this point. Sean also talks about the road AFC teams. He states that over-rested teams bother him. He also explains how going on the road takes some pressure off a team. His picks for the weekend: Chargers, Ravens, Saints, Vikings.


I spent the past 2 hours adding music to Glenn’s ipod. Therefore, I am sorry for not blogging any of the show.


Dannell Ellerbe wakes up early to chat with Drew this morning. He starts off by discussing how far he has come in the past year. Ellerbe was an undrafted free agent and is now playing a major role on a playoff team. He next talks about stopping the Colts prolific passing attack.


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Blog & Tackle: Stats to check out on WNST.net

Posted on 13 January 2010 by Chris Pika

There will be plenty written and said in the next few days about the Ravens’ AFC Divisional Playoff matchup with the Colts on Saturday.

If you don’t know how much sports information resides on WNST.net, here is a great example of what you can find if you click on the grey bar at the top of the page where it says NFL: A head-to-head analysis of the Ravens and the Colts in 2009, and each team’s individual stats.

Ravens-Colts 2009 Comparison

2009 Baltimore Ravens Stats

2009 Indianapolis Colts Stats

I will have my “How I See It” column with a Ravens-Colts prediction up early Friday morning, but these team numbers should give you something to discuss with your friends leading up to game time.

All four games this weekend will be too close to call, in my opinion. The big surprise may come in New Orleans, where the Saints are vulnerable against the Cardinals. In fact, all four road teams (Arizona, Baltimore, Dallas and New York) have good reason for optimism against the division winners they face.

If you are not one of the many people traveling to Indy on the WNST Purple Playoff Trip or by other means, please join us at 8 pm here on WNST.net for the Playoff Purple Haze Live Chat with news and info from the Lucas Oil Stadium press box from Drew Forrester and Glenn Clark and your comments and questions during the game.

Click @BlogAndTackle to follow Chris Pika on Twitter

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/12/10)

Posted on 12 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Dan from Fallston next calls in. He talks about how the Ravens only passed the ball 10 times this past weekend. If the team is able to run the ball that often, the team is probably in good shape no matter what.


Stan Cotten, the play-by-play voice of Wake Forest, is next up with Drew. He discusses the up and down season Wake has experienced thus far. He calls the team’s inconsistent nature “odd.” Cotten next turns to how the Demon Deacons will try to shut down Greivis Vasquez. He states that Vasquez will definitely get his points, Wake must just limit his overall impact on the game. Cotten agrees with Drew that the ACC is having a down year this season.



Drew and Glenn talk about the decision Bill Belichick to defer to start the game. Both agree that in the playoffs, it is very important to start off with the ball in order to have a chance to seize momentum. No team can assume there will be a close game and they can “steal” a possession by taking the ball in the second half. Glenn also brings up the fact that the Colts have never won after a first round bye in the playoffs.



Steve in Edgewood is next up. He brings up the idea that the Ravens should knock Manning out of the game early on and deal with a fine or suspension later on. Its probably not a good plan.


Jerry from Timonium calls in. He brings up a previous game against the Colts in which Peyton Manning abused the secondary early on. He states that the Ravens need to get off to a much better start and rush the passes more effectively to have any chance of winning.



Tom in Rising Sun is the next caller. He compares that Patriots receiving corps to the Colts. Drew states that he believes Colts receivers and tight ends are much stronger that those of the Patriots. Tom also asks whether or not Flacco will be able to get back into a rhythm passing the ball. Drew explains that the team’s plan was not to run the ball as much as they did.


Patrick Stevens joins Drew to talk about the Terps. Stevens talks about the scheduling issues for the mens’ basketball team. After the teams victory over Florida State on Sunday night, the team had a short turn around before having to face Wake Forest tonight. On the topic of Wake, Stevens talks about how the Demon Deacons also lost to William & Mary during their out of conference schedule. Stevens next discusses with Drew how the ACC is most likely not as strong as it has been in recent years. Stevens states that if one player a night other than Greivis Vasquez can step up, the Terps will be a dangerous team. To finish up Stevens talks about how the CAA is a very strong basketball conference this season. It is a distinct possibility that a team could get an at-large bid out of the conference.



Kevin in Baltimore is the next caller. He asks Drew what advice he would give to Tiger Woods. Drew talks about how Tiger may now be able to play better golf if all his other issues are off his mind. He goes on to say that it was a very good idea for Tiger to “disappear” for a while.


Ross Tucker from Sports Illustrated is on with Drew to talk about the NFL playoffs. He first talks about how he really believes that Ravens have a solid chance of beating the Colts this weekend. Tucker thinks that the key to the game will be the pressure the Raven defense can put on Peyton Manning. Drew mentions that if the Ravens can get off to another strong start, they have a chance to win. Tucker also speaks about the thrilling game between the Packers and Cardinals this past weekend. He explains that the way the Saints finished the season leaves them in a vulnerable position to lose to the Cardinals.


John from Canton calls in to talk some Ravens. He starts off by talking about Ed Reed’s tendency to lateral the ball. He states that all the other defensive players should not get in a position to receive a backwards pass.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (1/6/10)

Posted on 06 January 2010 by Jack McManus


Steve from Pimlico calls in to talk about teams going for the perfect season. He states that it is worth taking a small risk to make a permanent place in history. He gives the example that no one remembers the Super Bowl winner the year before or after the Dolphins’ perfect season.


Tim from Bel Air is the next caller. He weighs in on the situation involving the Colts resting their players the final weeks of the season. Glenn has posted a potential solution to this issue that seems to come up at the end of every season. Tim talks about the impact on the players’ attitude when the team is obviously not doing all it can to win.


Captain Jerk calls in. He gives us a quick traffic report. Before leaving his own version of “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire” and wishing us a “Happy Festivus.”

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