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Our 3rd bus to Indy is sold out; we’re doing a waiting list for 4th

Posted on 13 January 2010 by WNST Staff

Because our phones are ringing off the hook and our email is burning up, we just thought we’d update you on the Indy Miller Lite Purple Roadtrip situation. We have now sold out our 3rd bus to Indy and we’re putting together a waiting list for a potential 4th bus. We just need to have enough people to push the bus and will make a decision by the end of the day.

If you are interested in going to Indy with 165 Ravens Maniacs, simply email: brad@wnst.net.

We hope to see you in Indy and remember: even if you’re not on our official trip you are ABSOLUTELY invited to come our parties on Friday and Saturday night in Broad Ripple.

All of the details are here for the big soirees at Rock Lobster for both days.

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Traveling to Indy? Here’s Everything you need to know about parties & fun!

Posted on 11 January 2010 by Nestor Aparicio

So, you’re a Ravens Maniac like us and you’re planning on coming to Indianapolis with us – hopefully on our Miller Lite Purple Playoff Roadtrip but perhaps on your own via planes, buses or automobiles — and you don’t really know the best way to go about it, book it or who to trust? This blog and this information is for Ravens fans like you.

Hop aboard and learn “all things Indianapolis, Ravens roadtrip and this weekend’s playoff game” here from WNST.net, where we pride ourselves on throwing the best parties and best events for the traveling purple crowd on the road!

First (as a shameless plug), our trip is on sale and our first bus is already sold out. We just put the second bus on sale. Honestly, our bus trip is designed to be the cheapest, easiest and most fun way to do the trip. You show up at 6 a.m. on Friday and almost everything is taken care of for you and you can relax and just have fun until Sunday night when we return around 9 p.m. (Go out on Facebook and ask around to the 109 people we took to New England this weekend or the thousands we’ve taken on the road in the past about our trips. No one does a trip like WNST. That’s a fact!)

But, judging from the droves of email I’m getting, lots of Ravens fans are developing lots of creative ways to get to Indianapolis – from BWI, from D.C., into various Midwestern locales via air, etc. And some are just piling into the “Family Roadster” and driving 10 hours all night on Friday and that all works, too!

If you’re coming to Indianapolis, we’ve developed a special Facebook page where we’ll be updating all pertinent info during the week. It’s called “I’m going to Indianapolis this weekend to see Ravens eliminate Colts!”

ANYONE who is wearing purple is cordially invited to come to our two massive parties on Friday night and all day Saturday to flock together, drink together, dance together, cheer together and have fun as a Baltimore community in Indianapolis.

(I’d insert some Irsay-related insult here, but I’ll refrain and keep that for Saturday afternoon when we might offer up a widely-popular side trip to piss on his grave. But, I digress…)

Here’s the biggest issue in Indy this weekend: there’s a gigantic cheerleader convention that is taking up 25,000 beds all weekend. This is clogging up virtually everything in the city this week.

The reality for Ravens fans? There are NO rooms available anywhere near the downtown area. If you’ve been shopping the internet, you already know this.

So, last week while I was researching the climate to throw a party and do a group trip pending a Ravens win in New England, I made some decisions to base my parties from an area north of the city called Broad Ripple. For lack of a better description, this is “the Fells Point of Indianapolis.” It’s a cool, walking bar area and we’ve obtained the three biggest bars in a party block to throw a gigantic purple area all night on Friday and all day on Saturday.

The good news: you won’t really be dealing with the Mertons of Indianapolis and stolen blue horseshoes until you get downtown on Saturday afternoon before the game. This town of Broad Ripple will become “Purple Ripple” sometime after 7 p.m. on Friday night.

Here are the details for our two parties:

Main Location: Rock Lobster, 820 Broad Ripple Ave. Indy

Click here for a full description of Rock Lobster and Average Joe’s and Mineshaft!

Official website for Broad Ripple Bars here…

Party pricing:

Friday (7 p.m. til 11 p.m.): $10 cover, cheap drinks all night

Saturday (11 a.m. til 6 p.m.): $20 in advance/$25 at door, FULL buffet & cheap drinks all night

If you buy BOTH parties now, it’s a $25 charge and you can buy the seats here…

Rock Lobster is our flagship headquarters on Friday night, but there’s little doubt that our parties will spill into the other two bars next door (Mineshaft & Average Joe’s) all day on Saturday.


If you are going to Indianapolis and NOT going with the WNST bus, I’d highly recommend two areas – both on the north side of the city – for hotels: Anywhere south of Carmel and in the Castleton area is a good spot if you’re planning on attending our purple parties.

There are also a bunch of rooms out on the southwest side of town near the Indianapolis Airport, but they’re a long way from downtown and even further from our parties. (And let’s be honest, none of us are going to be staying in Indy for more than a day or two, so I’m trying to be efficient in getting everyone into one spot and having an awesome time.)


Tickets are about $125 and readily available. The Colts fans and the fans of Indianapolis suck, for the most part, and they have over 4,000 tickets on the web right now ready for purchase. The Colts fans aren’t that excited about this team right or none of these tickets would be so readily available.

Game tickets – if you have a little bit of money – will not be an issue in Indianapolis, unless 12,000 of us show up this weekend. That said, get your tickets early or just get on our roadtrip and it’s all taken care of for you.

And given the 10-hour drive and the non-existent airline availability, this is highly unlikely.

Here are some links to some of our parties in the past:

Last year in Nashville…

Last year in Pittsburgh…

We also just put up the video of what our trips looked like this weekend in New England.

We had a really successful party in Providence and would love to see a “Nashville-style” celebration in Indy this weekend.

We hope to see you in Indianapolis on Friday night at Rock Lobster.

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The Wednesday Wishlist .....

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The Wednesday Wishlist …..

Posted on 09 December 2009 by Rex Snider

It took me a couple years …..

But, I’ve finally learned not to take myself or my sports opinions too seriously. While I’m very passionate about the Ravens, Orioles and other hometown flavors, I’ve come to realize many fans have their own in-depth opinions and analysis.

So, while I’ll continue to show my serious side, when it really warrants, I’m also happy to lighten things up or not be so “cut and dry.” I like humor. I like sarcasm. But, I’m also a sucker for a compelling story – while hopefully motivating people to remember there are, indeed, life events more important than sports.

Today, you’ll get a little bit of everything. It’s just an old fashioned “Wish List” ……

The Orioles Go Christmas Shopping …..

Well, we’re halfway through Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings and the Orioles have done ….. NOTHING.

Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Not really. In fact, I’ve grown indifferent toward many of the Orioles principles and missions, because I don’t know what they’re doing. They don’t tell ME or YOU. But, I do “WISH” the Orioles great success and I have 3 very plausible additions that could help this team.

First, let me say I don’t believe free agency is the route this offseason. That’s right, TRADES are the way to improve a team. The Yankees just landed Curtis Granderson – and their minor league trade chips are more scarce than the Orioles.

At some point, I think Andy McPhail has to realize every single member of his coveted stable of prospects is not going to achieve success on the big league level. Some of these kids are real risks – why not “SELL them on the HIGH” ???

Which ones? I don’t know – that really is Andy’s job. But, there are young major leaguers available. Their teams might be openly shopping them, but I’d bet they can be had ….. for the right price.

Here’s 3 players who could fill a void RIGHT NOW. But, it would cost some young talent in return.

Chris Davis (1st Base) – Texas Rangers

A year ago, today, Chris Davis was regarded as the Rangers next “Big Thing.” He was fresh off a rookie campaign that saw him hit .285, with 17 homers, in just 317 plate appearances. And, he was just 22 years old.

Chris Davis entered 2009 as one of Fantasy Baseball’s worst kept secrets. Unfortunately, he did not live up to the hype. While Davis continued to hit for power, he was on pace to set a new record for strikeouts, through June. He was demoted to AAA, prior to the All Star break

He returned to the Rangers, in late August. With a shortened stroke, Chris Davis cut down on the strikeouts and hit .318, with 5 homers, during the season’s final month. It was no surprise – Chris Davis has hit at every level of the Rangers system.

So, why could he be had? The answer – Justin Smoak …..

He’s the Rangers #1 prospect and he’s just about ready for a shot at “The Show.” Smoak is more highly touted than Davis. It’s really that simple. Chris Davis is just 23 years old and he’s not eligible for free agency until 2014. He’s worth a look – but landing him won’t be cheap.

Alex Gordon (3rd Base) – Kansas City Royals

I know what you’re thinking – “Alex Gordon is UNTOUCHABLE.” Don’t bet on it …..

He was freakishly touted, as he hailed from the University of Nebraska. Alex Gordon was the #2 overall pick in the 2005 draft. He was “Can’t Miss” …..

Well, Gordon has now been through 3 Major League seasons, and realized mild success. In nearly 1400 career plate appearances, he’s hitting .250 with 37 homeruns. And, he’s experienced more than one bite from the INJURY BUG.

It’s still too early to say whether Alex Gordon will “MISS” or not. But, he’s no longer a rookie or prospect and the Kansas City Royals patience may be wearing thin. There are whispers regarding Gordon’s availability, as the Royals are constantly reinventing their roster.

Gordon is eligible for free agency following the 2012 season, and he’s a Boras client. But, if he keeps flirting with injuries and normalcy, he might be one of the rare Boras birds who can be had – before hitting free agency.

The talent is there – and the Orioles need a 3rd Baseman.

Zack Greinke (Pitcher) – Kansas City Royals

I know, another “yeah right, Rex” reaction, huh?

Well, if you’re the Kansas City Royals, will Zack Greinke’s stock ever be higher? He’s the Cy Young winner !!!!

He’s signed through 2012, and due nearly $35 million over the stretch. Is he worth it? The Orioles have the cash and he’s proven.

You can bet Kansas City is not keeping him beyond 2011 and due to some personal issues, he’s not likely to be a good fit in a high-pressured environment, like New York. Given his emotional makeup, Greinke is not comfortable with interviews or verbal confrontation.

Did you see him chatting about his Cy Young?


He didn’t really participate in the All Star media events, either.

Zack Greinke needs a comfortable environment. Baltimore could be it. But, once again, the Royals will not give him away. And, God knows the Kansas City Royals LOVE prospects !!!!

Danica Joins NASCAR

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity Boys ….. Danica’s Goin’ Racing !!!!

Indeed, the WORLD’S MOST POPULAR female driver is joining the WORLD’S MOST POPULAR RACING SERIES …. albeit, at it’s “Junior Varsity” level.

Danica Patrick has signed a deal to drive for Dale Earnhardt Jrs. organization, JR Motorsports. It’s a loosely binding arrangement, as she is driving a limited amount of races in NASCAR’S Nationwide Series.

Personally, I think it’s just a PR stunt.

I think she’s going to fail – miserably. And, it has nothing to do with talent …..

If you’re a devout follower of auto racing, you understand and appreciate the commitment demanded of competitors. It’s more than a full time job ….. it’s an obsession. And, Danica isn’t willing to put in the time or effort.

Her main concentration is still Indy Cars. I don’t blame her, she’s successful on that circuit and it more than pays her bills. The NASCAR gig could be short lived. In fact, I’ll be shocked if she’s still around when the Nationwide Series makes it’s 2nd return to Dover, in September.

I’m also not convinced Danica possesses the tempermant for NASCAR and stock car racing. She has a personal history of getting visibly upset and challenging others when their car makes contact with hers.

She’s had problems keeping her cool …..

And, I’ll guarantee this guy runs her into a wall or two …..

I’ll stand by my comments – I don’t think it will work. I “WISH” Danica well and I hope she succeeds, but a long line of people have tried it this way and things didn’t work. Regardless, we’re enjoying her while she’s here …..

Hey, us NASCAR fans might be dumb ….. but, we’re not stupid !!!!

Crosby, Stills & Nash = HORRIBLE

I watched HBO’s “Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame” concert, last night. Who dug up the bodies of David Crosby, Steven Stills and Graham Nash ???

I truly “WISH” that I will NEVER, EVER hear another Crosby, Stills & Nash song, again.

They were horrible 40 years ago ….. and they’re still HORRIBLE, today.

Tigers Woods – I’ve Pretty Much Had Enough …..

Then again, nah ….. I’m okay.

Keep ’em coming ……

I just “WISH” Rachel Uchitel would hurry up and strike a deal with Hugh Hefner …..

Harbaugh Interviews For The Notre Dame Job

The MOST OVERRATED JOB in the world is available, again …..

The Fighting Irish need a new coach to replace the recently jetisoned Charlie Weis. They’re scanning the ranks of potential candidates and the entire world knows about it.

What makes Notre Dame so special? Don’t get me wrong, I salute their dedication to academics – while not compromising their educational standards in the name of athletics. To HELL with Boosters ……

But, as Notre Dame’s world turns, we’re finding that Coach Harbaugh has surfaced as a candidate for the football team’s head coaching job. No, not that Coach Harbaugh ….. it’s COLLEGE and KIDS – they need DISCIPLINE, not yellow flags !!!!

And, God knows those BOOSTERS won’t accept “John Harbaugh-like” answers …..

In fact, JIM HARBAUGH, is rumored to be interviewing for the Notre Dame job. Good for him !!!! He’s a very likeable guy and his stock is seriously high, given his recent resume’ at Stanford.

The interview is supposedly planned over the next couple days.

When it happens, I gotta feeling the board of trustees will have a unique set of circumstances on their hands. Yep, they’ll have Jim Harbaugh sitting squarely in front of the table. But, a few steps behind, they’ll hear a couple whispers ….. only to see this face chiming in :

Indeed !!!! That’s how the Harbaugh’s ROLL !!!! It’s a family affair …..

The only remaining question …..


I do “WISH” Jim well – and I hope he gets this Notre Dame gig – the MOST THANKLESS JOB in the world !!!!

Peter Gammons Leaves ESPN

Whoa !!!! Who’s gonna do the nightly Red Sox reports ???

Say it so, Peter …..

By the way, we’re still waiting for Peter Gammons to call WNST and lend his AGREED support to the “Curing Cancer ….. One Call At A Time” marathon. He’s only 154 days late. We’re waiting Pete, just dial (410) 481-1570 …..


What will the WORLDWIDE LEADER do without Gammons? Hmmm ….. maybe they’ll give more responsibility to John Kruk …..

By the way, we’re still waiting for John Kruk to call WNST and lend his AGREED support to the “Curing Cancer ….. One Call At A Time” marathon. He’s only 154 days late. We’re waiting John, just dial (410) 481-1570 …..

I understand Peter Gammons will be leaving ESPN, effectively, at the end of Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings. He wants to pursue other interests.

I “WISH” just ONE OF THOSE INTERESTS would include calling our show, this Sunday. Hey, Harbor Hospital sponsors the 11:30 block of the show – and they were the benefactor of the Cancer fundraiser. Pete, any chance you can call Sunday?

We’d love to talk with you …..

My Thoughts & Wishes For Bryant Gumbel

In case you haven’t heard, Bryant Gumbel has announced he’s battling Lung Cancer.

On Regis & Kelly, Gumbel advised he recently had surgery and said “I’m okay for the time being.”

I will always remember Bryan Gumbel as the host of the Today Show on NBC …..

And, as a kid, I was a fan of Gumbel’s NFL commentary.

That said, at times, I’ve grown disappointed in Bryant Gumbel’s presentation of racial issues. While I’ve always enjoyed his journalistic approach, there have been occasions when I thought his mission was to create a divisive atmospehere – and race was the divider.

But, that’s just my opinion.

Over the past several years, I’ve grown to appreciate “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel,” which has become an HBO staple, since 1995. I’m interested in the intersection of SPORTS and LIFE, and nobody does it better than Gumbel and his staff.

My heart goes out to Bryant Gumbel and his family. I know the disease of LUNG CANCER too well. I lost a parent to it. She was the kindest person I’ve ever known. She didn’t smoke or live irresponsibly.

But, it doesn’t matter.

I “WISH” Bryant Gumbel good health and I hope he KICKS CANCER’S ASS !!!! Here’s to hoping for more Christmas seasons for Gumbel and many more episodes of Real Sports …..

Happy Wednesday Everybody !!!!!

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Posted on 27 February 2009 by Vince Fiduccia

 Like a lot of people right now I have raw emotions running through me about Ray Lewis.  While I am trying to stay somewhat unattached and dispassionate on this, I can only say I am disappointed in Ray Lewis and his advisors.

Look, I more than most fans understand the business of sports.  After all, I spent eight years of my life working in professional sports.  Trust me folks when you work and play in sports, it’s pure business, plain and simple.  The warm fuzzy we feel in the stands doesn’t exist.   That being said, Ray Lewis is handling this about as poorly as you can.  He is coming across as a person who cares about one thing–money.  He is quickly coming off like the football version of Robin Givens.  I guess for Ray right now it’s SHOW ME THE MONEY.  Where is Jerry Maguire when you need him?  Better yet, where is Renee Zellweger? 

Playing in New York or Dallas won’t complete his career; the only thing it will do is tarnish his legacy in Baltimore.  The Ravens have said the right things, and they handled this situation correctly.  They have made a fair (probably overly fair) offer for a player that is 34 years old and will be heading into his 14th season next year.

Fact is few if any players stay at his level at this point of their careers.  Yeah, Ray might be the exception or maybe he is just like rest.  Ray, the only reason you’re getting the offer the Ravens have on the table is that they value you more than anybody else does.  Or did the fact that your phone didn’t ring today fail to wake you up?   

Look I am not stupid.  If suddenly we wake up sometime this weekend and he has signed, all will be forgiven and we’ll all wear our 52 jerseys.   Next January if we are heading to Pittsburgh, Miami or Indy for another playoff game, this will all be long forgotten.  If you can get the money somewhere else, then go for it, Ray; feed your wallet.   

The only thing I can say is it won’t be forgotten here.  Just ask Eddie Murray what it feels like to leave on less than good terms.  No parade, no party, just goodbye



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Blowing up another ghost of Bob Irsay

Posted on 20 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

We all know that Tiger Bob Irsay left us many years ago, but alas the final “icon” of the mayflower vans and the Indianapolis Colts is about to leave us as well. This morning, they’re blowing up the Hoosier Dome, the house that Bob built in Indianapolis.

(I know, I know…”You should get over it!”)

Maybe this is one more step in the healing process that never seems to heal.

Keep an eye out on the web for the implosion videos…

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Selig makes the right call in Philadelphia

Posted on 28 October 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

Even the blind squirrel finds the nut eventually, my Mom once told me. And for once, Bud Selig and Major League Baseball did the right thing.

Calling the game when they did in its suspended fashion was absolutely the obvious choice in deciding this sticky weather situation.

Via the magic of the internet and the Comcast DVR, I’ve had quite an evening. My evening began at the Ravens team Halloween party to benefit Goodwill Industries at Dave & Buster’s at Arundel Mills Mall. My comrades Casey Willett and Ray Bachman joined me and we did a series of wnsTV interviews with Joe Flacco, Todd Heap, Jason Brown and Jameel McClain. It was a great party, raising over $100,00 for the charity and there were 15 Ravens players in the house, including co-host Mark Clayton, Haruki Nakamura, Adam Terry and a bunch of others.

I got home at 10 p.m. I had both the World Series and the Tennessee-Indianapolis game set on the DVR. I got caught up in the baseball game before we even left the bar and joined it in real time. By 10:30, it was raining pretty hard and anyone who was watching had to be asking the same question we were: “Why in the world are they playing? This is no way to settle a World Series title!”

So, they halted the game in a rain delay right after the Rays tied the game 2-2, and 45 minutes later (after we had started the Colts-Titans game on the DVR), we heard about the “suspended” status on MLB.com. We tried for a few minutes to get the info about the rules, the makeup time and date — ya know, the basic 411 and “what are they doing?” stuff. Ten seconds later, I’m listening to the Bud Selig press conference in real time on the internet as I watch the second quarter of the football game from Nashville. And this shapes up to be a pretty good game right now.

(Shh, don’t wreck it for me!! And don’t send me result-related texts in real time during a gamenight. I’m in delay probably 80% of the time.)

It’s a perfect sports world, being around and on the internet in 2008, right?

I’m pretty sure the game is over and I’m avoiding surfing the web because I’m now watching the second half of the Titans-Colts game in delay.

It’s midnight. One false move and “Titan win late” or “Colts pull out big road win” headline blare and it wrecks my whole night.

I have no idea who won and I might even turn it off and pick it up in progress for breakfast. In my living room, sometimes Monday Night Football often becomes Tuesday Morning Football. With coffee and cereal…

Certainly tonight has been memorable and Game 5 of the 2008 World Series has instantly become a fascinating “footnote” in baseball history.

The game is suspended. And they’ll pick it where they left off. And the darts will come from every direction.

Should they have even played past the fourth inning?

Should the Phillies be ahead or tied?

Does Bud Selig have the power to change the rules and decide anything he feels like deciding on short notice?

And they might not even play until Thursday night with the weather forecast ominous over the next 48 hours. Who knows?

But it’s gonna make for a good water cool talk.

Or a day’s worth of sports talk radio.

Hey I’m watching a great football game and we’ll pick the baseball tomorrow.

Or Wednesday.

A perfect sports night…

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Ravens thoughts

Posted on 05 May 2008 by caseywillett

Some thoughts about the Ravens:
          Will we find out this week whether or not Jonathan Ogden is coming back or not? This is a mandatory camp, so we will have to see if he shows up. The other issue is do the Ravens fine him if he is not here for camp?
          We will also have to see where Terrell Suggs is at. Suggs can show up and attend meetings, but can’t participate in practice because he is not under contract. There has been no announced date on his hearing as to his franchise tag. From what I understand, the Ravens can’t fine him if he does not show up to mandatory camp since he is not under contract with the team.
          The Ravens organization did a classy thing Saturday when the whole organization went down to run with O.J. Brigance to raise money for ALS. There is not a more positive person on the face of the earth than O.J. Any time you get a chance to talk to him or just pass him in the hall, he always brings a smile to your face.
          Marshal Yanda taking snaps at center is not a slap in the face at Jason Brown or Chris Chester; it is more of the Ravens making sure they weigh all their options before they decide on one guy. In my opinion, Jason is the best center on this team, but he is no good at guard, you have to weigh what is best for the team.
          Kyle Boller and Troy Smith are saying all the right things as it relates to Joe Flacco, except Troy calling him John. I was impressed in what I saw from Troy the two times that I have had a chance to see him in practice.
          Early on I have seen why Cam Cameron wanted some big tall wide outs. Several occasions we saw the fade/jump ball routes run during practice. During those passes, Troy Smith was very accurate.
          I am looking forward to seeing all of the rookies come in and how they react when they realize they are on the field with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and other Raven star players. I am also looking forward to meeting Tom Zbikowski again. I had a chance to meet Tommy at the combine in Indy this year and was very impressed with him. You will see Tommy in some advertisements with Under Armour as he has signed on with the company. I have been given a heads up that he prefers to be called Tommy instead of Tom. I don’t want to see what happens if you call him Tom.

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