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Iupati knows how physical matchup with Ravens’ D-Line will be

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on his relationship with G Anthony Davis) “He is a brother from another mother. He is great. We came in together and we always work together.”


(on how guys from so many places all get along so well) “That’s the thing, we mesh pretty good. We have different characters and that’s what makes you special.”


(on if he is tired) “I am not tired for this game, I am excited.”


(on if the reason that the 49ers are here is because of the offensive line) “We feel special man. In football, the front sets the tempo and we always have that. It’s true in every phase of football. The offensive line starts the game and sets the tempo. If we can protect the quarterback then everything is good. The receivers will be wide open and give them a little time.”


(on how blocking for QB Colin Kaepernick is different than blocking for QB Alex Smith) “To us it doesn’t matter. Whoever is back there, Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, (Scott) Tolzien, we will block for him because that is out job and that is what we are paid to do, block for the quarterback.”


(on if blocking for the read option makes his job easier) “I think it makes it a little bit easier, especially with that very athletic quarterback in the back that can run. If you mess up and let the guy slip, (Colin) Kaepernick is so fast that he can just make him miss. It makes it easier now I guess.”


(on stopping the Ravens front line) “We just have to be physical. They are big guys and very athletic guys.”


(on what it feels like to dominate the line of scrimmage) “It feels great man. That’s what we are known for. I think that like the Ravens, we are the other physical team. It’s going to be a great game on Sunday.”


(on his personal maturation on the field) “Give credit to the coaches man. Coach (Mike) Solari, (Tim) Drevno, and Coach Paul Wulff, they are the ones that always prepare us technique wise. I think that we as offensive lineman have different characteristics and different personalities. I get better every year, that’s what I do. I just keep working and working and never get satisfied and it’s awesome.”


(on the difference between a defensive minded head coach (Mike Singletary) and an offensive head coach (Jim Harbaugh)) “It’s crazy. Greg Roman is a very smart offensive coordinator. Give credit to him for all of the success that we have had. His mind is crazy. He is so smart that he makes the defense think and when the defense is thinking, they are not playing to their full potential. When they are on their tip toes and trying to read what is going on, they are not playing to their full potential.”

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