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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 28 June 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because after a weekend in Ocean City, I spent the evening literally BATHING in aloe vera. I’m not kidding, I think I looked like Justin Bartha in “The Hangover”…


The thing is, it doesn’t hurt until you’re sober.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Miguel Tejada singled home winning run to lift O’s to sweep of Nationals

I didn’t think it was possible.

I especially didn’t think it was possible after Julio Lugo doubled with one out in the 8th and then proceded to get picked off 2nd base by Wil Nieves.

Shows what I know.

I’m well aware that it was the Nats, but it’s still a sweep. Around here, that’s almost as good as winning the World Series.

It’s been particularly nice to see the Birds put together some rallies and come back from early deficits in these games-but it would be nicer to see starting pitchers be a bit more effective. We’ll get back to that.

2. The AP/WNST.net provide numerical evidence of sweep

Jeremy Guthrie wasn’t bad yesterday. 6 innings, 3 earned runs on 3 hits with 4 walks and 4 strikeouts. He certainly wasn’t GREAT, but he wasn’t bad. Compared to some of the other starting efforts we’ve seen at Camden Yards recently, it was really good.

Only Tejada had two hits amongst Orioles players yesterday, but that’s all that was needed. Maybe these guys are hitting better because Nick Markakis called them out publicly. Maybe they’re hitting better because they know the July 31 trade deadline is coming up and this is their chance to get out of Charm City.

I don’t really care why they’re hitting better. I just want them to keep doing it.

3. WNST.net’s Luke Jones says Buck Showalter told ESPN Orioles have ‘some great pieces’

Yeah…like Markakis…and….ummm….Adam Jones for a week?

Clearly having watched the New York Yankees and Arizona Diamondbacks win World Series titles AFTER he left has made Showalter badly want another MLB gig. Of course, if he thinks he’s going to reach that level under Peter Angelos, he’ll probably be disappointed.

You know who DOES have some great pieces? Zaira Nara. (Thanks Guyism/Remix Magazine!)


4. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Andy MacPhail finally cut ties, DFA’ed Garrett Atkins

I’m trying to figure out the right way to say this. Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts were here before MacPhail got here. Adam Jones has been marginally successful. Matt Wieters, Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta all look like they’re talented but haven’t necessarily shown it yet.

As far as a “face” of the MacPhail era is concerned, umm….Atkins is about as good a choice as any.

This was a failure from Day 1. It represented the fact that the team decided to sign a lesser player instead of going out and actually signing a real impact player. That’s the real impact of the MacPhail era.

Maybe the marketing folks at the Warehouse should put together a “Mt. Rushmore”-type photo of Atkins, Rich Hill, Adam Eaton and Koji Uehara (who returned with the Atkins DFA). Could be a hot seller this Christmas. If I was better at Photoshop, I’d do it for them.

5. The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Felix Pie 2-4 with RBI, two runs for Frederick Keys on farm

Me, I’d put Felix Pie on the “Mt. Rushmore”, but someone would try to convince me that his 8 hits earlier this season mean he’s a good player. If Jake Fox was an offseason acquisition, he’d make it for sure. In the meantime, a few more things before we move on from the Orioles…

-Congratulations to our “Apologist of the Morning”, as selected by “The Great Arbitrator” Drew Forrester. “Heath” from Dempsey’s Army is no stranger to the AOTM-but this morning he received the award for citing Fangraphs in opining that Juan Samuel was wrong for trying to have Matt Wieters bunt last week. I don’t often credit Drew for being funny, but labeling a group of people as “Fangraph-sexuals” was pretty damn humorous.

-The Orioles are off today, but return to action tomorrow night opening a 3 game series against the Oakland Athletics at OPACY. Matusz, Kevin Millwood and Arrieta take the hill for the Orioles; Dallas Braden, Ben Sheets and Trevor Cahill go for the A’s.

-Thanks to Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus for joining us this morning on “The Morning Reaction” on AM1570 WNST to talk some baseball. If you missed it, head over to the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault today to check it out. Other guests this morning were SI’s Jon Wertheim (live from Wimbledon) and UMBC soccer coach Pete Caringi (who went around the World Cup). It’s all up in the Audio Vault.

6. National Football Post’s Matt Bowen says Ravens without Ed Reed would be like Pittsburgh Steelers without Polamalu

As a commenter eloquently scribed after Bowen’s piece (why do all of the good commenters post at NFP?), the Ed Reed situation really IS the “elephant in the room.”

If the Ravens are going to be Super Bowl contenders (and I believe they will be), it is hard to imagine them doing it with Dawan Landry and Ken Hamlin at safety. They need Reed to be some sort of difference maker in the secondary.

My assumption remains that Ed does intend to come back, and will sit out the majority of Training Camp-part for health reasons and part because he probably doesn’t have that much interest in spending his August sweating it out in Westminster.

We know Ed WANTS to return. It SEEMS like he’ll be healthy enough to return. Now we just need to keep our fingers crossed that he IS.

7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says new LB coaches Dean Pees, Ted Monachino making impact in offseason

Maybe so, but even the Arizona State connection couldn’t help Monachino get Terrell Suggs to Owings Mills this offseason.

You know who’s REALLY made an impact this offseason? Wendy Braga. (Thanks Don Chavez/Busted Coverage!)


8. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens has Maryland 68th in offseason college football rankings


I have had a bad feeling about this Terrapins club since the end of last season.

I know that luck played a role in 2-10 last season. I know that they lost close games throughout the season, and certainly had a chance to beat the likes of Middle Tennessee State, Rutgers, Virginia, Duke, etc. That being said, they still have a real lack of talent at crucial spots (namely O-Line and D-Line), and Jamarr Robinson is unproven at best under center.

There is talent on this team. A team with as many decent running backs (Da’Rel Scott, Davin Meggett, Caleb Porzel, D.J. Adams, Gary Douglas) and WR’s (Torrey Smith, Emani Lee-Odai, Tony Logan, Quintin McCree, LaQuan Williams, Ronnie Tyler, Adrian Cannon, Kevin Dorsey, Kerry Boykins) as Maryland does, they should really be better offensively.

If this IS Ralph Friedgen’s last season in College Park-it COULD be a long one.

9. Testudo Times’ Ben Broman says Eric Hayes will join Washington Wizards’ Summer League roster, Landon Milbourne joins Atlanta Hawks’ Summer League roster

And as I passed along yesterday via Twitter (follow us @WNST), Morgan State’s Reggie Holmes will join Greivis Vasquez with the Memphis Grizzlies’ Summer League team in Las Vegas. I should also know about Jermaine Dixon (who graduated at Pitt but is from Baltimore and is the younger brother of Juan Dixon) and his NBA future later today.

I will obviously be rooting for all of these guys this summer, but understand it will be a longshot for any of them to end up on a roster (other than Vasquez of course). The one thing that could help Hayes or Holmes is if their respective squads just simply want a player who can come off the bench and provide deadly accuracy from beyond the arc. I don’t know how those guys would do defending NBA guards, but I certainly know they can shoot against anyone.

And geez-the ‘Zards have Quinton Ross and James Singleton on their roster. You mean to tell me Eric Hayes isn’t better than THEM?

10. The AP’s Samuel Petrequin says Michael Phelps received ‘wakeup call’ at Paris Open meet

I’d personally prefer my own wake-up call in France to come from Emanuelle Chriqui from “Entourage” (Thanks Barstool Sports!)…


And finally, I leave you with this.

I know that Team USA’s loss to Ghana in South Africa really limits the excitement fans have about soccer; but I’ll pass along these YouTube clips anyway for the 4 or 5 of you who haven’t already seen them.

Here’s the epic “world reaction” to Landon Donovan’s goal against Algeria. ABC used it in the setup for the Ghana match…

Now here’s Andres Cantor calling the Donovan goal…

Is the awesome Andres Cantor GEICO commercial available on YouTube yet? I could really use it.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 01 April 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Thursday!

It’s a Happy Thursday for me because:

A-I still don’t live anywhere near North Harford High School

B-Instead of bothering with that whole pesky “Spring” thing around here, we’ve decided to just go right from Winter to Summer. Therefore, I was able to take “The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet” over to Essex Community College to play tennis for the first time this year. Sadly, her skill level was no greater than either of these two young ladies…

Thank God she’s pretty.

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Jason Berken, Jim Johnson roughed up as Birds fell to Red Sox

Do the Orioles think the last week of Spring Training is optional???

I mean, Intern Super Jack came in the other day and told me he was having a tough time caring about his work at Towson High School because he was battling a case of “senioritis”, but when he’s done, he’s….DONE.

When the Orioles finish Grapefruit League play, they actually have to go play real games.

They know that, right?

I’m reasonably certain that with Koji Uehara headed to the DL, there’s no chance Jason Berken doesn’t leave Sarasota and come to Baltimore in the bullpen-but it would have been nice to see a more representative effort for sure.

Jake Arrieta makes the start today in Port Charlotte against the Rays, who are starting someone named Mike Ekstrom, who I’m reasonably certain I went to Chapel Hill Elementary School with. I think we both had Ms. Lutz-Itzoe in 3rd grade.

2. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Brian Roberts played in 3rd straight game against Boston

I know WHY this is apparently a news story, but……..WHY IS THIS A NEWS STORY???

In a related story, Cesar Itzuris chewed the same brand of gum for the 3rd straight day; going with Juicy Fruit.

And for a 3rd straight day, I spent more time looking at pictures of Katy Perry over at What Tyler Durden Do than I did covering sports.


3. WNST.net’s Glenn Clark & Drew Forrester pick Orioles 4th in AL East, DF picks Matusz to win Cy Young Award

You know that Forrester-consummate Orioles apologist.

As I said yesterday when we discussed this on “The Comcast Morning Show”, I’m taking the UNDER on the number of 74 1/2 wins that Las Vegas has posted for the Birds.

It’s just WAAAY too easy to say “The Orioles are going to be better…they’ll win 80 games.”


They play 54 games against the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays. Are they going to win 25? Even 20? If they can win 20, they’d have to 54-54 over the rest of their schedule just to hit 74 victories.

Are you confident that the Orioles can go .500 against the rest of the teams on their schedule? Are you confident that they can win 20 of 54 against the best teams in the AL East?

If not, picking the over would be a bad choice.

And I’m not just trying to be a “Debbie Downer.” If the Orioles win 74 games, that will be a 10 game improvement! But this thought process that just because they are somewhat improved, they’ll compete to be .500; I guess people don’t understand that other baseball teams TRY.

4. Deadspin’s Will Leitch says ‘early season schedule particularly cruel’ to O’s

Of course, because the early season is so difficult, the middle of the season will also be “particularly cruel”, the end of the season will also be “particularly cruel”, and offseason will also be “particularly cruel.”

In fact, I’ll turn it over to Bananarama from here…

5. WNST.net says Ravens to play Panthers, Giants at home; Redskins, Rams on road during preseason

Rumor has it the Ravens requested that they also play an exhibition game against a semi-pro team at Ambridge High School in suburban Pittsburgh, but apparently EVERYONE IN WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA KNEW THAT WAS UNACCEPTABLE.

It’s a bit strange that Carolina is coming to M&T Bank Stadium knowing that the Ravens will turn around and visit Charlotte in the regular season; but these things have happened before. Fortunately, the first preseason game (even if it is on ESPN) doesn’t usually include a whole lot of playing time for the starters, so John Fox’s staff won’t see too much from John Harbaugh’s staff.

6. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Troy Smith has switched agents, leaving Ralph Cindrich for Neil Cornrich

How’s the crawl?

The first thing Neil Cornrich said as agent to Troy Smith: “Hey man, before we go talking about trades or anything like that, why don’t we make sure there are other NFL teams that actually want you.”

By the way, I’d crawl to Cleveland myself if I knew Vida Guerra was waiting for me there painted like a tiger… (Thanks Don Chavez!)


7. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Mike Duffy says Domonique Foxworth went to Randallstown for US Census Drive with Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger

Did VH1 begin a new season of “The Surreal Life” without letting any of us know in advance?

It’s very clear that Domonique Foxworth is much smarter than the rest of us (and if you’ve been to his Facebook page, you’d also know that his girlfriend is much prettier than any of ours…and she’s an attorney); and clearly he makes more money than the rest of us.

Therefore, Domonique Foxworth, I shake my fist in your general direction!

Before I move on from the Ravens, let me remind you that we will be out at 1 Winning Drive today to meet Ravens WR Donte’ Stallworth. I will be Tweeting live (follow us on Twitter @WNST) and will be blogging right here. You can also hear today’s press conference this afternoon with Rex Snider and Ray Bachman.

8. Stevenson Official Site says Trip Latta scored 4 goals as Mustangs topped Hood College 20-4

Which sets up an undefeated #1 vs. #2 showdown for the ‘Stangs Saturday afternoon against Salisbury at Caves Athletic Complex in Owings Mills. I’ll be there. You should be too.

You know who else should be there? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…(Thanks Guyism.com!)


9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Maryland freshman QB Devin Burns impressing Ralph Friedgen

Obviously the idea here would be to redshirt Burns this season with two freshman QB’s (C.J. Brown and Danny O’Brien) ahead of him, but it is going to create quite a battle come 2011 after Jamarr Robinson goes under center this season.

My guess? Burns ends up being THE guy-even if O’Brien or Brown starts for a short time, as I get the feeling James Franklin will want Burns’ athleticism under center.

Of course, James Franklin might be the head coach at that point, so who knows.

10. The Sun’s Don Markus says Terps LB David Mackall doesn’t think he would have made it to College Park had he not left Woodlawn for Edmondson

Look, I just haven’t found a way to squeeze in a picture of what I had for dinner last night, so I’ll just do it here. I had some shrimp jumbalaya last night, and it was delicious…


But read the Don Markus story, it was pretty good.

And finally, I leave you with this.

Did Flip Murray really hit THIS SHOT the other night and it DIDN’T COUNT???

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 29 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Monday!

It’s a Happy Monday for me because the WWE actually got it right last night…

(Edit from GMC: This video will probably be down before I’m even able to post this. The point is…Chris Jericho retained the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. Which means that the sting of Duke being in the Final Four only lasted for a few minutes last night. Sorta like…..you know, I’ll just leave that alone.)

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. The AP’s David Ginsburg says Garrett Atkins looking to ‘rebound’ from tough ’09 season

To which Tiger Woods responded “Tough ’09? Let me tell you a thing or two about a tough ’09!”

As we’ve talked about, Garrett Atkins’ bat can really change a lot about this season for the Orioles. If he DOES return to his 2006-2008 form; he’ll be a real force; and can provide the Orioles a much better bat in the middle of their lineup that their current options. It also would take some of the pressure off Brandon Snyder to be ready to get to Baltimore at a rapid pace.

Of course, Atkins also has to be able to play first base defensively. I wonder if the Orioles turned to Tom Emanski to help him get ready. I mean, it worked for Fred McGriff!


2. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Orioles-Blue Jays postponed Sunday due to rain, Birds play Yankees tonight in Sarasota

And tonight’s game…for the 3rd time during Spring Training…is actually on MASN!

Of course, I will only be able to watch a few minutes of the game before I flip over to USA for WWE Monday Night RAW, as I’m assuming there will be a big Shawn Michaels tribute tonight-which to me is more important than ANYTHING ELSE GOING ON IN THE WORLD.

You know, other than trying to find out who Jordan Carver is…


3. The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Hernandez has likely taken 5th rotation spot, Tejada likely to bat cleanup

Which means the lineup is looking more like this…

2B Brian Roberts
CF Adam Jones
RF Nick Markakis
3B Miguel Tejada
DH Luke Scott
C Matt Wieters
1B Garrett Atkins
LF Nolan Reimold/Felix Pie
SS Cesar Izturis

and the rotation looks like…

Kevin Millwood
Jeremy Guthrie
Brian Matusz
Brad Bergesen
David Hernandez

Is it the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays? No. But do you see the names “Omar Daal” or “Brook Fordyce” on that list? Not a chance.

This is better.

4. WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford has O’s 19th in first power rankings

Look, seeing a power rankings list that doesn’t have the Orioles in the bottom is downright REMARKABLE. However, we have to temper our excitement by remembering that we haven’t even reached Opening Day yet.

For the record, I HATE tempering my excitement. It’s like when someone told me that there were new pictures of Yari Lozada…


But then told me her boyfriend apparently WASN’T interested in trading straight up.

Sorry “Lucky”, it’s gonna be and you still going forward.

5. WNST.net’s Nestor Aparicio pardons Jim Irsay, says he’s ‘moving on from hatred’ of Colts

Can someone check Weather.com for some info on how things look these days in hell???

-Nestor pardoned the Irsays
-The worst #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament is the only one headed to the Indianapolis
-The Pittsburgh Steelers showed up in Harford County yesterday and everyone just thinks it’s okay
-While Johns Hopkins was playing Virginia and Maryland was playing North Carolina Saturday, my friends were texting me to ask me if I was watching the Baylor women’s basketball game???


6. Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Jared Gaither will report today, says he “always wants to be a Raven”

And Kevin Byrne told Drew Forrester this morning on “The Comcast Morning Show” that Gaither did indeed show up.

(Edit from GMC: If you missed it, or any of Drew’s guests this morning-West Virginia assistant/former Terps assistant Billy Hahn, Fanhouse’s Jeff Fletcher, Former MLB Commissioner Fay Vincent, or North Harford Football Coach Ken Brinkman-make sure you head to the Audio Vault at WNST.net to check them out.)

Look, Jared Gaither playing RT makes the Ravens a more legitimate Super Bowl contender than they would be if Marshal Yanda were playing RT. That’s just a fact.

I understand everyone was excited about the idea of Gaither being traded for a high NFL Draft pick, but this team is BETTER OFF having Gaither anchoring the right side.

Just trust me on that.

7. The Sun’s Ron Fritz says Nathan Vasher off the market, but Lito Sheppard still available

I’d be all for Lito Sheppard…if we had taken a Hot Tub Time Machine back to 2006.

Actually, considering some of the options…


….my guess is that Ravens fans might be OVER THE MOON for Sheppard.

8. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens have had a ‘lot of interest’ in South Florida CB Jerome Murphy

Me personally; I’d prefer Charlie Murphy…

…but a 6’0″ CB would be a nice option too.

9. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens has Maryland 4th, Loyola 11th, Hopkins 14th in lacrosse Top 20 poll

Here’s this week’s “OldLineLax7” poll…

1. Maryland
2. Loyola
3. Johns Hopkins
4. Navy
5. Mt. St. Mary’s
6. Towson

10. The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Jamarr Robinson has changed ‘preparation’ now as starting quarterback

And in a post at TerrapinTrail.com, Robinson says he DOESN’T like video games. Which only means he hasn’t played the WNBA video game…

And finally, I leave you with this.

As you know, I tend to describe certain songs as “The Greatest Song of all Time.” Some people say it means I de-value the songs I describe that way, as I change my mind all the time.

For the record, the greatest song of all time IS “American Pie” by Don McLean. The greatest Rock & Roll song of all time is “Baba O’Reilly” by The Who.

BUT-in order to not completely abandon my “Greatest Song of All Time” monicker, I have recently adopted a “Greatest Song of all time THIS WEEK” note, which I used for the first time last week on Facebook (please feel free to add me as a friend) to describe “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” by Robin Thicke & Nicki Minaj.

We have a new “Greatest Song of All Time This Week” for this week. It’s “Mountain Man” by the Crash Kings. Once again, this song has existed for a while, yet somehow I didn’t know about it. This means some of you aren’t doing your job. I’ll forgive you this time, but I expected better from you.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Glenn Clark

Happy Wednesday!

It’s a Happy Wednesday for me because A-I’ve put so many chemicals up my nose in the last 24 hours that I think I’m drug-influenced; B-Tonight is Alicia Keys, so NOTHING can bring me down.

As a note to the Baltimore City Police Department-there is NO restraining order….yet. Please don’t try to keep me out of the building. However, if you see THIS guy in the building….you might want to go ahead and have him removed…

Let’s see what everyone has to say…

1. Daily Racing Form’s Matt Hegarty says Magna cancels Pimlico/Laurel auction, parent company MI Developments will take over tracks

Oh….well this explains everything………

I have no idea what to make of this news. No idea AT ALL. If this was an option to begin with, why did we ever get to the auction process? Was MID looking for money?

The good news is that this reorganization prevents the state’s horse racing industry from falling into unknown hands.

The bad news is that this reorganization allows the state’s horse racing industry to enter barely known hands.

Has there been any locally-vested group that we know less about than Magna???

The Maryland Jockey Club will remain in charge, but I have to think that MID will want to be more visible locally that Magna was before.

ESPECIALLY if it means we see more of Magna’s Belinda Stronach…


…Who may or may not have slept with Bill Clinton, definitely slept with Tie Domi, and apparently was “Photoshopped” into this picture…


Sure. And I was “Photoshopped” into that picture of me with the horse. Nice try, Belinda.

2. Maryland Daily Record’s Liz Farmer says MJC President Chuckas believes MID ‘committed’ to keeping Preakness in Baltimore

Which we believe to be the good news in all of this.

HOWEVER-if you were one of those people who was hoping that a new owner would change the alcohol policy on the Preakness infield, it doesn’t appear that will be the case. Which is bad news for Ray Bachman, who had been celebrating the potential change by drinking a keg by himself for the last 36 years of his life.

Myself, I DO think it is good news that Preakness will be staying. We were THIS close to the Harford County Farm Fair being arguably amongst the most significant annual events in the state of Maryland.

If you missed Tom Chuckas’ interview with Drew Forrester this morning, check it out in the Audio Vault here at WNST.net.

3. Baltimore Business Journal’s Ryan Sharrow says Jeff Seder plans to fight track decision in court

Which goes back to the point Drew Forrester and I discussed on “The Comcast Morning Show” Tuesday morning….”If you don’t like something, sue someone!”

If I were Jeff Seder…or David Cordish…or Kevin Plank…or ANYONE else involved in the auction process, I’d be furious. How is it possible to have gotten to (and past) the original auction date, yet this was allowed to happen???

The ONLY good news in all of this mess? At least THIS GUY won’t be involved….


4. The AP says Adam Jones homered, but Birds fell to Marlins in Jupiter

Would anyone be interested in purchasing me this t-shirt so I could wear it to Opening Day?


I know Bob Haynie said last week he thought Matt Wieters would lead the O’s in home runs, but I’m going with A-10.

5. MLB.com’s Brittany Ghiroli says Brian Roberts hoping to make Spring Training debut this week

Which would of course be good news for everyone; as the mere THOUGHT of Ty Wigginton playing second base in real games makes small children shiver in fear.

Hopefully Brian Roberts won’t need more than a month to be season-ready. If we get to the end of April/beginning of May before B-Rob heats up, the O’s may already be playing games that don’t matter a whole lot.

(Cue Ian Eagle.)

6. Carroll County Times says Jeremy Guthrie pitched better Tuesday despite losing

The Orioles could DESPERATELY use a couple more starts like this before Opening Day, as Brian Matusz (today’s starter against Rich Hill-YES, THAT RICH HILL-and the Cardinals again in Jupiter) has looked MUCH MORE the part of a #2 starter than Guthrie has.

HOWEVER-yesterday’s start by Guthrie was also a reminder that even when he has pitched well over the years-he hasn’t always been able to win. His ERA can be as good as he wants it to be, he has to know how to WIN.

What do you think Guthrie’s trade value looks like right about now?

7. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Harbaugh doesn’t believe Samari Rolle will play again

Which is one more thing that everyone knew, yet still qualifies as news. Is there any chance Ozzie Newsome and company can petition the NFL to let them just HAVE Samari’s “cousin” Myron Rolle in exchange for having given Samari a contract before the 2009 season?

With all of that being said, Samari Rolle will go down as one of the better free agent acquisitions in Ravens history. Or at least better than some others…


8. The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens still interested in Frank Walker

While we’re making statements, I’m still interested in Mila Kunis myself, especially after seeing the new pictures of her in GQ….


Look, no Ravens fans want Frank Walker back. I get that. And Frank Walker should NOT be one of this team’s first 3 Cornerback options. But they NEED Cornerback depth; especially with Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington being question marks in Training Camp and beyond.

My gut says he won’t be back. But I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if he was.

9. National Football Post’s Aaron Wilson says Ravens have pursued Neil Rackers, Shayne Graham

I’ll take them.

Does it work that way?

In all seriousness, I think acquiring either kicker would be a good move for the Ravens. They both have had reputable NFL careers; and even though they’ve both missed big kicks, they’ve also both MADE big kicks. I would find either to be better choices than Billy Cundiff.

10. BaltimoreRavens.com’s Ryan Mink says Bisciotti voted against OT rule change, but supports decision

Is it a perfect rule? Absolutely not. Does it make sense that the rule was adopted for the playoffs and not the regular season? Not at all.

Is it a LITTLE weird that Bisciotti voted against it while almost every other owner in the league voted for it? Yeah, it probably is.

Do I ask too many questions in this forum and then immediately answer them? Probably. Do any of you watch “Parks & Recreation”? You’ll understand much better. AND you’ll understand my fascination with Amy Poehler. Maybe.


11. D1scourse’s Patrick Stevens says Lamar Young, Isaiah Ross, Carl Russell will miss spring practice for Terps

Oh good. More good news on the offensive line.

We all know that Ralph Friedgen’s “make or break” season will be made or broken by the offensive line. He’ll have talented players at RB and WR, and the defense absolutely SHOULD continue to improve in Don Brown’s 2nd year as coordinator. But if the O-Line doesn’t improve, nothing changes.

12. The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Jamarr Robinson ‘clear starter’, but not ‘entrenched’ as Terrapins QB

Is this a way to say that Josh Portis might transfer back and still have some eligibility???

And finally, I leave you with this.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up yesterday, which provides me a fantastic opportunity to post a picture of Kim Kardashian….


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983….


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 25 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Didn’t quite get everything in today, sorry about that. Have to get out to 1 Winning Drive to hear from John Harbaugh and company…..

For the record; I’ll say Maryland 68, Wisconsin 62 today. But I’m not exactly comfortable.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark says Terps must shake off loss to Cincinnati, prove they can beat good teams away from Comcast Center before ACC play begins

Derek Arnold says Jared Gaither, Michael Oher ‘Played like Ravens’ in loss to Indianapolis

Bob Haynie says Ravens need to ‘defend home turf’ Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium

Glenn Clark says Ravens signed Cary Williams from Titans practice squad

Glenn Clark says FB Charles Ali takes Matt Lawrence’s roster spot

Thyrl Nelson doesn’t particularly like Flacco, Ray Rice as fantasy plays against Pittsburgh

Ed Frankovic offers thoughts from Capitals owner Leonsis on passing of Pollin


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Fabian Washington, Matt Lawrence placed on IR

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh believes Reed’s fumble ‘not reason (Ravens) lost’ to Colts

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Flacco ‘struggling’ to find receivers not named Derrick Mason, Ray Rice

The Official Site says Ray Rice, VanDeSteeg, Paul Kruger say Ngata, McKinney could put away most turkey on Thanksgiving

Steelers Official Site’s Bob Labriola says Tomlin reported Roethlisberger ‘symptom-free’ after head injury in loss to Chiefs

Steelers Official Site’s Teresa Varley says Tomlin knows turnovers, special teams play killing Steelers despite ranking very high in AFC in offense, defense

Steelers Official Site says team signed Rocky Boiman, Corey Ivy

The Sun’s Mike Preston throws some blame towards Ngata for unnecessary roughness penalty in loss to Indy

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says other teams around AFC helping Ravens stay in Wild Card picture

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Mason having ‘up and down’ season-similar to rest of team

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Grubbs not even aware he had been honored by Pro Football Weekly

The Sun says Big Ben will play as long as he continues to pass concussion tests this week

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says former kicker Hauschka tried out for Falcons

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says death of former Ravens hopeful Tony Fein ruled accidental

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette says Polamalu ‘not likely’ to play Sunday

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Scott Brown says Dennis Dixon will back up Roethlisberger Sunday night

USA Today has Ravens 14th in power rankings

5 of 8 USA Today analysts pick Steelers

USA Today’s Pete O’Brien picks Steelers 17-16

NFL.com’s Bucky Brooks says Ravens playoff chances hinge on health of Terrell Suggs

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco has Ravens 17th in power rankings

Fox Sports’ Adrian Hasenmayer has Ravens 8th in power rankings


The Official Site says Greivis Vasquez scored 19, but Terps fell to Cincinnati in semifinals of Maui Invitational

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The AP says Gary Williams knew Terps were hurt by Cincy’s Yancy Gates inside

The AP says Terps will face Wisconsin in 3rd place game today at 4:30

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says former Maryland target Lance Stephenson chipped in 11 points, 8 rebounds for Cats

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Mick Cronin wanted Bearcats to get inside to Yancy Gates

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Landon Milbourne struggling in Maui

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says James Padgett played well in loss

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Bill Koch says Deonta Vaughn tallied double double for Bearcats in win over Terps


The AP
says Kizer scored 20 as Terps topped Samford

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer says Frese pleased with how Terps bounced back from first loss of season

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Terps shook off loss to Mississippi State with big performance in win over Bulldogs


The Sun’s Laura Smitherman and Don Markus say Martin O’Malley doesn’t want public funds spent on buyout for Fridge

The Sun’s Jeff Barker wonders how Byrd Stadium fans will react to Friedgen Saturday

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Archbishop Carroll LB prospect Attaochu interested in Terps

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says associate AD Brian Ullmann claimed school hasn’t asked for public funds

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Gloria Friedgen, Debbie Yow attended Ralph’s Tuesday press conference

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Friedgen wouldn’t talk about future Tuesday, only Boston College game

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Chris Turner, Kenny Tate ‘questionable’ for Saturday’s game against BC

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Ralph would prefer not to play Danny O’Brien Saturday

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terrell Skinner will play in East-West Shrine Game; Travis Ivey, Cory Jackson will play in “Texas vs. The Nation” all-star game in El Paso

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says James Franklin expects both Chris Turner, Jamarr Robinson to be available Saturday

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Dave Shinskie, Maryland QB’s likely to combine for a number of turnovers Saturday


The Official Site says John Dowd named Academic All-American by ESPN The Magazine

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Niumatalolo trying to keep Mids focused on football during Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says former Navy assistant Jeff Monken appears poised to accept Georgia Southern job

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says game at Aloha Stadium allows 5 Hawaii natives on Navy team to play at home


The Official Site says Chris Harris, Jordan Sugars combined for 61 points as Mids topped Towson at Alumni Hall

Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Romeo Garcia dished out 9 assists for Mids in win


The Official Site says RaShawn Polk’s 19 not enough as Tigers fell to Midshipmen

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The AP says Jarrel Smith added 15 points in loss for Tigers


The Official Site says Reggie Holmes tallied 34 points as Bears won stunner at Arkansas

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

Arkansas Official Site says Rotnei Clarke’s 26 not enough as Razorbacks fell to Morgan in Fayetteville

The AP says Joe Davis scored 18 points for Razorbacks in win

Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s Bob Holt says Reggie Holmes’ big game against Hogs came just 2 days after tough performance in loss to Louisville


The Official Site says Vince Goldsberry lead way with 18 as Eagles beat UMBC in Catonsville

The AP says Kareem Brown scored 17 points for Eagles in win


The Official Site says Chauncey Gilliam scored 20 points, but Retrievers fell to Coppin at RAC Arena

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss


The Official Site says Shane Walker tallied double double as Greyhounds topped Dartmouth

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The AP says Brett Harvey chipped in 10 points for Hounds in win


The Official Site says Mike Stoffel, Steve Levinson named Academic All-American by ESPN The Magazine


The Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Niagara at Knott Arena

The Official Site offers complete Mountaineers-Purple Eagles release (pdf)


The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says cancellation of season ‘heartbreaking’ for Gators


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Chris Ray thinks ‘offseason regimen’ will have him in better shape in 2010

MLB.com’s Lisa Winston says Birds ‘exercising patience’ organizationally (REALLY?)

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec and Dan Connolly say former Nationals reliever Mike Hinckley signed minor league deal with O’s

The Sun says former bench coach Jauss gets same job with Mets


Daily Racing Form’s Marty McGee says Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra back to work


Frederick News-Post’s Joshua R. Smith says Hagerstown fighters Jacob, Joey Kirwan; Myersville fighter Paul Mann looking to make mark in local MMA scene


The AP’s Joseph White says Bullets/Wizards owner Abe Pollin passed away from cancer at 85


-Welcome to Baltimore Charles Ali and Cary Williams. If one of you ends up making a contribution, it will be a very pleasant surprise.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Here are some picks for tonight:

Maryland 80, Cincinnati 69

The Lance Stephenson storyline makes this game more interesting, but Maryland is just better. Cincinnati will compete, but Maryland should win.

UMBC 64, Coppin State 58

In a matchup of two teams struggling to replace their go-to guys (UMBC’s Darryl Proctor and Jay Greene; Coppin’s Tywain McKee); I’ll give the edge to the Retrievers at RAC Arena.

Navy 71, Towson 70

Just because the game is at Alumni Hall.

Morgan State 83, Arkansas 81

Not kidding. I know Drew picked this as well. I really believe Todd Bozeman’s crew wins on the road against their SEC foe.

Loyola 75, Dartmouth 63

But I will admit that I don’t know much at all about the Greyhounds’ opponent.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says Ray Lewis, Ed Reed need to speak to media after games

Glenn Clark says Ravens will have to use Chris Carr, Frank Walker more with Fabian Washington out

Luke Jones says Terps rebounded from slow start to beat Silverswords

Glenn Clark says Ray Rice best Raven in loss, Drew Forrester says Jared Gaither, Derrick Mason best

Drew Forrester says Ravens’ win over Eagles this time last year proof everyone still in playoff picture

Derek Arnold says Flacco relying on ‘security blanket’ Mason too much (with one of the better photoshop jobs we’ve ever had at WNST.net)

Tom Clayton thinks Birds should have Michael Aubrey, Mark DeRosa at corner infield spots in 2010

Glenn Clark says Turkey Bowl amongst highlights of week

Bob Haynie celebrating 30th anniversary of ACC regular season title

Glenn Clark wonders if Michael Oher better high school football player than Charles Jefferson from Ridgemont High

Ed Frankovic says Capitals ‘collapsed’ in loss to Senators


The Official Site’s John Eisenberg says loss to Colts proves ‘magic’ gone for Ravens

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Fabian Washington will miss rest of season with ACL tear

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh was happy with ‘communication’ from officials in loss to Indianapolis

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens still very much alive in AFC Wild Card hunt

The Official Site’s Sarah Ellison says Terrell Suggs didn’t agree with ESPN report saying he’d miss at least a month

The Official Site says Harbs believes Lardarius Webb will be ‘big part’ of Ravens plans to replace Fabian Washington

The Official Site says Ravens partnering with Under Armour, Wounded Warrior Project to give away rally towels before Sunday Night Football game at M&T Bank Stadium

Steelers Official Site says Charlie Batch battling wrist injury

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Cam Cameron needs to open up bag of tricks again

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Dennis Dixon may have to start for Pittsburgh if Roethlisberger can’t play

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Freeney claimed Ravens gave Gaither, Oher help to shut Colts’ pass rushers out

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Dawan Landry ‘downplayed’ team lead in interceptions

The Sun’s Mike Preston thinks Flacco still bothered by ankle injury

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Fabian Washington hurt himself trying to tackle Addai

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg dives deeper into the issue of 52, Reed not talking to media after games

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says Harbs still thinks Ravens ‘good football team’

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ravens to give away own version of “Terrible Towel”

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Art Modell signed autographs at Sunday’s game

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Chris Chester, Matt Birk ‘struggling’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Steelers, Jaguars, Broncos 1 game ahead of Ravens in playoff race

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Harbaugh met with Ed Reed Monday morning to discuss ‘lateral’

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Cundiff may have settled kicking situation, but Ravens haven’t solved red zone issues

The AP says Matt Birk knows Ravens must improve ‘execution’ offensively

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette says Big Ben should be okay, Steelers likely to sign Tyler Palko for QB insurance

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Scott Brown says Roethlisberger did well on IMPACT test

Beaver County Times’ Mike Bires couldn’t confirm Cleo Lemon, Jeff Garcia worked out for Steelers

The AP says Chris Kemoeatu will miss game for Steelers with sprained knee ligament

SI’s Peter King says Addai TD run ‘embarrassing’ for Ray Lewis

NFL.com’s Steve Wyche says offense looked ‘Boller-ish’ in loss to Indy

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco says Webb may be ‘rushed’ into major role

ESPN.com’s James Walker gives Steelers little chance to beat Ravens without Big Ben

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Flacco appeared to throw into triple coverage on Gary Brackett INT


The AP says Mosley’s 19 lead Terps to win over Chaminade in 1st round of Maui Invitational

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The AP says Terps moved up to 21st in poll

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Eric Hayes added 12 points for Terps in win

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Vanderbilt (who lost last night) was only other ranked team in Maui Invitational field

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Chaminade coach Mahar knew Terps would ‘wear (Silverswords) down’

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Jin Soo Choi, Steve Goins, Ersin Levent all played for Terps in win

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Jordan Williams chipped in 10 rebounds for Terps in win

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says James Padgett added another 6 rebounds after halftime

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps 20th best team in country


The Official Site previews tonight’s contest with Samford

The Official Site offers complete Maryland-Samford release (pdf)


The Official Site previews Saturday’s Senior Day battle with Boston College

The Official Site offers complete Terrapins-Eagles release (pdf)

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says future Terp Devin Burns still alive in Georgia high school playoffs

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Chris Turner could ‘try’ to play Saturday vs. BC

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says Debbie Yow has not offered ‘full support’ to Friedgen the way she did for Gary Williams

Sporting News’ Matt Hayes has Terps 12th in power rankings

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem says Ian Evans could be ‘sleeper’ prospect for 2010 (must subscribe)

Turtle Sports Report’s Matt Owings says Jamarr Robinson, Da’Rel Scott were positives in Florida State loss


The Official Site previews Saturday night’s trip to Hawaii

The Official Site offers complete Midshipmen-Warriors release (pdf)

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Buddy Green getting video faster thanks to new software

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Honolulu trip allows Niumatalolo chance to face alma mater

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says 16 Midshipmen seniors headed to Marine Corps


The Official Site previews tonight’s tilt with Towson

The Official Site offers complete Mids-Tigers release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Annapolis

The Official Site offers complete Tigers-Mids release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Coppin State on MASN

The Official Site offers complete Retrievers-Eagles release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Dartmouth


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Arkansas

The Official Site offers complete Bears-Razorbacks release (pdf)


The Official Site says athletic department honored Kevin White

The Official Site says Kevin White named to Hispanic College Fund Challenge All-Tournament team


The Official Site says Jeremy Goode honored by NEC


Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says Blue Jays 6th in pre-preseason rankings

Inside Lacrosse’s Sean Burns says coaches have Jays 5th in pre-preseason rankings


The Sun’s Peter Schmuck wouldn’t dismiss Birds’ pursuit of Carlos Delgado

Examiner Jay Trucker surprised Andino got no votes for American League MVP


The Official Site says Palace will play in new league called NASL

Examiner Jeff Hemelt says 9 teams will play in North American Soccer League


SwimNetwork.com’s Andrew Silver thinks Michael Phelps hosed with Lochte’s win at Golden Goggles

The AP says “Duel in the Pool” in Manchester, England Phelps’ final meet of 2009


Daily Racing Form’s Dave Litfin says Quality Road worked out at Belmont in hopes to return following Breeders’ Cup Classic scratch


Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Mark “TNT” Tucker to defend USBO belt December 11 in Westminster


-DO NOT LIKE the towel giveaway. Will talk more about it tomorrow.

Talk to you later.


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Terps lose a heartbreaker in Tallahassee, 29-26

Posted on 21 November 2009 by Luke Jones

Today’s meeting with Florida State was set up to be a complete disaster for Maryland.

It was Senior Day and Mickey Andrews’ last game in Tallahassee. The Seminoles were fired up to wear their horrendous new alternate uniforms. An inexperienced quarterback was making his first start on the road (second overall) for a 2-8 team with nothing to play for nearing the end of a miserable season. You would be hard-pressed finding a single Terps fan who believed Maryland had much of a chance in this one.

It looked like it’d be a blowout.

Instead, the Terps gave one of their more impressive efforts of the year.

And still lost a heartbreaker.

The 29-26 loss is unquestionably disappointing after having the lead inside the final minute, but it was a gutsy effort from which the Terps can take some positives.

Jamarr Robinson played as well as you could possibly expect, completing 20 of 27 passes for 214 yards and a touchdown pass to Adrian Cannon. The young quarterback looked more confident throwing the ball, displaying a very strong arm, and did not wilt under the pressure of the Tallahassee crowd.

With Chris Turner’s college career wrapping up next week, Robinson’s performance provides hope for spring practice when he’ll compete with highly-touted freshman Danny O’Brien for the starting job in 2010.

The running game was revitalized with the return of Da’Rel Scott. After missing five games with a broken wrist, the junior returned to rush for 83 yards on 19 carries. Davin Meggett added two touchdown runs and 59 yards, as the Terps rushed for a season-high 196 yards. An offensive line filled with underwhelming talent played as well as it had all season long.

The defense was opportunistic, and at times downright aggressive, picking off three passes from Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel. Alex Wujciak’s interception and 82-yard return late in the first half led to a Terrapins touchdown and completely changed the complexion of the game, narrowing the score to 14-13 at halftime.

But when it really counted, the Terps couldn’t get it done.

Following a Cameron Chism interception with 3:26 remaining, the Maryland offense needed one or two first downs to seal an improbable road victory against the Seminoles. Instead the Terps went three-and-out.

Needing good punt coverage—or to at least punt the ball out-of-bounds—the Terps surrendered a 48-yard return by Nick Reid, setting up Florida State at the Maryland 44 with 2:31 remaining.

And needing to make one more big play, the defense allowed Florida State to score with little resistance. A Lonnie Pryor 3-yard push into the end zone with 32 seconds remaining gave the Seminoles the 29-26 victory.

These Maryland players—kids—have had a very difficult season and were hungry for a victory. And, today, they played like it.

Ultimately, this 2-9 football team played as well as it had all season long and still lost on the road to a .500 opponent.  It’s an effort to be proud of considering the current season and state of the program, but it simply wasn’t good enough.

Just like it hasn’t been all year.

Check out the box score here and the live blog below.


3:13 p.m. — Is this loss disappointing? Absolutely.

Should you be proud of the effort? No question.

There are no moral victories, but if you told me the Terps would be leading late in the fourth quarter and come up painfully short against Florida State, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Back a little later with my post-game thoughts.

3:11 p.m. — Robinson cannot find anyone rolling out to the right and has to throw it away.

Fourth-and-10 for the Terps.

Robinson completes to Cannon and after a series of laterals, this one painfully comes to an end.

Maryland loses a heartbreaker, 29-26.

3:09 p.m. — Robinson throws high to Cannon who was open on the play. 0:15 to go now.

3:08 p.m. — Patrick Robinson with another great defensive play.

It’s not looking good for the Turtles.

3:06 p.m. — Bobby Bowden wouldn’t be dumb enough to kick to Torrey Smith here would he?

He was, but Smith with too much east-west running there.

Only 0:25 remaining and the Terps are at their own 25.

3:05 p.m. — The call is confirmed and Maryland trails, 29-26, with 0:32 remaining.


3:03 p.m. — Pryor scores with 0:32 remaining in the game.

After the defense made big plays all day long, it cannot get it done after the big return.

3:01 p.m. — Manuel takes it all the way to the 10. On the next play, he completes to Easterling down to the 4.

Can the D make one more big play?

3:00 p.m. — You simply cannot allow that to happen. Reid with the huge return to the Maryland 45.

2:58 p.m. — Facing a big 3rd-and-8 from the 50, Robinson attempts to run right and is stopped far short of the first.

Really needed more out of that drive has Florida State will still have two minutes to work with when they get the ball back.

2:55 p.m. — On 3rd-and-3, Cam Chism with the HUGE interception for the Terps! Maryland will take over with 2:57 remaining!

2:50 p.m. — Robinson is 19-for-23 for 181 yards through the air. Very efficient.

Very nice balance in the offense today with the running game really setting the tone here in the second half.

2:49 p.m. — Facing 3rd-and-1, Meggett runs straight ahead and he’s in for the 9-yard touchdown. Maryland is back on top!

We will, however, have a review to determine if Meggett got in the end zone. This one will hold up.

Maryland leads Florida State, 26-22. What a tremendous effort today.

2:46 p.m. — Meggett is close to another first down for the Terps, finding a seam in the Florida State defense. This has been a VERY impressive, physical drive for the Terps.

Maryland has rushed for 185 yards today.

2:44 p.m. — Working from the shotgun, Robinson hands to Meggett and he runs off right tackle for a big gain, moving the chains again for the Terps who are now in Seminoles’ territory. Meggett’s having a really nice game after struggling for most of the season.

On the next play, Scott finds the right corner for a huge gain. The Terps are now inside the red zone.

2:42 p.m. — On a huge 3rd-and-8 play, Florida State brings the blitz and Robinson takes off and appears to have the first down.

Not sure about that spot, as they’ll measure. Regardless of whether it was a bad mark, the Terps still have the first down.

2:39 p.m. — On 3rd-and-3, Robinson runs the draw and picks up the first down. I’m really impressed with his play today. It’s not easy playing in a hostile environment in your second career start, but the sophomore has held his own.

2:37 p.m. — The offense needs to pick up the Maryland defense after the last score. The D has made plays all day to set up the offense, so it’s time for Franklin’s unit to return the favor.

Robinson carries for six yards on first down. Still 10 minutes to play in this one.

2:35 p.m. — You’ve got to be kidding me.

Bert Reed gets the ball and makes Terrell Skinner look like he was on roller skates on his way to a touchdown.

The two-point conversion is good, and Florida State is up, 22-19.

2:31 p.m. — Credit the Maryland offense for taking advantage of the Florida State mistakes. The Terps have scored 13 points off the Seminoles’ two interceptions.

2:27 p.m. — Adrian Cannon is an athlete. He takes the short pass from Robinson, breaks a tackle, and takes it 20 yards for the touchdown!

Maryland goes for two points. The pass goes off Scott’s hands and big Bruce Campbell makes the catch, but the conversion is no good.

Maryland leads, 19-14.

This has been a fun one to watch, no doubt.

2:24 p.m. — On 3rd-and-13, Robinson throws an absolute STRIKE to LaQuan Williams, though the receiver was wide open over the middle.

On the next play, the Terps run play-action and Robinson keeps it for a first-own run.

This is getting exciting, isn’t it?

2:22 p.m. — What more could you ask for in this one than the Terps trailing by 1 entering the fourth quarter?

It’s been a long season, but Maryland fans should be proud of today’s effort.

2:20 p.m. — The defense comes up with another big play. Skinner picks off Manuel, breaking in front of Bert Reed on the pass play.

On first down, Meggett runs right like a battering ram for a first down. That was some attitude there.

2:15 p.m. — I’m very impressed with the Maryland defense today. Despite the hiccup on the option play to Lonnie Pryor for seven points in the first half, Don Brown’s unit has played well on the road.

2:12 p.m. — Meggett gets the first down. That was a MAJOR risk going for it there, but with a 2-8 record, why not?

Robinson then throws into double coverage trying to find Smith in the end zone. Not a good decision to throw that with the other Robinson covering.

On 3rd-and-11, Robinson finds Ronnie Tyler but the receiver slips and is far short of the first down. Disappointing end to the drive after a big fourth-down conversion.

2:07 p.m. — LaQuan Williams with a tremendous catch to set up a 3rd-and-1 situation.

Scott is stopped short on the running play. You have to wonder if his conditioning is a factor at this point with him missing the last five games. Scott has 14 carries for 54 yards in the game.

Maryland will go for it. Robinson with a great hard count but Phil Costa DID NOT snap the ball when the FSU defender jumped into the neutral zone. Crucial mistake, and it costs the Terps a chance for the first down.

2:05 p.m. — A big completion to Smith moves the chains for the Terps on third down.

The speedy receiver then gets the ball on the next play and goes nowhere. Patrick Robinson played that one extremely well.

2:03 p.m. — Make no mistake, the main problem to plague the Terps’ running game this season is the lack of talent on the offensive line, but Scott has the unique ability to make the group look much better, something Meggett and freshman Caleb Porzel have not been able to do this season.

1:59 p.m. — Great play by Moten on the third-down pass. That’s exactly how the defense needed to answer after the unfortunate turnover.

Maryland takes over at its own 20 following the turnover.

1:57 p.m. — Florida State takes over after the turnover. A promising drive to start the second half falls apart due to a turnover.

We’ve heard this story before this year, haven’t we?

1:56 p.m. — I’m back after doing my report on Section 410.

1:33 p.m. — QUICK PLUG: I’ll be joining Eric Aaronson on Section 410 momentarily to break down the first half and also discuss the early success of the Maryland basketball team.

Listen on AM 1570 WNST or online at WNST.net!

1:24 p.m. — Thomas picks up some nice yardage on the last play of the half.

Florida State leads Maryland, 14-3.

1:21 p.m. — Touchdown, Maryland! Meggett bulls straight ahead for the 1-yard touchdown.

What a huge momentum shift heading into halftime.

Florida State leads Maryland, 14-13.

1:18 p.m. — Two straight runs produce next to nothing.

On third down, Robinson runs to the 1 but cannot make it in the end zone.

Go for it here. Timeout, Maryland.

1:17 p.m. — ALEX WUJCIAK with the HUGE interception, setting up the Terps inside the 10-yard line. That was a big-time play.

Too bad he couldn’t score, however.

1:15 p.m. — The Maryland defense suddenly looks back on its heels after looking much more aggressive prior to the last touchdown drive.

Jamari McCollough with very soft coverage on Forston, but Manuel doesn’t find him soon enough.

1:13 p.m. — Who was supposed to be covering Taiwan Easterling there?

1:10 p.m. — Robinson throws the throwback screen to Devonte Campbell, and that CLEARLY didn’t work. His blocking was far too slow getting out in front.

Ferrara hits another field goal, and it’s 14-6. Settling for field goals will not get it done.

1:08 p.m. — Nice throw by Smith rolling out to his right. If he can throw on the run, he becomes a much more dangerous quarterback.

Nice to see the aggressive play-calling after falling behind by two scores.

1:05 p.m. — Torrey Smith with another HUGE play this year, but he’s tripped up by…himself, preventing the touchdown.

Terps need seven points on this drive. I know I wasn’t a math major in college, but trading field goals for touchdowns won’t get it done.

1:04 p.m. — This is danger time for the Terrapins. A Jamarr Robinson-led offense is not suited to playing from behind, and the Terps now find themselves down by 11 points.

Maryland has been committed to the run in the first half.

1:02 p.m. — Manuel with the play-action fake and finds Fortson for a big gain. Chism was right there in coverage but couldn’t pick up the football and then misses the tackle on top of that.

And on the next play, Manuel runs the option to PERFECTION. Pitching at the last moment to Lonnie Pryor who takes it 54 yards for the touchdown. Tommie Frazier would have been proud of that one.

I was just going to say that Maryland had played the option well so far today, but nevermind.

Seminoles lead, 14-3.

12:57 p.m. — With a 3rd-and-4, Robinson tries to pick up the first running to the right side, but he’s a couple yard short.

Ferrara comes on to attempt a 44-yarder. It’s good, and Maryland is on the scoreboard.

Nice drive for the Terps.

12:55 p.m. — On 3rd-and-1, Meggett rushes straight ahead for the first down.

The Terps are driving now after a quick completion to Smith pushes the Terps inside the FSU 30.

12:49 p.m. — Wow. Tremendous tackle by Darin Drakeford who drove Reed right into the ground on the reverse when it looked like the receiver would find the corner to move the sticks.

That’s how you get off the field on third down!

12:45 p.m. — We’ve reached the end of the first quarter in Tallahassee. Florida State leads the Terps, 7-0.

12:43 p.m. — That was a BEAUTIFUL throw by Robinson. Smith has to make that catch. He didn’t track the ball well at all on that long throw.

On the next play, the pressure forces an errant throw to Scott coming out of the backfield.

Definitely a missed opportunity there. You have to take advantage of every one you get on the road.

12:41 p.m. — I do like the idea of establishing the run, but the offensive line actually has to block in order for it to work.

A nice screen to Scott gives the Terps their first first down of the afternoon.

12:39 p.m. — Torrey Smith with his best Jermaine Thomas impersonation on the return, but no harm done for the Terps.

I still wonder why teams even bother to kick the ball to Smith. Frank Beamer certainly wanted no part of the speedy return man last week.

12:36 p.m. — Despite fumbling the ball, Thomas has it bounce right back to him as he scores around the left corner.

That’s a perfect example of how this season has gone for the Terps. Not only have they been bad, but they’ve also been unlucky.

12:31 p.m. — The defense isn’t playing poorly, but it hasn’t been able to get off the field on third down this drive. Skinner had nice coverage, but Manuel stuck the ball right where he needed to.

Florida State will have 1st-and-goal from the Maryland 1.

12:30 p.m. — Adrian Moten and Antwine Perez played the screen extremely well.

Manuel connects with Rod Owens for the first-down completion. Florida State within striking distance after the long punt return.

12:26 p.m. — Nike’s new technology: Make our schools look absolutely ridiculous.

Manuel with a very nice throw to Bert Reed despite a VICIOUS hit by Skinner.

12:25 p.m. — Despite the intimidation factor of playing in Tallahassee, you’re not going to find Peter Boulware or Derrick Brooks back there. The Seminoles have struggled immensely, so the Terps should be able to do some things offensively.

Will it be enough though?

Maryland seems committed to running the ball early with Scott getting a couple touches, but the Terps are completely stuffed on their first drive.

12:19 p.m. — Great coverage by Cam Chism on 3rd-and-long. Despite the struggles and injuries to the secondary this season, the sophomore has played very well filling in for senior Nolan Carroll.

We’ll get our first look at Robinson and the offense momentarily.

12:17 p.m. — Florida State decides to decline the offside penalty and go for it on 4th-and-1. Not sure I’d do the same thing, but the Seminoles are playing at home.

After Jermaine Thomas is initially stopped, he bounces outside and picks up the first. Great interior push, but the speed on the edge was too much.

12:15 p.m. — Alex Wujciak played the option very well, as the Noles have run two option plays for a total of 1 yard. That’s the effort they’ll need on the road.

On the next play, Wujciak with great coverage on Jarmon Fortson, forcing the incompletion.

Despite the struggles of the defense this season, Wujciak has been outstanding with a team-high 113 tackles entering today’s game.

12:13 p.m. — Maryland kicks off to begin the game. It’s imperative that the defense gets off to a good start in this one. The Terps have had a bad habit of falling behind early on the road this season and never recovering.

Terrell Skinner comes up from his safety position very nicely to bring down E.J. Manuel on the option run for no gain.

12:08 p.m. — Though Florida State has struggled this season, creating much speculation on the future of Bobby Bowden, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Noles fired up for Senior Day and the pending retirement of long-time defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews.

Maryland’s Jamarr Robinson will get his second career start at quarterback after rushing for 129 yards against Virginia Tech in last week’s loss. It’s hard to envision the Terps remaining competitive in this game unless Robinson can produce more in the passing game.

12:00 p.m. — It will be interesting to see how Ralph Friedgen and James Franklin handle the return of Da’Rel Scott today. Despite missing five games, the junior tailback is still the Terps leading rusher.

Unfortunately, that’s more of an indictment on the state of the offensive line than it is a compliment to Scott.

Florida State is wearing all-garnet (maroon) uniforms and black helmets. Very unusual to see the Noles in these alternates. Maryland will wear their white jerseys with red pants.

11:51 a.m. — We’re a few minutes away from this afternoon’s battle between the Maryland Terrapins (2-8) and Florida State Seminoles (5-5) at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee.

I’m relaxing in the WNST Studio on Hart Road in Towson for the game, and I’ll be posting my thoughts throughout the afternoon. The Terps WILL be televised for only the fourth time this season. The game will be broadcast by Raycom on WJZ-13 in Baltimore. Tim Brant and Doc Walker will have the call from Tallahassee.

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Thursday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 19 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Sorry, nothing to add today. Have to get to 1 Winning Drive. It’s coordinators day!

Let’s see what everyone has to say…..

Best of Wednesday’s WNST Blogs:

Glenn Clark says John Harbaugh, Derrick Mason implored fans to be louder than usual at M&T Bank Stadium Sunday

Derek Arnold says Dawan Landry ‘Played Like a Raven’ Monday night in Cleveland

Drew Forrester says 2,500 packed RAC Arena to see Loyola top UMBC

Bob Haynie says fans beginning to show confidence in Ravens for Sunday’s game against Colts

Thyrl Nelson thinks Flacco bad play, Ray Rice solid play this weekend in Fantasy Football

Eric Aaronson says Gilbert Arenas-Shaquille O’Neal drama overshadowed Wizards-Cavaliers last night


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens signed Billy Cundiff to replace Steve Hauschka

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Matt Birk knows offense must improve ‘execution’

The Official Site says Ravens placed Nakamura on IR with ankle injury

The Official Site says Le’Ron McClain, Jarret Johnson, Dannell Ellerbe have no one more famous than Ray Lewis in their cell phone

The Official Site says Ravens’ wives to hold food drive benefitting Maryland Food Bank before Sunday’s game against Indianapolis

The Official Site says Jim Caldwell believes Colts ‘not concerned’ with finishing season with perfect record

The Official Site says Matt Lawrence needs ‘about another week’ to figure out knee issue according to Harbs

Colts Official Site’s John Oehser says Manning views matchup with Baltimore as ‘physical and mental challenge’

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Matt Stover hopes Baltimore fans will remember him favorably when he returns to Charm City

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ravens picked Cundiff over Mike Nugent due to kickoff abilities

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Ravens unlikely to beat AFC’s best Colts

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck doesn’t think Ravens can keep thinks ‘particularly close’ with Colts Sunday

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. cleans up after me

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg says sprained knee ligament will force Suggs to miss first game(s) of career

The Sun’s Mike Preston expects Cam Cameron to try to dominate time of possession Sunday with run

The Sun’s Mike Preston expects Kruger to be ‘tested’ by Colts

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Derrick Mason, John Harbaugh, Sam Koch all had kind words for Hauschka after departure

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Ngata limited in practice

The Sun’s Edward Lee says KJ Gerard takes Nakamura’s spot on active roster

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Tavares Gooden wouldn’t talk about concussion

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbaugh seemed to support Belichick’s decision against Colts

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Kruger hasn’t gotten official word from Harbaugh

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Dwan Edwards fined $5,000 for hit on Joshua Cribbs

The AP says Saints hoping Chris McAlister can be ready to play for them Sunday

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Ray Lewis, Derrick Mason each think seeing Stover on opposing sideline will be ‘weird’

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Brady Quinn fined $10,000 for hit on Suggs

Frederick News-Post’s Stan Goldberg says Ravens ‘needed veteran kicker like Stover’ to pursue Super Bowl dreams

Washington Times’ Bob Cohn says Oher yet to see The Blind Side

Indianapolis Star’s Mike Chappell says Dallas Clark can break John Mackey’s franchise record for career catches by tight end Sunday

Indianapolis Star’s Phil Richards says Rutgers alum Gary Brackett used to consider Ray Rice protégé

USA Today’s Gary Mihoces says Paul Kruger, Antwan Barnes expected to fill in for T-Sizzle

7 of 8 USA Today analysts pick Colts

USA Today’s Pete O’Brien picks Ravens 24-23

Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer picks Colts 27-21

6 of 7 Sporting News analysts pick Colts

Sporting News’ Russ Lande mocks Jermaine Gresham to Ravens

SI’s Don Banks has Ravens 13th in power rankings

NFL.com’s Steve Wyche says Ravens must ‘man up’ to get into Wild Card picture

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco picks Colts 31-28

6 of 6 CBS Sports analysts pick Colts

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio and Gregg Rosenthal pick Colts 31-28

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager picks Colts 33-24

Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez thinks Flacco progressing better than Matt Ryan

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens made ‘mistake’ in not bringing back Matt Stover

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Matt Birk, Todd Heap also didn’t practice Wednesday

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Suggs’ injury similar to Polamalu’s


Florida State Official Site says Bobby Bowden thinks Jamarr Robinson ‘dangerous quarterback’

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says becoming a father has forced Terrell Skinner to mature

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Travis Baltz will miss rest of season after undergoing surgery on broken finger

Florida Times-Union has Maryland 11th in ACC power rankings

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich picks Seminoles 35-17

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Jamarr Robinson could be hitting ground a few times in Tallahassee

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says James Franklin impressed by how Da’Rel Scott has been practicing (must subscribe)


The Sun’s Kevin Cowherd says Terps should have ‘inside presence’ with Jordan Williams, James Padgett

The Diamondback’s Aaron Kraut says Gary Williams to address Dino Gregory report today

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Sean Mosley believes Terps playing same type of defense that lead them to NCAA Tournament last year

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Greivis Vasquez thought Eric Hayes was ‘unbelievable’ in win over Stags

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Fairfield coach Ed Cooley knew turnovers killed any chances Stags had in College Park Tuesday night

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says teammates view Eric Hayes as ‘laid back guy’

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Milbourne wasn’t tired despite playing a ton of minutes early on Tuesday night

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps were best against Stags with James Padgett on floor

Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Vasquez, Milbourne lifting weights more with eyes on NBA future

Terrapin Times’ Mike Ashley says Terps lifted by Eric Hayes in win over Fairfield (must subscribe)

Inside MD Sports’ Seth Hoffman says Gary Williams ‘expects defense to be there every night’


The Official Site previews tonight’s tilt with Old Dominion in College Park

The Diamondback’s Jonas Shaffer says tonight’s game against Monarchs should give Kizer, Oyefuwa, Essence Townsend good barometer to see how they handle better interior players


The Sun’s Todd Karpovich says Hounds hoping to avenge ’07 NCAA Tournament loss to Terps tonight at Ludwig Field


The Official Site says 93% of football players in Annapolis graduate

Go Mids’ David Ausiello says Niumatalolo not interested in leaving Mids

Go Mids’ David Ausiello wonders what would happen if Midshipmen were to face off with Paul Johnson’s Georgia Tech team (must subscribe)


The Official Site previews tonight’s home opener against Buffalo at Alumni Hall


The Official Site says Jamal Barney scored 21 to lift Greyhounds past Retrievers in Catonsville

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of victory

The Sun’s Jeff Seidel says Brett Harvey made 4 big free throws late to clinch win for Loyola


The Official Site says Chauncey Gilliam’s 22 points not enough as Retrievers fell to Hounds at RAC Arena


The Official Site previews tonight’s tilt with East Tennessee State at Hill Field House

The Official Site offers complete Bears-Buccaneers release (pdf)


The Official Site previews Saturday’s season finale at Hampton

The Official Site offers complete Bears-Pirates release (pdf)


The Official Site says Tigers’ athletic teams 2nd in CAA in graduation rate

Examiner’s Matthew Schlissel previews Saturday’s trip to James Madison


The Official Site previews NCAA Tournament opener at Hampden-Sydney

The Official Site offers complete Blue Jays-Tigers release (pdf)


The Official Site says Ed Hottle introduced as first head coach in Mustangs history


The Official Site says Jeremy Goode’s 17 lead Mountaineers in win at American

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The AP says Beidler added 14 for ‘Eers in win over Eagles


MLB.com’s Alden Gonzalez says Adrian Beltre, Pedro Feliz, Chone Figgins, Hank Blalock, Russell Branyan, Troy Glaus could be options for Birds at corner infield positions

The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec says O’s to wait until free agency to re-open talks with Hendrickson

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Blake Davis, Steve Johnson will be exposed to Rule 5 Draft

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says Matt Angle hit a 2 run single for Phoenix Desert Dogs in Arizona Fall League play


-I’ll say Coppin State 74, Washington Adventist 59; and Morgan State 67, East Tennessee 60 tonight.

Talk to you from Owings Mills.


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Wednesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 18 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Very impressed by what I saw in College Park DEFENSIVELY last night. Sean Mosley is going to make a run at Defensive Player of the Year in the ACC. They are VERY solid defensively.

The halfcourt offense MUST improve.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say…..

Best of Tuesday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says fans who boo Matt Stover Sunday ‘jerks’

Glenn Clark says Ray Rice best Raven in win over Browns, Drew Forrester chooses Dawan Landry

Drew Forrester says Ravens must ‘step it up’ against Indy Sunday

Derek Arnold says effort Ravens gave against Cleveland wouldn’t have been enough to beat most NFL teams

Drew Forrester says Ravens ‘must’ go 2-1 against Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Green Bay over next 3 weeks

Glenn Clark says Ozzie Newsome, Ravens expected ‘growing pains’ from Hauschka to start NFL career

Nestor Aparicio takes Jon Gruden to task for comments made during Monday Night Football broadcast

Luke Jones says Terps managed to overcome 14 rebounds from Fairfield’s Anthony Johnson

Bob Haynie says Terps commit Terrence Ross waiting to sign LOI

Keith Melchior compares Hauschka to Doug DeCinces

Ed Frankovic says Ovechkin returned, scored in Capitals’ win over Rangers


The Official Site’s John Eisenberg says Browns served as ‘warm-up’ for Ravens as they face ‘test’ with Colts, Steelers, Packers

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens released Hauschka

The Official Site says Ozzie Newsome believes ‘Ravens need better’ than Hauschka at kicker

Colts Official Site’s Matt Dollinger says young players Jacob Lacey, Jerraud Powers, Kyle DeVan getting valuable playing time for Indianapolis

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Ray Lewis wants Brady Quinn fined for hit on Terrell Suggs

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley and Edward Lee say releasing Hauschka ‘acknowledges’ failure to replace Matt Stover

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Suggs injury likely means more playing time for Paul Kruger

The Sun’s Dan Connolly says Oher didn’t attend New York premiere of The Blind Side

The Sun breaks down possible kickers Mike Nugent, Billy Cundiff

The Sun’s Kevin Cowherd hopes Hauschka finds another NFL job

The Sun’s Jay Hancock says Oher, Ray Rice to sign autographs at M&T Bank Stadium event tonight

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Harbs was progressively more disappointed in Hauschka

The Sun’s Ken Murray says Derrick Mason thinks offense needs to ‘step up’

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Hauschka ‘disappointed’ with being released

The Sun says Chris McAlister reportedly signed with Saints

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says Brady Quinn apologized to T-Sizzle, Ravens for hit

Carroll County Times’ Aaron Wilson says John Harbaugh still thinks Hauschka will be ‘good kicker’

The AP says big misses against Vikings, Bengals worked to doom Hauschka

Washington Post’s Mark Maske says Hauschka was 9/13 on FG attempts, 27/28 on XP attempts this season

Indianapolis Star’s Phillip B. Wilson says Charlie Johnson has answered questions that faced him all season

USA Today’s Jon Saraceno says Ravens have daunting task ahead with Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers coming up

USA Today’s Tom Pedulla says Oher hopes to play at Pro Bowl level, win multiple Super Bowls during career

USA Today’s Sean Leahy says Mangini accepted Brady Quinn’s explanation of Terrell Suggs hit

USA Today has Ravens 11th in power rankings

Sporting News’ Clifton Brown has Ravens 11th in power rankings

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco has Ravens 15th in power rankings

Fox Sports’ Adrian Hasenmayer has Ravens 7th in power rankings

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens likely to play without Suggs for ‘extended period’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens have been ‘streaky and inconsistent’

ESPN.com has Ravens 11th in power rankings


The Official Site says Eric Hayes’ 14 lead Terps past Fairfield 71-42

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of win

The Official Site says Gary Williams knows Greivis Vasquez a ‘marked man’ for opponents

The Official Site says Vasquez became 38th Terrapin to reach 500 rebounds in win

Fairfield Official Site says Needham’s 15 not enough as Stags fell to Maryland

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps were ‘thin’ up front against Fairfield with Dino Gregory, Jin Soo Choi, Steve Goins out

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Walt Williams officially joined Johnny Holliday, Chris Knoche on radio broadcasts

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Milbourne added 8 boards for Terps in win

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says Steve Francis Ashton Pankey’s all-time favorite Terp

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says Terps had to use 15-0 run in first half to put Stags away at Comcast Center

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Ersin Levent scored first career point in final minute of win

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says playing time now will pay off for James Padgett, Jordan Williams

The Diamondback’s Michael Katz says Greivis tried to pull a Juan Dixon by switching shoes after first half struggles

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Terps need more ‘patience’ in half court offense

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Terps actually had to rally from first half deficit against MAAC opponent

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says despite struggles from field, Greivis has 19 assists through first 2 games against Charleston Southern, Fairfield

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps gave up fewest points since ’04 against UMES

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says despite ugly nature of win, Terps accomplished goals against Fairfield

Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy says Sean Mosley added 13 points in victory

Inside MD Sports’ Seth Hoffman says Landon Milbourne scored 10 points in win

Turtle Sports Report’s Danny Miller chats with new Terp Ashton Pankey (must subscribe)


Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Terps were ‘uneven’ in win over New Hampshire (must subscribe)


Florida State Official Site says Seminoles to honor Mickey Andrews at Saturday’s game against Terps

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Chris Turner will miss second straight game Saturday at FSU

Carroll County Times’ Matt Zenitz says Da’Rel Scott likely to return Saturday against Noles

The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says Jamarr Robinson will make second straight start Saturday in Tallahassee

The Diamondback’s Michael Katz says Travis Ivey playing hard for NFL Draft hopes

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says James Franklin getting comfortable working from sideline

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Clemson win Saturday will mean more money for James Franklin

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Travis Baltz could be ‘emergency option’ for Terps Saturday

Tallahassee Democrat’s Corey Clark says Jermaine Thomas hoping to be first back to run for 1,000 yards at Florida State since Warrick Dunn

USA Today’s Steve Wieberg says FSU’s Bobby Bowden could be coaching final game at Doak Campbell Stadium Saturday

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich says Wujciak has been best Terp

Terrapin Times’ Claire Knudsen profiles freshman TE Stinebaugh (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Jamarr Robinson improving (must subscribe)


The Official Site previews Thursday’s NCAA Tournament opener against Loyola


Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Niumatalolo trying to get Mids ready for next week’s trip to Hawaii during bye week

Washington Examiner’s Kevin Dunleavy keeps Midshipmen 24th in Top 25


The Official Site previews Tigers’ season finale at James Madison Saturday

James Madison Official Site previews Saturday’s game against Towson

James Madison Official Site offers complete Dukes-Tigers release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s battle with Loyola at RAC Arena

The Official Site offers complete Retrievers-Greyhounds release (pdf)


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to Catonsville on MASN

The Official Site offers complete Hounds-Retrievers release (pdf)


The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says Galludet’s Ed Hottle to be named first head coach in Mustangs history


The Official Site says Andrew Kase, Colin Wixted honored by Centennial Conference


The Official Site previews tonight’s trip to American

The Official Site offers complete Mountaineers-Eagles release (pdf)


Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says McDaniel hopes to ‘build’ on this year’s .500 season

Carroll County Times’ Josh Land says Terror players Mike Weick, Matt Cahill, Mike Ford, Austin Herr, Sam Cox, Travis Wenrich all honored by Centennial Conference


The Official Site says Hillary Haley’s 22 points not enough as Hawks fell to Marquette

Marquette Official Site says 28 points from Lazar Haywood lead Golden Eagles past Hawks

The Sun says Mark Robertson added 15 for Hawks in loss


The Official Site says Gulls’ Kowalick honored by ACFC


MLB.com’s Alden Gonzalez says Erbe, Gamboa, Perrault finding success for Phoenix Desert Dogs in Arizona Fall League

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck thinks Birds should pursue Adrian Beltre

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. says O’s prospect Josh Bell doubled Monday in AFL play


The Sun says all games to be streamed online by B2 Networks


-I’ll say Loyola 64, UMBC 61 tonight. Losing the way they did Sunday at RAC Arena makes me think that might linger.

Talk to you from Owings Mills.


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Virginia Tech, Taylor too much for Terps

Posted on 14 November 2009 by Luke Jones

Ralph Friedgen had to fight back the tears.

It’s been a miserable 2-8 season for the Maryland Terrapins, and their leader choked up when asked what long-time friend Frank Beamer said to him after Virginia Tech blew out Maryland, 36-9, at Byrd Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

“He knows what I’m going through,” Friedgen said in reference to the Terrapins’ difficult season.

Hokies quarterback Tyrod Taylor threw for 268 yards and three touchdown passes and also ran for 91 yards, as the Maryland defense had no answer for the Virginia Tech offense. The Hokies were 5 for 7 on third-down conversions in the first half as they jumped out to a 27-3 halftime lead.

Star running back Ryan Williams rushed for 128 yards and a touchdown as the Terps allowed 216 yards on the ground and 484 total yards for the game.

“We missed so many tackles and they went for a lot of big plays,” Friedgen said. “We haven’t been doing that.”

The poor tackling was never more apparent than during Taylor’s 64-yard touchdown pass to Jarrett Boykins to make it a 27-3 deficit. Safety Jamari McCollough had a clear chance to bring the receiver down but could not as Boykins sprinted away.

It was an afternoon of ineptitude in all phases of the game.

The Maryland offense gained 236 yards, with much of it coming on the legs of quarterback Jamarr Robinson, who was filling in for the injured starter Chris Turner. Robinson rushed for a game-high 129 yards on 24 carries but passed for only 104 yards and was 12 for 32.

“His throwing game has to get better,” Friedgen said. “He made some throws people couldn’t make plays on that would have helped. I don’t think he sees things as well as he needs to and that has to improve. Overall, [his play] was okay.”

Maryland had two drives inside the Virginia Tech 25-yard line that produced zero points after a missed field goal late in the first half and a failed fourth-down conversion in the third quarter.

“It was very frustrating,” Robinson said. “I felt like we were moving the ball fairly well, but we just couldn’t get it into the end zone.”

The sophomore quarterback was pressured repeatedly throughout the afternoon, forcing him to leave the pocket and try to make plays with his feet. The Tech defense sacked Robinson four times in the first half and six times overall.

“I thought we protected a lot better in the second half,” center Phil Costa said. “We did throw the ball a lot today, and in the first half, we had a few miscues and missed assignments.”

Friedgen reiterated after the game how much affection he has for his players despite experiencing such a terrible season, citing how much time he spends with many players outside of football-related activities.

The head coach and several players also reiterated the importance of finishing this season strong as they look ahead to improving in the offseason and for next year.

“There is a gap right now,” Friedgen said. “One of the things I’m hoping will change it is when some of our younger guys mature and grow up. That’s the biggest area we have to work on and we still have to go out and recruit. We have to find players that want to be successful here at Maryland.”

– Safety Kenny Tate suffered a high ankle sprain and is likely to miss the final two games of the season, according to Friedgen.

“Losing Kenny is a big loss for us.”

Punter Travis Baltz broke a finger in Saturday’s game and will need surgery on it, according to the head coach. He is also expected to miss the rest of the season.

Kicker Nick Ferrara handled the punting duties after Baltz left the game and would presumably punt in the Terps’ final two games.

– Robinson’s 129 rushing yards marked the first time a Maryland quarterback ran for 100 yards since Shaun Hill had 105 on 11 carries against Duke in 2001.

Robinson had 233 individual total yards of offense with Maryland finishing with 236 team yards of offense.

– Torrey Smith entered the game needing just 35 all-purpose yards to break Lamont Jordan’s single-season all-purpose mark of 1,840 set in 1999. The receiver and kick returner eclipsed the mark with his second reception of the afternoon.

Smith also passed the 1,000-yard mark in career receiving yards after catching four passes for 55 yards in Saturday’s loss.

– Safety Terrell Skinner set a new career-high in tackles with 13. His previous high was 11 tackles against the Hokies in 2008.

– Maryland scored its second defensive touchdown in two weeks when Jared Harrell recovered a fumble in the end zone after McCollough sacked Taylor and knocked the ball free.

It was the first fumble return for a touchdown since Josh Wilson returned a fumble 20 yards for a touchdown against Wake Forest in 2005.

– Maryland did not turn the ball over despite the lopsided defeat to the Hokies. The Terps’ turnover differential stands at minus-9 for the season.

Check out the game’s box score here and the live blog below. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@WNST) for updates on the Terps, Ravens, Orioles, and other local sports everyday.


4:06 p.m. — Virginia Tech takes a couple of kneel-downs, and this one is in the books.

Final score: Virginia Tech 36, Maryland 9.

Back with your post-game recap in a little while.

Hang in there, Terps fans. Basketball season is here.

4:04 p.m. — After the punt, Maryland takes over at its own 16 with less than two minutes to go.

Robinson just completed a pass to Gary Douglas—for a loss of three on the play.

He then throws incomplete to Douglas in the other direction.

On 3rd-and-13, Robinson feels the pressure AGAIN (and again and again today) and throws incomplete.

Maryland will punt with 1:11 to go.

Thankfully, this one is almost over.

3:59 p.m. — We’re under four minutes to go, and Ju-Ju Clayton is in at quarterback for the Hokies.

Just winding this one down.

3:56 p.m. — Robinson has looked good showing off his legs, but he’s struggled in the passing game. He’s only 11 for 29 for 107 yards.

Robinson is the first Maryland quarterback to rush for 100 yards since Shaun Hill did it against Duke on Oct. 20, 2001.

3:51 p.m. — On 3rd-and-9, David Wilson carries for a short gain, making if fourth down.

Beamer instructs Taylor to allow the play clock to wind down before calling timeout.

Waldron’s 33-yard attempt is good.

The Hokies lead, 36-9, with 5:52 remaining in the game.

3:48 p.m. — Taylor just found a wide-open Sam Wheeler on 3rd-and-6 to move the chains and advance the Hokies to the Maryland 19-yard line.

Moten just leveled the ball carrier Oglesby on the next play for no gain.

3:45 p.m. — Wujciak forces a fumble, but the ball squirted right back to Taylor who carries it all the way down to the 39-yard line.

That’s just the way it’s been for the Terps today.

3:43 p.m. — It’s the first time the Terps have returned a fumble for a touchdown (even though Harrell only fell on the ball in the end zone) since Josh Wilson did it against Wake Forest on Sept. 24, 2005.

3:41 p.m. — Taylor fumbles at the goal line, and it’s recovered by Jared Harrell in the end zone for a touchdown! And it’s that easy to score!

McCollough is credited with a sack on the play for the Terps.

The Terps elect to go for two points, but Robinson’s pass to Cannon is incomplete.

Virginia Tech leads Maryland, 33-9 with 11:25 to go.

3:40 p.m. — Today’s attendance is 51,514, many of them Virginia Tech fans.

3:39 p.m. — The videoboard is currently showing the Game Rewind. I’d rather see the Game Erased.

Absolutely brutal showing today.

3:37 p.m. — Despite being up by 30 points, you have to think Beamer is unhappy with his defense’s inability to stop Robinson. It’s the only thing the Terps have been able to do all day, so they know it’s coming, but the Hokies have been unable to stop him.

Robinson is sacked on a 3rd-and-13 play, pushing the Terps back into their own territory and ending the drive. Ferrara will punt.

3:34 p.m. — Robinson throws a long incompletion intended for Dorsey. He easily threw that ball 65-70 yards in the air. The problem is Dorsey was only 55 yards away from him.

Robinson has 20 carries for 120 yards after running for another first down on the next play.

3:32 p.m. — Both Terps and Hokies fans are making their way to the exits, and you cannot blame them. This one was over a long time ago.

Even when the Terps have been able to move the ball on a couple drives, they still weren’t able to come away with points.

Not much else to say other than Virginia Tech is obviously a much better football team.

3:30 p.m. — On 3rd-and-6, Williams is stopped by Jamari McCollough for a loss of one.

Waldron comes on to attempt the 28-yard field goal, and the kick is good.

Tech leads 33-3.

3:27 p.m. — Taylor with a big gain running to the right all the way to the 14. Perez finally brings him down.

After Williams slips for a one-yard loss on first down, he carries again inside for a gain of five, making it 3rd-and-6.

We’ve reached the end of the third quarter.

Virginia Tech 30, Maryland 3

3:25 p.m. — Skinner just made a touchdown-saving tackle on Ryan Williams. However, it’s still a huge gain all the way down to the Terps’ 34-yard line.

Williams now has 120 yards on the day.

3:23 p.m. — Cam Chism almost picked off a pass from Tyrod Taylor, but the ball appeared to have hit the ground. However, the play will be reviewed upstairs.

The play stands as called on the field.

3:20 p.m. — Smith takes the kickoff, but Alonzo Tweedy brings him down right at the 20.

Robinson tries to throw a deep out to Cannon and is NEARLY intercepted. That ball needs to come out quicker for that pattern.

The quarterback runs left on second down with Cannon providing a major block. However, it’s only a gain of three yards.

On 3rd-and-7, the Terps apparently were trying to set up the screen, but it looks like 30 defenders were after Robinson on that one. Incomplete pass, and the Terps will punt.

3:16 p.m. — Williams carries the ball on 2nd-and-goal and picks up three yards before Wujciak makes the stop for the Terps.

On 3rd-and-goal, Taylor overthrows Danny Coale and Tech will settle for a field goal attempt.

Waldron’s 21-yard attempt is good.

Virginia Tech leads Maryland, 30-3.

The drive covers 9 plays, 83 yards, and 3:31.

3:14 p.m. — On 3rd-and-1 from the Terps’ 37, Williams runs right for 14 yards, moving the chains for the Hokies.

Williams runs into a wall of defenders on first down but breaks free for a gain of 13 before Chism finally chases him down. You have to wrap up a talented back like Williams. Poor effort there.

3:12 p.m. — Roberts makes the catch on the deep ball on first down with Trenton Hughes failing to adjust to the ball.

Injury Updates: Kenny Tate sustained an injury to his ankle and will not return. Travis Baltz is out with an injured hand. His return is questionable.

3:10 p.m. — After two straight completions to Smith, Robinson eludes a couple defenders and runs left to the 18-yard line. Another first down for Maryland.

The quarterback has 18 carries for 101 yards. What a day for the sophomore!

Robinson’s first-down pass is batted down, but he completes his next throw to Williams for a gain of five yards.

On a big 3rd-and-5, Robinson throws a fade to Cannon, but it’s incomplete.

The Terps will go for it, and why shouldn’t they being down by 24 points in the third quarter?

The Hokies fans come alive on fourth down.

The Terps run the same fade route to Torrey Smith this time, but the speedster cannot hold onto the ball. Incomplete, and Tech will take over.

The Terps have moved the ball well on two of their last three drives (including the last drive of the first half) but have no points to show for their work.

3:05 p.m. — After the punt, Maryland begins its next drive on its own 17. Robinson takes the shotgun snap and runs left for a gain of 18 yards.

The more I watch Robinson play—and run—the more convinced I am that the Terps need to SERIOUSLY consider running the option in 2010. Not only because of Robinson’s athleticism but also due to the lack of talent on the offensive line.

3:02 p.m. — Roberts gets the ball for Tech on the end-around, but Cam Chism trips him up for a 5-yard loss. Nice play by the young defensive back.

After an incompletion on second down, Taylor works from the shotgun and is tripped up by Adrian Moten (or one of the Tech linemen). Moten gets credit for the sack, and the Hokies will punt.

Nice defensive series by the Terps to start the second half.

3:00 p.m. — Williams carries for four yards on first down, as the Byrd crowd gives some of the veterans in attendance a huge ovation as they walk off the field.

On second down, Williams carries for no gain. The star running back rushed 11 times for 51 yards in the first half.

On third down, Taylor finds a wide-open Greg Boone over the middle for an 11-yard gain and a first down.

2:57 p.m. — We’re ready for the start of the second half, and Smith finally gets a kick but stumbles as he crosses the 20-yard line. He’s down at the 22, and the Terps will begin their first drive of the second half.

The Terps run a reverse to Devonte Campbell who is absolutely crushed by Kam Chancellor. Wow.

On 2nd-and-7, Meggett gets the carry and picks up two yards.

Needing five yards to move the chains, Robinson comes out in the shotgun with five-wide. He keeps it, but the Tech defense is waiting for him. Cody Grimm makes the tackle after a two-yard loss.

Ferrara is still punting as Baltz remains out.

Hosley returns the punt to the Hokies’ 41-yard line.

2:33 p.m. — On 3rd-and-3, Robinson runs again and is down to the 14-yard line. It’s another first down with 33 seconds remaining in the half.

You have to credit the kid’s courage after being pressured all day.

On first down, Robinson throws to the end zone to Smith who looked to be interfered with by Stephan Virgil but no call.

And of course, Robinson is sacked by Nekos Brown on the next play.

The Terps have to clock it with 7 seconds remaining, setting up a 39-yard field goal for Ferrara.

The kick is no good.

A very promising drive with nothing to show for it. VERY disappointing.

A kneel-down by Taylor will send us into halftime.

Virginia Tech in complete control, as the Hokies lead the Terps, 27-3.

2:28 p.m. — Robinson throws complete to tight end Lansford Watson for seven yards on first down.

The Terps take their final timeout of the half with 47 seconds remaining. If Maryland can somehow manage to score a touchdown here, 27-10 would not look too disastrous considering how bad this half has gone.

After the timeout, Robinson is hit as he throws and the pass is nearly picked off by Jason Worilds.

2:27 p.m. — Meggett carries inside and barely makes it out of the end zone. This offensive line just cannot do anything in either the running game or pass protection.

Just horrible.

Robinson finds Torrey Smith who shakes a couple of tackles and sprints all the way up to the 22, giving the Terps some badly-needed breathing room.

2:30 to go in this one.

Robinson runs right for a small gain of two yards.

He then tries to find Smith on the next play, but the pass is incomplete.

On 3rd-and-8, Robinson is pressured again, but he breaks free and runs all the way to the Tech 48. Very nice moves from the sophomore quarterback on that one.

Maryland is now in the hurry-up, as Robinson completes a 6-yard pass to Cory Jackson. He then nearly throws an interception trying to force one into double coverage.

On 3rd-and-4, Robinson runs left as the blitz came from the right and he’ll have the first down after a gain of nine.

2:22 p.m. — On a 3rd-and-10 from the Maryland 37, Taylor slings one intended for Davis, but it’s nearly intercepted by Antwine Perez.

It will be fourth down, and Bowden will punt. The punt is downed at the 1.

Oh, boy.

2:20 p.m. — Tech is averaging just over 9 yards per play. Astonishing.

Josh Oglesby gets the carry for the Hokies and runs right for no gain after being tackled by Hartsfield and Skinner.

He carries again inside for a short gain. Derek Drummond makes the play for the Terps.

On 3rd-and-7, Taylor connects with Marcus Davis for a first-down completion and 15 yards.

Richard Taylor is shaken up on the play. If the Terps keeps losing defensive backs, I might be getting the call to go into the game. My 40 time isn’t quite what it used to be, however.

2:16 p.m. — Not much to say about this one. Not enough offense or defense so far.

Maryland starts the drive at its own 20, and Robinson FINALLY gets the ball to Smith for 18 yards and a first down. It’s about time.

Robinson throws incomplete to LaQuan Williams on the next play.

He’s then sacked by Jake Johnson on second down.

On 3rd-and-14, Robinson cannot find anyone and carries for no gain. The Terps will punt.

The Terps are completely over-matched in this one.

2:11 p.m. — After the Ferrara punt, Tech takes over at its own 36. Taylor throws over the middle to Jarret Boykin. Jamari McCollough blows the tackle, and he’s gone for a 64-yard touchdown.

This is getting out of hand.

Virginia Tech 27, Maryland 3

2:08 p.m. — Meggett carries on first down for no gain on the play. The running game has been nonexistent today with the exception of a 14-yard pickup by Robinson.

As I type that, Robinson carries to the right for 11 yards and a first down for the Terrapins. The reverse jinx works again!

On first down, R.J. Dill is flagged for the false start. The right tackle had a really tough game last week.

Now, 1st-and-15, Tech brings Davon Morgan on the blitz from the rover position, but Robinson avoids the pressure and is able to gain a yard on the play. Could have been much worse.

On 2nd-and-14, Robinson throws a hitch to Cannon who shakes off a defender and picks up 12 yards, setting up a third and short situation for the Terps.

Need to convert this one.

On 3rd-and-2, Robinson runs left and is short of the first down. No gain on the play.

Ferrara is in to punt, not Travis Baltz. Not sure if there’s been an injury to the Terps’ regular punter, but we’ll try to find out.

2:03 p.m. — We’ve seen two strange special teams plays in the last two minutes. Justin Myer was set to kick off and the ball fell off the tee right before he kicked it.

It came out looking like an onside kick, but the play was blown dead.

On the second attempt, Bonato catches it in the end zone for a touchback. It’s clear that Beamer Ball wants NO part of Torrey Smith in the return game.

2:00 p.m. — Williams carries up the middle and hits a wall of Terrapins. No gain on the play.

Tech runs a wide receiver screen to Dyrell Roberts for a 10-yard touchdown.

I didn’t catch the number of the receiver that threw the great block (Danny Coale?), but it was the key to that play as Roberts was able to walk into the end zone after that.

However, the holder Brent Bowden drops the snap, and the extra point is no good.

Tech now leads Maryland, 20-3.

The drive covers 8 plays, 56 yards, and 3:11.

The offense HAS to get it going on this drive. 21 yards of offense in the first quarter is unacceptable.

1:58 p.m. — Tom DeJoseph confirms the ruling of a catch, and Virginia Tech will have a first down at the 10-yard line.

Though we didn’t get too many looks at the replay here in the press box, it looked to be the correct call to me. You can’t blame Ralph for trying to overturn that one. Maryland is in danger of falling behind by three possessions if the defense cannot make a stop here.

1:56 p.m. — Tate is unable to put any weight on his right leg as he’s helped off the field. It would be a major blow to the secondary’s depth to lose the sophomore safety.

On first down, Tech runs an unbalanced line to the right with Williams running left for a short gain. However, there’s a flag on the play and Tech is guilty of holding.

On 1st-and-20, Taylor throws to Marcus Davis who forgets to actually catch the ball before he runs with it. Incomplete.

Williams catches the screen pass on second down who immediately runs in the opposite direction of his blockers for a gain of only three.

Taylor drops to pass on third down and then rolls right before finding Jarrett Boykin on the near sideline for a first down. It’s a gain of 24 yards, but Friedgen is challenging the catch, saying the receiver did not get his feet down before going out of bounds.

1:51 p.m. — Ferrara’s kick is a short one to David Wilson who nearly breaks free at the 40-yard line before the kicker brings him down at the Tech 44.

Williams carries on first down but is stretched outside and brought down by Wujciak after only a gain of one.

On 2nd-and-9, Taylor is nearly sacked by A.J. Francis, but he fakes out the defensive tackle and runs free for 10 yards, giving the Hokies a first down.

Taylor runs the option to perfection on the next play and picks up 17 yards. Kenny Tate is down on the play.

1:47 p.m. — As we start the second quarter, Ferrara will attempt a 36-yard field goal to try to get the Terps on the board.

The kick is good, and Maryland comes away with 3 points.

The drive covers 9 plays, 40 yards, and 4:53.

Tech leads Maryland, 14-3.

1:44 p.m. — On 3rd-and-5, Robinson hits Kevin Dorsey on the slant for 13 yards a first down. That one will definitely help the young quarterback’s confidence.

Maryland is down to the Tech 27. Robinson throws to the end zone to Torrey Smith, but it’s overthrown. HOWEVER, there’s a flag on the play. Kam Chancellor is flagged for pass interference. It will be a 15-yard penalty, moving the ball to the Tech 12.

On first down, Robinson is brought down by a blitzing Rashad Carmichael for a loss of seven yards. It looked like the quarterback was running a naked bootleg to the right—in the direction of the blitzing defensive back.

After a two-yard gain on second down, Robinson cannot find anyone downfield on third down and is sacked by Chris Drager for a loss of one, making it 4th-and-16 from the 18.

1:39 p.m. — On 2nd-and-11, Robinson drops to pass but sees a wide-open running lane in the middle of the field for 14 yards and a first down.

It’s Maryland’s first first down of the day with 3:00 remaining in the first.

Robinson fumbles the snap but then recovers for a gain of two. That worked out nicely.

On 2nd-and-8, Robinson completes to Galt on the quick out pattern for a gain of three yards. It’s Robinson’s first completion of the day.

Needing five yards for a first down, Robinson calls for a timeout.

1:36 p.m. — Beamer clearly received the memo about Torrey Smith as the Hokies squib it. The kick is fielded by Tommy Galt, and he takes it to the Maryland 42.

On first down, Porzel is gobbled up in the backfield by Barquell Rivers. The linebacker was almost there for the handoff. It’s a loss of 6 yards.

Porzel carries left on the next play for a few yards, but there’s a flag on the play. Virginia Tech is flagged for offsides, giving the Terps five yards and a 2nd-and-11 play.

1:34 p.m. — Robinson is 0 for 4 passing so far in this one. He’s clearly nervous, but the sophomore needs to settle down quickly. Getting the running game going would also be a major help.

Taylor scrambles left on first down and throws behind Boykins, and it’s incomplete.

On second down, Taylor fakes the hand-off and finds a huge hole off left tackle for a 12-yard pickup and a first down.

Williams gets the carry on first down, putting a RIDICULOUS move on Antwine Perez and nearly breaking it for a touchdown. He’s down to the Maryland 33 before finally being tackled.

Two plays later, Taylor throws complete to Dyrell Roberts with Anthony Wiseman ALL OVER him (pass interference?). It will be 1st-and-goal for the Hokies at the Terps’ 4.

After a one-yard gain, Taylor has a WIDE-OPEN Jefferson in the end zone, but the quarterback throws too low.

On 3rd-and-goal, Taylor finds tight end Andre Smith for the touchdown. Good initial coverage in the defensive backfield, but not enough pressure on Taylor.

Matt Waldron’s extra point is good.

The drive covers 8 plays, 72 yards, and 2:39.

Tech leads the Terps, 14-0, with 4:55 remaining in the first.

Maryland needs something positive out of this drive, or this one could turn ugly very quickly.

1:26 p.m. — Davin Meggett carries for only a yard on first down. The Terps MUST get the ground game going if they want to have a chance in this one.

On second down, Robinson throws incomplete to Kerry Boykins. It wasn’t a perfect pass but was certainly catchable.

The Terps run three-wide on third down, and Robinson throws low and incomplete to Adrian Cannon on the near sideline.

Another punt for Baltz, and Hosley returns all the way down to the Maryland 31, BUT there is a flag on the play.

This one’s coming back. Illegal block in the back on Tech’s Xavier Boyce.

The Hokies will start the drive all the way back at their own 28.

1:23 p.m. — Williams carries for no gain on first down, as he’s wrestled to the ground by Demetrius Hartsfield.

On second down, Taylor’s pass is batted down at the line of scrimmage.

Facing a 3rd-and-10, Taylor works from the gun and overthrowns Xavier Boyce coming underneath.

Three-and-out is just what Ralph Friedgen needed there.

Tony Logan calls for the fair catch at his own 21. Let’s see what Robinson can do on his second drive today.

1:19 p.m. — Dan Bonato takes the kick and returns all the way to the Maryland 38-yard line. Nice return by the up-man.

Robinson works from the shotgun on first down and runs right for a gain of one. Tech has to be expecting the young quarterback to keep it quite a bit today.

On second down, Robinson tries to throw out in the flat to Caleb Porzel but the pass is a bit foo far out in front and the back is BLOWN UP by the Hokie defender.

On 3rd-and-9, Robinson tries to throw deep to Smith, but it’s incomplete. Not a bad throw, but Smith only gets one hand on the ball. Looks like it could have been a completion.

Travis Baltz punts, and Jayron Hosley returns it to his own 38-yard line. Baltz saved the touchdown by holding him up and allowing the rest of the Maryland coverage unit to catch up to him.

Not a good start for the Terps today.

1:13 p.m. — The stadium has pretty much filled up with the exception of a large gap in the student section.

Obviously, it’s been a tough 2-7 season, but you’d like to see more support from the students.

1:12 p.m. — After the review, referee Tom DeJoseph informs us Boykin was actually down at the 1. It’s a 30-yard completion.

On 1st-and-goal, Williams runs in for the touchdown.

The drive covers 10 plays, 71 yards, and 4:07.

Tech 7, Maryland 0

1:09 p.m. — Jarrett Boykin beats Cam Chism for the 31-yard touchdown catch, but they will review it. Chism looked back for the ball but lost track of his man on the play.

He was right there, but you have to make a play on the ball.

1:08 p.m. — Williams carries for four yards on first down but finds a seam for five yards on the next play, setting up a 3rd-and-1.

Williams runs right as the Maryland defense forces him outside, but he’s able to pick up the first.

Tech in Maryland territory now.

Coale catches another pass down the middle of the field with Cam Chism covering. It’s a 16-yard gain and a first.

Tech making it look fairly easy so far on this drive.

1:04 p.m. — Taylor rolls out to the right, hesitates and is tackled by Alex Wujciak for a two-yard loss. Good start for the Terps.

However, on the next play, Ryan Williams carries right for a gain of eight. Wujciak and Terrell Skinner make the stop.

On 3rd-and-4, Taylor hits a wide-open Danny Coale for seven yards and a first down.

1:03 p.m. — Nick Ferrara kicks off to David Wilson who returns to the Tech 29-yard line.

We’ll get our first look at Tyrod Taylor and the Hokies offense.

1:00 p.m. — Maryland wins the toss but elects to defer to the second half.

Virginia Tech will receive to begin the game.

12:59 p.m. — The Tech fans are definitely here and definitely loud. I wouldn’t call it a takeover of Red Sox or Yankee proportions at Camden Yards, but it’s still disappointing.

12:54 p.m. — Definitely strange to see the Hokies wearing all white. Can’t say I’m a big fan of the look.

Maryland’s camo uniforms (desert camo sleeves and numbers with black jerseys and pants) are really sharp.

12:48 p.m. — Just a few other notes to pass along as we wait for kickoff.

* Maryland will attempt to snap a four-game losing streak to the Hokies.

* Virginia Tech enters the game with one of the top running offenses in the nation. Tech averages 195.8 yards per game, rankings 21st in the nation and second in the conference.

The Maryland defense, however, is the best run defense in the ACC, allowing just 92.4 yards a contest and 2.6 yards per carry in five league games.

12:40 p.m. — We have a VERY late-arriving crowd considering this one is a sellout and we’re only 20 minutes away from kickoff.

Walking around campus, it’s painfully obvious there is a large contingency from Blacksburg that made the trip for this one.

12:38 p.m. — Fullback Cory Jackson will carry the American flag on the field today, and linebacker Drew Gloster (Germantown) will bring the Maryland flag.

12:35 p.m. — Perhaps the biggest bright spot in an otherwise disappointing season for the Terps has been the play of receiver/kick returner Torrey Smith.

Smith needs only 34 receiving yards to reach 1,000 in his career, 35 all-purpose yards to break the school’s single-season record set by Lamont Jordan in 1999. The sophomore receiver currently has 1,806 all-purpose yards.

Even more impressively, Smith needs only 249 all-purpose yards to break the single-season league record set by former Virginia running back Thomas Jones (2,054).

12:31 p.m. — If you’re one of the lucky ones to be watching today’s game on ESPN360, you’ll notice the Maryland players’ last names will look a little different.

Each player’s last name has been replaced with aa core value embellishment — Duty, Honor, Courage, Commitment, Integrity, Country, and Service. Again, Maryland Athletics and Under Armour have partnered with the Wounded Warriors Project, a not-for-profit organization that provides services for injured service members and their families.

The jerseys are black and desert camouflaged that feature the organization’s logo.

12:28 p.m. — We just received official word in the press box that Chris Turner is officially out for today’s game. Jamarr Robinson will make his first career start in his place.

Turner had started 29 of the last 30 games and 21 in a row.

12:26 p.m. — Today marks the 30th meeting between Maryland and Tech in a series that dates back to 1919. The Terps hold a 15-14 advantage.

Maryland will have retribution on its mind this afternoon after visiting Blacksburg in a Thursday night game last season and being shredded by Darren Evans for 253 yards and losing 23-13.

The good news for the Terps is Evans is out for the season with a torn ACL. The bad news? The man who replaced Evans—Ryan Williams—leads the ACC in rushing and is ninth nationally with 1,109 yards in nine games.

12:17 p.m. — The biggest storyline entering today’s game for the Terps will be the man lining up behind center. Senior starter Chris Turner is doubtful for today’s game after injuring his knee last week in the loss to NC State.

Assuming Turner cannot go in this one, sophomore Jamarr Robinson would make his first career start. Robinson led the Terps in rushing with 38 yards last week after entering the game late in the first half but was only 5 of 11 for 27 yards in the passing game.

With the Terps’ inexperienced—and ineffective—starting line, Robinson will need to use his athleticism to avoid the pass rush and get rid of the ball quickly. I expect Maryland to come out running the ball today with Davin Meggett and Caleb Porzel leading the way.

12:13 p.m. — Good afternoon from Byrd Stadium in College Park as we get set to watch the Maryland Terrapins take on the Virginia Tech Hokies.

It’s been a difficult season for the Terps as they play out the string with a 2-7 record and no hope for a bowl game. For the Hokies, it’s been a disappointing season on a different scope as they entered the season ranked No. 7 in the country but sit tied for third in the Coastal Division of the ACC and are currently No. 20 in the AP Poll.

Maryland will don special camouflage uniforms this afternoon to support the Wounded Warrior Project. On the flip side, Tech is dressed in all white (including white helmets) as a part of Nike’s Pro Combat line.

Today’s game will only be streamed on ESPN360 with Dave Weekley Rose and Danny Kanell providing the call. A replay of the game will be shown on Comcast SportsNet at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

As always, I’ll be blogging my thoughts throughout the afternoon and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@WNST).

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