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Trading on draft day

Posted on 30 April 2008 by caseywillett

With all the trades that took place during the NFL Draft, I thought it would be interesting to look at how these deals take place.

Many teams have preliminary talks with other teams leading up to Saturday about what they would like to do if their “guy” is not there when their turn to pick comes around.

So let’s take the Ravens and Jaguars situation for instance.

Ozzie Newsome probably called James “Shack” Harris during the week and told him what they would like to do if their “guy” is not there at No. 8, which we will say, was Matt Ryan.

So Jacksonville then says what they would be willing to give up if their guy IS there at No. 8 (their guy was Derrick Harvey).

So after the Falcons picked Matt Ryan at No. 3, the Ravens knew that they wanted to bail. I am assuming they probably waited another pick or two to see if Sedrick Ellis or Vernon Gholston were gone. Once that happened, they called Jacksonville to see if they still wanted to make a deal.

Now, once Jacksonville said they wanted to make a deal, both teams needed to call the trade desk at the NFL Draft center and submit the trade offer. Not only do they have to submit it verbally, but they have to also fax the trade offer to the person at the trade desk. That person then has to review both requests, making sure that what is being offered is what the team can offer the other, and then the trade gets approved.

There are a lot of things that have to happen in a short period of time.

You also have to hope that the team you talked to earlier in the week has not gotten a better offer or that they’re not playing poker with you to force you to give up more. You also only have the allotted time to get the deal done. There are also media rumors and teams tying up the phone lines, trying to prevent trades from happening.

Here is another angle on the trades on draft day.

When the Ravens acquired Fabian Washington, the Ravens and the Raiders still both had to call in the trade and submit it via fax. Then the league needed to make sure that Washington was under contract with them, could be traded, and also that the Ravens had enough cap space to take his contract.

I just thought it was an interesting to examine how the many trades happen on draft day.

In the grand scheme of the draft coverage, it does not get talked about enough as to how trades play out and how quickly they have to happen to be valid.

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The Hall of Fame Debate

Posted on 16 April 2008 by roblong

Here is the final installation of the three part Hall of Fame debate.

Today’s debate is the NFL. I saved the best for last. Again, think active players, so Brett Favre will not appear.

I’ve given 16 players who’ll go and five players who I don’t think will go. Let the debate begin.

– Tom Brady – Forget Super Bowl 42, he’s the best in the game.

– Jason Taylor – 117 total sacks. He may be a better football player than Strahan.

– Ray Lewis – The best linebacker. EVER.

– Jonathan Ogden – You won’t realize how great he still is until he retires

– Peyton Manning – The most dedicated quarterback in the games. Over 41,000 yards and 306 touchdowns.

– Marvin Harrison – If he doesn’t go, neither should Manning.

– LaDainain Tomlinson – Over 10,000 yards in only seven seasons. Best football player in the game.

– Michael Strahan – 141.5 sacks. Is there any debate?

– Donovan McNabb – A rare breed. The ability to drive his team is unmatched.

– Brian Urlacher – Should he go? No. Will he go? Yes.

– Isaac Bruce – Quietly put together a Hall of Fame career. 942 reception, 14,109 yards, and 84 touchdowns.

– Randy Moss – Do we really need to discuss this?

– Torry Holt – Has flourished in a wide open offense.

– Steve Hutchinson – The best at his position.

– Terrell Owens – I’m not a fan, but he’s dominant. Pencil him in for 80 receptions, 1000 yards, and 10 touchdowns.

– Edgerrin James – 11,607 yards, 418 receptions, and 88 touchdowns for a great offensive team.

Not Quite the Hall

– Zach Thomas – 12 years, only four seasons with 100 tackles or more.

– Chad Johnson – Very productive, but will his act wear thin?

– Steve McNair – Not sure if he’s done enough.

– Tedy Bruschi – Everyone loves Tedy, but he’s no Hall of Famer.

– Alan Faneca – Kills the Ravens, and is one of the best around. Not sure if he’s a HOFer.

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Hall of Fame Debate

Posted on 15 April 2008 by roblong

Today’s part two of the Hall of Fame debate. Today, we discuss the NBA.

Now, I’m sure, for many of you, your NBA days ends with either Larry Bird and Magic Johnson or even Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. However, the NBA is still going pretty strong.

If you look at attendance and NBA Pass (the pay-per-view tv package), the Association still appears to be pretty popular.

Yesterday, we did the 15 current MLB players who were already Hall worthy and five players who weren’t in.

Today, we’ll do 12 NBA players who are in and six who aren’t quite in. Read the list and let the debate begin.

– Kobe Bryant – The best player in the game today. He has the three NBA titles and the scoring average to prove it. While everyone’s looking for the next Jordan, don’t miss out on the first Kobe.

– Allen Iverson – While in Philadelphia, he was a one man show. The best little man in the game, maybe in NBA history.

– Shaquille O’Neal – The last of the “True” big men. Everywhere he goes, he wins titles. No argument, the most dominant player of his generation.

– Tim Duncan – The Quiet Storm. No one talks about Duncan, including Duncan. He continues to win titles and play the game the way it should be played.

– Steve Nash – He and Duncan are the only players on this list with back to back MVP honors. Arguably, the best point guard in the game.

– Kevin Garnett – He’s a guard in a center’s body. KG can do everything. Blessed with the ability to dominate, but not with the ego.

– Jason Kidd – If Nash isn’t the best point guard in the game, then it’s Kidd. Took New Jersey to new heights. Has the ability to make EVERYONE around him better. Kidd is a walking triple-double.

– LeBron James – Some of you may think he hasn’t accomplished enough to be on this list now. It would be a shame if he never played another game, but he would go into the Hall if he didn’t. No one has possessed his skills since Oscar Robertson.

– Vince Carter – Half man, half amazing. He puts up all of the numbers and has carved out his own place in NBA history.

– Tracy McGrady – A truly gifted player. If you listed the top five players in the NBA, he would appear. Injuries have hurt his career number, but he’s better than Carter.

– Dirk Nowitzki – Is second only to KG in terms of pure talented big men. His game is complete and he has carried his team at times. One of the best shooters in the game.

– Tony Parker – Come on, he’s the straw that stirs the best team in this era. Duncan can’t go in alone. He certainly didn’t do it alone, he did it with Parker. Different from Kidd and Nash, but one of the best ball distributors in the game.

Not Quite The Hall

– Alonzo Mourning – Did not have a great impact on the game. He’s a solid player, but not great. His numbers don’t “wow” you either.

– Rasheed Wallace – He gets a lot of hype, but doesn’t fit the caliber of current Hall players. He’s not a great big man and not in the class of Nowitzki or KG.

– Ray Allen – Again, that word “impact.” He’s a very good player, but he doesn’t have a place in the Hall.

– Sam Cassell – He’s won titles and is a very good player, but too many point guards are better than Cassell. He’s a “hired gun,” but not a franchise player.

– Dwyane Wade – Injuries have hurt this player. He started out rivaling King James, but has fallen off quickly. Needs to have a strong four year run to get over the hump.

– Grant Hill – He made this list because he has Hall of Fame talent. He could have been one of the best players of his era. He fell off because of injuries, and it may be too late for him to get back in.

Give me a call, 410-481-1570 or e-mail me at rob@wnst.net. Look forward to speaking with you.

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Terps tank is empty

Posted on 11 March 2008 by stevehennessey

Sunday nights have not been kind to the Terps men’s basketball team these past two weeks. After the second half meltdown at Comcast Center vs. Clemson last Sunday, Maryland had a week to rest, prepare and take their show on the road to UVA for the season finale. Scratch out a road win and they keep their NCAA tournament hopes alive.

As Lee Corso likes to say, “Not so fast, my friends”. The Terps took a one point lead into the locker room at half time, but, once again, faded down the stretch and suffered a lopsided 91-76 loss in Charlottesville.

Greivis Vasquez filled the stat sheet as he usually does, with 16 points, 9 assists and only 3 turnovers. The bench provided some productive minutes led by Adrian Bowie’s 15 points and Cliff Tucker’s 4 assists.

James Gist (6 points) and Bambale “Boom” Osby were in foul trouble. Several reports say that both Gist and Eric Hayes were battling a flu-like virus which may explain the team’s dreadful second half performance. When your starters go down, you need to have an experienced bench to pick up the slack. Maryland is seriously lacking in that department.

The loss leaves the Terps at 18-13 (8-8, 6th place ACC).  The ACC tournament starts on Thursday, and depending on who you listen to, Maryland needs 2 or 3 wins to sniff a tournament bid (a four game sweep and an ACC championship trophy would be nice…)

They have a favorable matchup in the first round against 11th seed Boston College, if someone can even half-way contain Eagles guard Tyreese Rice. If Maryland wins on Thursday, they get the grudge rematch on Friday night against 3rd seed Clemson, a team they match up well against. Get to Saturday, and Maryland is looking at a possible showdown with Duke, a very good, but not unbeatable team.

Here’s the problem. Maryland peaked in January and hasn’t played well in over a month. They could just as easily play an uninspired game, run out of gas in the second half (again…) and lose to BC on Thursday night. That’s the current state of Maryland basketball. The players appear physically and mentally worn out.

I’m a “glass is half full” person, but Maryland is much closer to “earning” another disappointing trip to the NIT, than gaining a berth to the NCAA Tournament.     

Let’s see if Gary Williams can fool us all and pull a rabbit out of the hat in Charlotte…

Congrats to Greivis Vasquez and James Gist who were named second team all-ACC. Gist was also named first team all-ACC defense.

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Terps get much needed win at Wake

Posted on 29 February 2008 by stevehennessey

It’s a “must win” game is an overused cliché. But, as Bob “hoops” Haynie says on his show from time to time, I am the “cliché king”. After back to back ugly losses, the Terps needed to go on the road to Winston Salem, NC and steal a win from a young, but improving Wake Forest team. That’s easier said than done, because going into the game Wake had a lofty 14-1 home record this season.

Maryland 18-11 (8-6 tie-4th place ACC) led for almost the entire contest, but a 9 minute field goal drought at the end of the game kept Wake Forest in the hunt. Thankfully, Wake couldn’t seem to make a basket either, and combined with poor free throw shooting down the stretch, the Demon Deacons were never able to catch the Terps.

Maryland’s 74-70 win was far from a work of art, but it was a “w” which is all that really matters. James Gist had a strong first half, draining three 3-pointers on his way to a career high 31 points (and 11 boards).

Once again Greivis Vasquez showed why he’s a gamer. He and Gist combined for 32 of Maryland’s 40 first half points (80%). His one man 7-0 second half run broke a 49-49 tie, mostly at the expense of Wake’s Jeff Teague who couldn’t guard him in the post, and put the Terps ahead for good.

Bambale “boom” Osby had a rare off night with zero points and four rebounds. Landon Milbourne played with foul trouble most of the game, picking up his fourth foul at the 17:35 mark of the second half, before fouling out in the game’s final minutes.

No one is happier that February is over than Eric Hayes, who flat out had a bad month. He made a few shots against Wake, but continues to be a step slow on defense and is not making plays when he handles the ball. His 11 points were helpful, but zero assists and six turnovers (Maryland had 20 total) is a painful stat line.              

It was nice to see the Terps bench contribute, at least on defense. Jerome Burney has come out of the dog house to give the frontcourt a breather, block some shots and rebound. He won’t give you much offensively, but is it any less than you get from Shane Walker, Dave Neal and Braxton Dupree?

Adrian Bowie saw increased minutes against Wake’s quick PG Ishmael Smith, and Cliff Tucker had a solid game filling in for a foul-plagued Milbourne.   

Wake Forest 16-10 (6-7 tie-5th place ACC) is the youngest team in the ACC (Maryland is second) with zero upperclassmen in their starting five. Their backcourt of Smith, Jeff Teague (who had a rough game, missing several chip shots that could have helped Wake win the game) and L.D. Williams are talented, quick and athletic. Freshman forward James Johnson (24 points, 15 rebounds) is an absolute beast. They will be joined next year by three very good frontcourt players, the shortest of whom is 6’8”. Wake can be “scary good” next year.  

The Terps have a tough test at home on Sunday against Clemson 20-7 (8-5 3rd place ACC), which also has a very good starting five. Their front court of James Mayes and Trevor Booker is similar to Gist and Osby. Guard KC Rivers is streaky and can shoot the Tigers in or out of a game. Senior guard Cliff Hammonds has been a thorn in the Terps side for four years. Clemson’s Achilles heel has been foul shooting and a maddening propensity to fall apart in the final four minutes of games.

Seniors James Gist, “Boom” Osby and Jason McAlpin will be honored before the “Senior Day” game on Sunday. If you’re heading to Comcast Center, get there early and check it out.       

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Blue Devils shoot Terps down

Posted on 14 February 2008 by stevehennessey

Maryland got off to a 2-0 lead at Cameron Indoor Stadium last night. It went downhill from there. Duke shot the lights out in the first half, with Greg Paulus and Kyle Singler (career high 26 points) draining several three pointers.  

The Terps set offense looked out of synch from the opening tap. They occasionally got the ball in the paint to Bambale “boom” Osby, who had a solid first half. But, where was James Gist? He scored his first points of the game with nearly 12 minutes off the clock.

Did Maryland’s guards do a poor job getting Gist the ball close to the basket? Did Gist do a poor job of making himself available in good scoring position? Did Duke do a better job defensively down low than in their first matchup last month? It was probably a combination of all three…

Duke 22-1 (10-0 1st place ACC) looked very good, making several uncontested shots while opening up a 41-30 half time lead.  

Greivis Vasquez kept Maryland in the game in the first half, when three of the five starters (Gist, Hayes and Milbourne) were basically AWOL. Vasquez is a polarizing figure. You either love him or hate him, sometimes both during the game! For all the crazy passes, ill-advised shots and on-court behavior, Maryland would have gotten blown out last night without Vasquez on the court.

Duke opened up a 16 point lead early in the second half, forcing Gary Williams to take a time out and regroup. It seemed to work because the scrappy Terps slowed down Duke’s offense and whittled the lead down to 57-55 with under 8 minutes remaining.

Maryland 16-9 (6-4 3rd place ACC) had their chances to take the lead, but a few missed shots and a few turnovers took care of that. Duke widened the lead and won going away, 77-65.

Duke forced 18 Maryland turnovers, and the Terps only had 11 assists, which for them is very low. In the two losses to Duke, Maryland had 42 turnovers. Ouch…

Greivis Vasquez led the Terps with 25 points, 7 assists, 7 rebounds and 5 to’s. James Gist didn’t have his best game, with only 9 points and 7 boards. Landon Milbourne reverted to his level of play from earlier in the season and was a non-factor.

Eric Hayes may have played his worst game in Maryland uniform. Duke guarded him 25-30 feet away from the basket and he could not beat his man off the dribble. He telegraphed several passes, and did a poor job of getting the ball into his teammate’s hands in good shooting position, an area in which he typically excels. His defense was suspect and his line for the game was an abysmal 3 points on 1-7 shooting, zero assists and 4 to’s.       

In their first meeting in January in College Park, Duke’s guard trio of Henderson, Nelson and Smith torched Maryland for a combined for 63 points. Last night they only had 16 points total, but Greg Paulus and Kyle Singler picked up the slack with a combined 46 points between them.

Maryland returns home to Comcast Center on Saturday afternoon with a game against Fla. State 14-10 (3-6 tied for 9th place ACC).   

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Terps keep rollin’

Posted on 11 February 2008 by stevehennessey

They broke out the gold uni’s for the second time this season, on Saturday night. Maryland got out to a (recently) uncharacteristically slow start, spotting the Wolfpack of NC State a 7-0 lead. The Terps stormed back to tie the game at seven, only to see NC State reel off another 7-0 run and take a 14-7 lead.

The Terps couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean in the first stanza, but led by James Gist’s 18 points and Greivis Vasquez’s 7 assists, Maryland managed to go into the half down only 33-31.   

The second half was a completely different story. Maryland couldn’t miss, their defense stiffened as they turned a two point half time deficit into a 12 point lead which they would never relinquish.

The Terps 16-8 (6-3, 3rd place ACC) scored 53 second half points. James Gist was unstoppable and had a career high 30 points. All five starters scored in double figures and Bambale “boom” Osby patrolled the paint with 5 blocked shots.   

Greivis Vasquez tied the all-time assist record at Maryland, held by Terrell Stokes with 15, to go along with 13 points and 9 rebounds…and only 4 turnovers. Not a bad day’s work.

It’s always interesting watching Vasquez play. You just have to take the good with the bad. For every ill-advised shot or forced pass, there is the 25 point scoring outburst against BC last week, or the near triple double he hung on NC State 15-8 (4-5 tied for 7th ACC) on Saturday night. When he’s on his game, the Terps are hard to stop.

Eric Hayes continues to shoot well from the outside and is an 80%+ free throw shooter. Landon Milbourne continues to improve and brings a level of athleticism to the WG/SF position the Terps haven’t had in a while.

Al l five starters played 30+ minutes again on Saturday night, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It looks like Gary Williams has settled on a nine man rotation which includes the five starters plus Adrian Bowie and Cliff Tucker in the back court, with Dave Neal, Shane Walker or Braxton Dupree in the front court.

As the season progresses, Maryland will need to get more out of the front court reserves to keep James Gist and “Boom” Osby fresh down the stretch.

Maryland travels to Cameron Indoor Coliseum on Wednesday night to take on the 21-1 (9-0 1st place ACC) Duke Blue Devils. These two teams played a very up-tempo, competitive game in College Park last month. Maryland owned the paint in the first half, taking a 9 point lead into the locker room. Turnovers and Duke’s talented backcourt were too much for the Terps to overcome in the second half as the Blue Devils got the “w”.   

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Gary Williams gets 600th win

Posted on 07 February 2008 by stevehennessey

The Terps – BC game was on ESPNU, which I don’t subscribe to, so I’ll give you a quick rundown of Maryland’s 70-65 victory from the TV highlights I saw and the game box score.

Gary Williams nailed down his 600th career win, good for a 7th place tie with Houston coach Tom Penders on the list of active coaches.

Maryland 15-8 (5-3 ACC) took a 36-34 lead into half time. BC went ahead briefly in the second half, but, fueled by a 10-0 run, the Terps took a lead they never relinquished. BC cut the lead to 1 point with less than two minutes left, then Eric Hayes drained a three from the corner, his only points of the second half, to help seal the tough road win.  

Greivis Vasquez had a strong game with 25 points, 8 assists and only 3 turnovers. James Gist added 23 points on 9-11 shooting and Bambale “boom” Osby had a good defensive game with 5 blocked shots.  

Once again, the Maryland starters carried most of the offense weight, scoring 65 of the 70 total points. They hit 9 of 19 shots from beyond the three point arc, and shot 52% overall for the game.

Maryland continues to distribute the ball well, with 18 assists (led by Vasquez’s 8) against just 10 turnovers.

John Oates led BC 12-9 (3-5 ACC) with a career high 21 points, including 5 for 5 from long range.

Maryland, who has won 8 of 10 in 2008, returns home Saturday night to take on 15-7 (4-4 ACC) NC State.

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Maryland Football – National Signing Day Recap

Posted on 07 February 2008 by stevehennessey

The University of Maryland held its annual ‘national football signing day’ press conference for the media this afternoon.

Head coach Ralph Friedgen took the podium and gave a brief recap of each of the twenty players, including eighteen kids from the class of’08, plus two “greyshirts” who accepted a scholarship from Maryland in ’07 but deferred enrollment until January ‘08.

The Fridge said he was extremely pleased with this class and that it was by far the best recruiting class academically in his seven years in College Park. When asked if there was a position or two that they wished they could have added another player, he replied that one more DB and a LB would have been nice.

Six of the twenty recruits are already enrolled at Maryland and are eligible to participate in spring practice. Of the six, Friedgen mentioned that (MD) TE Devonte Campbell, who he said was fast, big and strong “like Vernon Davis” and (NC) LB Demetrius Hartsfield have the best shot of taking the field in the fall. (MD) WR Kevin Dorsey, whom Friedgen compared to Domonique Foxworth in terms of character, has a toe injury. (NY) DL Joe Vellano, son of former Terp DL Paul Vellano, reinjured his surgically repaired shoulder and will have surgery this week. Friedgen didn’t comment about their status for spring practice.

Of the remaining fourteen signees, Friedgen was particularly enamored with (MD) DB Cameron Chism who he called a “shutdown corner”, (CT) DL Masengo Kabongo, who speaks four languages, (MD) RB Davin Meggett, son of former NFL player Dave Meggett, an honor roll student of whom he said something to the effect of “I‘ve learned that if they’re fast and smart, I gotta take ‘em”, and (MD) WR Kenny Tate of whom he gushed about his unselfish play and character as a person.

Milford Mill High DL Teddy Dargan, who committed to play for Maryland almost a year ago, did not sign with the Terps today, supposedly due to academics.

Maryland had three players who had made verbal commitments during the recruiting process change their minds and go elsewhere. (DC) DB Tavon Wilson to Illinois, (PA) DE Tyler Urban to West Virginia and (MD) LB Zach Brown to North Carolina.

When asked about verbal commitments, Friedgen commented that they were more like “reservations” with players expecting schools to hold a scholarship for them while they look around for better offers.     

Friedgen mentioned that the ‘08 squad will feature twenty one senior scholarship players and nine senior walk-ons, the majority of whom are on track to graduate.

Recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo answered questions from the media after The Fridge stepped aside.  

Both Friedgen and Sollazzo are proponents of an early signing period.

Sollazzo mentioned that they want to focus their recruiting effort within a 5 hour radius of College Park and would like to do a better job in Pennsylvania, particularly the Pittsburgh area.

Maryland has added three new coaches since the end of the 2007 season.

James Franklin has returned to College Park to be the offensive coordinator. His recruiting areas will include PG County, DC and Baltimore. Sollazzo stated that coordinators have more work to do than other coaches and typically recruit closer to home.

Special teams coach Danny Pearman takes over Ray Rychleski’s territory of North Carolina (which he has recruited extensively during stops at Va. Tech and Duke), West Virginia and Northwestern Maryland.

Newly hired wide receivers coach Kasey Dunn will handle the state of Pennsylvania, focusing on the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia areas. Sollazzo describes Dunn as “very outgoing and personable”.

The Byrd Stadium renovations have begun. Parts of Tyser Tower have been removed and the scoreboard in the west end of the stadium is gone.




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Terps sting Yellow Jackets

Posted on 02 February 2008 by stevehennessey

Maryland got off to another strong start, on the road against Georgia Tech. The Rambling Wreck pressed early and often, trying to trap the Maryland guards and force turnovers. The result? A 9-0 Terps lead out of the gates, and an offense that cut through Georgia Tech’s defense like a hot knife through butter.

Bambale “Boom” Osby had a huge first half with 16 points, 8 boards and a very impressive 7-8 from the foul line. A suddenly more assertive Landon Milbourne, playing in front of his hometown crowd in Atlanta, had 9 points while Cliff Tucker chipped in with 7 points off of the bench.

Greivis Vasquez did a nice job passing the ball in the first half often finding teammates for easy baskets in the paint. The Terps shot an impressive 64% en route to a 50-41 lead after 20 minutes.

The only thing that slowed Maryland down in the first half was…well, Maryland. Their 12 turnovers (24 total) kept Georgia Tech in the game and the half time lead under double digits.

“Boom” Osby and James Gist played most of the second half with foul trouble. That, combined with another dozen turnovers allowed Georgia Tech to whittle Maryland’s 12 point second half lead down to one in the closing minutes.

After Greivis Vasquez missed a pair of free throws that could have sealed the win, “Boom” Osby came up with a huge offensive rebound then drained a pair of very clutch free throws help the Terps 14-8 (4-3 ACC) end Georgia Tech’s 10-10 (3-4 ACC) three game wining streak.

For the second consecutive game, Maryland led from wire to wire and all five starters scored in double figures.

Eric Hayes and Landon Milbourne are starting to become the go-to three point shooters. 

The Terps continue to share the ball well, with 22 assists. The 24 turnovers, many that were sloppy passes in transition kept Georgia Tech in the game.

Greivis Vasquez passed the ball well with 9 assists, but turned the ball over 8 times and took many ill-advised shots.

Zach Peacock (offense) and D’Andre Bell (defense) played well for Georgia Tech.

Maryland heads up north on Wednesday night to take on Boston College, a place where they have had little success since BC joined the ACC.

Fear the ‘fro!

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