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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 9 WRs

Posted on 30 October 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

Here are the Week 9 Fantasy Flavor Wide Receiver Power Rankings. It’s the top 20 WRs based on what we’ve seen so far, and a look ahead at this week’s match ups. In addition to the power rankings, we’ve identified the best and worst match ups for week 9 and ranked the top 75 WRs in the order you should consider them this week.

WR Power Rankings Archive34567 – 8

Week 9 QB Rankings and Previews

Week 9 RB Rankings and Previews

Week 9 TE Rankings and Previews

Week 9 D/ST Rankings and Previews

Week 9 K Rankings and Previews


Fantasy Wide Receiver Power Rankings Week 9


The power rankings are based on year to date performance and not a reflection of who to start this week, match up information for week 9 is listed below the rankings. Last weeks rankings are in parentheses.

1. Anquan Boldin (1) – AZ – 429 yds 7 TD

2. Santana Moss (7) – WAS – 658 yds 5 TD

3. Steve Smith (9) – CAR – 613 yds 4 TD

4. Roddy White (10) – ATL – 679 yds 5 TD

5. Larry Fitzgerald (2) – AZ – 661 yds 5 TD

6. Greg Jennings (3) – GB – 685 yds 4 TD

7. Calvin Johnson (4) – DET – 588 yds 5 TD

8. Andre Johnson (8) – HOU – 772 yds 2 TD

9. Brandon Marshall (5) – DEN – 598 yds 3 TD

10. Lee Evans (11) – BUF – 637 yds 3 TD

11. Bernard Berrian (12) – MIN – 517 yds 3 TD

12. Reggie Wayne (6) – IND – 521 yds 4 TD

13. Laverneus Coles (15) – NYJ – 433 yds 5 TD

14. Randy Moss (16) – NE – 471 yds 4 TD

15. Vincent Jackson (19) – SD – 538 yds 4 TD

16. Hines Ward (13) – PIT – 406 yds 5 TD

17. Kevin Walter (NR) – HOU – 363 yds 5 TD

18. Terrell Owens (14) – DAL – 431 yds 5 TD

19. Issac Bruce (17) – SF – 399 yds 4 TD

20. Chris Chambers – SD – 273 yds 5 TD

Dropped from Rankings: Plaxico Burress – NYG


Here’s a look at who should be a little bit better or worse than normal based on this week’s match ups.

WRs Who Should Enjoy Their Week 9 Match Ups: Brandon Marshall & Eddie Royal vs. MIA; Devin Hester vs. DET; DeSean Jackson @ SEA; Donnie Avery & Tory Holt vs. AZ; Matt Jones @ CIN; Calvin Johnson @ CHI; Anquan Boldin & Larry Fitzgerald @ ST.L; Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison & Anthony Gonzalez vs. NE; Plaxico Burress vs. DAL; Terrell Owens & Roy Williams @ NYG

WRs Who Could Be Sleepers in Week 9: Rasheid Davis vs. DET; Kevin Curtis & Reggie Brown @ SEA; Reggie Williams @ CIN; Mike Furrey & Sean MacDonald @ CHI; Steve Smith & Amani Toomer vs. DAL; Chaz Schilens & Javon Walker vs. ATL

WRs With Tough Week 9 Match Ups: Randy Moss & Wes Welker @ IND; Greg Jennings & Donald Driver @ TEN; Santana Moss & Antoine Randle-El vs. PIT; Braylon Edwards & Donte Stallworth vs. BAL; Antonio Bryant & Ike Hilliard @ KC; Bernard Berrian vs. HOU; Roddy White @ OAK; DeWayne Bowe vs. TB; Hines Ward & Santonio Holmes @ WAS

WRs You Might Want to Avoid in Week 9: Bobby Engram & Billy McMullen vs. PHI; Justin Gage & Brandon Jones vs. GB; Bobby Wade vs. HOU; Laurent Robinson & Michael Jenkins @ OAK; Devard Darling vs. TB


And finally our “Formulary Start Rankings” for week 9. They’re gotten using the secret Fantasy Flavor Formula, which is basically 2 parts players performance, one part defensive expectations against them and a fraction of my gut thrown in to account for injuries and anomallies. The formulary number is in parenthesis behind the player’s name, the lower the number, the better your player’s chances at a big day.

1. Anquan Boldin (9)

2. Larry Fitzgerald (15)

3. Calvin Johnson (18)

4. Brandon Marshall (18)

5. Roddy White (29)

6. Reggie Wayne (31)

7. Andre Johnson (32)

8. Santana Moss (34)

9. Donnie Avery (36)

10. Laverneus Coles (38)

11. Lee Evans (38)

12. Greg Jennings (41)

13. DeSean Jackson (43)

14. Bernard Berrian (44)

15. Terrell Owens (46)

16. Plaxico Burress (48)

17. TJ Houshmandzadeh (48)

18. Eddie Royal (48)

19. Kevin Walter (48)

20. Hines Ward (49)

21. Matt Jones (55)

22. Brandon Lloyd (55)

23. Randy Moss (58)

24. DeWayne Bowe (58)

25. Roy Williams (61)

26. Nate Washington (61)

27. Jehrico Cotchery (62)

28. Reggie Brown (63)

29. Sinorice Moss (64)

30. Hank Baskett (73)

31. Kevin Curtis (75)

32. Santonio Holmes (75)

33. Derrick Mason (77)

34. Marvin Harrison (77)

35. Braylon Edwards (80)

36. Antonio Bryant (83)

37. Chad “Lost His” Johnson (84)

38. Amani Toomer (84)

39. Devin Hester (85)

40. Steve Breaston (85)

41. Patrick Crayton (88)

42. Brandon Stokley (88)

43. Wes Welker (88)

44. Greg Camarillo (89)

45. Justin Gage (90)

46. Donald Driver (91)

47. Chansi Stuckey (94)

48. Tory Holt (96)

49. Antoine Randle-El (96)

50. Anthony Gonzalez (97)

51. Ted Ginn Jr. (99)

52. Bobby Wade (100)

53. Rasheid Davis (103)

54. Michael Jenkins (105)

55. Mike Walker (109)

56. Reggie Williams (109)

57. Marty Booker (109)

58. Billy McMullen (113)

59. Derek Hagan (117)

60. Darrell Jackson (118)

61. Chaz Schilens (125)

62. Javon Walker (125)

63. Dane Looker (128)

64. Steve Smith (128) *NYG

65. Ike Hilliard (129)

66. Joey Galloway (131)

67. Domenik Hixon (132)

68. James Jones (137)

69. Josh Reed (140)

70. Mike Furrey (144)

71. Jabar Gafney (144)

72. Ashley Lelie (145)

73. Jeherme Urban (145)

74. Johnnie Lee Higgins (147)

75. Roscoe Parish (148)

Look Back later today for this week’s tight end rankings, and the defense and kicker rankings tomorrow. And as always, good luck this week.




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The Fantasy Flavor Positional Power Rankings – Week 9 RBs

Posted on 29 October 2008 by Thyrl Nelson

Here are the Week 9 Fantasy Flavor Running Back Power Rankings. It’s the top 20 RBs based on what we’ve seen so far, and a look ahead at this week’s match ups. In addition to the power rankings, we’ve identified the best and worst match ups for week 9 and ranked this week’s top 50 running backs in the order you should consider them. Continue Reading

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Local College Football

Posted on 26 September 2008 by roblong

Gordy Combs and the Towson Tigers had their crack at it earlier this year when they faced Navy, and now it’s time for Don Hill and the Morgan State Bears to take a swing at it.

The Bears take on the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers on Saturday at 3:30. The Bears lost to Combs’ Tigers in the season opener, but have been impressive in two wins following the season opening lost.

The Bears defense is modeled after the Cover 2 defense that Defensive Coordinator Alonso Lee learned from Tony Dungy.

The Bears have scored four touchdowns on defense in three games, and they love to have meetings at the quarterback.

The offense is led by junior running back Devon James and an offensive lined nicknamed “The Trench Mob.”

This is probably the best year for the Bears to stage an upset over a BCS school. Rutgers is struggling, and they haven’t been able to stop the run at all.

Let’s cheer for Baltimore as the Bears feature eight key players from our metropolitan area.

Happy Chicken Box Friday and Happy College Football Saturday.

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NFL week 1 leftovers

Posted on 10 September 2008 by Keith Melchior

I haven’t heard many talk shows this week, but when I have listened I got the consensus that a majority of the callers were ready to anoint Joe Flacco the next Johnny U. I have 2 things to say, one game does not a career make and remember Stony Case and how everyone though he was the next best thing to sliced bread.

I was impressed by Flacco’s ability to run the offense Sunday. He was nearly flawless, even though his numbers weren’t all that good at 15-29 for 129 yards and a 64.7 QB rating. He showed poise, presence and patience and ran the offense like a 10 year veteran. The O-line was impressive and pushed the Bengalscar defense around all day. Flacco ran the no huddle efficiently and when time was on their side, he handed the ball off and let McClain carry the load..(when was the last time a fullback led the team in rushing?)

The defense dominated Carson Palmer. When was the last time he threw for only 99 yards and had a QB rating of 34.5? Cincinnati had a whopping 154 total yards. Take away those 2 phantom DPI calls against McAlister and they turned in a 2000-like performance (well, let’s not go there) in holding the Bungles to 2-13 on 3rd down and only 3 points.

That could have easily been a 28-3 beat down and this Ravens team must learn how to put opponents they are dominating away early and nail the lid closed so mistakes, like the Todd Heap fumble and dropped TD pass along with the Ray Rice fumble don’t come back to bite them and change the momentum of the game. The defense came up huge after the Heap fumble put them on a short field. No way the game was as close as the 17-10 final, but again, they need to learn how to finish teams off early and not give them a chance to pull off a fluke win.

Now they head to Houston and face a Texans team that was embarrassed on the road in Pittsburgh. Houston was suppose to be a team of the future. Let’s hope their future begins on September 21st

Other NFL ponderings…

ESPN MNF broadcast…thumbs down to the 3 stooges. If I heard one Brett Favre comparison, I heard 30. They need to learn when to shut up and call the game at hand and stop dwelling on the past. I am glad the Packers won. A huge monkey is off Aaron Rodgers back, but let’s wait and see how he fares on the road against the Lions. One game does not a career make.

Speaking of the Lions, wasn’t Atlanta supposed to suck this year? They go out ang hang up 31 on Detroit and make Matt Ryan and Michael Turner look like Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James. Again, one game does not a career make, but then again, you and I could look like those 2 guys against the Lions.

I wrote in my predictions a week or so ago that Marvin Lewis would be fired after this season. Well, he is 0-1 and faces a tough Tennessee team this week then follows @ Giants, Cleveland, @Dallas, @ Jets and Pittsburgh. An 0-7 or 1-6 start could quickly turn WHO DEY? into OOOH DEY SUCK AGAIN.

Are the Colts as bad as they looked Sunday night in losing to Da Bears? Can Chicago be THAT good and dominant or was it Peyton Manning rust from not playing in the preseason? Maybe the Colts are getting a little long in the tooth. When was the last time they lost an opener…and at home no less? Seems like at least 10 years.

Tom Brady is out for the season…shame. Only ones who care other than Patriots fans are those who have him on a fantasy team. Was that payback for Bill Belichek? Can he turn Matt Cassel into the next Tom Brady? How will they fare Sunday in the big apple against Brett’s Jets? This will be huge division test for both teams. The AFC East is considered fairly weak after the Patriots. With Brady out, it is open season and everyone now has a shot at taking the division title, even the lowly Dolphins.

Another interesting matchup this week is the Cowgirls against the Iggles. Early bragging rights on the line in a division where 3 teams could be 12-4 or 11-5. And sorry Redskins fan, they won’t be one of those teams. Not this year.

Thats all for now..Have a good week!

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Towson rallies to nip Morgan State

Posted on 07 September 2008 by Drew Forrester

It was an escape that would have made Houdini proud.

Rebounding from a dismal defensive first half, Towson University scored a pair of 3rd quarter touchdowns and held on to beat Morgan St, 21-16, tonight at Johnny Unitas Stadium.

Towson (1-1) got three TD passes from quarterback Sean Schaefer, but some suspect play calling by the Morgan State coaching staff and a pair of missed field goals by the Bears were a bigger part of their undoing.

Ahead 16-14 in the 3rd quarter, Morgan State put together a nice drive that stalled on the Towson 13 yard line. The ensuing missed 30-yard field goal not only left Morgan State empty handed but gave the Tigers new life and they promptly drove 80 yards for the go-ahead score on Schaefer’s 3rd TD throw of the night.

Morgan State – aided all night by a terrific effort from running back Devan James – then put together a solid drive of their own to start the 4th quarter.

Then, bad coaching doomed the Bears.

On 4th and goal from the Tigers two yard line, Morgan State elected to go for it. Eschewing an athletic play like a quarterback bootleg or a hand off to James around the end, the Bears instead tried a dive over the top that resulted in a stop by the Tigers defense.

Bad coaching decision.

James, who ran more than Forrest Gump tonight, should have lugged the ball around the right or left end. Or, perhaps, the Bears could have tried the mis-direction draw they used to perfection all night. James gained about 80 of his 178 yards using that play.

Turning the ball over on downs marked the end of Morgan State’s night.

From there, the Tigers kept the ball for the final 9 minutes and Schaefer produced one final Houdini act on 3rd and 13 (from his own 21) with a 45 yard pass completion that sealed the outcome with a couple of minutes remaining.

It was a gutsy defensive effort by the Tigers in the final 30 minutes. They were absolutely run over in the first half by James and Co. and it looked like the Bears were going to win with ease. Down 16-7 at the half, Towson started the 2nd half with a defensive stop and then Schaefer took over, with 108 yards passing in the 3rd quarter alone as the Tigers scored twice to go ahead.

The missed field goal in the 3rd quarter changed the complexion of the game for Morgan State, as it made the contest a one TD game for them and forced them to go for it on 4th and 2 on the critical play early in the 4th quarter.

Towson opens CAA play on the road next Saturday afternoon (3:00 pm, WNST Radio) at Richmond, a 16-0 loser to the University of Virginia earlier today.

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Ravens Camp Day 2

Posted on 22 July 2008 by caseywillett

So the first day of camp is done as far as on the field goes for the Ravens, this afternoon concluded the first of the two-a-days for the team.
Here are a couple of notes from the afternoon practice:
          Watching Trevor Pryce play cornerback is an interesting thing to watch. He got turned around by Marcus Smith on a play that resulted in Trevor falling to the ground which caused some of Pryce’s defensive teammates to critique his cover skills.
          Dan Cody is getting a lot of work on learning the defensive end position
          The Ravens added another tight end to the roster this afternoon as they signed #84 Adam Bergen 6-4 from Lehigh who has three years of NFL experience
          Although it is early in camp, Haruki Nakamura has made some impressive plays in the secondary. Earlier this morning, Haruki tipped a Troy Smith pass that was intercepted by Tom Zbikowski. This afternoon Haruki made a diving deflection that prevented a catch that would have resulted in a touchdown.
          Joe Flacco shows flashes with some of his throws, just how strong and accurate his arm is.
The Ravens return to practice tomorrow morning when they have an 8:45 a.m. practice. Also tomorrow will be the day when the veterans will report to the team hotel. Samari Rolle will not be reporting as he has been allowed to miss to deal with the passing of his father with a funeral planned for Saturday. As I mentioned last week, I do not expect Terrell Suggs to report to the Westminster facility.



The Ravens have released cornerback Lenny Walls from the roster. The Ravens this morning added Aaron Walker and could possibly be adding some other players in the next day or so.
Here is what Coach Harbaugh had to say about the first days of camp “It’s not an evaluation time right now. It’s rookie camp. It’s the same thing we did for three days in June. It’s a chance to get these guys re-acclimated and go through the offense for the fifth time, give them a chance to compete come Friday.”
Coach Harbaugh also had a interesting comment about the attitudes of the quarterbacks: “They’re doing a nice job, all three of them. They look fluid. The fact that they’re friends and the fact that they’re good guys taking the attitude that they want to be as good as they can be and help the other guys be as good as they can be, that’s just them being good guys. Make no mistake about it, every one of those three guys wants the job. It’s not really a nice guy contest. We’re all nice guys, but it’s a quarterbacks contest.”
Check back later for a report from the afternoon 3:30 p.m. practice.



So a quick blog before heading to practice, I was a little late this morning after the top notch SAFE security thought media were not allowed at the team hotel although I have a parking pass and a credential with my name and all camp written on it, but it is what it is.
Its S.A.F.E. management, what can you expect? They even stopped a Ravens employee and questioned if they were suppose to be here.
When the players get ready to walk out of the doors here at the hotel there is a friendly reminder waiting on them. There is a note on the door that reminds players to sign autographs after practice and to show appreciation to the fans who come out to support them during camp. Also on the flyer is a note to tell players to not leave a teammate alone signings autographs.

Well off to watch the first practice of 2008 training camp with rookies and some injured vets. I will be doing updates every hour on the radio, but not on blog till later this afternoon.

So the first practice under John Harbaugh of the 2008 training camp has concluded. The practices did not run as long today due to the limited number of players available for him to use.
Here are some notes from practice today:
          Troy Smith did not have a very good practice this morning. He was picked off three times during the morning session. Chuck Pagano one of the Ravens coaches, Prescott Burgess, and Tom Zbikowski all intercepted Troy today.
          The Ravens parted ways with quarterback Brad Roach last night and signed Aaron Walker, a tight end.
          Trevor Pryce took his conditioning test today and as was told to us by the staff, he “crushed” it.
          Several of the players were wearing arm and hammer patches on their uniforms today and will during camp. The patch is to signify guys that attended 85% of the voluntary off season workouts.
          Coach Harbaugh pointed out that this is just like the rookie camp that the team had at the Owings Mills facility.

Tune into the Bob Haynie Show to hear audio from Coach Harbaugh, Troy Smith, Kyle Boller, and Joe Flacco.

News has circulated here at Owings Mills that Samari Rolle’s father passed away last week and will not be here for the begging of camp for the veterans. The funeral for Samari’s father will be on Saturday, and he has been told to take as much time as he needs. No matter what you think of Samari, you have to feel for the guy for everything that he has been through lately.
Here is the ESPN article courtesy of James Walker.

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Recap of Elite XC show

Posted on 01 June 2008 by caseywillett

What a wild night it was in Newark New Jersey for the Elite XC show. First off a big congratulation goes out to Binky Jones from Ground Control after his dominating performance in his win over Calvin Katter. Binky finished the fight with a rear naked choke that was in tight and signaled the end of the night for Katter.
Here are my thoughts on the fights that were on television:
Brett Rogers vs Jon Murphy: Brett just crushed Murphy flush on the jaw with a big right hand. Murphy was in dream land when he hit the mat. There were some questionable moments during the night, but this was not one of them. Murphy was swinging for the fences and got caught. Rogers would entertain way more later in the evening which I will get to in a bit. Busta Rhymes came out to the cage with Rogers and Busta has put on some pounds since back in the day.
Joey Villasenor vs Phil Baroni: I think Phil Baroni spent more time walking to the cage with his Ric Flair than he did in the actual fight. Baroni was absolutely rocked by several unanswered shots to his face. This again was a legit stoppage, and trust me if anyone would have cried if the fix would have been in, it would have been Baroni, but he admitted in the post fight interview that he took a beating.
Gina Carano vs Kaitlin Young : The building went crazy when Gina made her way to the cage, and I can see why. There have been many who have thought Gina is not as dedicated to mixed martial arts now that she is doing movies, tv, and video games. For those who thought that, she proved that wrong Saturday night. After a close 1st round, Gina dominated Kaitlin in the 2nd ultimately leading to the fight being stopped due to a nasty cut under Kaitlin’s eye, this was a very legit stoppage. That was a nasty cut under her eye and seeing her after the fight; her eye was swollen and looked like she had a lacrosse ball stuck under her eye.
Robbie Lawler vs Scott Smith: This was the fight of the night. Robbie and Scott were going back and forth the entire fight. After fans who are not very knowledgeable were booing these two fighters early on, soon everyone was hanging on every second of the fight. Into the third round Smith incidentally caught a finger in the eye from Robbie. At this point the fight was stopped to give Smith a chance to regroup. Smith was holding his eye and taking a while to try and get his vision back when the doctor came in and said the fight had to be stopped. Apparently Smith told the doctor he could not see, but would be ok in a little while. The doctor decided she could not risk that and decided to stop the fight. Since it was a title fight, under New Jersey rules, it can not go to the judges since three rounds were not completed. Here is the score card from the fight up to the stoppage:
Judge Bittencourt : Rd. 1: 10-9 Lawler     Rd. 2 : 10-9 Smith
Judge Colon         : Rd. 1: 10-9 Lawler     Rd. 2 : 10-9 Smith
Judge Crosby       : Rd. 1: 10-9 Lawler     Rd. 2:   10-9 Lawler
Both fighters were awarded their fight bonuses and clearly will see each other again. After the fight, Smith was in the press conference room, and his face was an absolute mess. Smith also stated that he broke his foot during the fight with Lawler.
This is where the controversy would begin, but would be far from over with before the night was through.
Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson: First off the roof almost came off the building when Kimbo came to the cage. I would guess to say 85% of the over 8,000 that were in attendance were there to see Kimbo. Kimbo was completely out of his element when Thompson took him to the ground. Thompson really did not take advantage of the situation in my opinion as he had several chances to try and submit Kimbo. I thought Thompson won the first two rounds. I question if Kimbo tapped or not during the 2nd round. Several people, including fighters, media, and others said he clearly tapped, but they did not stop the fight. I also think that the ref saved Kimbo at the end of the 2nd round when he took about 10-15 punches to the face. Also Thompson had Kimbo on the ground and in a dominating position called side control before the ref made them stand up. The stoppage at the end was questionable also in my opinion. Kimbo had connected on Thompson’s ear, and blood was pouring out, but I do not think that was enough to stop the fight. Kimbo probably would have finished Thompson, but he had taken much harder shots than that earlier in the fight and answered right back. I would say that if 85% of the arena was for Kimbo before the fight, about 35% were for him after the fight. There were many boo’s and other chants being said when the fight was stopped.
The post fight press conference took an interesting turn when Brett Rogers called out Kimbo Slice to his face and used words such as garbage, and other words I am not allowed to type or say to his face. He looked Kimbo in the face and told him “you tapped out” referring to the controversy surrounding the fight. He also said I did not know you could win a fight three times and still lose referring to Thompson.  Kimbo took exception to that and got up and then things went crazy for about 5 minutes. Scott Smith who was on the podium with other fighters at the press conference, immediately got up and hopped out of the way on a broken foot to avoid being in the confrontation. Gina Carano was pulled out of the way by her father who was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Robbie Lawler and Phil Baroni were trying to play peace keeper and keep Rogers and Kimbo from each other as much as possible.I was at one time standing next to Kimbo’s brother in the back of the room before he ran to the front of the room as both fighters entourage’s soon joined into the shouting and insulting one another. It was a very intense couple of moments there in the press conference and it was real, that was not staged at all. You knew something was going to happen when Kimbo walked in the room and walked across the stage shaking every fighters hand before he reached Rogers who basically shrugged Kimbo off and would not even look at him. I will be posting the edited audio of the confrontation on the website this afternoon. Here is a video from Sherdog.com of the confrontation between Rogers and Kimbo.
There were some celebrities in the press conference after the fight as Shawne Merriman of the Chargers was in the room along with Brad Penny and Rafael Furcal of the Los Angles Dodgers. Matt Hughes was also in the room along with Mark Coleman, the newly inducted UFC Hall of Famer. Plaxico Burres walked in the arena during one of the early fights in the night and the building went crazy. There were several of the New York Giants and Knicks in attendance for the fights.
I had an absolute blast covering my first live MMA event, and hope to do more of them in the future. I am sure this card along with tonight’s Urijah Faber Jens Pulver fight will be a big topic of discussion this Thursday on the MMA segment during the Rob Long Show.
Like to hear what you thought of the fights, whether you are a novice or a MMA fan.

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Catching up with former Ravens

Posted on 27 May 2008 by caseywillett

So last night I was watching a little bit of the AFL game between Georgia and New Orleans, when I recognized a player with the last name of Rimpf on the New Orleans VooDoo team. So I decided to do a little research and see what other names I recognized from the AFL that had spent some time here in Baltimore. Whether it was being a part of a Super Bowl team like Marcus Nash, former draft picks like Ron Johnson, or guys who were just passing by on the way to other teams.
So here is the list of guys who are in the AFL that I found that were a part of the Ravens at some point.

Brian Rimpf – OL New Orleans VooDoo

So after enjoying looking up former Ravens in the AFL, I thought I would check in the CFL, because there had to be at least one former Raven on a team. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of guys that I found in the CFL. They also range from a guy with Super Bowl ring like Patrick Johnson, to draft picks to guys who never made it out of training camp.
This list is by no means 100% absolute everyone that might have ever spent some time with the Ravens. These are just names that I recognized from knowing the team and remembering most of these guys from their days at training camp.

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Ravens tidbits

Posted on 16 May 2008 by caseywillett

Here are a couple of Ravens interviews from on the team website and other websites:
Terrell Suggs talked to NFLPA about his passions outside of football. Terrell is a big movie buff and has plans to start his own movie production company. During the season he will review movies for the team’s website.
Todd Heap recently sat down with Rich Eisen from NFL Network and discussed everything from his injuries last year to Brian Billick and John Harbaugh.
Mike Duffy who writes for BaltimoreRavens.com does his best job of shooting a Cloverfield/Blair Witch Project video recently at the Fiest 5k. (WARNING: Not for those with a weak stomach)
James Walker from ESPN.com was at Ravens mandatory camp and has an article on Ray Lewis.
Also if you want to check out the Ravens cheerleaders while they are doing a swimsuit calendar shoot, BaltimoreRavens.com has a ton of videos, articles, and blogs.
 Wonder when we are going to do a WNST swimsuit calendar?
Here is an interesting article about Keon Lattimore and Ray Lewis from the Star-Telegram.

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IT’s Chicken Box Friday…and I have no clue what has happened in a week in sports!

Posted on 09 May 2008 by KZ

Vacations are wonderful…especially after the NFL draft..time to clear my head after shoving more information then I should into it…so I took a week off from sports…all sports…and when I got back…what did I find?

1. Roger Clemens…OK…who really cares anymore…you cheated…like Bonds cheated…but do we really need to know that the Mother of the 15 years old girl Clemens had an affair with, does not think he took HGH or Steriods, because she went through his suitcases and everything? Sorry that could be the funniest thing I saw yesterday!

2. O’s come back to earth…and in a weeks time it went from should we add a bat to who should we trade away…WOW…hey gang this team is still playing hard and seems fun to watch…lets just all relax and finally enjoy a season.

3. SPY GATE…so it took all this time and no Super Bowl practice video from Walsh? What a waste of time…can this please go away…please…

4. MLB investigating why BONDS has not been signed…hmmmm…let me help MLB out here…(FOR THE RECORD I AM A HUGE BONDS FAN)..but…Bonds can;t play the OF anymore…so that cuts his chances in half…Bonds would demand a 1 years 10 million dollor contract I figure…so that cuts everyone but the YANKEES, RED SOX, ANGLES and the TIGERS I figure…RED SOX have ORTIZ as ther DH…so they are out, TIGERS have SHEF has their DH, so they are out, so we have the Angles and Yankees…Angels are 22 – 14 and cruising…I do not think they would really want to disrupt their team with the sideshow that is Bonds…so the only team in MLB who could possible sign him are the YANKEES…the fact that they have not is clearly not colusion.

5. LEBRON is not LEBRICK…its not you LEBRON…its your teammates…no really it is…oh but you approved the trade to get you the teammates you now have…so its really you..

6. AVERY AND MIKE…got fired…well Mike hasn’t but will be…that was fair! How are those GM’s still employeed again…someone help me here

7. FLACCO, SMITH or BOLLER…I vote SMITH til he proves he can be the guy or til FLACCO is ready.

Talk to you all around 2pm…

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