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O’s – Mariners preview

Posted on 07 April 2008 by caseywillett

Last Game
Orioles 3-2 winners over the Mariners after Felix Hernandez shut the Orioles down for 8 straight innings (8ip 5 h 0r 2bb 6k). The Mariners bullpen came in for the 9th inning and allowed a double to Nick Markais, an rbi groundout by Aubrey Huff, back to back singles to Luke Scott and Jay Payton, a walk to Ramon Hernandez which resulted in a wild pitch that allowed Adam Jones to score who was pinch running for Scott and then the first and biggest hit of the season for Luis Hernandez to win the game for the O’s.
Bullpen vs Bullpen
Here is what the two team’s bullpens have done against each other so far in the three games of this series:
O’s: 9 ip 6h 2bb 4k 2r 1hr (2 wins Albers (Sat) Safarte (Sun) and 2 saves Sherrill
Mariners: 6.2 ip 10h 7bb 4k 8r 2 hr (1 loss)
O’s bats
Luke Scott had his second consecutive 3-hit game for the Orioles yesterday he has now raised his average to .538.
Kevin Millar has hit safely in all 5 games so far this season and has a .389 average.
Today’s starters
Daniel Cabrera (0-0 13.50 ERA) no decision last outing vs TB (4ip 6h 6er 5bb 2k)
Here are the numbers for Daniel vs Mariners hitters
Carlos Silva (1-0 1.29 ERA) 7ip 3h 1er 3bb 5k vs Tex
Here are the numbers for Silva vs Orioles hitters
After the game
The Orioles will head out on a six game road trip starting with three in Texas (Tue, Wed,Thu) then to Tampa Bay for three games ( Fri, Sat, Sun) before returning home on April 14th for a seven game home stand.
Did You Know?
The Orioles were never in first place at any point during the season last year. They were in 5th place on this date a year ago with a 1-4 record.

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Pregame notes from Camden Yards

Posted on 04 April 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some new notes from Camden Yards:
  • Dave Trembley said that the rotation will go Trachsel(Fri), Loewen(Sat),Guthrie(Sun),and Cabrera(Mon). Brian Burres will stay in the bullpen the next couple of nights and likely start the first game of the Texas series on Tuesday.
  • Trembley said that all the pitchers and position players stayed even after the game was rained out yesterday to get their work in.
  • Trembley still feels that Bedard is one of the best pitchers in baseball and that he is grateful to him for what he did while he was here
  • Today will be the first time that Perlozzo and Trembley will be able to speak face to face since the coaching change
  • Sam Perlozzo spoke with the media before the game and you can listen to the entire session under the Toyotaliveweb audio vault
  • Besides Erik Bedard and Sam Perlozzo, former bench coach Lee Elia makes his return to Baltimore as the on field consultant for the Mariners
  • Jarrod Washburn is 3-0 versus the Orioles in his career as a starter. He did lose a game in a relief appearance back in 1998
  • Aubrey Huff is 12-31 with 1HR and 4rbi’s against Washburn
Here is the O’s lineup for tonight
  1. Brian Roberts 2b
  2. Melvin Mora 3b
  3. Nick Markakis RF
  4. Kevin Millar 1b
  5. Aubrey Huff DH
  6. Jay Payton LF
  7. Ramon Hernandez C
  8. Adam Jones CF
  9. Brandon Fahey SS

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Notes from Sunday at Camden Yards

Posted on 30 March 2008 by caseywillett

So the Orioles do not play their first game till tomorrow, but in my opinion they won today. I will first off say that I like Jay Gibbons as a person and he was always very nice to me, but Andy McPhail and the Orioles made really the only move I think they could make in releasing Jay Gibbons.
I am not sure if Jay will ever play baseball again, or has the desire to play baseball again, but the Orioles had to do what was in the best interest of their team, and not worry about Jay Gibbons and his future endeavors.
Andy McPhail has 100 % shown in my opinion that he is being allowed to run this baseball team. When he was asked today what the conversation with Peter Angelos about the release of Jay was like he said “Peter told me you have to do what you have to do.” Today also sent a message to the clubhouse that it does not matter what you make, if you do not fit into the plans they are not afraid to move on with out you.
So here is how the Gibbons thing played out this afternoon. We were gathered in the media room and had spoken with Adam Jones, Jeremy Guthrie, and were waiting for Dave Trembley. During the break I walked into the clubhouse and noticed that Scott Moore was listed as the LH bat on the bench for tomorrow, almost at the same time we were told that Dave Trembley and Andy McPhail were ready to speak with the media. While walking back to the room, we were handed the official press release saying Jay was released. After listening to McPhail and Trembley, we walked into the clubhouse looking to see if Jay was around. Now Jay’s locker is in a corner on the opposite side of the clubhouse where you have to pretty much be within 10 feet of it to see if he is there. So we notice a person sitting there with his legs propped up on a chair and talking on his phone, so must people assume it was Gibbons. I and a couple other media members noticed that Brian Roberts, Aubrey Huff, and others were laughing looking in that direction and soon released that it was Kevin Millar sitting there. Now there were some members of the media who fell for it hook line and sinker….it was pretty funny.
Here are some other tidbits from today:
          Jay Gibbons was gone less than two hours and guys were debating as to who was going to get his locker
           All of the coaching staff has been moved into the clubhouse with the players. In the past they have had their own office.
          Adam Jones is a very likeable guy and a guy that fans will find it easy to root for
          Kevin Millar is the leader of that clubhouse. He also has a Terry Crowley baseball card hanging from his locker. He said he is going to hit over 400 homeruns this year (you have to listen to the audio under the Toyotaliveweb banner on the right).
          Jay Payton stood in front of his locker and started “crying” and saying he wants Corey Patterson back and that he misses him. This is because Corey was next to Jay in the clubhouse and now that spot is Adam Jones. Adam started laughing and having fun with Jay.
          Some people in the organization are wondering and little worried about what the reaction for Aubrey Huff will be tomorrow.

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Orioles, Free baseball on Comcast, and World Series Prediction

Posted on 29 March 2008 by caseywillett

So after watching Fanfest today, then watching the Cubs and Mariners play, and getting ready to watch the Orioles and Nationals play down in DC, it has been a good baseball day. I am excited for opening day. I will be spending some time with the Orioles tomorrow talking to players and coaches, and then get ready for the opener against the Rays.
It will be interesting to see who is on the team tomorrow. There is some debate as to whether Jay Gibbons or Scott Moore will be with the team. I am going to go out on a limb and say Moore, I think he is more versatile and more of a fit for this team going forward. The O’s honestly just need to say that the contract with Jay was a mistake and that he does not fit into the plan of this organization moving forward.
Speaking of baseball, Comcast is offering the MLB package free for the first week of the season so you can watch as many games as you like. I get the MLB package every year, one because I love baseball and two because I enjoy watching other teams. Whether it is the Cubs when they are not on WGN, or watching a former Orioles with a new team, like Erik Bedard this year or maybe Miguel, whatever the case may be. I will also enjoy watching the Diamondbacks play as I think they have a real shot to make it to the World Series. The MLB package is an absolute most have for any baseball fan. There are many nights when I get home from the ballpark at 11pm or later and catch some west coast baseball. So make sure to check it out all next week and I am telling you that you can not go wrong investing in it.
So here is who I think will be playing in the World Series: Boston vs Chicago. Red Sox are loaded offensively and although they will miss Schilling for a little while, they have enough offense to get over it. Tigers- I think the bullpen will cost them crucial games. They have one of if not the best hitting lineups in all of baseball, but the backend of pitching staff will be an issue.
In the NL I like the Cubs, mainly because I have been a Cubs fan all my life. Mark Grace was my favorite baseball player growing up. I bat left handed and play first base so he was a guy I wanted to be like, I even always had to have #17 because of him. The first three baseball player autographs I ever got were Mark Grace, Jerome Walton, and Lee Smith. Actually I think Lee Smith is a big part of the reason I was a Cubs fan, because he was a friend of my Uncle’s so I got to meet him and started liking the Cubs. So I always want them to make the World Series. My alternate pick would be the Arizona Diamondbacks who are a young team with a lot of talent.
Of course knowing my luck it will be the Pirates and Royals playing in the World Series…

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Some questions answered…some not since he did not tal

Posted on 24 April 2007 by caseywillett

Back from the clubhouse, here is what went down…

Mora’s bunt was his own call. According to Sam Perlozzo, there was no sign on to bunt, therefore Corey Patterson had no idea it was going to happen. Corey said if it had not been bunted back to the pitcher, he probably could have scored.

When Patterson shifted back towards second base on the ball hit by Roberts up the middle, he thought the pitcher was going to field the ball and did not want to get caught in between the bases and not give Payton a chance to score.

Patterson said that he made up his mind once he left second base that he was going to stop at third because he had gotten a bad jump off of the base on the delayed grounded up the middle.

Melvin Mora left the clubhouse without talking to the media about what happened in the ninth inning. It’s surprising that Mora did this, because he is usually a stand up guy. However, when you do stuff like that you leave yourself open to criticism by the media. Just say what you were thinking, Melvin!

My other question is why Tejada was swinging at the first pitch. Hhere is how the bottom of the 9th went for Street:

Jay Payton

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O’s note

Posted on 21 April 2007 by caseywillett

John Knott is headed back to Norfolk today after Jay Payton has returned to the team. Payton said it feels great to be back with the team, and is not worried about his playing time, still feels he has to prove that he deserves to be in the lineup-which in case you are wondering, he will not be tonight.

  1. Brain Roberts 2b
  2. Melvin Mora 3b
  3. Nick Markakis RF
  4. Miguel Tejada SS
  5. Aubrey Huff 1B
  6. Kevin Millar DH
  7. Jay Gibbons LF
  8. Corey Patterson CF
  9. Paul Bako C

Ramon Hernandez is in the clubhouse, but not listed on the board as available tonight. Saw Ramon in the hall and he is bandaged up like he just finished a fight with Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Hulk Hogan, and Kamala.

The new Orioles team shirts are being worn around the clubhouse, and let

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O's-Blue Jay

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O’s-Blue Jay

Posted on 20 April 2007 by caseywillett

I talked about how the Blue Jays will come into Camden Yards a little beaten up; here are the guys that they have placed on the DL in the last week: BJ Ryan, Troy Glaus, and Reed Johnson.

A.J. Burnett who will start tonight has been anything but reliable, in three starts he has only made it past six innings once. One of his starts he only went two innings giving up six runs-probably not what the Blue Jays were hoping for when they signed him last year.

Both teams come into tonight with 8-7 record and the Blue Jays coming off a two game losing streak, and for the Jays it will not get any easier once they leave Baltimore, two in Boston then two games in New York.

Jay Payton could return to the O

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Jay Gibbo

Posted on 13 April 2007 by caseywillett

I have said it over and over again; Jay Gibbons is a dropped ball waiting to happen when he is in left field. There is no excuse, in my opinion, as to why the ball that was hit in the top of the 6th inning by Mark Grudzielanek should have fallen for a base hit. Jay will always find a place in the lineup because of his bat, but his fielding leaves a lot to be desired.

At the end of the year, will the fans who thought that the deal the Orioles gave Gibbons was “great” feel the same way?

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At the pa

Posted on 11 April 2007 by caseywillett

Ok, so Kevin Millar is not known for his break away speed, but that slide into 2nd base in the 3rd inning was pretty funny. To think he ran that fast and did not do any damage to that piano he was carrying on his back.


It is only four innings in, but Jaret Wright has looked good so far tonight.



Can you blame Sean Casey for ducking out of the way of the piece of broken bat flying at on the Nick Markakis single?



I still get concerned a little when any fly ball that requires some running is hit to Jay Gibbons- but hey give him credit he got to it.


Rough night for Pudge Rodriguez for the Tigers, 1st he gets a foul ball that goes off his foot, then he leads of the inning and gets a Ric Flair like chop from Jaret Wright while running to 1st base.



So I drafted players tonight for this home run derby that I am for the season, here is my team:

David Ortiz

Manny Ramirez

Mark Teixeira

Miguel Cabrera

Gary Sheffield

Chipper Jones


I like my chances

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