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Terps Not Perfect in Easy Win over Bryant

Posted on 27 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

In the end; it is hard to truly fault a team who wins a game by 21 points. But this afternoon’s effort for Maryland in their 72-51 victory over Bryant was clearly lacking in many areas.

Intensity is the easiest thing to point out. The Terps don’t always need to be pushing and fighting; but even a level of excitement would be acceptable. It might not look cool to be excited for a game against Bryant; but it is absolutely necessary.

Execution is clearly another area where the Terps need to improve. Settling for outside shots or wild tosses inside the free throw line are lazy examples of trying to salvage poorly executed sets. The team can’t afford to think that getting off a shot attempt is enough on an offensive trip. They should be frustrated with bad attempts; and be dedicated to taking better shots and running their offense.

And mental toughness is the biggest area where they can stand to improve. Even if they’re not excited; this team has to have a “swagger”, or “cocky edge” that makes another team think there really is no hope before a game even starts. The Terps talk about a desire to be a Top 25 team; but they don’t act like a team who thinks they’re at that level; despite having the qualifications of one. If they want people to believe they’re a great team; they need to think like a great team. There’s no reason this team SHOULDN’T be playing with an “us against the world” attitude, or at least a healthy chip on their shoulder.

That’s about it for me. I’ll talk to you on AM1570 Monday morning; then I’ll be back Tuesday with TWO live blogs: the Humanitarian Bowl and the hoops game against Elon.

Talk to you tomorrow with a 15-7-0. Let’s go Ravens.


4:19-Gary was quick to point out his rebounding frustrations after the game; saying “the bothersome part” of the Terps’ effort was on the glass; and that the team “(has) to rebound better than” they did tonight. Gary said “too many guys are rebounding with one hand”, and that the team needs “some people to step up and dominate on the glass.” He noted that the team was again lead in rebounding by players with 5-6 boards instead of players reaching double digits on the glass. Gary said Jin Soo Kim’s early entrance in the game had to do with two good practices; as well as the fact he “rebounds with two hands.” Gary thinks the Terps “aren’t going after the ball hard enough”, which Gary thinks ought to be an issue of “personal pride.”

Gary clearly didn’t like the lack of strong effort for 40 minutes; saying the “early part” of the game was similar to what the Terps did Monday night against American. They got out to an early advantage; and then let up. He said that he wants to see the Terps “methodically put away” lesser teams; and that the obvious defensive advantages Maryland has against teams like Bryant “won’t always be there.” He said he wants to see the Terps “win with execution”, but instead he’s seen the team just “be good enough” to win the games they should win.

Greivis thought the Terps “got sloppy big time” in the win; adding that the team needs to “play hard for 40 minutes.” He went on to say that if his teammates are “asking for minutes” then they “should be playing hard” for any minutes they’re on the court.

4:14-The final numbers show Greivis leading the way with 19 points, 6 boards, and 5 assists. Landon Milbourne added 15 points and 5 boards; Eric Hayes had 14 points and 5 assists; Dave Neal had 9 points and 5 assists; and Adrian Bowie had 7 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds. The Terps had 14 steals as a team (Milbourne and Bowie had 3 each); and forced 19 Bryant turnovers (the Bulldogs had only 8 assists). The Terps shot 29-60 from the field (48.3%); 7-21 from 3 point range (33.3%); and 7-11 from the free throw line (63.6%).

Bryant was lead by Cecil Gresham; who had 14 points and 4 rebounds. Sam LeClerc added 12 points, Jerrann Wright added 7 rebounds. The Bulldogs shot 18-54 from the field (33.3%); 9-27 from outside (33.3%), and 6-8 from the free throw line (75%). The worst number on the game is rebounding; where the teams finished tied at 35 rebounds apiece.

3:42-Tucker knocks down a pair of free throws to make things 72-51 with just over a minute to play. David Pearman is into the game; but can’t knock down an open three. The Terps will dribble this one out and improve to 9-2. I’ll sit in on Gary’s post-game; although I don’t REALLY have much to ask him. Back in a few.

3:37-We hit the final official timeout with 3:15 to play; and Maryland maintaining their 70-49 lead. Jin Soo Kim and Mosley back into the game; as both Milbourne and Vasquez head to the bench-where I imagine Gary would prefer they stay. Pontes makes 2 free throws to cut Maryland’s lead to 70-51.

Dupree had the chance to stick back a thunderous jam; but the ball bounced off the rim.

3:33-LeClerc knocks down his 4th 3; he has 12 to lead the Bulldogs. Milbourne taps one in on the other end; he has 13 and Maryland leads 66-46. Make it 15 for Milbourne and a 68-46 lead as Vasquez makes a beautiful behind the back dish to Milbourne for another 2.

Gresham drills another 3-he now leads the way for Bryant with 14. Hayes gets a hoop on the other end-he has 14 and Maryland’s lead is 70-49 as Bryant calls their final 30 second timeout. 3:27 left in this one.

3:32-Great hustle from Dupree in making an effort play to hold on to a defensive rebound for the Terps. Dupree can throw his body around here knowing he has a size advantage on just about everyone.

3:30-Vasquez is making it difficult for anyone else to lead the Terps in scoring; as he knocks down his 5th three. He has 19. McLean hits a jumper on the other end; and Maryland’s lead is 64-43 with about 7 minutes to play in the game.

3:27-Not an overwheling crowd in College Park today; as the student section remains mostly empty due to the school being out of session for Winter Break. This will be the case for the next few games; although today’s crowd might be slightly better due to the tip-off coming at a friendly-for-everyone time of 2pm.

3:26-Milbourne hits another from the top of the key; but this one is worth just two. Maryland’s lead is 61-41; and Milbourne is in double digits with 11. Vasquez continues to lead the way for the Terps with 16; but Milbourne has a chance to head the Terps in scoring for the 4th consecutive game. Timeout Bryant here; followed by the 3rd official timeout.

3:24-Bowie works right through the foul this time; getting the lay-up to make things 59-41. Bowie has 7; but misses a 3 the next time down.

3:23-Leclerc misses a 3; and Bowie is fouled going to the hoop. Bowie also misses both at the free throw line; and the lead remains 16 for the Terps. Bowie should REALLY be a better free throw shooter.

3:20-Neal gets a hoop-he has 9; but Lyell gets two on the other end after Milbourne is called for goaltending. Lyell then misses a pair at the free throw line after he’s fouled by Bowie. Lyell has 7 on the game.

Bowie can’t find the handle from outside; but Milbourne is there to stick it back. He now has 9; and adds an excellent block on the defensive end. 57-41 Maryland.

3:18-While West Virginia and North Carolina are amongst the teams I absolutely despise most; anything is better than watching a team give little effort in the 2nd half against a lesser team thinking a blowout will just sort of happen. The Terps cannot just let off the throttle. They might not be in danger of losing the game; but if Bryant could get the game down to single digits; that might not represent well for the Terps.

3:16-Greivis appears to be showing tired legs; as his LONG outside shot wasn’t particularly good. Latham gets a hoop for the Bulldogs; and the Terps will make mass substitutions following the 2nd official timeout. Maryland’s lead is just 14 at 53-39 with 11:51 to play in the half.

3:13-A slow developing possession ends when Braxton Dupree is called for his first foul away from the ball. One of the Terps’ struggles is their indecisiveness. When a post player finds a guard outside for an open shot; that shot must come quickly. The guards are already set, and need to make the quick decision.

LeClerc drills a 3 for Bryant; he has 9 and the Bulldogs trail 53-37 as Gary takes another timeout.

3:11-The Bulldogs do a nice job of breaking Maryland’s press out of the timeout; and Gresham drills a 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 53-32. Gresham now has 9 for the game. Gregory called for a foul; and Gresham heads back to the free throw line-where he hits both to get the Bulldogs within 19. Gresham is the first Bulldog in double digits; he has 11.

3:09-Hayes with another hoop off a steal; he now has 16 for the game and Maryland extends their biggest lead of the game to 53-29 with 15:05 to play as we hit the first official timeout.

3:07-If you’re wondering where you recognize Bryant’s Head Coach Tim O’Shea; he was the head coach of the Ohio Bobcats team that beat Maryland 61-55 last season. During his tenure at Ohio; O’Shea also won games over teams like North Carolina, Virginia, and DePaul.

3:05-Latham gets a hoop; then Vasquez is partially blocked after a nice ball fake. Dave Neal is offering nothing inside; and Braxton Dupree and Dino Gregory have both gone to the scorer’s table to check in. Funny to see Vasquez’s emotion; as even in a 20 point game against Bryant he was yelling at Neal after a bad possession. Hayes with a hoop-he has 10-Maryland leads 51-29.

3:02-Milbourne starts the 2nd half with a hoop; then Vasquez adds a lay-in off a steal to give Maryland their largest lead of the game at 46-25. Wright gets another offensive rebound inside for Bryant and puts it back for an off-balance 2. Giving up those points is inexcusable.

Milbourne gets an open look from the top of the key and knocks it down for 3. He has 7 and Maryland’s lead is 49-27.

3:00-Greivis leads the way for Maryland with 14 points; Hayes has 8, Neal has 7. LeClerc and Gresham each have 6 for Bryant. The most appalling stat from the first half is certainly team rebounds; as Bryant holds a 20-15 advantage on the glass.

2:46-I will check in with Mark Suchy in just a minute or two to recap the first half. Click “Listen Live” at the top of the page.

2:44-Chris Tucker hits a jumper off a loose ball-that’s his first hoop and Maryland leads 42-22. Before that; Jin Soo was again unfortunately just a bit out of place when Bowie tried to find him inside. LeClerc hits another 3; but Bowie misses before the buzzer; and Maryland’s halftime lead will be 42-25.

2:41-With what I’m sure Gary would call “nervous energy”; Jin Soo Kim was caught badly out of position on Bryant’s next possession. But his size alone made up for it as he was able to block a 3 point attempt. On the other end; a pass to Kim underneath sailed wide.

Vasquez picks up his 2nd personal foul; he’ll exit. Dave Neal with a good play to knock the ball out of bounds; then he gets fouled underneath the hoop. He makes 1-2 at the line and now has 6 for the game.

2:38-Lyell hits a 3; but Vasquez answers with ANOTHER 3. He now has 14; Maryland leads 39-22; and Jin Soo Kim will make a particularly early entrance in this one as we hit the final official timeout of the half.

Thanks to Rich for reminding us that today’s game is available on internet broadcast at ACC Select. I believe there’s a small fee; but you can watch the game and hear the radio call of Johnny Holliday and Chris Knoche.

2:36-Another steal by Hayes; another 3 by Vasquez. Maryland with the SUPER fast 8-0 run; and they lead 36-19 again. Vasquez now has a game high 11; but he exits in favor of Cliff Tucker as Bulldogs Coach Tim O’Shea takes a timeout.

2:33-Another poor offensive possession results in a bad outside jumper by Neal. Bowie gets the ball off a Hayes steal and will go to the free throw line for 2 as Lyell is called for a questionable intentional foul. Never like those calls. You know breakaway attempts are intentional fouls; and they are never called the same way. Bowie makes both free throws; and Vasquez drills a 3 after Maryland gets the ball back. That 5 point possession makes the lead 33-19. Bowie has 5; Vasquez has 8.

2:31-Neal finds a hoop inside; but Gresham matches it with a tip-in on the other end. 28-17 Terps; but Lyell slips inside on Bryant’s next possession for an easy hoop. Neal has 6; but Maryland’s lead is again in single digits.

As a note; I’m not totally sure Bryant would be able to beat Dundalk by more than single digits.

2:30-Rich; Gary WILL be forced to expand Dupree’s role as the season goes on; as he cannot avoid the pure muscle advantage Dupree gives him on the interior.

Also, does ACC Select have play by play?

2:28-Latham air balls a 3; and Vasquez finally breaks the lengthy drought with a little hook near the hoop. 26-15 Terps at the 3rd official timeout of the half; Vasquez has 5.

2:26-Gary gets all of his starters back on the floor; but the Terps come up with their 5th consecutive poor offensive possession. Lots of tip attempts instead of bringing down rebounds; and the tips are going wildly. This team should be looking for rebounds and the chance to draw fouls. The next possession has good ball movement; but ends with a flat shot attempt outside from Bowie.

2:23-Sam Leclerc into the game and nails a 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 24-10. A bad defensive sequence for Maryland on Bryant’s next possession as well; as Pontes corrals an offensive rebound and gets a stick back inside of three white jerseys. Things continue to go against the Terps as Bryant gets the ball back; gets ANOTHER offensive rebound; and Birrell buries a 3. A 17 point lead has been cut to 9 with the current 8-0 run the Bulldogs are on; and Gary takes a 30 second timeout.

2:21-Before the most recent hoop; Sean Mosley tried to make a move to the hoop starting from the 3 point line; but it resulted in a wild shot when he got into the paint. This is all part of an offensive learning process for Mosley. For his entire life; simple moves would work against lesser opponents; but such moves don’t even work against low level D1 opponents. Freshman routinely struggle to figure this game out offensively unless they are blessed with ungodly natural abilities like a Carmelo Anthony or even a John Gilchrist a few years ago. It is difficult particularly for Mosley; as defenders don’t really have to guard against him taking outside jumpers.

2:20-Ryan McLean back into the game; just in time to see Dupree put back a Bowie miss. 24-7 Maryland. Gregory then blocks a McLean shot attempt on the other end; and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland maintaining their 17 point advantage.

2:18-Vasquez picks up his first foul and Gresham makes a pair at the line. Vasquez and Milbourne exit in favor of Hayes and Braxton Dupree. The switch immediately pays of; as Hayes drills a wide open 3. 22-7 Maryland; and Hayes has 8 early on.

2:16-After Gregory fumbles the ball away; the Terps come right back up with it and manage to get a layup from Mosley; who misses the PLUS ONE attempt. Nick Pontes into the game for Bryant; as well as Adam Parzych. 19-5 Maryland with just over 13 to play in the first half.

2:14-There is a chance that Maryland’s strategy of shooting early may have something to do with the fact that they had to expect to have an advantage on the boards. Hayes misses another 3; but gets a layup on Maryland’s next possession to make things 17-5. The Terps have had active hands defensively; knocking balls out of bounds even when they weren’t coming up with clean steals. Sean Mosley and Dino Gregory enter for Hayes and Neal.

2:12-Vasquez adds the free throw; extending the lead to 13-5. Maryland has gone to the trap early in this one; and has already had quite a bit of success; as Dave Neal forces another turnover after the Bulldogs appeared to have dribbled through the press.

Milbourne with a clean steal; he takes it all the way to the rim for a big stuff; and Maryland leads 15-5.

2:10-Barry Latham into the game for Bryant; Gresham and Neal trade hoops. Vasquez then goes to the basket for two; he’ll get a PLUS ONE attempt after our first official timeout. Maryland leads 12-5 with 15:42 to play in the half.

2:07-Both teams are settling for shots outside early on. Makes sense for Bryant; as it is likely the only way they can stay in the game. But Maryland should be working inside more. Neal puts back a Bowie miss for 2; but Lambert responds with a 3 on the other end. Bowie then goes to the hoop and gets a two PLUS ONE and it’s 8-3 Maryland early on.

2:06-Maryland loses the tip for the 2nd straight game; but forces a turnover; on their own first possession; Dave Neal is called for a travel. Greivis misses a 3 on their 2nd possession; but Hayes connects from outside after Neal got the offensive rebound. 3-0 Maryland.

2:03-Bryant’s lineup has Chris Birrell and Peter Lambert in the backcourt; with Cecil Gresham, Andrew Lyell, and Jerrann Wright up front. It’s a small team; as only Wright is taller than 6’5″; and he’s just 6’7″. Gary Williams’ team counters with their usual lineup-Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes, and Adrian Bowie.

2:02-Washington Times star beat writer Patrick Stevens has just informed me that Maryland’s Steve Goins is out with a boot on his leg. It is being described only as a “lower leg injury.” He had a MRI yesterday and is awaiting the results.

1:55-Couple minutes from tipoff here at Comcast Center; where the 8-2 Terps are hosting the 1-9 Bryant Bulldogs. No TV for this one; so stick with me and I’ll let you know what it looks like.

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Not Pretty; but Terps Extract Revenge with 67-51 Win over American

Posted on 22 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

9:47-Maryland NEEDED to win this game. Last year’s loss had obviously stuck with this team; and it meant a great deal to them to get a sense o revenge. It certainly doesn’t change last year’s loss-which is likely part of the reason the team was left out come Tournament time; but it was good to see them remain focused knowing they needed to shake those awful memories.

This team will not win a lot of games this season that look like this; and that’s a good thing. In fact; it might be fair to say that the Terps probably won’t win another game this season where they don’t score 70 points. They will take another couple days off here to celebrate Christmas; but they will keep playing games between now and the start of ACC season; including a January 3rd contest with Charlotte.

There will certainly need to be more intensity from this team; and there will certainly need to be more interior defense. They cannot afford to go through lazy stretches; and they cannot settle for rushed outside shots. The team obviously needs to continue to get to the hoop more; and needs to continue to be able to set up their trap and force turnovers.

But tonight, they just needed to win; and they did that. They can work on fixing other problems against the likes of Elon and Bryant (they play the Bulldogs next-Saturday afternoon). This one was about shaking off rust and shaking off demons. They did both; now they get to work on preparing for ACC season.

That’s it for me tonight. Talk to you tomorrow morning with Drew. I’ll be back Saturday afternoon with another blog from the Bryant game.


9:44-Gary is certainly not frustrated with the way his team won; nor should he be. He admitted he was concerned about how the team would respond coming off the break; and said “sometimes you have to wear a team down” to win.

Gary continued to praise Dave Neal; saying he’s a “good shooter” (okay, maybe.) He said he was “really pleased” with the team’s performance; knowing American was a team who played with “a great deal of pride.”

9:37-Looking at the final numbers; a few things jump out. The Terps out-rebounded the Eagles 24-16 in the 2nd half; which meant a 35-27 advantage for the game. They finished 16-18 at the free throw line; a number which has been solid throughout the season. On the other side; American did not hit ONE free throw; going 0-3 from the charity stripe. The Terps were 5-14 from beyond the arc (35.7%); American was just 3-14 (21.4%). Overall from the field; Maryland was 23-55 (41.8%); while American was 24-52 (46.2%).

Milbourne and Neal tied for the team high with 14 points each; Milbourne contributed 5 boards while Neal added 6. Milbourne also had 3 steals; as did Eric Hayes-who also had 5 points and 6 boards. Vasquez chipped in 13 points, 5 boards, and 5 assists.

American was lead by Derrick Mercer; who had 12 points and 6 assists. Garrison Carr added 11 points; but also had 4 turnovers. As a team, American had more turnovers (15) than assists (13).

9:31-Seeing as how I have to wake up not too long from now; I’m gonna stay here and watch the press conference instead of going upstairs. Not much to ask Gary that I don’t think someone else will. He’s doing his post-game radio interview now; and while downplayed, he seems pleased with what the team did tonight. He said Dupree is “coming along”, which is good considering the Terps will need his size. He also continues to praise Dave Neal (who is JUST NOW leaving the floor after a post-game interview with Comcast Sports Net’s Chick Hernandez and Ron Thompson); but I still don’t think Maryland should be relying on him for much more than “junk minutes” during the ACC stretch.

9:25-Dupree gets one more highlight as he smacks away a big block after the teams throw the ball around a while. Mercer gets another hoop; he has 10. Mosley just holds the ball until the clock runs out; and Jin Soo Kim and David Pearman check in with 10 seconds to play.

This one goes final at 67-51. Not much to look at; but they didn’t lose; which is better than last year.

9:22-Milbourne with the nice theft; but Vasquez gets too cute and misses the ensuing lay-up. Bryce Simon makes it a 5 point swing by knocking down a 3 on the other end. Hayes misses another jumper; it’s 67-49 with less than 2 minutes to play.

9:19-Mercer gets another hoop; he has 11 and the Eagles are back within 21 at 67-46. We hit the final official timeout with 3:22 to play; and a good chuck of the crowd heads towards the exits.

9:17-Vasquez fouled by Matthew Wilson; he hits both at the line and now has 13. Maryland by 23 with 4 and a half to go. The exciting moments in this one can be counted on less than 5 fingers.

9:14-Nichols breaks American’s slide with a hoop inside; and the lead is 65-44 for Maryland with 5 and a half to play. Greivis throws up a wild one in the lane; which had no prayer of going down. He’s had obvious flashes of brilliance; but has certainly not played a complete game tonight.

9:11-This sequence is official ELECTRIC! Mosley goes the length of the court to block a coast-to-coast lay-up; then Vasquez uses a behind the back fake to take the ball right to the hoop for a lay-up of his own. The crowd ate it up; and Maryland now leads 65-42. Vasquez has 11; but that one was a little embarrassing for the American squad. Good time for them to take a timeout; but it looks fairly academic right now.

9:10-Vasquez follows with a 3 of his own. Maryland back ahead by 21; and Vasquez has 9 as well.

9:08-After Lumpkins missed a pair of free throws; Mosley tried to take the ball right to the hoop; but came well short. He is still struggling to match the talent level he is now playing against. Gregory put up a nice hook; but couldn’t get it to go down. Hendra drilled a 3 for American; he has 9; Maryland leads 60-42.

9:05-Bowie again knifes his way through for a lay-up; he has 6; Maryland leads 60-39 as we hit the next official timeout with 9:14 to play. This stretch has just about put this one away; as Maryland’s press has been stellar in the 2nd half. They’re a better transition team than they are in half court sets; and they certainly need to be able to press early and often in ACC play.

9:03-Of course; the danger when Milbourne starts to get warm is that he’ll take too many shots. He misses from downtown; and Lumpkins gets a hoop on the other end. Milbourne then misses again on a better looking jumper from just inside the arc; but Gregory puts that one back on his 2nd try. Tucker had a path to the basket off a steal; but an awkward move to the hoop caused him to miss. 58-39 with less than 10 to play.

9:01-Milbourne knocks down a jumper from the free throw line; 54-37 Maryland. He then puts back a hoop in transition; and the lead is 56-37. American calls a 30 second timeout; but might already be buried. Milbourne is now tied for the game high with 14.

9:00-Vasquez gets two at the line; then the Terps force another turnover with the trap. Bowie slices to the hoop for a lay-in; and Maryland’s lead is 52-37. The crowd is up; and the Terps have a chance to put this one away here with just under 13 to play.

8:58-More of the Dave Neal show tonight; as he goes to the free throw line and hits 2; extending his game high to 14 points. Maryland’s lead is back in double digits at 48-37; and the trap forces another American turnover.

8:57-Lumpkins responds with a hoop; then Hayes and Tucker each miss good looks from outside. Gary says “shooters need to shoot”; but shooters also have to hit if they are really shooters.

8:55-Finally a reaction from the crowd as Maryland alum and ESPN personality Scott Van Pelt is flashed on the screen; he’s in attendance tonight. Cliff Tucker breaks a long scoring drought by burying a 3; and Maryland’s lead is back to 11 at 46-35. This one hasn’t been particularly pretty.

8:50-Neal, Carr, and Vasquez trade misses; Milbourne did a nice job of bringing down Vasquez’s miss; but had his legs taken out underneath him; and was called for a travel. Gilmore was shaken up on the play; but was able to walk back to American’s bench on his own power.

8:48-The “Wheaton Dance Group” performed at halftime; a choreographed baton routine to the tune of “Christmas Eve Sarajevo” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It drew what has CLEARLY been the loudest response of the game from the crowd here in College Park; which is considerably less than capacity due to students being on Winter Break. The rest of the arena is pretty full; but the student wall is half empty; preventing the arena from being noisy whatsoever. Greivis normally takes it upon himself to try to fire up the crowd; I think he’s just waiting for a chance to get things going.

8:46-If nothing else; the Eagles are definitely not going away. Mercer gets a hoop; followed by a leaner in the lane from Carr. Carr has 11; Maryland leads by 10 at 43-33; and Gary wants a timeout.

8:44-A breakaway lay-up attempt by Adrian Bowie draws Gilmore’s 2nd personal foul. Bowie hits both at the line; extending the lead back to 12. Maryland is doing a significantly better job of setting up and executing the trap in the 2nd half; forcing another turnover here with a held ball.

Milbourne is fouled shooting a jumper; he hits both at the line and now has 10. Maryland by 14 with about 18 to play in the game.

8:43-The smaller Mercer was able to pull up for a nice baseline jumper to cut Maryland’s lead to 10 again at 39-29.

8:41-Good possession for the Terps to open the 2nd half; as Milbourne gets an offensive rebound, is fouled, and hits both at the line. Hayes then steals the inbound pass; and Milbourne moves to the hoop for another lay-up. He has 8; the Terps lead 39-27.

8:28-The offensive flow certainly wasn’t perfect; but Maryland will take the results. They will need to be more consistent with the ball; and can’t settle for outside shots. Any possession that doesn’t involve a move to the hoop has to be considered a lazy possession.

Statistically, the Terps shouldn’t be tied with the Eagles in rebounding. American is not big enough to hang with the Terps on the glass. It is currently 11-11 in that department. Maryland hasn’t allowed the Eagles to get to the free throw line; while they have gone 4-6. Maryland is 14-26 (53.8%) from the field; 3-8 from outside (37.5%). American 13-23 from the field (56.5%); and 1-4 (25%) from outside.

Other than Neal’s 12 points and 4 boards; the only other individual Terp worth noting is Greivis-who has 4 points to go along with 5 assists. Garrison Carr has 9 points to lead American; Hendra and Gilmore each have 6.

8:24-Gilmore gets another hoop inside after the Terps can’t control a rebound; and Greivis misses a 3 at the buzzer. 35-27 Terps at the half.

8:22-The ovation is even louder this time as Neal exits for Gregory; his 12 points have certainly been more “workmanlike” than “flashy.”

Stephen Lumpkins gets his first hoop inside for American; again cutting Maryland’s lead to 10.

8:20-Neal hits a pair at the free throw line after the timeout. Maryland’s lead is 33-23; and Neal has 12. As I’ve said before, the Terps cannot rely on this much offense from Neal against ACC opponents. Milbourne slinks his way to the hoop for two more; 35-23 Terps.

8:19-I love to check the Facebook pages of Maryland players around game time. You could tell this game meant a bit more to the Maryland players by looking at the status update of Eric Hayes-who says he “need(s) this win for a Merry Christmas.”

8:16-Scoring comes in a flurry-2 for Hendra and Carr on the American side; but Neal responds with two jumpers-the 2nd of which was a 3. However, Carr responds with a 3 of his own; and Maryland’s lead is back down to 8 at 31-23. Final official timeout comes with 2:52 to play in the half.

8:14-Vasquez slips inside for another hoop; and the Eagles take a timeout with 5:08 to play trailing 26-16. They want to make sure they DO stay within shouting distance; and definitely don’t want Maryland taking a double digit lead to the half.

8:11-Inside defense continues to be a struggle; as Mercer finds Gilmore with a nice inside dish to set up a quick basket. American is not a good enough interior team to be having success inside against the Terps. Dupree fouled on the other end; he hits 1 of 2 before leaving for Milbourne. 24-16 Terps.

8:09-Score remains 21-12 as we go to the 3rd official timeout of the first half. You certainly don’t want a team that has defeated you recently to be hanging around; but the Terps have maintained control throughout.

Hendra drives past Tucker for a lay-in; but Dupree uses his size to go above the Eagles’ defenders for a short hoop. 23-14 Maryland.

8:05-He needed two tries to bring down the ball; but Dupree gets his first hoop inside to extend Maryland’s lead to 18-10. You have to worry about whether Dupree will try to do too much here; as he is trying to win his way back into Gary’s good graces and regular playing time. Carr gets another hoop; but Hayes responds with a 3; and Maryland leads 21-12.

8:04-Mosley’s offensive struggles continue; badly missing his first free throw. He gets his 2nd; and the Terps make the lead 16-8. Nick Hendra responds with a jumper; his first for the Eagles.

8:02-With Maryland not showing any drastic signs of early rust; I think they shouldn’t have much of a problem the rest of the way. American clearly took advantage of early struggles last season to put the Terps significantly behind the 8 ball. Gilmore gets a hoop to cut the lead to 7; but Mosley is fouled on the other end and will shoot two.

7:59-Carr gets a hoop; but Milbourne responds with his first field goal of the night-a fairly long jumper. Sean Mosley and Braxton Dupree have joined Neal at the scorer’s table; meaning we’ll see Dupree earlier than we’ve seen him in any game since the Old Spice Classic. 15-6 Maryland at the 2nd official timeout.

7:58-Nice move by Mercer to get to the rim for his first hoop. Gregory hasn’t been as quick to react on the defensive end as he had been in previous games; and settled for a jumper from the free throw line on the offensive end. Neal is back at the scorer’s table; I think Gary is going to talk to Gregory for a minute or two.

7:57-Terps get a couple extra chances themselves before Tucker gets a hoop. Jordan Nichols gets the Eagles on the board finally; but then Tucker responds with a short jumper. 13-2 Maryland with 13 and a half to play in the first.

7:54-Vasquez gets on the board out of the timeout; 9-0 Maryland. They force another turnover on the defensive end; and keep the pressure on American. Dino Gregory and Cliff Tucker are the first two off the bench; replacing Bowie and Neal. Neal receives a nice reception upon his departure.

7:49-Not a good job on the boards; as Maryland allows American three 2nd chance looks on their next possession; but the Eagles can’t buy a bucket. Maryland does a great job of ball movement on the other end, and Neal gets a much better look at an outside jumper; which he buries for 3. The Terps follow that up by forcing a shot clock violation; and they’ll take a 7-0 lead to the first official timeout at 15:45. So far so good; particularly on the defensive end.

7:47-Neal gets a little excited after his first basket and tries a long jumper on the Terps’ next possession. He couldn’t find the handle; but Hayes was there for a putback lay-in. 4-0 Maryland. Timeout Eagles.

7:45-American wins the tip-strange because Maryland had been doing a pretty good job of winning tips this season with both Neal and Braxton Dupree. 2 possessions for American-two turnovers. Maryland turned the ball over on their first possession as well. They will undoubtedly have to shake off some rust due to the long break. Neal with the turnaround inside to make it 2-0.

7:40-American’s lineup features star guard Garrison Carr and Derrick Mercer in the back court; plus forwards Brian Gilmore, Frank Borden, and Jordan Nichols. Nothing surprising about Maryland’s starting 5-as Gary continues to stick with his senior Dave Neal at the top. He’s joined by Landon Milbourne up front; plus Adrian Bowie, Eric Hayes, and Greivis Vasquez in the back court.

7:32-A few minutes from tipoff here at Comcast Center; where the Terps will look to avenge one of the more embarrassing losses of the Gary Williams era-last year’s 67-59 defeat at the hands of the Eagles. Maryland brings a 7-2 record into tonight’s game, but they have been on a lengthy break for exams. American brings a 5-5 record and a win at UMBC Saturday night into tonight’s game. Coach Jeff Jones is no stranger to Gary and the Terps; he was previously head coach at Virginia.

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Terps Cruise to Easy Win Over MEAC Opponent Delaware State

Posted on 12 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

10:38-Gary wouldn’t bite when I asked him about the play of Baltimore’s own Sean Mosley. Gary said he doesn’t “put much pressure on freshman to score”, and that Mosley “gives (Maryland) toughness and intangibles.” He went on to say that Mosley’s “offense will come”, and summed up Mosley’s offensive struggles by saying “he’ll be fine.” Mosley had 4 points (1-5 from the field, 2-2 at the line), 2 boards, 1 assist, and 1 turnover tonight in 16 minutes.

While I don’t think Maryland can push the panic button with the freshman phenom; I do think Sean needs some more positive minutes during this non-conference stretch in order to be able to contribute during ACC season. He could REALLY use some sort of breakout 22 point game-maybe against a team like Bryant-to feel like the scorer he knows he is capable of being. It is not easy to transition from go-to scorer to being a role player who is expected to contribute in multiple ways. Mosley is dynamic; but that can’t end on the offensive end.

Gary had some other thoughts:

-Cliff Tucker was “very active”
-Greivis Vasquez “is playing really well”
-Landon Milbourne “can play 40 minutes if he had to”
-Greivis, Eric Hayes, and Adrian Bowie on the floor help the Terps “get off to pretty good starts”

He also said that the Terps will have two days off before starting exams Monday; and that the 10 day break between now and the American game on Dec. 22 will be “no harder for (them) than any other team.” He then humorously chuckled “except that we have to take exams.” Apparently Gary hasn’t heard; but they actually take exams at Navy, too. (If you have to explain the joke, it isn’t funny. So I’ll refrain and hope that someone, somewhere got it.)

I talked with former MSJ star Dino Gregory for a few minutes after the game as well. While he didn’t add any thoughts about Mark Teixeira’s future; he did say that he is using the added playing time he has gotten with Dupree’s struggles and now Burney’s injury to get better defensively. He also said that he recognizes ACC big men will likely be better than the bigs he is facing right now; but said he approaches them all the same defensively; trying to continue to “front” the bigs he defends.

That’s it for me tonight, you’ve been great. Rich in Westminster wins the “Commenter of the Night” award. I’ll try to check in with Thyrl tomorrow; and I’ll definitely be back Sunday night-after a Ravens win-for a weekend 15-7-0. Still debating a trip to the EagleBank Bowl; but I’ll definitely be blogging Maryland-American on the 22nd. Have a great weekend, go Ravens!


10:39-Maryland WILL advance to Sunday’s championship game. Graham Zusi put the goal home in the 105th minute; and Maryland beats St. John’s 1-nil. As you’re preparing for the Ravens-Steelers game Sunday, try to poke your head in on Maryland-North Carolina for a few minutes; they’ll be playing for the 2nd national championship of the Sasho Cirovski era.

10:36-One of the more humorous locker room moments came when Greivis Vasquez returned from a clearly delayed shower to see the assembled media gathered around the locker of his teammate Landon Milbourne. Vasquez-who clearly craves attention-blurted “they all love you when you score 23.” Greivis isn’t particularly used to being the 2nd player the media gathers around in the locker room.

Greivis continued to praise himself walking out of the arena; walking my the media work area and exclaiming “I was the MVP of the game tonight, make sure you write about that.” He went on to point out the homemade shirts members of his family and friends were wearing; which had a screen-printed picture of him on the front, and his name and number on the back. Hopefully he will put the same effort into finals that he puts into humor; as he is a colorful guy.

They’re still scoreless through 100 minutes in the College Cup.

10:29-They’ve gone to OT in Texas, Maryland and St. John’s still scoreless. I’ll let you know if something changes.

Looking at the final numbers here; Landon Milbourne and Greivis Vasquez lead the way for the Terps-Milbourne with 23 points and 7 borads; Vasquez with 16 points, 8 boards, and 7 assists. Hayes and Bowie each added 12 for the Terps in the win; although Hayes also had 4 turnovers. Cliff Tucker also had 7 points, 6 assists, and 5 boards. As a team, the Terps were 31-60 from the field (51.7%), 6-20 from beyond the arc (30%), and 18-23 (78.3%) from the free throw line.

For Delaware State; Kris Douse had 14 points and 4 boards, Arturo Dubois had 12 points and 4 boards, and Donald Johnson added 10 points. As a team, the Hornets were 21-59 from the field (35.6%), 4-16 from beyond the arc (25%), and 12-14 (85.7%) from the free throw line-all 14 attempts came in the 2nd half.

9:57-Gary does his postgame TV interview before talking to Johnny and Chris on the radio side. Gary praises Landon Milbourne’s conditioning, saying “I don’t think there’s a better conditioned player in all of college basketball than Landon Milbourne.”

I’ll be back shortly with more after Gary talks to us. Still scoreless in Dallas in the 66th minute. The Terps are letting the Storm off the hook right now; we’ll see if they can put one in the net while I’m gone. They hold a 9-2 shooting advantage.

9:55-The Terps now have 10 days off to take exams before playing American on Monday, December 22. That will be a revenge game for the Terps; who lost to the Eagles last season. American is a good team; and not necessarily the type of team you want to face in your first game after finals. They will need to stay sharp during the break; as Jeff Jones will have that team ready to go. Terps improve to 7-2 with the win; Hornets fall to 2-11.

9:52-Douse hits 1 of 2 at the line; he has 14 and Maryland’s lead is 82-58. Dupree is still not on the board yet for the Terps; and Kim is called for the player controlled foul attacking the hoop.

I will go up for Gary’s postgame; as I want to ask him about how to handle Mosley. Tucker dunks the ball home off a steal; he has 7 and Maryland leads 84-58 with less than a minute. David Pearman is hoping to check in if the clock stops before the end of the game. Mosley gets two inside off a nice feed from Tucker. Maryland will run out the clock and win 85-58.

9:49-Donald Johnson with the hoop PLUS ONE; he has 10 and Maryland’s lead is 78-55. Mosley is blocked trying to hit a short jumper on the other end; but after Maryland gets the ball back; he misses a layup but is fouled. He hits both of his shots at the line; getting him on the scoreboard; and Maryland’s lead is 80-55. Douse responds with a hoop in the lane to cut things to 80-57; he has 13. Kim misses another from outside; but gets on the scoreboard with a cutting layup. 82-57 Maryland with 2 minutes to play.

9:45-Neal with the short hoop for his first points; he extends Maryland’s lead to 78-52. We hit the final official timeout of the game with 3:38 to play and Maryland ready to remove all starters likely for the remainder of this one. Greivis will finish 2 rebounds shy of his 3rd straight double-double if his night is done.

In the 58th minute; Maryland and St. John’s are still scoreless in the College Cup.

9:43-Vasquez adds 2 at the free throw line after the timeout; he has 16 and Maryland’s lead is 74-50. Kim rushed a 3 on Maryland’s next possession; he missed it badly as the crowd was ready to explode. Johnson with a hoop on the other end; he has 7. Tucker puts back a short miss from Kim coming back; and Maryland’s lead is 76-52.

9:41-Even the pep band isn’t particularly enthused tonight; as it looks like a few members decided to spend their evening studying instead of pumping up the crowd. They sounded TERRIBLE on a version of “Seven Nation Army.” Luckily a dancing youngster on the center screen got some reaction from the fans who have stuck around.

9:39-Douse adds another 3; Maryland’s lead is down to 22 with 6:21 to play; and Delaware State takes another timeout as Coach Greg Jackson hopes his team can maybe shave the lead to under 15 before the end of the game. He can now use this game in a less than intimidating atmosphere as a chance to do some real coaching. Jin Soo Kim re-enters for Maryland as we reach the 3rd official timeout.

9:38-Tucker with the nice poke; but again can’t finish on the other end. Milbourne is there to clean things up; he has 23. Douse responds with a bucket for Delaware State; it’s 72-47 Maryland.

9:35-Milbourne finishes a TOUGH hoop at the rim; then Marcus Neal gets a hoop on the other end. Milbourne hits a jumper coming back; and Maryland’s lead is 70-45 as DSU calls a timeout with 7:44 to play. Milbourne now has 21. He should be using his athleticism this well against EVERYONE-not just lesser opponents.

9:34-With Ralph taking the floor; I would imagine there are a number of football recruits in attendance tonight. Ralph has sat just beyond the baseline for the first ten minutes of the 2nd half; but I haven’t seen him talk to any potential student-athletes. Maryland is hosting 22 prospects-some of whom have already committed-this weekend. This isn’t exactly the atmosphere that would overwhelm someone to commit; but hopefully their host students are showing them a good time.

9:29-Milbourne can’t finish a layup; but hits two at the line to make Maryland’s lead 64-39. He has 17.


If Dubois was the best player on the floor; he would be getting to the free throw line. He’s not one of the best 7; but he’s hit some nice short range shots. Also, Mosley doesn’t look slow; he just looks like he’s uncomfortable with not being able to control the pace of the game. He’s never been a role player before; and it is tough for him. He’s supposed to be playing a Byron Mouton-like role for this team right now. I think he likes the idea of playing that role; but he hasn’t adjusted to it just yet.

Vasquez gets to 14 with a layup following 2 free throws from Neal. Douse adds two more at the line (Maryland has 9 team fouls); and Gary calls a timeout with his team leading 66-43 and 8:59 remaining.

9:27-Gregory adds 1 of 2 from the free throw line; he has 8 and Maryland leads 60-36. Mosley then makes a nice feed inside to Tucker; who losses the ball, but gathers it to put home his first field goal. On the other end; Frisco Sandidge hits his first hoop; and draws Gregory’s 3rd foul. Gregory shouldn’t be getting in this type of foul trouble against an undermanned opponent. Sandidge adds the plus one; Maryland’s lead is 62-39.

9:22-Fred Bouie on the board for DSU with a 3; making Maryland’s lead 57-36. Greivis adds another two-he has 12 and we hit the 2nd official timeout with Maryland leading 59-36. Mosley missed another WIDE OPEN jumper from inside the free throw line; his confidence is clearly rattled.

9:20-Milbourne with another hoop; he has 15 and Maryland’s lead is 57-33.

They’re at the half in the College Cup; and Maryland and St. John’s are scoreless. Maryland appears to be dominating play; and you’d hate to see them put a game to chance in the late stages; where a fluke goal or penalty kicks could decide things. They’ll need to get a tally in the early stages of the 2nd 45 minutes.

9:19-Some laziness here in the 2nd half; as Douse drives for a short hoop to cut Maryland’s lead to 55-33. Mosley continues to struggle on the offensive end; he REALLY needs to step up his game given the number of minutes he is receiving.

9:16-Two very nice plays by Maryland, but both have unfortunate results. Mosley dives into the scorer’s table to save a ball inbounds; but it goes right back to the Hornets. On the other end; Bowie goes 1-3 with a nice move to get to the rim, but can’t finish the layup; and the ball goes back to Delaware State. Marcus Neal hits a pair at the free throw line; then Bowie goes coast to coast again for a layup; and Maryland leads 55-31. 12 for Bowie.

9:15-Had a short network issue there; but it’s cleared up now. Johnson hit a jumper for DSU; then Milbourne responded with a layup, plus one. Hayes added a jumper, then Smith hit one of two from the line after the official timeout. Smith has 7, Milbourne has 13, Hayes has 12, Maryland leads 53-29.

9:08-Maryland cannot continue to count on so many minutes from Dave Neal inside. While he might create a “matchup problem” given his ability to shoot outside; he does not have the physical ability to tough it out with the better big men in the ACC and across the country. Greg Smith hits 2 freebies, then Hayes hits 1 of 2. He now joins Greivis, Milbourne, and Bowie; all who have 10 points tonight. Maryland leads 48-26. Smith has 6 for the Hornets.

9:06-Eric Hayes opens the 2nd half with his 2nd 3 pointer of the game; then Bowie hits 1-2 from the free throw line. He has 10; and Maryland’s lead is 44-21. Hayes adds another 3 after another Hornet turnover; he has 9 and Maryland’s lead is 47-21. Trevor Welcher responds with a 3 for Delaware State to cut the lead back to 47-24.

9:00-I expect the 2nd half will go similarly to the first half; and just want to see discipline from the Terps on both ends of the floor. No need to take silly shots. Show intensity, and walk away with an easy victory.

8:54-Checking the halftime statistics; a few things jump out. Maryland is 14-29 from the floor (48.3%) and 4/13 from long distance (30.8%). On the other side, DSU is 10-30 from the field (33.3%); but all players NOT named Arturo Dubois are just 4-22 (less than 20%); as he is 6-8 from the floor and has 12 points so far. Another obvious number that glares is free throws; where Maryland is 8-10 (80%), but Delaware State has yet to take a shot. Only 4 Delaware State recorded FG’s in the first 20 minutes.

Greivis and Bowie have combined for 7 assists and 1 turnover, but Eric Hayes has no assists and 2 turnovers. Greivis is again your leading rebounder-he has 6. Maryland has a 21-14 rebounding advantage over the Hornets.

8:49-Ralph Friedgen took the court at halftime to make what even he knew was an unlikely sales pitch for Humanitarian Bowl ticket sales. I think Ralph is realistic that Maryland fans probably won’t be headed to Boise. The crowd wasn’t exactly raucous in their reception; but gave him a nice response as he left the floor.

8:47-Greg Smith gets a hoop to make the lead 40-19. Jin Soo Kim enters for the first time as Gary calls timeout. A Maryland turnover leads to a Kris Douse layup right before the halftime buzzer; and we hit the intermission with Maryland leading 40-21.

Rich-Luckily DSU has Dubois; or they might not be able to hit 40 points in a game. Also, ALL of Maryland’s bigs need to improve when it comes to finishing-layups instead of short jumpers; dunks instead of awkward finger rolls.

8:44-Cliff Tucker with the questionable decision to pick up a ball that would have clearly been a backcourt violation; but he’s fouled going to the hoop. At the line, he badly misses his first shot but calmly sinks his 2nd for his first point of the night. 40-17 now; Maryland’s biggest lead of the night.

8:43-Gregory gets 1 of 2 at the free throw line; and Maryland’s lead is 39-17. He now has 7 points on the night.

8:41-Terps eventually work the ball inside to Gregory for the hoop. He comes up with a block on the other end; but Dubois gets it back for another inside basket. Milbourne and Greg Smith then trade baskets; and it’s 38-17 Terps. Milbourne has 10; Dubois has 12.

8:38-21 point lead remains as we hit the final official timeout of the half. Nothing spectacular from Maryland in this one so far; they are just out-manning a lesser opponent. You would like to see some more discipline on the offensive end; especially after seeing some lazy basketball in the 2nd half of the George Washington game.

8:36-Milbourne to the free throw line; he hits both. 8 points now for Landon; and Maryland’s lead is 32-13. Dino Gregory with the layup in transition, it’s 34-13 Maryland. Cliff Tucker enters the game.

8:33-Milbourne misses a baseline jumper; but makes up for it by coming up with a decent block on the defensive end. The Terps lost the ball out of bounds though; and the Hornets’ possession ended in an inside basket for Dubois.

Play that again. Milbourne misses a jumper, DSU gets the board, Dubois gets a hoop on the other end. The next possession is better for Milbourne; as he gets a hoop inside. He has 6, Dubois has 10; Maryland’s lead is 30-13 as Dave Neal misses his first attempt from outside.

8:31-Gary Williams says Eric Hayes is a shooter; and he wants him to keep shooting. Those results were good early against GW, but not so much tonight. Hayes is just 1/3 from beyond the arc, and 1/4 from the field overall. However, Gary will be happy if Eric keeps taking shots; just as long as they’re smart. His first 3 point attempt came from about 4 feet beyond the line.

8:29-Braxton Dupree into the game; significantly earlier than we saw him enter vs. George Washington Sunday. Gregory and Dubois exchange hoops; then Bowie nails his first 3. He has 9, Maryland leads 28-9 as we hit the next official timeout.

8:26-Bowie with the nice steal, then coast to coast layup gives Maryland a 20-7 lead, and gives him 6 points. Greivis then drills another 3; he has 10 and Maryland’s lead is 23-7 as Delaware State turns the ball over again. Vasquez heads to the bench; he might not see his normal output of roughly 33 minutes a game.

8:25-Well, half of my championship game is out. I had Maryland and Wake Forest battling for the NCAA Soccer title Sunday in Texas; but North Carolina was a 1-nil winner over the Deacs tonight. Maryland and St. John’s will now play for the chance to play the Heels Sunday.

8:23-Vasquez hits a 3, giving Maryland an 18-7 lead. He has 7 on the night; and we hit the 2nd official timeout of the first half.

8:20-A sloppy lay-up attempt by Gregory goes awry; but Milbourne is there to clean it up and put it home; extending Maryland’s lead to 15-7. Hornets take a timeout with 12:29 to play in the 1st half.

8:18-A pair of freebies from Bowie make things 10-5; Terps force a turnover on the other end after Milbourne draws his first foul. A nice fake by Greivis leads to an open 3 by Hayes. DSU responds in transition with a layup by Dubois; making things 13-7. Dino Gregory and Sean Mosley into the game for the Terps.

8:14-Tonight’s game can be seen on Comcast SportsNet; Steve Buckhantz and Ron Thompson have the call. Only one other ACC team in action tonight; Miami leads Florida International 35-24 in the first half. We’ll keep tabs on Maryland’s soccer team tonight as well; they play St. John’s in the College Cup. That game is on ESPNU.

8:12-Hornets work it inside to Arturo Dubois for a hoop. An ugly sequence for the Terps on the offensive end; and we hit the first official timeout with Maryland leading 8-5.

8:10-Vasquez’s first turnover leads to a 3 on the other end from Donald Johnson, cutting the lead to 4-3.

Sparse crowd tonight; both students and ticket holders. Understandable given finals and an underwhelming opponent; but for a team coming off two good wins on a Friday night, the program was likely hoping for something more.

A DSU turnover turns into a layup for Vasquez on the other end; Bowie also adds a hoop, and it’s 8-3.

8:08-Vasquez gets a pair at the free throw line; then the Terps force a turnover with the trap. Exactly the type of start Gary was probably hoping for. Hayes and Milbourne settle for long 3 point shots on Maryland’s next possession; but the Terps rebound each; and a baseline jumper by Milbourne gives Maryland a 4-0 lead.

8:04-Maryland’s starting lineup: Dave Neal, Landon Milbourne, Adrian Bowie, Eric Hayes, Greivis Vasquez. Gary Williams continues to go with his senior in Dave Neal; but I imagine Dino Gregory will finish the game with more minutes.

7:50-Little bit more than 10 minutes from tip-off; I’m live at Comcast Center in College Park as the Terps prepare to face the Delaware State Hornets from the MEAC. The Hornets have players a RIDICULOUSLY tough non-conerence schedule this season; which has lead to their current 2-10 overall record. Teams they have lost to include Kentucky, West Virginia, Dayton, Ohio State, Richmond, and UConn. And it was only two days ago that the MEAC’s Morgan State went to Chicago and knocked off major Big East program DePaul.

Maryland brings a 6-2 record and a #16 RPI into tonight’s game. Jerome Burney is out with a stress fracture in his right foot; he is walking around in a suit and walking boot.

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Friday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 12 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

Ravens 24, Steelers 14

I get less and less nervous about this game every day. Roethlisberger can’t throw like Peyton; and the Steelers can’t run like the Giants. After losing a close game early; the Ravens won’t lose a close game Sunday.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

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Bob Haynie will re-live ’58 title game with Bob Wolff today

Alex Thomas picks Ravens 17-9

Bryan Powell says ESPN including Indianapolis in replay of “Greatest Game”

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The Sun’s Jamison Hensley and Edward Lee say Reed, Ayanbadejo, 52, L. McClain win fan voting for Pro Bowl

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Cameron most ‘valuable’ part of Ravens organization

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Aaron Wilson says he ‘wouldn’t’ believe in himself

The AP says Suggs hopes to ‘torment’ Big Ben

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The Sun’s Mike Klingaman says former McDonough star Marchiano part of Maryland team vying for title this weekend

The Diamondback’s Aaron Kraut says Sasho playing ‘no respect’ card at College Cup

Washington Post’s Steven Goff says Terps making 5th appearance in last 7 College Cups


The Official Site says Mount looking for “All-Century” team to celebrate 100 years of hoops in Emmittsburg


Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Mids have country’s ‘most improved defense’

Go Mids’ David Ausiello says Army should face ‘consequences’ for blowout loss to Mids (must subscribe)


Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Hounds picked 2nd in ECAC


The Official Site says 3 Gulls receive postseason honors


The Sun’s Bill Ordine says officials working hard to bring Final Four back to M&T Bank Stadium


The AP’s Nesha Starcevic says Klitschko ‘wary’ of Rahman


The Sun’s Ray Frager says ESPN’s “Greatest Game” broadcast provides important ‘history lesson’


-Klitschko beats Rahman via 2nd round knockout. I love Rock, but there’s really no excuse for him to even be in this fight.

-Maryland 90, Delaware State 62. Do you need an explanation?
-Pitt 88, UMBC 67. Staying within 20 would be an accomplishment though.
-Towson 74, High Point 70. They BADLY need to bounce back.
-Dayton 75, Coppin St. 65. That’s a tough arena to win at on the road.

-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete(s) of the Morning Devon Sadler and Matt Deurr. Sadler followed up his Thursday AOTM win by dropping another 29 in Aberdeen’s 72-20 win over New Town. Deurr followed up his Wednesday AOTM win by getting 18 points and 14 boards in Century’s 74-40 win over Westminster.

Talk to you tonight at Maryland-Delaware State.


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Terps Overwhelm George Washington to End BB&T Funk

Posted on 07 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

9:26-Not a whole lot can be said about this one tonight; as Maryland just outplayed George Washington from start to finish. You would have liked to have seen the Terps remain more disciplined late in the game; but you certainly can’t fault a team too much for losing focus in a blowout win.

Particularly impressive was the fact that a number of Terps reached double digits; instead of Greivis having to do all of the scoring. The offense they were running to get Hayes open looks early is the type of offense they should be able to run throughout the season to get Hayes, Bowie, Mosley, etc. open looks.

The Terps are off this week before facing Delaware State Friday night. Hopefully Braxton Dupree will be out of Gary’s doghouse by then. Dino Gregory and Dave Neal have played well, but the Terps could really use Dupree’s body if nothing else.

Talk to you later tonight with a 15-7-0.


9:22-Braxton Dupree finally enters the game late; Gary won’t be able to use the “skipped a class” excuse this time around. In fairness, when asked about missing Wednesday night’s game; Dupree didn’t really seem like he understood what was wrong.

It’s a final, 76-53 for the Terps; who improve to 6-2 overall. Quick final thoughts coming.

9:21-Jin Soo Kim finally into the game; he misses a 3. Vasquez’s night is over; he finished with 17 points and 11 boards; his 2nd straight double double.

9:18-Colonials get one of two at the line from Opoku then a hoop plus one from Taylor to cut the lead to 25 again at 71-46. Cliff Tucker finally gets on the board with a hoop inside. Maryland continues to maintain a sizeable lead; while I continue to maintain a football distraction. We’re under 2 minutes to play.

9:11-We know Gary is pleased with what Sean Mosley has done rebounding the ball; and we can tell that he sees the court pretty well. But Mosley REALLY needs to work on finishing at the hoop; and also at hitting jumpers. He HAS to be more of a threat offensively; just to make him more of a complete player. He stays on the snide with a miss on the front end of a 1 and 1.

9:10-Sean Mosley misses a lay-up; he remains scoreless on the night; but Milbourne gets a 2nd chance hoop to make the lead 29 at 71-42.

9:09-Vasquez finds the ball underneath the hoop and puts it in to make the lead 27 again. He is tied for the game high with 17; and is one of 4 Terps in double digits tonight.

9:08-Vasquez hits 2 at the free throw line; he has 15 and the Terps lead is 27 again at 67-40 with under 6 minutes to play. Wilmore responds with a jumper on the other to cut the lead back down to 25.

9:06-Diggs hits a jumper off a curl move; he leads the Colonials with 10 and the Terps’ lead is cut to 65-40.

9:02-The defense inside has been impressive for the Terps as we have about 8 minutes left; but rebounding has remained an issue; especially considering the fact that the Colonials aren’t a particularly big team. The stats say the Terps have a 31-27 lead in rebounding; but they should have about 8-10 more.

9:00-Maryland’s lead is cut to 25 thanks to a free throw from Alexander; then Dave Neal finally gets on the board with a hoop, but is called for an offensive foul almost immediately afterwards. He keeps the hoop. 65-38.

8:55-As Bob and John said before the game; this George Washington team is not expected to be particularly good. In fact, they were picked 11th preseason in the A-10. But with Maryland having lost two straight to the Colonials, and with GW having the typical “you didn’t want us” reasons to want to play tougher; you still didn’t know what to expect. I don’t imagine a game like tonight will stick out for Maryland RPI-wise at the end of the season; but it will hopefully help them improve moving forward.

8:53-Noel Wilmore adds a hoop to cut the lead to 63-37 for the Terps. Maryland could really use a feel good game like this; and hopefully a game like tonight shows progress Maryland is making shooting the ball. Unfortunately, this is probably just the type of night where early good shooting became infectious. I think they’d be happy with that about every night.

8:50-A loose ball just happens to bounce into the hands of Vasquez, who drills a 3, now has 13; and Maryland’s lead is 28 at 63-35.

8:49-Hayes goes inside to Milbourne for 2; who is tied with Bowie for a game high now with 15 points. King and Bowie trade hoops; so Bowie now has 17 and Maryland leads 60-35.

8:45-Bowie shows good hustle defensively; stripping the ball like Ed Reed. However unlike Ed Reed; he couldn’t return it for a TD. Instead, GW gets the ball back. It is harder to watch two games at once than I thought it would be.

8:43-Gary would love to bottle this shooting night up; as Milbourne adds another 3. It’s now 56-31 Terps; their biggest lead of the game. Opoku gets a hoop off an offensive rebound; 56-33 now. Greivis was just called for palming for the 2nd time tonight; Maryland needs to hope that more refs don’t start making similar calls.

8:40-Hayes adds two free throws, he leads the Terps with 13; who lead 50-29. That won’t last long, as Bowie finds a rebound under the hoop, lays the ball back in, and adds the plus one to give him 15 and the Terps a 53-29 advantage. Tony Taylor with the TOUGH hoop on the other end; he’ll get the chance to add a plus one as well; but misses.

8:38-Travis King strips Bowie on the Terps’ first possession; but Milboune gets a hoop and is fouled on the Terps’ 2nd possession. He adds the plus one; but Wynton Witherspoon responds with a 3 on the other end 48-29 Maryland.

8:33-Let’s all agree to root for GW to accept their fate and not try to foul and extend this game. Let’s root to see Jin Soo Kim, Steve Goins, and David Pearman early.

8:31-16/31 from the field, 7/12 from beyond the arc for the Terps. Here’s a poll question for you tonight….who jumped out to a quicker start: Maryland is running to a 20 point first half lead over GW or the Ravens in forcing a turnover and scoring a TD in about 3 and a half minutes against the Redskins?

8:12-Right on cue, a sloppy possession is bailed out when Adrian Bowie ends up with the ball and drills a 3 at the buzzer. 45-26 Maryland. No halftime analysis from me. Maryland is clearly a better team than GW, and I’m going to watch the Ravens for a few minutes.

8:20-Gregory hits 1 of 2 at the free throw line; Diggs responds with a hoop inside. 42-26, Maryland can basically hold for the last shot.

8:17-Bowie hits 2 at the free throw line; Maryland’s lead is 41-24. GW shows a bit of a press on the other end; then Jerome Burney takes an outside jumper and misses badly. That wasn’t the shot they wanted there.

8:15-Wilmore misses a free throw, then nails an off-balance 3 to cut Maryland’s lead to 39-22. Vasquez rushes a 3 and airballs it; then Aaron Ware gets a hoop on the other end. Gary calls timeout clearly frustrated with Maryland’s lazy play due to their big lead. 39-24 now with less than 3 minutes to play in the half.

8:11-Bowie with a soft touch on another coast to coast lay-up. He has 7, the Terps lead by 20. We hit the final official timeout of the half; and I’m about to pull up NFL.com to see kickoff of the Ravens game. I’ll keep blogging for both of you who will still be reading.

8:09-Xavier Alexander goes inside and draws a foul on Cliff Tucker; who has entered the game. Tucker has seen his minutes cut in recent games, you have to wonder if Gary will use this stretch before the start of ACC play to get him some more minutes. Alexander missed both from the charity stripe.

8:08-Milbourne forces a steal, but then settles for a long jumper. Maryland is forcing so many turnovers and missed shots early that they are getting a bit lazy on the offensive side and forcing things instead of running their offense like they were doing early on.

8:06-Diggs with the hoop and PLUS one that extended through the 3rd official timeout. Maryland is then guilty of a shot clock violation; which Carpenter points out is Maryland’s first turnover; almost 14 minutes into the game. Vasquez hits another 3 from the corner, he now has 10 and the Terps lead 37-19.

8:01-Opoku stuffs one home in the lane; but then Gregory goes high off the backboard for a hoop inside. 32-16 Maryland as the pace remains frenetic. Mosley misses a long jumper, but Milbourne collects the rebound and puts the ball home to make things 34-16.

8:00-Bowie goes coast to coast off a missed 3 by Wilmore; draws a goaltending call and gets to the free throw line where he sinks a plus one. He has 5 points, Maryland leads 30-14.

7:57-Gregory uses a nice ball fake to draw a foul; makes both freebies and extends Maryland’s lead to 27-14. Gregory played particularly well Wednesday night when Dupree was benched for skipping a class; and has been solid inside thus far while Dupree again sits on the bench.

7:55-Hollis makes two free throws; then Greivis follows with a LONG 3 to make Maryland’s lead 23-14. Bowie falls wih an underneath lay-up to make the lead 11 and force Karl Hobbs to call timeout. So far GW has done a nice job of attacking Maryland’s press; not trying to pass through it. Jerome Burney into the game; you REALLY have to wonder what is going on with Braxton Dupree.

7:49-Hayes hits another jumper; this time from the free throw line. He has 11; 4/4 from the field, and Maryland leads 20-12. They like the pace; but might not want to get into a shooting contest with GW. On the next possession Hayes finally misses from outside. GW is attacking Maryland’s pressure and draws a foul as we hit the 2nd official timeout.

7:47-Diggs hits 1-2 at the line, Vasquez follows with a coast to coast lay-up; but then GW gets consecutive hoops from Diggs and Noel Wilmore to make things 18-12.

7:45-Gary said after the Michigan game that he was happy to see Eric Hayes keep shooting even though he was struggling because “shooters have to shoot.” Hayes just hit his 3rd longball early on; giving him 9. Hollis responded with a 3 on the other end; making Maryland’s lead 13-6. And on their next possession; Milbourne drills a 3 to give the Terps a 16-6 lead. Baltimore’s Dino Gregory and Sean Mosley were the first Terps off the bench in this game.

7:43-If you haven’t heard; the Maryland football team DID accept a bid to play in the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl December 30 in Boise against Nevada. Enjoy the trip, wish I could make it.

7:42-At the official timeout, Feinstein informs us that they do not know why GW Forward Rob Diggs didn’t start tonight’s game; but he believes Diggs is the Colonials’ best player.

7:40-Damian Hollis gets a THIRD chance hoop for the Colonials, but Landon Milbourne responds with a jumper to make things 4-4 again. Opoku picks up his 2nd foul with little more than 3 minutes into the game as Adrian Bowie goes to the hoop; and Eric Hayes hits a long 3 when the Terps get the ball after the foul. Hayes hits a 2nd three pointer in 19 seconds; he has 6 now and the Terps lead 10-4 as Hobbs calls timeout.

7:38-Hermann Opoku opens the game’s scoring with a tip-in; then Greivis Vasquez responds with a lay-up to make things 2-2. Gary Williams went with Dave Neal again in the starting lineup instead of Braxton Dupree. GW Coach Karl Hobbs has to be pleased with his team’s rebounding intensity thus far.

7:31-I ended up not making the trip to DC tonight; I’ll save that story for another time. Instead, I’ll be blogging this game from my couch; and I’ll put Ravens-Redskins on the computer next to me at 8:15. The Terps and Colonials meet tonight in the BB&T Classic at the Verizon Center. The game is on MASN; with Bob Carpenter and John Feinstein calling the action. Maryland has struggled in the BB&T Classic in recent years, they have won just 2 of their last 9 games in the event. They bring a 5-2 record into the game, GW is 3-1; but not quite as good as they have been in past years.

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Tuesday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 02 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

Tuesday Top 7……

7-Todd Heap

That part of the field is not an easy place to score from; because the back line becomes another defender. It was an important TD; and it is good to have Todd back as an offensive target.

6-Jared Gaither

Just another good game from a tackle who maybe is deserving of Pro Bowl consideration.

5-Jarret Johnson

Adalius who? Jarret not only makes big plays to force turnovers; but he continues to do the smaller game-changing things as well.

4-Le’Ron McClain

I don’t know about you, but I feel like every time he touches the ball he’s about to rip off 5 yards. Maybe he should be Le’Ron “Five Yards” McClain.

3-Joe Flacco

What else can we say? He’s pretty special. It’s a shame it was such a blowout Sunday, I would have liked to have seen him hit 300 yards.

2-Derrick Mason

6 catches, 91 yards would have been a pretty impressive feat most other weeks, but almost went unnoticed do to the performance of one Mark Clayton.

1-Mark Clayton

Was there another option?

Let’s see what everyone else has to say….

Best of Monday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says ‘perfect storm’ for Ravens, fans

Thyrl Nelson has Ravens 9th in power rankings

Alex Thomas thinks Ravens finish 11-5

Nestor Aparicio to compete in Caps’ hot dog contest vs. “Black Widow”

Ed Frankovic says Ovechkin honored by NHL

Rob Long wants you to support area youth football


The Official Site’s Scott Garceau excited to watch Steelers, Ravens duel for rest of season

The Official Site says Harbaugh thinks ‘technique’ can improve

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Harbaugh expects McGahee to be ‘big part of’ offense in December

Redskins Official Site’s Gary Fitzgerald says Skins aren’t switching QB’s

Redskins Official Site’s Gary Fitzgerald says Portis has sore neck

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens have struggled in primetime

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Harbaugh thinks Ravens can still dig further into offensive bag of tricks

The Sun’s Mike Preston says not all Ravens buying into Harbaugh’s philosophy

The Sun’s Edward Lee says McGahee ‘supports’ Ravens, Harbaugh

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Pryce coming on late

The Sun’s Mike Preston believes McGahee will still have impact this season

The Sun’s Mike Preston says despite solid play from Clayton, Ravens still need WR target

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck thinks Harbaugh trying to correct special teams

The Examiner’s Phil Macek says Flacco ‘real deal’

The Examiner’s Steve DeClue gives highest praise to receivers, D-Line

Aaron Wilson says upcoming games ‘critical’ for Ravens

Aaron Wilson says J. Johnson, Gaither avoid significant injury Sunday

The AP says Ravens have ‘no apologies’ for 6-0 record vs. losing teams

Washington Post’s Mark Maske says Newsome won’t admit to being ‘surprised’ by Ravens

Washington Times’ Ryan O’Halloran says Skins have no ‘margin for error’ starting with Ravens

DC Examiner’s John Keim says Skins need to produce more touchdowns

ESPN.com’s James Walker doesn’t care if Ravens’ offense ‘smoke and mirrors’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Ravens ‘could be dangerous’ with effective Clayton

ESPN.com’s James Walker says Clayton ‘hot’ right now

SI.com’s Peter King says Ravens border on ‘franchise-changing’

SI.com’s Ross Tucker gives Clayton “A+” for Sunday effort

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge gives AFC North advantage to Steelers|

CBS Sports’ Pete Prisco gives Ravens “A” for win over Bengals


The Official Site says 3 Terps named First team All-ACC, 9 Terps honored altogether

The Sun’s Matt Bracken says D-Line commit J. Anderson didn’t lose much in high school

The Sun’s Jeff Barker remembers bigger plays from Maryland’s season

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says OL Campbell has ‘sore shoulder’

The Sun’s Jeff Barker expects Maryland officials talking to Meineke Car Care Bowl officials

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says injury to DHB allowed young receivers chance to play

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says today’s WAC decision could affect Terps’ destination

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell thinks potential Boise State-Ball State game could alter Terps’ travel plans

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell thinks Terps better off trying to change schedule and play in DC

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Maryland officials want Bowl situation solved soon

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says E. Williams, Scott, Baltz all first team All-ACC

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Terps could end up in Detroit, Shreveport, Birmingham, Houston

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Wujciak 2nd team All-ACC

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich thinks Terps headed to Humanitarian Bowl

ESPN.com’s Heather Dinich has Terps 10th in ACC Power Rankings

Terrapin Times’ Mark Clem profiles prospect Ankrah (must subscribe)


Michigan Official Site previews Wolverines-Terps tomorrow night

Michigan Official Site offers complete Michigan-Maryland release (pdf)

The Diamondback’s Mark Selig says even losses could help Terps down stretch

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says CBS’ Kellogg thought Vasquez ‘excellent’ in open court

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary non-committal regarding Mosley’s future in starting lineup

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thinks hitting shots early could have changed tone of Sunday’s loss

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thinks Terps need to take better shots, hit open shots, and play better defense

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Kim had positive minutes Sunday

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Hoyas proved distance between them, Terps

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says DeMatha has plenty of prospects again (must subscribe)

Terrapin Times’ Dan Painter says Terps still interested in R. Smith (must subscribe)


Army Official Site previews Navy game

Army Official Site offers complete Army/Navy release (pdf)

The Sun’s Don Markus says Barnes likely only receiver to make impact in Saturday’s game

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says KNKE, Dobbs splitting reps in practice

Annapolis Capital’s Bill Wagner says Miami likely candidate to face Navy in EagleBank Bowl

Washington Post’s Camille Powell says Army FB Mooney will be tough for Navy to corral

Washington Times’ Mike Fratto says Niumatalolo thinks ‘season rides’ on Army game

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Navy has no idea who they might face in EagleBank Bowl

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says rematch clause prohibits Wake, Navy from meeting in DC

ArmySports.com says Niumatalolo hasn’t decided whether Kaheaku-Enhada or Dobbs will start (must subscribe)

ArmySports.com’s “Sheldon Y.” breaks down what Knights need to do to beat Mids (must subscribe)


The Official Site previews tonight’s game with UT-San Antonio

The Official Site says Kina honored by Patriot League


The Official Site says St. Francis upsets Bears at Hill Field House

The AP says Holmes scores 19 in loss for Morgan


Carroll County Times says Goode scores 29 for Eers in win

Washington Post’s Steven Goff says Gilmore had 15 points, 16 boards for American in loss


The Official Site previews Loyola-Siena contest Wednesday

Fox Sports’ Jeff Goodman continues “Patsos Watch”


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds decline arbitration for Millar, Payton, Castro, Cintron

MLB.com’s Scott Merkin says Baines has Hall credentials

MLB.com’s Anthony DiComo says former Oriole Orosco could be first middle reliever in Hall

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Birds more likely to pursue players not offered arbitration


SI’s Alan Shipnuck announces Phelps Sportsman of the Year

The Sun’s Kevin Van Valkenburg thinks Phelps easy choice for SI’s Sportsman of Year


-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Albadee Edwards of Kenwood; who threw for a TD and ran for another as the Baltimore County All-Star team beat the City All-Star team 29-12 last night at CCBC Essex, or Essex Community College if you will. I know I will.

-Michael Phelps was seemingly the only option for SI’s Sportsman of the Year. Maybe Usain Bolt? Maybe Kevin Garnett? Maybe Rafael Nadal? All decent options; but none accomplished anywhere near what Michael Phelps did. I doubt there was any drama in that decision process.

Terps in the NFL Week 13 update….

-LB Eric Barton had 9 tackles (8 solo) and defended 1 pass in the Jets’ 34-17 loss to the Broncos
-TE Jeff Dugan had 1 catch for 3 yards in the Vikings’ 34-14 win over the Bears
-CB Domonique Foxworth had 3 tackles (2 solo) and defended 1 pass in the Falcons’ 22-16 win over the Chargers
-QB Shaun Hill was 14-23 for 161 yards and a TD; he also rushed 4 times for no gain in the 49ers’ 10-3 win over the Bills
-LB D’Qwell Jackson had 7 tackles (6 solo) in the Browns’ 10-6 loss to the Colts
-DT Kris Jenkins had 3 tackles in the Jets’ 34-17 loss to the Broncos
-CB Lewis Sanders had 5 tackles (4 solo) in the Patriots’ 33-10 loss to the Steelers
-DT Randy Starks had 2 tackles (2 solo) in the Dolphins’ 16-12 win over the Rams
-S Madieu Williams had 5 tackles (5 solo,  1 TFL) in the Vikings’ 34-14 win over the Bears
-CB Josh Wilson had 1 tackle (1 solo) in the Seahawks’ 34-9 loss to the Cowboys

Morgan Bears in the NFL Week 13…..

-TE Visanthe Shiancoe had 1 catch for 20 yards in the Vikings’ 34-14 win over the Bears

Navy Midshipmen in the NFL Week 13……

-FB Kyle Eckel rushed 6 times for 27 yards in the Eagles’ 48-20 win over the Cardinals

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Monday Morning’s Crabs and Beer

Posted on 01 December 2008 by Glenn Clark

There was absolutely nothing to complain about in yesterday’s win. Could the Ravens have scored TD’s earlier in the game? Maybe; but they scored plenty during the game; so it didn’t matter.

The Ravens can’t get complacent or overconfident; but they are certainly capable of beating the Redskins next week, and should beat them fairly handily.

As far as the Frank Walker saga is concerned; John Harbaugh can use him. Hopefully the relationship will repair this week. Harbaugh is in a better place at 8-4 to remind players of who the Head Coach is.

Let’s see what everyone else has to say……

Best of Sunday’s WNST Blogs:

Drew Forrester says schedule gets tougher for Ravens now

Nestor Aparicio wants to see Modell, Sharpe, Woodson go to Hall together

Nestor Aparicio says ‘not much to complain about’ in win

Chris Pika says Ravens snapped 3 game losing streak in Cincinnati

Glenn Clark says Terps fail in all aspects of loss to Georgetown

Glenn Clark ‘uncomfortable’ watching Maze at Tennessee

Ed Frankovic says Bears playing good hockey on Caps’ farm


The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says Ravens ‘dominant’ in win over Bengals

The Official Site’s Mike Duffy says L. McClain ran for 85 yards, McGahee didn’t play one snap in win

The Official Site’s Kristen Deahl says Clayton threw, caught TD’s in Ravens’ win

Bengals Official Site’s Geoff Hobson says Bengals went three and out NINE times in loss

Bengals Official Site’s Geoff Hobson says team suffers 2nd worst loss of Marvin Lewis era

Bengals Official Site’s Geoff Hobson says Thornton thought Bengals ‘wore out’

Bengals Official Site’s Geoff Hobson says W. Anderson got Gatorade shower after beating former team

The Sun’s Jamison Hensley says Ravens get biggest divisional win in 5 years

The Sun’s David Steele says Clayton major ‘playmaker’ vs. Bengals

The Sun’s Mike Preston says Ravens’ offense improved again yesterday in win

The Sun’s Edward Lee says defense put it workmanlike effort in win

The Sun’s Mike Preston praises QB’s, WR’s, D-Line, LB’s

The Sun’s Ray Frager says Wilcots humorous in Ravens-Bengals broadcast

The Sun’s Edward Lee says Leonhard finished game with pick six

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Ravens believed Flacco could protect ball

The Sun’s Peter Schmuck says Clayton looked like ‘big-play receiver’ in win

Aaron Wilson says Suggs, 52 ‘bruised’ Fitzpatrick in Ravens’ win

Aaron Wilson says Mason added 6 catches, 91 yards, TD in win

Aaron Wilson says A. Terry didn’t play; J. Johnson left game with ankle or foot injury

The AP says Ravens stretch streak to 31 games without allowing 100 yard rusher

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Mark Curnutte says Bengals “Bungals” again

Cincinnati Enquirer’s Paul Daugherty says Ravens picked on L. Hall in win

Dayton Daily News’ Chick Ludwig says Fitzpatrick fumbled twice, was sacked three times, and had passes batted down 5 times at line of scrimmage

ESPN.com’s James Walker says both Ravens, Steelers face ‘rugged’ schedule

ESPN.com’s James Walker says game vs. Steelers will be ‘huge’

ESPN.com’s James Walker says with win, Ravens can afford split of next two games

CBS Sports’ Clark Judge says Ravens could ‘ruin’ playoff aspirations for Skins Sunday night

Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson says Clayton has 377 yards and 3 TD’s in last 5 games


The AP says Terps blown out by Georgetown in Orlando

The Official Site provides numerical evidence of loss

The Official Site says Gary thought Terps weren’t ‘aggressive’

The Sun’s Don Markus says Terps scored fewest points in 13 years

The Sun’s Don Markus says Terps would have been better off if Georgetown game was on ESPNU

The Examiner’s Dylan Waugh says ‘weak interior game’ cost Terps. vs. Hoyas yesterday

The AP says Freeman had 18, Summers had 14 in Georgetown’s win over Maryland

The Diamondback’s Mark Selig says Hoyas got ‘bragging rights’ with win over Terps

Washington Post’s Liz Clarke says Hoyas held Vasquez to 2 points

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary thought Terps ‘weren’t ready to play’

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Vasquez went just 1 for 7 from field

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Bowie, Jin Soo amongst few bright spots for Terps in blowout loss

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Mosley made first start in loss

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary will continue to bring up Michigan State win throughout season

Washington Post’s Steve Yanda says Gary downplayed importance of Maryland-Georgetown

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps put together 2nd lowest output in Gary Williams era


The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps politicking for trip to Charlotte

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Terps will work on run between now and Bowl game

The Sun’s Jeff Barker says Ralph thinks Terps no worse than 5th best in ACC

The Examiner’s Steve DeClue says Terps show signs of ‘brilliance’, ‘incompetence’ in loss to BC

The Diamondback’s Eric Detweiler says Terps could be Boise-bound or worse

The Diamondback’s Greg Schimmel says Terps didn’t ‘quit’ in loss to BC

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Boise could negotiate out of ACC tie to take Ball State; force Terps elsewhere

Washington Post’s Eric Prisbell says Boise ‘most likely destination’ for Terps

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Terps beat all other 4-4 league teams except Miami

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Ralph expects all players back before Bowl game

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Georgia Tech last ACC team to go to back to back Western Bowls

Washington Times’ Patrick Stevens says Boise isn’t all bad

Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh says Ralph ‘tired, weary’ Sunday after BC loss (must subscribe)


The Diamondback’s Adi Joseph says women go undefeated in Cancun


The Diamondback’s Aaron Kraut says Terps beat Cal to advance to Elite 8


The Official Site previews Army/Navy Saturday

The Official Site offers complete Army/Navy release (pdf)

The Examiner’s Tom Flynn says Mids, Knights playing for 109th time Saturday


The Official Site says Spiders ride hot shooting to win over Eagles


The Official Site says Eers visit American tonight on MASN


The Official Site says Jays fall to St. Mary’s in final of DIII event

The Sun’s Jeff Seidel says Jays ‘never lost poise’ in loss to St. Mary’s


The Official Site says Gulls lose third place game to Washington in DIII Tournament


The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Roberts’ future may ‘hinge’ on team’s ability to sign major free agent

The Official Site’s Spencer Fordin says Birds probably won’t offer arbitration to Millar, Payton, Castro, Cintron

The Sun’s Dean Jones Jr. catches up with former Oriole Matos

The Examiner’s Jay Trucker wonders why Birds would trade Olson for Pie and not SS

Washington Post’s Cameron Smith says deal for Pie would send Peavy to Cubs


The Sun’s David Zurawik says 60 Minutes piece had too much Cooper, not enough Phelps


-Congratulations to SunTrust Athlete of the Morning Pat Balderson, who ran for 5 touchdowns as Linganore beat Arundel to advance to the 4A State Title.

-I’ll say Morgan beats St. Francis 75-69 tonight.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Terps Embarrassed in Blowout Loss to Georgetown

Posted on 30 November 2008 by Glenn Clark

7:35-Not much can be said at the end of this one; as the Terps failed in all areas of their game tonight. They didn’t run their offense; they were lazy on defense; they forced bad shots; and they missed open looks. They weren’t able to set their press; they lost their man in backdoor sets, they looked uninspired and uninterested for long stretches, and they showed little effort on the glass. It was a brutal effort in all aspects of the game.

The Terps probably felt a bit of a swagger after their win over Michigan State Thursday night; and that might have made them a bit less coachable over the last couple of days. This team should be humbled after being embarrassed tonight; and Gary might need a bit of a “Come to Jesus” session with his bunch in the next day or so. They’re not a great team by any stretch of the imagination; but they are not nearly as bad as they looked tonight.

It is as simple as playing to your strength. They’re not a good shooting team; so they shouldn’t try to force shots. They’re not a big team with inside strength; so they shouldn’t try to force things inside. They ARE a capable athletic team however; and they should be trying to drive and move without the ball. They’ll have two chances to prove that this week; both against somewhat better competition.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll have a weekend 15-7-0 up later tonight. Talk to you then.


7:32-Terps get 1 of 2 from the line; and I imagine this one will finish at 75-48. Let me confirm that; as the Hoyas will run out the clock. Terps fall to 4-2, Hoyas improve to 4-1.

7:30-Hoyas pull Bryon Jensen off their bench; Kim hits a circus shot in the lane while being fouled. Lead is cut below 30 to 75-47; and the Terps will get the ball back with a chance to hit 50.

7:27-Andy Katz says the Terps view Jin Soo Kim as their best shooter. Interestingly enough; he’s 5-15 from the field on the season. Adrian Bowie is their best shooter early on; and even he regularly struggles from the field.

Terps trail 75-44 with less than a minute to play; they won’t hit 50 tonight.

7:24-Continuing to fill space; Jon and Fran discuss Johnny Holliday’s weekend; which saw him go from Orlando to Boston for the Maryland-BC football game yesterday; and now back to Orlando for this blood bath. Johnny was 1-3 on his weekend; I at least got to watch the Ravens get a blowout win today; so I feel somewhat better.

7:22-Maryland beat writer Don Markus from The Sun didn’t make the trip to Orlando either (The Sun is sticking with the cost-cutting decision to run stories from their sister paper-the Orlando Sentinel). He watched the first half from FedEx Field; and says he thinks that the Terps have regressed more in the last two games than they achieved in their wins over Vermont and Michigan State. He may well be right.

7:19-Clark Kellogg is in attendance tonight; apparently scouting as he prepares to move into the lead analyst role at CBS. He does color for the Pacers, who were defeated by the Magic in Orlando last night. Freshman Henry Sims into the game for the Hoyas and on the scoreboard thanks to a putback; Jin Soo Kim also gets to the stat sheet with a putback of his own. 75-44 after a hoop by Dupree.

7:15-Would like to take this time to thank the New England Patriots for absolutely nothing. I’ve never rooted for you before; but tried to root for you today; only to see you lay a total egg at home against the Steelers. Steelers lead 33-10; and the Ravens will remain a game out of first place. Thanks.

Terps again go to the press after a pair of free throws; and again force the Hoyas to call timeout. If only this could have come earlier. 73-40 with just over 7 minutes to play; and Gary is almost staring off into space; searching for answers.

7:12-Hoyas bring in Nikita Mescheriakov; and extend their lead to 35. Gary calls a timeout, looks at his team, and basically shrugs his shoulders as if to ask “What are you trying to do out there?” 7:18 to play in this one; the question is whether or not the Terps will even reach 50.

7:08-After Eric Hayes makes a pair of free throws, the Terps are actually able to set up their press; and force Georgetown to call a timeout. Gary pulled Greivis for Jin Soo; and Greivis appeared to be sulking a bit on the sideline. Gary went to chat with him; with Greivis didn’t have much to say. The conversation wasn’t angry or contentious in nature; so I imagine it was simply a case of Gary trying to get Greivis’ opinion of what went wrong. Tonight’s game certainly can’t be faulted to Greivis by any stretch of the imagination; but he is one of the players capable of moving better towards the basket; and he needs to encourage his teammates to do the same thing.

7:06-Dino Gregory gets on the board with a free throw; the Terps trail 69-36. Looks like Gary will finally turn to Jin Soo Kim; who has gotten very few minutes in Lake Buena Vista.

7:02-Greivis misses a lay-in, he’s still scoreless. Gary wants the Terps to be a pressing team; but you have to make baskets (or free throws) in order to do that. They haven’t been able to press much over the last two games. Greivis finally gets a layup to get on the board with 9:37 to play; but even after that the Hoyas came up with an answer; and now lead 68-35; their biggest lead of the game.

6:59-John Beilein’s Michigan Wolverines are next for Maryland; Wednesday night in College Park as part of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Michigan is a team that holds a win over UCLA this season; but has not been able to regularly score; and had to rally from down 20 at halftime to force overtime and beat Savannah State this weekend.

6:58-Trailing by 30; Terps are just launching 3’s at this point. This will become a painful exhibition of just how bad they are from outside. Greivis is still scoreless. Gary might want to consider emptying his own bench if his team isn’t going to practice running the correct offense.

6:55-JT3 continues to go to his bench; probably more out of respect for Gary than out of a need for rest. The Hoyas have the week off; then play a semi-tough American team; followed by Savannah State.

6:53-Needing to try to keep the broadcast interesting in the 2nd half; Andy Katz pulls Len Elmore aside to reminisce about the days when Lefty Driesell’s Terps used to blow out John Thompson’s Hoyas. Elmore says a Georgetown-Maryland game would be passionate amongst fans in DC. Hopefully the next few games will be closer than this one. Hayes gets a runner and a 3; but Freeman and Monroe have answers; it’s 61-33.

6:52-Summers hits a pair of free throws; and Georgetown’s lead is now 29 at 57-28. Summers exits; and might not return.

6:49-Dupree gets the layup inside; and Mosley takes it towards the hoop but can’t finish on the next possession. Monroe goes to the hoop, getting 2 plus 1. Landon Milbourne settles for a 3 point attempt on the other end; which he promptly airballs. I believe JT3 may have called off the dogs here in the 2nd half; as the Hoyas are using more and more of the clock each time down.

6:45-Georgetown is shooting lights out over Maryland’s zone. Monroe draws three defenders inside; and Austin Freeman drails the 3 to make the lead 52-26. Unbelievably; Georgetown had been shooting just 26% from beyond the arc coming into tonight’s game. They’ve hit 7. Wow.

6:43-Bowie with the nice move to the hoop for 2; but the Hoyas respond with great passing to get another 3 from Summers. 49-24. Bowie again goes to the hoop for a layup; he has 11. Can he show his teammates how to do this? Gary gets called for a technical foul; not sure exactly what he did.

6:40-Freeman gets another 2 off the rebound. Terps fail on the other end; then Landon Milbourne is called for an intentional foul as Summers was going towards the hoop. Terps seem just plain uninspired after a demoralizing first half. Summers gets 1 of 2 free throws; then hits a 3. The deficit is now 24. Gary told Andy Katz at the half that the Terps were too passive and settled for too many jumpers. That couldn’t be more true. Gary blames the team’s youth.

6:38-Freeman with the easy move to the hoop for the opening two of the 2nd half. Mosley responds with a jumper in the lane. 40-22 Georgetown.

6:33-The 2nd half is no longer about trying to win the game; but instead is about trying to find rhythm and remembering the right way to run the offense going into a week in which they play two “must win” type of games against non-conference foes who will be looking to improve their own resumes. This one needs to look respectable; and the Terps need to gain some confidence before Michigan and George Washington. They need to do the things I talked about before the game. But they didn’t do it in the first half, so…….

6:22-Jessie Sapp leads the Hoyas with 10 points thus far; he’s also held Greivis Vasquez scoreless on the defensive side. Adrian Bowie has 7 to lead the Terps; Gary is going to have to continue to figure out ways to get him minutes.

6:20-The Terps have REALLY struggled with the concept of holding the ball for the last shot of the half. Bowie took a semi-off-balanced 3 with about 10 seconds left in the half; and Georgetown was able to get off a final heave before the end of the half. Georgetown takes the 38-20 advantage to the half; and the Terps will desperately try to regroup.

6:18-Sean Mosley drives, misses. Jerome Burney rebounds, misses a dunk, pulls the rim, and is called for offensive interference. The hits keep on coming.

6:16-After a positive defensive series; Bowie is victimized by a wet spot on the floor and called for a travel. Monroe travels on the other end; and the Terps manage to hold the Hoyas scoreless on consecutive possessions.

6:14-Bowie with a novel concept; go to the basket and draw a foul! He hits two free throws; but Julian Vaughn responds with a putback. Adrian Bowie hits a 3; and Maryland cuts the lead to 38-20.

6:12-3 other ACC teams in action today; NC State was a 79-52 winner over UNC Greensboro earlier; North Carolina battles UNC-Ashville later tonight; Wake Forest and Baylor battle in the final of the 76 Classic late tonight.

6:10-Terps with another terrible offensive possession; but Sean Mosley comes up with a block on the other end to prevent further damage…..for now. Under 4 minutes to play in the half; and this has been the absolutely awful performance the Terps could not afford.

6:07-Hoyas overpersue; and Jerome Burney slips through for an easy dunk. Looks like Burney was trying to take out some frustration on that dunk; but it still only counts for 2. Sapp hits a long 3 on the other end; then Burney and Vasquez each try to penetrate against multiple Georgetown defenders; making more bad decisions. Monroe goes 1-2 from the line; it’s 36-15 Georgetown.

6:04-Just as I say that; the Hoyas go backdoor to Monroe for an easy dunk. 30-13. Milbourne misses the front end of a 1 and 1; then Freeman hits two on the other end. 32-13.

6:02-Terps are clearly struggling to figure out an answer defensively for a Hoyas team that just isn’t making mistakes or settling. The problem is that they’re losing their head after they struggle on the offensive end. They won’t correct the defensive issues until they regain their rhythm and confidence offensively. That might not happen tonight.

6:00-Greivis drives, then finds Dupree for an easy bucket at the rim. On the other end; a back cut leads to an easy hoop from Austin Freeman. Greivis Vasquez called for an offensive foul; and we hit the 3rd official timeout with the Terps trailing 28-13.

5:57-This one continues to spiral away from Maryland. Tucker airballs an outside jumper; and the ball ends up being saved to Vasquez. Following a foul; the Terps work it in to Dupree, but he totally misses a hook. Hoyas get the ball inside to Monroe on the other end, he lays it in for a 26-11 advantage. Terps do manage to get Omar Wattad to pick up his 2nd personal foul; that’s the first good news they’ve had in a while.

5:56-Mosley tried to drive and kick; but sloppy passing leads to a sloppy shot from Bowie. On the other end; Jason Clark nails a 3 to make the lead 24-11.

5:53-Hoyas move into a zone; and the Terps can’t find an answer. When Vermont went into a similar zone; Gary instructed his team that they needed to drive against it; not just shoot over it. They need a similar reminder tonight. Sapp gets two free throws to make the lead 21-8. On the other side, Vasquez drives, but then kicks out to an open Dave Neal, who hits a 3. Neal’s 3 makes him the leading scorer tonight for the Terps. That’s not good. 21-11.

5:51-More conversation from Andy Katz regarding where a Maryland/Georgetown game would be played; as Katz defends that the Hoyas wouldn’t be able to sell out the Verizon Center to their own fans; whereas the Terps would do just that at Comcast Center. The Hoyas might not have a true contingency of just their fans; but the honus falls on them to sell the tickets to their home games. They have season tickets sold in the lower bowl; so any Maryland fans buying tickets would likely be forced to sit upstairs.

5:48-Landon Milbourne FINALLY does what the Terps need, getting inside for his first hoop. But on the other side; Austin Freeman cuts inside for 2 with a plus one. Bowie cuts inside for his first bucket, but Monroe responds with a basket inside. We hit the 2nd official timeout with the Hoyas leading 19-8; but the Terps showing some signs of effective offense. They need to get some defensive answers however, as they can’t afford to let this one become a shootout.

5:44-Chris Wright is doing EXACTLY what the Terps SHOULD be doing; working towards the hoop for layups OR to draw fouls. He gets two from the line; and Georgetown extends their lead to 14-4. Sean Mosley misses an outside jumper on the other end. Adrian Bowie into the game.

5:40-Hayes gets a layup, but Summers responds with a 3, then Chris Wright adds a jumper; and Gary needs a timeout with his Terps trailing 12-4. Nothing better happens on the next possession; and we hit the first official timeout with the Terps down by 8. The Terps have not drawn a single foul from the Hoyas yet; which is a poor omen if they want to stay in this game.

5:38-Andy Katz is on the sidelines tonight, and he discusses the disagreement between Maryland and Georgetown regarding where a Maryland-Georgetown game would be played. Georgetown officials cannot really be foolish enough to think Maryland should agree to play a neutral site game at the Verizon Center-the Hoyas’ home floor-can they? Just agree to home and home, and have the Verizon Center games be your home games! Seems easy enough to me.

5:36-Possessions that result in shots by Braxton Dupree from anywhere outside 4 feet are NOT good possessions for the Terps. Chris Wright gets another jumper to make things 7-2. Milbourne takes a jumper on the other end; again bailing the Hoyas out.

5:34-Hoyas use a good screen by Monroe to get Jessie Sapp a nice look at a 3 from the top. Mosley responds with a turnaround jumper on the other end to make things 3-2 Georgetown early. So far the Hoyas have not really looked inside, instead settling for long jumpers. Sapp gets a hoop off a long rebound; making it 5-2 Hoyas.

5:32-Jon Sciambi and Fran Frischilla again on the call for the ESPN2 broadcast; and Sean Mosley in the starting rotation for the Terps with Vasquez, Eric Hayes, Milbourne, and Braxton Dupree.

5:25-Gary Williams really has a great opportunity to pump up his team for a chance to steal another victory over a ranked opponent early; but he will have to build their confidence even more than he did before Thursday night’s win over Michigan State. The Terps cannot settle for bad shots; they must go right at the Georgetown defenders in attacking the hoop and trying to draw fouls. Greivis Vasquez, Cliff Tucker, Adrian Bowie, and Landon Milbourne need to attack the hoop; trying to draw fouls from Summers and Monroe; which will help them on the defensive end as well. The good news is that neither Summers nor Monroe is as finese as Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt and Austin Daye; who used their size advantage to both shoot over and outmuscle Maryland’s interior players for offensive rebounds. I’ll say Maryland CAN pull a stunner here tonight; in a lower scoring battle. 69-64 Terps.

5:17-With the Ravens winning big and the Redskins losing again; the only way this day could get any better would be for it to be capped with a Maryland win over Georgetown in the 3rd place contest at the Old Spice Classic in Orlando. The Hoyas are certainly a bit more talented than the Terps, but John Thompson III’s bunch hasn’t exactly played to their talent level just yet this season. They couldn’t get up and down with Tennessee in their semifinal loss in this event; and hold just single digit victories over teams like Jacksonville and Wichita State earlier in the ’08-’09 campaign. Greg Monroe and DeJuan Summers SHOULD provide matchup problems for the Terps; but something tells me they don’t have the poise just yet in their college careers to know that. I haven’t made an official score prediction for this one yet; so I’ll do that……..in my next update.

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Maryland Can’t do it Again; Lose Big to Gonzaga

Posted on 28 November 2008 by Glenn Clark

7:35-That was semi-brutal; but not particularly unexpected. Maryland clearly couldn’t respond from playing back to back games against top 10 teams; as they spent a great deal of energy and emotion last night. It really isn’t a particularly bad loss; as the next time this could possibly happen would be the ACC Tournament.

The real question will be how the Terps respond Sunday vs. Georgetown. It won’t be nearly as emotional as it would be if they had played the game in DC; but it will certainly be a game the teams will be juiced up for. Georgetown has size; but hasn’t used their size the way Gonzaga has. Maryland will have a chance to rest up and again get the opportunity to use their athleticism and beat a good team. But if they get run out of Lake Buena Vista Sunday; this weekend will end with as many questions as there were when they arrived in Florida.

What we do know for sure is that Gonzaga is good. REALLY good. They will run all over the WCC if they stay focused; and should consider to beat good non-conference opponents. They have remarkable size; they can shoot; and they are athletic as well. Maryland shouldn’t hang their head that they couldn’t compete with a Gonzaga team the night after blowing out Michigan State; but they have to improve.

That’s it for me tonight; I want more broccoli and cheese, or stuffing and raisins. Talk to you tomorrow for Maryland-Boston College.


7:25-Greivis was the only Terp in double figures; he had 16. Hayes was next with 8. Zags had 5 players with at least 8 points; lead by Heytvelt with 22. Terps finish just 1-12 from beyond the arc; and shot just 37% from the floor for the game. Gonzaga shot almost 52%; and out-rebounded the Terps 39-29. Not good numbers.

7:24-On consecutive Sundays; we’ll have Maryland-Georgetown and Ravens-Redskins. It gets no better than that. Really wish Sunday’s game would be played at Comcast Center; or the Verizon Center; or Cole Field House. This one will end here; Gonzaga wins 81-59. I’ll wrap it up shortly.

7:22-Heytvelt exits; he was a monster tonight. This game has gone almost exactly as I thought it would; as the Terps didn’t have answers inside; and couldn’t hit enough shots to have a chance to steal the game. This really isn’t that bad considering what happened last night; and Gary will certainly have the chance to do some coaching after the Terps’ collective egos deflate tonight. Zags by 21 with 40 seconds to play.

7:20-Hoops from Sean Mosley and Jin Soo Kim; but Maryland still trails by 17 with about 2 minutes to play. Mosley misses another 3-he’ll need to dedicate himself to improving that.

7:16-The nice thing about the Georgetown contest will be the fact that the papers Sunday will be littered with Georgetown-Maryland history lessons. Well, they’ll be littered with stories about the Ravens and Redskins actually; but their should be some good fashioned smack-talk about why the schools have only played once in the regular season over the last 20 or so years. We’ll hear from John Thompson, Lefty Driesell, etc. etc. etc. That should be fun. Plus; we can remember the magic night when Joe Smith arrived and shifted the balance of power in DC to College Park at the Capital Centre; or we can remember the night when Maryland knocked Craig Escherick’s Hoyas out in the Sweet 16 on their way to the school’s first ever Final Four.

7:14-The good news in all of this is that Gonzaga will almost certainly stay near the Top 10 all season like Michigan State. It might not help their Tournament resume much, but even a bad loss to Gonzaga will help strength of schedule. The Terps will get 3 games against good ranked teams this weekend; instead of the 1 they would have gotten had they lost to the Spartans last night. A loss to Gonzaga may prove to be more valuable than a win over Oklahoma State (which would not have been a given anyway) in the long run.

7:13-Heytvelt now has 22 thanks to an outside jumper to make the lead 20 for the Zags. Gary brings Jin Soo back in; he misses a jumper.

7:12-Fran Frischilla’s all-time Maryland team? He cheated and named 6: Tom McMillen, Juan Dixon, John Lucas, Albert King, Len Elmore, and Len Bias.

7:08-Nice leaner from Hayes to cut the lead to 14. Looks like Gary is gonna keep fighting; knowing he has a day off to rest his guys and try to get the emotion back for the likely Georgetown showdown Sunday. Shame that game won’t be here.

Heytvelt is a MONSTER; he gets another rebound and hoop; he now has 15 points and 9 boards. Terps get a basket; but Heytvelt again with a ridiculous move to get a close hoop inside. Bowie gets fouled going to the basket; and he heads to the line looking to cut into the 16 point lead.

Pargo with the 3 as the clock expires; then Bowie with a 2. Terps trail by 15. Pargo’s 3 was NO WHERE NEAR the line; maybe 5 or 6 behind. He had to bank it. Things are going Gonzaga’s way.

7:03-Milbourne with the bucket to cut the lead to 16; but Bowie called for an offensive foul as he tries to work to the hoop. Lead remains 16 for Gonzaga.

7:02-A free throw and a layup from Bouldin make Gonzaga’s lead 18; their largest of the game. Mark Few must also consider resting his guys, as he will have a tough test vs. Tennessee Sunday night.

7:01-Dave Neal gets a hoop to quell a Gonzaga run; Terps trail 57-42 now. Neal has been getting a lot of minutes; and while he has played well; he certainly takes away from the Terps’ athleticism. Jerome Burney in the game; but he doesn’t have much to offer. Hayes misses another good look from outside.

6:59-Tennessee Coach Bruce Pearl does a nice job of praising Gary Williams; who came from the Dr. Tom Davis coaching tree like he did. Maryland is REALLY running out of legs right now; and Gary will have to consider resting his starters at some point in preparation for a likely showdown with Georgetown Sunday.

6:57-Two local squads in action tonight; as Coppin State visits Kansas; and Towson visits Villanova. Actually, the Towson game is in the Palestra; where Drew Forrester is. I think the combined beatings the locals take tonight could be 40+.

6:54-Terps STILL getting beat up inside; as Steven Gray collects an offensive rebound and a hoop; plus he’ll get an attempt at a plus one. Gonzaga by 14; with a chance to extend it. The previous 5 minutes were probably Maryland’s best chance at making a run; and if Hayes and Mosley had hit their shots; this game would look significantly different.

6:51-Hayes knocks down a pair of free throws; but Sacre with the rebound and dunk on the other side to make the advantage 10 again. Mosley blocked by Daye inside; and Gonzaga converts it for 2 and a 12 point lead. Gary takes another timeout; can he tell the guys they need to grow? Just 12:44 to play here.

6:49-Terps with ANOTHER miss from outside; this one from Eric Hayes. Clear evidence of just how exhausted the Terps are. Zags are able to pull 7 footer Robert Sacre off the bench; he draws Dino Gregory’s 4th foul; and extends the Bulldogs’ lead back to 10. Must be nice to have a 7 footer on the bench. Or on the team.

6:47-Mosley had a good look to pull the Terps within 5; but couldn’t get it to go. He needs to improve his shooting; as he will get looks throughout the season. Zags continue to outmuscle the Terps inside; continuously winning rebounding battles.

6:45-Vasquez gets the freebie; Terps within 8.

Nice story from Andy Katz about Gonzaga assistant Tommy Lloyd; who scouted Greivis in Venezuela; and got him into Montrose Christian; where he decided to stay local and go to Maryland.

Gonzaga misses a pair of jumpers; but both rebounds go long. Heytvelt is a major factor right now for Gonzaga; as he draws a foul.

6:42-Bad decision making from Milbourne in taking a long jumper; followed by an inside hoop from Daye. Neal makes a bad decision in trying to drive on bigger defenders; but makes up for it by forcing a tie-up. Vasquez gets a hoop to pull the Terps back within 11.

Good defensive stand as Gonzaga starts working the clock a bit; and Vasquez takes a tap back the rest of the way for a layup; and he’ll have a chance to add a plus one. Terps back within 9 at the official timeout.

6:40-Maryland probably has one run in them in the 2nd half; but I’m still afraid this is more likely to become a 20 point plus win for Gonzaga. They are about that much better than Maryland; and the Terps have not been able to steal minutes with anyone to keep their legs fresh. These guys just look worn out on both ends of the floor. Maybe Gary should consider a Steve Goins appearance?

6:37-Terps need four chances to finally get a putback from Eric Hayes; then Josh Heytvelt breaks their spirit with an incredible athletic move to stuff down an alley-oop. Gary calls timeout again; as he just needs to keep the Terps somewhere in range.

6:34-Terps and Zags trade hoops to start the 2nd half; and Gonzaga’s lead is 40-31. Gary told Andy Katz that he’s worried the Terps spent too much emotion in the win over Michigan State; and weren’t able to get back up for this one tonight. Gonzaga extends the lead to 11; and Maryland just needs to remain in shouting distance at this point.

6:21-In ACC action earlier today; Boston College was a 83-77 winner over UAB in the 3rd place contest at the NIT Season Tip-Off. Duke was a 95-72 winner over Duquesne, and Wake advanced to the finals of the 76 Classic with a 82-79 win over UTEP. Virginia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, and Florida State are all in action tonight; Virginia plays Syracuse; and Florida State battles Cincinnati in Las Vegas.

6:17-Thom Brennan (former Vermont Coach) couldn’t be more accurate with his halftime assessment; as he clearly sees that the Terps are running out of legs right now. Gonzaga is the bigger team, and is wearing the Terps down. Mark Few told Andy Katz that he thinks the Terps want to run. They don’t want to run; but they do want to move without the ball; and that takes fresh legs. Gary tried to steal some minutes from Jin Soo Kim; but they weren’t productive. He’ll have to figure out a way to keep Vasquez, Milbourne, Bowie, and Tucker fresh in the 2nd half; as they’ll need major production. They also need to maintain their form when they shoot from outside; as their poor outside shooting also appears to be a product of how tired they are.

6:15-Milbourne with the swipe; but can’t finish on the other end. Terps get another semi-fast break, and Milbourne can’t finish again. Daye gets a hoop….Zags lead 38-29. Terps will hold for a final shot.

Dave Neal takes the almost-final shot, and it’s a short turnaround miss. Maryland looks tired right now; and needs the halftime break. Matt Bouldin had a good look at a 3 at the buzzer, but it rimmed out; and the Bulldogs maintain their 9 point lead at the break.

6:13-So much for composure. Daye and Pargo get consecutive hoops, then the Terps turn the ball over and Gary needs a timeout with the Terps trailing by 7. Gary is making his anger known on the sidelines; as Maryland is a Gonzaga 3 away from trailing by double digits; which could lead to them feeling sorry for themselves.

6:10-A pair of freebies from Pargo; and the Zags lead 32-27. Tremendous balance for them; as they have 7 from each Heytvelt and Downs, and 6 each from Pargo and Daye.

Vasquez takes on 3 Zags and gets fouled inside. He hits both at the line, giving him 11 and making this a 3 point game again. No other Terp has more than 4.

6:07-Terps DO take that timeout, but don’t improve offensively. Another turnover, and we hit the final official timeout with about 2 and a half to play, and Gonzaga maintains their 30-27 lead.

The one thing I will say is impressive thus far is the fact that Maryland has maintained composure. It would be easy to panic when things weren’t working offensively; or when Gonzaga is overpowering them on the offensive end, but they have mostly maintained control. If they can at least keep things close; they’ll have a chance-which is more than I expected. Gonzaga should be KILLING them inside, but they’ve been impatient.

6:03-Micah Downs with a pair of free throws to make it 30-27 Gonzaga. Dupree misses free throws on the other end; then Hayes and Pargo exchange misses from outside. Looks like both teams could use a stoppage in play, as neither team is effectively running their offense.

6:00-Austin Daye is the epitome of Gonzaga’s size advantage over the Terps; as he can both drive AND shoot over the Maryland defenders. But back to back hoops from Milboure and Vasquez cut the lead to 28-25, then Tucker gets a feed inside for an easy hoop to get the Terps within 1. Vasquez now has 9.

5:57-Gary is CLEARLY frustrated, as the Terps give turn the ball over out of the timeout, then Gonzaga hits a 3 to make the lead 7. Terps get a pair of inside buckets on a stick back from Braxton Dupree and a nice length of the court drive by Adrian Bowie, but Gonzaga gets a remarkable rebound and falling hoop from Demitri Goodsen to make the lead 5 again.

5:53-Terps get two straight buckets inside, then Jeremy Pargo hits one of two from the line to make Gonzaga’s lead two again.

Not surprisingly, Gary brings in Jin Soo Kim early. He didn’t play last night, so he should give the Terps some fresh legs. He turns the ball over, which leads to a Gonzaga layup, and the lead is 21-17 again. Gary calls a timeout; but the Terps turn the ball over again.

5:50-Terps able to set the press following the timeout; and successfully force a turnover. Gonzaga doing a better job of collapsing on Maryland’s dribble penetration; and Sean Mosley misses a good look from outisde. Josh Heytvelt responds with a 3 to make things 18-13 for the Bulldogs.

5:48-Vasquez with two sloppy possessions-one a MUCH too quick jumper and the other a travel as he tried to work inside. Terps trail 15-13 as we hit the 2nd official timeout; keeping it close thanks to cold shooting from the Zags recently.

5:42-Sorry for the break in the action; apparently the wireless network here goes out any time the microwave is on. This could be an issue as we continue to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll play through.

Terps are struggling with Gonzaga’s size on both sides of the floor; as they have been unable to get 2nd looks on offense, while the Zags are continuing to shoot over them. Vasquez hits the first 3 of the game for Maryland, but Gonzaga responds with a deuce to make things 15-11 in their favor with 12:50 to play.

5:37-Terps continue to attack the hoop, with Cliff Tucker missing the first attempt from inside almost 4 minutes into the game. The Zags are taking advantage of their obvious size advantage, as their big man are comfortable just shooting over Maryland’s interior players. Zags lead 10-6 at the first official timeout with 15:40 to play in the half.

5:34-Terps do a nice job of working to the hoop early; getting lay-ins from Eric Hayes and Greivis Vasquez after an early miss inside from Landon Milbourne. The Zags got baskets on each of their first 3 possessions however, and lead 6-4 early.

5:30-It’s Jon Sciambi and Fran Frischilla on the call again; tonight on ESPN instead of ESPN2. Andy Katz patrols the sidelines once more at the Milk House for the 2nd semifinal; where tonight’s winner between between the Terps and Zags will face Tennessee; as the Volunteers knocked of Georgetown earlier today. Certainly there are a few in DC who are secretly hoping Gary’s team falls, as they’d love the crosstown matchup with John Thompson III’s Hoyas Sunday.

5:25-So this will be interesting. My family does their annual Thanksgiving get-together the night after Thanksgiving to allow everyone to spend Thursday with their individual families, in-laws, etc. Figuring tonight’s game wouldn’t be until 8 after a loss to Michigan State; I thought a 6:30 was doable. Instead, I am sitting in the basement at my Aunt’s house; and am PRAYING that halftime hits just as dinner is ready. In the meantime, I’ll blog the game; but I’m not there; so no particularly difficult questions. Gonzaga will have a certain advantage in height and shooting ability; and has run Maryland out of the gym in their last two meetings (BB&T and Maui). BUT; Maryland is an athletic team; and will once again need to work to the hoop to beat Mark Few and the Bulldogs.

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Terps Pull Off Monumental Stunner over Michigan State in Orlando

Posted on 27 November 2008 by Glenn Clark

9:10-It would be easy to question whether or not Maryland just proved that they are significantly better than we expected them to be; but that shouldn’t be the response to a win like this. Maryland took advantage of a team lacking their usual strong advantage inside; and got a win that could end up being VERY good.

Maryland was able to put a team away with a decisive run midway through the 2nd half. Unlike their football counterparts; they did not panic when things weren’t going their way. Gary used a timeout when Michigan State took a 3 point lead; and the Terps calmed down from there. That’s a strong trait from a young team. Sean Mosley gave the Terps good minutes, and Dave Neal was strong on both ends. The Terps should be somewhat fresh tomorrow night; as the last 6 minutes weren’t the run and gun style of hoops the first 20 were.

Make no mistake; this is a major win for Maryland; as Michigan State should easily win the depleted Big Ten with only Purdue offering particularly strong competition. If Michigan State can win the next two in Orlando; they should be in good shape to stay near the Top 10 nationally. More importantly; Maryland is in great shape to try to finish their trip to Florida with 2 wins.

That’s it for tonight; I’ll be back tomorrow night. Maryland improves to 4-0, Michigan State falls to 2-1.


9:06-Hopefully Maryland will get more from this win then they got from their win at then #1 Florida a few years ago. That win could have done wonders for the Terps; but the Gators struggled just to get to the NCAA Tournament that season. If Michigan State continues to win; this will be a MASSIVE win for the Terps.

9:04-Dave Neal misses a short turnaround that would have extended his career high; but instead hits a 3 in the final minute; his new career high will be 17. Michigan State can’t get a hoop before the buzzer; and Maryland will finish with an 80-62 thumping of the Spartans that will certainly reverberate throughout college basketball.

9:00-The Terps will become Michigan State fans IMMEDIATELY after this game ends. If the Spartans can remain near the top 5 this season; it will DRASTICALLY improve Maryland’s RPI. They have North Carolina in Detroit this week; which will be a good place for them to start bouncing back. Maryland will get another chance to improve their strength of schedule and RPI tomorrow night; with a likely game against Gonzaga should they beat Oklahoma State. Hayes gets 2 free throws, Michigan State responds with a jumper; lead is 17 again, less than 2 minutes to play.

8:58-2 from Milbourne inside; and Maryland’s lead is 17 with 3 and a half to play. A block from Bowie on the other end; and this one looks like it will be headed to Maryland as we go to the final official timeout.

8:56-Spartans resorting to long shots from the outside to try to cut the lead with less than 15 to play. They get one from Locious to make the lead 15 again.

8:53-Mosley with the steal; he’s fouled going to the hoop but makes just one of two. Maryland’s lead is now 18 at 71-53; their biggest lead of the night…..again. Walton cuts it back to 16 with a jumper; but Mosley makes it 18 again with a pair from the line.

8:51-Big night for Neal continues, as he gets two thanks to a goaltending call. He now has 14 on the night; and the lead is back to 15. Maryland doing a nice job of shooting free throws during the single bonus; as Mosley gets both of his; making the lead 70-53 with 6 minutes left.

8:50-Instead Hayes settles for a flat attempt from outside; and Walton hits a jumper on the other end with a foul from Vasquez to boot. Walton misses the free throw; the lead remains 13.

8:49-Izzo is forced to go back to Raymar Morgan trailing by 15. Dave Neal continues his huge night with a pair of free throws; and the lead is 17. Morgan responds with a jumper to cut the lead back to 15. Terps should go right at Morgan every time down the floor.

8:45-They do a good job of running the clock; but Vasquez throws up a wild airball from beyond the arc. Half of what they did on that possession was good. They need to continue to drive as the shot clock winds down for the rest of the game. Vasquez called for a foul on the other end; and we hit the 3rd official timeout with 7:47 to play.

8:42-Allen hits just one of 3 at the line; and Milbourne responds with a quick hoop inside to give Maryland a 64-49 lead; once again their biggest of the game. Things are going very well right now for the Terps; who could be in shape for a signature win early in the season. Less than 9 minutes to play right now; and the Terps can start trying to run the clock.

8:40-Michigan State cuts the lead to 11 with a free throw; but Vasquez hits a 3 to make the score 62-48. Vasquez now has 17. Neal fouls Allen as he attempts a 3 of his own; so Allen will get three attempts from the charity stripe.

8:39-Short break in the action to determine who will be shooting free throws for the Terps. They’re in the single bonus; and Greivis extends the lead to 12 with the free throws. He has 14 with about 10 to play.

8:36-Gray with the nice move inside to cut the lead back down to 8. Mosley then finds Hayes inside after Hayes made a great cutting move without the ball to get to the basket. The Terps are undoubtedly better when they are going towards the hoop. Maryland’s lead is now 47-37.

8:35-Mosley with the HUGE save as the ball heads out of bounds; and he turns it into an outlet for a streaking Adrian Bowie; he hits a lay-in and gives Maryland a 55-45 advantage; their biggest lead of the game.

8:33-I don’t understand everything in the world, and you can add to that list that I don’t understand why the ESPN producers felt it necessary to do a phone interview with John Smoltz during the game. I guess it’s because he’s from Michigan; and the Braves hold Spring Training at the same Wide World of Sports Complex where tonight’s game is being played; but it didn’t do much for me.

8:31-A steal and a layup for Hayes; and Maryland has a 50-43 lead. Hayes has 9. Frischilla with the nice observation of how things have gone much better for Maryland since Morgan went to the bench. A Michigan State bucket is answered by a 3 from Vasquez; and Maryland has a 53-45 lead as we hit the 2nd official timeout. Vasquez now has 12. Don’t like the constant outside shooting; but certainly like the outcome.

8:29-Maryland takes consecutive offensive fouls from the Spartans; and in between get a 3 from Hayes. Vasquez called for an offensive foul; and Maryland takes a 46-43 lead.

8:27-Nope, Greivis was listening too! The nice drive ends with a dish inside to Dave Neal; who finishes to tie the game at 43. Neal now has 10.

8:23-We hit the first official timeout with Maryland trailing by 2 and the Spartans getting the ball back. Dave Neal apparently got my message about the Terps needing to do more driving; but I guess no one else did. You mean no one in the Milk House is reading my live blog????

8:21-Roe hits the free throw, and MSU extends the lead to 4. Dupree gets a bucket inside to pull the Terps back within 2.

8:20-Nice drive from Dave Neal; who gets a layup to pull the Terps back within 1. Michigan State gets 2 back from Roe, and a plus one attempt.

8:18-Raymar Morgan picks up his 4th personal foul, and Tom Izzo isn’t happy. The Spartans are already playing down inside, as they’re without senior Goran Suton. Terps throw the ball away again; and Milbourne picks up his 3rd foul going for a rebound.

8:13-Michigan State gets the first 4 points of the 2nd half; with Landon Milbourne settling for a 3 point attempt. Make it a the first six points now as Walton adds 2. Gary needs a timeout as a 3 point halftime lead has quickly become a 3 point deficit. Spartans on a 12-0 run that extended through the half. Not a good start here.

8:06-The Terps were mostly good in the first half; but I was not pleased with the way they handled the ball late. Greivis Vasquez should NOT be controlling the offense, although his emotions tend to take over in big situations. Somehow Gary HAS to reign him in….which is tough; because Gary would prefer that all of his players play with the type of emotion Vasquez plays with. The Terps are playing their first game outside of College Park this season; so they almost need the emotion; as they cannot just feed off the emotion of Maryland students at Terps fans. You have to LOVE what Adrian Bowie is providing thus far; he should get the chance to do more with the ball in the 2nd half; but he needs to drive more and not just rely on his outside shot.

As a team; the offense can’t settle for jumpers in the 2nd half. They need to continue driving; and get their better free throw shooters to the line. It’s a one possession game; so it’s basically even right now. It is frustrating that Michigan State was able to whittle away before the half instead of Maryland extending the lead to double digits; but the Terps have to continue to force THEIR issue and not get lazy. We will likely see more press in the 2nd half as well.

8:03-Adrian Bowie leads the way for Maryland with 11 points; Travis Walton has 10 for Michigan State. No Jin Soo Kim for the Terps yet; which could be an interesting indicator of what his minutes will be like in bigger games this season. He’s beloved at Comcast Center; but might not quite be ready for playing time against major opponents.

7:55-Locious travels; and Maryland gets the ball back with 6.7 seconds left. They throw it away; and Walton hits a jumper at the buzzer to pull Michigan State within 37-34. Gary continues his “us against the world” mentality in his halftime interview with Andy Katz; defending their late struggles do to the team’s youth; and reminding Katz that the Terps will still ahead. I’ll be back shortly with analysis.

7:53-Sloppy play from Maryland right now heading towards the intermission. Korie Locious hits a jumper; then Vasquez misses an unnecessary quick 3. Roe then hits one of two from the free throw line; Bowie travels again, and Michigan State gets the ball back trailing 37-32 with the chance to take the last shot of the half.

7:51-Summers hits one of 2 at the free throw line; pulling Michigan State back within 8. Missed shots on both ends of the floor.

7:49-Greivis hits one of 2 at the line; and Maryland’s 37-28 lead matches their biggest of the game. Funny that after Jon and Fran discuss Vasquez needing to take better care of the basketball; he is continuously wild on both sides of the floor. Gregory picks up his 3rd foul; and now Michigan State is also in the double bonus.

7:48-Lucas misses BOTH free throws; and Vasquez is fouled moving to the hoop. Maryland now in the double bonus with over 3 minutes to play in the half.

7:46-Michigan State comes into the game ranked Number 5 in the country; but struggled last week against Dane Fife’s IPFW squad. You may remember that Dane Fife was on the Indiana team Maryland beat in the ’02 title game. Note: the Spartans are 5th in the AP poll; but if you’re watching the broadcast tonight and see them ranked 6th; it’s because ESPN uses the Coaches’ poll.

7:44-We hit the final official timeout with Maryland holding an 8 point advantage-about 3 and a half to play. Lucas will be headed to the free throw line.

7:42-Summers again throws his muscle around inside for a rebound; he’ll head to the line. Jimmy Patsos continues to get publicity for his unorthodox defense against Stephon Curry the other night; as Jon and Fran are discussing Loyola right now. It might not have been a win, but more and more people across the country are learning about Loyola. Summers hit 1 of 2 from the line; then Dave Neal hits his 2nd 3; and Maryland leads 36-28.

7:41-Kalin Lucas hits a floater in the lane; then Adrian Bowie hits a DEEP 3 with the shot clock running down; and Maryland leads 33-27. Bowie has 11.

7:40-I guess Braxton heard me; as hits both from the stripe; and Maryland re-takes a 5 point lead at 30-25.

7:39-One of two free throws from Dupree; then Gary hits a 3 after Bowie is called for traveling. Lots of fouls being called so far, which is slowing down the pace of the game. Dupree back to the line; where he needs to continue to improve; especially while the Terps are only in the single bonus.

7:37-Always an interesting question of who should be calling these games. Both Fran Frischilla and Len Elmore are working as analysts in Lake Buena Vista for the Worldwide Leader; Frischilla was a former assistant of Gary’s at Ohio State; Elmore is one of the greatest players in Maryland history. Both will call the Championship on Sunday; hopefully Maryland manages to be involved.

7:36-Both teams in the bonus at this point; and Austin Thornton gets fouled after a rebound. He hits one of two; and Michigan State cuts Maryland’s lead to 4.

7:33-Delvon Roe made just one of two free throws; but Braxton Dupree missed the front end of a 1 and 1 on the other side. Dupree was fouled by Morgan; that’s his 3rd personal. Austin Thornton hits one of 2 the next trip down; then Dupree missed a layup; and Walton hit down another jumper. Gary calls timeout as Michigan State gets within 27-22.

7:31-Georgetown and Tennessee will meet in the semifinals on the other side of the Old Spice bracket; the Hoyas held off Wichita State 58-50; while the Volunteers beat Siena 78-64.

7:30-Just because Maryland has a nice lead right now doesn’t mean Greivis needs to start chucking outside shots. He needs to stay within his game. Maryland called for a foul with the 9 point lead as we hit the 3rd official timeout.

7:28-Only one other ACC team in action today; as Wake Forest had to hang on to beat Cal State Fullerton 75-69 in Anaheim. Arizona State is the other marquee team in the 76 Classic; and Herb Sendek might know a thing or two about Dino Gaudio’s Deacons if they meet in the final.

7:26-Bowie gets another hoop to give the Terps their largest lead of the game at 7; score is 25-18. A Vasquez layup makes it 27-18; Maryland on a 11-2 run; and Tom Izzo needs a timeout.

7:24-Hope the kids didn’t notice; but as Mosley turned the ball over underneath the basket, he exclaimed “Oh S**t”. Michigan State returned the favor on the other end; and Milbourne gave Maryland another 5 point lead. Walton hit a jumper; then Braxton Dupree got his first basket and the Terps lead 23-18 with just under 10 minutes to play in the 1st half.

7:23-When they created a College Basketball Tournament at Disney World; it was only fitting that the Tournament would be broadcast on Disney-owned ESPN networks. Mickey’s company is making sure to do plenty of advertising for their resort during the games.

7:21-Gary has said that Bowie was a much more confident shooter; and that was evident in the Vermont game when the Catamounts had hit a big 2nd half 3 to answer one of Dave Neal’s big outside shots. Bowie told me after the game that the shot was the type of shot he wouldn’t have taken last season. His confidence is on display early, as he knocks down his 2nd 3 of the first half. That’s the difference right now; as Maryland leads 19-16 at the 2nd official timeout.

7:18-Mosley appeared to get a nice putback layup; but offensive interference was called-it looked like a good call at first; but was more questionable the second time I looked at it. Spartans out-muscling the Terps inside thus far; and Durrell Summers gets a pair of free throws after being fouled by Dino Gregory on a 2nd chance look. Hayes and Walton exchange jumpers; and we’re tied at 16.

7:16-Chris Allen knocks down a long 2; but Dave Neal responds with his 10th career 3 pointer; and Maryland re-takes a 14-12 lead. Sciambi notes that there have already been 7 lead changes in this game. Terps don’t want to get into a shooting contest though.

7:14-Durrell Summers makes just 1 of 2 at the line; but the Spartans get the offensive rebound; and Summers knocks down a 3. Sean Mosley, Adrian Bowie, and Dave Neal into the game; Bowie answers with his own 3 to give Maryland the lead back at 11-10.

7:11-Terps maintain the lead at the first official timeout; 8-6. As is the story with many preseason tournaments; coaches were encouraged to dress casual in Orlando for the Old Spice Classic. Like John Thompson III and Bruce Pearl earlier today; Gary Williams is going with the polo shirt; while Tom Izzo is wearing an untucked button down shirt. With Mr. Blackwell no longer with us; I figure someone has to make fashion comments.

7:10-Seems like a pretty decent contingency of Maryland fans in attendance; but Sciambi and Frischilla say the Spartans’ fans were the heavy travelers. Vasquez adds a long 2 to give the Terps an 8-6 lead; we should be approaching the first official timeout.

7:08-Hoops for Travis Walton and Marquise Gray; then a deuce for Eric Hayes and we’re tied at 6 about 3 minutes into the game. Jon Sciambi and Fran Frischilla are on the call; and they think the running start is advantage MSU.

7:04-Decent start for the Terps; as Raymar Morgan was given a gift layup early on a questionable goaltending call. Greivis Vasquez responded with a pair of freebies; then Landon Milbourne got a stick back to give the Terps an early 4-2 lead. Vasquez taking bad shots early.

7:00-I’ve never been to a game at the Milk House; but it seems like a strange venue for a College Basketball venue. Looks like a decent crowd tonight; for some reason Gonzaga fans always tend to travel well.

Looking back on recent Terps-Spartans history; the Terps’ quest to defend their national championship in 2002 was derailed by Maurice Ager’s Spartans in the Sweet 16 60-58. Maryland defeated Michigan State 2 seasons ago in Madison Square Garden 62-60 to claim the 2K Sports title.

6:58-So I’ve already had my first turkey sandwich of the post-Thanksgiving era. Life is good. Hopefully the hoops game will be closer than today’s football action. As Drew would say; who laid the bigger turd today; Calvert Hall or the Lions? Loyola might have beat Detriot by the way. Just minutes from tip-off in Orlando; but i’m here on my couch; having just finished my tryptophan-induced nap.

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