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Harbaugh pulls prank on parents during national conference call

Posted on 24 January 2013 by Luke Jones

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Even as he prepares for the most important football game of his coaching career, Ravens coach John Harbaugh couldn’t resist the urge to play a practical joke on Thursday morning.

His parents Jack and Jackie Harbaugh and sister Joani Crean were in the middle of a national conference call discussing their thoughts and reactions to both John and Jim Harbaugh making it to the Super Bowl when “John from Baltimore” was recognized by the moderator to ask a question. The trio had been answering questions for nearly 20 minutes when the Baltimore coach joined the conversation.

“Yeah, a question from Baltimore. Is it true that both of you like Jim better than John?” the faux reporter asked the Harbaugh parents.

Harbaugh mother Jackie was ready to “come right through” the phone in anger before sister Joani figured out it was John on the other end of the phone. Jack then enthusiastically asked, “Is that John Harbaugh?”

The family members shared a few laughs and words as John complimented his parents and sister for how they handled an assortment of questions about the Harbaugh brothers and which team they’d be rooting for.

Jack Harbaugh revealed son John considered a career in politics prior to settling on the idea of coaching upon graduating from Miami University of Ohio in 1984. He joined his father’s Western Michigan staff as an assistant that fall.

The coach of the Ravens was asked during his Thursday press conference whether it was difficult to put his family allegiances aside to square off against his brother’s San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

“I don’t think you ever put your family aside,” said Harbaugh while laughing. “We have a job to do. All of us have a job to do. Jim has a job to do, all of his coaches, all of our coaches, all of our players. Everybody’s going to be focused on doing their job.”

Hear the entire conference call with Jack and Jackie Harbaugh and Joani Crean right HERE.

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