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Flacco says Ravens don’t always get respect around NFL

Posted on 12 December 2011 by WNSTV

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Flacco announces start of “Fu-stivus” and charity drive for all Ravens fans who get ugly

Posted on 06 December 2011 by WNST Staff

WNST.net is excited to announce a partnership with Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco designed to create excitement and energy around the holidays, Festivus and the team’s pending playoff and Super Bowl run over the next 10 weeks while raising money for one of Baltimore’s great local charities for kids and education — the Living Classrooms Foundation.

Everyone who is a Ravens knows that Joe Flacco unveiled a Fu Manchu mustache on Thanksgiving night and said that he wanted teammates and the local purple community to be involved.

So it’s in response to that night and with great civic spirit and charitable intentions in partnership with Joe Flacco that we announce the formation of  “Fu 5 Fighters For Flacco” – essentially a local army of fans who will pledge to donate $5 per week to the Living Classrooms Foundation while either growing (or showing, sporting and/or wearing) a Fu Manchu. In addition for those participating, we’re offering an awesome contest on Facebook and Twitter to win a private dinner with Joe Flacco in Spring 2012 for three lucky fans. EVERYONE who completes their donation before Feb. 18, 2012 will also automatically be entered to win with one male and one female supporter selected in Spring 2012.

It’s very simple and here’s how you can be involved and donate:

•    Like the Fu 5 Fighters For Flacco page at Facebook here and register your Fu For Flacco by joining the contest here. THIS IS THE ONLY OFFICIAL WAY TO WIN! Make sure you share the pictures of your Fu For Flacco before Jan. 2, 2012 and make it your Facebook profile photo as well to tell the purple world that you’re supporting Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens for the newly crowned “Fu-stivus.”

•    Follow @5FlaccoFu on Twitter and share all posts, pictures and comments with Twitter hashtag #5F

•    Make sure you follow through with your donations for a chance to win a meal with Joe Flacco in Spring 2012. All of the rules of the competition are on our Facebook contest page at Fu 5 Fighters For Flacco page.

But this is pretty simple.

For men, you can grow your own Fu Manchus.

For the ladies, you can “show” your Fu by getting creative with your makeup kit!

Here’s a video from Joe Flacco talking about the origin of the Fu and why he’s excited to have Baltimore Ravens participate and get involved not only with the “Fu-stivus” season but also to benefit a great local charity like Living Classrooms with your donations.

If – or WHEN – the Ravens win the Super Bowl in February, your donation would be $50 for a championship run. And, of course, you’ll have some great pictures, laughs and memories to share with friends as Joe’s No. 5 Army is deploying with our Baltimore version of the playoff beard.

You can also now buy Flacco Fu cartoon T-shirts here.

Small $17.00 USD Medium $17.00 USD Large $17.00 USD XL $20.00 USD XXL $20.00 USD

Happy Fu-stivus to all.

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Fu Happy

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UPDATE: Flacco says Fu Manchu craze is catching on with Ravens players

Posted on 30 November 2011 by WNSTV

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San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens

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Flacco says all Harbaugh hype aside, win over 49ers was huge

Posted on 25 November 2011 by WNSTV

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Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

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Flacco says week makes big difference for style of Ravens offense

Posted on 20 November 2011 by WNST Staff

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Flacco asks critics of pass ratio if they watched the game in Seattle

Posted on 16 November 2011 by WNST Staff

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Nes Sea

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Nestor: An ugly assessment from Seattle after costly loss to Seahawks

Posted on 13 November 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

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Want Some reasons to be Sleepless in Seattle?

Posted on 13 November 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

Based solely on the Ravens’ Jeckyl and Hyde performances all season long, I’m of the opinion that no one should be perceived as overconfident today as the purple warriors awaken in Seattle with a chance to end the day as the unquestioned leader of the pack in the AFC home-field advantage race.

Oh sure, there are plenty of reasons to feel confidence brimming now the Ravens have swept the dreaded Pittsburgh Steelers and are in control of their own destiny as the Bengals will next try to vanquish the black and gold demons in the early game today as Baltimore awaits the Seahawks at 4 p.m.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t smell a difficult task in Seattle, where the legendary “12th Man” will be appearing soon after kickoff to welcome Joe Flacco and Cam Cameron’s crew to the Pacific Northwest.

Afterall, I was in attendance in Nashville and Jacksonville where the locals all but guaranteed us a happy trip into the deep South and almost-home-cooking that resulted in two of the most dreadful and disappointing outcomes in recent years – especially considering the desperate talent on  both sides of the ball. The Titans and Jaguars are headed toward nowheresville in January but for one afternoon they defended their home turf and thwarted every effort of Flacco and the Ravens’ offense.

The Seahawks appear to be short on the offensive side of the ball — is there any way they can really lose to Tarvaris Jackson? — and many have asked how they’re going to score points today at Century Link Field against a stout Baltimore defense but I will remain at best “cautiously enthusiastic” about the Ravens’ offense until I some semblance of consistency.

That begins today at 4 p.m.

Can Joe Flacco find open receivers downfield? Will the running game with Ray Rice and Ricky Williams be established early to quiet the mounting green and blue cacophony of sounds? Will the offensive line be off cadence all day and create bad down and distances?

Will the defense keep Marshawn Lynch at bay in the running game and can the defense force its usual array of turnovers and pressures on a young, inexperience Seahawks’ offense?

All good questions.

We’ll have answers at 4 p.m.

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Ray Lewis tips cap to Flacco, Torrey and Boldin for winning drive

Posted on 07 November 2011 by WNST Staff

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

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Torrey Smith tells Nestor staying upbeat through Pittsburgh drops was key to success

Posted on 07 November 2011 by WNST Staff

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