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UPDATE: Injury report, Bart vs Hines

Posted on 25 September 2008 by caseywillett

4:25 p.m.
Here is the Ravens injury report for Thursday:
Dawan Landry (neck)
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Did Not Participate:
Nick Greisen (thigh)
Le Ron McClain (migraine)
Daniel Wilcox (shoulder)
Limited Participation:
Yamon Figures (hamstring)
Willis McGahee (eye)
Samari Rolle (shoulder)
Troy Smith (illness)
Full Participation:
Tavares Gooden (hip)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Bart Scott is one of the more interesting and outspoken players in the locker room. Here are some of the quotes from today:
On what he thinks of Ward: “I think he does some tremendous things. I was really impressed with what he did, bringing those kids over from Asia last year. I watched a (TV) special. I think that was heartfelt. You know, football is a totally different thing. I don’t care if my mother was out there – I’d smack her around, too. It’s football. It doesn’t matter. If she had a different jersey on, she’s got to get dealt with.”
On whether he will exchange pleasantries with Ward : “If I would, why would I tell you something like that ? You’ve just got to ask the question, huh? No, I’m going out there to try to win a football game. All that other stuff is whatever.”
On the rivalry between the Ravens and the Steelers : “I think it’s a mirror image of two teams that are very physical. Whenever you’ve got two rams butting heads, of course there’s going to be some animosity because we’re pretty much built the same way. I mean, we know it’s going to be a man’s day. It’s going to be a physical day. The best team – the team that comes out and makes a couple of big plays and lays the wood the hardest-usually wins the game. Simple mission.”
Today Hines Ward responded about Bart Scott:
On the alleged cheap shot from the game last year on Scott: “There wasn’t anything cheap about it,” Ward said. “He can call it whatever he wants to call it. I didn’t get fined, I didn’t do anything wrong, I didn’t do anything illegal. If he wants to say it is a cheap shot then he can continue to call it a cheap shot. I didn’t cheap shot him. I blocked him and he got mad because a receiver hit him.”
On Bart Scott complaining about the hit : Tell him to go cry somewhere else,” Ward said. “It wasn’t a cheap shot. I don’t play this game to try to hurt somebody. Everything was legal. I didn’t get a fine. I didn’t get any letter from the commissioner saying it was a cheap shot. It was legal. If it was a cheap shot then I probably would’ve went low and tried to blow out his knee. I went high and he didn’t like it. You are going to get hit or be hit.”
On any bad blood with Bart : “I don’t think it is bad blood,” Ward said. “It is more respect. This guy is a great player. The thing he says doesn’t bother me. I played with the best trash talker in the world in Joey Porter and all he tries to do it get in your head.”

Rashard Mendenhall has been warned by teammates on what to expect from the Ravens besides their defense on Monday night. Kirby Wilson also warned him about a “professional trash talker.”


The Ravens are keeping quiet on the trash talking side of things as it relates to the Steelers. There has not been one peep about anything or anyone on the Steelers. While some people would love to hear trash talking or some bulletin board material type stuff coming out of here, but I respect this new quiet stance that the Ravens have taken. All you have heard out of this team is that it is just another game.
Dawan Landry was in the locker room for a brief time today and appeared to be in good spirits. There has been no time table as to when he will return to the football field for the Ravens. The Ravens are very optimistic that he will return this season.
Here are some quotes from Dawan Landry:
On the injury: “It was really scary,” Landry said. “It was my first time being injured and, at the time, I couldn’t feel anything. I was able to talk, though, and I felt my toes a little bit and I knew I would be fine eventually. By the time I got on the stretcher and got to the ambulance, all my feeling was starting to come back and I knew I would be okay.”
Thankful to the fans: “A lot of blessings have been answered,” Landry said. “I want to thank all the fans, all my teammates, the whole Ravens organization, the Browns, everybody that is helping me through this process right now. It’s truly a blessing.”

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UPDATE* Injury report, Ravens zapped of a sack, Troy Smith, and other notes

Posted on 24 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for today:
Dawan Landry (neck)
Did Not Particiapte :
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Limited Participation:
Nick Greisen (thigh)
Le’Ron McClain (back/ankle)
Willis McGahee (eye)
Samari Rolle (shoulder/neck)
Troy Smith (illness)
Full Participation:
Yamon Figurs (hamstring)
Tavares Gooden (hip)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Here are some notes from the media session this afternoon;
There is at least publicly no revenge factor on the Ravens minds about how the last time these two teams meet on Monday night. Terrell Suggs even reminded people in case people forgot that they actually beat the Steelers here to end the season.
Ray Lewis mentioned how the Ravens are not looking for a “coming out party” on national television Monday night. The Ravens just want to go out and play a football game.
Joe Flacco has not put a lot of thought into playing his first road game on Monday night football. Said that maybe as the game gets closer he will, but has as of now he has not.
Troy Smith ran the look (scout) team offense today. Troy mentioned how it feels good to be back on the field again and is still working his way back
Willis McGahee is still nursing a sore eye after getting cut on his eyelid during the Browns game. Coach Harbaugh said they have talked to the league about it, but have not heard back from them as of yet. The Ravens would not comment on who they suspect was the person scratching McGahee’s eye, put pointed out that it is clear to see on the tape who that person is.
The Ravens are not caught up on who is injured or not injured for the Steelers. The feeling is that when you do that that is when someone that you are not expecting hurts you. They are treating Rashad Mendenhall the same way they would Willie Parker. Terrell Suggs said he treats every running back like they are Barry Sanders and could set the record against them.
Dawan Landry has been around the facility the last couple of days, and is said to be in very good spirits. Landry’s parents were at the game and have been with him since the injury happened. Dawan’s brother Laron drove up from Washington after his game when the injury happened to Dawan and stayed at the hospital with him.
The Ravens have notified us that the team has lost a sack from Sunday’s game. The sack that was credited to the team in the 1st quarter now has been changed by the league to a rush for Derek Anderson. The Ravens now have a total of six sacks on the season. There will some stats that change, but they are still the top rated defense in the NFL.
Some quick tidbits  from Hines Ward’s  media conference call:
Hines says that this is a very physical and hard fought rivalry between the two teams. Each team knows what they are going to get from the opposing team and that it is going to be a hard hitting game.
He has no hard feelings toward anyone on the Ravens. When he was asked about last year when Bart Scott said he wanted to “kill” Hines Ward after the hit he gave Scott in Pittsburgh, Ward said he was pretty sure that Scott did not really mean that.
The thing that impresses him about the Ravens defense is that they are healthy and are flying to the football.
He does not feel that their game plan will have to change a lot with the loss of Willie Parker on Monday night. Ward said that this offense is not really built just around one guy.
He does think that it will be a big task for Joe Flacco to have to come into Heinz Field and play on Monday night for his first ever road game.
He does not take any of the trash talking personal while it is on the field. He pointed out that he played with one of the bigger trash talkers in the league in Joey Porter
Only message he wanted passed along to Bart Scott was that he says hello. Hines said he will be giving Scott a lot of smiles out on the field on Monday.
Here is an interesting note: The Steelers have not lost at home on Monday night since 10/14/91 when the lost to the New York Giants 23-20. That is 13 straight wins since that loss.


Yesterday I got a couple of questions in regard to the Ravens and their uniforms. Here is how the rules play out:
The Ravens and every other team in the NFL have to submit a list of what color uniform they wish to wear for each game during the season.
The home teams have the right to wear their choice. So if the Steelers and Ravens both submitted in July that they wanted to wear white for a game in Pittsburgh, the Steelers get to wear it because they are the home team.
The color of the pants can be switched, so a team is not committed to one color of the pants with the uniform, like when the Ravens wore the white top with the black pants.
It is not believed that the Ravens will wear their black uniforms this season

Here are some notes from the morning practice:

Troy Smith was at practice and throwing the ball for the first time since he became ill before the St. Louis Rams preseason game
Nick Greisen (leg) and Samari Rolle (shoulder) were not practicing this morning. Also missing was Dawan Landry who is dealing with a spinal cord concussion.
Yamon Figurs (hamstring) and Fabian Washington (neck) were both back at practice today.
Willis McGahee who is dealing with a cut eyelid and getting poked in the eye on Sunday, was at practice today
We do not know at this time how much each of these guys did during practice or what limitations they had at practice.
Back with more news and notes from the facility after media time with the coach and players.

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Ravens – Browns live blog

Posted on 21 September 2008 by caseywillett

Although the Ravens came up empty on their first drive, he showed a lot of poise in the pocket. He several times stepped up and out of the pocket to avoid the pressure. Shaun Rogers of the Browns has been frustrated by the job that Jason Brown and the offensive line have done on him. He has taken several swings at some of the Ravens players.
Derek Anderson was under constant pressure during the Browns offensive series.
4:36 p.m. Joe Flacco proves he is human and throws his first career interception to D’Qwell Jackson.


The Ravens offense was introduced out of the tunnel and the stadium went crazy as Joe Flacco lead the offensive introductions. Lorenzo Neal was already out on the field while he was being introduced out of the tunnel. Terrell Suggs ran around wanting the fans on their feet to start the game.
Trevor Pryce, Lorenzo Neal, and Matt Stover were the team captains for the coin toss. Cleveland has won the toss and has deferred to the Ravens.


Here is the injury report for the Ravens – Browns game today:
Troy Smith (3rd qb)
Yamon Figurs
Evan Oglesby
Fabian Washington
Nick Greisen
Oneil Cousins
David Hale
Kelly Gregg
Ken Dorsey (3rd Qb)
Donte’ Stallworth
Sean Jones
Kris Griffin
Willie McGinest
Eric Steinbach
Ryan Tucker
Martin Rucker

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UPDATED: Kelly Gregg injury news plus Ravens Notes

Posted on 19 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens game status report for Friday:
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Troy Smith (illness)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Nick Greisen
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Yamon Figurs
Corey Ivy
Derrick Martin
Todd Heap
Marshal Yanda
Demetrius Williams


According to Coach Harbaugh, Kelly Gregg will be out for the next couple of weeks and then will become a week-to-week injury issue. Gregg has a hole in the cartilage that rubs bone to bone in his knee and because of that, it is causing a sensitive spot on his bone. Gregg feels it when he unloads on a block. Coach Harbaugh said that it is sort of like a scap on the bone and it tears the scab off. The Ravens  have to ice him and there is nothing they can do but let him heal. It will take him about two weeks and then they’ll reevaluate it after that.
Gregg missed a huge amount of training camp and all of the preseason and regular season so far with knee issues. The Ravens are fortunate to have a guy like Justin Bannan to fill in for Gregg while he tries to recover from this injury.

You can check out Ed Hochuli’s official website at www.nfl85.com to see his answers for last weekend’s gaffe with the Chargers. Hochuli, as you might know, is calling the Ravens-Browns game on Sunday.

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Thursday Ravens Notes

Posted on 18 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for Thursday:
Troy Smith
Did Not Participate:
Brendon Ayanbadejo (leg)
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Corey Ivy (ankle)
Limited Participation:
Yamon Figurs (hamstring)
Nick Greisen (thigh)
Derrick Martin (shoulder)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Full Participation:
Todd Heap (wrist)
Marshal Yanda (knee)
Demetrius Williams (hamstring)

Here are some notes from the media session with Special Teams Coach Jerry Rosburg, Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan, and Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron:

The Ravens special teams unit will have their hands full with Josh Cribbs as he is one of the most dangerous return guys in the NFL. Interestingly enough, Coach Jerry Rosburg was the person who turned Cribbs into a return guy. Cribbs was a quarterback out of Kent State when he was signed as a free agent by the Browns in ’05.
The Ravens offensive line will have their hands full with big defensive tackle Shaun Rogers. He is a guy that demands a double team from the offensive line and will be a big challenge for Jason Brown.
Willis McGahee will see some playing this Sunday, but I do not look for him to start and to only play a limited amount of time on Sunday.
According to Rex Ryan, this will be the best defense that the Browns will have faced so far this year. So far they have faced the Cowboys who only allowed 10 points, and the Steelers who only allowed 6 points.
Rex Ryan pointed out that part of the struggles of the Browns so far has been that they are missing Joe Jurevicius and Donte Stallworth on offense, but are still a very dangerous team offensively.
Look for Justin Bannan to get another start on the defensive line as Kelly Gregg still appears to be unlikely to play on Sunday
Willie Anderson will fit into the mix at the tackle position this Sunday. Willie will now rotate with Adam Terry and Jared Gaither, and Terry could move over to left tackle at times during the game
Here are notes from the media portion of practice:
-Missing: Troy Smith, Brendon Ayanbadejo, Kelly Gregg, Corey Ivy
-Back at work: Yamon Figurs, Ed Reed, Demetrius Williams, Derrick Martin
-Lorenzo Neal was wearing #43 which is the number that belongs to Haruki Nakamura. Haruki was also wearing #43. Lorenzo is listed on the roster as still wearing #42.

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Update :Injury report and Friday Morning Practice Notes

Posted on 12 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for Friday:
Troy Smith (illness)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Derrick Martin (shoulder)
Brendon Ayanbadejo(leg)
Yamon Figurs(hamstring)
Demetrius Williams (hamstring)


Coach Harbaugh spoke with the media today after practice and it ended pretty quickly. Coach Harbaugh has made it a point that he does not care to address injuries. You can listen to the entire interview in the audio vault on the website.
Coach Harbaugh did say that they are still sticking to the plan of playing in Houston on Monday night. There are back up plans in place, but Coach Harbaugh said that he has not been made aware of everything yet. The Ravens are still planning on leaving Sunday afternoon to head to Houston.
We had heard earlier in the week that we would hear an update about Troy Smith today. Coach Harbaugh said today that he has not had any conversations with anyone about the health of Troy Smith.


Here are some news and notes from the morning media portion of practice:
The lists of players missing from today’s practice: Yamon Figurs, Derrick Martin, Fabian Washington, Troy Smith, Brendon Ayanbadejo, and Kelly Gregg.
There was a very loud crowd noise being played in the indoor facility. As the team was in the red zone, the noise was increased.
Haloti Ngata was back at practice today after missing the last two days
Willis McGahee was running with the first-team offense today
After the offensive line was done with their individual drills, coach John Matsko told the offensive line, “we just got better.”
During a couple of the offensive line drills, Willie Anderson lined up next to Jared Gaither. Remember, Gaither is going to deal with Mario Williams, and the Ravens have said they are going to give Gaither some help.
Todd Bouman was finally wearing a red jersey, after having to practice with a purple jersey since he got here.
The special teams unit looked like they might have some tricks up their sleeve for this week’s game.

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UPDATE: Injury report and Wednesday Ravens notes

Posted on 10 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for Wednesday:
Did Not Participate:
Brendon Ayanbadejo (leg)
Troy Smith (illness)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Limited Participation
Yamon Figurs (hamstring)
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Corey Ivy (ankle)
Ed Reed (neck)
Full Participation
Chris McAlister(knee)
Jason Brown (ankle)
Jared Gaither (ankle)
Todd Heap (back)
LeRon McClain (ankle)
Willis McGahee (knee)

The Ravens returned to practice today as they prepare for the Houston Texans. Here are some news and notes from today:

Good news from media portion of practice this afternoon. Kelly Gregg was back on the field and may possibly be ready to play on Sunday
Haloti Ngata was not at practice during the media session, and there has been no reason as to why he was not there. Again, he was not there during the media portion of practice, he could have very well come out for practice later.
Fabian Washington, Brendon Ayanbadejo, and Troy Smith, were all not at practice this afternoon as they nurse injuries.
Fabian sort of rules himself out on Sunday. He said he is still dealing with some neck issues.
Troy Smith was in the locker room for a brief moment this afternoon. He looks to be in a little better shape than last time we saw him, but Coach Harbaugh said they will know more about his status on Friday.
Look for it to be a possible rotation of Willie Anderson, Adam Terry, and Jared Gaither, at the tackle positions. Terry could possibly see some time at the left tackle position if Anderson comes in at right.
There has been no news as far as possibly having to make changes in the Ravens travel plans as it relates to Houston yet,” whatever those plans are, they’ll let us know when it’s time, and our job is to get ready for the Texans.”
Todd Heap said that his back injury that he suffered in the 4th quarter of the Bengals game is ok, and not something that is going to bother him. Heap said that he landed on the Bengals player’s foot, but will be ok for Sunday.
Texans coach Gary Kubiak had an interesting take on the Ravens offense:’ I think you’ve got to worry about stopping the offense. When you look at the Ravens last week, the bottom line is they were dominant on the line of scrimmage. I’m not sure I’m right, but I think the quarterback only threw the ball 17-18 times last week. If you’re in this league and the quarterback only has to throw the ball that many times, then that means your football team’s got total control of the game on the ground. I think our tremendous challenge is figuring out a way to stop their run. If they can hold the ball longer, just like Pittsburgh did-I think Ben threw it 16 times or 15 times, I’m not sure; it wasn’t many-you’re in trouble as a football team. We’ve got to stop their offense, and when you look at last week they’re very physical and do a great job in the running game.”
One of the things to watch for is that Mario Williams will jump from one end of the line to the other, to cause match up problems.

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Updated, starters,Inactives and Carmelo Anthony

Posted on 07 September 2008 by caseywillett

12:47 – We have recieved a memo from the league that for today, Chad Johnson will be referred to as Chad Johnson today. According to the league that certain issues remain to be resolved

-Ray Rice will start at running back for the Ravens today. Willis McGahee is dressed, but will share the carries with Rice.
-Tom Zbikowski has changed his number to 28
-Evan Oglesby changed his number to 25
-Justin Bannan will start in place of Kelly Gregg


Troy Smith
Evan Oglesby
Tavares Gooden
Oniel Cousins
David Hale
Marcus Smith
Kelly Gregg
Willie Anderson
Pre game notes:
The Ravens are wearing white tops with black pants for today’s game. This is the first time since 1998 that this combination of the uniform has been worn
Carmelo Anthony is here to be the honorary captain of the game. Carmelo will wear his gold medal on the field and is sporting a huge tattoo on the inside of his right forearm that features the 410 area code, a Raven, and an Oriole. Carmelo said that this will be the first Ravens game he will be attending since he was 8 years old.

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Ravens – Bengals 6-pack

Posted on 07 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is my 6-pack of things to look for in today’s Ravens – Bengals game
  1. Give Joe time: With a rookie quarterback in Joe Flacco, a hurt if playing at all running back in Willis McGahee, a backup rookie running back in Ray Rice, and still a questionable offensive line, I expect the Bengals will throw everything they can at Joe Flacco early until he can beat the pressure. The Bengals linebackers coach Jeff Fitzgerald is the former Ravens linebackers coach, and knows the players on offense, especially the line. It will be huge today for Lorenzo Neal, and LeRon McClain, to pick up the blitzes and other schemed the Bengals will throw at Flacco. The offensive line will have to hold up, the offense can not afford to have to have Todd Heap or Dan Wilcox stay back on every play to help pass protect.
  1. Keep drives going: This is going to be a huge part of what the Ravens offense will have to do today. The Bengals defense is not that great, and it will be key to keep them out there as long as possible. By having long sustained drives, not only does it keep the Bengals defense on the field, it keeps the Ravens defense on the bench, and more importantly keeps Carson Palmer and that high powered offense on the sidelines. Mark Clayton told me this week that the one big key for them is to convert on 3rd down and not get in 3rd and long situations.
  1. Find Ben Utecht: As much as the Bengals wide receiving corp gets talked about, and rightfully so, the off season addition of Ben Utecht was a big pickup for the Bengals.  Ben will be a big part of what the Bengals will do today. He may not finish with 100+ yards or three touchdowns, but he will be the guy to come up with some key catches for the Ravens. He will become to Carson Palmer what Dallas Clark is to Peyton Manning. A guy who can line up almost any where and make that big reception for them. He will also cause match up problems for the Ravens defense.
  1. Get to Carson: With Kelly Gregg doubtful for this game, and Haloti Ngata still nursing a knee injury, it will be key but a little harder for the Ravens to get pressure on Palmer. Terrell Suggs will have his hands full with his former Sun Devil friend Levi Jones. Trevor Pryce will be a key to getting after Palmer and applying the pressure. Palmer will stand in the pocket and make you pay if you do not get to him quick enough. The linebacking corp of the Ravens can not be overly aggressive because that is when Ben Utecht and Chris Perry will hurt them in the passing game. Ravens have to get to Carson, hit him, knock him down, and not let him get comfortable in the pocket.
  1. Don’t play their game: It is no secret Chad Ocho Cinco loves to talk trash while he is on the field. TJ Houshmandzadeh can also do some good trash talking. Ocho Cinco has already made it known that he is going to be yelping at Dawan Landry and Bart Scott all day. Scott, Landry, and Chris McAlister, can not afford to let the talk get the best of them and get penalties for late hits. This is a game that Cinco, and Houshmandzadeh, will play with the Ravens and try to get them to retaliate.
  1. Special teams has to be special: It would be huge for the Ravens offense today if the special teams unit can give them a short field to work with. With a rookie quarterback, and injuries on the offense, the last thing they need is to have to be trying to go 60-80 yards ever offensive drive. On the other side of the coin, it will be huge for the special teams to force the Bengals to have to go 60-80 yards. The Bengals have the weapons that given the short field they will make you pay quickly, or get in position for Shayne Graham to give them points.
Final prediction: Bengals 27 – Ravens 20

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Injury Report, Willie Anderson, and other Ravens notes

Posted on 05 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for Friday:
Out: Troy Smith
Doubtful: Kelly Gregg
Questionable: Ed Reed
Probable: Oneil Cousins (back), Todd Heap (knee), Willis McGahee(knee),Marshal Yanda(thumb)

2:25 Former Ravens offensive lineman Mike Flynn is here today and back from his time in New England. Mike will be doing some work with the Ravens this year. Friday’s are interesting as usually you see Brad Jackson,Qadry Ismail, Kyle Richardson, and other former Ravens around the building.

Here are some other notes from the media session this afternoon:
Coach Harbaugh is excited to add Willie Anderson to his roster and would not comment on whether he will play on Sunday or not.
Coach Harbaugh gave no new news as it relates to the players who have been nursing injuries. The basic comment was “we will wait and see” as it relates to injuries.
Willie Anderson said he is excited to join the Ravens and has always looked at the Ravens and respected the way that they do things. You can listen to Willie talk about leaving Cincinnati, joining the Ravens, and his health during the Rob Long Show today.
For the second year in a row, the Ravens will not make anyone the team captain. The NFL started allowing teams to designate captains on their team with a patch last season and Brian Billick decided not to do it. Coach Harbaugh has also decided that he will not be doing it either, but said they will have captains during the coin toss.

News from the morning practice:

All of the walking wounded was present and accounted for out on the field this morning except for Troy Smith. Ed Reed, Kelly Gregg, Chris McAlister, and Willis McGahee, were all on the field. This morning’s practice was in soft shells, so there will not be a lot of contact at the practice.
Willie Anderson is on the practice field this morning wearing #79 and doing some reps with the offensive lineman as they were warming up. From what we could account for, Edgar Jones did not appear to be on the field and was possibly victim to the roster move for Anders. There is nothing official from the Ravens on Anderson as of yet.
Todd Bouman looked like odd man out with the quarterbacks this morning when all of the other quarterbacks came out on the field in red jerseys and he walked out in a purple jersey.
More updates later this afternoon after the media meets with Coach Harbaugh.

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