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RB James says Niners must match Ravens’ intensity

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on adjusting to a secondary role after leaving Oregon and coming into the NFL) “I am (great). I am just very blessed I am in the situation I am in. playing for a great team, bring in the Super Bowl and being able to play. I am young. I am still learning. There a lot of things I can do better. I am very fine with my role.”


(on the secondary players making big plays) “I am aware. It is mostly what helps you win the football game. It does not matter who makes the plays.”


(on coming to the Super Bowl as a rookie) “I got drafted to a great team. I think that one thing is actually being here and being in the Super Bowl, it really has not hit my yet. It is still kind of a surreal moment.”


(on if the veterans have talked about how special this moment is) “Yeah, they bring it up. They are always talking about ‘You are a rookie and you are in the Super Bowl.’ It is kind of unbelievable. It still has not hit me yet. I am just living in the moment. Maybe after the game it will.”


(on playing Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis) “We are going against a great team and Ray Lewis is a great player. We have to go out there, compete and match their intensity.”


(on the 49ers’ offensive keys) “We have to play physical, match their intensity and run the ball. A lot of the things we do is based on running the football.”


(on keeping a regular routine with everything going on) “I think we have a lot of veteran guys and everybody knows why we are here. We are here on a business trip and here to win a football game. Nobody wants to get all this way and lose a game based on having fun or just letting distractions dictate what you do. We came here to win the game.”


(on his touchdown against Atlanta) “It felt good, especially because we won the game. Anytime you can score and help your team win it is a bonus.”


(on quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s leadership) “He is a very poised player. He does a lot of great things for us and makes a lot of great reads for us. He is a great guy.”


(on if Kaepernick has a sense of humor in the huddle) “No sense of humor. You see him in the huddle and you just know that you have a leader and you have got a winner.”


(on Kaepernick opening up space for the running game) “Anytime you have a quarterback that is as fast as a running back it adds a different thing. You can throw the ball, run the ball or do anything you want to do. He is great.”


(on if the 49ers offense is here to stay) “I think so. It is working right now. You have to have a smart quarterback and (Kaepernick) is one of the smartest out there. He makes all the right reads, all the right checks at the line. He does a great job with everything. Anytime you have a quarterback like that who can run, throw the ball and is super smart–he is a bonus back there.”


(on Kaepernick not trying to force anything against Atlanta) “He is not an attention guy at all. He does not care about the stats as long as we are winning the game. He makes all of the right reads. He is doing a great job for us.”

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