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The Five Plays That Determined The Game: Ravens/49ers

Posted on 05 February 2013 by Glenn Clark

Following every Baltimore Ravens game this season, Ryan Chell and I will take to the airwaves Tuesdays on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net with a segment known as “The Five Plays That Determined The Game.”

It’s a simple concept. We’ll select five plays from each game that determined the outcome. These five plays will best represent why the Ravens won or lost each game.

This will be our final analysis of the previous game before switching gears towards the next game on the schedule.

Here are the five plays that determined the Ravens’ 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII…

(Note: not all pictures are always of actual play)

Glenn Clark’s Plays…

5. Jacoby Jones 108 yard kickoff return TD (3rd quarter)

4. Jacoby Jones 56 yard TD catch from Joe Flacco on 3rd & 10 (2nd quarter)

3. Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Randy Moss on two point conversion attempt incomplete (4th quarter)

2. Joe Flacco 15 yard pass to Anquan Boldin on 3rd and inches (4th quarter)

1. Colin Kaepernick pass intended for Michael Crabtree on 4th and goal incomplete (4th quarter)

(Ryan’s Plays on Page 2…)

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RB James says Niners must match Ravens’ intensity

Posted on 29 January 2013 by WNST Staff



(on adjusting to a secondary role after leaving Oregon and coming into the NFL) “I am (great). I am just very blessed I am in the situation I am in. playing for a great team, bring in the Super Bowl and being able to play. I am young. I am still learning. There a lot of things I can do better. I am very fine with my role.”


(on the secondary players making big plays) “I am aware. It is mostly what helps you win the football game. It does not matter who makes the plays.”


(on coming to the Super Bowl as a rookie) “I got drafted to a great team. I think that one thing is actually being here and being in the Super Bowl, it really has not hit my yet. It is still kind of a surreal moment.”


(on if the veterans have talked about how special this moment is) “Yeah, they bring it up. They are always talking about ‘You are a rookie and you are in the Super Bowl.’ It is kind of unbelievable. It still has not hit me yet. I am just living in the moment. Maybe after the game it will.”


(on playing Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis) “We are going against a great team and Ray Lewis is a great player. We have to go out there, compete and match their intensity.”


(on the 49ers’ offensive keys) “We have to play physical, match their intensity and run the ball. A lot of the things we do is based on running the football.”


(on keeping a regular routine with everything going on) “I think we have a lot of veteran guys and everybody knows why we are here. We are here on a business trip and here to win a football game. Nobody wants to get all this way and lose a game based on having fun or just letting distractions dictate what you do. We came here to win the game.”


(on his touchdown against Atlanta) “It felt good, especially because we won the game. Anytime you can score and help your team win it is a bonus.”


(on quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s leadership) “He is a very poised player. He does a lot of great things for us and makes a lot of great reads for us. He is a great guy.”


(on if Kaepernick has a sense of humor in the huddle) “No sense of humor. You see him in the huddle and you just know that you have a leader and you have got a winner.”


(on Kaepernick opening up space for the running game) “Anytime you have a quarterback that is as fast as a running back it adds a different thing. You can throw the ball, run the ball or do anything you want to do. He is great.”


(on if the 49ers offense is here to stay) “I think so. It is working right now. You have to have a smart quarterback and (Kaepernick) is one of the smartest out there. He makes all the right reads, all the right checks at the line. He does a great job with everything. Anytime you have a quarterback like that who can run, throw the ball and is super smart–he is a bonus back there.”


(on Kaepernick not trying to force anything against Atlanta) “He is not an attention guy at all. He does not care about the stats as long as we are winning the game. He makes all of the right reads. He is doing a great job for us.”

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Most Important Individual Matchups in Super Bowl XLVII

Posted on 28 January 2013 by jeffreygilley

Super Bowl 47 is filled with many fantastic individual matchups. In this article, I will list what I consider to be the most important matchups as well as who has the edge in that matchup.

Ed Reed VS Colin Kaepernick

Ed Reed’s legacy is on the line in this game. Even without a Super Bowl ring, you could make an argument that Reed is the best safety to ever play the game. So, with a ring, would that even become an argument? That will be discussed no matter the outcome of the Super Bowl.

Kaepernick is not a one trick pony. He can make any throw and loves to throw the ball deep to Vernon Davis. Therefore, Ed Reed should have plenty of opportunities to make plays against a young quarterback.

Ed Reed has two weeks to prepare for this offense. Therefore, I give the advantage to Reed.

Edge: Ed Reed

Ray Lewis VS Frank Gore

Ray Lewis did not play against the 49ers last season. Because of his absence, the 49ers have not played against a linebacker with Ray’s instincts and intensity. While Ray has lost a step, Gore is not the type of player that can consistently break long runs. Therefore, Ray will be able to keep up with Gore.

These two players are simply too good to give the advantage to one player or another. Frank Gore has played against the Ravens twice, once in 2007 and the other in 2011. In those games, Gore has averaged only 45.5 yards rushing. But in those games, Gore’s offensive line was not as talented as it is this season.

Edge: Even

Justin Smith VS Kelechi Osemele

From watching the 49ers postseason games with an injured Justin Smith, it’s no secret that they have struggled to apply pressure. Aldon Smith has struggled mightily since Justin Smith’s injury but when the two are healthy, the two are a terrifying combination.

Justin Smith will be moved around but for the most part, will be matched up with Kelechi Osemele. Osemele played well at tackle but at this point in his career, is better at guard. Osemele is one of the bigger guards in the league and that should help him against Smith.

Osemele will also have to watch out for Aldon Smith, who runs a lot of stunts to the interior of the offensive line.

Despite Osemele’s talent, Smith is a veteran and giving him the edge is a no-brainer.

Edge: Justin Smith.

Bryant McKinnie and Michael Oher VS Aldon Smith

On August 25, the 49ers traveled to New Orleans to play the Saints. In that game, Aldon Smith recorded 1.5 sacks, which gave him 30.5 sacks for his career. This, in turn made him the fastest player to reach 30 sacks. Who did he pass on his way to that record you ask? Reggie White.

Obviously, Smith is doing something right. The supremely athletic linebacker/defensive end seems to play better on big stages and none is bigger than the Super Bowl. Oher should be able to hold his own but the much older McKinnie will have his hands full. On passing downs, expect to see Ray Rice or Vonta Leach in pass protection to help slow down Smith. Running some screens where Rice blocks and then releases on a pass route will also help slow down Smith.

Edge when against McKinnie: Aldon Smith
Edge when against Oher: even

Vonta Leach VS Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman

Of all the matchups in the Super Bowl, this might be the best. In 2011, Leach and Willis exchanged blows and Leach embarrassed Willis on one particular play.

Willis is widely considered the best linebacker in the NFL and Bowman is not far behind him. Expect this to be a back and forth battle for the entire game.

Edge: Even

There are many matchups that are evenly matched. Therefore, this game will come down to lesser-known players making big plays. For the 49ers, the two most likely players to play that role are LaMichael James and Delanie Walker. For the Ravens, Jimmy Smith and Tandon Doss are the most likely candidates.

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