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In Memoriam of my dear friend Papa Joe Chevalier

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In Memoriam of my dear friend Papa Joe Chevalier

Posted on 05 June 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

In a former life, I used to be “Nasty” Nestor Aparicio. And even though I don’t talk about it much or brag on as I probably should, I was a nationally-syndicated sports talk host on 425 radio stations across the United States back at the turn of the century. And every night when I was done my four hours of laughs and conversations, I handed the baton to a far better man than I named “Papa” Joe Chevalier.

Chevalier died yesterday at the age of 62 in Las Vegas from the complications of a stroke he suffered in March.

Papa Joe was a simple man. He’d always come booming into the offices about 90 minutes before his show and always with a hearty laugh and always penning his opening monologue and script on a legal notepad and rehearsing it on those who would hear him. Sometimes, I’d run into the bathroom to take a leak at the 5:40 break and he’d forever be trying out some one-liner on me or engaging me in sports talk – even if it was calling the Ravens “jailbirds” or digging some fun at something Baltimore-related.

Papa Joe Chevalier was old school – and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. He KNEW sports. He KNEW gambling. He KNEW the mentality of big business in sports and where the money came from. He was no fraud when it came to sports knowledge. He was the real deal!

Because I broadcast the majority of my shows from the second story bedroom at my house on Springhouse Circle in White Marsh, I didn’t get to see Papa Joe every day. But I heard his show every day because my station here at WNST-AM 1570 in Baltimore carried his show even before I ever met him or knew him. And the really sad part is that because we always crossed shifts, I never really got to go out for a beer after work in Chicago with him other than at work functions, when he truly held court with the staff of young producers. Everyone in that building liked Papa Joe.

He would always send me outta the studio when his shift would begin with a standard phrase: “I love ya, kid!”

And I think he did, too, even when I was on the backend of a few “Bite Me Wednesday” segments, which was his “airing of the grievances” and beefs.

My unique “broadcast from Baltimore” contract language created a scenario for him that opened the door for him to do shows back in his adopted Las Vegas. So my negotiating and hardcore “I’m not leaving Baltimore” stance with management at SNR bought him some leeway that he loved.  And it seemed like he was in Vegas every weekend so I never got to go to Wrigley Field or Comiskey Park with him but that would’ve been a real hoot.

That Sporting News Radio circle of people in Chicago was really a wonderful team of  great sports fans in retrospect. It was truly like a WKRP family of people, most of whom I really, really LIKED. I would start naming names but because they’ll all wind up reading this it I want to be careful not to leave anyone out. But there are at least a dozen people whom I keep in very regular contact with because I liked them so much and those memories are so dear to me as I learned a lot about the big corporate world during that period of my life when big money and agents were trying to “make Nasty Nestor a star.”

Chevalier, however, didn’t really care whether he was a “star” or not. He was a quirky old bird, indeed.

Our programming leader Matt Nahigian would implore “Papa” Joe to simply say his name before and after every break – a very typical, simple radio request that allegedly helped Arbitron ratings and “brand familiarity” but Chevalier wanted no part of it.

“I do the damned show every night,” he would squeal. “They all know who the hell I am!”

And who was he? A throwback – a real old-timer from Pittsburgh whose Steelers’ swagger didn’t play so great with me during those years because the Ravens won the Super Bowl on Jan. 28, 2001 when I was sitting in the national sports talk chair and I really had the upper hand on him every time during that fragile period in the Baltimore-Pittsburgh wars of two centuries. Anytime the Pirates and Orioles would come up he’d start pretending to blow the whistle of Omar Moreno’s wife to drive me nuts. And he’d routinely play “We Are Family” and send it as a “shout out” to me on national radio.

And while most of my angst against Pittsburgh and all people from Pittsburgh is legendary, I can honestly say his ribbing never bothered me because it was part of the beauty of our friendship.

We bet a dinner at Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa on the radio every time the Ravens and Steelers played and he lost a LOT. And he never, ever paid up! And for that I’m really, really sad! I would’ve loved a three-hour dinner talking sports with Joe over some sloppy steaks and red wine and we probably would’ve slipped upstairs for a café and a nightcap of ice cream and whiskey amidst conversations of Clemente and the Robinsons, Unitas and Bradshaw. And that would’ve been one helluva sports conversation, he and I — especially if we had added a few drinks and some microphones.

I found out he died late Saturday night from my pal Bernard Bokenyi on Facebook via this Las Vegas newspaper obit and writing about him makes me feel good and brings a smile to my face. Just thinking about the fuss we’re all making over him would make him bristle.

He was a really neat old guy and I never spent a moment with him that I didn’t enjoy. And his audience was immense, loyal and loved his charm. He created a fan “Bill of Rights” during the baseball strike of 1994 and had people all over the country send in baseball cards that he destroyed.

He was a man of the people and he was truly the same dude in real life as he was on the radio. Full of loveable bluster and an unending source of sports information!

In a media world fraught with frauds, phonies, liars, cowards and fools he was a man who had knowledge, integrity, an incredible sense of humor and we had a mutual respect that was unusually genuine.

I really LIKED Papa Joe. And he really liked me. It was a cool relationship and one that I probably didn’t cultivate or appreciate quite enough.

I hadn’t talked to him in a few years but I loved that old man. And I’m going to miss him and his soft voice. He was a really good man!

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Early Reports Wrong as Sean Miller Now Staying at Arizona

Posted on 07 May 2011 by WNST Staff

After a wild Saturday of reports (including an initial report from ESPN 980-WTEM-in Washington, DC) saying University of Arizona head coach Sean Miller was set to replace Gary Williams as basketball coach at the University of Maryland, things got even wilder after midnight.

A late night Twitter update from U of A Athletic Director Greg Byrne said the following…

“Breaking news: Internet speculation wrong. Sean Miller is staying at Arizona as our hoops coach.”

An ensuing press release from Byrne confirmed the Tweet.

“Sean and I have had many positive conversations and have been working on a revised contract for some time” said Byrne in the release. “I’m pleased to confirm that we have agreed to an amendment to Sean’s contract that we hope will keep him in Tucson for many years to come.”

This appears to mean that a western trip from Terrapins Athletic Director and Baltimore Ravens owner/Terps booster Steve Bisciotti is for naught, and the school will be forced to consider other candidates.

Multiple reports have suggested Pittsburgh coach Jamie Dixon has already removed his name from consideration. Other rumored candidates include Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey, Villanova’s Jay Wright, VCU’s Shaka Smart and Butler’s Brad Stevens.

The Chicago Tribune reported Saturday that Brey is closer to agreeing on a contract extension with the Fighting Irish. CSN Philadelphia reported Saturday that Wright will not be leaving Villanova.

Anderson and Bisciotti reportedly traveled to Las Vegas Saturday to meet with Miller at a Nike Coaches Clinic. Anderson’s visit was originally reported by FoxSports.com’s Jeff Goodman, Bisciotti’s inclusion was originally reported by Comcast SportsNet’s Chick Hernandez.

Bisciotti’s involvement in the school’s coaching search came just 24 hours after he told WNST.net’s Glenn Clark decisively “no” when asked if he would be involved in the process. Clark interviewed Bisciotti at Williams’ retirement press conference in College Park Friday.

Miller appeared to be the frontrunner for the job, as the Ellwood City, Pennsylvania native was reported to be interested in returning to the East Coast. It is not immediately known why he made the decision to stay with the Wildcats.

Follow @WNST on Twitter for more details as they emerge.

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50 words or less .... Wednesday, April 27th

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50 words or less …. Wednesday, April 27th

Posted on 27 April 2011 by Rex Snider

Hey, it looks like this Britton kid is gonna be pretty damn good. After last night’s victory, he’s just the 5th rookie to win 4 games in April. Admittedly, one month does not make a career, but he’s a phenomenal talent to watch.

Things will be tougher over the next couple days, with Josh Beckett and Jon Lester staring down from the mound. But, the birds bats are due for a breakout …..

Here’s today’s “50 Words Or Less” …..

Yo, Gimme A Slice …..

I really like Tom Zbikowski, and if there is ever a case where a urinalysis test is found to be tainted, I’m hoping his recent positive result for THC is such a situation. Zibby seems to be a good-character guy and while it’s illegal, I don’t view marijuana as a drug that really corrupts anything.

His lawyer, Mike Joyce probably summed up the situation best, “the guys I know that smoke pot are all big fat guys that have the munchies …. Tom doesn’t even eat pizza”. Now that’s funny ….
The Switcheroo

JUST STOP. To everyone who tries to rationalize a hitter’s transition from the National League to the American League as a “struggle”, simply because of some substantial acclamation, JUST STOP …..

The list of hitters who have made the seamless transition or EVEN HIT BETTER is long and storied. Such names of success, include Bobby Abreu, Josh Hamilton, Miguel Cabrera, Bobby Bonilla, Jason Bay and many, many more.

If a player like Derrek Lee is struggling, it’s simply because of that …. he’s struggling.
Baltimore’s French Quarter ???

It looks like a war is “brewing” in Federal Hill. Over the past decade, the amount of watering holes in South Baltimore have certainly increased to proportions never realized in the past.

Are residents of the area fed up with less than sober visitors? Umm …. according to an assembled group of neighbors, this indeed appears to be the case. Hey, if we’re gonna pick on Kegasus, we must be fair about the subject. Here’s the STORY
You’re Wrong

I don’t care how much football knowledge the national or local experts possess, there is NO WAY of being near accurate in predicting the 1st round of the upcoming NFL Draft.

While such lists help us in familiarizing ourselves with the top talent, Mock Drafts can only be taken seriously for that purpose. Trust me, I’m right on this one …..

Please just get married and GO AWAY …..

While the American public endures increased gas prices and a continued stymied economy, the British royals dominate many headlines because of a certain wedding. What’s the big deal? It’s freakin’ wedding ceremony …..

And, they’re stealing some magic …. as they’re getting married on the 13th anniversary of my wife becoming the luckiest girl in the world – at the Little Church of the West, in Las Vegas.
The Proof Is Right Here

Perhaps, Axl Rose said it best …. “all we need is just a little patience”.

Through 21 games, the Baltimore Orioles have collectively walked just 52 times, while striking out 136 times. Slice the numbers any possible way, this K/BB ratio translates into bad baseball.

Have a GREAT Wednesday …..

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As purple Festivus season is upon us, alas the real Grinch continues to be Peter G. Angelos

Posted on 24 December 2010 by Nestor Aparicio

It’s been 51 months now since the initial “Free The Birds” campaign that we launched at WNST.net in “Year Nine of The Black Cat” and motivated more than 2,000 other brave souls who said “enough is enough” to Peter Angelos and the losing and nasty ways of the Baltimore Orioles.

The holiday results are in yet again for another sad orange offseason and I’m feeling pretty confident — as is Las Vegas — that the Baltimore Orioles will not be a playoff team in 2011.

And the real reason the team won’t win this year is the same as last year and the year before that: they won’t (or can’t) spend all of the millions of dollars they have managed to extract from this community via their incredibly wealthy and lean “regional sports network” called MASN.


We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in direct profit that was allegedly to be spent on improving the baseball team for the community to enjoy. But instead of the $150 million payrolls that were promised to “compete with the likes of the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox,” that previously earmarked U.S. money donated by Middle Atlantic cable subscribers is in the pockets of Peter G. Angelos. Along with about $20 million more each year since Andy MacPhail took over in 2007 and slashed the payroll, bought off the local media and preached “young” to the fans while winking “cheap” at the owner that he just made a cool, clean profit for and shared in the financial windfall.

And like any other billionaire businessman without a soul for the pride of his own company and what it represents in the community, all of a sudden it’s very hard for any of them to part with “guaranteed money in the bank.” Especially when there’s no financial upside to giving the likes of Carl Crawford or Adrian Beltre or Cliff Lee tens of millions of guaranteed money when winning is so far from being a reality in the AL East that even the once-prideful Angelos has clearly quit on trying to win for the fans of the Baltimore Orioles.

Adam LaRoche or Derrek Lee? This is what it’s come down to for the Orioles as Santa brings goodies and toys and playoff-caliber baseball elsewhere to even the likes of Milwaukee.

If you’re trying to be a .500 team signing the “leftovers” and “growing the arms” might be a strategy. But, really, is the bar a World Series title for Baltimore or is the bar set at being in third place and making $50 million in profit?

The Orioles are so grossly pathetic at this point that no credentialed Major League Baseball player with any other option this side of Pittsburgh will elect to come and play here. And the remaining few lost souls in the fan base are so desperate for any morsel of progress that they’ve even given Buck Showalter a hall pass for lying

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What are the odds for the Orioles in 2010?

Posted on 31 March 2010 by WNST Staff

Here are some fun propositions from Bodog on the Orioles and the rest of MLB for the 2010 season.

Enjoy your friendly wagering…

Baltimore Orioles

Batting Average – Matt Wieters
Over / Under                  .295

Total Home Runs – Adam Jones
Over / Under                  22.5

Total RBI’s – Nick Markakis
Over / Under                  95.5

Batting Average – Miguel Tejada
Over / Under                  .295

Stolen Bases – Brian Roberts
Over / Under                  30.5

Total Wins –Kevin Millwood
Over / Under                  10.5

Total Wins – Jeremy Guthrie
Over / Under                  9

Who will be the first manager to be fired? (Listed Competitors Only)
Jerry Manuel                  2/1
Ron Washington            11/4
Ozzie Guillen                 9/2
Lou Piniella                   5/1
Dave Trembley               6/1
AJ Hinch                       8/1
Bruce Bochy                 8/1

Team Odds

Odds to win the 2010 World Series
New York Yankees                    3/1
Boston Red Sox                        13/2
Philadelphia Phillies                   13/2
St Louis Cardinals                      13/1
Seattle Mariners                        16/1
Chicago Cubs                            16/1
Los Angeles Angels                   18/1
Tampa Bay Rays                       18/1
Tampa Bay Rays                       18/1
Minnesota Twins                        18/1
San Francisco Giants                 20/1
Chicago White Sox                    20/1
Colorado Rockies                       22/1
Atlanta Braves                           22/1
New York Mets                          25/1
Texas Rangers                          25/1
Detroit Tigers                             30/1
Florida Marlins                           30/1
Arizona Diamondbacks               35/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    40/1
Cincinnati Reds                         50/1
Oakland Athletics                      55/1
Houston Astros                          75/1
Cleveland Indians                       75/1
Kansas City Royals                   100/1
Toronto Blue Jays                      100/1
San Diego Padres                      100/1
Baltimore Orioles                       100/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      150/1
Washington Nationals                150/1

Odds to win the 2010 AL Championship
New York Yankees                    7/4
Boston Red Sox                        3/1
Seattle Mariners                        8/1
Minnesota Twins                        17/2
Los Angeles Angels                   9/1
Tampa Bay Devil Rays               10/1
Chicago White Sox                    11/1
Texas Rangers                          13/1
Detroit Tigers                             14/1
Oakland Athletics                      28/1
Cleveland Indians                       35/1
Kansas City Royals                   45/1
Baltimore Orioles                       50/1
Toronto Blue Jays                      60/1

Odds to win the 2010 NL Championship
Philadelphia Phillies                   3/1
St. Louis Cardinals                     5/1
Los Angeles Dodgers                 8/1
Chicago Cubs                            9/1
Colorado Rockies                       9/1
Atlanta Braves                           10/1
San Francisco Giants                 10/1
New York Mets                          12/1
Arizona Diamondbacks               15/1
Florida Marlins                           15/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    18/1
Cincinnati Reds                         25/1
Houston Astros                          40/1
San Diego Padres                      45/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      70/1
Washington Nationals                75/1

Odds to win the 2010 AL East Division
New York Yankees                    2/3
Boston Red Sox                        7/4
Tampa Bay Rays                       5/1
Baltimore Orioles                       30/1
Toronto Blue Jays                      75/1

Odds to win the 2010 AL Central Division
Minnesota Twins                        7/5
Chicago White Sox                    2/1
Detroit Tigers                             11/4
Cleveland Indians                       15/1
Kansas City Royals                   25/1

Odds to win the 2010 AL West Division
Los Angeles Angles                   7/4
Texas Rangers                          2/1
Seattle Mariners                        2/1
Oakland Athletics                      8/1

Odds to win the 2010 NL East Division
Philadelphia Phillies                   4/7
Atlanta Braves                           3/1
New York Mets                          15/2
Florida Marlins                           8/1
Washington Nationals                50/1

Odds to win the 2010 NL Central Division
St. Louis Cardinals                     4/7
Chicago Cubs                            3/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    8/1
Cincinnati Reds                         9/1
Houston Astros                          25/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      50/1

Odds to win the 2010 NL West Division
Los Angeles Dodgers                 8/5
Colorado Rockies                       13/5
San Francisco Giants                 3/1
Arizona Diamondbacks               4/1
San Diego Padres                      25/1

Which Division will the AL Wild Card come from?
AL East                                    1/4
AL Central                                 6/1
AL West                                   4/1

Which Division will the NL Wild Card come from?
NL East                                    8/5
NL Central                                 7/4
NL West                                   7/2

Which Team will win the AL Wild Card?
Boston Red Sox                        7/4
New York Yankees                    9/4
Tampa Bay Rays                       11/2
Los Angeles Angels                   9/1
Texas Rangers                          11/1
Seattle Mariners                        12/1
Minnesota Twins                        16/1
Chicago White Sox                    16/1
Detroit Tigers                             18/1
Cleveland Indians                       25/1
Oakland Athletics                      35/1
Baltimore Orioles                       35/1
Kansas City Royals                   40/1
Toronto Blue Jays                      40/1

Which Team will win the NL Wild Card?
Atlanta Braves                           11/2
Philadelphia Phillies                   11/2
St. Louis Cardinals                     6/1
Los Angeles Dodgers                 6/1
Chicago Cubs                            7/1
San Francisco Giants                 15/2
Colorado Rockies                       15/2
Arizona Diamondbacks               8/1
New York Mets                          12/1
Florida Marlins                           14/1
Milwaukee Brewers                    14/1
Cincinnati Reds                         16/1
Houston Astros                          20/1
San Diego Padres                      50/1
Pittsburgh Pirates                      75/1
Washington Nationals                75/1

2010 Regular Season Wins

Arizona Diamondbacks
Over / Under                  82½

Atlanta Braves
Over / Under                  85½

Baltimore Orioles
Over / Under                  74½

Boston Red Sox
Over / Under                  94½

Chicago Cubs
Over / Under                  83½

Chicago White Sox
Over / Under                  78½

Cincinnati Reds
Over / Under                  79½

Cleveland Indians
Over / Under                  74½

Colorado Rockies
Over / Under                  84½

Detroit Tigers
Over / Under                  80½

Florida Marlins
Over / Under                  80½

Houston Astros
Over / Under                  74½

Kansas City Royals
Over / Under                  71½

Los Angeles Angels
Over / Under                  84½

Los Angeles Dodgers
Over / Under                  84½

Milwaukee Brewers
Over / Under                  80½

Minnesota Twins
Over / Under                  84½

New York Mets
Over / Under                  81½

New York Yankees
Over / Under                  95½

Oakland Athletics
Over / Under                  79½

Philadelphia Phillies
Over / Under                  92½

Pittsburgh Pirates
Over / Under                  69½

San Diego Padres
Over / Under                  71½

San Francisco Giants
Over / Under                  82½

Seattle Mariners
Over / Under                  83½

St. Louis Cardinals
Over / Under                  88½

Tampa Bay Rays
Over / Under                  89½

Texas Rangers
Over / Under                  84½

Toronto Blue Jays
Over / Under                  70½

Washington Nationals
Over / Under                  70½

Awards and Stats Odds

Odds to win the 2009 AL Regular Season MVP
Alex Rodriguez                          5/1
Joe Mauer                                 11/2
Mark Teixeira                             7/1
Evan Longoria                            10/1
Miguel Cabrera                          10/1
Ichiro Suzuki                             15/1
Justin Morneau                          15/1
Kevin Youkilis                            18/1
Carl Crawford                             20/1
Carlos Quentin                           20/1
Dustin Pedroia                           20/1
Grady Sizemore                         25/1
Ian Kinsler                                 25/1
Carlos Pena                              30/1
Derek Jeter                                35/1
Curtis Granderson                      40/1
Felix Hernandez                         40/1
Nick Markakis                           40/1
CC Sabathia                              50/1
Cliff Lee                                     50/1
Jacoby Ellsbury                         50/1
Kendry Morales                         50/1
Miguel Tejada                            50/1
Torii Hunter                                50/1
Victor Martinez                          50/1
Zack Greinke                             50/1
David Ortiz                                60/1
Johnny Damon                           60/1
Franklin Gutierrez                      70/1
Aaron Hill                                  75/1
Adam Jones                              75/1
Adam Lind                                 75/1
John Lackey                              75/1
Jon Lester                                 75/1
Bobby Abreu                             100/1
Gordon Beckham                       100/1
Josh Beckett                             100/1
Josh Hamilton                            100/1
Mariano Rivera                           100/1
Michael Young                           100/1
Vladimir Guerrero                       200/1

Odds to win the 2009 NL Regular Season MVP
Albert Pujols                              2/1
Hanley Ramirez                         10/1
Ryan Howard                             10/1
Prince Fielder                            10/1
Ryan Braun                               10/1
Adrian Gonzalez                        15/1
Brian McCann                            20/1
Chase Utley                              20/1
Ryan Zimmerman                       20/1
Matt Holliday                             20/1
Troy Tulowitzki                           20/1
Jason Bay                                 25/1
David Wright                              25/1
Roy Halladay                             25/1
Tim Lincecum                            25/1
Manny Ramirez                         30/1
Matt Kemp                                30/1
Andre Ethier                              30/1
Justin Upton                              35/1
Jimmy Rollins                            50/1
Aramis Ramirez                         50/1
Joey Votto                                 50/1
Chris Carpenter                          50/1
Pablo Sandoval                          50/1
Adam Wainwright                       60/1
Johan Santana                           75/1
Jayson Werth                            75/1
Adam Dunn                               75/1
Alfonso Soriano                         75/1
Derrek Lee                                75/1
Carlos Lee                                 75/1
Andrew McCutchen                    100/1
Mark Reynolds                          100/1
Chipper Jones                            150/1
Lance Berkman                         150/1
Dan Haren                                 200/1

Odds to win the 2009 AL CY Young
Felix Hernandez                         5/1
CC Sabathia                              11/2
Zach Greinke                             13/2
Cliff Lee                                     7/1
Jon Lester                                 9/1
Justin Verlander                         10/1
John Lackey                              12/1
Jered Weaver                             15/1
Josh Beckett                             18/1
Javier Vazquez                          25/1
Mark Buerhle                             25/1
Jake Peavy                                25/1
Jonathan Papelbon                     30/1
AJ Burnett                                 30/1
Mariano Rivera                           30/1
David Price                                30/1
Scott Baker                               30/1
Brett Anderson                          30/1
Gavin Floyd                               40/1
Joe Saunders                            40/1
Scott Feldman                           40/1
Rich Harden                              40/1
James Shields                           50/1
Rick Porcello                             50/1
Matt Garza                                60/1
Ben Sheets                               60/1
Kevin Slowey                             75/1
Ervin Santana                            75/1
Francisco Liriano                       100/1
Kevin Millwood                           200/1

Odds to win the 2009 NL Cy Young
Tim Lincecum                            3/1
Roy Halladay                             7/2
Adam Wainwirght                       10/1
Chris Carpenter                          10/1
Johan Santana                           12/1
Cole Hamels                              12/1
Josh Johnson                            15/1
Yovani Gallardo                          18/1
Carlos Zambrano                        20/1
Roy Oswalt                               20/1
Brandon Webb                           20/1
Dan Haren                                 20/1
Ubaldo Jimenez                         20/1
Chad Billinglsey                         20/1
Matt Cain                                  22/1
Ricky Nolasco                           25/1
Jair Jurrjens                               30/1
Tommy Hanson                         30/1
Francisco Rodriguez                  30/1
Clayton Kershaw                        30/1
Edwin Jackson                          40/1
Brian Wilson                              40/1
Derek Lowe                               50/1
Brad Lidge                                 50/1
Ted Lilly                                    50/1
Ryan Dempster                          50/1
Wandy Rodriguez                      50/1
Johnny Cueto                            75/1
Stephen Strasburg                     100/1
Aaron Harang                            100/1
Aaron Cook                               100/1
Jeff Francis                                100/1

Player to hit the most Home runs in the 2010 Season
Ryan Howard (PHI)                     4/1
Prince Fielder (MIL)                    5/1
Albert Pujols (STL)                     6/1
Alex Rodriguez (NYY)                9/1
Mark Teixeira (NYY)                   12/1
Carlos Pena (TB)                       15/1
Adrian Gonzalez (SD)                 18/1
Ryan Braun (MIL)                       20/1
Adam Dunn (WAS)                    20/1
Evan Longoria (TB)                     22/1
Mark Reynolds (ARI)                  25/1
Miguel Cabrera (DET)                 25/1
Jay Bruce (CIN)                         40/1
Justin Morneau (MIN)                 40/1
Justin Upton (ARI)                      40/1
Adam Lind (TOR)                       50/1
Alfonso Soriano (CHC)                50/1
Carlos Quentin (CWS)                50/1
Chris Davis (TEX)                       50/1
Nelson Cruz (TEX)                      50/1
Grady Sizemore (CLE)               50/1
Hanley Ramirez (FLA)                50/1
Jason Bay (NYM)                       50/1
Michael Cuddyer (MIN)               50/1
Curtis Granderson (NYY)            50/1
Ryan Zimmerman (WAS)            50/1
Troy Tulowitzki (COL)                 60/1
Matt Holliday (STL)                    65/1
Torii Hunter (LAA)                      65/1
Raul Ibanez (PHI)                       65/1
Jayson Werth (PHI)                    65/1
Josh Hamilton (TEX)                   70/1
Joe Mauer (MIN)                        75/1
Chase Utley (PHI)                      75/1
Dan Uggla (FLA)                        75/1
Chase Utley (PHI)                      75/1
Dan Uggla (FLA)                        75/1
Derrek Lee (CHC)                       75/1
Kendry Morales (LAA)                75/1
Joey Votto (CIN)                        80/1
Ian Kinsler (TEX)                        100/1
Nick Swisher (NYY)                   100/1
Paul Konerko (CWS)                  100/1
Russell Branyan (CLE)               100/1
Ryan Ludwick (STL)                   100/1
Aaron Hill (TOR)                         100/1
Adam Jones (BAL)                     100/1
Adam LaRoche (ARI)                  100/1
Andre Ethier (LAD)                     100/1
Aramis Ramirez (CHC)               100/1
Billy Butler (KC)                         100/1
Brad Hawpe (COL)                     100/1
Brandon Inge (DET)                    100/1
Brian McCann (ATL)                   100/1
Carlos Lee (HOU)                       100/1
David Ortiz (BOS)                      100/1
David Wright (NYM)                    100/1
Kevin Youkilis (BOS)                  100/1
Lance Berkman (HOU)               100/1
Vladimir Guerrero (TEX)              125/1
Jack Cust (OAK)                        150/1
Matt Kemp (LAD)                       150/1
Pablo Sandoval (SF)                   150/1
Nate McLouth (ATL)                   200/1
Robinson Cano (NYY)                200/1
Alex Rios (CWS)                       200/1

Miscellaneous Odds
Highest Win Total by Any Team in the 2010 MLB Regular Season
Over /Under                   100.5

Highest Loss Total by Any Team in the 2010 MLB Regular Season
Over / Under                  100.5

What Will be the Highest Number of Runs Scored by Any Team in the 2010 MLB Regular Season?
Over / Under                  916.5

What will be the longest hitting streak of the 2010 MLB Regular Season?
Over / Under                  29.5 Games

Will any Player hit 4 Home Runs in a game in the 2010 MLB Regular Season?
Yes                              10/1

Will any pitcher pitch a no-hitter in the 2010 MLB Regular Season?
Yes                   -800
No                    +500

Will any pitcher pitch a perfect game in the 2010 MLB Regular Season?
Yes                  +300
No                     -450

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The Wednesday Morning CMS Top-5: 'Best Sports Atmospheres'

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The Wednesday Morning CMS Top-5: ‘Best Sports Atmospheres’

Posted on 04 March 2009 by Chris Bonetti

Welcome back for another edition of the Wednesday Morning CMS Top-5.

Today the topic was what has been the best environment you’ve ever seen sports live in.  Historic Stadiums, great games, wild crowds, all factors to be considered.  Simple subject, let’s see what CMS Host Drew Forrester and CMS Producer Glenn Clark had to say.


5.  League Championship Series Baseball

4.  The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Coney Island, New York

3.  University of Maryland @ John’s Hopkins, Men’s Lacrosse on a Friday Night at Homewood Field in Baltimore, Maryland

2.  UFC/Boxing World Championship Title Bout, Vas Vegas, Nevada

1.  A major January 1st College Football Bowl Game

As usual, Drew’s was a little different, he even gave a bonus pick!

BONUS:  August 31, 2005 – Dodger Stadium.  Derek Lowe gets the win in a complete game shutout allowing just 1 hit… in a Brooklyn Dodger uniform nonetheless… throwback unis only make the feel of the game a little retro and different.

5.  April 27, 2002 – Fenway Park, Boston Massachusetts.  Derek Lowe pitches a No-Hitter against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

4.  Spring 1990 – Edsel Ford High School Field, Dearborn, Michigan.  Derek Lowe throws his first scholastic no-hitter as a senior.

3.  October 1, 2008 – Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois.  Derek Lowe gets a Game 1 win over the Cubbies in the NLDS pitching 6 innings, and striking out 6 as well.

2.  October 6, 2003 – Network Associates Stadium, Oakland, California.  Derek Lowe picks up a save in the deciding Game 5 of the ALDS for the Red Rox advancing his team to the American League Championship Series… he also ‘disrespected’ Miggy Tejada by grabbing hit crutch in celebration after the striking out the final batter.  Pretty funny stuff.

1.  October 20, 2004 – Yankee Stadium, New York, New York.  Derek Lowe takes the ball in Game 7 for the Red Sox and after 6 inning giving up just 1 earned he led the way to the ’04 World Series and a baseball championship in Boston since 1918.

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Why should Teixeira sign a “hometown discount” deal here?

Posted on 12 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

With all due respect to my colleague Drew Forrester, I have a different “conspiracy” theory on the Mark Teixeira chronicles that unfolded in Las Vegas last week and look like they’ll drag on for a few more days. Here’s the most simple, unasked question of the day: “If you were Mark Teixeira, would you sign up to be a Baltimore Oriole circa 2009?”

I mean, honestly, what’s the upside for him? He’s going to get plenty of money wherever he signs and the No. 1 & No. 2 issues for him – besides the money – are “Can I win there?” and most importantly, “What are the odds I’ll be happy there?”

With everyone and their mother now working for Peter G. Angelos Enterprises or sucking milk from the nipple of the baseball franchise, you aren’t going to EVER hear any REAL analysis in the “old media” about what’s happening in the Warehouse on this one. All you’ll hear from everyone from Steve Melewski to Mark Viviano to Bruce Cunningham to Scott Garceau to Roch Kubatko (and I apologize to the other dozen on the payroll who I’ve left off the list) is this: “The Orioles offered him a LOT of money. He just took the most money and signed with (Bostom Anaheim, Washington, etc.)!”

And Drew – or any of the others — can paint him as a “phony” or a “bad guy” if he wants to and so can you. (For the record I’ve never met or spoken with Teixeira and I’ve honestly never heard anything particularly glowing about his personality or local charm. I don’t think his personality will be selling them tickets. Let’s not expect him to be Cal Ripken is all I’m saying…)

But if Mark Teixeira were my son, I don’t know what I could possibly say positively as a parent (or even an agent) about why he should take a “hometown discount” to come play for the lowly Orioles who have wrecked the franchise over the past dozen years and would fully expect him to be the savior to fix it.

Yeah, maybe Teixeira USED to dream about playing in Camden Yards. Didn’t we all? But that was when it was full and fun and the team woke up on Opening Day with a legitimate chance to win. If you were Mark Teixeira, you’d probably be much more intrigued by an opportunity to spend the next decade in Boston where the stadium is full, the energy is like “real” Major League Baseball and where everyday you’d perform with something on the line. Why does Teixeria want to be standing at first base with an orange cap next spring when he’ll be getting jeered at his own hometown stadium by Red Sox and Yankees fans 20 times?

All of the stuff that made the Orioles enviable 15 years ago when Texeira was a kid no longer exist because of the reign of terror of this ownership group.

That’s why Mike Mussina left. And that’s why no top-tier free agent outside of Miguel Tejada and Ramon Hernandez has even thought about coming here to play. And honestly, what besides Andy McPhail being charming and convincing to all of his co-workers in the media has changed here since 1999?

The team still sucks. The team has plenty of money that it’s refusing to truly spend to bring a winner here. The team still must compete with New York and Boston (and Tampa Bay now) annually. The stadium here is more empty than it’s ever been. And if you think the team’s human resources department has championed “togetherness” and fairness amongst its employees/players, just go ask Brian Roberts or Nick Markakis how it’s been to be an Oriole lately in negotiations. Angelos fights with his best players. It’s not a pattern, it’s a way of life.

So – in your wildest orange fantasyland — if Teixeira DID turn down the extra $30 or $40 million Boston is offering and come “home” to Birdland, what expectations would be placed on him to make this moribund franchise a contender again? He’d instantly become the face of a franchise known for perennial losing. He’d be dubbed “the savior” by the Orioles’ own employees in the media. For $150 million, he’d BETTER be, right?

Sure, as an Oriole he’d be a hometown hero to all of the Baltimore types like you and me for a little while, but then the season would start and as far as I can tell Teixeira is only going to bat four or five times a night and I’m assuming he’d be a lousy pitcher. This franchise isn’t close to being an annual contender for Tampa Bay at this point, let alone Boston and New York.

Really…think about it…what’s the upside for Teixeira to come back and be a part of this mess when he can go win in Boston or Anaheim and make MORE money?

If he were YOUR son, what would you tell him to do? (And Dave Johnson, who also works for Mr. Angelos, is off the hook to answer this one! Maybe one day he’ll have to make that decision himself.)

If you want a “Nestor conspiracy,” try this one:

My bet is that the Orioles are NOT serious – as usual – and just threw a number big enough number out to the media and the “sources” to look like they did their best so they can come back to what’s left of the fan base here in Baltimore and say “we gave it the college effort…we offered him $140 million!” It smells like their twisted attempt to win some “credibility” PR by “bidding” on Teixeira. (Two weeks ago, McPhail was telling everyone they really weren’t all that interested in Teixeira. They went from uninterested to “let’s give him $150 million”? I’m just saying…)

The late, great Syd Thrift has long left the Orioles and has left our planet. His words were still the most prophetic in all of the “new era” of Baltimore baseball history: “Confederate money.”

Do you think there’s any way Scott Boras is going to direct Teixeira to Baltimore for a discount?

Get serious…

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Teixeira to the Orioles for $180 million?

Posted on 10 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

UPDATED! It’s the Baseball Winter Meetings. It’s not hard to find anglers, liars, crooks and agents. Oh, and there are some wheelers and dealers amongst the general manager and front office types as well. And the reporters are like lions looking for fresh meat.
Here’s the best one we’ve heard so far today: The esteemed Los Angeles Times has a reporter named Mike DiGiovanna who has inked this story reporting that the Orioles have bandied a 9-year, $180 million deal in front of Maryland’s prime catch this week, Mt. St. Joe grad Mark Teixeira. But get this: he also reports that the Washington Nationals have offered him TEN years and $200 million. (Either way, it’s you and me footing the $3 a month bill to MASN to give Peter Angelos the money he so richly deserves for owning both media markets.)

ESPN has followed with this story putting the Orioles offer to Teixeira at $150 million. Hey, it’s only a $30 million swing?

Meanwhile, The Sun says it’s “between $140 and $150 million.”

So, again, this could be Scott Boras and his group of thugs — hey, he got $252 million from Tom Hicks for Alex Rodriguez when the next bidder was at $180 million — driving up the mythical price.
It would be completely out of the realm of Peter Angelos’ latest moves to believe that this is accurate. But, again, we’re not in the prediction business when it comes to the Orioles. Or the Nationals for that matter. There’s no precedent in this case.
Other than Cal Ripken, Maryland hasn’t produced a talent like Teixeira in this generation. So, who knows what the old man is doing besides counting his money from MASN?

Maybe ’tis the season for giving the Orioles fans some hope? Perhaps, Teixeira will be an Oriole by the weekend. Or maybe not.

But you must admit, the L.A Times knows how to sell a hot rumor. And they also know that Arte Moreno, owner of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (or whatever they’re called this week), reads the local fishwrap. And the Boston Red Sox crew must be reeling from the C.C. Sabathia blockbuster in the Bronx today.

Who’s zooming who? That’s what makes hot stove so much fun. The lies, the damned lies and the liars who make it all happen.

It’s Las Vegas. Why not play a little poker, right?

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Orioles appear to dump Ramon Hernandez off to the Reds

Posted on 09 December 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

As has been reported all day from the winter meetings in Las Vegas, it appears as though the Orioles and the Reds have finally completed the transaction to send catcher Ramon Hernandez to Cincinnati for outfielder Ryan Freel and a pair of prospects.

The $1 million in cash involved in the transaction will need to be approved by Bud Selig.

Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports.com was the first with the story. He’s had a phenomenal running blog from Sin City…

The rumors regarding Garrett Olson for Felix Pie continue to swirl. But they’re only rumors at this point.

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