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My Mom wants to know if Ray Lewis is playing tonight?

Posted on 24 November 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

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On the road against weaker foes for Ravens it’s been ‘Ball So Hard-ly’ in 2011

Posted on 14 November 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

The trip home from Seattle was just as long for me as it’s been for the Baltimore Ravens. They’ve had several hours of reflection now, and so have I, as the purple tour of North America continues with intermittent ugly losses and long plane rides.

The Ravens, as I’ve written and said many times since the initial debacle in Nashville back in September, have been become quite consistent in their inconsistency and unpredictability. We all know that there’s a very good football team someone in there based on the sweep of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the steely resolve they’ve used to overcome deficits like the hole they dug against the Arizona Cardinals.

But, when will the “real” Baltimore Ravens of 2011 stand up and define their season?

This latest smelling, wretched turd in Seattle will not sit well for the next six days as head coach John Harbaugh will go back to the drawing board – or maybe that’s Cam Cameron’s job? – as the Ravens attempt to game plan for a first-place showdown with the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium this Sunday for the most recent “really important game” of 2011.

The Seattle game had all of the hallmarks of a lost game amidst the promise of an elite team and a still-potential Super Bowl year for the Ravens.

Sure, kick returner David Reed will be the fall guy for the two obvious field possession swings and the 22-17 loss to the Seahawks but as Ray Lewis told me at his locker last night it goes far deeper than a few fumbles or turnovers.

Some random questions and observations as the Ravens return from Seattle at 6-3 and still fully in control of their own destiny in the AFC race for a No. 1 seed, a January bye week and some home-cooking to start the 2012 Festivus season:

Is the defense aging?

The otherwise stingy Ravens defense began every stand yesterday in Seattle from a position of obvious weakness. When Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed lead their defense onto the field and the first mumble is: “I hope we can hold them to a field goal!” that’s never good.

The turnovers yesterday killed the spirit

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Ray pic

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Ray Lewis talks about frustrations in Seattle

Posted on 13 November 2011 by WNST Staff

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Ray Lewis tips cap to Flacco, Torrey and Boldin for winning drive

Posted on 07 November 2011 by WNST Staff

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Ray Lewis tells Nestor he respects fans who boo Ravens for poor play

Posted on 30 October 2011 by WNST Staff

Ray Lewis has heard every cheer — and jeer — in Ravens history. Today’s boos were the loudest and today’s comeback was the greatest in purple history. Here’s what Ray told Nestor about the sounds of displeasure of Baltimore fans:

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Ray Lewis and Ray Rice take over WNST Monday Night Live at High Topps

Posted on 18 October 2011 by WNST Staff

We always like surprises and had already announced that Ray Lewis would be our special guest for Brendon Ayanbadejo’s Monday Night Live at High Topps with WNST.net after the Ravens’ big 29-14 win over the Houston Texans. As expected, Timonium filled with fans of No. 52 but just after he disappeared for the evening even the WNST staff  — and we think even Ayanbadejo — was shocked to see Ray Rice walk onto the set and give all of the loyal purple contingent a real treat last night as Luke Jones and Glenn Clark chatted with the star of Sunday’s victory.

As you know, WNST was the originator of Monday Night Live back in 1996 with “Nasty” Nestor Aparicio at The Barn in Parkville, and with so many radio shows now being done around the city on any given weeknight sometimes the shows don’t feel as urgent or as “special” as they felt back in the pre-Super Bowl days.

But last night will be a legendary night for those who attended and we always appreciate your attendance at our live events and parties.

Facebook and Twitter were flooded with pics and some live video segments by the time Lewis exited and Rice walked into High Topps Backstage Grille around 7:40 p.m.

You can enjoy the entire audio of last night’s show with one click in our BuyAToyota audio vault or tune into WNST-AM 1570 over the next few days to hear the amazing conversation.

Monday Night Live is held every Monday night at 7 p.m at High Topps Backstage Grille in Timonium with Brendon Ayanbadejo “and friends.”

And clearly, he has friends in high places…

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Leaky offensive line needs improvement or Flacco will scuffle

Posted on 19 August 2011 by Nestor Aparicio

I’m not the kind to pass judgment on any team based on anything I see in the preseason. Schemes, game plans and “real” football are never really seen in August but my eyes see a few things that are disconcerting for any Ravens fan.

First, the offensive line is suspect and that’s a foundation item that seems to get lost on most NFL fans until the quarterback is running for his life and imminently unproductive. There’s no way the Ravens will be effective on offense if Joe Flacco is constantly scrambling like we’ve seen for the better part of three quarters in the past eight days.

What’s even worse is how dreadful the backups and “hope for the future” have been in protecting for Tyrod Taylor, who really isn’t being given a fair shot when he’s getting chased on every play as well.

Against the Chiefs last night, Flacco was ineffective through most of the first half and was consistently overthrowing receivers who either didn’t have their timing down or just couldn’t get to the passes. Anquan Boldin looked frighteningly slow on a few of the passes but Lee Evans had some productivity in his reps vs. Kansas City.

I suppose we’ll see more in the pivotal third preseason game next Thursday night against the Redskins but count me in the club that needs to see more consistent protection – including the anchor of Michael Oher on the left side — to be bullish on the Ravens’ playoff hopes in 2011.

As for the defense, when Ray Lewis doesn’t get off the bus it’s exceedingly difficult to assess the first team. Ed Reed made a nice play. Some of the backups like Sergio Kindle and Pernell McPhee made some noise but for the most part it was more ugly preseason football.

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Jermaine Lewis


Former Ravens WR Jermaine Lewis arrested in hit and run in Baltimore County

Posted on 16 August 2011 by WNST Staff

WNST has learned that former Ravens WR and Super Bowl hero Jermaine Lewis was detained by Baltimore County police late last night for resisting and interfering with arrest. Lewis has been released on $50,000 bond and has confessed to the crime.

Jermaine Lewis

Here is the official police report:

On 8/15/2011 at 1808HRS, the undersigned and other units from the Baltimore County Police Department received a call for a Traffic Complaint (DWI) in reference to a male subject in a White Doge Charger bearing MD registration: “9EZJ94” which was all over the roadway in the area of Reisterstown Road and Glyndon Drive headed toward Carroll County. The undersigned conducted a routine registration inquiry on the registration which advised that the vehicale was a 2006 Dodge 4-door registered to “Jermaine Edward Lewis” of 4919 Pleasant Grove Road – Reisterstown, MD 21136. The undersigned also conducted a driver’s license check on the owner of the vehicle which revealed that his driving privileges were currently suspended and revoked. This driver’s license check displayed his driver’s license photograph in order to positively identify him. A second caller, later identified as Witness (omitted), advised that the same vehicle was spotted on Old Hanover Road and Piney Grove Rd and was “all over the roadway” and “almost hit a couple of cars head on.” Witness (omitted) continued to follow the vehicle on Old Hanover Road until it made a turn onto Pleasant Grove Road towards Dover Road. The 911 Center advised that one of the subjects on the phone with them stated that the vehicle turned into the driveway of 4919 Pleasant Grove Road and someone stated that the drive struck something while they were driving. The undersigned briefly spoke with Witness (omitted) who was parked outside of the location before turning into the location where the vehicle was last seen. Witness (omitted) advised that the drive of the vehicle struck the Boring Volunteer Fire Department sign at the intersection of Hanover Pike and Old Hanover Rd and continued to drive without making any attempt to stop. Witness (omitted) advised that the vehicle had just turned into a location a short time before my arrival. The undersigned then continued into the driveway for 4919 Pleasant Grove Rd and noticed that there was a White Dodge Charger bearing MD registration: “9EZJ94” matching the description given by both callers parked in the driveway of the location unoccupied. The undersigned also noticed that there was functional damage to the front end, and the vehicle was missing its grill and a turning signal. The undersigned also noticed various damage to the driver-side quarter panels of the vehicle. The undersigned then approached the residence and knocked on the door to the home at which time an adult female and a small child answered the door who was later identified as Witness Imara Lewis. The undersigned asked Witness Imara Lewis if the driver of the Dodge Charger was home at which time she advised that he was and that he had just walked in the door before I knocked. The undersigned then asked Witness Imara Lewis to have him come to the door for me at which time she left the front door ajar and walked back to the back of the residence. The undersigned waited approximately two minutes in the vestibule of the location during which time the undersigned heard arguing coming from the living room area of the location. The undersigned then walked into the living room of the location and observed a male subject later identified via his MD driver’s license photograph as Defendant Jermaine Lewis lying on the couch with his shorts halfway down to his knees. Immediately the undersigned noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Defendant Jermaine Lewis’ person and noticed that his eyes were glass and blood shot. The undersigned then asked Defendant Jermaine Lewis what happened today at which time he advised that “I hit a sign!”, “I ain’t hurt no one!”, “I’m in my house!” The undersigned then advised Defendant Jermaine Lewis that he was going to be placed under arrest at which time he advised “No, I’m in my house!” The undersigned then grabbed Defendant Jermaine Lewis’ arm in an attempt to place him under arrest and remove him from the couch at which time he resisted being pulled off the couch and continued [to] ignore all commands to get off the couch and to stand up. The undersigned then grabbed Defendant Jermaine Lewis’ arm again in attempt to remove him from the couch again at which time he continued to resist and advised that he was not getting off of the couch. The undersigned then advised Defendant Jermaine Lewis that if he did not comply with my orders to stand up from the couch he would be tased. Defendant Jermaine Lewis was warned multiple times that if he did not comply with my orders that he would be tased. Defendant Jermaine Lewis continues to ignore all orders at which time the ECD (Taser) was deployed striking him in his upper torso. The undersigned then grabbed Defendant Jermaine Lewis by his shirt during the ECD cycle and removed him from the couch to the floor of the location at which time he was orders to remove his hands from underneath his chest or he would be tased again. Defendant Jermaine Lewis later complied with orders to remove his hands from underneath his body at which time he was placed under arrest at 1832HRS. Officer Aracil #4926 later arrived on scene after Defendant Jermaine Lewis was placed under arrest and stayed with him while he was transported from the scene by Medic to Carroll Hospital Center per departmental policy. While Defendant Jermaine Lewis was en-route to the hospital he asked Officer Aracil #4926 why he was being arrested at which time Officer Aracil #4926 read Defendant Jermaine Lewis his rights per Miranda. Officer Aracil #4926 then advised Defendant Jermaine Lewis that he was under arrest for the hit and run crash of the Boring Volunteer Fire Department sign at which time he stated “I did it! I did it! I did it!” Defendant Jermaine Lewis then stated, “I didn’t hurt anybody!” While Defendant Jermaine Lewis was being transported to the hospital I spoke with Witness Imara Lewis at the scene who advised that Defendant Jermaine Lewis is the only one who drives the vehicle in question and that it usually remains parked due to his license suspension/revocation but she was unsure why he was driving the vehicle today. The undersigned took photographs of the vehicle as well as the scene of the crash which were packaged per departmental procedure and sent to the Crime Lab for processing. While the undersigned was investigating the crash scene at Hanover Pike and Old Hanover Road I observed a white grill piece and a turn signal light which matched the missing pieces from Defendant Jermaine Lewis’ vehicle. The undersigned took custody of the pieces and packaged them per departmental procedures. Defendant Jermaine Lewis was transported back to Precinct #3 for booking and processing. A driver’s license check of Defendant Jermaine Lewis’ license revealed that his privileges to drive were suspected twice on 11/21/07 for Failure to Appear for a Graduated License System hearing. The record also noted that Defendant Jermaine Lewis’ driving privileges were also revoked on 9/30/2008 for a Point System Revocation. The undersigned issued Defendant Jermaine Lewis the following citations in reference to this incident:
– HC72536 – Failure of vehicle driver in accident to report property damage to nearest police (20-104D)
– HC72537 – Failure of vehicle driver to stop after unattended property damage accident (20-105A)
– HC72538 – Failure of vehicle driver in accident to locate and notify owner of unattended property of damage (20-105B)
– HC72539 – Failure of motor vehicle driver to furnish written ID info on unattended damaged property (20-105C)
– HC72540 – Failure of vehicle driver involved in accident to give insurance policy information (20-105.1)
– HC72541 – Failure to control speed to avoid a collision (21-801B)
– HC72542 – Driving on Suspended License and Privilege (16-303C)
– HC72543 – Driving on Revoked License and Privilege (16-303D)

“All events did occur in Baltimore County, MD”

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Former Ravens WR Jermaine Lewis arrested in Baltimore County last night

Posted on 16 August 2011 by WNST Staff

WNST has learned that former Ravens WR and Super Bowl hero Jermaine Lewis was detained by Baltimore County police late last night for resisting and interfering with arrest. More details are emerging but he was being held in the Baltimore County Detention Center this morning on $50,000 bail.

WNST and AM 1570 will divulge further details as they come…

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Will the Ravens Ever Get Over the Hump? Steelers, Ravens Review

Posted on 16 January 2011 by Michael Schwartz

The Ravens and Steelers are the same team in different uniforms. They both like to run the ball and play hard nose defense. So, who would have thought that these teams would have 55 points combined? This game had a lot more offense than anticipated. The Ravens have had trouble beating Ben Roethlisberger and that didn’t change on this day. The final score was 31-24 Steelers, but if you saw the first half you would have thought the Ravens scored 42 and the Steelers 13.

The first half was dominated by Baltimore. After the Steelers had a 10 play 80 yard drive which led to a one yard run by Rashard Mendenhall. The Ravens came back with their own 10 play 68 yard drive. On the following Steelers possession, Terrell Suggs forced a fumble on Big Ben and Cory Redding picked it up and scored a touchdown, while all of the other players thought the play was over. This play was very strange since all of the Ravens and Steelers were standing around think the play was over. Veteran Ray Lewis didn’t even go for the ball on the ground, and he is somebody who always plays until the whistle. This gave Baltimore a 14-7 lead and they had the momentum. In the second quarter the Ravens offense had a short field after a Steelers turnover and the Ravens scored a touchdown with 3:02 in the first half. This gave the Ravens a 14 point lead going into halftime, and many people thought that the Ravens were finally going to beat their divisional rival.

In the second half everything changed. The Steelers came out on fire tying the game within the first 10 minutes. Ray Rice, who hasn’t fumbled all year, caught a pass out of the backfield and had it stripped and lost it. This was a turning point in the game because this led to the Steelers first touchdown which gave them all of the momentum. Then Hines Ward caught an eight yard touchdown pass and the game was tied up.

Going into the fourth quarter Baltimore had 0 momentum while the Steelers had it all. The Ravens had to make adjustments on the offensive side of the ball in order to win. It is very difficult for a defense to stop a team when they are 23 or 25 yards from your end zone. The Steelers made a field goal and then the Ravens countered back with a field goal. With about four minutes to play the Steelers the Steelers were faced with a 3rd and 19. Big Ben threw a 58 yard pass to Antonio Brown who was out at the four yard line. Ladarius Webb was one on one and Brown just ran by him. Webb said after the game that he wasn’t expecting help over the top and he thought that Brown was going to stop right when he got enough for the first down. Webb guessed wrong and it hurt the Ravens because with a minute and change the Steelers scored a touchdown. On the kickoff they kicked it to Lerron McClain who got it to the 50. The Ravens were in business until Joe Flacco got sacked on third down. It was 4th and 19 and it was the Ravens last chance. Joe Flacco threw a perfect pass to T.J Houshmanzadah, but he dropped it. The ball hit him between the 8 and 4. It was a perfect pass by Flacco and it would have given the Ravens a first down. The Steelers just kneeled the rest of the time away and again the Ravens couldn’t beat Big Ben.

There are a lot of facebook status updates and tweets saying how Flacco is not that quarterback who can get you over the hump. I disagree and that is because he put the team in the position to win. On third and goal, Joe Flacco threw a ball to Anquan Boldin that hit him in the chest and he dropped it. This would have given the Ravens a four point lead and the Steelers would have had to get a touchdown. They got a touchdown but the Ravens would have some momentum and they would probably do some different things. Looking at that and saying what if, is not the point. The receivers who dropped the ball were the ones complaining all year to throw it to them. You throw a perfect pass in a big situation and you drop it. After the drop T.J went and cried on the sidelines, and he should because he knew that the pass was on the money. Boldin was covered all game and Flacco delivers a perfect pass and he drops it. All of the Ravens fans need to take a good look at this season and say, “Is it Flacco?”

There were some controversial calls that went against the Ravens and one was holding penalty on Marcus Smith during Webb’s punt return for a touchdown. Marcus Smith was called for holding when the defender basically flopped. Earlier in the week Trent Dilfer said that he hoped this game didn’t get messed up because of officiating. It was a bad call but the Ravens were only 29 yards away from a touchdown and that’s when Boldin dropped the pass in the end zone. This was a big call, but it didn’t make the Ravens lose. You don’t blame the officials, no matter how bad the call is.

The Ravens have a lot to look at this offseason because of the free agents, the age of their offense and defense. The Ravens have a lot of big free agents including, Ngata, Heap, Yanda, Carr, Wilson, Gaither, Washington, and many more. They need to look into who they need to keep in order for them to get over the hump. They can’t let Ngata go and they need corners so expect at least two of them to stay. On the age aspect of their players, you don’t know what Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Derrick Mason, and even Matt Birk are going to do. These guys are going to take a hard look at this team and see if they are a Super Bowl caliber team; because that is the only way I see them staying here. If there is a lockout, I don’t know if any would come back but the one who probably will is Ray Lewis. The Ravens need to look into getting someone who can lead that defense when Ray is gone because the time will come when it happens.

In conclusion to the Steelers and Ravens game, you have to tip your hats to the Steelers. They made a great comeback and they never let up. Their offensive line is banged up but they are a good enough team to win with different combinations. They will be a tough game for either the Pats or the Jets and they were the better team on that Saturday.

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