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Manningham missing chance to face Ravens in Super Bowl

Posted on 30 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on talking to the younger players who have never been to a Super Bowl before) “I’ve talked to a couple guys. Just don’t blink. Cherish these experiences that you’re going through. [Not] too many players come to the Super Bowl and win it. Go out and play your heart out on Sunday, that’s all I can tell them.”


(on what he remembers about going to the Super Bowl with the Giants last year) “Just being new to it. Last year was my first year even making the playoffs. I never played in a playoff game until last year. Just go out and do what you have to do. We didn’t get [any] younger, so go out there and play your heart out.”


(on how long it takes to come back down to earth after winning the Super Bowl) “The first game of the season next year. You’re not playing games, so they’re not doing anything but talking about it anyway. We talked about the Super Bowl last year going into the season. You’re thinking about it, but you’re just trying to get back to that same position.”


(on his catch in Super Bowl XLVI) “I was on the left side, New England’s side. I re-did my route because it was Cover Two. I stayed in bounds and Eli [Manning] just threw a perfect ball.”


(on how tough it has been the past couple of weeks being injured and watching the team run through the playoffs) “Yeah, especially when you know that you can make an impact on the field. Plus, when you know your team is good and you can see the road that they’ve taken, you can see everything unfolding. It’s crazy.”


(on what lured him away from the New York Giants to come to the 49ers) “I just wanted to make an impact and come in and contribute to this team knowing that I played against them last year and I knew how tough they were. I wanted to come bring my toughness with me so that we could be right where we are right now.”


(on how 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh compares to Giants head coach Tom Coughlin) “They are always going to have their teams ready to play and ready to play hard, and keep a disciplined team. The mentality ­–  you have to go out there and go get it – they’re not going to lay down for you. Go get the W, that’s all that matters.”

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