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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/3/09)

Posted on 03 November 2009 by Jack McManus


Baltimore-native Antonio Freeman is next up. Freeman is a former Green Bay Packer and NFL Pro Bowler. He is promoting the 1st Annual Charm City Literacy Challenge Weekend. This event is a part of the BMore Free Program. The program focuses on giving back to children in the Baltimore area. For more information on this and other events please visit bmorefree86trivia.eventbrite.com


Victor Rojas is next up with Drew to talk about the World Series. He starts off by talking about how Mark Teixeira has gotten a free pass so far. Teixeira has struggled mightily in the playoffs this season. He next talks about some of the questionable decisions Joe Girardi has made in the Series. He explains that Girardi has only been challenged now that the Yankees are in trouble. Girardi’s use of the bullpen last night in particular drew a lot of criticism. Rojas explains that the Yankees need to limit Chase Utley’s impact if they want to clinch the Series. Rojas finishes up by predicting the Series will go down to an exciting Game 7.



Vinnie Iyer from The Sporting News was in Baltimore for the Ravens-Broncos game on Sunday. He is now on with Drew to talk some football. He explains that the game said something about both teams. He states that the Ravens defense made a statement, while the Broncos offense showed its lack of big-play ability. He next talks about the cluster of teams in the AFC fighting for playoff spots. One of these teams is the Miami Dolphins. Iyer states that the Dolphins have a chance every week but do not have an explosive enough offense. The team has relied on special teams and the wildcat for big plays. Iyer next talks about the Houston Texans. Ryan Moats came through in a big way on Sunday. Iyer looks forward to the game against the Colts to see if the Texans are ready for a playoff push. The struggles of the New York Giants is the next topic. Iyer talks about how the weaknesses of the team have been exposed in recent weeks.



Drew talks about how he feels bad to see other organizations, such as Cleveland, have problems within the organization. This is because of the suffering Orioles fans have gone through due to the ownership. He states that the Browns’ hiring of Eric Mangini has set the team back for a few years. The team needs a general manager, a quarterback, and a coach.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/27/09)

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Jerry Hairston is next up with Drew to talk about the upcoming Series. He talks about how his career had taken some unexpected turns. He talks about how he dreamed of playing in the World Series as a child. He also speaks on Alex Rodriguez. He explains how A-Rod has stepped up this postseason and reversed his usual struggles. Finally, Hairston states the importance of having CC Sabathia start Game 1. He jokes that CC would start every game if he was allowed to.


Another caller talks about the Brooks Robinson celebration. He talks about the lack of current Orioles. He also mentions how Peter Angelos did not make an appearance. Drew puts out the idea of having the team pay to bring in some of the current players.


Drew pitches his idea for the new Chicago Bears logo to Nestor. (The wind. Remember?) He isn’t a fan of the idea. He and Drew next talk about players who have been “overlooked” and their motivation.  


A few callers talk about the Brooks Robinson event. They agree that the event went well and was a good celebration. One caller, who states that he is 28 years old, is upset that no current Orioles were present. He would like to be able to identify with players in his generation. 


Ken Singleton comes on to talk with Drew and Nestor. Singleton currently is an announcer on the YES Network. He talks about the high-priced additions that Yankees made this offseason. Both Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia have made huge contributions during the postseason. He moves on to how the Yankees will matchup with the Phillies. The Phillies have a very high-powered offense that can keep pace with the Yankees. Singleton next describes the evolution of Pedro Martinez’s game. Now that he can no longer throw has hard, Pedro has changed the way he has pitched.



Nestor is in studio an starts to talk with Drew about the Phillies. Nestor has decided to root for the Yankees in the World Series due to his dislike for the Philadelphia fans. He also talks about the ceremony honoring Brooks Robinson last night. He reveals that no current Orioles were present at the event. He calls this “disgraceful.” He compares this to the Ravens. Ravens players often will show up to charity events in the area.



Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times comes on to talk about the Terps. He starts off by stating that while Chris Turner is not the team’s biggest problem, it may be time to look to the future. He explains that the team should take a look at Jamar Robinson because it is not worth burning a freshman’s redshirt for only a few games. He goes on to talk about the idea that the team just does not have enough talent to compete. This is the simplest explanation, and in this case probably the correct one. Stevens does not believe the team will take any major actions during its bye week, partly because of the injuries to key players.


Moving on to basketball, Stevens says that Gary Williams seems much more excited for this season than he normally does. Stevens states that Maryland could rise to the top of the middle-of-the-pack ACC teams.



The Comcast Morning Show is starting a contest this morning. Callers are able to call in and be selected for either a player or the outcome of the World Series. If the player wins the MVP Award or the series ends up in that way, the caller will win a “special fall package.”

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/21/09)

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Dean Evason, assistant coach of the Washington Capitals is on to talk some hockey. He begins by talking about the use of Alexander Ovechkin in shootouts. He explains that when a team has the best player in the world, it must use him as much as possible. He next talks about the tough schedule that Caps have faced in the early going.


Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus is the next guest. He states that the Angels missed out on an opportunity last night when they faced CC Sabathia on 3 days rest. Sheehan next talks about the defensive performance of Mark Teixeira. He explains that Teixeira had previously played thirdbase before coming to the majors which contributes to his range. He states that Teixeira should be a leading contender for the Gold Glove Award. Moving on to the Angels, Sheehan talks about how the team will try and keep some of its impending free agents. In regards to Chone Figgins, Sheehan does not see the Orioles as a good fit. Sheehan finishes up by talking about the high turnover in managers during the season and how this means that we will not see many moves on that front coming up.



Glenn is on with a Ravens Report. He explains why the team takes days off during the bye week despite the current losing streak. He states that if the coaches scheduled practice each day, they would lose the players. The team instead is able to relax and treat the next ten games as a whole new season. On the injury front, Jared Gaither stated he would definitely play against the Broncos and Kelley Washington would not have any problems due to the concussion he suffered.  Also, Michael Oher will not continue the feud between himself and Jared Allen.


Clark Judge from CBS Sports is up with Drew. He attended the Ravens-Vikings game and had this reaction. He starts off by talking about the disappointments that are the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans. He also talks about how the Broncos have shocked everyone with their undefeated start. He next explains how the Redskins’ Jim Zorn has had his leadership taken away along with his play-calling duties. Judge also describes the risk of starting a rookie quarterback. He thinks that the Jets may have made a mistake by handing Mark Sanchez the starting job.



Another caller starts to talk about the Raven’s weakness against the pass. He states that since the team seems to have major problems in coverage, the team should instead focus on playing more physically. Yet another caller brings up the play of Ed Reed. He states that while Reed is an excellent player, his risk-taking has hurt the Ravens coverage this season.



A caller talks about the struggles of the Ravens defense. He gives each defensive starter, except for Ray Lewis and Jarret Johnson, a failing grade for the season so far. He states that Greg Mattison is too passive to be an effective defensive coordinator in this league.   



Glenn and Drew start discussing Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow. Chris Turner’s father recently made a message board post titled “Get rid of Yow” on insidemdsports.com. The athletic director must be able to effectively balance making money with putting good teams on the field/court.


Next up is the head coach of the Northeastern Huskies, Rocky Hager. He starts off by talking about the challenging schedule his team has faced so far. He next talks about maintaining balance on offense. Injuries to the team’s quarterbacks have caused the team to allow more turnovers than Hager would like. Hager also explains that his team is not as bad as its 0-6 record. He states that his team just needs to be more consistent and put everything together for an entire game. Hager moves on to the competitiveness of the CAA. He believes that the CAA has clearly risen to the top of the conferences in the FCS and can be called the SEC of the lower division.



I’m making my return from swine flu this morning. Rob Ambrose comes on to talk with Drew. He talks about dealing with the tragedy involving the UConn football team. He also talks about facing the winless Northeastern Huskies this weekend.

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My 2010 Baltimore Orioles Promotions & GiveBACKS

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My 2010 Baltimore Orioles Promotions & GiveBACKS

Posted on 08 October 2009 by Rex Snider

I really enjoyed my Wednesday evening – sitting around watching another postseason baseball game, as members of the 2009 Baltimore Orioles are already undoubtedly spread across the United States and Caribbean …..

While I cannot inspire these idle hands to helping the Orioles’ on-field woes (for the record, I’m beginning to think Jesus, himself, might decline a shot at such a miracle …..), I do think I could help Andy MacPhail with promoting the product.

Uh-oh, my mistake …..Andy just finds ballplayers.

You know what that means ??? Yep, the radar is narrowing on the likes of Rocco Baldelli, Nick Johnson and Joe Crede …..

Indeed, what you get between the baselines might not change. But, I have some pretty bright ideas to ensure fans enjoy the overall ballpark experience. Who knows ….. my ideas might actually bring people back !!!!

And, they are …..

    Tuesday, April 14th vs. Tampa Bay – Scores Girls @ The Ballpark 

– special thanks to Anna Benson …..

Is there a specific group missing at Camden Yards? Well, that’s easy – it’s EVERYBODY. However, during my dozen trips, in 2009, I noticed a lack of college-aged fans, enjoying baseball.

I got news for the Orioles – guys in the 18-25 age range really love sports, including baseball. They also crave simple food, cold beer and GIRLS. It’s a perfectly tempting combination.

So, what’s the risk in bringing in a few dozen HOT GIRLS to run the bases between innings, sell concessions and replace every miserably downtrodden usher for the night?

Start the game at 9pm, and make the minimum age for entry at 18 years old. It would be a WIN-WIN. Trust me, I know COLLEGE KIDS – and if you mix sports, girls and beer (for those 21 and over), the joint will be packed.

And, who knows ….. maybe they’ll come back, just for BASEBALL.


    Sunday, May 16th vs. Cleveland – Preakness Sunday

It’s simple, the Orioles need to find a way to capitalize on Baltimore’s BIGGEST ANNUAL SPORTS EVENT. Find a way to collaborate with the Maryland Jockey Club, during the weekend of May 15th & 16th.

The O’s and MJC already share a common problem ……

Nobody cares about the product, and their venues are embarrassingly empty. Why not work together, with incentives, to bring people to Saturday’s race and Sunday’s game?

Some cities would kill for such an opportunity.


    Monday, June 7th (No Game Scheduled) – National Cancer Survivor’s Day

That’s right, there is no game scheduled during this Giveaway/Promotion Day. Actually, the Orioles are enjoying an off-day, in the midst of a homestand, and series’ against the Red Sox and Yankees.

No help or promotion needed, right?


Monday, June 7th is “National Cancer Survivor’s Day” !!!! It’s a day when people who’ve beaten the ultimate opponent rejoice and celebrate their life defining victory.

Do you realize how many cancer survivors LOVE BASEBALL? Why not open the ballpark to them?

It’s simple, eligible participants (and one guest) just need to present a ticket to an upcoming game (Yankees/Red Sox excluded) and a note from their doctor. Once inside, they can participate in batting practice (everyone gets 5 swings), shagging flies/grounders and conversations with Orioles players and coaches.

Okay, okay, getting the players might be a monumental task. I suppose we’ll see what the young birds are made of – including a heart.

Open the concession stands, and donate the profits to the American Cancer Society. It’s the right thing to do.


    Thursday, June 10th vs. New York Yankees – Kate Hudson Appreciation Night

A special promotion when the Bronx Bombers are in town ??? YOU BETCHA. And, it’s a very simple proposition …..

This an evening for BALTIMORE BASEBALL FANS to take their ballpark back – even if it’s just for one night. The Yankees are in the house and we’re gonna make it real freakin’ uncomfortable for them.

First, the Orioles hold on to every single ticket for this game. That’s right, it starts with the team coveting all 48,876 tickets. Season ticket holders will be provided their tickets – if they show up at designated gates for entry.

Yup – if you’re a season ticket holder, you’ve gotta attend the game – if you want your tickets. You can bring guests – but, you’re responsible for WHOMEVER you bring into the game.

All other tickets will be issued at remaining gates. And, it’s a very simple process …..

You wanna come inside? No problem – have a Maryland ID, birth certificate or report card. And, you MUST wear an orange or Orioles-themed shirt. The cost of tickets is $20 each – and they’ll be provided in groups of up to 4, together. It’s first come – first served.

And, yes, this rule applies to everyone. What’s that ??? Mark Teixeira’s mom and dad wanna come to the game ??? They’re more than welcome – just put on some orange and get ready to heckle your son for a night. We’ll expect nothing less.

This will be a very special evening, because the Orioles are gonna get off some of that piled-up MASN money. They might not be spending it on players – but they’ll spend it on a night of entertainment ……

And, it all begins with every fan in attendance proudly displaying their free giveaway – a poster of Jesus ….. umm, I mean Johnny Damon. Whoops, wrong again, it’s Chris Robinson – aka the former – MISTER Kate Hudson. Hold up those posters while the Yankees lineup is announced.

We’re gonna kickoff the night with a splendid rendition of the National Anthem by a LIVING LEGEND. Indeed, Pete’s gonna kickout a couple hundred grand to bring the “Material Girl,” herself (a former A’Rod friend), out to sing the Star Spangled Banner.

This is followed by the ceremonial first pitch by the great Owen Wilson. I hear he’s got a mean “split her.” No doubt, this little appearance is gonna cost a few bucks, too. But, the Good Lord and Mr. Angelos know we deserve it.

As the game progresses, some very fitting tunes will be played, between innings. And, I’m talking the good stuff – “Like A Virgin,” “Borderline,” “Crazy For You,” “This Used To Be My Playground,” “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” “Jealous,” “She Talks To Angels,” “Remedy” …..

Of course, the 7th Inning Stretch will be a memorable occasion. The ultra-gorgeous, Mariah Carey, will perform “God Bless America.” And, the WORLD FAMOUS Black Crowes will take a prominent spot in front of the 3rd base dugout to perform “Thank God I’m A Country Boy.” Now, that’s worth the price of admission.

Will the Orioles need to do their part? You bet. If they win the game, every fan pledges to donate $10 to Nick Markakis’ “Right Side Foundation.” That’s nearly a half-million dollars. Is there any greater inspiration for Nick to finally get off his rear and start leading his team?

It can be a night to remember …..


    Monday, July 19th vs. Tampa Bay – 40th Anniversary of 1970 Orioles

Would you like to spend an evening with Brooksie, Boog, Cakes and The Crow? Toss in Don Baylor, Paul Blair, Andy Etchebarren, Dick Hall, Bobby Grich, Mike Cuellar and others, and it could be a very nice evening.

Maybe, this would be the only way to get Davey Johnson back in the house ….

It’s heartbreaking to see the special Orioles teams forgotten. Lets hope the Orioles do the right thing – honor the ‘70 O’s !!!!


    Wednesday, August 18th vs. Seattle – “Happy Birthday To LEGENDS” Night 

It’s 2010, and that means THREE Orioles Legends, who happen to also be Major League Baseball Hall Of Famers, are celebrating monumental birthdays.

In fact, these gentleman all share birthdays within a couple weeks of each other, during the month of August. I’ll guarantee you the folks at WNST won’t forget this momentous occasion. Lets just hope the Orioles don’t forget, either …..

In fact, I’m hoping the Orioles can get everyone together for a special night of celebrating – and with a HUGE BIRTHDAY CAKE. It seems like August 18th – in the middle of a homestand would be a perfect evening.

Without further delay, allow me to introduce the birthday boys …..

Earl Weaver – August 14, 1930 – 80 Years Old

The most decorated and beloved manager in Orioles history will be turning 80 years old. Along with a very public party, I think it would be fitting for the Orioles to present Earl with a customized version of the 1983 World Championship ring.

He was a year removed. But, he earned it.

Frank Robinson – August 31, 1935 – 75 Years Old

The man who hit the most famous homer in Orioles history is gonna be 75 years old. Extend that olive branch, and name the left field plaza, beyond the bullpens, in his honor.

Cal Ripken Jr. – August 24, 1960 – 50 Years Old

The Ironman conquers a half-decade of life. Is there anything he hasn’t already received? I don’t care if it’s 1% ….. give Cal a minority stake in the Orioles. It would be a tangible reason for him to take an interest in the team.


    Monday, September 14th vs. Toronto – Ravens Pep Rally

That’s right, it’s the Tuesday following the start of the NFL SEASON. I guess there is always a chance the Ravens will open the “Monday Night Football” season (LOL – yeah, right), so we’ll safely make this promotion on a Tuesday.

This is an opportunity for the Orioles to collaborate with the Ravens, again. And, the perfect fundraising opportunity exists. The Orioles will split the gate with the charitable endeavors of OJ Brigance, Lenny Moore and John Mackey. Fair enough, right?

Lets be blunt, it’s the Orioles and Blue Jays, on a September weeknight. Without any incentives, a matchup between two hapless teams might draw a crowd of 5,000 diehards.

However, if the likes of Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome, Todd Heap, Jon Ogden, Artie Donovan, Raymond Berry, Don Shula, Mike Curtis, Tom Matte, Ted Marchibroda and others are willing to lend a hand, TO LEND A HAND, I’d be willing to bet the ball park would be packed.

Heck, such an event might even attract Mike Ditka (he can backup all the talking he’s doing), Frank Gifford, John Madden, Roger Staubach, Archie Manning, Jim Brown, Fran Tarkenton, Terry Bradshaw and many others.

Wow, Looking Good, Terry !!!!

This would be a night to TRULY GIVE BACK, and raise thousands of dollars for a few very noble causes …..


    Thursday, September 30th vs. Detroit – “Bob Haynie’s 10th Anniversary Party”

I know, I know, your first impression is “Rex is straight stoned,” especially given the fragile relationship between the Orioles and WNST …..

But, if you think about it, this is a perfect opportunity for the Orioles to recognize a guy who has carried their banner, on-air, for a decade. That’s right, he’s the guy who’s at least “sipped” the orange kool-aid, ON-AIR, for more than 3,650 days …..

And, the team didn’t pay him a dime, directly or indirectly, for his loyalty …..

Mark Viviano can’t claim this …..

Tom Davis can’t claim this …..

Pete Schmuck (I’m a HUGE fan) can’t claim this …..

Bob Haynie loves the Orioles. Bob Haynie could rightfully – and with unblemished integrity – hold their feet to the fire. Instead, he chooses the high road. There is something to be said for such affection.

Honor the man !!!!

And, this is how you do it ……

For Bob Haynie’s “10th Anniversary Party,” the Orioles can make Bud Light affordable. I’m talking $4 per beer. C’mon they’re making money on that !!!! Promote the product that promotes Bob.

To get things started, we’ll use the services of the visiting team …..

The Tigers’ Jim Leyland can meet Bob outside the Eutaw Street gate, where they can burn a couple “sticks” and chat about ANYTHING. While Bud Light will be available, Mr. Leyland will defer his decision on consumption to whether the Tigers have driven him to drink – during games, by that point.

And, this is a BIG PARTY – it’s Bob Haynie’s Anniversary. There’s no telling who might show up …..

The game will start at 4pm, with an early evening finish. Then, the celebration moves a couple blocks north, to 1st Mariner Arena …..

Recently, the namesake of Bob’s favorite band, Eddie Van Halen, announced the group plans on touring, in the Summer of 2010. Now, I know what you’re thinking …. the chances of Van Halen keeping all the wheels and collective egos intact, and on their tour bus has been a challenge, to say the least.

However, they did make it through the last tour, in 2007-08 and after only one hiatus and several rescheduled dates …..

Also, Peter Angelos owes the Van Halen brothers a SOLID. Remember, he backed out of a tentative deal that would’ve landed the band performing, at Camden Yards, in 2004. Pete owes Ed a gig – plain and simple.

Why not make it Bob Haynie’s Anniversary Party ??? I can imagine a lot of Orioles fans rockin’ out to “You Really Got Me,” “Unchained,” “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” and “Somebody Call Me A Doctor.”

There would certainly be a fitting video tribute to the last 12 years of Orioles Baseball, as Dave and Eddie grind out an impassioned version of “Where Have All The Good Times Gone” …..

There is just something special about seeing David Lee Roth and Bob Haynie, both sporting a pair of ass-less chaps, while sipping on some Jack Daniels and singing an “Ice Cream Man” duet.

Do it, Pete ….. DO IT !!!!

Well, there it is – my proposal for the 2010 Orioles Promotions and Giveaways. Feel free to add your own ideas, below …..

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Caged Tiger?

Posted on 05 October 2009 by dansoderberg

Joe Mauer is the favorite for the AL MVP award. I thought that the Tigers Miguel Cabrera deserved strong consideration as the only real force on an offensively challenged playoff contender. Sadly, Cabrera’s weekend antics cost him any shot at the MVP award. He also won’t be winning Husband of the Year any time soon. Cabrera’s Wife called the police reporting a domestic altercation on Saturday morning. Cabrera had a blood alcohol level of .26 and scratches on his face. The Tigers played him over the weekend and intend to play him in tomorrow’s playoff against the Twins.

Cabrera has put his marriage and the Tigers season in jeopardy. The slugging 1st baseman led the Tigers with 33 HRs and 101 RBI to go with his .936 OPS. Detroit is forced to decide between “doing the right thing” and “playing to win the game”. It may be asking too much to expect Jim Leyland to bench Cabrera with his team’s season on the line, but it would be the “right thing to do”.

Cabrera’s misstep all but wraps up the MVP for Mauer, and deservedly so. The Twins 26 year old catcher (Yes, he’s only 26) led the AL in Average, Slugging, OBP and OPS. He did all that while playing the sports most demanding position on a team that is on the brink of a division title. Mark Teixeira and Derek Jeter of the Yankees will receive consideration for the award, but how can any single player on a team as stacked as the Yankees be the Most Valuable Player? New York could have started Chris Richard at 1st base and Alvaro Espinoza at short this season and still won 95 games. Teixeira is a beast, but not most valuable. Maybe next year Tex.

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Boo Tex, but don’t blame him

Posted on 03 September 2009 by dansoderberg

The Yankees once again roll out of Baltimore on a winning streak and this time they’re take 30,000 Cesar Izturis t-shirts with them up the Jersey Turnpike.  Mark Teixeira’s reception in Baltimore wasn’t nearly as hostile this time around, mostly because any O’s fan with half a brain sold their tickets on Ebay months ago.  I went to an O’s/MFYs game in May and lustily booed Tex.  I didn’t boo him for turning down the Orioles to sign with the Yankees.  I booed him because he said that he wore a Yankee cap to Memorial Stadium and Mattingly was his favorite player.

I don’t blame Tex or think he’s the devil for signing with the Yanks.  The Orioles were never serious about signing him and made nothing more than a token offer for his services.  Yes, $140 million is a lot of money, but it’s a lot easier to offer it when you know it’s $40 million below the high bidder.   We also know it was a token offer because it’s not as if that $140 million is burning a hole in Andy MacPhail’s wallet.  After Tex rejected the offer Andy went out and signed Ty Wiggington to a $6 million two year deal.  I guess that means the Orioles have $134 million to spend on free agents this off-season.  That should be more than enough to add Chone Figgins and Matt Holliday to the lineup.  That would constitute buying the bats.   I won’t hold my breath.

On a brighter note, Aaron Boone returned to the Majors today with the Houston Astros just 5 months after open heart surgery.  Boone had surgery in late March to correct an exisiting heart ailment that had recently worsened.  Boone, who went 0-3 today against the Cubs, certainly serves as an inspiration and a great example of the progress that can be made with hard work and dedication.  My Father had a triple bypass a few weeks ago and is recovering nicely, while dealing with an extreme amount of pain and discomfort.  To think that Boone is playing in the Big Leagues just months after heart surgery is truly remarkable and an example of all that can be good about America’s Pastime.  I hope Boone has a productive  month of September and a healthy future.

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NBC's Dateline focuses on Steve McNair's Death - Tonite

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NBC’s Dateline focuses on Steve McNair’s Death – Tonite

Posted on 31 August 2009 by Rex Snider

Yes, I realize the Ravens season opener is just 13 days away AND Matt Cassel might not be taking any snaps, at M&T Bank Stadium …..

And, the New York Yankees are in town. Which means the Orioles will be getting demolished, at the hands of Derek Jeter, A’Rod and Mark Teixeira, as they enjoy their “home away from home,” for three nights.

The overwhelming, sad truth is Yankees fans have held a death-grip on this city, during their team’s visits, for close to a decade. Tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday will be no different.

However, if you are looking for something different to occupy your Monday evening …..

NBC’s Dateline will take an in-depth look into the murder of Steve McNair. The program will focus on the circumstances of McNair’s death, as well as his personal life. NBC’s Lester Holt teases the piece, by saying “investigators reveal what led McNair to a life where he faced far more dangers off the field, than he ever faced on it.”

The trailer for Monday’s Dateline is found below …..


I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories. Nor, do I believe the very best criminal investigators known to law enforcement simply fail to uncover the so-called facts found by tabloid journalists. It’s mostly propaganda.

But, I’ll watch it.

After all, it’s better than watching the Bronx Bombers take batting practice, at Yankee Stadium – South.

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5 Ws and 1 H

Posted on 24 May 2009 by Luke Jones

I hope you’re having a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.  In addition to the cookouts, sports, and fun with family and friends this weekend, let’s be sure to remember the fine men and women serving our great country throughout the world.

With this in mind, it was great seeing Hall of Famer Bob Feller on the Orioles-Nationals telecast this afternoon.  At 90 years old, Feller has amazingly spent over half his life as a member of the Hall of Fame (inducted in 1962).  That’s just hard to comprehend!

In addition to his remarkable career with the Cleveland Indians, which included a no-hitter on Opening Day in 1940, Feller served four years in the U.S. Navy.  He put his baseball career on hold immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, enlisting on Dec. 8, 1941.  That’s the stuff of a true hero.

Now, it’s time for the 5 Ws and 1 H for the week:

1.  Who have you most enjoyed watching in the NBA Playoffs this year?

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are the obvious headliners, but Orlando’s Dwight Howard has been a man among boys in the paint (averaging 16.4 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game), and Denver’s Carmelo Anthony (a Baltimore native) is averaging 28.0 points per game and playing his best basketball in quite some time.

Few were talking about the Magic and Nuggets prior to the postseason, but both teams have put together impressive runs.  Both series in the conference finals have been packed with excitement and drama, but getting back to my question, King James reigns supreme:

The legendary Marv Albert making the call just adds to this incredible moment in NBA Playoffs history.

2.  What was former Terp and Dolphins defensive end Randy Starks thinking early Sunday morning?

Thirteen people in one truck?  With an endless number of DUI arrests and traffic-related incidents, I’m convinced there’s a code among professional athletes to never—under ANY circumstances—call a taxicab or limousine service.  It is beyond stupid how these athletes put their careers—and more importantly, other people’s lives—in danger on a regular basis.  Starks’ arrest is just the latest in a long line of terrible choices among professional athletes.

Starks has had a nice career in the NFL, playing four seasons with the Titans before signing with Miami prior to last season, but his poor decision over the weekend certainly didn’t add to it.

3.  Where will Michael Vick end up if and when he is reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell?

Even if they won’t publicly admit it, at least 20 teams in the league would probably like to improve their quarterback situations.  I’m just not sure Vick is the guy on which you take a chance.

Vick’s best passing season came in 2002 when he threw for 2,936 yards, 16 touchdowns, and posted an 81.6 quarterback rating.  In comparison, Joe Flacco threw for 2,971 yards, 14 touchdowns, and had an 80.3 rating in his rookie season.

The 28-year-old Vick has a career 75.7 quarterback rating, and you have to wonder how much the two-year layoff will affect his development as a passer.  One factor to consider in this story is the rise in popularity of the Wildcat offense last season.  On the surface, it seems to be the perfect offense for Vick, but defensive coordinators around the league are surely creating defensive schemes to stop the novelty package.

Part of Vick’s past success can be attributed to the fact that no other teams did the things he could do offensively—he was one of a kind.  With defenses now trying to stop the Wildcat, these same schemes might be more effective in stopping an athletic quarterback like Vick.  If teams are successful in neutralizing his legs, Vick is an average quarterback at best.

When you also consider the enormous amount of media attention and backlash from animal rights groups, is it really even worth it to take a flier on Vick?  I’m not so sure.

4.  When will the Washington Wizards ever get a break?

After finishing a miserable 19-63 season, the Wizards had the second-best chance to land the No. 1 pick (presumably Blake Griffin) but had to settle for the fifth pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.  It’s just another example in the long line of terrible luck for Washington’s basketball team.

Of course, bad decisions have also been a trademark of the franchise.  After winning the lottery in 2001, the Wizards chose high school phenom Kwame Brown.  He averaged 4.2 points per game this season—for the Detroit Pistons.

5.  Why didn’t the Orioles have any interest in Adam Dunn again?

The 29-year-old slugger who hit two home runs and drove in six runs in the Nationals’ 8-5 win over the Orioles on Sunday signed a two-year, $20 million contract with Washington prior to the season.  With such an affordable contract, you would think the Orioles would have had more interest, but there was little discussion involving Dunn this offseason.

With Mark Teixeira spurning the Orioles to sign a bigger contract with the Yankees, wouldn’t Dunn have been a nice consolation prize?  He’s hit at least 40 home runs in each of the past five seasons.  With the impending free agency of Aubrey Huff, the team could have elected to move Huff or Luke Scott after signing Dunn.

It also would’ve been fun to see the left-hander take aim at the Warehouse 81 games a season, but I guess we’ll never know.

6.  How ridiculous is the reputation for the new Yankee Stadium becoming?  Teixeira hit a broken-bat home run down the left field line this afternoon in the Yankees’ 4-3 loss in 11 innings.

This isn’t the first time a broken-bat swing has resulted in a home run, but with the already growing reputation for the new stadium being a bandbox, it certainly won’t change any opinions.

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Blog & Tackle: Happy Opening Day

Posted on 06 April 2009 by Chris Pika

It’s Opening Day for the Orioles and major-league baseball today, not to be confused with Opening Night, the made-for-TV event that gets an ESPN2 slot behind the Women’s Final Four on the big channel.

We all have our predictions on how the season with go for the Orioles (mine is 75 wins), but today is a day to remember how much enjoyment the game brings to us each spring when the records are 0-0, and how much we all look forward to the start of Ravens training camp by mid-June once the record is well south of .500.

Maybe the Orioles can do what the Ravens did a year ago — exceed expectations and make a run to the playoffs. But the Birds don’t have Joe Flacco in the starting rotation, Orioles skipper Dave Trembley will never be mistaken for John Harbaugh and Ray Lewis won’t be doing his pregame dance down the orange carpet.

Still it’s nice to see the white home jerseys, the orange and black bunting around the park, and fellow Mt. St. Joe grad Mark Teixeira in the lineup. Unfortunately for Birds fans, he’ll be doing his damage in a Yankee cap, instead of an Oriole one. I’m sure Mark will feel at home with the cheers of thousands of Yankee fans who will invade Camden Yards for the series — since they can’t afford nosebleed tickets in the new Yankee Stadium.

Yes, it’s Opening Day with great memories of trips to the ballpark with family and friends watching the stars of today and tomorrow and the hopes of posteseason games in October. Regardless of the reality that the 2009 season brings to the Orioles, we can all celebrate those timeless traditions for one day before getting back to wondering who the Ravens will draft in the first round.

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CMS 2009 Major League Baseball Predictions

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CMS 2009 Major League Baseball Predictions

Posted on 06 April 2009 by Chris Bonetti


National League


1.  ARI  2.  LAD  3.  SFG  4.  COL  5.  SD


1.  CHC  2.   STL  3.  CIN  4.  MIL  5.  PIT  6.  HOU


1.  NYM  2.  PHI  3.  ATL  4.  FLA  5.  WAS

American League


1.  OAK  2.  LAA  3.  TEX  4.  SEA


1.  CLE  2.  CHW  3.  MIN  4.  KC  5.  DET


1.  TB  2.  BOS  3.  NYY  4.  BAL  5.  TOR


N.L. MVP:  Dave Wright

N.L. Cy Young:  Dan Haren

A.L.  MVP:  Mark Teixeira

A.L. Cy Young:  Roy Halladay



ARI over PHI

NYM over CHC

ARI over NYM


OAK over TB

BOS over CLE

BOS over OAK

World Series

The Arizona Diamondbacks over the Boston Red Sox


National League


1.  ARI  2.  LAD  3.  SFG  4.  COL  5.  SD


1.  CHC  2.  HOU  3.  MIL  4.  STL  5.  MIL  6.  PIT


1.  PHI  2.  NYM  3.  ATL  4.  FLA  5.  WAS

American League


1.  OAK  2.  LAA  3.  TEX  4.  SEA


1.  CLE  2.  MIN  3.  CHW  4.   DET  5.   KC


1.  NYY  2.  TB  3.   BOS  4.   TOR  5.   BAL


N.L. MVP:  Dave Wright

N.L. Cy Young:  Brandon Webb

A.L. MVP:  Matt Holliday

A.L. Cy Young:  C.C. Sabathia



ARI over PHI

CHC over NYM

CHC over ARI


NYY over OAK

CLE over TB

NYY over CLE

World Series

The New York Yankees over the Chicago Cubs


National League


1.  LAD  2.  ARI  3.  SFG  4.  COL  5.  SD


1.  CHC  2.  STL  3.  MIL  4.  CIN  5.  HOU  6.  PIT


1.  NYM  2.  FLA  3.  PHI  4.  ATL  5.  WAS

American League


1.  LAA  2.  OAK  3.  SEA  4.  TEX


1.  CLE  2.  DET  3.  CHW  4.  MIN  5.  KC


1.  NYY  2.  TB  3.  BOS  4.  TOR  5.  BAL


N.L. MVP:  Carlos Beltran

N.L. Cy Young:  Carlos Zambrano

A.L. MVP:  Grady Sizemore

A.L. Cy Young:  Justin Verlander



CHC over ARI

NYM over LAD

NYM over CHC


NYY over DET

TB over LAA

TB over NYY

World Series

The New York Mets over the Tampa Bay Rays

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