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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/11/09)

Posted on 11 November 2009 by Jack McManus


The head coach of the Morgan State Bears, Todd Bozeman is next up. He talks about the changes to his team for the upcoming season. He also speaks about the Bears’ upset victory over Maryland last year. He points out the extra motivation for the smaller schools when playing a team from a top tier conference. Players may feel slighted that coaches do not believe they are good enough to play at a higher level.



Quintin Laing of the Washington Capitals is now on with Drew. He talks about his recovery from the swine flu. Laing returned on November 1st and scored a goal, his first of the season. He next discusses the importance of winning two games against the Florida Panthers without their star Alex Ovechkin.



NFL Senior Writer for Fox Sports, Alex Marvez is on to talk some football with Drew. He recently wrote this piece about the Steelers. He explains that everything is coming together for the Steelers and the team should get a different result when they face the Bengals again. The team has always been strong running the football, but his season Ben Roethlisberger and the passing game are more than carrying their weight.


Marvez goes on to talk about how dysfunctional the Ravens’ next opponents, the Cleveland Browns, are. The Browns now appear ready to once again name Brady Quinn the starter. He would but the Browns up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a matchup of the worst teams in the NFL.  


A first-time call wants to talk about Andre Agassi. He states that Agassi grew on him during the tenis player’s career. The caller believes that Agassi’s admission of drug use could send a good message to young athletes today. He also mentions the role of parents in preventing this. Agassi’s parents focused him on only tennis from the very beginning of life.



“Old Man Mattison” calls in. He first talks about his “experience” in World War I. He explains that he has been running his defense for 90 years and he won’t be changing now. Drew reminds “Mattison” that the Ravens will be playing the Browns this weekend before he hangs up.


Yet another caller brings up the idea of using Willis McGahee and Le’Ron McClain in the running game. Drew agrees with him and calls the utilization of these players “baffling.” He also promotes the Baltimore Blast games. He calls the games a great experience for the family.


Mike Lonergan, head coach of the Vermont Basketball team is the next guest. He starts off by talking about Marqus Blakely, who is the favorite for conference player of the year. Blakely is too athletic for many forwards to guard and too strong for smaller players. Lonergan next discusses his team’s upcoming game against Jimmy Patsos’ Loyola Greyhounds. The two coaches are close friends, and the game has special meaning for them.



Villanova football head coach, Andy Talley is now on with Drew. He starts off by talking about his team’s victory over the Richmond Spiders last weekend. Despite Villanova’s win over the previously ranked #1 Spiders, the Wildcats are ranked just 3rd now. He moves on to the Villanova-Towson matchup set for this Saturday. He must focus his team regardless of Towson’s poor record so far this year. This is the case for almost every team in the CAA. The conference has strong football teams from top to bottom. He mentions the impact of the “speed” players recruited to teams in the conference. Talley next talks about gaining support from fans in a school that primarily focuses on basketball.



Drew discusses the use of young pitchers with a caller. He points out that Orioles should not run their young pitchers into the ground this season just to have them prove themselves. He gives the example of the Detroit Tigers in 2004. The team had a rotation full of young guns, many of which were highly ranked but never panned out.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/9/09)

Posted on 10 November 2009 by Jack McManus


ESPN color analyst, Len Elmore is the next guest. Elmore is a former Terp and starts off by talking about the team. He states that Greivis Vasquez must lead the team this year. He explains now that Vasquez no longer needs to worry about whether or not he will leave school he can better focus on his legacy at Maryland. Also make sure you check out this awesome article about Vasquez. Elmore calls Virginia Tech a team to watch in the ACC. He then moves on to the recruiting disparity between teams like Virginia Tech and teams like Duke and North Carolina. Some teams must rely on coaching to compete with others that are able to bring in higher rated recruits.



Stern starts off by talking about the expectations placed on his team this season. The team was picked to finish 6th in the conference this year. You can check out a more information on the upcoming season here. He also talks about the mens’ team at UMBC. Here is a preview for them. The team must deal with the loss of Jay Greene and Darryl Proctor.


Phil Stern coach of the UMBC Womens’ Basketball team is in studio to talk some college basketball.


Lomas Brown, a football analyst for ESPN, is on to talk with Drew. He starts off by talking about the regression of his former team, the Lions. The team’s loss to the Seahawks especially hurt, because the team had a chance for a big road win. He next talks about how the Chargers appear to be poised to make a run in the AFC West once again. He calls this the Charger’s “time of the year.” He also talks about the release of Larry Johnson. He states that the Chiefs wanted to rid the their young team of any distraction. Drew brings up his pick of the Packers going to the Super Bowl. By going to Tampa and losing, Brown does not think the team could mentally recover from their emotional loss to the Vikings.



There is some backlash from a couple callers about Merton (including a highly questionable comment about the legality of incest). One caller states that he has already given up on the Raven’s season. He does not see the team winning more than 10 games and thinks the team has less than a 20% chance of making the playoffs.


Merton calls in for the second consecutive day. He tells Drew that maybe if the Ravens put a statue of Robert Irsay in front of M&T Bank Stadium they’re season will turn around. He also treats us with a song before he is cut off.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/27/09)

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Jerry Hairston is next up with Drew to talk about the upcoming Series. He talks about how his career had taken some unexpected turns. He talks about how he dreamed of playing in the World Series as a child. He also speaks on Alex Rodriguez. He explains how A-Rod has stepped up this postseason and reversed his usual struggles. Finally, Hairston states the importance of having CC Sabathia start Game 1. He jokes that CC would start every game if he was allowed to.


Another caller talks about the Brooks Robinson celebration. He talks about the lack of current Orioles. He also mentions how Peter Angelos did not make an appearance. Drew puts out the idea of having the team pay to bring in some of the current players.


Drew pitches his idea for the new Chicago Bears logo to Nestor. (The wind. Remember?) He isn’t a fan of the idea. He and Drew next talk about players who have been “overlooked” and their motivation.  


A few callers talk about the Brooks Robinson event. They agree that the event went well and was a good celebration. One caller, who states that he is 28 years old, is upset that no current Orioles were present. He would like to be able to identify with players in his generation. 


Ken Singleton comes on to talk with Drew and Nestor. Singleton currently is an announcer on the YES Network. He talks about the high-priced additions that Yankees made this offseason. Both Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia have made huge contributions during the postseason. He moves on to how the Yankees will matchup with the Phillies. The Phillies have a very high-powered offense that can keep pace with the Yankees. Singleton next describes the evolution of Pedro Martinez’s game. Now that he can no longer throw has hard, Pedro has changed the way he has pitched.



Nestor is in studio an starts to talk with Drew about the Phillies. Nestor has decided to root for the Yankees in the World Series due to his dislike for the Philadelphia fans. He also talks about the ceremony honoring Brooks Robinson last night. He reveals that no current Orioles were present at the event. He calls this “disgraceful.” He compares this to the Ravens. Ravens players often will show up to charity events in the area.



Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times comes on to talk about the Terps. He starts off by stating that while Chris Turner is not the team’s biggest problem, it may be time to look to the future. He explains that the team should take a look at Jamar Robinson because it is not worth burning a freshman’s redshirt for only a few games. He goes on to talk about the idea that the team just does not have enough talent to compete. This is the simplest explanation, and in this case probably the correct one. Stevens does not believe the team will take any major actions during its bye week, partly because of the injuries to key players.


Moving on to basketball, Stevens says that Gary Williams seems much more excited for this season than he normally does. Stevens states that Maryland could rise to the top of the middle-of-the-pack ACC teams.



The Comcast Morning Show is starting a contest this morning. Callers are able to call in and be selected for either a player or the outcome of the World Series. If the player wins the MVP Award or the series ends up in that way, the caller will win a “special fall package.”

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/21/09)

Posted on 21 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Dean Evason, assistant coach of the Washington Capitals is on to talk some hockey. He begins by talking about the use of Alexander Ovechkin in shootouts. He explains that when a team has the best player in the world, it must use him as much as possible. He next talks about the tough schedule that Caps have faced in the early going.


Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus is the next guest. He states that the Angels missed out on an opportunity last night when they faced CC Sabathia on 3 days rest. Sheehan next talks about the defensive performance of Mark Teixeira. He explains that Teixeira had previously played thirdbase before coming to the majors which contributes to his range. He states that Teixeira should be a leading contender for the Gold Glove Award. Moving on to the Angels, Sheehan talks about how the team will try and keep some of its impending free agents. In regards to Chone Figgins, Sheehan does not see the Orioles as a good fit. Sheehan finishes up by talking about the high turnover in managers during the season and how this means that we will not see many moves on that front coming up.



Glenn is on with a Ravens Report. He explains why the team takes days off during the bye week despite the current losing streak. He states that if the coaches scheduled practice each day, they would lose the players. The team instead is able to relax and treat the next ten games as a whole new season. On the injury front, Jared Gaither stated he would definitely play against the Broncos and Kelley Washington would not have any problems due to the concussion he suffered.  Also, Michael Oher will not continue the feud between himself and Jared Allen.


Clark Judge from CBS Sports is up with Drew. He attended the Ravens-Vikings game and had this reaction. He starts off by talking about the disappointments that are the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans. He also talks about how the Broncos have shocked everyone with their undefeated start. He next explains how the Redskins’ Jim Zorn has had his leadership taken away along with his play-calling duties. Judge also describes the risk of starting a rookie quarterback. He thinks that the Jets may have made a mistake by handing Mark Sanchez the starting job.



Another caller starts to talk about the Raven’s weakness against the pass. He states that since the team seems to have major problems in coverage, the team should instead focus on playing more physically. Yet another caller brings up the play of Ed Reed. He states that while Reed is an excellent player, his risk-taking has hurt the Ravens coverage this season.



A caller talks about the struggles of the Ravens defense. He gives each defensive starter, except for Ray Lewis and Jarret Johnson, a failing grade for the season so far. He states that Greg Mattison is too passive to be an effective defensive coordinator in this league.   



Glenn and Drew start discussing Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow. Chris Turner’s father recently made a message board post titled “Get rid of Yow” on insidemdsports.com. The athletic director must be able to effectively balance making money with putting good teams on the field/court.


Next up is the head coach of the Northeastern Huskies, Rocky Hager. He starts off by talking about the challenging schedule his team has faced so far. He next talks about maintaining balance on offense. Injuries to the team’s quarterbacks have caused the team to allow more turnovers than Hager would like. Hager also explains that his team is not as bad as its 0-6 record. He states that his team just needs to be more consistent and put everything together for an entire game. Hager moves on to the competitiveness of the CAA. He believes that the CAA has clearly risen to the top of the conferences in the FCS and can be called the SEC of the lower division.



I’m making my return from swine flu this morning. Rob Ambrose comes on to talk with Drew. He talks about dealing with the tragedy involving the UConn football team. He also talks about facing the winless Northeastern Huskies this weekend.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/15/09)

Posted on 15 October 2009 by Jack McManus


Former Oriole and current New York Yankee Jerry Hairston is the next guest. He describes the feeling he had when he played in his first ever playoff series. He compares the atmosphere in Yankee Stadium to that of Chicago when Michael Jordan made a game-winning shot. He appreciates how intense the fans are in New York. Finally, he talks about how he enjoyed his time in Baltimore. He states that Baltimore was a great baseball town, and it appears the team may soon bring that status back with all of the young talent. Despite being a Yankee, Hairston states that when he saw how Yankee fans took over Camden Yards, he felt some sadness.



Visanthe Shiancoe, Vikings tight end, former Morgan State Bear, and Maryland native talks with Drew. He talks about his experience playing with Brett Favre explains that the entire team has confidence that Favre will find the open receiver. He next describes how the Vikings offense has great balance and that is what makes it most difficult for defenses to stop. Shiancoe also explains how the coaching staff and the players have prepared the team to make sure it will not peak too early. He believes the Vikings are still far from reaching their potential.

I would post a picture of Shiancoe, but I’ll let you do the google image search for yourself.


Another call brings up how the next few teams have very strong quarterbacks. He talks about how this could be a problem for the defense, considering the struggles against Phillip Rivers, Tom Brady, and Carson Palmer. The discussion moves to how the team needs to better establish its running game in order to let the passing attack work properly.


A caller tries to come up with a solution to the problems the Ravens have this year that they did not have last season. He mentions the loss of Lorenzo Neal. This has limited the “three-headed monster” monster in the offensive backfield.


Drew reminds us that the Ravens started off 2-3 last season. He believes that many fans have overreacted to the loss to the Bengals.


David Koehn, the play-by-play voice of the Virginia Cavaliers comes on to talk about the team before its game against Maryland this weekend. He talks about Virginia’s win over North Carolina. He points out that this could be a turning point in the season. He talks about how the Cavaliers have recently had success throwing the ball. This could continue against a banged up Maryland secondary. Koehn calls the passing defense of Virginia one of the strengths of the team. However, he describes how it is difficult to prepare for an offense, like Maryland’s, that is so inconsistent.


Brian Billick comes on talk about football and the Ravens. This week, Brian will call the Arizona-Seattle matchup. Brian starts off by talking about the trend in the league toward passing offenses. He believes that many teams are vulnerablebecauseof their lack of ability to run the ball. He gives the Bengals as an example of a team that has good balance. The addition of Cedric Benson has allowed Carson Palmer to open up the offense more. Brian moves on to the parity in the league this year. He believes he has never seen a year in which all the teams in the middle of the league are very even. Next, Brian talks about how to deal with the referees when the team believes it has been the victim of some questionable calls. He explains that the players cannot use the officials as an excuse. Brian finishes by talking about the Denver Broncos. He states that if a team has confidence and momentum, as the Broncos do, it will help them on the field.


A caller takes a cheap shot at Ozzie Newsome. He believes that the team has made some poor personnel choices while making the roster this season. He talks about the loss of Jim Leonhard and the signing of an unhealthy Samari Rolle.



Glenn leads off “Cheap Shots from the Bleachers” by calling out fans who root for different college teams for different sports. He does not value the opinion of fans like this. He states that if you are going to be a fan you must root for every single sport at a school.

Drew follows that up with a cheap shot at the great Ray Lewis. He explains that Ray needs to be accessible to the media after a loss. He says that Ray should not make excuses about the officiating or being emotional, and instead own up to any mistakes he made. He finishes up by stating that this is both a fact and a low blow.


The newest Raven David Tyree is up early and on with Drew. Tyree explains how excited he is to have an opportunity here in Baltimore. He goes on to talk about how he welcomes making an immediate impact on special teams. He also talks about his amazing catch in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl 2 years ago.

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (9/25/09)

Posted on 25 September 2009 by Jack McManus


Andy Behrens from Yahoo! Sports comes on the show to offer his weekly fantasy football advice. He advises Drew to stay away from most Titans as they play the Jets who have not allowed an offensive touchdown. He tells me to go with Jay Cutler over Trent Edwards, Ryan Grant over Darren Sproles, and Roy Williams over Donald Driver. Finally, he tells Glenn to start Leon Washington over Knowshon Moreno and Mike Bell, and Eddie Royal or Torry Holt above Steve Breaston.


Jeremy Bloom, who will be on the broadcast team for the Maryland-Rutgers game is now up. He calls Da’Rel Scott one of the best backs in the ACC. He goes on to state that he thinks Maryland has a great chance to pick up a much-needed victory tomorrow. He explains that the Terps need to improve their discipline in order to turn the season around. Bloom moves on to talk about how he had success in both skiing and football. Bloom next describes the The Jeremy Bloom Wish of a Lifetime Foundation. The program aims to grant wishes for low-income senior citizens. For more information on this cause click here.


Andre Knott is the next guest. He is a sideline reporter for the Cleveland Browns. Knott admits that the Browns may be taking many bad losses this season with their current talent level. Knott states that it appears as though Jamal Lewis will not play this Sunday. Instead Jerome Harrison and James Davis will take the majority of the carries. Neither back is as big and strong as Lewis. Knott explains that not all of the Cleveland players have bought into Eric Mangini’s coach philosophy. He moves on to talk about how many fans in Cleveland still have bitter feelings towards the Ravens, despite the fact that the city has another team.


Steve Tasker, CBS Sports Broadcaster, makes an appearance on the show. He will call the Ravens-Browns match-up on Sunday. He states that the Browns do not stack up to the Ravens on either side of the ball. He explains how many NFL teams see the Ravens as a measuring stick for success. Therefore, if the Browns compete with the Ravens, some will be satisfied. He goes on to say that the change of scenery for Kelley Washington has greatly helped him find his way to contributing on the field. He also believes that Ray Lewis could be the best inside linebacker ever. Tasker talks about the Patriot’s early season struggles. He thinks the team will still be strong, but will have to fight to win many of their games. The one 0-2 team that Tasker thinks is not as bad as they look is the Jacksonville Jaguars. He describes how the blame should be placed on the players, and not the head coach.


This morning Glenn and Drew participate in the picks and comment segment. Each set of picks is posted below.


Ravens over Browns 28-13

Titans over Jets

Giants over Bucs

Texans over Jags

Vikings over 49ers

Pats over Falcons

Lions over Redskins

Packers over Rams

Bears over Seahawks

Bills over Saints

Chargers over Dolphins

Steelers over Bengals

Raiders over Broncos

Cardinals over Colts

Cowboys over Panthers


Ravens over Browns 34-10

Titans over Jets 23-17

Giants over Bucs 31-15

Texans over Jags 37-7

Minnesota over 49ers 24-20

Patriots over Falcons 27-24

Lions over Redskins 20-17

Packers over Rams 24-19

Bears over Seahawks 23-20

Saints over Bills 34-24

Chargers over Dolphins 33-17

Bengals over Steelers 20-17

Raiders over Broncos 17-14

Colts over Cardinals 31-27

Cowboys over Panthers 34-24

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What Were They Thinking …..

Posted on 22 September 2009 by Rex Snider

Have you ever watched a sporting event or observed a bizarre news story, while thinking “what rationale went into that decision?” It happens all the time, right? Heck, it comes in everyday life, and in the normal course of your day – the way people drive – how they treat others – the clothes they wear !!!!

However, it seems most sensationalized attention is devoted to ill-logical decisions by celebrity-types, like the quarterback who throws a horrible interception, the tycoon who marries a hillbilly or the athlete who gets caught with a gun, right?

The difference? Well, the dimwit driver on York Road rarely gets national attention, whereas the politician who hooks up with a call-girl, and gets busted, will be exposed for the world to see.

Over the past week, I’ve observed some pretty interesting behavior and decisions. Admittedly, I don’t think you’ll be interested in the poor decisions I observed at Arundel Mills Mall or the North Point Flea Market. Thus, I’ll keep it on the mainstream level.

What were they thinking …..

“Monday Night Football” Scheduling Committee – Ravens vs. Browns (Nov. 16)

Did someone, somewhere think the Cleveland Browns were gonna be a competitive football team, in 2009? Hey, don’t get me wrong – I fully support the Ravens winning an MNF contest, before the eyes of a national audience. After all, they’ve dropped their past 5 MNF appearances.

But, I’d like to think the NFL or whoever develops the PRIME Monday Night Football schedule might be able to find a more suitable opponent, than the Browns ….. on the heels of a 4-12 season. How in the hell did that happen?

Is the scheduling process really nothing more than “Monday Night Monkey Pick ‘Em” ??? Seriously, do the guys up in Mr. Goodell’s office let chimps pick the teams out a hat or by colorful helmet design? I mentioned this same perceived process in a blog, last year. But, I think it bears repeating.

And, don’t feed me the “Any Given Sunday” crap, either. It’s the BROWNS. The Ravens streak of MNF losses will come to an end. However, the choice of respectable opponent, or lack thereof, has me asking “what were they thinking” ……

Kenny Chesney – Summer Tour 2010 – NOT GONNA HAPPEN

Oh, I’m certain a few readers will look at this and say “No Kenny Chesney, BIG DEAL !!!!” Okay, I’ll give ya that one. But doesn’t that really apply to any musical artist?

In the grand scheme of life, I’d say that Kenny Chesney visiting our town isn’t nearly as important as Norv Turner deciding to run the ball, when his team is on the verge of crushing our day ……

But, it sucks for the crowd of hot girls WHO like to run around in tight jeans and bikini tops, while swigging cheap beer and homemade cocktail concoctions – as Kenny delivers a couple hours of fun on a warm summer night.

And, it REALLY, REALLY sucks for the guys who like partying with those girls.

We’re a few paragraphs into this – you don’t think people go to a Kenny Chesney concert for the critically acclaimed music, do you? It’s COUNTRY MUSIC !!!! The truth is Kenny Chesney’s Summer Tour has become a “Jimmy Buffett-like” pilgrimage, for young hot women, between the ages of 18-30, and beyond.

I’ve been to a couple hundred concerts and I’ve never witnessed such a volume of good-looking girls to guys ratio. Who cares if you don’t like country music? You like girls, don’t you?

Heck, if I was in that age demographic, again, I’d go to see Liberace, Motorhead, Lawrence Welk, Peaches & Herb or anyone else, if it meant hanging with a bunch of hotties for the evening.

To be honest, I don’t understand Kenny Chesney’s rationale. In regard to taking a break, in 2010, he said …..

“It would be easy to keep doing it, because it’s fun, and the fans are unbelievable. But I don’t know — then you realize that at some point you’re missing a part of your life. My life has been a lot about parking lots. I need to recharge creatively, and get off the clock of having to be somewhere just because …..”

Dude, your tour ends in September and you head directly for your home in the Caribbean – not to be seen until the following spring. And, regardless of the music he releases, it’s a hit. Not to mention, virtually every Chesney song is about drinking beer, in college.

This is like a pro baseball player saying he needs a year off.

I’m inclined to think if Kenny Chesney skips a year, the hotties will find a new summer tradition. And, the guys will follow. “What was he thinking …..”

Cash For Clunkers II – Gary Williams Gets A Contract Extension

Indeed, there must be an endless flow of cash, in College Park.

On Monday, the ultra-intelligent folks (they all have graduate degrees) at the University of Maryland announced the decision to give Gary William a contract extension, through the 2103 season.

Oops, typo !!!! I meant to write “2013” ….. but, at this rate, Gary Williams will probably be coaching the Terps, in 2103, too. The rest of us will be dead, and it will only be 102 years since the team’s last NCAA title.

And, I was joking when I sent that contract offer from Bucktown State, to Coach Williams and Debbie Yow, via fax. It must’ve worked, because they panicked and gave him an extortion ….. I mean extension.

Oh, wait a minute ……

That’s right, Gary Williams actually “met or exceeded academic and/or competitive benchmarks,” which triggered the extension. Well, that really explains it and I feel much, much better now.

Although, I’ll assume these same benchmarks are not groundbreaking. In the guise of true fairness, I will abstain from making any comments about the Terp’s academic standards, because I don’t know what they are – and making light of a young person’s educational requirements isn’t really a topic for candor.

That said, I love hearing Coach Williams “exceeded the competitive requirements.” That brings a tear to my eye. Can you imagine the language in that section of his contract …..

In-Conference Competitive Requirement – “Be Better Than The Orioles.”

Congrats, Coach, you really earned it. And, Debbie ….. “What were you thinking …..”

“Jackass” Is Coming To 1st Mariner Arena

If you’re a fan of a bunch of knuckleheads torturing themselves – while being chomped by an alligator, hit by a car or shot by a gun, you’re NOT in luck.

Sorry, but Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the JACKASS crew will not be visiting our area – that I’m aware. I suppose it’s not outside the realm of possibility to imagine Wee Man swimming around the Polar Bear pool, at the Baltimore Zoo.

But, it’s not on the prospective schedule.

But, my reference is something completely different – and of an AUTHENTIC jackass, in all dynamics of the title.

On December 19th, Kanye West will be bringing his “Fame Kills” Tour to Baltimore’s 1st Mariner Arena. Oh, Hell Yeah !!!! And, to think, I’ve been agonizing over my prospective “Christmas Wish List,” which remains BLANK.

As soon as I finish this blog, I’m gonna fill it out – “Anything, But Tickets To The Kanye West Concert” …..

Seriously, he’s far from a good person. Beyond being despicably arrogant and discriminating, Kanye West is a “poser” when it comes to being the portrayed gritty, hardknocks artist.

He’s nothing more than Chris Brown with a foul mouth.

Yep, here it is ….. “Ed Hale, What Were You Thinking …..”

The Chicago Cubs – Thanks For The Reminder

This one is gonna be short and sweet …..

Yesterday, I wrote a blog regarding the Ravens’ Secondary needs AND Chris McAlister’s availability.

While I was CRYSTAL CLEAR in the intended spirit of the blog – I was not suggesting the Ravens should add the dysfunctional, former team member, I still received the accusatory remarks.

Ahh, it’s a subject for another time. But, briefly ….. read the entire blog, next time.

That said, as I sit here a day later, I want to thank the Chicago Cubs for reminding me of what usually happens when dudes with bad character are given subsequent opportunities.

Yesterday, the Cubs suspended Milton Bradley for the remainder of the season. Yep, THAT MILTON BRADLEY. Thanks for the reminder, Cubbies.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO to Chris McAlister.

Yeah, here it is ….. “What Was I Thinking …..”

<img src=”Photobucket” alt=”” />

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Gary Williams Is Failing …..

Posted on 17 March 2009 by Rex Snider

Admittedly, I’m the WNST family member who talks the least about NCAA Basketball and the Maryland Terrapins. I love the college game and I watch it, but debating the IN’S and OUT’S of each contest doesn’t burn within me. Does that make sense?

Yeah, I love college basketball (I don’t love the NBA product) and I even go to Terps games. Can you believe that? Glenn Clark just fell outta the producer’s chair. It’s 100% true. But, the intimacies of college basketball aren’t a passion and I just can’t fake it.

So, I’m that casual fan, who enjoys the physicality and strategy of the college game. In fact, I love the college game for all the reasons I can’t stand the NBA. For me, it’s basketball. But, once again, on a day following a prime Maryland matchup, I’ll be monitoring the Orioles, Ravens or NASCAR. It’s just me …..

However, as a casual fan, I still have respective opinions about the Terps and in particular, Gary Williams. My primary question is why are so many people, fans and media included, willing to give Gary Williams a “pass” on his obligation to deliver a team capable of WINNING THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP?

Lets make this is a “sugar free” blog ….. and blunt to the core …..

Since securing the NCAA Championship, the Terps have languished in mediocrity. And, it doesn’t appear to be changing, anytime soon. Mike Krzyzewski and Roy Williams hand Gary Williams his rear-end each and every year. This sobering observation covers on and off the court issues.

That’s right, North Carolina and Duke beat the Terps where it counts – between the baskets. And, they beat ‘em where it really counts – between the driveway and living room of each prime recruit’s home. Aberrations aside, the Terps play for third place in the ACC, every season. And, kids know this.

For all the Gary-Land lovers, don’t cite the occasional victories against the Tar Heels or Blue Devils. When the season is done, the Terps are staring up at the ACC’s powerhouses, pure and simple. That’s right, when Gary pulls his grand entrance during Midnight Madness, we’re all thinking the same thing – “I hope they make the NCAA Tournament.”

How sad is that?

Like I said, since securing that National Championship, the Terps have gone nowhere. And, I think Gary Williams needs to answer for their failed results – on and off the court. It begins and ends with him – period.

Numbers don’t lie and they’re hard to twist around. And, numbers really tell the story of disparity between Maryland and the Duke/North Carolina regimes, over the last 7 seasons – since that coveted championship.

Over the past 7 seasons, the respective records are …..

Terps – 143-97 (50-54 ACC)
Duke – 192-46 (81-31 ACC)
NC – 189-53 (78-34 ACC)

And, the secured finishes aren’t any rosier. Over the past 7 campaigns, the respective regular season and ACC tourney championships tell the story …..

Terps – ZERO regular season/1 ACC tourney championship
Duke – 3 regular season/4 ACC tourney championships
NC – 4 regular season/2 ACC tourney championships

Ouch, that hurts. But, the truth is just that. Gary Williams’ Terps are not a top notch organization. And, this is inexcusable. Just as the Orioles MUST compete with the Yankees and Red Sox, and the Ravens MUST compete with the Steelers, the Terps MUST compete with Duke and North Carolina. And, they’re failing.

Still, some folks think Gary Williams deserves recognition for delivering his team to a 10th seed in the NCAA Tournament. Are you kidding me? And, don’t feed me the excuses about a lesser talented bunch. He built the team – it’s his responsibility.

Gary Williams has failed in his obligation to compete in the ACC. Running in the middle of the pack isn’t good enough for a school like Maryland. The Terps were lucky to make the NCAA Tournament. Their current record could’ve translated into an NIT bid ….. instead, it’s earned them a 2nd round matchup against Memphis – if they beat California. Good luck, this week …..

Would Duke settle for 7 seasons of mediocrity? How about North Carolina? Ask Matt Doherty. I think it’s fair to suggest Gary Williams’ run of “average teams” would not be tolerated at Duke, Carolina or a handful of other schools where winning is demanded. Standards for performance at such schools are higher.

Say what you will about George Steinbrenner – and I realize Major League Baseball and NCAA Basketball are two distinctly different things, but if you’re managing the New York Yankees, winning championships is a mandate. In fact, it should be a standard everywhere.

Gary Williams has snookered A LOT of people. Heck, he’s got masses and masses of followers believing he accomplished something special with his current team. They’re undersized and not very talented. Well, who’s fault is that? It begins with and it ends with him.

If Debbie Yow held Gary Williams to the same obligations and standards for excellence found at Duke and North Carolina, he would be on a scorching, freakin’ hot seat, right? His leash would be at its shortest length EVER, if he still had a job.
If you’re a supporter of the Maryland Terrapins, YOU deserve a better product. It’s simple, Gary needs to answer this question …..

“Can you compete with Duke and North Carolina on a consistent basis?”

If he offers excuses, fire him and eat the contract. It’s that simple. If he says he can compete, give him one more shot. And, if he fails to deliver on his promise, fire him. Eat the contract and hire someone who will compete.

Gary Williams is a master at putting detractors and realists on the defensive. Stop falling for his bullyish jedi-mindtricks. His demeanor, when questioned, is along the lines of a Bill Belichick. But, there’s one problem. Uh-huh, Bill Belichick wins CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Gary Williams does not. And, this is the heart of the problem …….

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We’re here to talk about the present, A-Rod

Posted on 17 February 2009 by raybachman

A-Rod is a liar. He lied again today.

Mark McGwire looked like a jerk back in 2005 when he said, “I’m not here to talk about the past.” I hope anyone caught juicing from here on says the same thing.

The Ravens said they are going to franchise Terrell Suggs if he doesn’t sign by Thursday. That’s the right move. T-Sizzle is the future of this Ravens’ defense.

It’s beginning to look more and more like Ray Lewis isn’t going to be a Raven next year. That’s just a gut feeling. Most fans that I am hearing from are fine with that.

Maryland has only beaten one ranked team this year and that was back in November. Four out of the Terps’ last six games are against top-13 teams. If the Terps don’t make the NCAA tournament this year, that will be four out of the last five years out of the big dance. We expect more out of a Gary Williams-coached team.

I know the Orioles probably aren’t going to have a winning season, but I am anxious to see what they are going to bring to the table. The Orioles need arms. Too many guys coming off of injuries, and the club didn’t do much to address the need during the offseason. I’m rooting for them, but I’m thinking that there is going to be another September pitching meltdown.

Casey asked the stupid question on our WNST Saturday show facebook page “3rd and Goal.” Who was better – Hulk Hogan or Shawn Michaels? You have no idea how stupid that question is. Check out what I had to say and rant for yourself, just click here to respond.

My non-sports thought of the day – How come they don’t have Saturday morning cartoons on local television anymore? I would love to get up with my daughter on a Saturday morning, eat some cornflakes and watch some “Muppet Babies” or “The Littles”.

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