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Our Ravens/Patriots “Pats on the Ass”

Posted on 20 January 2013 by Glenn Clark

After every Baltimore Ravens victory, Ryan Chell and I take to the airwaves on “The Nasty Purple Postgame Show” on AM1570 WNST.net to offer “Pats on the Ass” to players who have done something to deserve the honor.

We give pats to two defensive players, two offensive players and one “Wild Card”-either another offensive or defensive player, a Special Teams player or a coach. We offer a “Pat on Both Cheeks” to someone who stands out, our version of a “Player of the Game.” Ryan and I select five different players/coaches each.

Here are our “Pats on the Ass” following the Ravens’ 28-13 win over the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in the AFC Championship Game to clinch a trip to Super Bowl XLVII…

Glenn Clark’s Pats…

5. Jim Caldwell

4. Pernell McPhee

3. Marshal Yanda

2. Bernard Pollard

1. Joe Flacco (Pat on Both Cheeks)

(Ryan’s Pats on Page 2…)

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Your Monday Reality Check: Hyperbole aside, line play why Ravens still riding

Posted on 14 January 2013 by Glenn Clark

WNST.net Ravens insider Luke Jones joined us for “The Nasty Purple Postgame Show” late Saturday night after the Baltimore Ravens’ unbelievable 38-35 2OT win over the Denver Broncos.

Emotions were high in the Zone Superstore Studios of WNST.net. It was hard to have a legitimate conversation. A group of us had gathered to sit and watch the game and just found ourselves shouting “no way” and “unreal” at the television as the Ravens delivered perhaps the most miraculous victory in franchise history.

It was hard to discuss anything beyond the emotion of the moment, the will of the football team, the observations related to the Ravens truly being a team of “destiny”.

Even Head Coach John Harbaugh was caught up in the moment, once again tying the success of a football team to a level of divine intervention in his postgame press conference.

(I have no idea if the Messiah has any interest in determining the outcomes of football games. Perhaps maybe he (she?) felt as though the Broncos had to pay a price for parting ways with the known prophet Tim Tebow in the offseason. And if the Ruler of the Universe really does have concern related to the pigskin, I would vastly prefer a divine preference for the Ravens myself.)

I wish I could tell you what Luke’s response was. More than 24 hours later, I don’t fully remember. What I believe I remember him saying was something about Joe Flacco and then more about the will of the football team. I’m completely in agreement, but it didn’t necessarily answer my question. I’m sort of glad for that.

There’s a well known joke that says “Joe Buck is to baseball what the Catholic Church is to sex. It’s okay that it’s happening just as long as no one is enjoying it.” I’m glad Luke didn’t ruin the beauty of the moment by going all “Nate Silver” and killing us with football nerd-dom. It’s much better that we had a full 24 hours to enjoy and celebrate perhaps the greatest non-Super Bowl win in franchise history before we returned to a more X’s and O’s based discussion of what happened for the Baltimore Ravens Saturday and what they’ll need to do to win moving forward.

(This is the part where you say, “that’s a nice set-up Glenn. You’re a real pro’s pro.”)

The Baltimore Ravens DID win Saturday because of their will. They DID win Saturday because they believed in each other and never lost hope. They DID win Saturday because they have tested veterans who simply refuse to give up or allow a beloved teammate to step into retirement without leaving every last ounce of effort they’re capable of giving on the field.

It’s not just hyperbole. There’s absolute truth to it. It’s just not the entire story. In fact, it’s not even close to the most important part of the story. We go to that stuff first because it’s more likely to get clicks. We’re not stupid.

(Continued on Page 2…)

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The Five Plays That Determined The Game-Ravens/Broncos

Posted on 18 December 2012 by Glenn Clark

Following every Baltimore Ravens game this season, Ryan Chell and I will take to the airwaves Tuesdays on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net with a segment known as “The Five Plays That Determined The Game.”

It’s a simple concept. We’ll select five plays from each game that determined the outcome. These five plays will best represent why the Ravens won or lost each game.

This will be our final analysis of the previous game before switching gears towards the next game on the schedule.

Here are the five plays that determined the Ravens’ 34-17 loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium…

(Note: not all pictures are always of actual play)

Glenn Clark’s Plays…

5. Bernard Pierce 15 yard run negated by Matt Birk holding penalty (2nd quarter)

4. Rahim Moore recovers Joe Flacco fumble on 3rd & 1 forced by Justin Bannan (1st quarter)

3. Eric Decker 51 yard TD catch from Peyton Manning (3rd quarter)

2. Joe Flacco pass intended for Torrey Smith incomplete on 3rd & 10 (3rd quarter)

1. Chris Harris 98 yard TD return of Joe Flacco interception (2nd quarter)

(Ryan’s Plays on Page 2…)

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Our Ravens/Redskins “Slaps to the Head”

Posted on 09 December 2012 by Glenn Clark

After Baltimore Ravens victories, Ryan Chell and I award players who made positive contributions with “Pats on the Ass” during the “Nasty Purple Postgame Show” on AM1570 WNST.net.

The Ravens fell to the Washington Redskins 31-28 in overtime Sunday at FedEx Field, meaning there were no Pats to be awarded.

So instead of offering “Pats on the Ass”, Ryan and I again offered “Slaps to the Head” postgame. A slap on the side of the head from a coach tends to come along with them saying something along the lines of “you’ve gotta do better than that.”

Same rules as there were with Pats. Two offensive players, two defensive players, and a Wild Card (Special Teams player, coach, or another Offensive or Defensive player). One player gets “two slaps” (or a slap on both sides of the head), it’s the opposite of a “Player of the Game” honor.” Ryan and I select five different players/coaches after each game.

Here are our five Ravens that have “gotta do better than that.”

Glenn Clark’s Slaps…

5. Matt Birk

4. Cary Williams

3. Ed Reed

2. Joe Flacco

1. John Harbaugh (Two Slaps)

(Ryan’s Slaps on Page 2…)

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Changes coming to Ravens offensive line during bye week?

Posted on 22 October 2012 by Luke Jones

Entering the bye week following the Ravens’ worst loss in his five years as head coach, John Harbaugh preached a message of reflection and evaluation in speaking to the media 24 hours after the 43-13 loss to the Houston Texans.

The problems are numerous on both sides of the football despite the Ravens’ 5-2 record and first-place standing in the AFC North, but one of the most concerning aspects through the first seven weeks of the season is the inconsistent play of the offensive line. Quarterback Joe Flacco was sacked four times and had several passes batted down as the Houston defense controlled the line of scrimmage.

It was the latest example of the offensive line following a strong performance with a poor outing as the Ravens held Dallas to one sack in Week 6 before allowing the Texans to make life miserable for Flacco throughout the day in Houston on Sunday.

“We’re a work in progress,” Harbaugh said. “I’m not going to put a grade on it – it’s just not what we do. We’ve done some really good things, and we’ve done some not so good things.”

The offensive line has been in line with the overall “Jekyll and Hyde” personality demonstrated by the Baltimore offense, turning in excellent performances mixed with unacceptable showings. The group struggled to protect Flacco in all three road games this season, allowing 10 sacks in those contests, and allowed the Cleveland Browns to sack the fifth-year quarterback four times in a Week 4 win in Baltimore. However, the line excelled in home wins over Cincinnati, New England, and Dallas, allowing a combined four sacks in those three games.

Beginning in training camp with the late arrival of 2011 starting left tackle Bryant McKinnie, Harbaugh emphatically stated the best five linemen would play as the Ravens used a variety of combinations in the preseason before surprisingly settling on Michael Oher at left tackle, Ramon Harewood at left guard, and rookie Kelechi Osemele at right tackle to begin the season. Veteran Bobbie Williams supplanted Harewood in the starting lineup against the Cowboys, but the Ravens appear no closer now to having a comfortable starting lineup than they did in late July.

Are more changes coming following the bye week with the offensive coaching staff now having the opportunity to take a step back from game-planning to evaluate its own personnel in a more detailed manner?

“That’s a possibility,” Harbaugh said. “We’re not benching guys and putting other guys in there and all that kind of stuff. To me, that wouldn’t be a fair description of what we’re doing. On our offensive line, we’re just trying to find a good mix. [Different] guys are probably going to be playing since we have a mix of young guys and older guys. I would guess we’re going to roll some guys in there and see how they do.”

If changes are to be made, the most logical step would be to put McKinnie back in the spot he enjoyed last season with Oher sliding back to the right tackle position he played last season. The move would also allow the Ravens to slide Osemele to the left guard spot where he received plenty of work during spring organized team activities and training camp.

McKinnie offers little as a run blocker but is arguably the Ravens’ best pass-blocking tackle. The results with Oher at the left tackle spot have been mixed as it appears the fourth-year offensive lineman is better suited to play on the right side.

And with the Ravens hell-bent on being a pass-heavy offensive attack this season — another aspect that could be tweaked during the bye — it would make sense to make the change to improve the outside pass blocking while upgrading the left guard spot where the 36-year-old Williams struggled mightily on Sunday. Of course, McKinnie’s lack of mobility and conditioning concerns would also impact the Ravens’ desire to run the no-huddle offense, which has floundered in three road games this season.

McKinnie played 18 snaps on Sunday after Osemele temporarily left the game with a sprained right ankle, but Harbaugh wouldn’t discuss the 33-year-old tackle’s play, citing a minor injury he sustained while playing. It’s no secret the organization was unhappy with McKinnie’s lack of commitment in the offseason and cut his pay less than a week before the start of the regular season.

“He got hurt. He’s had a little hip flexor issue that came up during the game,” Harbaugh said. “That’s all he played once he came out with the hip flexor, so it wasn’t that many plays to really evaluate.”

The Ravens could also look at the possibility of working Harewood back into the mix as well as second-year tackle Jah Reid, who is finally healthy after dealing with a calf injury for the better part of four months.

Pro Bowl right guard Marshal Yanda and veteran center Matt Birk figure to be the only safe bets to remain at their current positions on the starting offensive line, but Harbaugh said  even rookie Gino Gradkowski has made big strides and would be ready to play guard if needed.

Regardless of whether the Ravens make wholesale changes or simply confirm the current group as its best starting five, it’s apparent Harbaugh and the coaching staff will be taking a long look up front before their next game on Nov. 4 against the Cleveland Browns.

“We’d like to have five guys who are rock solid and who are in there and working with everybody all the time,” Harbaugh said. “It’s really just not where we’re at right now. So, let’s make the best of it and let’s work some guys in there. If we get hot with a group, then we’ll stick with it.”

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I’m proud that we’re supporting Matt Birk next Tuesday

Posted on 02 October 2012 by Drew Forrester

Eight years ago, for reasons I sometimes question right about now when I’m running around trying to pull off a one-man show otherwise known as a golf outing, I decided to host a yearly event that would hopefully combine one of my loves – golf – with something I’ve always deemed important — giving back to the community.

Some of this is rooted in my “former life” with the Blast indoor soccer team, where Kenny Cooper instilled in me the need for players and staff members to be active in the community.  For five years, I assumed the role of the team’s Director of Public and Community Relations and made it my number one responsibility to have our soccer players “out and about” spreading the news about both the team and the sport itself.  A great number of players who came here from elsewhere wound up playing soccer in Baltimore and then settling here afterwards.  In fact, within the last three weeks, I’ve seen Keith Van Eron (New York), Scott Manning (Charlotte, NC) and Mike Stankovic (Europe) at various functions and always remember – proudly – that those guys came here, played professionally, embedded themselves in the community as players, and now have flourishing businesses right here in Baltimore.

So in 2005, I took on the task of organizing a yearly golf outing. It’s more fun than work, honestly, but the demands of the economy and “free spending” have made events like the one we’re having next Tuesday more and more difficult to pull off on a yearly basis.

I’ve never made the WNST Charity Golf Outing a complicated, day-long event.  I understand (most) people work for a living and I value the fact that few of you have the ability to just “take a vacation day” to play golf in October.  That’s why our event always starts at 1pm.  That gives those who are playing a half-day in the office or out on the road before they start with the fun.  I’ve also tried my best to keep the cost as low as possible while still raising money for a charity.  I’m proud to say that the 2012 edition of the outing is the 5th straight year we haven’t raised the price of $150 per-player.  I’ve had lots of participants over the years tell me they play in a lot of charity events and that ours is as good “for the value” as any they play in…and that makes me happy.  But it couldn’t happen if not for the support of our friends and supporters.  This year, for example, you’ll pay $150 to play, but you’ll receive a $15.70 discount coupon from Jiffy Lube, a bunch of free coffee coupons and a really nice coffee mug from Royal Farms, plus your own personal photograph with Ravens center Matt Birk.  We also have a great putting contest sponsored by STX Golf where you can win a brand new putter.  You also get to play Pine Ridge at the very best time of the year and you get dinner and refreshments afterwards.  Oh, and there are prizes for 8 of the 18 teams and lots of raffle items.  We try to make sure no one goes home empty handed.

That leads me to the most important part of the yearly event:  the charity we support.

I’ve made two “executive decisions” since the outing started in 2005.  First, the charity MUST be Baltimore/Maryland based and the funds we generate and donate MUST be put to use locally.  Second, the charity MUST change every year.

Eight years in and we’ve accomplished both of those goals every single time.

Since 2005, WNST listeners, sponsors and supporters have donated over $75,000 to a terrific group of local charitable organizations.  We’ve raised money for the ALS research facility at Johns Hopkins Hospital…The Fuel Fund of Maryland…The Casey Cares Foundation…the Erinn McCarthy Scholarship Fund at Maryvale Prep…the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation and the Hospice Care Department of the ALS Association of Maryland.

All of the charity recipients are special to me.  They’re like children, I guess.  Each one has a special memory.  I’ve also met WNST listeners like Chris Schattall (he’s played in all eight) and Don Mohler (so has he) through the tournament.  It’s a great way for people to get together and share the common friendship bond of golf while doing something special for OUR community. Sponsors of WNST like my friend Dennis Koulatsos and Koons Ford of Security Boulevard have been consistent supporters and/or participants, as have the likes of Jay Pivec, Frank Schilling, Steve DeCastro and Heather Benz of Ruth’s Chris and Darrell Phillips of Mariner Distribution.  Anytime I need something for the event, they’ve come through.

I appreciate all of them.  And I appreciate every single person who will be out at Pine Ridge next Tuesday afternoon.  I’ll tell everyone that, personally, next Tuesday as well.

And that brings me to this year’s charity recipient.

(Please see next page)

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Our Ravens/Eagles Slaps to the Head

Posted on 16 September 2012 by Glenn Clark

After Baltimore Ravens victories, Ryan Chell and I award players who made positive contributions with “Pats on the Ass” during the “Nasty Purple Postgame Show” on AM1570 WNST.net.

The Ravens fell to the Eagles 24-23 Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, meaning there were no Pats to be awarded.

So instead of offering “Pats on the Ass”, Ryan and I again offered “Slaps to the Head” postgame. A slap on the side of the head from a coach tends to come along with them saying something along the lines of “you’ve gotta do better than that.”

Same rules as there were with Pats. Two offensive players, two defensive players, and a Wild Card (Special Teams player, coach, or another Offensive or Defensive player). One player gets “two slaps” (or a slap on both sides of the head), it’s the opposite of a “Player of the Game” honor.” Ryan and I select five different players/coaches after each game.

Here are our five Ravens that have “gotta do better than that.”

Glenn Clark’s Slaps…

5. Arthur Jones

4. Matt Birk

3. Cary Williams

2. John Harbaugh

1. Joe Flacco (two slaps)

(Ryan’s slaps on Page 2…)

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Kruger, McPhee questionable for Sunday’s game in Philadelphia

Posted on 14 September 2012 by Luke Jones

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Defensive end Pernell McPhee and linebacker Paul Kruger were listed as questionable for Sunday’s game against the Eagles after both practiced for the first time all week on Friday.

Both players worked on a limited basis as McPhee sported a bulky brace on his right knee and appeared to be limited as he went through positional drills during the portion of practice open to the media. The second-year defensive end said Thursday that he expects to play against the Eagles.

Kruger has dealt with a back injury stemming from Monday night’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals. He was one of the final players to walk out to the field and seemed to be moving fairly well as he went through individual drills. The fourth-year linebacker said he felt much better after practice.

“I’m hoping it loosens up even more before the game,” said Kruger, who expressed optimism for playing Sunday. “I’ve got a couple days left. I’ve got to keep the legs moving and loosen the back up. I’m just trying to stay on top of it and get it fully ready by Sunday.”

Should McPhee and Kruger be unable to play, it opens the door for third-year defensive lineman Arthur Jones to start at defensive end while rookie Courtney Upshaw would presumably get the start at the strongside linebacker position.

Coach John Harbaugh would not provide any information or thoughts regarding the status of either player as he reminded media of his instructions that discourage players from discussing injuries.

“I don’t really have any thought on it,” said Harbaugh when asked whether the two would be game-time decisions. “The buses will pull up at one o’clock. All of our guys will be there, they will get out of the bus, and then we’ll see what happens.”

Free safety Ed Reed (hamstring) was listed as probable after practicing for the third straight day. The 34-year-old indicated after Monday’s game he would be ready to play against Philadelphia and all signs point to that being the case barring an unforeseen setback.

Center Matt Birk (thight) was also listed as probable on the final injury report of the week and will play against the Eagles. Both he and Reed practiced fully on Friday.

Offensive lineman Jah Reid (calf) has been ruled out after observing practicing Friday but not working with the offensive linemen as he continues to rehab the same injury that’s plagued him since June’s mandatory minicamp.

Meanwhile, the Eagles received good news Friday as starting wide receivers DeSean Jackson (hamstring) and Jeremy Maclin (hip) practiced on a limited basis. Both were listed as questionable for Friday’s game, but Maclin told reporters he plans to play.

Per their official site, the Eagles will wear white jerseys on Sunday, meaning Baltimore will wear its purple jerseys on the road.

The referee for Sunday’s game is replacement official Robert Frazer, who worked the Bills-Jets game last Sunday.

The Ravens will conduct a walk-through Saturday morning before traveling to Philadelphia for their 1 p.m. game at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday afternoon.

Here is the final injury report …

OUT: T Jah Reid (leg)
QUESTIONABLE: LB Paul Kruger (back), DE Pernell McPhee (knee)
PROBABLE: C Matt Birk (thigh), S Ed Reed (thigh)

OUT: WR Riley Cooper (collarbone)
QUESTIONABLE: WR DeSean Jackson (hamstring), WR Jeremy Maclin (hip), CB Curtis Marsh (hamstring)
PROBABLE: S Colt Anderson (knee), WR Jason Avant (wrist), S Kurt Coleman (facial lacerations)

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Ravens offensive line starting to take shape?

Posted on 20 August 2012 by Luke Jones

One of the great mysteries off the offseason and training camp has been trying to determine exactly what the Ravens offensive line will look like when they take the field against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 10.

It started with the departure of Pro Bowl selection Ben Grubbs via free agency in March and has continued on with the uncertainty surrounding left tackle Bryant McKinnie, but as the Ravens approach their third preseason game of the summer, it’s apparent that John Harbaugh and the coaching staff need to narrow in on their decision for a starting five and where those players will line up exactly. The bizarre start to camp for McKinnie left the door open for competition at the tackle position as the Ravens have used the 32-year-old veteran as well as Michael Oher and rookie Kelechi Osemele at the tackle positions at different times.

However, conventional wisdom points to the Ravens settling in with the alignment used last year with McKinnie at left tackle and Oher on the right side, and that’s exactly what they’ve done over the last two days of practice. Harbaugh has praised the group’s versatility, but quarterback Joe Flacco acknowledges the need to start building chemistry up front.

“You want to get to a point where there’s some continuity between those guys,” Flacco said, “and they can really play together and be in sync, because that is the most important position on the field as a whole. Those guys need to kind of play off each other and get comfortable with each other.”

Considering the confusing circumstances surrounding McKinnie’s late arrival and the questions surrounding his weight and conditioning, it’s apparent the Ravens not only wanted to evaluate Oher on the left side and Osemele at right tackle but have been trying to send a message to last year’s starting left tackle that he wasn’t going to be assured of anything. And though he’s worked against reserve defenders in the first two preseason games, most still regard McKinnie as the team’s best pass blocker and his conditioning has been satisfactory, which holds more significance with the Ravens looking to use the no-huddle offense more this season.

With left guard Bobbie Williams struggling in the first two preseason games and still dealing with soreness in his surgically-repaired right ankle, Osemele has been receiving his most extensive work at left guard since organized team activities in the spring.

While Harbaugh still isn’t tipping his hand regarding McKinnie’s status, it’s beginning to look like the 6-foot-8 lineman is regaining a grip on the starting job.

“He’s had a tempo and a rhythm,” Harbaugh said. “It’s just a matter of practicing, and it’s like anybody else. He is practicing well. He’d be the first to tell you he’s not there yet. Nobody is there yet, but he is practicing well, and he is in the mix. I am looking forward to seeing how it shakes out, but he is doing a good job.”

Having played with McKinnie for seven years in Minnesota, center Matt Birk says his longtime teammate has put in the necessary work to not only get himself in better condition but to also show better agility than he has in recent years. Never regarded as a strong run blocker, McKinnie is receiving positive reviews even when the play isn’t being run to his side of the line.

“He is moving well,” Birk said. “We all get a little bit older, and you learn some things and figure some things out. Bryant has done a good job of being in shape. I think he is moving as well as I’ve seen him move in a long time on the back side. He is getting his back-side blocks and back-side cutoffs.”

Even if it looks like the Ravens are on the verge of solving the puzzle at tackle, the other question remains whether Williams can hold up inside or the rookie Osemele will eventually push him out of the starting lineup.

Rice understudy still under study

After showing impressive moves and good acceleration in his preseason debut against Detroit on Friday, rookie running back Bernard Pierce appears on the verge of taking a firm lead in the race for the backup job behind Ray Rice.

But the Ravens are still keeping their intentions for the backup job close to the vest.

“Right now, it’s a huge question mark,” running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery said. “I would like to think that I know the answer to that, ‘Who’s going to back up Ray?’ But, that’s why we are in training camp to find out who’s going to back up Ray.”

Though he only participated in nine plays and carried the ball four times for one yard, Pierce showed the ability to break tackles and good vision in his limited opportunities. More importantly, however, the rookie looked to be fully healthy after dealing with a hamstring injury for most of training camp.

“He’s learning what the NFL running back position is all about,” said Montgomery, who described Pierce as finally showing the “reckless abandon” he ran with at Temple in Friday’s preseason game. “You can see the redeeming qualities that he has is that inside ability to run in between the tackles and then able to bounce plays to the outside to drop his pads and run over people.”

Kicking competition grows intense


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Birk, J. Smith, three others return to practice Saturday

Posted on 11 August 2012 by Luke Jones

(Updated: 5:40 p.m.)

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Returning to the practice field after their 31-17 win in the preseason opener over Atlanta, the Ravens saw five players return to action but were also dealing with several news absences from injuries sustained against the Falcons.

Center Matt Birk (back), cornerback Jimmy Smith (back), defensive end Arthur Jones (hip), running back Bernard Pierce (hamstring), and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe all returned to practice on Saturday as the Ravens begin a new week of practice leading into their first preseason home game against Detroit on Friday.

Birk hadn’t practiced since July 28 after dealing with back spasms.

“It’s good to get those guys back,” coach John Harbaugh said. “It’s very important. Those guys were out here practicing, and we need to have those guys.”

Despite the good news of several key players returning, the Ravens also faced the fallout from Thursday’s game as tight end Ed Dickson (sprained right shoulder), defensive lineman Ryan McBean (broken left ankle), wide receivers Torrey Smith (sprained ankle) and Logan Payne (hip), and cornerbacks Asa Jackson (hamstring) and Chykie Brown (hamstring) did not practice.

All aforementioned players were injured against the Falcons, with McBean’s injury potentially sidelining him for the rest of the season. Dickson — who came out to watch practice in street clothes with his right arm in a sling — is expected to miss a few weeks but will be ready in time for the Ravens’ season opener on Sept. 10. Smith’s injury is not considered to be serious.

Harbaugh would not disclose any updates on the severity of McBean’s fracture or confirm whether it would be a season-ending injury.

“It’s already been reported, so there’s no reason for me to comment any further,” Harbaugh said. “You guys already got what you need.”

Others not practicing included linebackers Josh Bynes (back) and Darryl Blackstock (groin), and wide receivers Tandon Doss (hamstring) and Patrick Williams (leg). Wide receiver David Reed (knee) and offensive lineman Jah Reid (calf) remain on the active physically unable to perform list while linebacker Terrell Suggs continues to rehab his surgically-repaired Achilles tendon while on the non-football injury list.

Rookie linebacker Courtney Upshaw (shoulder) was practicing again after sitting out Thursday’s game. He practiced for the first time since July 28 on Tuesday but was held out of the game due to a lack of practice reps.



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