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Doesn’t matter who the Ravens new OC is…you’re not going to like him

Posted on 15 January 2014 by Drew Forrester

This will be short and sweet.

As the Ravens begin their search for an offensive coordinator, this much, I know to be true.

No matter who they hire, nearly all of you will eventually want that guy fired.  And it won’t take long.  That’s how Baltimore has rolled all the way back to the days of Matt Cavanaugh.  The honest truth — Ravens fans haven’t ever really liked an offensive coordinator.

I could go into all the reasons why this is so, pointing to things like Fantasy Football, Madden and other associated football video games and the constant breaking down of film on TV sports shows on the NFL Network, ESPN, etc.

That said, even taking into account all of those things I listed above, it won’t matter here in Baltimore.  You guys (and gals) won’t like the “new one” twelve months from now.

“But Drew, what if the team wins and the offense is good next season?”

It won’t matter.

The team went to the playoffs for five straight seasons, went to three AFC title games and won a Super Bowl and, somehow, the Head Coach of the team sucks according to a lot of you.

When the Ravens win, it’s in spite of Harbaugh — that’s what some of you think.

When the Ravens lose, it’s because Harbaugh finally got exposed — you also think that.

Well, the same thing will most certainly happen with the new Offensive Coordinator.  You won’t like him, either.

How do I know that?

Because you’ve proved that over the last decade or so.

It’s never good enough.

If the Ravens score 35 points, but lose, you’ll still cry about the 3rd and 2 they didn’t get on the 11 yard line when they threw a swing pass to Ray Rice that he short-armed.

If they score 35 points, and win, you’ll forget that the following week when they score 20 and lose.

A lot of you have displayed an amazingly short memory when it comes to the football team in town and how exceptional they’ve really been in the John Harbaugh era.

If only you held the Orioles to the same standard.



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