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You may not be surprised by who tops our “Maxim Hot40” Champions Tour edition

Posted on 14 May 2013 by Glenn Clark

During our weekly “In Or Out” segment Friday on “The Reality Check” on AM1570 WNST.net, we discussed the recent Maxim Hot 100 list. The list included “Manti Te’o’s Fake Girlfriend” at #69 and was topped by now 20 year old pop singer/actress Miley Cyrus.

Al from Jarrettsville called in quickly to let us know that personally he felt it was “creepy” for the young star to be #1 on the list due to her age. He suggested Catherine Zeta-Jones should be #1, to which I responded “but isn’t she like 50?” He said back, “that’s fine-I’m 64!”

Within moments, our planning began for a “Champions Tour” style version of the Maxim Hot 100. We decided to make the list of women who were all 40+ years old, so we also trimmed our list to 40 honorees. We solicited votes from callers, e-mailers (glenn@wnst.net), Twitter followers (@WNST or @GlennClarkWNST) and Facebook friends (“WNST.net” or “Glenn Clark”).

(For those female listeners-or male listeners who aren’t quite as much into females-we’re more than willing to listen to suggestions for a male list. If you put it together I’ll post it. Promise.)

Here’s the list…

40. Mary Joe Fernandez (41)

Admittedly, this was simply a case of “I have such a crush on her that I want her on the list.” So she made it. Everything else (mostly) is on the up and up.

39. Gabrielle Reece (43)

Truth be told, that magazine cover was from more than a year ago-but Reece had already passed 40. Also to be truthful, we all know that recent magazine cover or not, the former volleyball star certainly looks great.

38. Cheryl Hines (47)

This was an actual screenshot from an episode of ABC’s “Suburgatory.” I couldn’t tell you anything more. Other than that it’s fantastic.

37. Kelly Hu (45)

There’s a local connection here, as Hu is the longtime girlfriend of Baltimore’s own (and former SR-71 frontman) Mitch Allan. She also looks great and will be in the upcoming TMNT movie. So that should peak the interest of those who enjoy Ryan Chell’s daily “Nerds’ Corner” segment.

36. Rachael Ray (44)

Admittedly, I’ve always found Rachael Ray sexier than a lot of others. I would have put her higher on the list. That’s what I get for listening to you jerks and caring what you think.

35. Katarina Witt (47)

Comcast SportsNet’s Bo Smolka particularly went to bat for the former Olympic figure skater. We’re so glad he did.

34. Brooke Burke (42)

Presumably there are few more people in this area who have been reminded of Burke (who is actually now Brooke Burke-Charvet sadly) because of Jacoby Jones’ involvement with Dancing With The Stars. In the words of Robert Randolph, “ain’t nothing wrong with that.”

33. Vanna White (56)

There is absolutely no way that Vanna White is 56 years old. I refuse to believe it. REFUSE I tell you.

32. Helen Hunt (49)

As a few people who nominated Helen Hunt pointed out, the “Sessions” star deserves more credit simply for her willingness to show…frankly…everything.

31. Toni Braxton (45)

A local nod, as the Anne Arundel County native has stayed in the spotlight well in recent years due to Las Vegas appearances and reality shows. We’ve all benefitted from that.

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