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More C-Mac talk,Rex – Rob Ryan,Suggs radio comments, Mike Singletary and Mike Nolan

Posted on 23 October 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some news and notes from Ravens today:

Here is Rex’s comments on C-Mac situation:

-Rex Ryan talked about how Jim Leonhard was in the game more than Ed Reed because of a certain package that the they had practiced more in it, but no one talked about it. Rex said it is his responsibility to get the job done no matter who is out there.

– As to who decides who starts on defense, Rex Ryan made is very clear, “it is my call, always on defense.”

-Rex mentioned that he owes it to this football team to do what they think is best with match ups, even if that means taking out Ray Lewis.

On his relationship with Rob Ryan:

– ” We were really close, we still are very close. With dad’s profession, I always had my best friend with me when we moved.”

-“you look forward to seeing him, maybe going out to eat or something. You have to feel bad for someone, might as well feel bad for him. It is all about the win, hopefully our team will come out on top.”

-The defensive guys have said that the guy to getting JaMarcus Russell is to wrapping him up and wait for help to come.

On Terrell Suggs comments on the radio:

” I am getting it all second hand, I do not know all the particulars on it, so I would rather not comment right now til I hear it myself.”

On Mike Singletary getting hired in San Fransico:

“I am excited for Mike Singletary to get that opportunity, I think he will do a tremendous job.He probably gives the best speeches I have ever heard a guy give. I think the lost a heck of coach in Mike Nolan, I hate to see one of my friends lose a job when the season is not even over. I think that is kind of ridiculous, it is what it is. I guess adversity to some comes opportunity for others, hopefully Mike Singletary will do a good job in stay in that position, but i sure feel for Mike Nolan.”

-Cam Cameron mentioned that Willis McGahee took 30 cc’s off of his knee before the Miami game and having the game he did was impressive. Cameron feels like McGahee is getting healthier and that will benefit the offense.

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Ravens news and notes and injury report

Posted on 22 October 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some notes from 1 Winning Drive today:

-The Chris McAlister saga will continue to roll on, as McAlister spoke with the media and commented on the situation which you can see in my previous blog. Coach Harbaughreemphasized today that playing time has nothing to do with discipline. It is simply they are putting the best 11 guys on the field against the Raiders. McAlister does in fact appear on the injury report this week, which you can scroll down to see.

– Buddy Ryan the father of Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and Raiders defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will be at the game on Sunday.

-JaMarcus Russell was a big topic of discussion with several of the defensive players today. Trevor Pryce, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata all talked about how big and strong Russell is and how you have to wrap him up to get him down. Pryce mentioned that the thing you have to do when you get to Russell is ask him to lie down so you can get the sack. Suggs is concerned that he might get shrugged off if he gets to him and goes for a sack. Ngata pointed out that a big thing with Russell is that he will dump off passes to the running backs when you get to him and that is a dangerous thing. All of the guys compared sacking Russell to trying to sack Ben Roethlisberger, very difficult. Suggs compared sacking Russell to trying to sack Trevor Pryce.

– Jonathan Ogden who will be going into the Ravens Ring of Honor on Sunday, will be introduced with the team on Sunday.

– Terrell Suggs said early that he thought Troy Smith should be starting for the Ravens. Now Suggs has said ” I thought the question was about multiple packages. I said both quarterbacks should get a chance to play, like running back Ronnie Brown depending on the package. Joe is 3-3 as the starter and has done a good job. It’s not like we haven’t won any games.”

Suggs also has had controversy come up with his comments about a bounty on Hines Ward. Here is his response to that, ” there wasn’t any bounty. The reporter asked me if there was a bounty and I just said I’m going to keep a watch on the guy. He broke some guy’s jaw last week, and he tried to cheap shot Jarrett Johnson. He also cheap-shotted Ed Reed. We’re just going to be on alert the next time we play him. It’s like the guy in your neighborhood who always pulls your shorts down and your drawers show, well, you always have to be on the lookout. You have to be alert.”

Suggs has always been a media friendly guy, but I can not imagine these type comments set well with the new coaching regime

– Here is the injury report for the Ravens for Wednesday:

OUT: Samari Rolle(neck/shoulder) Dawan Landry(neck) Adam Terry (knee)

Did Not Participate: Yamon Figurs(knee) Ed Reed(thigh) Demetrius Williams(ankle)

Limited Participation: Jared Gaither(neck) Chris McAlister(knee) Willis McGahee(knee)

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Ravens, Rays, Shuckers and Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted on 20 October 2008 by caseywillett

Huge win for the Ravens today.  They were able to come up with big plays when they needed to on both offense and defense. Here are some other observations from the weekend:

– I want to thank everyone that came out to Shuckers in Fells Point for the Ravens – Dolphins viewing party. It was a great time!  Thanks to Andy and his staff at Shuckers for their hospitality and Rachel from Corona for providing giveaways during the game. Shuckers is a great place any time to visit, but especially on Sunday’s if you are an NFL fan.

– Willis McGahee ran the ball as hard as we have seen him run since probably the Ravens – Patriots game last season. For most of the day, he ran with a burst through the line of scrimmage and down hill. With the exception of that fumble on the break away run when he was caught from behind, it was a very solid day for Willis.

– I will say this now.  I do not buy that Chris McAlister was held out because of knee.  McAlister did not once appear on this week’s injury report.  Suddenly he is not playing.  I think there is more to it.

– It was not a great day for Joe Flacco but it was a solid performance. Flacco made the throws when he needed to and got more guys involved in the offense.  He still made some rookie mistakes, but this was a solid bounceback game after a couple of rocky games over the last couple of weeks.

-The Ravens defense may have made the Dolphins rethink about their “wildcat” offense. The Ravens defense did not fall for it once today.  They had it scouted out every time the Dolphins tried it. Very solid game by the Ravens defense.

– Have to give Chris Chester his credit where it is due. He had a much better game than what I thought he would have today filling in for Yanda. Let’s see if Chester can continue his solid performance week after week.

Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Rays on making it to the World Series. I am especially glad to see a guy like Chad Bradford, one of the best guys to come through the Orioles locker room, make it to the World Series. Also, congratulations to Andy Freed, a Towson graduate who does play by play for the Rays. What an amazing performance by David Price for the Rays in the biggest situation he has encountered in his young career.

As I was flipping through the channels Sunday night, a familiar face showed up on my television. That person was former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Edgerton Hartwell. Hartwell’s wife Lisa Wu Hartwell, is a part of the Bravo channel reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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Today we continue out education about the 2008 Ravens

Posted on 05 October 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

The undefeated Tennessee Titans roll into town believing (as they should) that they are a Super Bowl contender. Sure, the Ravens are 2-1 and are one play, one red flag, one fumble, one whistle away from being 3-0.

But today the Ravens will have the chance to show us whether they’ll be a very good team this year, or simply one of the many who will be playing “win one, lose one” style in the NFL.

They’ll either sport a pedestrian 2-2 by the end of the day or they’ll be 3-1 at the quarter pole. And either one of them is perfectly acceptable to me.

A month ago many us of believed they’d stink. A win today here against the Titans would make them 3-1 and they would be getting the kind of attention playoff teams will get from the national media.

But let’s be honest: beating the Clevelands and Cincinnatis at home doesn’t earn you honors in the AFC in 2008. We’re pretty sure they both stink.

But beat a 4-0 team and you’ve showed the entire NFL something.

Concerns for the Ravens today:

How will the offensive line and a max protect serve quarterback Joe Flacco against a defense as tenacious and talented as Jim Schwartz’s bunch in blue?

Where’s Willis McGahee? We all like Le’Ron McClain but I’m not sure the Ravens can win if he’s the feature back for the entire season. Unless the offensive line becomes more seasoned and dominant at the point of attack more consistently.

Will Todd Heap become more involved in the offense? Most of us thought Cam Cameron’s offense would use Heap in the same role as Antonio Gates in the San Diego scheme. That hasn’t happened yet.

When the Titans have the ball it will be interesting to see if the Ravens’ defense can goad Kerry Collins into some of the problems he had back on Jan. 28, 2001 when he was leading the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV. Collins is now playing the “Trent Dilfer role” for the Titans. He protects the ball. He manages the game. And he’s been undefeated doing it for a team that wants to smack you in the mouth and get turnovers on defense.

Theoretically, this is a good match up for the Ravens because the Titans don’t have the long-ball arsenal and quick attack style that teams like Pittsburgh and Cincinnati like to employ. This is one day when you’d think the gambling style Rex Ryan’s defense likes to utilize won’t be as susceptible to big plays or big breakdowns, especially in the secondary.

But the Ravens are going to have to keep Flacco and the offense on the field and they’ll need to run more effectively than they have so far this season. (Or at least in the way that they controlled the ball in the fourth quarter of the Cincinnati and Cleveland wins.)

Albert Haynesworth, Kyle Vandenbosch, Keith Bullock and company are stingy. They stuff the run. They sack the quarterback. They ball hawk. And they take the ball away.

The Titans have manhandled all four of their opponents. Pound for pound, they have been the best team in the NFL so far this season.

Today’s task is a tall one for the men in purple.

But it’s a day to figure out whether that 2-0 start was an aberration or whether the Ravens have arrived in 2008 as a legitimate playoff contender. Today is a reality check for the whole city.

Win today and we can start discussing the possibility of the “p” word and being a legitimate contender.

A loss today and staring the down the barrel of a trip to visit Peyton Manning and the Colts in Indianapolis next week, and all of a sudden the Ravens’ prospects aren’t looking so rosy.

Get’s your “Let’s Go Flacco!” signs and enjoy the game!

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UPDATE: Roster moves, injury report, and notes

Posted on 01 October 2008 by caseywillett

Here are the Ravens roster moves that were made today:
The Ravens have placed the following player on practice squad/injured:
Joe Reitz (T, 6-7, 270, Rookie, Western Michigan)
The Ravens have also waived the following player from their practice squad:
Casey Bramlet (QB, 6-4, 220, 2nd-year, Wyoming)
Baltimore signed the following players to its practice squad:
Nathan Bennett (G, 6-4, 315, Rookie, Clemson)
Edward Williams (WR, 6-4, 215, Lane)
Here is the Ravens injury report for Wednesday:
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Dawan Landry (neck)
Samari Rolle (neck)
Limited Participation:
Antwan Barnes (shoulder)
Yamon Figurs(hamstring)
Derrick Martin(shoulder)
Willis McGahee(chest)
Full Participation:
Nick Greisen(thigh)

Here are some news and notes from the Wednesday:

Kelly Gregg will not be available to the team this week, as he continues to nurse a knee injury. Coach Harbaugh said they are sending his MRI’s to doctors to have them look at it, because it is a unique situation and they hope to have more information this week.
Willis McGahee said he hopes to be able to finish a game. McGahee said that his injury to his ribs was in the back where he took a helmet. McGahee broke two ribs last year towards the end of the season. McGahee’s left eyes looks really bad, it had a lot of blood in it. That is the eye that he got poked in during the Browns game. McGahee takes exception to people saying he is getting these injuries because of him missing off season workouts. McGahee said he will have a better understanding on how he feels after practice today.
Casey Bramlet and Joe Reitz are not longer with the Ravens practice squad. Bramlet was released while Reitz was placed on injured reserve. The Ravens have added. The players names were not available to the media yet.
There was no sign of Samari Rolle in the locker room today. It did not appear that he has been here, based on the way his locker appeared.
Coach Harbaugh said today that the team definitely see’s Troy Smith playing in some capacity this year for sure.

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Monday press conference notes

Posted on 30 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here are some news and notes from Coach Harbaugh’s press conference:
On the Derrick Mason TD:
Coach Harbaugh said now looking back at the Derrick Mason catch in the end zone, “we think he was in.”
The reason he did not challenge the catch was because of the replay he saw it was not clear if he was in or not
Derrick Mason did not lobby for Coach Harbaugh to challenge the catch
On the end of regulation:
The Ravens were hoping to pop a run against the Steelers. If that would have happened, they would have pushed the issue. Once it did not happen, they were just looking to get to overtime and let it play out.
Coach Harbaugh felt like because of the injury to Willis McGahee and LeRon McClain, and the timeout situation, they were limited as to what they could do.
On the 3rd and 8 run:
The Ravens were looking to catch the Steelers off guard and felt like they had the right call in to do it. Coach Harbaugh said they like to go against the norm in certain situations and that was one of them
Other notes:
Willis McGahee suffered a rib injury during the game and they is why he did not return. He is expected to be ok, and back this week against the Titans.
As it relates to the offensive line play, Coach Harbaugh said that it was not blown assignments that lead to the sacks. He pointed out that the offensive line could do a better job of blocking as could everyone else.
Coach Harbaugh said the penalty on Jarrett Johnson is a penalty in the “grey area” for him. He looked at it as Johnson was just playing hard.
The “big picture” for the Ravens is getting ready to play a very good Tennessee Titans team on Sunday.

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Ravens Q & A time

Posted on 30 September 2008 by caseywillett

After a hard fought, tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers last night, it is time for another edition of Ravens questions and answers.

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It was fun for a little while, wasn’t it?

Posted on 30 September 2008 by Nestor Aparicio

I suppose it was too much to ask for this season, this 3-0 thing.

We went to Pittsburgh 57 strong on the Miller Lite Purple Roadie. We sat in the upper deck. We raised hell as the videos will attest. We really had a lot of fun and cheered a lot and had a lot of high fives.

And when the Ravens were winning 13-3 at the half, it was one big freaking party as we looked out over the bright lights of Pittsburgh. Drew and Glenn were talking smack. The Steelers fans were strongly considering not returning to their seats in the second half and Joe Flacco was running around like Fran Tarkenton on the Heinz Field sod.

I don’t know that I’ve ever been happier. (Well, at least not since 13-3 two years ago!)

But the NFL is an unforgiving roller coaster as those few seconds of torture in the third quarter showed us. A bad punt, a bad penalty, a busted coverage, a missed tackle, a slip and sack and fumble combo for the quarterback – and voila – it’s suddenly a long ride home from Western Pennsylvania.

Another loss in Pittsburgh. Another knife from Ben Roethlisberger in overtime.

But, we could hang our hats on the good things over the next six days:

The Ravens had the lead for much of the game and really kinda manhandled the Steelers in their own crib. If not for two plays – the Fabian Washington whiff to the Chris McAlister miss to the Ed Reed slip, and the subsequent Joe Flacco fumble on the sack – the Ravens beat the black and gold up pretty good last night.

The place was silent much of the evening and even when the game was tied 20-20 late in the fourth quarter, at least 10,000 of the Steelers’ “faithful” had made their way to the exits. I’ve been making this trip for 12 years now and the crowd was the lamest I’ve seen in the new ballpark.

And even after “blowing the lead,” Flacco led the team back down the field to score the tying touchdown. And before that, the defense even chipped in with a goal line stand to force a field goal from 1st and goal inside the 5-yard line.

For those of us who thought 8-8 this season would be a moral victory, it’s nights like these that make us believe the team might be better than we think.

After 180 minutes of play – and maybe I’m delusional here – but I think the Ravens might be pretty good. And I’m as sold on Flacco (or WHACKO 4 FLACCO) as the next guy.

By the way, you might want to join Brent Harris and Brad Jackson and the Purple and Black Attack out at High Topps in Timonium from 6 til 8. Joe Flacco is tonight’s live guest. (Hint: order the chicken fingers…they’re really good!)

I’m not printing playoff tickets just yet and I realize they’re staring down the barrel at undefeated Tennessee and a trip to Indy over the next 12 days, I’m not even sure they won’t be 2-3 by the time I turn 40 on Oct. 14th, but I am at least hopeful.

We’re going to have a real season and this team is fun to watch and fun to cheer for.

I saw nothing last night in Pittsburgh that embarrassed us as Ravens fans. John Harbaugh and his new staff have clearly been a nice changeup and the team is playing well and playing hard and staying competitive. You can make a case that they deserved to win last night and go 3-0.

And Joe Flacco has shown over the last three games that he’s the real deal. Or as real as anything we’ve had under center since the team left Cleveland 13 seasons ago.

Now, the bad news and reality check from last night:

They lost again in Pittsburgh. Right now, as I type this, we’re in Monroeville, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh and we’ve got four-plus hours of highway ahead and we lost.


And it makes me sick.

The aggressive penalties hurt. The inability of the offensive line to protect Flacco long-term worries me. The injury to Willis McGahee worries me. The age of the team and the breakdowns and depth issues in the secondary also concern me. And the missed tackles and their inability to corral Roethlisberger when it counted just killed them last night.

But at 2-1 with their loss coming in overtime in Pittsburgh on a nationally televised game where the rookie quarterback led a valiant comeback to score a game-tying touchdown, I think as a Ravens fan you have to be satisfied. Well, perhaps not “satisfied” but at least “upbeat” about the 2008 season.

But, no doubt, a 3-0 start sounded a helluva lot better back at halftime. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

The Ravens are on a short clock this week.

Bring on the Schwartzes. Bring on the vaunted Tennessee defense. And bring on Kerry Collins!

We’ve got a big week ahead and plenty to dissect from the loss in Pittsburgh.

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UPDATE: Injury report and news and notes

Posted on 26 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for Friday:
Dawan Landry (neck)
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Samari Rolle(shoulder / neck)
Troy Smith (illness)
Yamon Figurs (hamstring)
Nick Greisen (thigh)
Adam Terry (ankle)
Tavares Gooden (hip)
Ray Lewis (foot)
Le’Ron McClain (migraine)
Willis McGahee(eye)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Daniel Wilcox (shoulder)

Here are some notes from the morning media session:

Cam Cameron sounded optimistic that Willis McGahee will be ready to go on Monday night, “he’s doing fine from what I can tell. His eye doesn’t look great, but I think he’s doing ok. He was ok in the meeting today.” McGahee sounded optimistic that he will play on Monday night, but he did say right now though he is taking it day by day.
Rex Ryan said they will wait and see about the availability of Samari Rolle for Monday night. Ryan said they are confident in what Frank Walker and Corey Ivy can provide if Rolle is not ready to play.
Jarrett Johnson had a visitor in the locker room today as his friend and Baltimore Orioles Lance Cormier was visiting Johnson today. Johnson and Cormier have homes near one another in Alabama.
Cam Cameron spoke very highly of the job that Rex Ryan and his coaching staff have done this week with the scout team defense. Cameron said that the defense has given them the best look that they could want from the defense.
Chris Chester was at practice this afternoon wearing a #48 jersey. Chester was a former tight end at the University of Oklahoma.
Here is what Cam Cameron had to say about the availability of Le’Ron McClain for Monday night: “He’s full go. He was great in meetings this morning and he will be ready to play.”

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UPDATE* Injury report, Ravens zapped of a sack, Troy Smith, and other notes

Posted on 24 September 2008 by caseywillett

Here is the Ravens injury report for today:
Dawan Landry (neck)
Did Not Particiapte :
Kelly Gregg (knee)
Limited Participation:
Nick Greisen (thigh)
Le’Ron McClain (back/ankle)
Willis McGahee (eye)
Samari Rolle (shoulder/neck)
Troy Smith (illness)
Full Participation:
Yamon Figurs (hamstring)
Tavares Gooden (hip)
Fabian Washington (neck)
Here are some notes from the media session this afternoon;
There is at least publicly no revenge factor on the Ravens minds about how the last time these two teams meet on Monday night. Terrell Suggs even reminded people in case people forgot that they actually beat the Steelers here to end the season.
Ray Lewis mentioned how the Ravens are not looking for a “coming out party” on national television Monday night. The Ravens just want to go out and play a football game.
Joe Flacco has not put a lot of thought into playing his first road game on Monday night football. Said that maybe as the game gets closer he will, but has as of now he has not.
Troy Smith ran the look (scout) team offense today. Troy mentioned how it feels good to be back on the field again and is still working his way back
Willis McGahee is still nursing a sore eye after getting cut on his eyelid during the Browns game. Coach Harbaugh said they have talked to the league about it, but have not heard back from them as of yet. The Ravens would not comment on who they suspect was the person scratching McGahee’s eye, put pointed out that it is clear to see on the tape who that person is.
The Ravens are not caught up on who is injured or not injured for the Steelers. The feeling is that when you do that that is when someone that you are not expecting hurts you. They are treating Rashad Mendenhall the same way they would Willie Parker. Terrell Suggs said he treats every running back like they are Barry Sanders and could set the record against them.
Dawan Landry has been around the facility the last couple of days, and is said to be in very good spirits. Landry’s parents were at the game and have been with him since the injury happened. Dawan’s brother Laron drove up from Washington after his game when the injury happened to Dawan and stayed at the hospital with him.
The Ravens have notified us that the team has lost a sack from Sunday’s game. The sack that was credited to the team in the 1st quarter now has been changed by the league to a rush for Derek Anderson. The Ravens now have a total of six sacks on the season. There will some stats that change, but they are still the top rated defense in the NFL.
Some quick tidbits  from Hines Ward’s  media conference call:
Hines says that this is a very physical and hard fought rivalry between the two teams. Each team knows what they are going to get from the opposing team and that it is going to be a hard hitting game.
He has no hard feelings toward anyone on the Ravens. When he was asked about last year when Bart Scott said he wanted to “kill” Hines Ward after the hit he gave Scott in Pittsburgh, Ward said he was pretty sure that Scott did not really mean that.
The thing that impresses him about the Ravens defense is that they are healthy and are flying to the football.
He does not feel that their game plan will have to change a lot with the loss of Willie Parker on Monday night. Ward said that this offense is not really built just around one guy.
He does think that it will be a big task for Joe Flacco to have to come into Heinz Field and play on Monday night for his first ever road game.
He does not take any of the trash talking personal while it is on the field. He pointed out that he played with one of the bigger trash talkers in the league in Joey Porter
Only message he wanted passed along to Bart Scott was that he says hello. Hines said he will be giving Scott a lot of smiles out on the field on Monday.
Here is an interesting note: The Steelers have not lost at home on Monday night since 10/14/91 when the lost to the New York Giants 23-20. That is 13 straight wins since that loss.


Yesterday I got a couple of questions in regard to the Ravens and their uniforms. Here is how the rules play out:
The Ravens and every other team in the NFL have to submit a list of what color uniform they wish to wear for each game during the season.
The home teams have the right to wear their choice. So if the Steelers and Ravens both submitted in July that they wanted to wear white for a game in Pittsburgh, the Steelers get to wear it because they are the home team.
The color of the pants can be switched, so a team is not committed to one color of the pants with the uniform, like when the Ravens wore the white top with the black pants.
It is not believed that the Ravens will wear their black uniforms this season

Here are some notes from the morning practice:

Troy Smith was at practice and throwing the ball for the first time since he became ill before the St. Louis Rams preseason game
Nick Greisen (leg) and Samari Rolle (shoulder) were not practicing this morning. Also missing was Dawan Landry who is dealing with a spinal cord concussion.
Yamon Figurs (hamstring) and Fabian Washington (neck) were both back at practice today.
Willis McGahee who is dealing with a cut eyelid and getting poked in the eye on Sunday, was at practice today
We do not know at this time how much each of these guys did during practice or what limitations they had at practice.
Back with more news and notes from the facility after media time with the coach and players.

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