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Jerry’s Used Car Superstores Presents WNST Orange Baseball Bus to CitiField for Mets-Orioles (May 5, 2015)

Posted on 08 December 2014 by WNST Trips

Come see some Baltimore baseball in the “other” stadium in New York. We’re headed to Queens to see the Baltimore Orioles take on the New York Mets at CitiField in The Big Apple on Tuesday, May 5, 2015.

Tickets: $99 per person

Mobile contact #

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Orioles sign former Cy Young winner Santana to minor-league deal

Posted on 03 March 2014 by WNST Staff

The Baltimore Orioles came to an agreement on a minor-league deal with two-time former Cy Young Award winner Johan Santana on Tuesday.

The deal includes an invitation to major league spring training in Sarasota and is worth $3 million plus performance bonuses upon making the major league roster, according to CBS Sports insider Jon Heyman.

Santana is coming off a second shoulder surgery that cost him to miss the entire 2013 season. The Mets chose to buy him out after the season, making him a free agent.

Santana had previously missed the entire 2011 season and went 6-9 with a 4.85 ERA for the New York Mets in 2012 between surgeries, including the first no-hitter in franchise history. Santana was brilliant from 2003-2008, winning the American League Cy Young Award twice with the Minnesota Twins and being named an All-Star four times in his career between the two teams.

For his career, Santana is 139-78 with a 3.20 ERA and 1.132 WHIP.

Originally signed by the Houston Astros as an amateur free agent in 1995, Santana was acquired by Minnesota via Florida at the 1999 Rule 5 Draft. He will wear No. 57 with the Orioles.

Rumors/reports of the deal began midday Monday when the lefty was spotted at the Birds’ Spring Training facility in Sarasota by multiple media outlets. Top pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez posted the following picture of himself with Santana on Instagram.

Santana recently threw for MLB scouts and reportedly topped out with a velocity of 81 MPH. Many believe he would not be available to pitch until well into the 2014 season.

A report from MLB.com suggested the O’s could view Santana as a left handed option out of the bullpen. The Birds have again been looking at reliever Brian Matusz as a starter during Spring Training and have no options left with fellow lefty Zach Britton. Additionally, lefty reliever Troy Patton will miss the first 25 games of the season after testing positive for a banned substance.

The Orioles recently acquired veteran starter Ubaldo Jimenez and Korean pitcher Suk-Min Yoon. The team was still in talks with free agent starter Ervin Santana as recently as last week.

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Orioles acquire Mets infielder Omar Quintanilla

Posted on 20 July 2012 by Luke Jones

Hurting at second base after the recent injuries to Brian Roberts and Robert Andino, the Orioles have acquired middle infielder Omar Quintanilla from the New York Mets for cash considerations.

The Orioles had an open spot on their 40-man roster after designating pitcher Brad Bergesen for assignment earlier this week, and Quintanilla brings more major league experience than the current combination of Steve Tolleson and Ryan Flaherty at second base.

Quintanilla has appeared in 256 games over seven major league seasons with the Rockies, Rangers, and Mets and is known for his strong defensive work. He has a .993 career fielding percentage (two errors in 297 chances) in 106 games at second base and a .984 career fielding percentage (seven errors in 444 chances) in 119 games at shortstop.

In 80 plate appearances with the Mets this season, Quintanilla has posted a .350 on-base percentage and .257 batting average. For his career, Quintanilla is a career .218 hitter in 592 career at-bats with three home runs and 38 runs batted in.

The 30-year-old infielder is expected to join the Orioles in Cleveland on Saturday.

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An orange video postcard from Citi Field

Posted on 18 June 2012 by Nestor Aparicio

We had another soldout WNST Orange Roadtrip this evening to Citi Field in Queens, N.Y. While the outcome wasn’t positive for the Orioles, we did have a hearty group rooting on Jake Arrieta and the Orioles.

Here’s my video postcard of an evening at the site of the former Shea Stadium…

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Former Oriole Justin Turner offers nice tribute to late Beastie Boy MCA

Posted on 09 May 2012 by WNST Audio

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Bovada Sets Orioles Win Total At 69.5, Second Longest Odds to Win World Series

Posted on 14 March 2012 by WNST Staff

Odds to win the 2012 World Series     

Philadelphia Phillies                   11/2

New York Yankees                    13/2

Los Angeles Angels                   7/1

Detroit Tigers                             8/1

Texas Rangers                          10/1

Boston Red Sox                        10/1

San Francisco Giants                 15/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       18/1

Miami Marlins                            20/1

Cincinnati Reds                         20/1

Atlanta Braves                           22/1

St. Louis Cardinals                     25/1

Arizona Diamondbacks               28/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    28/1

Washington Nationals                30/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 40/1

Toronto Blue Jays                      40/1

Chicago Cubs                            40/1

Colorado Rockies                       40/1

Cleveland Indians                       60/1

Chicago White Sox                    65/1

Minnesota Twins                        75/1

Kansas City Royals                   80/1

New York Mets                          80/1

Oakland Athletics                      80/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      100/1

San Diego Padres                      100/1

Seattle Mariners                        100/1

Baltimore Orioles                       150/1

Houston Astros                          200/1

Odds to win the 2012 AL Pennant       

New York Yankees                    13/4

Los Angeles Angels                   7/2

Detroit Tigers                             4/1

Boston Red Sox                        11/2

Texas Rangers                          11/2

Tampa Bay Rays                       9/1

Toronto Blue Jays                      22/1

Cleveland Indians                       28/1

Chicago White Sox                    35/1

Kansas City Royals                   40/1

Oakland Athletics                      40/1

Minnesota Twins                        40/1

Seattle Mariners                        60/1

Baltimore Orioles                       75/1


Odds to win the 2012 NL Pennant       

Philadelphia Phillies                   9/4

San Francisco Giants                 7/1

Atlanta Braves                           9/1

Cincinnati Reds                         9/1

Miami Marlins                            9/1

St. Louis Cardinals                     11/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    14/1

Washington Nationals                15/1

Arizona Diamondbacks               14/1

Colorado Rockies                       18/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 18/1

Chicago Cubs                            22/1

New York Mets                          40/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      40/1

San Diego Padres                      50/1

Houston Astros                          100/1

Odds to win the 2012 AL East

New York Yankees                    2/3

Boston Red Sox                        3/1

Tampa Bay Rays                       9/2

Toronto Blue Jays                      12/1

Baltimore Orioles                       100/1


Odds to win the 2012 AL Central         

Detroit Tigers                             1/4

Cleveland Indians                       10/1

Kansas City Royals                   12/1

Chicago White Sox                    12/1

Minnesota Twins                        16/1


Odds to win the 2012 AL West

Los Angeles Angels                   4/5

Texas Rangers                          1/1

Oakland Athletics                      30/1

Seattle Mariners                        45/1


Odds to win the 2012 NL East

Philadelphia Phillies                   1/2

Miami Marlins                            11/2

Atlanta Braves                           6/1

Washington Nationals                8/1

New York Mets                          50/1


Odds to win the 2012 NL Central         

Cincinnati Reds                         7/5

St. Louis Cardinals                     2/1

Milwaukee Brewers                    11/4

Chicago Cubs                            18/1

Pittsburgh Pirates                      30/1

Houston Astros                          100/1


Odds to win the 2012 NL West

San Francisco Giants                 5/4

Arizona Diamondbacks               2/1

Los Angeles Dodgers                 11/2

Colorado Rockies                       7/1

San Diego Padres                      15/1

Over/Under Regular Season Win Totals

Arizona Diamondbacks               86½

Atlanta Braves                           86½

Baltimore Orioles                       69½

Boston Red Sox                        90½

Chicago Cubs                            73½

Chicago White Sox                    75½

Cincinnati Reds                         87½

Cleveland Indians                       78½

Colorado Rockies                       80½

Detroit Tigers                             91½

Miami Marlins                            85½

Houston Astros                          63½

Kansas City Royals                   78½

Los Angeles Angels                   91½

Los Angeles Dodgers                 80½

Milwaukee Brewers                    85½

Minnesota Twins                        72½

New York Mets                          73½

New York Yankees                    93½

Oakland Athletics                      72½

Philadelphia Phillies                   93½

Pittsburgh Pirates                      72½

San Diego Padres                      73½

San Francisco Giants                 87½

Seattle Mariners                        71½

St. Louis Cardinals                     85½

Tampa Bay Rays                       86½

Texas Rangers                          91½

Toronto Blue Jays                      81½

Washington Nationals                83½
courtesy of Bovada, (www.Bovada.lv, Twitter: @BovadaLV).


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50 words or less .... Orioles are paying Bobby Bonilla more than Zach Britton

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50 words or less …. Orioles are paying Bobby Bonilla more than Zach Britton

Posted on 16 May 2011 by Rex Snider

Another weekend comes and goes, which means we’re still alive to look forward to the week ahead. A great sports week on tap? You bet …..

The Orioles will be playing the Red Sox and Yankees. The Preakness hype builds thru Friday. And, the NFL season is a little closer.

Okay, so 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, huh? By the way, today’s title is not misleading, just read to the very end …..

The Better Pitcher

When the Orioles put a wrap on this brief two-game trip to Boston, tomorrow, they’ll be sending their most effective pitcher to the mound. Zach Britton owns a 5-2 record, with a 2.40 ERA and 1.019 WHIP. And, he has been dominating against some very good lineups.

Meanwhile, this evening, Britton’s contemporary begins his road back to the birds rotation. In a much smaller venue, 454 miles from Fenway Park, Brian Matusz will pitch for the Frederick Keys, tonight. If everything goes as hoped, he’ll make a start at Norfolk, before joining the Orioles before month’s end.

A year ago, Matusz owned a 2-3 record with a 4.18 ERA. And, Britton was anchoring the Bowie Baysox staff. Who’s the better pitcher? Time will tell …. but it’s a great question to consider.
What’s The Big Deal?

Unless you spent the weekend tucked away in a remote wilderness campsite, there’s a great chance you’ve already heard about the Jorge Posada vs. Yankees domestic quabble.

Can you think of a more meaningless situation?

A 39 year old DH, who happens to be hitting .165 was pissed to be batting ninth. Hey, the Newark Bears can use a 40-ish catcher, with a slow bat, to sell tickets.
Legally Dumb

I cannot claim responsibility for this topic, as my good friend, Trevor Taylor, posed it on Facebook …..

What’s the big deal with these Kardashian sisters? Yep, they’re smokin’ hot – albeit with much more junk in the trunk than Rex Snider prefers. But, can they act, sing, dance (not on a pole ….) or write from a creative standpoint?

Nope. Their claim to fame, to date, is evidently tied to attracting pro athletes for courtship and beyond. Only in America …. go get ’em girls !!!!
Concrete Love

Matt Kenseth is a Sprint Cup Series champion, and in yesterday’s victory, he claimed the 20th win of his career. A surprise? No, not really. He’s among the dozen drivers reasonably capable of winning each week …..


Yesterday’s race featured the likely observation throughout much of the 400 miles, as Jimmie Johnson led most of the race. But, Kenseth used some pit strategy and his love for the unique concrete surface to tame the Monster Mile.

Kenseth is a good citizen and representative for NASCAR. But, the guy honestly has ZERO personality. Thus, yesterday’s win won’t help sell tickets – and that’s a sobering reality.
10 Days & Counting

Well, it’s been quite a while since I counted down the days to a movie’s release. In fact, the last such occasion was when I welcomed the debut of “Dumb & Dumber 2″, back in 2003.

We know how that trainwreck unfolded. It was one of only a few movies that inspired me to walk out of the theatre.

Trust me, this won’t happen when “The Hangover Part II” floods cinemas, next Thursday. I will take delight in the juvenile humor …. my wife will “ooh and ahh” at every onscreen action by Bradley Cooper …. and the entire world pretty much believes the sequel will be half as entertaining as the original.

And that’s good enough for me …..
Money For Nuthin’

It’s already good to stand in the shoes of Bobby Bonnilla, but it’s about to be even better …..

In the near future, Bonilla will start cashing in on his deferred deals with the Mets and Orioles. That’s right, he hasn’t played in a decade …. but, beginning next month, Bobby-Bo will start cashing annual paychecks of $1.2 million from the Mets and $500,000 from the Orioles.

Peter Angelos is only on the hook for 5 years, whereas, the Mets are compelled to honor Bonilla’s yearly stipend for the next 25 years. In total, the Mets will pay their former slugger nearly $30 million, by 2035.

How badly did the Mets want rid of Bobby Bonilla, in 2000? Well, they deferred $5.9 million and worked out this new deal, just to sever ties. A bad deal? Well, it is time to start paying that tab, huh?

I’ll chat with you today at 2pm …..

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Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7: Most Improbable Sports Moments of Your Lifetime

Posted on 22 March 2011 by Glenn Clark

Given the improbable nature of this weekend’s NCAA Tournament action, I thought it would be appropriate to make today’s Tuesday Top 7 subject “The Most Improbable Sports Moments of Your Lifetime.”

You know, the “I really can’t believe that actually happened” type of moments.

Glenn Clark’s list…

7. Tiger Woods wins his first Masters by 12 strokes


6. Hasim Rahman knocks out Lennox Lewis

5. David Tyree’s catch in Super Bowl XLII

4. Coppin State beats South Carolina in NCAA Tournament


3. Buffalo Bills stun Houston Oilers in NFL Wild Card playoff

2. Arizona Diamondbacks beat Mariano Rivera in World Series Game 7


1. The NFL FINALLY returns to Baltimore

Drew Forrester’s list…

7. Morgan State beats Maryland in College Park


6. Larry Mize chips in to beat Greg Norman

5. Red Sox-Mets Game 6 9th inning

4. Yankees blow 3-0 lead to Boston in ALCS

3. Nestor Aparicio beats Dan Wilcox, Haloti Ngata, Kyle Richardson, Matt Stover in free throw shooting contest


2. Drew loses some goofy golf tournament


1. Billy Chapel pitches a perfect game for the Tigers

If you missed the explanation of why these players made the list on “The Morning Reaction” Tuesday on AM1570 WNST, hit the BuyAToyota.com Audio Vault here at WNST.net!

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…


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Counterpoint: Bordick not amongst Orioles’ best, but I’m fine with induction

Posted on 20 March 2011 by Glenn Clark

Upon hearing that former SS Mike Bordick had been elected to the Baltimore Orioles Hall of Fame Saturday morning, I will admit that at first I thought to myself, “huh?”

But after a few minutes of thinking about it, it struck me that Mike Bordick is a fine choice for what isn’t a particularly significant honor.

Many Baltimore sports fans are particularly disappointed when they look towards the Baltimore Ravens’ Ring of Honor at M&T Bank Stadium and see the name Earnest Byner listed with the young franchise’s best players (Jonathan Ogden, Peter Boulware, Michael McCrary); the man who returned football to Charm City (Art Modell) and the players who represented the Baltimore Colts franchise that captivated this city for over 30 years.

Earnest Byner was a marginal contributor for two seasons and an assistant coach for a few years after that. It is well known that Modell wanted to honor Byner and decided the Ring of Honor was the way to do just that.

When Ravens fans in ten years see the names of Ray Lewis, Todd Heap, Jamal Lewis, Chris McAlister, Matt Stover and Brian Billick honored at their “Purple Palace”, Byner’s inclusion will seem out of place at best, but could be somewhat embarrassing when opposing fans visiting town ask “Byner? Why don’t you go ahead and put Kyle Boller up there too?”

The reality of Bordick’s induction to the Orioles Hall of Fame is that the honor itself isn’t significant enough to warrant such opposition. The Orioles honor their greatest players in franchise history by retiring their numbers and featuring them with figures outside Orioles Park at Camden Yards and commemorative signs inside OPACY as well.

As an organization, the O’s do a good job of separating the all-time greats (Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Jim Palmer, Earl Weaver, Eddie Murray, Cal Ripken) from those who simply warrant a “thank you” for their time in orange and black (BJ Surhoff, Harold Baines, Rick Dempsey, Mark Belanger).

Make no mistake. Mike Bordick does not deserved to be remembered in the same way as some other Birds who have received Hall of Fame status. Ken Singleton, Boog Powell, Dave McNally, Mike Flanagan and others had a much more significant impact on the franchise than Bordick.

Instead of being featured prominently at The Yard, Bordick will only receive mention on a small Eutaw Street wall plaque. The Orioles will hold their annual luncheon and pre-game ceremony for fans to thank Bordick, then he will mostly be a name on a list.

They’re not trying to compare Bordick to Ripken-even if Bordick was the player to replace the “Iron Man” at shortstop.

With the only criteria for induction being that the player must have played for the team for at least three seasons, Bordick (parts of six seasons) qualifies. He’ll be remembered for his All-Star Game appearance in 200 and a stellar defensive season in 2002. He’ll be remembered by myself as being the piece that brought Melvin Mora to Baltimore from the New York Mets.

For these reasons, I applaud Bordick’s election. It will be nice for me to clap for one of the few players I have enjoyed watching during these dreadful 13 seasons of Orioles baseball.


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Bordick elected to Orioles Hall of Fame

Posted on 19 March 2011 by Luke Jones

The man who drew the unenviable task of permanently replacing Cal Ripken at shortstop will now join the Baltimore legend in the Orioles Hall of Fame.

Former shortstop and current minor league instructor Mike Bordick has been elected to the team’s Hall of Fame, the Orioles announced in a press release Saturday. Head athletic trainer Richie Bancells was named this year’s Herb Armstrong Award winner.

Signed prior to the 1997 season to take over the shortstop position with Ripken sliding over to third base, Bordick spent six years with the Orioles and was named to the 2000 All-Star team before being traded to the New York Mets at the trade deadline that season. He re-signed with Baltimore that offseason, playing two more years with the Orioles.

Bordick owns the third-highest fielding percentage (.982) among shortstops with at least 1,000 games played in major league history, trailing only Omar Vizquel and Jimmy Roberts. His defense was never better than 2002 when the veteran set big league records in fielding percentage (.998), fewest errors (one), consecutive games without an error (110), and consecutive errorless chances (543). His record-setting year, however, did not net him a Gold Glove award.

Known primarily for his glove at the beginning of his career with the Oakland Athletics, Bordick’s offensive numbers improved in each of his first four seasons with the Orioles, peaking with his All-Star season in which he batted .297 with 16 home runs and 59 runs batted in in 100 games before being dealt to the Mets on July 28, 2000.

The University of Maine product is currently serving his second year as the Orioles’ minor league coordinator of offensive fundamentals. He and his wife Monica have six children and live in Ruxton, Md.

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Bancells is this year’s recipient of the Herb Armstrong Award, an honor given to non-uniformed personnel who have made significant contributions to the club and the game of baseball. 2011 will mark his 24th season as head athletic trainer and 35th year in the organization.

He has also been named the athletic trainer for two All-Star teams, in 1993 at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and in 2004 in Houston. In 2002, Bancells was the trainer for the MLB All-Stars’ postseason exhibition tour in Japan.

Bordick and Bancells will be honored at the induction ceremony prior to the Orioles-Tigers game on Saturday, Aug. 13.

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