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Celebrate the Ravens big win with Owen Daniels on Tuesday night!

Posted on 08 December 2014 by WNST Staff

The Ravens won their biggest game of the season on Sunday in Miami, and now find themselves in the thick of the playoff race both for the AFC North and the AFC Wild Card. With three games to go, this is the most critical time of the year, and the Ravens need all of your fan support to keep them up and rolling through the next three games! That’s why we need to see all of YOU out at Greenmount Station in Hampstead on Tuesday night as we hang out with Ravens TE Owen Daniels! Kickoff is at 7PM!

Owen has filled in admirably for an injured Dennis Pitta this year after spending several years in Houston with Gary Kubiak. How does it feel to be in a playoff race in Baltimore? How does the atmosphere compare to Houston? We’ll catch up with Owen on a variety of topics, but most importantly, let’s make sure we pack Greenmount Station with purple on Tuesday night and show Owen our support!

As always, you can expect delicious food and even better service (if that’s possible) at Greenmount Station, home of Carroll County’s BEST crabcakes! Big thanks to our presenting sponsor Carl Delmont & Freedmont Mortgage…don’t make a 30 year mistake by choosing the wrong lender! Also thanks to Enoch Office & Rugenix for their continued support.

There Goes my Hero will be in the house, adding more people to the bone marrow transplant donor list. We’ve swabbed thousands thus far…let’s keep it rolling!

We can’t thank you enough for your continued support for #JennStrong and #WNST support and we hope to see you all out on Tuesday night at Greenmount Station!


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Come show your purple love to Steve Smith at Buffalo Wild Wings Bel Air!

Posted on 01 December 2014 by WNST Staff

Join the WNST.net crew and Ravens WR Steve Smith at Buffalo Wild Wings Bel Air on Wednesday, December 3rd at 730pm. Steve will be making his first trip up to Harford County with us and we couldn’t be more excited. Coming off a tough loss against San Diego, the Ravens need your support as they sit right in the middle of both the AFC North and wild card race. Let’s show Steve that all of Baltimore is behind him as his Ravens prepare for a must win game in Miami!

Autographs are free, but there will be a limit of one per person (time permitting). Steve is always very generous with his time, so we ask that you also be respectful of the one autograph per person limit as well!

As always, many thanks to Carl Delmont and the folks at Freedmont Mortgage as they present all of our live events throughout the years. Don’t make a 30 year mistake by choosing the wrong lender! Also thanks to Enoch Office & Rugenix for their continued sponsorship and support.

Last but not least, we can’t wait to partake in some delicious food at Buffalo Wild Wings Bel Air. Rob and the gang always have the food coming out fast and fresh and Wednesday night will be no different. Come out and support our long-time partner. Not only do they have great food, but they’re great people as well!

We hope to see you all out at BWW Bel Air on Wednesday night with Steve Smith. 7:30pm kickoff!


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Adam Beasley talks Miami Dolphins football with Nestor

Posted on 17 November 2014 by WNST Staff

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald joined Nestor to discuss the surprising success of the Miami Dolphins thus far. At 6-4, they look to have finally found their identity under Coach Philbin. They look to build off of an impressive Thursday night win as they travel to Denver this weekend. LISTEN HERE.

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Former Ravens LT McKinnie thankful team asked his input before trade

Posted on 31 January 2014 by WNST Audio

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Dolphins ordered a “code red” and Incognito followed an order…

Posted on 06 November 2013 by Drew Forrester

No one deserves the treatment Jonathan Martin received from Richie Incognito and any others associated with the “bullying” that occurred in the Dolphins’ locker room.

It’s that simple.

NFL players have jumped in to hint that Martin could have and/or should have handled things differently…as if he’s somehow a co-owner of the blame for the hideous situation in Miami.


They’re saying that because their NFL players who absent-mindedly forget that what they do for a living and the environment they exist in for six months a year is a fantasy-land.

The rest of us — the great unwashed who don’t make $1 million a year playing sports — live in the real world where harassing someone with racial taunts and threats to you and your family aren’t part of “being one of the boys”.

An existing angle to this saga has developed in the last 24 hours — that of the “code red” order from the Dolphins coaching staff, who might have suggested to Incognito and others to “toughen up” Martin after he failed to show for a voluntary work-out last spring.  It’s the same plot that played out in the movie, A Few Good Men.  Two Marines were given an order — to “toughen up” a fellow Marine who wasn’t cutting it.  They accidentally killed him.  But, were they guilty of murder if all they were doing was following an order?

If a coach told Incognito to toughen up Jonathan Martin and he followed that direction, how is Incognito responsible for the aftermath, which included Martin doing the opposite of “getting tough”…he left the club and said, “I’m not going to be treated like this.”

To me, that angle is the one everyone is going to chase over the next day or two.  Incognito was wrong, period, for the way he tried to “toughen up” Martin.  That said, if a coach told him to run three miles or he wouldn’t play on Sunday, what would Incognito do?  He’d go run three miles.

Martin had every right to choose the way he would battle the taunts and bullying handed out by his teammates.

There’s no textbook on what to do in the workplace when you’re called a “half a n—– piece of s—“.  There’s no blueprint for how you handle the offending party when he says, “I’m gonna f— your mother.”

Fighting — literally getting in a fist fight — isn’t the answer within that fantasy-land NFL locker room.  You’d be looked upon as a disruptive force and not being “with the program”.  It could create racial tension in the locker room if the two players were of a different race.  It could cause injury to you or the player you were fighting.

People who say, “Martin is to blame because he didn’t handle this stuff” aren’t getting it.

He did handle it.

He told his employer…”I’m not coming to work anymore because I don’t appreciate the way I’m being treated by the people you’re employing.”

And, now, it appears as if the employer might have been a co-signer on the treatment he was facing.

Finally — anyone hear or see an apology from Incognito yet?

Me neither.

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Who’s at the Ledge?

Posted on 19 March 2012 by Thyrl Nelson

When great expectations are met with poor performances, players, teams, fans and others may find themselves at the ledge. It’s that edge of your sports sanity where the temperature seems to always be rising and the sky seems to always be falling. Here’s a look at who’s occupying the ledge as we begin another week on the MobTown Sports Beat:


Ravens Fans


Ravens fans are most assuredly feeling a bit edgy (and “ledgy” for that matter) over the way that this round of NFL free agency has gone so far. Teams all over the league are adding to their cache while the Ravens aren’t either willing or able to protect their own much less raid anyone else’s. This is the price that teams must pay for drafting, evaluating and developing their talent better than most in a salary cap environment and lots of increasingly difficult decisions still lie ahead for Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens. What will also likely lie ahead though is a bounty of discarded talent that finds its way to the open market on the back side of free agent and draft day acquisitions. What’s coming is the fresh round of opportunities to use the strength and success of the team to leverage talents recently discarded to come to Baltimore and finish their careers in style or to jumpstart their careers with force and credibility as many before them have done. What’s also coming is a likely bounty of compensatory picks for 2013 that must have Newsome giggling himself to sleep at night despite the ongoing raid on his compound. Still, in a “what have you done for me lately” kind of way, Ravens fans are at the ledge over free agency and the ongoing defection of talent.



UConn Huskies Basketball


The Huskies may be at a crossroads, and thanks to an early ouster from the NCAA Tournament by Iowa Sate in the first round, it may be coming up quicker than they had expected. Jim Calhoun has had his share of issues with both his health and institutional control throughout his storied tenure. One of those issues or their combination is likely to be the end of Calhoun at the helm of the Huskies sooner or later, and having lost time this season to both issues and with UConn already disqualified from the 2013 tournament, sooner might be more realistic. It has to be a scary situation for the Huskies’ faithful who can surely see the writing on the wall but who also must acknowledge that the legacy of UConn hoops begins and ends with Calhoun so far. Where they go from here in an ever-shifting Big East landscape is anyone’s guess, and when they may begin to find out is equal parts troubling and puzzling from a UConn perspective and is bound to have Huskies fans at the ledge.



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slow your roll

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Slow Your Roll Monday on the MSB

Posted on 19 March 2012 by Thyrl Nelson

It’s “Slow Your Roll” Monday on the MobTown Sports Beat, and we’re handing out speed warnings to those who may feel compelled based on recent successes or failures to get ahead of their proverbial selves. Here’s a look at who needs to “Slow Down” as we begin another week.


Duke Basketball


Slow your roll Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils, as your season is now next season as this season has reached its unceremonious end. Duke fell to Lehigh on Friday, which wasn’t “Two’s day”, by a 75-70 score and in handing it to them, the Mountain Hawks not only gave Duke a head start on their off-season plans, but they also did their patriotic duty by freeing up Coach K to concentrate more fully on his Team USA squad and Olympic preparation. It seems that the star treatment that Duke often gets in ACC play did them no favors in the tourney and outside the scope of ACC officials. It turns out that the contact that Duke players have been getting away with all season on screen hedges actually is a foul as some ACC fans have maintained and those calls, along with the foul trouble that accompanied them for Duke’s bigs, put the Devils in a hole they couldn’t escape from. Their inability to manufacture open looks in the half court without the help of Austin Rivers who too often seems only interested in creating for himself came to roost and Duke paid the price against a 15th seed. Duke will bounce back, they always do, but for now it gives me great pleasure to advise Coach K and his Dukees to slow their roll and enjoy what remains of the tourney like the rest of us…from the couch.



Mountain West Conference


Slow down Mountain West (or those like myself prematurely claiming it as an awakening hoops giant). Wichita State and UNLV not only failed to win a single game in this year’s tourney, but both bowed out to double digit seeds in Thursday’s only upsets. San Diego State followed suit on Friday with only New Mexico picking up a single win before bowing out in the round of 32 to Louisville, thus ending MWC inclusion from the big dance. In fact all schools west of the central time zone have been sent packing at this early stage in the game. We already knew of the PAC-12’s issues and weren’t altogether sold on the WCC, but in you Mountain West…we believed and you failed us. Next time someone points west and specifically to the Mountain West Conference touting hoops hype, don’t believe the hype and tell them to slow down.



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The Ledge: Boise State, Redskins, Broncos, City of Dallas & the Commish

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The Ledge: Boise State, Redskins, Broncos, City of Dallas & the Commish

Posted on 31 October 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

When great expectations collide with poor performances fans tend to find themselves at the ledge. It’s that fan purgatory where blood pressure always seems to be rising and the sky always seems to be falling. Let’s take a look outside to see who’s on the ledge this week:




Boise State: It was supposed to somehow be their year. What’s more, this should have been a good weekend for the Boise Sate Broncos, instead it was just another in a series of tough late season blows for the “Little Engine That Could” of college football as the Stanford Cardinal not only survived a triple OT scare against USC, but catapulted the Broncos for the fourth spot in the BCS this week as a result.


The losses by Kansas State and Clemson had to be encouraging for the Broncos, and if the probability of USC upending Stanford as it was happening appeared too good to be true, it ultimately was. After starting the season with little #’s 5 & 7 in the two major polls next to their name, the Broncos appeared to be in line for their first legitimate shot at getting into the BCS title game if a few things broke their way. Lately it became apparent that they were the contingency plan for Oklahoma State at best. Now looking up at Stanford too, it seems that QB Kellen Moore and company will need lots of help in earning their “lifetime achievement award”.


Last but not least, it seems that in the era of conference landscape shake-up the Broncos, apparently Big East bound will still be looking at a future where the strength of schedule still serves to indict their record no matter how impressive.


Outlook: Stay positive, the weekend wasn’t a total loss. Clemson lost, K-State lost, and Stanford at least proved that they could be beaten. The Cardinal still have a showdown with Oregon and the PAC-12 title game to get through and Oklahoma State’s road may be even tougher than that. Boise’s BCS outlook may still be more realistic and closer than ever.



Washington Redskins: You started 3-1 and Rex Grossman’s misplaced confidence in declaring the Redskins contenders seemed to be both founded and contagious. Three straight losses and two quarterbacks later the Skins are fresh off of a 23-0 oak-sticking at the hands of the Bills and the once vulnerable looking NFC East is beginning to round more into the form that most expected to begin the season. The Eagles look to be clicking right now, the Giants and Cowboys both look talented but inconsistent and the Redskins look to be pulling up the rear.


Outlook: You knew it would eventually come to this, didn’t you? Even at 3-1 the Redskins were tough to buy into, now we’re being reminded of why. 



City of Dallas: The year began so well. The Cowboys played host to the Super Bowl and even though they expected to be in it and weren’t and even though the weather was an ongoing storyline throughout Super Bowl week, it’s tough to count that experience as a negative. In fact on the heels of the Super Bowl and tons of giant events at the new “Jerry-World” the Mavericks won the NBA Finals and the Rangers dominated most of the summer.


Now however, the Rangers arguably choked away their first world title twice in game 6 of the World Series then lost it in game 7, the reeling Cowboys are 3-4 and fresh off of an embarrassing Sunday Night performance on national television, and the Mavericks chance to defend their NBA title is on hold indefinitely as the NBA lockout drags on.


Outlook: Everything is bigger in Big D, I suppose panic is no different.



Denver Broncos: Okay, Tim Tebow stinks. It’s easy to tolerate when he’s winning and inspiring people along the way, but a win over a bad Dolphins team was just that no matter how exciting, and the reeling Detroit Lions exacted 2 weeks of frustrations on the Broncos on Sunday with ease. Tebow was a winner in college, but so were lots of NFL players, and even more who never made it or simply stunk in the NFL. Winning at this level is different, and Tebow has a long way to go before he can think about doing it consistently, and the current coaching staff may have no legitimate designs on waiting for him to be ready.


The Broncos are paying 3 quarterbacks good money, yet still have no real answer at quarterback. Additionally their win against the Dolphins while inspirational has them looking “up” at 4 teams in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes and on even ground (in the loss column) with 4 more.


Outlook: A team with 2 quarterbacks really has none; a team with 3 might have no idea what they’re looking for. Be afraid Bronco’s fans yours is a tough road ahead.



Roger Goodell: Mr. Ndamukong Suh would like to see you sir.


Outlook: Be afraid be very afraid.

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NFL Week 8 Locks, Lumps & Luck (or Lack Thereof)

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NFL Week 8 Locks, Lumps & Luck (or Lack Thereof)

Posted on 28 October 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

This is not an inducement to gamble, in fact it should serve as quite the opposite. It is my attempt at picking all of the games (before injury reports are official) each week. The picks are broken into 3 categories, 5 picks that I love, 5 that I like and the rest.

I would encourage anyone looking for a little extra interest in Sunday’s game to try the MobTown $15.70 prop card. It’s free it’s easy and cash and bragging rights are on the line.


All lines taken from sportsbook.com.


Loves (100 pts for a win and -110 for a loss)

week 7: 2-3 (-130 pts)    season: 13-12 (-20 pts) 


Saints -14 @ Rams 


Lions -3 @ Broncos


Steelers +3 vs. Patriots


Browns +9 @ 49ers


Chiefs +4 vs. Chargers



Likes (50 pts for a win and -55 for a loss)

week 7: 2-2-1 (-10 pts)    season: 10-12-1 (-160 pts)


Panthers -3.5 vs. Vikings


Dolphins +9.5 @ Giants


Bills -6 vs. Redskins


Bengals -3 @ Seahawks


Cowboys +3.5  @ Eagles



Feeling Lucky? (20 pts for a win and -22 for a loss)

Week 7: 1-2(-24 pts)    season 9-10-2 (-40 pts)


Titans -9 vs. Colts


Jaguars +9.5 @ Texans


Ravens -12.5 vs. Cardinals


Last week Total: 5-7-1  (-164 pts)     Season Total: 32-34-3 (-220 pts)

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The Ledge: Lions, Sparano, BCS Contenders & NBA Fans

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The Ledge: Lions, Sparano, BCS Contenders & NBA Fans

Posted on 24 October 2011 by Thyrl Nelson

When great expectations collide with poor performances fans tend to find themselves at the ledge. It’s that fan purgatory where blood pressure always seems to be rising and the sky always seems to be falling. Let’s take a look outside to see who’s on the ledge this week:




The Detroit Lions – Losers now of two straight, the Lions could surely use some good publicity to take some of the spotlight away from coach Jim Schwartz’ loss of decorum during his post game exchange with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh immediately following the Lions first loss of the season. Getting into a pre-game dust up with the Falcons probably isn’t going to do it, nor is Ndamukong Suh going to do much for his quickly devolving reputation for antics by standing over Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan while heaping on celebratory trash talk and reveling in Ryan’s apparent injury.


Beating the reeling Falcons away from the safety of the Georgia Dome would have been a nice feather in the Lions’ cap, but yesterday’s loss to those Falcons 23-16 may instead serve as a real stumbling block to the Lions potential playoff fortunes. Having seen the Packers run their record to 7-0 with a win on Sunday, the Lions can now look to the NFC wildcard as their most likely passage into the playoffs. As the also-rans of the AFC South look to be fighting for the very same, the Lions may have lost an important tiebreaker on Sunday.


Either way their running game is in apparent shambles, the failed Ronnie Brown trade looks to hurt a lot and the oft injured Matthew Stafford may have gone down to injury on the last play of Sunday’s game to boot.


Prognosis: Hang tight Lions fans. Next up: @ Denver, Bye, @ Chicago & vs. Carolina before a Thanksgiving Day showdown with Green Bay. There’s plenty of time to right the ship.



Tony Sparano – Sunday’s game at Miami against the Broncos might have felt like the whole world (or at least the whole stadium) vs. Tony Sparano. And for a while it looked as though Sparano might have won.


The coach surely began the season on the hot seat, and if Jim Harbaugh had been compelled to take his talents to South Beach there may have been no seat at all for Sparano. There clearly has been no quarterback for Sparano and the Dolphins since making due with Chad Pennington to moderate success in 2008.


Sunday though was strange. Tim Tebow, making his debut for the Broncos this season, enjoyed a great deal of crowd favor from those who showed up to celebrate Tebow’s 2008 Florida Gators National Championship team, and most Dolphins fans it seems have succumbed to the “suck for Luck” philosophy that wins at this point will only inhibit their chances at the top pick in next year’s draft.


As Tebow was crossing the goal with the game tying 2-point conversion, fans of both teams (plentiful in Miami on Sunday) seemed united in their hopes that Sparano and his Dolphins would find a way to lose…and they did. Everyone but Sparano left happy (or at least appeased).


Prognosis: Prepare to be pushed Tony Sparano. Your boy Bill Parcells bailed on you already, and the only purpose you’re serving at present is to be the means to a 0-16 season that will deliver Andrew Luck and likely the next head coach as well. No need for the Dolphins to rush that move though, they can save money now and keep the new guy from being associated with this ongoing mess.



NBA Fans – The NBA lockout got shock value attention courtesy of Bryant Gumbel last week, they got impartial mediation courtesy of the federal government and they got the best wishes of seemingly every fan still clinging to hopes of an NBA season at all this year. The end result, talks broke off at an apparent impasse with not only no apparent resolution in sight, but it seems there aren’t even any official plans to continue the talks as yet. The players are into the “making plans” phase of taking their talents to wherever paychecks are imminent and many owners seem contented to let the whole season go un-played, and David Stern will probably cancel Christmas this week.


Prognosis: Hang tight; college basketball is just around the corner. Accept the fact that there probably won’t be an NBA season and get over it. That way if there is one you’ll be imminently happy but you won’t waste any time, energy or emotion sweating it out in the meanwhile.



Clemson, Stanford & Boise State – It’s that time of year again too. The national championship picture is down to 7 teams after undefeated Oklahoma and Wisconsin fell last weekend. For those 7 teams, their chance at a national title just became a lot more real, and suddenly a lot more important too.


In fairness, it’s probably only 5 of the 7 legitimate title contenders that are seeing the championship picture with more clarity this week, as it’s been all but ordained that the winner of the SEC’s loaded western division would roll though the conference title game and into the BCS National Championship game as a result. For weeks we’ve been touting the LSU and Alabama winner as one half of the title picture at least, that part hasn’t changed.


What has changed is the likelihood that the Big-12 winner would get the other side of that bracket as that may be suddenly not be so likely. The Big-12 still has 2 undefeated teams in Oklahoma State (3rd in the BCS) and Kansas State (8th in the BCS) but both still have to play each other and a still strong Oklahoma team now relegated to the role of spoiler. Oklahoma State also still has Baylor with Heisman candidate Robert Griffin III and the Texas Tech team that just beat Oklahoma on their schedule and Kansas State has Texas and Texas A&M still remaining too.


Mathematically there could still be 5 undefeated powers left at season’s end (but likely won’t be). Where the ones who don’t reside in the SEC shake out should be quite interesting and is still very much up in the air right now.


Prognosis: If you’re a fan of any one of the three listed in the title, you might as well jump as no matter which team you side with, the odds are stacked against you. Beware though that if you do, you’ll surely miss out on an exciting and controversial finish to the college football season.

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