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Major League Baseball's Endangered Species .....

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Major League Baseball’s Endangered Species …..

Posted on 17 March 2010 by Rex Snider

For the first time in our brief existence, last Thursday’s edition of the REX & RAY SHOW got a little heavy. The subject matter wasn’t conflicted or confrontational …. but, everybody had an opinion of some very disturbing statistics regarding Major League Baseball.

No, we weren’t talking about STEROIDS, SCOTT BORAS or the YANKEES/RED SOX RIVALRY.

We were talking about true implications for the history of America’s Pastime. Forget about the small stuff, like “Joe Mauer’s 2011 destination” and “Prince Fielder’s next zipcode.” Major League Baseball has an inherent crisis; an inevitable, foundational problem on its plate, and nobody recognizes it.

Well, nobody, except Torii Hunter.

And, if Bud Selig, or his successor doesn’t prioritize and publicize Major League Baseball’s cultural conundrum, these gentlemen might be among the beginning of an end for a distinct group …..

That’s right, the African American ballplayer is becoming a scarce reality. Sheer roster numbers are evidence that a cultural shift within baseball, itself, has consumed the identity of the sport throughout the past 35 years. Indeed, the product of pro baseball looks alot different today, as opposed to 1975.

I can distinctly recall that era, and African American players were a common, if not heralded group compromising the game’s core. A quick glimpse around the diamond, in any big league park, would yield an impressive representation of AMERICAN athletes, both black and white.

Yet, today, things are much different and if you look closely, the difference is obvious for the eye to see. The numbers don’t lie. Just consider the following demographical data regarding racial makeup in Major League Baseball, over the last 35 years …..

1975 – Caucasian – 60%, Hispanic – 13%, African American – 27%

1995 – Caucasian – 57%, Hispanic – 22%, African American – 19%, Asian – 1%

2009 – Caucasian – 60%, Hispanic – 29%, African American – 8%, Asian 2%

It’s quite clear to see Major League Baseball is experiencing a cultural shift as it relates to the players who comprise its rosters. In just 35 years, the amount of players from a Hispanic heritage has increased more than 100%, while the African American base has dropped more than 200%.

At the same time, a modest amount of Asian players are now playing Major League Baseball.  The overall number of Asian players is still minimal – and interestingly, the percentage of Caucasian players remains UNCHANGED in comparison to the 1975 figures.

I’m sure some readers have reached this point, while thinking “So what are you trying to say, Rex?” To be honest, I was just curious why the COLOR or CULTURE of baseball has changed so drastically. I don’t think it’s a case of discrimination – the best players are going to end up on Major League rosters, regardless of color.

I don’t care if they’re WHITE, BLACK, GREEN or ORANGE.

In fact, I think the racial makeup of Major League Baseball is more than likely just the end result of what is happening in the game of BASEBALL, in the United States.

I suspect American kids are no longer obsessed with baseball as a recreational sport. And, I’ll imagine several influences impact the situation.

When I was a kid, we LIVED baseball and God knows we created so many hybrid forms of the game to fit the amount of players available. If we had 10 kids on a particular day, we would close half of the field. If only a half dozen showed up, we’d move to the nearby tennis courts or a backyard and make do.

Heck, we played Homerun Derby, as well as the contradictory form of the game – yep, we’d play on a very small field and a homer was an out.

We LIVED for it.

Nobody played soccer or lacrosse. And, an invention called Atari was a scarce, but fun diversion on hot days.

We didn’t enjoy 376 different television channels, either. It was a simple choice : 2, 11, 13, 45 …..

Computers and cellphones were non-existent. I guess we didn’t know what we were missing, because I loved life as a kid – and baseball was a huge part of it.

Today, things are much different. If I walk through Towson Town Center or Arundel Mills, I will witness dozens of kids talking on their cellphones or texting. More kids will be communicating with that handheld device than with the person standing alongside them.

Most people would suggest that a different reason must be impacting the lack of African Americans playing baseball. Perhaps, I’m wrong – I’ve never walked a day in the shoes of an African American kid or adult.

But, I do see baseball’s popularity decreasing in American culture. In fact, a 2005 survey, called the “Boyd Study” computed and analyzed the racial makeup of NCAA – Division I Baseball Programs. The numbers are pretty clear, and they support the reality of Major League Baseball’s demographical data. Here’s the breakdown …..

2005 NCAA – Division I : Caucasian : 91%, African American : 5.5%

While most statistics would indicate the overall number of African Americans playing baseball is substantially reduced throughout the ballfields and stadiums around the United States, I suspect it’s really just a partial result of what is truly happening. I believe fewer American kids are playing baseball, regardless of race. And, in proportion to the respective populations of African Americans and Caucasians, there are simply far more “white” people in this country.

Thus, while kids of both races are not nearly as interested in baseball, the amount of Caucasians, in the United States, is so vastly superior to African Americans that the 60% threshold of Causcasian Major Leaguers remains unchanged. These numbers, too, don’t lie …..

As I’ve indicated, I can only sympathize and understand this situation through the eyes of a white kid. I am 100% reliant on input from people and technology to understand other races and their relationship with baseball.

During the REX & RAY SHOW, dominating opinions of African American callers regarded single parent households, as well as fewer opportunities to play baseball in inner-city neighborhoods, as mitigating causes behind the notable disconnect between their race and the game, itself.

While I don’t think it’s entirely fair to ignorantly assume that inner-city communities are exclusively inhabited by minorities (I’ve seen plenty of whites in Pigtown, Morrell Park, Highlandtown, South Baltimore and Waverly), I do see the connection between many prominent African American athletes and inner-city roots.

Many of these same athletes come from single-parent households. It’s the truth.

Callers did suggest that single-parent households aren’t likely to produce many baseball players, because baseball is a sport that usually requires parental intervention – from the perspective of a dad teaching a son the game’s basics. Say what you want, it’s relatively easy to pickup a basketball and start some crude form of dribbling and shooting, and an overly aggressive kid can find some initial success in a pickup football game.

But, NOBODY can pickup a bat, for the first time and start hitting baseballs. It takes patience and the guidance of someone who has a genuine interest in the student of the game …..

During Monday’s REX & RAY SHOW, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Franklin – radio voice for the Houston Cougars Basketball program. During our conversation, Tom took a few seconds to dish about Houston’s Aubrey Coleman, who leads the nation in scoring, with 25.6 points, per game. Tom lauded the young man as being a quick student – he never played basketball before his junior year, IN HIGH SCHOOL.

Got that? Aubrey Coleman was 16 years old before he ever played organized basketball. I don’t care about an athlete’s overall talent – you’re not going to become a “pro caliber” baseball player if your initial exposure to the sport begins as a teenager. It’s not happening – crafting your baseball accumen takes YEARS of development and failure. And, the unconditional love for the sport fosters during childhood.

I’m not diminishing the rigors of basketball and football, at the highest levels. But, notable athletes have transitioned their devotions to these two sports as teenagers and adults. And, they became “decent” football and basketball players – on the pro level.

Heck, you can teach/coach a grown man to play football and score touchdowns on the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL …..

But, there was absolutely no way Renaldo Nehemiah could pickup a baseball bat and start playing for the Yankees. Better yet, he wouldn’t make the Pittsburgh Pirates final cuts. Baseball is indeed a lifelong journey for the 20 year old ballplayer.

Being a great athlete is not enough for aspiring baseball players. Possessing the most coveted of coordinations skills is not enough, either – but it really helps. I don’t think the greatest or most athletic of sportsmen are found on pro baseball rosters. However, I do think Major League players are unquestionably among the most “skilled” of competitors, when it comes to overall ability.

Such skills are honed from childhood.

Rewind the calendar 16 years and many of us recall the greatest basketball player who ever lived, as he tried to fulfill a dream of playing pro baseball. As WNST’s Chris Pika can recount from firsthand exposure, this awesome athlete worked harder than anyone to recapture some skills and talent he once flashed on baseball diamonds, as a kid …..

In the end, he couldn’t do it. And, this was arguably within the “peak” window of his athletic life – at 31 years old.

Have I heard of pro baseball players with very little experience? Not really. I’ve delved deeply into baseball’s recent history and I could only find one tangible example of a player who never played the game during their childhood, so to speak.

And, let me assert that I have no problem believing it – if it’s true …..

According to past Orioles sources and media guides, Daniel Cabrera did not start playing baseball until he was a teenager. I can envision it. Daniel Cabrera has always been a “project.” The anticipated hope each and every season, from 2004 thru today, is that Cabrera might finally “get it.”

Everybody certainly hopes …..

Yet, as I look back at Cabrera’s career, he was continually labeled as “stubborn” and/or unwilling to accept tutoring from baseball minds. Jim Palmer finally gave up – as Cabrera did not heed his help and advice. Who would disregard tutelage from one of baseball’s most intelligent and knowledgable Hall Of Fame pitchers?

Daniel Cabrera lacks some of the most basic baseball skills. Have you seen him run the bases or handle his glove? God help him.

Better yet, have you seen him with a bat in his hands? He is, without question, the worst hitter I’ve ever seen in my life.

The statistics prove my suspicions. Just look at Daniel Cabrera’s career batting achievements …..

Major League Career – 26 at bats, 0 hits, 24 strikeouts

Minor League Career – 2 at bats, 0 hits, 1 strikeout

How does a pro baseball player manage to strikeout in 25 of 28 at bats? Daniel Cabrera has been ejected from baseball games more often than he has put the ball in play, with a bat in his hands …..

It’s easy to answer – he’s not a baseball player. He’s a guy who displayed an ability to throw a mean fastball, as a teenager. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Orioles gambled on a risk. In the end, the risk cost the Orioles nearly $7 million and alot of wasted time. But, that’s a discussion for another day.

However, I do think Daniel Cabrera serves as a prime example of a teenager who tries to start playing competitive baseball for the first time. He might have some amateur success, but the glaring absence of skills commonly instilled as a child will eventually surface.

Perhaps, our African American callers were right – a greater percentage of ALL kids are not playing baseball. However, it’s probably not rooted in a dislike for the game. Yeah, some kids think baseball is boring. But, a greater number either had no exposure to it, or they failed at it.

We’ve all observed this common sight – a high school linebacker needs something to do in the spring, but his skills are not enhanced for good glovework or a disciplined trip to the plate, Thus, he takes his football mentality to the lacrosse field.  Aside from personal tastes, lacrosse is a sport more fitting for an impatient or lesser-skilled athlete.

Make no mistake about it, kids require a teaching component from the moment they handle a bat. You will hear that hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do. Well, there’s a twist to that – hitting a baseball with a disciplined eye and sweet stroke is one of the hardest things to do. It’s very much like hitting a golf ball – without proper teaching and technique, a hitter will develop poor habits.

Cite Drew Forrester as an example.  When his son, Ethan, is ready to pickup a baseball bat or golf club, who will be there to teach him?  Exactly …..

Like golf, baseball also requires a hefty expense for equipment. Basketball and football require a BALL for most pickup games.

To be honest, numerous factors are undoubtedly contributing to the decline in African American players, in Major League Baseball. I’m sure there are plenty of answers. As I’ve said, having a father figure in a child’s life is paramount for many causes – and development as a baseball player is just one of the MINOR ones.

I can recall many African American heroes from my childhood …..

Unfortunately, their cultural presence is disappearing from stadiums across this land. It is what it is ….

I don’t believe there is any possible way of stopping of it. It’s not a problem Major League Baseball has created or enhanced – while Bud Selig and his cohorts are responsible for many of the games ills, this one isn’t one them.  That said, it’s still a problem for them.

I guess it’s just another example of how our world is changing – for the worse …..

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Top 10 Baseball Distractions

Posted on 31 January 2010 by Glenn Clark

For the week starting Tuesday, February 2nd-Monday, February 8th

Honorable Mention
Women’s College Basketball: Georgia Tech @ Maryland (Friday 8:30pm from Comcast Center live on Comcast SportsNet), Virginia @ Maryland (Monday 7pm from Comcast Center live on Comcast SportsNet); Exhibition College Lacrosse: Maryland vs. Loyola, Cornell, Drexel (Saturday 12pm from College Park), Villanova @ UMBC (Saturday 1pm from UMBC Stadium); Bowling: Chris Paul PBA Celebrity Invitational (Sunday 2pm from New Orleans live on ESPN); High School Basketball: Loyola @ John Carroll (Tuesday 3:30pm), Joppatowne @ Edgewood (Tuesday 6:45pm), Calvert Hall @ Archbishop Spalding (Tuesday 7pm)

10.  Citizen Cope (Thursday 8pm & Friday 9pm Recher Theatre), Virginia Coalition (Saturday 8pm 8×10 Club), Lil’ Wayne “Rebirth” available on CD (Tuesday), “Zombieland” available on DVD & Blu-Ray (Tuesday)

Not ONLY did Cope sell out two more nights at Recher (after he sold out 3 straight last year), but this year he’s coming ahead of a new CD, “The Rainwater LP”. I think it might be good……

In case you forgot, Citizen Cope WAS the guy that told us about George from Baltimore….wasting his money at Pimlico….sorta like Rick from Reisterstown…..

And I will ALSO be at the Virginia Coalition show Saturday night, because 8×10 is just about the best place….IN THE WORLD….to see a show, and because I love me some Virginia Coalition…

But seriously, do the internets have no better video of “Walk to Work” than this???

Also, I’ve been looking forward to the new Weezy stuff for a while…..

And while I didn’t get to see Zombieland, I heard good things….

9. Lingerie Bowl VII (Broadcast Sunday at halftime of Super Bowl via LFLUS.com)

For the record, I do not believe that the reason Anita Marks was let go by CBS Radio was because she intended to play quarterback in the game.

(Edit from GMC: Look, you make your own “that’s because they want pretty girls in the game” joke. I’m not going there. I think she’s a very pretty girl. And I can’t believe you’d say such a thing.)

This is really the bottom line here. Whether they’re playing football or cross-stitching, I’m pretty sure I’d be watching just about ANYTHING these ladies would be doing…..


8. PGA: Northern Trust Open (Thursday & Friday 5pm live on Golf Channel; Saturday 3pm & Sunday 2:30pm live on NBC. All golf from Pacific Palisades, CA)

I’ve never watched The Golf Channel, mostly because apparently all they ever show is golf. If they showed something else-like horse racing, college soccer or even Jersey Shore re-runs, I would have probably watched before.

However, word is that Win McMurry will be joining the Golf Channel. I might watch……


…but probably not, because I’m guessing they’ll still be showing golf.

7. NBA: Wizards @ Knicks (Wednesday 7:30pm from New York live on Comcast SportsNet), Wizards @ Magic (Friday 7pm from Orlando live on Comcast SportsNet), Hawks @ Wizards (Saturday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet)

I heard a rumor that the ‘Zards might be interested in trying to trade Gilbert Arenas in the offseason if they can’t void his contract. This made me think about who they might be able to get in a deal…..


Yeah, some good deals on the table there….

6. NASCAR: Daytona 500 Qualifying (Saturday 1pm from Daytona live on FOX), Budweiser Shootout (Saturday 8pm from Daytona live on FOX)

Oh yay! NASCAR is back!!! Someone….somewhere….is excited.

I’m sure you’re all wondering who it is that I’m picking to win the Winston Cup this year (Edit from GMC: It’s called the Sprint Cup now?!?!? Why didn’t they tell anyone???), so I thought I’d let you know. I’m picking Lightning McQueen!!!


5. NHL: Capitals @ Bruins (Tuesday 7pm from Boston live on Comcast SportsNet), Capitals @ Rangers (Thursday 7pm from New York live on Comcast SportsNet), Thrashers @ Capitals (Friday 7pm from Verizon Center live on Comcast SportsNet PLUS), Penguins @ Capitals (Sunday 12pm from Verizon Center live on NBC)

I am a fan of Dan Steinberg’s work with the DC Sports Bog, unlike the teams in DC he covers (like the Caps)-that I am not a fan of. Last week, he pointed out that Glory Days has been forced to give away 100,000+ wings due to a promotion that involves the Caps scoring 5+ goals in a game.


Which gives me a great idea for how the Orioles can re-connect with the fanbase! How about “Free Wings every time a starting pitcher allows 5 or more runs in 5 or less innings?!?!?!?!?”

4. UFC 109: Randy Couture vs. Mark Coleman (Saturday 10pm from Las Vegas live on Pay-Per-View)

Don’t get me wrong-I love Dana White as much as anyone, but I’m not really 100% on this one. I mean, aren’t these guys like a combined 247 years old???

Seriously, were these guys not available???


3. National Signing Day (Wednesday- Live coverage on ESPNU & CBS College Sports during day); University of Maryland recruiting celebration (Wednesday 5pm Riggs Alumni Center in College Park)

As a reminder, if you stop by to see one of these prep athletes’ press conferences at a local high school-keep this in mind…..


2. College Basketball: Maryland @ Florida State (Thursday 9pm from Tallahassee live on RAYCOM Sports/WNUV 54 locally), North Carolina @ Maryland (Sunday 2pm from Comcast Center live on Comcast SportsNet locally, Fox Sports Net nationally); Florida A&M @ Morgan State (Saturday 4pm Hill Field House), Bethune-Cookman @ Morgan State (Monday 7:30pm Hill Field House); Towson @ Drexel (Tuesday 7pm from Philadelphia live on The Comcast Network), James Madison @ Towson (Saturday 4pm Towson Center); Vermont @ UMBC (Saturday 3pm RAC Arena), Maine @ UMBC (Monday 7pm RAC Arena); Bethune-Cookman @ Coppin State (Friday 7pm from Coppin State Physical Education Complex live on ESPNU), Florida A&M @ Coppin State (Monday 7:30pm Coppin State Physical Education Complex)

I can’t even begin to explain how much I don’t like North Carolina.

I don’t like Dean Smith. I don’t like Roy Williams. I don’t like Michael Jordan. I don’t like Jerry Stackhouse. I don’t like Rasheed Wallace. I don’t like Vince Carter. I don’t like Brendon Haywood. I don’t like Sean May. I don’t like Raymond Felton. I don’t like Tyler Hansbrough. I don’t like Larry Drew.

But there is one guy I despise even more than any of them……


WHY THE HELL IS THEIR MASCOT A RAM?!?!?!?!?!? You can say what you want about my mascot being a turtle, but AT LEAST IT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!

That’s why you name the team after something that you can actually have a mascot for.

“Tar Heels.”

How stupid is that???

(Edit from GMC: Please spare me the “that’s not funny because the kid who was their mascot a few years ago died in a car accident” stuff. It’s the mascot I have a problem with.)

1. Super Bowl XLIV: Colts vs. Jets (Sunday 6pm from Miami live on CBS)

This is a simple case of good vs. evil. If you’re rooting for Indianapolis, please NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN.

I will (of course) be rooting for New Orleans, partly because this gal will be too……


Flexing my mic muscles since 1983……


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"What Were They Thinking" - Volume 6

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“What Were They Thinking” – Volume 6

Posted on 08 January 2010 by Rex Snider

I haven’t written a WHAT WERE THEY THINKING (W2T2) blog since the holidays arrived. Needless to say, I have lots to catch up on ….

And, yes, this is my favorite blog …..

Big Unit Retires – Goodbye To A Fashion Staple

Randy Johnson officially hung up his cleats, yesterday. His career was defined by terms like INTIMIDATING, OVERPOWERING and ECCENTRIC.

That’s right, I said eccentric.

Randy Johnson was an enigma. From the way he handled on-field pressure to his frosty treatment of those holding cameras, microphones or notebooks, he was a unique character.

Lets take a look at the versions of Randy Johnson we witnessed over a couple decades’ time …..

Randy’s Mullet:



Legends also inspire others. Perhaps, the “Mullet” was the inspiration Randy Johnson gave to others …..





In fact it’s probably fair to say Randy Johnson’s LEGEND has inspired the hairstyles of celebrities outside of the world of sports …..




While the hairstyle was certainly a trademark for the future Hall Of Famer, I think most people will remember Randy Johnson for specific incidents of GREATNESS, where he dominated lineups and collected strikeouts by double digits, per performance. In fact, Johnson played a part in a couple memorable Baltimore situations …..

July 13, 1993 – Randy Johnson sails a fastball over John Kruk’s head in the All Star Game. In response, Kruk spins his helmet backwards and basically GIVES UP.

August 14, 1997 – Randy Johnson is scheduled to pitch against the Orioles in a summer evening matchup, at Camden Yards. But, the LIGHTS wouldn’t work. Amid rumors swarming around Cal Ripken and his consecutive games streak, the game is canceled. However, some of us suspect the birds just wanted to face the BIG UNIT in a daytime affair, the following day.

Randy Johnson’s career saw him reach numerous personal and team-related achievements …..

He could be the final 300 game winner we see for a very long time …..

His 4,875 strikeouts rank second ALL TIME …..

He will be remembered as the GREATEST SOUTHPAW of the modern era …..

He earned $175 million in his career …..

He was part of a POSSE …..

He won a World Championship with his buddy …..

Okay, okay …. I know you’re waiting for this …..

Without a doubt, one of Randy Johnson’s most memorable performances came on a cold January day, in 2005. As the newest Yankee strolled through Manhattan, he made his disdain for media known while telling the camerman to get the camera “out of my face.” Oh yeah, and don’t talk back to him …..

That was probably the funniest incident regarding Randy Johnson. Aside from the funky mullet and slaughtering statistics, that fateful day on the streets of New York will be etched in the memories of many baseball fans. Thus, I gotta ask, “Randy, what were you thinking …..”

Baltimore’s Hottest & I Mean “HOTTEST” Cup Of Coffee …..

I have no doubt that most WNST listeners/readers relax with their favorite coffee-type drink, each morning, as they scan the website for the freshest updates and perspectives. It’s a ritual, right?

Now, look down at your cup and relive the experience of making it or having it made for you. Who made your coffee? Do you even remember? If so, was it from this GUY …..

Or, how about this goober ???

Trust me, if a sexy nurse from Anne Arundel County has her way, coffee in the Baltimore area is gonna get a whole lot “HOTTER.”

If you love coffee, you’re about to get a reason to REALLY LOVE IT …..

Meet Brandy McMillion, owner of Java Divas, in Pasadena …..

When I say Brandy’s a nurse, I’m not kidding. Yeah, she dresses as a NAUGHTY NURSE on Mondays, because it’s “Women In Uniform” Day, at Java Divas. But, her profession is nursing, at a Baltimore area hospital.

Here’s the deal …..

Last year, Brandy, and her husband experienced the same reality cast on MILLIONS of Americans, over the past couple years. He lost his job ….. AND, their second child was due. The adversity certainly put a financial strain on their household and the immediate future.

So, whadda ya think they did? That’s right, they watched TV !!!! And, while watching the Travel Channel, they were blessed with an idea that might just change their LIVES forever …..

In short …. HOT WOMEN + COFFEE = $$$

A feature on drive-thru coffee shops, serviced by girls dressed in sexy clothing – and little of it – caught the McMillion’s attention. These shops are becoming increasingly popular on the West Coast, and throughout the Desert South portions of the United States. Yup, Brandy looked on her map, confirmed that Severna Park, Maryland, is on the East Coast (I’m Kidding !!!!) and the dream began.

And, after months of planning and hurdling obstacles, such as licensing, suppliers and location, “Java Divas” became a reality, on November 16, 2009. The business is 3 months old and every day is better, from a retail perspective.

After hearing about this “Little Coffee Shop …. with HOT WOMEN,” I had to pay a personal visit. Why? You know that answer ….. I’m Rex Snider. Things like this pique my interest. So, I made an appointment, and stopped by Java Divas for a chat. And, I wasn’t disappointed – in the staff or the appealing nature of the business, itself.

I’ve been thinking about how I would describe the girls who were working during my visit. Of course, I dealt with Brandy – she owns the joint. I want to be respectful to her husband, because I would want him to be respectful toward my wife. But, as an entrepreneur, he knows the lure of their business practice. So, I’ll say this quite humbly …..

If the entire staff looks like Brandy, Pasadena is gonna drink MILLIONS of cups of Java Divas coffee. I will definitely stop by their drive-thru on Tuesdays, for “Fantasy Day” and Fridays for “Sports Spirit Day.” But, rest assured, there is no way I’m missing Saturday, because it’s “Beach Day.”

That’s correct, they wear bikinis, while serving the brew …..

Another very attractive young lady was on hand, as well. But, I’m gonna leave it at that ….. her dad is a personal friend, and he’s capable of causing physical trauma. But, I have a feeling Sarah will be quite successful at Java Divas.

I wish I could tell you more – but, my time at Java Divas kinda passed as a blur. I recall asking a few stupid questions, where Brandy looked at me as if I was that bearded guy from The Hangover …..

Admittedly, it’s easy to lose your concentration …. but, to be honest, the girls at Java Divas serve fantastic gourmet coffee drinks (serving Caffe Pronto) and tasty treats to satisfy your morning or mid-afternoon hunger. They’ve got EVERYTHING you’ll find at Starbucks – but, it’s lesser expensive and did I say the help is HOT ???

Above all, the Divas are LADIES. It was easy to sense they know part of their appeal – obviously. But, in observing their customer interaction, I was impressed by the the professionalism and devotion to providing an excellent product and service. Java Divas is a winner …..

And, as we point out at WNST, they’re BALTIMORE. Brandy McMillion and her girls are not bound to some chain in Seattle or a parent company. They’re smart ….. and hardworking. They acted on an idea and succeeded. Yeah, I wish me and my buddies would’ve thought of the idea, first …..

That ain’t happening. But, the girls at Java Divas are happening !!!! Consider visiting them today – they’re located at 8355 Ritchie Hwy. (corner of Pasadena Rd.) – just south of the Rt. 10 access. More for more information, check ’em out on the web …..


This is one of those rare occasions when a “What Were They Thinking” blog has a positive inclusion. I’m glad Bill and Brandy McMillion were THINKING and WATCHING the Travel Channel. Best of luck !!!!


Tiger Poses In Prison Gear …..

Have you seen the latest issue of Vanity Fair Magazine?

Trust me, I’ve never picked up Vanity Fair ….. BEFORE NOW. Tiger Woods, has obviously made a string of poor personal decisions over the past couple years – and you can count this magazine shoot among them …..

What in the hell was he thinking? In fact, how could ANYONE foresee such photographs as being positive for their image? This isn’t the TIGER WOODS we know. Then again, maybe it is. We’ve certainly seen a different Tiger, since November. Nothing should surprise us any longer.

Perhaps, he really is among a cast of characters who would’ve gladly posed for such a photo spread …..


Who is the “REAL TIGER WOODS” ??? I don’t think anyone has that answer – including, his wife. A couple weeks ago, I vowed to refrain from talking about Tiger’s personal life and I’ll stick to the plan. But, his decision making, and/or lack thereof, really is causing some people to wonder about the guy.

Maybe, this entire debacle of Tiger’s “life gone bad” can be pinned on one person who currently serves in an advisor’s role. I guess it’s possible to tie questionable photo shoots with stonewalling cops and other poorly contrived ideals. And, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an “insider” dismissed, as the conflicted golfer tries to pick himself up.

Regardless, somebody had to agree to these photos. Somebody had to think THIS was a good idea. But, there has been alot of that lately …..

Someday, Tiger Woods will stop making THIS blog, so often. But, until then, I must ask …. “Tiger, what were you thinking …..”

Happy Birthday, King …..

Lost somewhere among a very ordinary Friday, America has forgotten TODAY’S significance. It was 75 years ago today – January 8, 1935 – that a child born in Tupelo, Mississippi, would someday CHANGE the world.

Indeed, today is Elvis Presley’s birthday. The KING of Rock & Roll influenced every genre of music and every musician – whether they know it or not. He challenged barriers and stereotypes that censored expression.

Sure, he bent and compromised his lyrics to ensure his performances invaded televisions in homes across this country. But, in spirit and with being honest to himself, he couldn’t muster a tune without dancing. Heck, he “dirty danced” before it was invented …..

While he’s often remembered by the oddity surrounding his death, he’s a man who really lived.

He never took NO for an answer. He was generous – probably too generous – to family, friends and strangers. And, he fulfilled obligations …..

Is he a standard? Hell, yeah. In fact, he is the STANDARD.

When we think about the BEST of the BEST, certain names come to mind …..







Yes, Elvis Presley is BIGGER than all of our sports heroes combined. He’s reached far more people and inspired millions, upon millions.

Yet, on this 75th Anniversary of his birth, he won’t be found on the cover of the Baltimore Sun or USA Today. He’s not gracing the homepage of Yahoo or AOL. And, nearly every bar and nightclub will let tonight slip by without playing one of his songs. Shameful.

But, not here. I didn’t forget him. In fact, I didn’t forget another deserving soul, either …..

Happy Birthday, Bob Haynie !!!!

Happy Birthday, Elvis !!!!

And, for those who FORGOT ….. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ????

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Wizards/Bullets Owner Polin Passes Away

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Glenn Clark

Here is the story, from the AP……

Washington Wizards owner Abe Pollin dies at 85


AP Sports Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) Abe Pollin, the Washington Wizards owner who brought an NBA championship to the nation’s capital and later had the mettle to stand up to Michael Jordan, died Tuesday. He was 85.

His death was announced by his company, Washington Sports & Entertainment. No details were disclosed but Pollin suffered from progressive supranuclear palsy, a rare brain disorder impairs movement and balance. He had heart bypass surgery in 2005 and broke his pelvis two years later.

Pollin was the NBA’s longest-tenured owner. With his death, a group led by longtime AOL executive Ted Leonsis is poised to take ownership of a Washington-area sports empire that began when Pollin purchased the Baltimore Bullets in 1964.

Leonsis previously bought two of Pollin’s teams – the NHL’s Capitals in 1999 and the WNBA’s Mystics in 2005 – and secured the right of first refusal to buy the rest of Pollin’s Washington Sports and Entertainment holdings – including the Wizards, Verizon Center and Washington-Baltimore TicketMaster – when Pollin retired or died.

In the changing world of professional sports, Pollin stood out for decades as an owner who tried to run his teams like a family business. He bemoaned the runaway salaries of free agency and said it would have been difficult for him to keep the Wizards if it weren’t for the NBA’s salary cap.

Pollin considered his greatest accomplishment the Verizon Center. He risked much of his fortune to build the arena in a neglected D.C. neighborhood, and it has spearheaded a revitalization of downtown Washington since its opening in 1997.

“There’s no important initiative or any end to difficult situations or any settlement or any legislation that Abe was not leading the way on across all these years,” NBA commissioner David Stern said in March. “He’s been an extraordinary league person, always voting the league way, similar to what he did in building Verizon Center. He was going the D.C. way, not necessarily what was in his best economic interest but what was in the best economic interests of Washington, D.C.”

A builder by trade, Pollin also constructed the Verizon Center’s predecessor, originally known as the Capital Centre, in the Washington suburbs in 1973. He renamed his NBA team in 1997 because of the violent connotation of the word “Bullets,” particularly in a city associated with crime.

The Bullets won the 1978 NBA title, and Pollin maintained he would not sell the franchise until it won another championship – repeating that vow from his wheelchair as he was inducted into the George Washington University Sports Executives Hall of Fame in March.

“I’ve contracted a very rare disease, but it’s not going to keep me from wining a championship,” Pollin said. “Until then I’m not going to quit, and I’m going to do whatever I can to win a championship for this town, for me, and for the fans.”

While he remained mentally sharp, his brain disease forced him to give up his active lifestyle altogether and rely on a cart to ride the halls of the Verizon Center. He and his wife, Irene, established a $1 million research fund in 2008 at the Society for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy in hopes of finding a cure.

Pollin was critical of modern-day player misbehavior and wouldn’t hesitate to trade a star who got in trouble off the court. At his insistence, the final labor agreement after the 1998-99 lockout included stricter rules concerning player conduct.

“You may or may not want to be role models, but you are role models,” Pollin told his players after the labor talks ended. “If you don’t want to be role models, you should get out of this business and go do something else.”

Pollin’s ultimate coup – getting Jordan back into the NBA – was a plan that didn’t pan out. Jordan, in a deal brokered by Leonsis, bought a minority stake in the Wizards in 2000 and was given the title of president of basketball operations.

The sport’s biggest name spent 3 1/2 seasons in Washington, the last two on the court after deciding to come out of retirement as a player, but his domineering personality overwhelmed the organization and made losing even more miserable. He expected to return to his front-office job and repurchase his ownership share after playing his final game, but Pollin parted ways with No. 23 during a stormy 20-minute meeting in May 2003.

Pollin later explained his decision in an interview with The Associated Press.

“It was an atmosphere on edge,” Pollin said. “It was not a healthy atmosphere to produce a happy organization or a winning team. … I knew that there would be some negative stuff thrown at me, but when I made my decision, I stuck to my decision. I wasn’t going to change. I always do what I think is best for the franchise.”

The drama of Jordan’s exit threatened to overshadow the rest of Pollin’s accomplishments, including his philanthropy and his two state-of-the-art arenas.

The Capital Centre, located in Landover, Md., and was the nation’s first sports major venue with luxury boxes and a large replay screen. It was topped 24 years later by the Verizon Center, which Pollin built with $200 million of his own money at a time when many owners of professional franchises demanded taxpayer support for new facilities – and threatened to move their teams if they didn’t get it.

Pollin, though, wasn’t about to leave Washington.

“I wanted to build a beautiful arena and one that served as a catalyst to turn things around downtown,” Pollin said. “I’m proud to say we succeeded in both scores.”

The arena, built on a lot that was torched during the 1968 riots, is now a a popular nighttime destination, filled with restaurants, bars and other attractions.

Born Dec. 3, 1923, Pollin and his family moved from Philadelphia to the Washington area when he was 8. He graduated from George Washington University in 1945 and went to work in his family’s construction business. He started his own construction company in 1957.

Pollin and two partners bought the Bullets in 1964 for a record $1.1 million, a mere fraction of the salary of today’s NBA stars. He bought out his partners four years later and moved the team to the Washington suburbs when the Capital Centre opened. He also acquired an expansion NHL franchise, the Capitals, for his new building.

The Bullets won their championship with Wes Unseld and Elvin Hayes and reached the NBA finals the following season as well, but Pollin was unable to keep up with the subsequent free agency explosion that sent salaries skyrocketing. He kept a shoestring front-office operation for much of the 1990s, was sometimes reticent to spend big for players, and developed a reputation for retaining employees who were loyal but not necessarily successful.

Pollin’s frustration boiled over when he argued with Jordan at a labor negotiating session during the 1998-99 lockout. When Pollin complained that individual owners such as himself could no longer survive, Jordan suggested that Pollin sell his team. Less than a year later, Pollin and Jordan became partners in a relationship that never blossomed.

Still, Pollin publicly kept his eternal optimism, but it looked more and more out of touch with reality as coaches came and went and as the losses mounted.

“It’s been disappointing, but not frustrating,” he told the AP in 2003. “Because, obviously, I’m a competitor, and I want to win. If I was in this business just for the money, I would be doing something else.”

An upswing began with the hirings of team president Ernie Grunfeld and coach Eddie Jordan in the summer of 2003. A beefed-up scouting department, Grunfeld’s shrewd player acquisitions and Jordan’s levelheaded coaching made the Wizards contenders again. A 2005 playoff series victory was the franchise’s first in 23 years, and the team returned to the postseason for the next three seasons.

Pollin’s other major franchise was more successful competitively, if not financially. The Capitals, faced with the mammoth task of turning Washington into a hockey town, made the playoffs regularly throughout the 1980s and 1990s but also lost $20 million the year they made the Stanley Cup finals in 1998. Pollin sold the team to Leonsis the following year.

While Pollin’s teams sometimes frustrated fans, he was a widely hailed and frequently honored community leader who devoted considerable time and money to charities. One of his most popular programs is Abe’s Table, which has served free meals twice a week at a church one block from where his teams play.

Updated November 24, 2009

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Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (11/4/09)

Posted on 04 November 2009 by Jack McManus


Jackie MacMullan is next up. She is a well-known sports writer who is a regular on the ESPN program Around the Horn. She recently wrote the book When the Game Was Ours. The book chronicles the careers of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. The two of them wanted the book to be written to set the record straight about their relationship. She talks about the players’ relationship with Michael Jordan. Bird and Jordan eventually became close. Magic never formed a solid relationship with Jordan because of a bad All-Star Game experience. She believes that Michael Jordan is the best player to ever play the game. She also talks about Shaq’s legacy. She hopes that he is successful in Cleveland so that he can put some of his recent bad experiences behind him.



Corey Masisak of the Washington Times is on to chat with Drew about the Capitals. He talks about how the Capitals have committed too many penalties this season. He also comments on the Caps’ need for a quality veteran defenseman. On the topic of Alexander Ovechkin’s injury, Masisak states that since the team classified his injury as week-to-week, he may miss a significant amount of time.



Olympic speed skater Allison Baver is the next guest. She will be the Comcast Morning Show’sadopted Olympian. She has already visited the city of Vancouver and calls it a great city. She moves on to a touchy subject for her. She broke her leg at the Samsung ISU World Cup in a nasty crash. (See video below). Baver mentions that she used to skate in Baltimore. Her coach drove her to Baltimore when she was learning to skate because of the lack of rinks near her home. She next talks about her daily routine. Every part of her day is focused on skating. Her day normally begins at 7 in the morning and leaves the rink at 7 at night. If you want more information on Allison visit her website.


Ken Davidoff is on with Drew to discuss the World Series.  He starts off by saying that New York fans are becoming anxious after the team’s loss in Game 5. He next talks about how Joe Girardi has handled himself during the Series. Girardi has been the subject of much criticism following the losses. Davidoff next comments on Mark Teixeira’s struggles. He calls Teixeira “lost” at the plate. He also talks about the Yankees’ decision to go with a three man rotation. He believes that the decision will pay off and the Yankees will win the Series. Davidoff names Johnny Damon as the one of the front runners for the World Series MVP Award. If the Phillies win, then Chase Utley will almost surely win the award.


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Ravens, Rants and Ratings

Posted on 15 September 2009 by kevinpb

Ravens, Rants and Ratings – week 1

Ravens 38 – Chiefs 24. Good win, weird game!!
First of all, thanks for covering, I have gotten beat more times then I care to count on back door covers. Glad to see it works the other way on occasion. My check book thanks you, Ravens!!
The game was a lot closer then the stats would dictate…or then it should have been. The Chiefs made some big plays and took advantage of the Ravens putting it in cruise control after they scored a quick ten points. Remember boys and girls, everybody gets paid in the NFL; if you let the underdog hang around, that can come back to bite you in the rear end.
On the positive side I really like the pseudo “no huddle” offense they came out in and also employed late in the game. It gave the Ravens a crisp pace and jump started the Raven’s offensive game. The offense carried the day. The defense should thank them.

Joe Flacco, 26 of 43 for 307yds an 3 TD’s. Read that stat line again and remember we are talking about a Baltimore Ravens quarterback. Yes he threw an interception, and he was high on a few throws, but this isn’t your father’s Raven’s quarterback. This kid is special. The first touchdown throw to McGahee was a terrific play, moving in the pocket to extend the play and keeping his eyes down field to find the open receiver. Dare I say it was very “Roethlisberger like”? He is going to be the type of game changer that makes your team a viable contender year after year…FINALLY!!!

The Ravens threw the ball the first 6 plays of the game and a total of 43 times. I LOVE the fact that they have that faith in QB 5; but I think it is important that while Harbaugh and Cameron want to increase the production from the passing game, that they not forget our smash mouth roots. You don’t beat Pittsburgh by being “cute-sy”…I’m just saying.

I thought it was interesting that Chris Chester got the start over Marshall Yanda. It will be curious to see if Chester has beat out Yanda or if the Ravens are just being cautious because of Yanda coming back from the knee injury. Chester played better then I have expected over the last year, but I still like the toughness that Yanda brings. This offensive line is going to be something else. Flacco had a ton of time to throw and in the second half the backs had room to run.

Someone send out a search party for Demetrius Williams. When the Ravens went 4 wide, Todd Heap and Troy Smith were split out more frequently then Demetrius Williams. It appeared that Williams was healthy at the end of training camp. I wonder why he is not playing all of a sudden. Wasn’t it Harbaugh that was saying what a great pre-season Demetrius had? Kelley Washington is going to prove to be a valuable edition to the receiving core. Mark Clayton, after being out all of training camp, was a force at receiver. He looked more in sync with Flacco then did Mason, who uncharacteristically struggled. He bobbled balls all day and had problems with his footwork. By the way, the first long ball that Mason juggled at the back of the end zone early in the game, was a ball that maybe only 5 or 6 quarterbacks in this league can throw.

First an inept defense, then constant clock management issues, now putrid special teams play. Please fix the special teams now!! I just want to see a game where we are not penalized repeatedly in the return game. For a team whose head coach is a formal special team’s ace and with a separate special teams coordinator/assistant head coach our special teams are atrocious. Please stop trying to be cute. Just line up and play football. Max protect, make sure tackles, kick the ball and catch the ball and I will be happy. Steve Hauschka, good luck! When he missed that field goal there was a palpable angst all thru the purple palace. Hauschka seems like a good guy and his kick offs were strong. There is definitely a difference when the other team starts inside the 25 yard line instead of starting at the 35 yard line. Here is hoping that he goes on a long streak of making field goals so the ghost of Matt Stover fades away. I think everyone in the stadium yesterday was praying that the game did not come down to a field goal chance. I still think this team ought to burn a roster spot for automatic Matt.

Defensively, we played fine but there were some definite bumps in the road. I am not convinced that our corners can hold up over the course of the entire season. Also I don’t think they have the ability to play physical bump and run, nor do I like their abilities in run support. The Chiefs did not challenger Foxworth much all day, but Fabian Washington had some serious lapses in coverage. The other thing about Washington is even when he has the opportunity to make a play, he fails to do so. The defense also had trouble getting to the QB unless they blitzed. Jarrett Johnson is a great football player that no one talks about. Great game JJ. It is really nice to see Kelly Gregg back on the football field. No turnovers by the Ravens defense that is definitely not Raven football.


1. I really am over the Colts to Indianapolis thing, really I am. But the broadcasting that Peyton Manning just tied Johnny Unitas in wins for the Colts franchise still pissed me off. Just make a delineation between the two teams. Nothing against Peyton Manning, he is a great football player, but I don’t want to see continuous comparisons between the Baltimore Colts and the Indianapolis Colts. Leave my memories alone dammit!

2. Serena Williams, lose some weight girl, you are a professional athlete. In all seriousness that tirade she threw at the US Open looked very calculated to me. The Williams sisters long had a heated rivalry with the Belgian players, Kim Clijsters and Justine Henin-Hardenne. I think she was looking for a way out without actually losing. Williams is known to only play the major tournaments, because she detests the tour life, and to her credit she usually does very well. But I think the fact that she could not just will herself to a win over one of her most hated opponents in a tournament she sees as her own, got to her. The fact the Kim Clijsters is coming out of retirement after giving birth and was assumed not to be in tip top shape had to wear on Serena. Turn about is fair play Serena. How do you think all the other players, who take their profession seriously and play week in and week out, feel after they lose to you after you show up in questionable shape and only when you feel like it?
3. How about a Maryland football player who actually has some success. Shaun Hill was 18 for 31 for 209 yards for the SF 49ers. On the game winning drive he was 9 for 13 for 57 yards. Shaun Hill harkens back to the glory days of the Friedgen era at Maryland. Way to go Shaun Hill.

4. Fat men can’t coach. How can anybody associated with the Maryland football team be happy about beating James Madison University in overtime? The university of Maryland supposedly a major Division I college program has 2 walk-ons starting on the offensive line. Charlie Weis is cost his team the game on Saturday against Michigan. The University Of Notre Dame does not have the ability to make adjustments in the game plan. They were flat out coached at Michigan and shoddy coaching decisions late put the last nails in the coffin. The winds of change cannot come fast enough.

5. The Seattle Seahawks are a solid yet stunning unspectacular football team. They have a strong running game, they upgraded their receivers and the defense is fast and aggressive. If Matt Hasselback stays healthy they will win the NFC West in a walk. Mark that one down.

6. How bad must it stink to be a Cincinnati Bengal’s fan? Neither Cincinnati nor the Denver Broncos will factor in the playoffs this year, but Cincinnati seems to invent new ways to lose. Losing a game like they did, on that tipped miracle catch and run, may destroy that team for the rest of the year. I would not want to be Marvin Lewis right now.

7. What the hell was Kanye West thinking? He absolutely ruined a magical moment for the girl, Taylor Swift. If I was Ms. Swift I would have wound up and kicked him right in the 5 hole. At least Beyonce tried to save the night with a class move at the end of the Music Awards, raising Taylor Swift’s arm in triumph. Kanye West is a punk, the clock is ticking, and your 15 minutes is almost up Kanye.

8. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player I have ever seen. For years, everyone always chided Michael Jordan for not speaking out, for not expressing his opinion. Now that he opens up at his Hall of Fame induction, maybe he was right for keeping quiet all those years. On a night of celebration, Mr. Jordan could not resist taking one more stab at all those people he battled and feuded with throughout his career. He couched his venom by saying that is what drove his competitive passion. He could have made his point without throwing a bunch of well respected people under the bus. David Robinson and John Stockton were the epitome of class.

9. Did anyone catch Brian Matusz against the Yankees this past Saturday afternoon? I actually turned off college football to watch him pitch. The kid was terrific and has been off the charts for his last 4 starts. He is going to be a real, real good one. Just stay healthy Brian. Now Andy McPhail, go get me John Lackey and Chone Figgins and maybe we are onto something.


1. Pittsburgh Steelers – …”to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man…Woooo!!” Truer words were never spoken.
2. Philadelphia Eagles – very tenuous ranking here with McNabb’s rib injury, but they were still very impressive Sunday.
3. New Orleans Saints – Still not sure about the running game or the defense, but Drew Brees, WOW!! MVP!!
4. New York Giants – Workman like win over a decent team. No flash here just a lot of substance.
5. New York Jets – A shout out to Rex Ryan. Man he looks good in a wet t-shirt. Way to go coach. Nice line for the rookie QB, 18-32 for 272 yards, 1 TD and 1 interception. Sanchez has got star written all over him.
6. Seattle Seahawks – I like the way this team played on Sunday. Good offensive line, workman like backs, speedy defense, capable QB and receivers and a lousy division.
7. Baltimore Ravens – Probably a bit high here; I am just giddy we have an offense.
8. Green Bay Packers – Showed great offense in the preseason, but defense may be the story here.
9. New England Patriots – Is there a crack in the foundation? They looked lost and slow against the Bills, until the last 5 minutes of course.
10. Minnesota Vikings – This great defense gave up 20 points to a bad offense. Adrian Petersen is a beast, 25 carries for 180 yards and 3 TD’s.
11. Atlanta Falcons – “Matty-Ice” good QB, lousy nickname.
12. Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning, yada, yada, yada…
13. San Francisco 49ers – I am rooting for the 49ers, lots of young talent here, Singletary is a psycho. Go Shaun Hill Go.
14. Dallas Cowboys – They haven’t had any heart in Dallas for over 3 years. When the going gets tough, the Cowboys lose.
15. San Diego Chargers – LT was very quiet, the Oakland Raiders took them to the brink, and Norv Turner is still the coach. Always lots of talent, but I am not feeling it.
16. Tennessee Titans – Funny this team is more like the Baltimore Ravens, then the Baltimore Ravens are. Defend, run the ball and make sure you don’t turn the ball over.
17. Jacksonville Jaguars – Still a rough tough defense with a superior back. Is David Garrard enough to win in the NFL?
18. Arizona Cardinals – I am on the fence about this team. Immensely talented, but I think they just caught lightning in a bottle last year.
19. Washington Redskins – Defense is really tough, Haynesworth will make them better. It is put up or shut up time for Jason Campbell.
20. Chicago Bears – That might have been the most disappointing opening night I have seen in a long time. Add that to losing Brian Urlacher for the entire year, it might be a long season in the Windy City.
21. Miami Dolphins – Last season the stars were aligned for this team. I think they played a good team on Sunday so let’s keep an eye on the Fish.
22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Defense is not close to what it once was, but running attack was very good and Byron Leftwich had some good numbers.
23. Oakland Raiders – There is a pulse. Defense has been sturdy for a couple years and the offensive line was greatly improved. The passing game showed some life.
24. Denver Broncos – This team is in trouble and needed a miracle to beat the Bengals. This might get ugly in Denver.
25. Kansas City Chiefs – I like Todd Haley, he has a fire and passion. The Chiefs should some spunk when the Ravens gave them a gift to get back in the game. Let’s see what happens when Matt Cassel gets playing.
26. Buffalo Bills – First wide right, then the Music City Miracle, now the Foxboro faux pas.
27. Detroit Lions – Matt Stafford showed some flashes. Kevin Smith is going to be a star and Calvin Johnson already is. Keep an eye on this team they will get better.
28. Cincinnati Bengals – Who dat, Who dat going to beat dem Bengals? Everybody, YUK!!! Can you say C-U-R-S-E?
29. Carolina Panthers – Easily the most disappointing team of opening weekend. They definitely spit the bit. Last 2 games for Jake Delhomme, 10 turnovers, 9 interceptions.
30. Cleveland Browns – This team is bad, but I love watch Josh Cribbs play football.
31. St. Louis Rams – they offered no challenge whatsoever to the Seahawks. It was pathetic to watch.
32. Houston Texans – Has there ever been a more over rated team. Year after year they are touted and fall flat on their face.

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Posted on 14 September 2009 by Glenn Clark

A reminder to those of you who weren’t around for football season last year. We don’t include Ravens accomplishments in the 15-7-0 during the regular season. Drew Forrester and I put together a “Tuesday Top 7” every Tuesday morning at 7am to count down the players we believed to be the 7 best from each week. Therefore, this is everything else. Here goes…..

You deserve props……

1-Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, Tony Romo, Victor Abiamiri, Thomas Jones, Eli Manning, Shaun Hill and Julius Jones

Was it weird that every time I saw Shaun Hill throwing the ball Vernon Davis’ way I kept thinking to myself, LET’S GO MARYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

By the way, didn’t someone I know pick San Francisco to win at Arizona?

Relax Arizona, you still have PLENTY going for you besides the Cards…..


2-Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods apparently won a golf tournament this weekend, and absolutely NO ONE IN THE WORLD HAD ANY IDEA THERE WAS A GOLF TOURNAMENT GOING ON THIS WEEKEND.

However, because I am friends with her on Facebook, I found out that Blair O’Neal has a new online TV show at the Golf Channel’s web site. I don’t know that I’d ever watch the thing, but here’s a picture of Blair O’Neal because I care about you……

3-Chris Tillman, Brian Matusz, and Derek Jeter

Again, apparently Derek Jeter did something this weekend. I’d tell you more about it, but I was absolutely NOT watching the Yankees and Orioles Friday night. You’ll find out more about this soon. I’m not 100 percent sure what all the Jeter hullaballoo was about Friday night, but I can only assume that his teammates swarmed him on the field to congratulate him for this……

4-Juan Martin Del Potro and Roger Federer

I hate to be the guy who gives away the ending to the movie, but I saw a sneak preview of the U.S. Open men’s final; and it goes like this…..

Ugh. Can’t this great athlete of our generation just go away?

5-Denny Hamlin

Apparently the NASCAR race was in Richmond this weekend. Which means it might have been SLIGHTLY more entertaining than the other thing that was going on in Richmond this weekend……umm….

6-Michael Jordan, David Robinson, John Stockton, Jerry Sloan and C. Vivian Stringer

I had kinda worried if Michael Jordan would get in this year, personally. You know, with all the steroid allegations and everything.

Funny how when everyone was talking about all of Michael’s incredible accomplishments during his Hall of Fame career they somehow managed to forget about this one……

7-Tim Tebow, Case Keenum, Evan Royster, Tate Forcier, Marcus Curry and Jarrett Brown

God I love College Football. I mean, unless an ACC team is playing. Then I might…..for a second at least…..think about watching baseball. But we all know I won’t do that.

Anyway, I have no idea how this has happened, but my opinion of Tim Tebow has gone full circle from “God I hate this guy” to “God this guy is amazing.” I promised I’d give you this, here’s his speech from halftime of the BCS National Championship Game last year…..

This guy could even inspire the Orioles. Okay, maybe not.

8-Jon Lester, Brian Duensing, Kyle Davies, David Wright, and Justin Maxwell

Trust me, I was just as surprised as you to find out that they were still playing baseball in America. I don’t have an answer as to why; but apparently they’re still playing.

Ichiro made it 9 straight seasons with 200+ hits Sunday, and that’s a record. Frankly, it’s a hell of a record.

You know what else was a hell of a record? What a Fool Believes…..

9-Andre Ward

There was a boxing match this weekend. Didn’t know? It’s okay, neither did anyone else. Is anyone watching Mayweather/Marquez 24/7 on HBO? No? It’s okay, neither is anyone else.

Where the hell do I go from here?

Did you guys hear that Gina Carano is going to star in some new Steven Soderbergh movie? True story. I believe the title is going to be “Do You Even Give a Crap About What This Movie Is Called, Look at Gina Carano”…….


10-Deonta Winston and Davonta Farrell

Thank God Perry Hall beat Overlea. If we had lost to the alma mater of one Tom Clark, I might have had to jump.

As a reminder to those of you who missed last week (and if you did, please consider yourself suspended), if you intend to go to an upcoming high school football game…..


11-Cris Collinsworth

Look, say what you want about him; but he’s absolutely right. However, maybe he should have read number 10……

12-John Cena

Dude, say what you want; but John Cena kicks ass. I mean, he did this…..

13-Leinenkugel’s Oktoberfest


Look, I enjoy Sam Adams’ selection as much (if not more) than any Harvest brew; but Leinenkugel’s NEVER fails to come through for me. Please go pick up 1-28 of these as soon as you possible can.


I wasn’t there, so I can’t claim that my Friday night was better than yours like I did last week. But I swear to God, if you didn’t see “Answer The Call” from Madison Square Garden live on FUSE Friday night, I don’t know what else to say to you. And if you don’t have “The Blueprint 3″……Christ. Jay just KILLS it. When we talk about the greatest performers of our generation, you’re going to be hard pressed to tell me there’s something better than this……

15-Nantucket Nectars Premium Orange Juice and Sticky Buns

With a special shout-out to the food services staff at M&T Bank Stadium. After a night of drinking, you make a DAMN fine hangover breakfast……


You got lucky……

1-The ACC

Maryland NEARLY lost to James Madison. Florida State BARELY got past Jacksonville State. North Carolina BARELY came back to beat UConn. Wake Forest BARELY came back to beat Stanford. Duke BARELY came back to beat Army.

And then there was Virginia……..

……..please don’t Fire Al Groh.

(Thanks to Rich in Westminster for the tip.)

2-Brandon Stokley

So, where does THIS go on your “HOLY FREAKING CRAP WHO BETTER THAN GUS JOHNSON” scale????

3-Kim Clijsters

Not that she wouldn’t have won anyway, but…..this probably helped……

But in honor of having a mom win a major tennis championship; I think it’s about time we honor some of the other great moms in history…….

June Cleaver


Marge Simpson


And of course Stacy’s Mom……


4-Urijah Faber

Why was former WEC Champ Urijah Faber invited to the Playboy Mansion? I don’t know, and I doubt I will EVER care. What I do know is that (according to The Big Lead, because Christ I would never care enough to follow these things myself) while he was there, he apparently found this…….


5-Matt Barkley

You know what a freshman quarterback who just won at Ohio State calls the USC Song Girls?


“Friday night.”

6-Shawne Merriman

Now he can get back to the important things…………like getting his ass kicked by the Ravens in 6 days.

7-Taylor Swift

Well, SOMEBODY just became the biggest sympathetic figure on the face of the planet. Think maybe she might sell a few more records this week?

You’re a zero……

Bob Arum

Anything funnier than watching someone completely out of touch with the real world defend something that no one on the face of the planet gives a crap about at this point?

Well, someone besides Melewski anyway.

Flexing my mic muscles since 1983…..


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Live from Westminster: Heat Turns to Storms, Cancels Afternoon Practice

Posted on 21 August 2009 by Glenn Clark

1:55-So much for the heat. Storms rolled through Westminster during lunch today, cancelling this afternoon’s scheduled 2:45 practice. Tomorrow’s practices remain scheduled for 8:45am and 2pm. I will be back later today with analysis as we work towards Monday Night’s game against the Jets.

12:52-Do not attempt to come out and watch practice this afternoon. Today’s 2:45 practice is closed to the public. The team will likely install some packages for Monday Night’s game against the Jets. Tomorrow’s 8:45am full practice and 2pm special teams practice are open to the public; and will be the last times you can see the Ravens here in Westminster.

12:41-Derrick Mason was back in his familiar #85 jersey today instead of the #9 jersey he wore Wednesday to honor Steve McNair. We had been under the impression that Mason would be wearing the #9 jersey in practice the rest of the year.

I spoke to Ravens VP/spokesman Kevin Byrne regarding a possible team-wide honor for McNair; and he said the team was still working on putting something together. He said that it was more likely to be a moment of silence or pre-game tribute; and wouldn’t be similar to the helmet decals the Tennessee Titans will wear this season.

12:33-Ed Reed spoke with the media after practice today (John Harbaugh turned his press conference over to him), and discussed a number of things. He mentioned that his decisions to switch from the red “no contact” jersey to the white jersey he was in today usually are based on how he feels that particular day.

He also discussed the white bracelet he wears (a Michael Jordan brand bracelet) that has the quote “Once I get the ball, you’re at my mercy” scripted on it. Seems appropriate for a guy who is dangerous whenever he touches the ball.

12:29-Frank Walker had another nice today; including an interception of a John Beck pass. Frank has played well recently; which could be crucial as some believe he is battling for a spot on the roster with the Ravens having so many CB’s-with or without Samari Rolle.

Troy Smith continued to throw sharp passes, but players like Davon Drew and Jason Cook (who are both battling for roster spots themselves) had drops. Cook was seen with other young FB’s and RB’s working on pass catching drills well after practice with QB’s Cleo Lemon and Drew Willy. Todd Heap also had back to back drops at one point during drills.

I had mentioned earlier in the week that the defense appeared to be ahead of the offense. While that is still likely true; it appears as though the first couple of offensive units have really closed the gap.

12:26-Rohan Marley (former University of Miami Hurricanes LB and son of music legend Bob Marley) was seen on the sidelines today. Marley offered hugs to his former teammate Ray Lewis and fellow Miami alum Ed Reed; and was a vocal cheerleader for the Ravens, including a Demetrius Williams TD grab. Marley apparently attended Training Camp last year as well. Marley is the husband of R&B star Lauryn Hill; formerly of the Fugees. Marley also played for a time in the CFL.

12:21-Graham Gano was your “winner” in the kicking battle today. Gano finished 6/7 with a long of 50 yards. Steve Hauschka finished 6/8 with a long also of 50 yards. Both Gano and Hauschka missed from 54, and Hauschka added a miss from 41. Here is your kick-by-kick breakdown:

Hauschka-35 yards-good
Gano-35 yards-good
Hauschka-41 yards-WIDE RIGHT
Gano-41 yards-good
Hauschka-45 yards-good
Gano-45 yards-good
Hauschka-50 yards-good
Gano-50 yards-good
Hauschka-54 yards-SHORT, returnable
Gano-54 yards-WIDE RIGHT


Hauschka-25 yards-good
Gano-41 yards-good
Hauschka-20 yards (extra point)-good
Gano-20 yards (extra point)-good
Hauschka-22 yards-good

Sam Koch also threw a TD to Edgar Jones off a fake field goal.

12:11-OL Chris Chester returned to practice today after missing yesterday’s sessions due to a strained calf. Harbaugh had said Chester had missed practice yesterday because the team just didn’t want to take any chances.

No sign of Terrell Suggs, Mark Clayton, or Dannell Ellerbe today; all of whom have put in work on the sidelines during practice at different times this week.

12:02-The heat was far and away the most obvious factor at McDaniel College today. The coaching staff of the Baltimore Ravens has taken to wearing long sleeves (with thin material); and John Harbaugh told me it was to “keep the sun of your arms.” He recommended I start wearing them in the heat too. Sounds crazy to me. D-Line coach Clarence Brooks didn’t seem so convinced that the long sleeves actually helped.

Lots of steps necessary to take care of when battling the heat in practice. I noticed both TE Isaac Smolko and DE Trevor Pryce left the field as different points during the day. I wasn’t able to talk to either after practice, so I didn’t get confirmation on what may have happened. But it certainly could have been anything ranging from an equipment issue to a battle with the heat. In fact, as Pryce was leaving the field; I heard a teammate yell “take your time, Trev!” Certainly the coaching staff would want to direct players to the locker room if they had noticed them struggling with the heat.


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Posted on 20 July 2009 by Glenn Clark

You get props…..

1-Jim Thome, Jeremy Guthrie and Gregg Zaun

“Sliced bread is actually the best thing since Gregg Zuan.”

OH, LOL! Relax Baltimore; we’ve been waiting for our power-hitting catcher! He’s just a few years older than what we expected.

And by a few years, I mean 64.

But he did have 4 more RBI than Matt Wieters Sunday. He should probably be the permanent catcher for Jeremy Guthrie; who, for a day at least, resembled a pitcher again.

I resembled a pitcher once. Unfortunately it was this pitcher……


(I like to call him “The Dominican Bachman” myself)

2-Troy Aikman, Lou Holtz, John Cooper, Thurman Thomas, Jay Novacek, Jim Donnan, Randall McDaniel, and Roger Brown

John Cooper’s special day wasn’t quite the same after he realized Lloyd Carr had beat him to the induction ceremony.

It was strange to hear Lou Holtz open his speech by saying “I’m happy to be here and all, but I just don’t know if I’m good enough. I really have no idea how I can compete with a fella like Jim Donnan. He’s just so good. We’re lucky to be here. I don’t think we have a chance of winning.”

Troy Aikman and Jay Novacek said they were thankful to have the chance to remember their life before their pro careers. They only wished their teammate Michael Irvin was capable of doing the same thing.

All of these one-liners are just part of the new “Glenn Clark’s corny one-liner” Comedy Class which will be available this semester at the Community College of Baltimore County. It isn’t actually a credited class; just an excuse for me to try to surround myself by pretty girls with low standards.

3-Bo Van Pelt and Rick Rhoden

Bo Van Pelt won the golf tournament this weekend that you were allowed to play in if you weren’t good enough to play in the other actually important golf tournament. You know-the one that was nearly won by a guy who retired 15 years ago.

Does Bo Van Pelt really get a trophy for that accomplishment? REALLY?

The event Rhoden won was called the “I don’t watch golf when the talented players play; why in the hell would I watch when the guys who aren’t talented play?” Open. It’s some sort of celebrity event; which still confuses me as to why Rhoden is there.

But thanks to Deadspin for this screen shot of Michael Jordan and an inflatable penis. You didn’t read that wrong; it’s just Michael Jordan and an inflatable penis. Which reminds me of the average Thursday at my grandparents’ house.


4-Brandon Snyder, Wally Crancer, Nathan Moreau, Patrick Kantakevich, and Matt Hobgood

Thus far in his pro career, Matt Hobgood has given up one run on hits over 1 inning; and has committed one error.

I was going to make a crack here about how he was already better than Rich Hill; but I’m a little concerned about Rich Hill’s self confidence. Look at the poor kid…..

I’d say he could drown his sorrows with 3-400 beers; but he can’t legally drink for another 5 years.

(Editor’s note: Please tell me his baseball card doesn’t look like one of those cards you had in Little League. Hilarious!)

5-Robin Soderling

Won a tennis tournament this weekend. You’d probably care more, but you thought Robin Soderling did the song “Show Me Love” in 1993.

6-Alberto Contador

Seriously, why the hell does EVERYONE IN THE WORLD have a better name than I do? Helio Castroneves? Dario Franchitti? Steele Stanwick? ALBERTO FREAKING CONTADOR????????

Clearly their parents loved me more than my parents loved me. Which I’m just going to have to live with.

Lance Armstrong apparently won’t be winning the Tour De France. Which only means that the Tour de France’s ratings will again be a 2 instead of a 5.

(Editor’s note: Those ratings points aren’t in millions.)

7-John Lackey, J.A. Happ, Jason Marquis, Dan Haren, Clayton Kershaw, Roy Oswalt, and Bronson Arroyo

You know what. I take it all back. J.A. Happ’s name is actually Jay Happ. HAHA! Someone’s parents loved them less than my parents loved me!!!!!!!

(Editor’s note: My parents really do love me. With that in mind, can I borrow like $100? And by “borrow”, I mean “spend on beer and never pay you back.”)


That’s a picture of Bronson Arroyo and a person who I assume must be a close family friend.

Don’t get too suicidal just yet. I mean, if you heard this, you’d sleep with him too….

8-Michael Phelps

God is this a stretch. I’m honoring Michael Phelps for winning more ESPY awards than anyone else; and the ESPY awards were actually taped on Wednesday; then aired on Sunday.

Of course, this gave me the perfect opportunity to find out what else was on TV Sunday night; because I’d rather have a giant wart on my foot than watch the ESPY’s.

(Editor’s note: the last line was probably only funny to my friend Julie; who recently had a wart removed from her foot. She’d be really embarrassed if she ever knew I wrote this publicly, but she’s a pretty girl; so there’s no chance she’ll ever read it. Yeah, pretty girls ignore me. It’s like high school all over again.)

Back to the point; as I Facebooked Sunday night (and if you’re not my Facebook friend, your life isn’t quite as meaningful), having the ESPY’s as the only sports viewing option Sunday night; I decided to give Brooke Knows Best a shot.


Who am I kidding? I watch every week.

9-Nik Caner-Medley

This is going to come as a surprise to you; but I had no idea Nik Caner-Medley was playing for the LA Clippers’ Summer League team. No, I’m serious. I stopped stalking him 7 months ago.

After hitting a pull-up jumper over Wizards guard Nick Young, Caner-Medley laughed and said “I’m from Maryland. Nobody can beat me.”


10-Garrett Jones, Albert Pujols, and Alfonso Soriano

In other baseball news; Orlando Hudson will reportedly end up collecting more than double his salary thanks to an incentive-laden contract. No word on whether the Orioles can seek an incentive-laden refund from Felix Pie.

11-The Blackberry Commercial with U2 doing “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”

Never before have I wanted to buy a Blackberry, spend 100 dollars to see a band from the upper deck of a football stadium; AND somehow try to change my life to make myself a better person. You want the definition of effective advertising? Holy crap.

12-Kyle Busch and NASCAR

With newspapers no longer being able to afford to send motorsports writers across the country to watch grown men drive cars; NASCAR has figured out another way to fill their press boxes, and it is absolutely a smart idea. Bloggers can now apply for credentials to NASCAR races. Well, bloggers NASCAR approves of anyway. Which truly does go to show that anyone can have a voice in the era of new media. Even if their thoughts are WAY off base. Sorta like this noted NASCAR follower…..


13-D2: The Mighty Ducks

Look, my TV was just as confused as you’d imagine when I flipped to the Hallmark Channel Saturday morning. My TV actually said to me “Dude, you don’t even let your girlfriend watch this channel.”

But if you don’t think this is the most inspiring scene in the history of movies, kindly leave.

I wish I could explain this further, but this scene lead to my best friend (noted musician John Chambers of “The Waywords”; whose new record is available on iTunes and I’ll charge him for that plug later) nearly having to go to the hospital before Artscape Saturday. Use your imagination.

14-Smoothie King’s “Caribbean Way”


Are they a sponsor? Who cares. They’re AMAZING. This is what God intended for us to drink. (He intended for us to eat Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches if you’re asking.)

15-Robert Randolph


I think I just got pregnant.

I can only pray that anyone who attended Artscape Saturday night realized just what it was they were witnessing. July 18, 2009 will forever be remembered as the day that one man saved the city of Baltimore.

One of our former interns had to leave right after Robert’s 2nd song. My girlfriend (You know her-“The Luckiest Dang Gal on the Face of the Planet”) looked at me and said “Where is she going?” I looked back and said “I don’t know. But I know this much. It’s not as good as here.”

Did anyone notice the sharp-looking Joe Flacco jersey Robert’s bassist-Danyel-was sporting? I wonder where that came from…..

Oh right. You’re welcome Baltimore.

You got lucky……..

1-Kenny Cooper Jr. and Nicci Wright

Holy crap we almost lost to Panama???? Why the hell are all of our good players playing for money right now???? Poor Bob Bradley had to let Jason Berken play!!!!!

In news completely unrelated to soccer; hearing the name Nicci Wright (the Washington women’s team’s coach who pitched a shutout when pressed into action as a goalkeeper) reminded me that adult film actress Nikki Benz is attractive…..


She pitched a shutout once too. Yeah, in my pants! High five!

2-Stewart Cink

This is really a shame. I was looking forward to seeing Tom Watson drink from the Claret Jug. Of course it would have been prune juice; but I bet it would have been a wild party nonetheless.

Congratulations to Stewart Cink for beating up an old man. I’d be more upset, but it’s golf. I legitimately picked Nick Faldo to win the damn thing the other day. Tom Watson winning wouldn’t have been an amazing accomplishment; this is the same sport that has crowned John Daly king on more than one occasion.

3-The guy standing outside Erin Andrews’ peephole………

…….for now.


Let’s admit two things here:

One-we all think whoever is responsible is a creep who deserves to suffer a lawsuit and/or prison time. He’s the lowest of low human beings; and completely disgusting.

Two-Not one of us can really admit to having not Googled “Erin Andrews peephole” at some point this weekend.

Look man, if it didn’t exist; I would have never searched. (Editor’s note: That’s probably not true. I probably would have searched at some point in my life even if I didn’t know it existed. There’s always a hope, right?)

Also, I don’t really get the fascination this country has with Erin Andrews. I mean, there are other hot chicks in the world of sports, aren’t there?


Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best example.

4-Oscar Salazar

You mean to tell me that I don’t have to play for the Orioles anymore?

And I get to move here……?


This is a joke, right? You’re all just having fun with old Oscar; aren’t you???

5-Maikon Bonani

Haven’t heard the story? The South Florida kicker fell 30 feet from an amusement park ride and is apparently okay.

I remember growing up I always felt like the people who were running the potentially dangerous thrill rides at my favorite amusement parks were probably expertly trained, highly paid, and easily the most responsible people in the world. If lives were in peril; they would be immediately available to step in and save the day.

But after a recent trip to a local amusement park (the one in Largo. It will remain nameless.), I have now become very aware that the ride operators are about as qualified for difficult situations as I am to talk about Sonya Sotomayor. Who I think will make a hell of a Secretary of State whenever the UN gets around to giving her the ol’ thumbs up.

(Editor’s Note: Please don’t tell me it is spelled “Sonia.” This was a bit. “Sonia” Sotomayor is going to be the next attorney general. I know that. I’m not stupid.)

(Editor’s 2nd Note: Does anyone else find it funny that I write these notes as the “editor” when I don’t actually do any editing? I usually just type out whatever nonsense comes to my mind at 1am and then I allow Intern Steven Patrick to tell me Monday morning that I spelled “figuratively” as “pineapple.” Look man, we all make mistakes.)

6-Anyone who got their news from Walter Cronkite

You had one of the great newsmen of all-time. We have Andy Rooney bitching about fruit.



Could you imagine a better weekend to come out of your parents’ basement? I mean, not only did Harry Potter come out and make something like 100 trillion dollars; but Baltimore became the world’s nerd hub for the weekend….


Thanks to Examiner.com for the picture of……..that. Otakon hit the Baltimore Convention Center, and from what I can tell; Otakon is basically just the same as your average downtown bar or club. Everyone there is just trying to get laid. The only difference is that most of the people at your average bar or club have actually gotten laid before.

You’re a zero……


John Sterling


On Friday night, I heard something so vile I almost threw my beer across the room.

“Long fly ball……….that’s a Tex Message, to the 2nd deck. You’re on the mark, Teixeira!”

I want to drive to New York tomorrow to boo both of them. That’s worse than the “A-Bomb for A-Rod.”



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McNair’s life should be remembered for the good and not his off the field issues

Posted on 05 July 2009 by Marco Romanell

When I received the WNST text message that said Steve McNair was murdered I was stunned and naturally wanted to know all the details. A day after discovering McNair’s body, details are starting to come out and I have a feeling those details may tarnish some people’s legacy of McNair.

McNair’s body was found with the body of 20- year old Sahel Kazemi who is believed to be McNair’s girlfriend. The thing that has people viewing McNair in a negative light is the fact that he was still married and had four kids. I do not know all the details of McNair’s marriage so I do not want to speculate on things, but people can infer that he was having a relationship with a woman who wasn’t his wife.

I do not condone McNair’s actions if he was indeed messing around, but I believe he should be remembered for his on the field play and off the field charitable contributions instead of  his relationship with a 20 year old.

As sports fans we tend to forget that athletes are normal people who have lives off the  field just like we do. People make mistakes and I tend to forgive people unless the act was incredibly reprehensible. Many people will consider cheating on your wife as a reprehensible act and I can understand that, but that should not be what they associate Steve McNair’s life with.

When examining McNair’s legacy one needs to look no further then Magic Johnson. Johnson was forced to retire from basketball because he contracted aids from having sex with a woman that was not his wife. When Magic dies, people are going to remember him as a great basketball player and fun loving person and won’t focus on how he got the disease. How is Johnson’s situation any different from McNair’s situation? Its not, but people will undoubtedly hold Johnson to a higher standard they will McNair.

Michael Jordan is a known degenerate gambler, Pete Rose bet on his own sport and baseball players are using steroids all over the place. Athletes make mistakes, but for the most part, people still love them. When Michael Jordan was dominating the NBA, nobody cared that he gambled hundreds of thousands of dollars off the court. McNair’s “rap” sheet doesn’t even compare to some hall of famers in other sports and I think people should take a step back before rushing to judgement about what kind of life McNair led.

My memories of Steve McNair will be those of him leading the Titans to the Super Bowl, leading the Ravens to their best regular season record in the history of the franchise and his toughness to be able to play through pain.

I never got to meet McNair but everyone that I have spoken to that has come in contact with him talks about what a nice, caring person he was and that is what should be focused on. McNair was very gracious to fans and those less fortunate and is the biggest sports icon in Tennessee.

Despite only playing two seasons here in Baltimore, McNair made a lasting impression on me. His play on the field and his toughness endeared him to me and the rest of the fans. The Baltimore Ravens organization and the city of Baltimore are better because of Steve McNair.

Steve McNair’s life was ended much too early and I hope people view that life as it should be viewed and not focus on the negatives.

My thoughts and prayers are with the McNair family and I know  that they know what kind of man Steve McNair is and that is all that matters.

Whatever details do come out it will not change my view of Steve McNair.

He was a generous, fun-loving person who embraced his community and everyone in it. But the thing I will remember the most about Steve McNair is his toughness and the fact that he was damn good football player.

I hope everyone else does the same.

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