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2009's - "REAL" Sportsman Of The Year .....

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2009’s – “REAL” Sportsman Of The Year …..

Posted on 11 December 2009 by Rex Snider

A couple weeks ago, Sports Illustrated named Derek Jeter it’s “2009 – Sportsman Of The Year” …..

Yeah, it’s just another trophy among a long list of awards handed out every year. And, in truth, the whole SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR concept is primarily tied to Sports Illustrated’s devotion to staying relevant, rather than identifying and honoring the most befitting sports personality.

With no disrespect to Derek Jeter, how did he distinguish himself above any and all personalities, throughout the last twelve months?

He had a good year on the field.

And, he’s a good citizen.

Heck, Derek Jeter is living the dream life of a lot of guys. He evidently has Tiger Woods’ affinity for dating a cache’ of girls. But, Derek isn’t married – and he doesn’t answer to a combustible blonde. Good for him !!!!

He’s single …..

He’s a player – on and off the field …..

I’m envious …..

Actually, I’m not. I love my life and all that’s in it. But, I do respect a bachelor’s incentive to live his life like a playboy. Thus, I would have no problem with naming Derek Jeter “Sports Bachelor Of The Year.”

But, SportsMAN ???

I don’t think so.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve looked at the long list of former sports celebrities who’ve held Sports Illustrated’s prized distinction. Derek Jeter befits their company – and they befit his …..





And, of course, we can’t forget 2008’s decorated selection …..


I honestly think there are better candidates – and certainly a BETTER CHOICE for “2009’s Sportsman Of The Year”

In early September, Hall Of Famer, Ernie Harwell, disclosed that he was battling incurable cancer. At 91 years old, Harwell has decided not to fight the inevitable, and instead, he’s chosen to enjoy the brief but precious time he has remaining on this earth.

Think about that …..

Ernie Harwell could’ve jetsetted around the world, while seeking radical and experimental treatments. He could’ve spent his remaining time searching for his own remedy, while neglecting the blessed days with his family.

He made an incredibly UNSELFISH decision.

To hear Harwell talk about it, he’s incredibly grateful for the life he was granted. He’s at peace and ready for his life to end – ON HIS TERMS.

In the months following the revelation, Ernie Harwell has been showered with accolades and devotions to his character. He’s handled it with the same class that embodied his career – HUMBLY and MODESTLY.

On September 16th, the Detroit Tigers honored Ernie Harwell, during pre-game festivities. During his speech, Harwell seized the spotlight to do what he’s always done …..

He shined it on the players and fans.

He thanked them for giving him the opportunity to live a dream. He thanked them for letting him SERVE BASEBALL.

Ernie Harwell has never hit a homerun. He’s never stolen a base. And, he’s never thrown a pitch. Indeed, he’s done more for the game of baseball than any All Star could ever do.

He delivered the game to the people who love it. And, he was great …..

We haven’t heard much from Ernie Harwell, since mid-September. Gosh, I hope he’s having a special holiday season, surrounded by family and friends. He truly deserves it.

And, speaking of “deserving” …..

I’m not suggesting Derek Jeter doesn’t deserve Sports Illustrated’s award. He’s a class act.

And, he helps people through charitable endeavors …..

I just think Sports Illustrated missed the mark, in 2009.

Ernie Harwell has given more to the SPORTS COMMUNITY than any active player – in any league.

He’s proof that a SPORTSMAN isn’t required to actually stand on the field. A sportsman supports the sports community, and does it with a humble dedication to sustaining humanity. Nothing more, nothing less …..

I wish WNST had a “Sportsman Of The Year” or “Person Of The Year” award. And, I can’t think of a more fitting choice than Ernie Harwell. He’s always put others first.

Baseball and the world will miss him.

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Friday Morning's Crab Cakes and Light Beer

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Friday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 13 March 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

David Cook, really?  “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please!  Welcome to the 2009 ACC Tournament in beautiful Atlanta, Georgia.  We want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting all the schools competing this weekend and because of that… we at the ACC want to reward you the fans for being so great!  For tonight, we’ve booked a very, very special musical guest for your halftime entertainment… American Idol winner, DAVID COOK!!!!”  Crickets, that’s all I can see happening when that announcement gets read over the Georgia Dome PA system.  But then again, it is an improvement over Lil’ Mama who performed last year.  Or is it?  I actually have no idea… I don’t know who either one is.

That’s a big man!  Former Alabama left tackle Andre Smith is getting beat up pretty well nowadays by the national media, but he really can’t blame anyone but himself.  He was suspended for the Sugar Bowl by Nick Saban for having inappropriate relations with an agent, and then he showed up overweight to the draft combine and left without notice before interviewing or working out for teams.  Smith was once considered a lock top-5 pick now today his stock continues to plummet by the minute it seems.  It really doesn’t help him that this is the video coming from the University of Alabama Pro-Day yesterday in Tuscaloosa yesterday.  I don’t want to be mean by posting this… but it’s interesting like a train wreck.  The man is costing himself millions with each tenth of a second.

Scanning the Blogosphere

Orioles Hangout gives their Spring Mid-Term grades to the birds from down in Fort Lauderdale.

Fanhouse has another nice ACC Tournament Preview.

NFL.com’s Blog on College Pro-Days takes a look at the University of Maryland workout from yesterday.  Fast rising wide out Darrius Heyward-Bey had another outstanding performance.  Will he be around at #26 when the Ravens might be looking for a receiver?

Watchdog has an excerpt of the transcript of the Q and A between Michael Phelps and Matt Lauer to be seen on Dateline this Sunday evening.

Inside Lacrosse has their weekend picks including UMBC-Maryland, Hopkins-‘Cuse, and Loyola-St. John’s.

Faceoff says Loyola will stick with Jake Hagelin in goal for their game against St. John’s this weekend.

CMS Video of the Day

March Madness means big television ratings for both ESPN in the conference tournaments and CBS during the NCAA’s, which in turn means that we’ll be seeing great commercials coming from all the usual suspects.

Adidas has a few great spots ready to premier featuring Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady, and Josh Smith.  Each is shown with gear from a school they think is the team to beat for the college hoops crown.  Must be pretty tantalizing for Bruin, Jayhawk, Cardinal, and Panther fans to see these guys holding their team’s jersey.

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Thursday Morning's Crab Cakes and Light Beer

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Thursday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 12 March 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

‘Bong-Gate’ helps feed San Fran’s homeless.  I’ve always been a subscriber to the notion that everything happens for a reason and that good can come from any situation.  It turns out there’s even a silver lining to Michael Phelps smoking pot.  When the photo of the 14-time Olympic Champ puffing first appeared, Kellogg’s was one of the first of Phelps’ corporate sponsors to drop him as a spokesperson.  Now the breakfast business has donated thousands of boxes of cereal, all with Phelps’ likeness on them, to a homeless shelter in San Francisco.  As for Mike himself… he’s still serving his three month ban from competitive swimming and is here in Baltimore working out.  How does this CMS staff writer know that?  Last week I walked into the pool area of Loyola College’s Fitness and Aquatics Center for a dip and a little excercize and who is working out in Lane 5 with his coach, Bob Bowman?…  none other than the worldly humanitarian who was responsible for delivering Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes to the less fortunate in the Bay Area.  (For the record, I watched practice and stretched for a few minutes and then jumped in Lane 7 and swam the lane next to the lane next to the Golden Boy… c’mon, I’m obviously never going to sparr with Ali, play in a foursome with Tiger, or shoot around at the same hoop as Jordan, so it was pretty cool.)

Bedard still a pain in the ass!  Now I know it has only been a year since the O’s shipped Erik Bedard out to Seattle for prospects, but I think it’s already pretty, pretty easy to say that Baltimore got the best of the deal.  Bedard only appeared 15 times for the Mariners last year, his last coming on the 4th of July, and otherwise spent multiple stints on the disabled list in the great Pacific Northwest.  Yesterday the lefty missed his scheduled Cactus League outing… due to a sore butt.  This guy has turned out to be a real softy, especially I guess in a certain fleshy area.  Meanwhile, all the Orioles got back were Adam Jones, their franchise center fielder who is considered one of the best five-tool young players in baseball, George Sherrill, an all-star MVP candidate who saved 31 games last season, and Chris Tillman, a right hand starter who is a top-25 prospect in all of baseball… and two other dudes.  One of the best trades in Oriole history, if not the best, right?

Scanning the Blogosphere

…of all places, a website named Midwest Sports Fans has a nice, tidy, little primer for the ACC Tournament.  I like to print stuff like this out to keep next to my remote, I’m just saying… it’s a good idea, especially this time of year in collegiate basketball.

Fan IQ takes a look at NFL teams while they prepare for the ’09 draft, today they look at the AFC North and the Baltimore Ravens.

Around the Harbor wonders if Terp WR Darius Heyward-Bey might be just what the Ravens need to fill their biggest need.

Baltimore Sports Report has a breakdown of the Orioles starting pitching rotation.

The Loss Column has the latest on who might fill out the last spots on the bench and the pitching staff.

Z on TV tells us Michael Phelps and Matt Lauer will be taping an interview to be aired Sunday night at 7 on Dateline.  It’s Phelps first interview since… ‘Bong-Gate!’

Medium Well has CBS’s pairings for the upcoming NCAA Tournament.  Ray’s dead-on, Gus Johnson and Len Elmore is the most entertaining grouping by far, and it will definitely be interesting to see how Clark Kellogg replaces Billy Packer with Jim Nantz.

CMS Video of the Day

The Terps get started in the ACC Tournament tonight when they take on the NC State Wolfpack on ESPN2 tonight at 7:00. If your around my neck of the woods… swing down to Magerks in Federal Hill for the Official WNST Maryland ACC Tournament Viewing Party.

Many ‘bracketologists’ believe Maryland needs to win at the very least 2, if not 3, games to make the NCAA Tournament.

Today’s video comes from the archive and is the last 20 seconds and celebration of the 2004 UMD-Duke ACC Championship game, the last time Maryland has gone as far in the ACC Tournament.

Can the Gary rally his troops?  We’ll see, I guess.  My bet is no.  Don’t tell Glenn I said that.

The Morning’s Final Thought

Haha, two funny comics…

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Thursday Morning's Crab Cakes and Light Beer

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Thursday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 26 February 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

NO 1st for Wieters.  Before yesterday’s game O’s manager Dave Trembley was asked whether or not the team plans to try-out Matt Wieters at first base, because the toll on a catcher’s body can be so great.  The manager said no way.  The Sun’s Peter Schmuck reporting the story wrote in his blog, something along the lines of… ‘that’s something to Orioles can worry about in seven or eight years.’  Well, at the bottom of the same page in the comments section, a certain ‘mikepcfl’ wrote, “The Yankees can move Wieters to 1B to replace Teixeira in 8 years! Just kidding, I have a bad sense of humor.”  Yes, yes you do, sir.

Terps Fans: A+.  Of course, last night was certainly a tough loss for the Terps at Comcast to the Dukies.  Just curious, when Kyle Singler stepped on Sean Mosely’s foot causing a brief injury timeout, did anyone else hear “F*ck you Single,” loud and clearly over the ESPN airwaves.  Jay Bilas and Mike Patrick were completely silent at the time too, making it even more blatant.  Maryland fans have proven to be a tough bunch…  and quite funny too, last night’s Operation Scheyerface v2.0 and, man, this one gets me every single time I see it…

Even more Terp trash-talk.  This from Deadspin, Maryland students got their hands on some of the hotel numbers of the Duke Basketball team and inundated the players with calls to their rooms.  This is an example of some of the tomfoolery – golden stuff.

Caller: “Hello, this is ****** with the Washington Times, sorry to bother you at this hour Mr. Paulus, but we are running a small piece tomorrow and I was hoping to take 2 minutes and ask you a question?”

Greg Paulus: “Uhhh, sure”

Caller:  “If you had to choose between Deron Washington, Danny Green, and Dwayne Collins, (three guys who have dunked directly on Paulus this season) whose nuts would you say tasted the best?”

Paulus:  …Click

Scanning the Blogosphere

Pro Football America gives updates on Ray Lewis and Bart Scott and speculates the Vikings might be players for Jason Brown.

CBS Sports says it might be tough sledding trying to keep both Jason Brown and Bart Scott.

Baltimore Beat Down says Joe Flacco’s critics will have to change their song for next season.

Camden Chat: “Prop Projections for the 2009 Baltimore Orioles,“37 comments for 37 pitchers in camp for the Orioles,” and “Mets beat O’s in proper spring opener.”

The Schmuck Stops Here has all the latest from Fort Lauderdale including all the news from the O’s-Mets game from yesterday including Brad Hennessey’s elbow soreness.

Connolly’s Corner Sports Bar has a ‘3 for 1′ as Dan talks Ray Lewis, the Orioles, and Maryland hoops.

SI’s J-Fro Sports Journalism and Lists ranks the O’s fifth overall in terms of outfield units.

Oriole Magic posted AOL’s Baltimore Orioles team preview.

SI has their top-225 Fantasy Baseball Preview, Brian Roberts is the first Oriole at #46.  They also offer potential ‘sleeper’ picks, potential ‘bargain picks, and those whom you should stay away from.

Tracking the Terps has some final thoughts on the Maryland-Duke game from last night and some additional notes.

Terrapin Insider has their take on Dukes win over Maryland.

The Big Lead says the Terps are 1 of 23 teams on the tournament bubble for 10 remaining spots.

Recruiting Report has a story and video of Terp tight end signee Sean Fitzpatrick, a 2010 commitment for Coach Friedgen.

SI’s For the Record says, “Ovechkin, Crosby grow inseparable as rivals.” Duuuuh.

Ring Post Live author Kevin Eck was on with Ray and Casey yesterday and wishes a happy 60th birthday to Ric Flair.

The CMS Video of the Day

Wait, what?  Here’s a video of Sheriff Leon Lott, the man who represents the firm hand of the law in the Phelps ‘Bong-Gate.’

The Morning’s Final Thought

Former University of Georgia quarterback and potential first overall selection in this year’s NFL draft, Matthew Stafford has had quite the whirlwind past few months.  He’s had a preseason #1 ranking in the nation, a tough season in the SEC, a difficult decision whether or not to turn pro or go back to Athens, a grueling combine training program, and the combine itself all to try and deal with.  Makes me think he needs to blow off a little steam… actually, by the looks of it, he’s doing a pretty good job of that.

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Phelps Will Return to Competition at the Charlotte UltraSwim Grand Prix

Posted on 24 February 2009 by Alex Thomas

Michael Phelps will return to competitive swimming on May 14th at Charlotte UltraSwim, a meet that is part of the USA Swimming Grand Prix series. Phelps will join backstroker Ryan Lochte and several other USA Olympians at this meet, which serves as a quiz before the big test that is the World Championships in Rome this July.

This will be Phelps’ first meet after serving his three month suspension sanctioned by USA Swimming following Bong Water Gate.

The meet begins on Thursday May 14th with the distance freestyle events. The women will compete in an 800 meter freestyle race and the men will swim the 1500 meter freestyle. I do not expect Phelps to compete in the 1500.

On Friday May 15th, Phelps has a choice between swimming the 100 meter butterfly or the 400 individual medley, which are listed as back-to-back events at this meet. While he could compete in both, I expect him to focus on the 100 butterfly, which is his stronger event.

Ryan Lochte will most likely beat Phelps in the 400 IM this early in the season, and it would be good for Phelps to get up and race former Texas Longhorn Ian Crocker in the 1-fly, who is the world record holder in that event.

Although it has not been confirmed that Ian Crocker will compete in this meet, I expect him to post in lieu of a disappointing individual performance at the 2008 Beijing Games. Even if Phelps loses to Crocker, it will be good for Phelps to get some high-intensity race experience after being out of competition since Beijing. Of course, that’s assuming that Crocker makes his first career appearance at Charlotte. Crocker and Phelps have had a friendly rivalry in this event, in which the high level of competition has fueled these swimmers to continuously trade world record-holder status. Crocker is still the only swimmer in history to break 51 seconds in the event.

Phelps is also likely to compete in the 200 freestyle on Friday, and look for Peter Vanderkaay to give him a race in that event.

On Saturday, look for Phelps to swim in the 200 fly. If enough swimmers from NBAC qualify for the meet, he could also compete in the 400 medley relay, where he will swim either the lead-off backstroke leg or the butterfly leg.

Sunday will be Phelps’ lighter day, as he will most likely focus solely on the 200 IM.

In 2006, the last time Phelps competed at Charlotte, he won five events and set two meet records. This year, I predict that he will swim in four events and win three.

This year, he will most likely compete in the 200 freestyle, 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly, and the 200 IM. I think he will win the 2-free and the 2-fly, lose to Crocker in the 100 fly, and win the 200 IM.

I will be blogging more about this event, and swimming in general, as the USA Swimming Grand Prix season gets underway this Spring.

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Friday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 20 February 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

Vegas’ Baseball Numbers Are In.  Now that spring training has begun and as we await action in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues baseball is officially back.  And that, of course, also means there are new odds and numbers to gamble on in Vegas.  The Orioles have odds of 50/1 for the A.L. East title, 75/1 for the A.L. pennant, and 150/1 to parade around the Harbor as World Series Champions .  The Over/Under you wonder?  It’s a modest 74.5. Vegas is going with the cautiously optimistic approach… I dig it, it’s cool, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here.

He’s Baaaack.  Tiger Woods announced his return to professional golf yesterday when he said he would enter next week’s field of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona.  Was last year fun Padraig Harrington?  Did you like being PGA Player of the Year?  I’m sure you did, well, for you and everyone, it’s back to the way it was.  Tiger must be feeling good to play now.  My bet is that he was ready to play last week or maybe even several before that.  Tiger is a very smart and shrewd guy; he would never take any risks on that surgically repaired knee knowing it wasn’t absolutely 100%.  If his comments are true and if he will truly be the healthiest he’s been since high school… things could get ugly for all those trying to hunt down Tiger this season on tour.

Loyola Grads, not all geniuses.  As my bio to the left clearly states, I am a graduate of Loyola College in Maryland.  Interestingly enough so is this person who wrote this in an e-mail to SI’s College Hoops writer Seth Davis: “Love the “Skip Prosser Classic” thought, but I feel a little left out. How about two more teams? Skip took my alma mater, Loyola (Md.), to its first and last NCAA tournament. And for a fourth team, how about the high school where Skip got started? That would be fair competition for my lowly Greyhounds.  Kevin Cusick, Philadelphia — Now c’mon, are you good man? …you’re an ass.

Scanning the Blogosphere

The Schmuck Stops Here has a video of Koji Uehara’s career highlights and the latest from Fort Lauderdale on Brian Roberts’ contract extension, Rich Hill working with Rick Kranitz, and Felix Pie’s absence from camp.

MLB Trade Rumors: “Brian Roberts confirms extension.”

Delaware Online says, “Future not quite here for Orioles.”

Bugs & Cranks says “4 more years: O’s sign Roberts.”

Fanhouse has a good Ravens read in their 2009 Off season Road maps segment: “Baltimore Ravens, What about Ray?”

Pro Football Talk reports Terrell Suggs is looking at the Dwight Freeney and Jared Allen contracts as comparable to the one he’s looking for.

Ravens Insides has updates from the combine: “Time to show and tell,” “Hear no evil,” “First impressions.”

SI’s Bucky Brooks takes a look at the “’09 NFL Draft: Top 10 DB Prospects.” Could be that much more interesting with C-Mac out, Rolle on the chopping block, and the Raiders resigning Nnamdi Asomugha to a record breaking 3 year/$45.3M deal.

Tracking the Terps hopes the Terps can get back a sense of excitement and tells us Ralph has hired a “New special teams coach.”

SI’s Seth Davis gives his thoughts on the Yanda/Prisbell Washington Post article on Gary and the state of the Terps men’s hoops program.

Recruiting Report has quotes from newest Lady Terp recruit to be named a McDonald’s AA, Dara TaylorLance Stephenson, a potential Gary signee from New York City, was also selected.

Connolly’s Corner Sports Bar asks “What is your take on Ovechkin and the Capitals?”

From the Ice has an HD look at the Great 8’s off the wall, spin and slide goal two nights ago against the Canadians in D.C.

Re: Lax has Q&A with Coach Charlie Toomey of Loyola and Coach Tony Seaman of Towson, before the ‘Hounds and Tigers meet this Saturday.

Fanhouse has a rundown of all of the action before yesterday’s NBA Trade Deadline… in case you’re wondering, former Terp Chris Wilcox was traded from the Thunder to the Knicks.

Medium Well links to Talkers Magazine’s list of top-250 talk radio show hosts… CMS host Drew Forrester, clearly the biggest snub.

Rumors and Rants, get your ‘Be Like Mike’ Phelps t-shirt, available now.

CMS Video of the Day

Instead of a video, I’m going to give you a look from The Bleacher Report at how college hoops would look if everyone had to stay all four years, no leaving school early.

Men’s College Basketball Top 25: If All Players Had To Stay Four Years.

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Funny Phelps Facebook Page

Posted on 16 February 2009 by Alex Thomas

One of our WNST.net listeners recently forwarded me a group invite to a new page on Facebook.

It’s called “I be I can find 1,000,000 people who don’t care Michael Phelps smoked weed.”

You can click the link above to check out the page and join if you so please. At this point, the page has about 371,000 members.

Of course, you have to be a Facebook member to view this page. And if you’re not on Facebook at this point, you also might want to trade in your record player for and iPod.

Last week, I blogged about the “dirty little secret” of national-level swimming. A lot of these athletes party…hard.

Most of the best swimmers on the planet are in their late teens to mid 20s, and they act as such on Friday and Saturday nights. Compound that with the most rigorous training regime in athletics, and you get an athlete looking to blow off some serious steam.

But when you’re arguably the most famous athlete on the planet making millions of dollars, you have to show better judgment than what Phelps showed in November.

You can’t get caught in a strip club pounding booze, you can’t get caught with “escorts” entering your hotel room, and you certainly can’t get caught doing drugs.

And in the era of camera phones, if you’re famous and do something wrong in public, it will not go unnoticed.

Yes, Phelps was wrong. Yes, he was stupid and should have shown better judgment.

But, no…I really don’t care. He made a mistake. We all do at some point.

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Monday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 16 February 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

Rotation Candidates?  Orioles’ pitchers and catchers reported to Fort Lauderdale this weekend and all the buzz so far in camp is who will fill out Manager Dave Trembley’s and Pitching Coach Dave Kranitz’s rotation.  The Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec addressed this matter in his “10 Questions for the Orioles” and suggested that Jeremy Guthrie and Koji Uehara are assured spots and offered these possibilities for spots 3-5: Danys Baez, Brian Bass, Mark Hendrickson, Brad Hennessey, Radhames Liz, Troy Patton, John Parrish, Hayden Penn, David Pauley, Alfredo Simon and Chris Waters.  None of these extremely marginal so-called “major league pitchers” get you going?  Well, just in case CMS Producer Glenn Clark has volunteered his services for the upcoming season.

Baltimore’s watching… NBA pre-game?  It’s a rough time of the year to get rating for sports in Baltimore this time of year.  In between Ravens and Orioles season, the ESPN’s NBA Pre-game Show was the 6th highest rated sports related TV program last week.  Granted the Wizards-Nuggets game, which finished 5th, was coming on directly afterwards but it got me thinking.  If/when T-Sizzle resigns with the Ravens to a long-term deal, I will be pitching network exec’s a Terrell Suggs Reality Show for next year and for more family oriented programming, I’ll pitch joining Joe Flacco Wednesday evening’s for “Bowling with the Quarterback!”

Congratulations Matt Witt!  Over the weekend this sophomore from the University of Maryland was crowned champion of the school’s qualifier for the USA Rock Paper Scissors College Championship.  To avoid any controversy and to avoid any possible confusion the tournament was played using the official rules of the USA Rock Paper Scissor League.  Witt will now compete in Panama City, Florida for the title of the ‘Best Rock, Paper, and Scissor Nerd in the entire Country.”  Wahoo go Matt!  Rock, paper, scissor, c’mon, really?

“The Bong-Gate Seven.” Courtesy the Smoking Gun, here are the mugshots of the menaces to society who infamously have been arrested in South Carolina for smoking weed with Michael Phelps.  Instead of beating a dead horse and making another mediocre marijuana joke I will instead remind everyone of some of the best mugshots of all-time.  Pee-Wee Herman.  Rapper, DMX.  Blue Chips’ Nick Nolte.  King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz, and Godfather of Soul, James BrownShrek.  And my nominee for the title of “Worst Celebrity Mugshot of All-Time” goes to the Brady Brunch’s BOBBY BRADY!?!?!?!?!  Hey, wait a second… get out of there Shrek!

Scanning the Blogosphere

The Schmuck Stops Here talks the debuts of who the Orioles hope to be three future and present core rotation guys: Matusz, Uehara, and Rich Hill.

Baseball Prospectus, the Baseball Nerds, have their “Top 100 Prospects” list out.  Orioles include, #1 C Matt Wieters, #16 P Chris Tillman, #19 P Brian Matusz, #52 P Jake Arietta, and #98 Brandon Erbe.

Camden Chat tells reports the Washington Post, after ending its Ravens coverage before last season, will not have a beat with the Orioles this season either.

D.C. Sports Blog has pictures of VT’s Jeff Allen giving the one-finer salute, Maryland Mohawks, and Ravens HC John Harbaugh openly “hearting” Coach Williams — and not caring who knows it,

Tracking the Terps wonders Did You Notice these things from the VA Tech game on Saturday and found out Gary really did recruit Jordan Williams himself.

The Sporting News’ and friend of WNST, Clifton Brown, says the “Ravens’ biggest obstacle now is free agency.”

SI’s Inside the NFL examines the upcoming ‘09’s drafts’ “Top WR Prospects.” Could any of these men be catching passes from Joe next season?

The Ravens Official Site points out “Fave Five: Best Ravens Pass Completions” in ’08.

With Leather has Roberto Alomar at #2 in last week’s “Power Rankings: A Look at Whose Back on Top.”

SI’s For the Record says the ‘best pitcher of all-time’ is still out on the free agent market.

Fanhouse calls Mike Green of the Caps, “the hottest player in hockey right now.”

Yahoo!’s Big League Stew has the ‘eye brow rising’ story of the day, “Billy Joel and Elton John to rock the Musical Confines of Wrigley.”

Inside Lacrosse analyst Quint Kessnich has his “D-1 Top-20 Poll,” after Week 1: #3 Maryland, #7 John’s Hopkins, #11 UMBC, #15 Navy, #17 Loyola.

Deadspin tells us something we already know, Jeff Reed is a complete idiot.

CMS Video of the Day

The CMS Staff told you last week about Jordan Williams shattering a backboard at his high school game.  Well thanks to You Tube, we can all see the Torrington, CT High School Senior and Terps recruit’s damage.  Note, about the first 25 seconds of the video is all black, so don’t worry when the picture doesn’t immediately begin.

And as an Honorable Mention choice for CMS Video of the Morning, “Shaq Dancing with the Jabbawackeez.”  Enough said.

The Morning’s Last Call

Right here at the start I want to point out and call a spade a spade… Calvin Klein, I am not.  I don’t know anything about the latest “What’s Hot and/or What’s Not” of the fashion world, nor do I “speak Prada.”  I barely shop for my own clothes at 23, I prefer Mom to take care of that.  If by mistake I don’t go out in matching attire, I blame my ‘mysterious case of color blindness.’  And I have never spent more than $12 on a haircut in my life.

You get the point.

In any event, I couldn’t help but notice during this past NBA All-Star Weekend that many of today’s greatest basketball players on the planet could be the next in line to be this summer’s Athlete-Intern at Vogue Magazine.

In the Rookie v. Sophomores Game Friday evening, the NBA decided to put their youngsters in these high fashion uniformsDwyane Wade definitely had something to do with the selections.

Saturday evening was the NBA All-Star Skills Night, with fan favorites such as the 3 Point-Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest, and all of a sudden out of nowhere… a fashion show broke out!

Earlier in the day I found out that apparently corn rows are out.  First, Carmelo Anthony took out his braids a little while ago, and on Saturday another Super-Star took a trip to the Barber Shop.

After over a decade, Allen Iverson decided to make the move.  Who remembers this fresh-out-of-Georgetown youthful looking AI.

Lebron James, who said he was going to compete in next year’s dunk contest, did so wearing a stunning yellow sweater… which I’ve read is actually called a ‘cardigan.’

Even the Greatest Heavyweight Champion the world has ever seen, Muhammad Ali, was dressed sharply, sporting Oakley Sunglasses and a Tar Heeled-themed sweater.

And finally, Dunk Contest runner-up Dwight Howard, aka Super Man, emerged from a telephone booth in an extra tight jersey to go under his cape, while now two-time Dunk Champ Nate Robinson sported a ‘kryptonite’-inspired Knicks uniform.

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Friday Morning’s Crab Cakes and Light Beer

Posted on 13 February 2009 by Chris Bonetti

The Swinging Bunt

O’s President’s “State of the Team.” Your baseball team in Baltimore’s very own, Andy MacPhail, sat down with the Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec for a little Q and A.  During their chat, the man running Baseball Operations with the Orioles said the team was, “on the right track.”  Clearly the track he’s talking about is the one that leads to being utterly irrelevant by mid-July.

It always has to be all about Michael! Now this is ridiculous, what’s a kid have to do to get a little attention around here?  The lawyer for 2 of the 8 ‘smoking dopes’ are saying that once his clients got into the interrogation room after their arrests in associated with “Bong-gate”, officials were only interested in asking  questions about Phelps.  “Oh my God, I love Michael Phelps, is he as hot in real life as he was on TV in the Olympics?”  “Do you think he’ll ever come back to South Carolina to come hang out and burn with us, too?”

D.A.R.E. not to be like Mike!  The AHL’s The Milwaukee Admirals next Thursday night will host “Don’t be like Mike Night.”  The promotion promises $2 tickets for anyone who brings to the arena box office their D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Graduation Certificate.  Also, anyone with the name Michael, Phelps, Mary Jane, Cheech, Chong, or Weed get in with the proposed discount.  They will also be giving, as a contest prize, a brand new Weedwhacker!  I don’t even need to attempt to make a smart ass joke; just summarizing the article was funny enough.

Scanning the Blogosphere

Pro Football Talk’s Pat Tillman Award goes to Polamalu over Reed.

Football’s Future has the Ravens taking Rutgers WR Kenny Britt in their mock draft.

The National Football Post tells Ravens fans, or anyone’s for that matter, not to hold their breathe on landing Cards WR Anquan Boldin.

Deadspin: “Alomar Denies Lawsuit’s Claim That He Has AIDS (Kind Of).”

The Examiner was wondering how does one make a mock draft, Mel Kiper shared his answer.

Sports By Brooks asks, “Alomar’s New GF Motivation Behind Old GF’s Suit?”

Tracking the Terps gives their “Quick Take on the 2009 Maryland Football Schedule.”

Busted Coverage has our I Hate the Steelers link of the day with “This is why Jeff Reed is so fat.”

Awful Announcing has ESPN’s released early college football schedule.

CMS Video of the Day

Everyone has an embarrassing moment in their past.  Our job on Crab Cakes and Light Beer is to find those moments and make sure everyone knows about it.  WNST Partner and former Ravens Head Coach Brian Billick’s is that he was once a contestant on the old TV Game Show, “Match Game PM.” And here it is.

The Morning’s Last Call

I’ll be honest, I like the NBA All-Star Weekend for no other reason than that all those skills competitions like the Dunk Contest, H-O-R-S-E, and the 3-point Shootout, is that it provides phenomenal background viewing for pre-gaming.  Think about it… relatively entertaining, don’t need to keep track of anything to know what’s going on, and there’s lots of “ooohs and ahhhhs.”  The same goes for those NHL little gimmicky games too, hardest shot, fastest skater, etc…

On the other hand, the All-Star game itself doesn’t really do too much for me, but by no means is the NBA’s best players scrimmaging Sunday’s main draw.

The 2009 NASCAR Season gets kicked off tomorrow.  I can’t even try to impress you with my knowledge of car racing, but I’ve picked up a few things from watching SportsCenter.

In short, this is the first race of the ’09 season, Jimmy Johnson in the #48 car, he’s good, he’s won 3 straight points championships, Dale Jr. doesn’t drive the Budweiser mobile anymore, and there’s like an 18 year old in the field.

Side question, how can an 18 year old be racing in the Daytona 500?  I thought you weren’t even allowed to have license until like 17.

Here’s a link for SI’s Tale of the Tape: NBA All Star Game vs. the Daytona 500.

Everyone have a great weekend.

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A few things

Posted on 12 February 2009 by raybachman

Am I the only one who is sick of all of the steroid talk? I think they are all doing ’roids, growth hormones, etc. To quote John Rallo on today’s MMA segment, “Legalize the (performance-enhancing) drugs, and regulate them.” There, problem solved. There has been cheating since the beginning of time in some way, shape or form. Let them all “juice,” I just don’t care anymore.

I read in the Dallas Morning News that Terrell Owens is talking to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about signing Ray Lewis. Owens said he is in contact with Lewis, who has expressed interest in playing for the Cowboys. I want Ray to retire a Raven, but I am a fan of the Ravens, and if Ray isn’t here next year, oh well. Sign free agent Julius Peppers and re-sign Terrell Suggs. I don’t think that many people will get mad about that.

Pineapple on a pizza sucks. I like pineapple, and I like pizza, just not pineapple pizza.

Orioles’ spring training opens on Saturday. I am glad it’s baseball season. Warm weather and nights at the ballpark, that’s what I’m talking about. I am anxious to see what some of these young pitchers are going to do. Come see me in June, and I may be saying that I can’t wait for football season. I hope not.

Police are making arrests in the Michael Phelps marijuana case in South Carolina. Are you kidding me? Go after the guys who are standing on every single street corner selling the kids the stuff.

Jim Schwartz, a Baltimore boy, is now the head coach of the Detroit Lions. He checked in with Nestor today on WNST. Check it out in the audio vault. Jim’s a good guy, he’s from Halethorpe, and he loves rock ’n roll. I always enjoy listening to Jim and what he has to say.

It’s 55 degrees outside and it’s the middle of winter in Baltimore. I guess that means there’s a blizzard coming soon.

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