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Driesell would like to see Maryland move Madness back to midnight

Posted on 19 October 2013 by WNST Staff

Maryland Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mark Turgeon

On Maryland Madness:
“I thought it was a fantastic night. It was what I excepted. A lot of great memories, a lot of energy in the building. Our players loved it. The former players loved it. I think the fans loved it. It was a great night for Maryland basketball.”

On Gary Williams and Lefty Driesell:
“It was great because Lefty started all of this 42 years ago. And just for him to be here. And of course he wanted to scrimmage at midnight. And I said, ‘I can’t stay awake that  late.’ We did our little scrimmage and we brought a lot of past back tonight because of that. And then just Gary. I’ve been around Gary a lot more and it was very cordial of him to be here and do his thing and of course he’s well-loved in this building. It’s great to have those two guys because those two guys inspire me every day to work hard. To have those two guys here tonight meant a lot to me.”

Maryland Head Women’s Basketball Coach Brenda Frese

On Maryland Madness:
“Tonight was really special for both teams. I think for our players to be able to understand the past and what was here before them, I thought it was a pretty emotional night.”

On how tonight represented the evolution of women’s basketball at Maryland:
“Something I learned tonight was that both programs really only had three coaches. You knew it, but you didn’t know it. You really saw it out in front of you tonight. What Dottie McKnight and Chris Weller did laid the foundation and took steps for me to be able to be here. They did it when there was no television or behind the scenes and maybe not as many fans as we enjoy now. All the hard work they put in put us in the position we are in now.”

Former Maryland Men’s Basketball Coach Lefty Driesell

On Maryland Madness:
“I am very happy to be here. We are not celebrating me or Cole Field house. We are celebrating Mark Turgeon’s team. I told him, I am not coming unless I see his team scrimmage because I want to see what kind of team he is going to have this year.”

“I told them last year they ought to have them at midnight. I still think it ought to be at midnight. That is the way we drew a crowd because most of the students were just feeling right at midnight. That is the reason we filled it up.”

On the UCLA of the East quote:
“I was at Davidson and we were 27-3 one year and ranked third in the final standings. Coach Kehoe was talking to about coming to Maryland. He brought Jay McMillen to breakfast with us and Jay said, Maryland could be the UCLA of the East. I said, yeah if
we had Tom McMillen we might be. I wanted Jay to help me recruit Tom. In fact Jay drove Tom to campus the last day you could register for classes. So, it was more or less a recruiting pitch to get Tom.”

Former Maryland Women’s Basketball Coach Chris Weller

On Maryland Madness:
“Well if Lefty said it should have been at midnight, then it should have been at midnight. I am just delighted to be included. Women’s basketball at Maryland is a frontrunner because of people like Lefty Driesell.”

On feelings of being back in Cole Field House:
“I cannot wait to see some of the players and I was really anxious to see Lefty and Johnny Holiday. There are just so many memories. I was here 27 years. I was here the last game and had a lot of nice memories at that time. The players are the main memories.”

Maryland Women’s Basketball Senior Forward Alyssa Thomas

On Cole Field House:
“Just the atmosphere and tonight was definitely something special. To see the players who played here and started the Maryland legacy.”

Maryland Men’s Basketball Junior Guard Dez Wells

On the tradition:
“We talked to Lefty about those guys basing this tradition here. This place is special. I care about legacy and this place.”

On Cole Field House:
“It was my first time being in here since I’ve been to Maryland. I walked past it a lot of times, but this is my first time being in it. I have an appreciation for those guys who came before me and made this place the historic place that it is.”

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