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MUST Win Finds Ravens On Life Support

Posted on 08 November 2013 by Marty Mossa

The Baltimore Ravens are lying in a hospital bed on life support. If they lose Sunday to the Cincinnati Bengals at home Sunday; the feeding tube will be removed and the Ravens chances of making the playoffs will all but be died.

The Ravens (3-5) haven’t gotten off to such a poor start since Brian Billick’s last season in 2007. They lost to the Browns, Packers, and Bills by a combined total of 11 points. The Ravens have no running game, no pass protections, and only two real go to guys. The defense has been inconsistent.

They couldn’t hold the fort against the Packers or Browns to give the offense a chance to win. And the way Joe Flacco is playing; they probably would have laid an egg. Joe has had the look of a deer in the headlights since he signed the $120 million contract.

Several reasons can account for this dismal performance by the purple birds.
• Super Bowl hang over
• Lost many key players
• No Swagger

The 3-5 Baltimore Ravens Barely Have A Heart Beat

It’s a simple thing however; if the Ravens win Sunday, they will be 1 ½ games out of 1st with seven left, a game in hand and another game against the Bengals.

But a loss Sunday will leave the Ravens 3 ½ games behind with virtually no chance of recovering. And with Chicago, Pittsburgh, New England and the Jets on the horizon; a loss Sunday will be cause to set funeral arrangements for the 2013 Baltimore Ravens.

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