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Niners LB Bowman says Flacco “elite quarterback”

Posted on 28 January 2013 by WNST Staff


(on if he believes this could be one of the most physical Super Bowls ever played) “I don’t know about ever, but I think it’ll be a pretty physical matchup. Those guys definitely demonstrate physicality, and I would like to think that we do, too. So, I’m excited about the matchup and I’m really looking forward to it.”

(on if he has seen many teams that can match their physicality) “From a coach’s mindset, I don’t think so. They like to say that we’re a very physical team, and we just like to go out there and demonstrate it. It’s the team’s job to play the way that they want to play. We just like to go out there and set the tone early. I think that gives us the best chance to win the game.”

(on if he wondered why he wasn’t drafted until the third round) “Of course. I’ve been playing this game exceptionally well, just doing the things that it’s taken to get to this level. But, when things like that happen, you have to overcome it. You have to put it behind you and deal with the situation that you’re in, and that’s pretty much what I did. Everything has worked out for me.”

(on if he believes teams were hesitant to draft him because of issues in college) “I don’t know. I was young, living my life. Now, I’ve learned from those mistakes and enjoying my life now. I’m happy about everything that’s come my way.”

(on linebacker Aldon Smith’s play this season and dealing with issues) “We’re human, man. We’re not perfect. We’re going to make mistakes, just as you are. That’s pretty much what me, him, any other guy has been going through. But, when it comes to football, it’s something that we like to do. It’s something that frees us up. We enjoy doing it, we enjoy competing, we enjoy being around each other. Aldon’s just done a great job of answering every bell. Even when Parys (Haralson) went down, guys didn’t know how well he would play in the run game. He stepped up to the task and been playing the way that we expect him to play.”

(on if he is surprised by how well Aldon Smith has played as a starter) “Not surprised at all. He was able to show us what he can do his first year. So, I was excited about it, actually, and glad to see him come out on top.”

(on if the first time he believed he could play at a high level was when he filled in for linebacker Patrick Willis in his rookie season) “I always knew I could play, but the first time for me to show it was against Arizona my rookie year. Like I said, that’s what you do: you have to take advantage of your opportunities and that’s what I did.”

(on if he believes the linebackers will dictate the flow of Sunday’s game) “Every game starts with us as linebackers, and we expect it to be like that. We don’t have a problem with it. Our work ethic speaks for itself. Our commitment to our team, to the game, to the preparation for the game speaks for itself. We like to say it starts with us every single game.”

(on how defensive coordinator Vic Fangio calls the game and how he interacts with them) “Vic’s in his own world up there. We’re out there doing what our commander says. Not really going to talk about the scheme or anything, but Vic does a great job with calling the game in a way that we feel comfortable and that he feels comfortable. It’s working out for us.”

(on the influence linebacker Patrick Willis has on him) “Me and Pat’s relationship is very brotherly-like. We do pretty much any and everything together. Whether we have any problems or whether it’s something good, we’re happy for each other’s success. We enjoy playing with each other. I think we both push each other every single day. We don’t get complacent with anything that we receive or accomplish. We always are just trying to do better and make sure we can make our team better.”

(on if Patrick Willis is humble) “A humble guy Pat is. Just a guy who’s always thinking about the next person. He actually surprised us — I think it was last week — with a gift, just because. That’s just the type of guy Pat is. Just demonstrates leadership skills and a great friend, and would do anything for you. I’m just glad to be a part of his team.”

(on the Super Bowl distractions) “That’s a hassle, I’m going to be honest. Just having people chase you down when you’re just trying to go grab a bite to eat, or things like that. It comes with the game, it comes with the success, but if we could put a schedule or something together, we’ll handle that and then we go out and enjoy our days. It’s something that we just have to deal with, I guess.”

(on if he has thought about his late father and high school coach this week) “Yeah, I think about them every single step of this way. From me coming from where I come from, those two really inspire me, had a lot to do with where I’m at, and I wish that they can see me right now, see me shining, see me still working and remaining the person I am. I still have one more thing to do, and that’s to win the Super Bowl. It’ll be for those two men.”

(on what made Aldon Smith the team MVP) “He’s always doing his job. I think that’s pretty much an MVP: always doing his job, you don’t really have to say too much to him, and he’s always producing. When we need a big play, he’s always able to produce that, and I think he’s very worthy of that award.”

(on if Aldon Smith’s defense in the run game was his biggest improvement this season) “Yes, I think so. I think playing a full, 60-minute game in this league is very tough to do. His first year, he wasn’t an every-down guy, and for him to take on that challenge this year, run with it and have the success that he’s having just shows the type of guy he is. He definitely proved himself this year.”

(on if he can appreciate the 49ers teams of the 80’s and 90’s) “Yes, I can appreciate what they did. I think it just puts those teams in another category. It’s an elite category. We have a chance to be placed in that category and we don’t want to let that opportunity slip away.”

(on how Joe Flacco is different from other quarterbacks that he has seen) “I think he executes their game plan very well. He doesn’t let the game get out of control. I think he’s a very good manageable quarterback and understands what his coaches are trying to get accomplished on offense, and understands the matchups that they’re trying to get. He’s definitely, I think, earned the respect of being at the top, doing the things that he’s been doing throughout this season. I think he’s in the ‘elite quarterback’ conversation.”

(on Jim Harbaugh’s personality) “Harbaugh is a down-to-earth guy. He wants to win. I think you would get that if you were around him as much as we are. You understand that he wants to win. He wants nothing but the best for the team. Even if some guys may disagree with some of the things that he does, it always comes together at the end and works out for us.”

(on if Harbaugh takes the time to get to know his players personally) “Always. Harbaugh’s always around, available whenever you need him. Always laughing, joking. Whatever it is, Harbaugh does it. It’s really not a cliché or anything. He’s actually the guy that you see and talk to every day.”

(on the challenges that Ray Rice presents) “He’s their go-to guy. They get the ball to him just the same amount as they get their receivers the ball. In the passing games, he’s a threat just as well in the running game. We’re going to have to be on our ‘A game’ and be prepared for Ray also.”

(on how their linebackers have been so successful) “Preparation, work. We do this. We’re football players. Guys who want to compete, guys who want to make the next big play. On some defenses, you have one or two playmakers, one or two guys who you know are trying to make a play. On our defense, I think we have 11 guys out there that are trying to make a play, that are trying to get the crowd into it, try to make sure that we’re communicating well. Just do all the things well, and I think that’s what makes us a great defense.”


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